Hawaii Five-0 s07e22 Episode Script

Waimaka 'ele'ele (Black Tears)

1 MAN: What gives, buttercup? How come you didn't order anything? I wasn't that hungry.
What have I always said? BOTH: Ice cream makes everything better.
(chuckles) It's true.
It's true.
(chuckles) I really liked him.
I know.
Clearly, the boy's an idiot.
(chuckles) Papa.
You know how many times I I had to ask your grandmother out before she agreed to a date? Huh.
(chuckles) Okay, well, nowadays, they call that stalking.
(chuckles) Well, 63 years married.
I must have done something right.
I'm just saying that if this young man really wanted a serious relationship with you, he would have fought for you.
You deserve better.
Thanks, Papa.
You guys okay? Hey, get out of here.
Get out of here.
He won't get out of the way.
Get out.
Hey! (bursts of gunfire) Back! Stay down! Get out.
Go, go, go, go.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 7x22 Waimaka 'ele'ele (Blac If I had my way I would spend Every day with you Spring and winter, fall But summer most of all Oh, oh Oh, wow.
This is even better than the one you made yesterday.
Did you put potato chips in it? Yeah.
What, it gives it some crunch.
And plus, the salt offsets the sweetness of the fig jam.
Uh, damn.
You're really stepping up your sandwich game.
To me You know I know what you're doing.
Besides crushing the sandwich game? (chuckles) You know, as much as I love you bringing me lunch every day, you don't have to check in on me.
I'm fine.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The colors change Okay, I'll admit.
This This isn't the type of job I ever thought I'd have.
But I actually really like it.
You know? I'm working outside.
Pay's decent.
And at the end of the day, I get to come home to my beautiful "Smokeshow" of a wife.
Excuse me, what now? "Smokeshow.
" That's what the guys on the crew call you.
Oh, really.
Okay, I think we're gonna have to cut this down to maybe once a week, then.
(chuckles) (grunts) Seriously, Adam.
(clears throat) You know you could do anything and I'd be proud of you.
Even though I come home all filthy and soaked in sweat? I actually find that kind of hot.
Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah? Yeah.
(chuckles) Let's see about that.
(laughs) Come here.
You like that? No? Like that Like that man stink, huh? (siren whoops) STEVE: What have we got here? Well, there was a stickup at a credit union five blocks from here.
Second bank job in a week, by the way.
The perps were making their getaway, ate this stop sign, T-boned this car here.
After that, they carjacked the nearest motorist and fled the scene.
Chin's over there talking to the lady who was driving this car.
She was treated for minor injuries, but, uh, she had her grandfather in the car, man.
He wasn't so lucky.
Paramedics declared him dead on the scene Hey, there's something you guys should know about the accident victim.
Excuse me, guys.
Can you give me a second, please? Thank you.
Hey, Amanda.
My name's Commander Steve McGarrett.
I wanted to say I'm really sorry for your loss.
Your grandfather was a true hero.
I'm sorry.
My grandfather-- the man I'm actually named after-- he served on the Arizona, too.
Unfortunately he didn't make it off the ship that day.
I was upset about breaking up with my boyfriend, so he offered to take me for ice cream.
I feel so stupid Wait a minute.
This is This is not your fault.
You understand me? He survived Pearl Harbor, World War II and two bouts of cancer just to die like this.
I promise you I'm gonna find the men responsible for this.
Doctor Look into my eyes I've been breathing air But there's no sign of life.
FOREMAN: What am I looking at here? Oh.
(sniffs) Looks to me like it's part of a bone.
So? Well, so if it's human, it could mean this site was once a heiau or burial ground.
Well, that seems like all the more reason not to do anything about it.
I'm sorry? This whole island is a burial ground.
If we stopped construction every time a bone turned up, nothing would ever get built.
I understand, but aren't we required to report it? You're not hearing me.
Something like this could shut us down for months.
All because 20 years ago, some guy decided to bury his dog in the backyard.
We're permitted.
We've broken ground.
So drop this.
Yes, sir.
LEONARD: When the first bomb hit, it kicked a huge swell over the portside of the ship, throwing men overboard.
My first thought was that, uh, we'd been torpedoed.
Since I was a member of the fire team, I raced below deck, took my station next to Gun Four.
That's the only reason I'm still here.
The next bomb hit on the other side of the ship.
I was far enough away from the blast to survive.
Where'd you get this? It's from a documentary commemorating the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
I reached out to the filmmaker, and he hit me back and forwarded me Patterson's full interview.
You guys got something there? Uh, yeah.
No match on the blood, but Chin's got the security footage from the bank cued up and ready to go.
GROVER: These guys were in and out of this place in under a minute.
They were smart, too.
They knew the police response times, and they only went after the cash in the drawers.
What'd they get? Just under $12,000.
I guess that's not bad for 60 seconds.
But the weird thing is the two banks they hit this week were both military credit unions.
Yeah, I don't know if that's a coincidence.
Chin, play it back again.
All right, check this out.
They're all packing M4 carbine rifles, right? That's standard issue for U.
Okay? Look at the way they stacked up before they breached the security of this room.
It's basic close quarter training.
GROVER: So they're probably soldiers.
The U.
military keeps a database of DNA samples in case they ever have to identify remains.
All right.
I'll reach out and have them run the blood we collected from the scene.
All right.
Pulled the property records but didn't find much.
Was hoping maybe you could dig deeper? See if there's anything that would explain why bones would be there.
Sure, I suppose I could do that.
I'm sensing a "but.
" Well, as you no doubt heard, I finally got my shield.
Oh, no, actually, I hadn't heard that.
But congrats, Jer.
That's awesome, man.
Anyway, I'm not sure how I feel about keeping this from my fellow Five-O team members.
Look, I know how hard you worked to get that badge.
Which is why you more than anyone should understand why I want to keep this quiet for now.
It took me months to land this job.
You know, I'm finally making money and contributing again.
But if I tell Kono about this, she'll have to get involved.
They'll shut the site down, and, you know, not just me but dozens of guys could lose their jobs.
All for what could very well turn out to be nothing.
I'll see what I can find out.
But if you really want to know for sure what we're dealing with, you should try to get your hands on another bone fragment.
Could you get it analyzed? Sure.
Then Noelani could tell us if it's an animal or human.
Not to mention how old it is.
It's the only way to get a definitive answer.
Looks like they were expecting us.
Windows are all boarded up, so we can't get a visual.
Okay, well, looks like he's alone, though.
Thermal shows only one heat signature inside.
All right, guys, listen up.
DNA from our car crash led us to this man.
Nicholas Rider.
Up until ten months ago, he was a private security contractor in Afghanistan.
Do not let the fact that he's a civilian fool you, all right? This guy is trained, he's equipped, and he's extremely dangerous.
I'm taking point on this one.
You guys stay close, you stay sharp and stay safe.
(screams) Fall back.
Move! (cries out) On me.
Got two guys down.
Ten seconds.
Everybody out right now! Clear the area.
We got a bomb.
We got to move.
We got to move.
(grunts) (grunts) CHIN: Steve! Yo.
That Rider's gun? Yeah, and that's Rider.
We got four injured officers on account of that son of a bitch.
And that bomb took care of any chance we had of finding any evidence linking Rider to his associates.
All right.
Well, we're gonna need to figure out who he's worked with in Afghanistan.
I'm thinking whoever that is, that's who he was doing the jobs with here.
KONO: Okay, well, that's where we have a problem, because the security firm that he worked for, Paladin, was dissolved after the DOD canceled their contract.
I reached out to them, but they wouldn't talk to me.
They said that the case is under review and the files are classified.
(sighs) STEVE: All right, well we're gonna have to get them declassified.
Let me see that.
All right, Superman.
Got those files.
Paladin was a private security company headed by this guy.
This is Lee Campbell.
Now, these guys were contracted to provide security details for key civilian personnel in Afghanistan.
DANNY: And that didn't go well? They got somebody killed? Right.
A bunch of locals.
All right.
According to the file, there was an incident that involved the death of several Afghanis.
Okay, so that's why their contract was canceled and they were sent home.
The DOD is still dealing with the fallout.
So, payback? Guys lose their big-time security job, they go around now hitting military credit unions to settle the score.
DANNY: Right.
And they get rich in the meantime, right? I don't know about rich, exactly.
Combined haul from both of the heists wasn't even $30,000.
Okay, check this out.
So, according to video analysis, the height and build are a match.
GROVER: That's good enough to bring them in.
STEVE: Well, yeah, we could bring them in.
It's not gonna be enough to charge them.
Plus, I know military boys.
It's gonna be hard to squeeze a confession out of them.
Probably even harder still to get them to roll on one another.
So what do we do? (sighs) All right, look.
Let's put an HPD detail on each of these guys, tail them everywhere they go.
The next time they hit a bank, we're there to take them down.
I'll have Duke put his best guys on it.
(phone rings) I got to take this.
(bulldozer beeping) Noshimuri.
FOREMAN: Couple weeks back, some tools went missing.
A table saw, one of the compressors.
Some other stuff.
I-I hadn't heard anything about that.
Yeah, we kept it quiet for a reason.
See, what I did was I, uh, installed security cameras all around the site.
You know, I was hoping to catch the thief in the act.
I saw what you did last night.
(exhales) I'm sorry, man.
I I couldn't just let it go and not do anything.
Yeah, well, that's exactly what you should have done.
You're fired.
(sighs) Yo.
You all right? Yeah.
I mean The filmmaker, the guy who did the Pearl Harbor doc he called me back.
He said that after we spoke last time, he actually did remember hearing my name.
It was during an interview with one of the survivors of the Arizona.
Come look at this.
I saw more valor and courage on display that morning than any human being should see in ten lifetimes.
But there's one moment I will never forget.
It was right after the second bomb ripped into us.
There was fire everywhere.
Dripping off the walls, spreading fast.
We could see other bombers circling above, but they were too high, our guns couldn't reach them, which means we're sitting ducks.
And the C.
comes and he says we have to flood the ammo shed before the flames reach it.
Well, right away, a sailor steps up.
Volunteers to go back down below, against the flow of all those wounded men trying to get out of there.
I don't know if he recognized the sacrifice he was making but those precious moments he bought us, men were able to get off that boat alive.
I was one of them.
His name was Ensign Steven McGarrett.
I will never forget him.
Not for as long as I live.
You didn't uh, you didn't know any of that? No, I, um I mean, we knew he was, uh, posthumously awarded the Purple Heart, but there were never any details.
So an undercover unit tailed Lee Campbell to a military credit union in Pearl City.
That's fast.
CHIN: Apparently he walked right inside.
DANNY: Maybe he was just casing the joint.
STEVE: Do me a favor, call Duke, tell him to have that undercover unit stand down, observe only.
Do me a favor, guys.
Tell Commander McGarrett, if he wants to see me, I'll be at the diner up the street, all right? (quiet song playing) WAITRESS: Can I get you something? Coffee, please.
If I had known you were gonna get here so fast, I would've waited to order.
Oh, that's all right.
Not gonna be here long.
Well, that's a shame.
Your reputation precedes you, Commander.
Oh, yeah? Highly distinguished Navy Seal, heading your own criminal task force.
Guess that makes you one of the good guys.
Thank you.
You mean, uh, as opposed to you? Yeah.
I heard you been asking around about me.
I have.
Wow, that must have taken some pull to get those files unsealed.
But as far as the brass is concerned, you know, it's like they say-- what happens in Afghanistan stays in Afghanistan.
I got to be honest with you.
Whatever happened in Afghanistan is not my concern.
When banks on this island start getting robbed, and innocent people start getting killed, that gets my attention.
I know you and your crew were behind these jobs.
(clears throat) No, I don't think you do.
Because if you did, I'd be sitting in a jail cell right now.
Not here, finishing up my loco moco.
You know, that car you guys smashed into yesterday, the passenger didn't make it.
He was navy.
As a matter of fact, he was one of the last remaining survivors of the USS Arizona.
His name was Leonard Patterson.
He was 92 years old.
He was a legit war hero who served his country with honor and with valor.
But those two things are not things that you'd really know about, are they, Campbell? Because you're not a soldier.
You're a thug with a gun chasing a payday.
You want to know the difference between Officer Patterson and myself? I'd love to.
When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, our country responded with nukes.
But when the Taliban started using civilians strapped with explosives to target my men, you know how this military responded? They investigated us.
Yeah, our military investigated you 'cause you ran your crew like a death squad.
You murdered innocent people.
No, we did what we needed to do to protect our own.
There you go.
You're welcome for the coffee.
You know, war is messy, McGarrett.
Always has been, always will be.
And I would have thought you, out of anybody else, would have understood that.
You keep hitting banks, things are gonna get very messy.
We'll be seeing you around, Commander.
Yeah, you will.
JERRY: Okay, based on what I found out, the property was originally developed in the early '90s.
Now, in order to secure permits, the original builder had to conduct an exhaustive geological survey, which had to be signed off by the Department of Historic Preservation.
They confirmed that the property had never been the site of a heiau or burial ground.
Well, hold on.
If If the survey was conducted in the early '90s Yeah, the means the bone you found is only 25 to 30 years old.
Which isn't a big deal if it belonged to an animal.
But it's a major deal if it was human.
If it makes you feel any better, I looked into the previous owners, and none of them come across as the murdering type.
I mean, there's no criminal record, no glaring red flags.
What about other people who had access to the property? Like the original developer, or any realtors who handled the transactions.
That information should all be in public records.
Let me see what I can find out.
(phone ringing) I'll be right back.
KONO (over phone): Hi yourself.
I missed you this morning.
Yeah, I had to get an early start.
I-I didn't want to wake you.
I would have been okay with that.
How's work? Uh, good, yeah.
They sent me on a supply run.
Looks like I won't be around for lunch.
Oh, thank goodness, because I have officially run out of sandwich ideas.
Plus, I didn't want you to think that I'm coming to check up on you.
Yeah? Very funny.
Look, I got to run.
Talk to you later? Sounds good.
Love you.
Love you, too.
Hey, Adam? Okay, check this out.
The realtor who originally sold the property in the '90s was this guy, Daniel Nesmith.
I ran his name, and it turns out his wife Julie went missing around the same time that the property was sold.
Okay, that can't be a coincidence.
Probably not, considering the fact that she never turned up.
So was Nesmith ever charged? No.
HPD turned up evidence that he was having an affair.
But when they questioned him, he said his wife had packed her bags and walked out on him one day.
And without a body, they couldn't continue the investigation as a murder.
The cops probably didn't think to search all of Nesmith's property listings.
No, 'cause burying a body somewhere like that just doesn't make any sense.
Well, it does if you get the body in the ground right before the foundation is poured.
And you don't consider that the house will be torn down 20 years later.
I think it's time we notified Five-O.
No, you're right.
Uh, first thing tomorrow morning, I'll tell Kono.
Tomorrow? How about sooner? Like right now, maybe? Because it's still just a theory.
And I have an idea how we can prove it.
I got your text.
What's going on? Yeah, so I pulled the security footage from the credit union that Campbell visited today-- check this out.
What, he likes the reading material? DANNY: Doesn't look like he's casing the joint.
Who's this guy? CHIN: That's the bank manager.
I reached out to him, and apparently he came in asking for an extension on a lien payment.
And the thing is, the extension he was looking for is for a property he doesn't own.
Who owns it? WOMAN: Noah was three years old when his dad was killed.
And I was worried that I couldn't be both a mom and a dad for him.
But now he has these three amazing father figures in his life.
And Lee Campbell, he's, um, he's been taking care of you, helping with the mortgage? Um, yeah.
The bills really got on top of me, and then the bank threatened to foreclose.
When I told Lee, he offered to speak to the bank for me.
He did more than that, right? Taking care of the lien, don't you think? $24,000 to date.
What? No, that doesn't sound right.
I can assure you it is.
Detective, why don't you go ahead and tell me why you're really here.
Okay, um I-I believe that, uh, in wanting to help you, these guys, they may have crossed a line.
What are you talking about? Uh, we have reason to believe that Lee Campbell, Nick Rider, Chris Davis, and Bobby Mullin have robbed, recently, two two banks.
No, that's impossible.
This is exactly like what happened in Afghanistan-- they're being railroaded for no good reason.
Uh, no, Mrs.
Uh, Nicholas Rider's DNA was found at a crime scene.
We went to arrest him, and he opened fire, wounding four SWAT guys pretty bad.
We had no choice but to engage, and, um uh, I'm sorry, but he's-he's dead.
Oh, my God.
Look, we don't think that you are responsible in any way for any of this, but we think that you can help us.
Detective, I think you should leave.
Warren Get out.
Thank you for the tea and your time.
I'm I'm sorry.
I'll let myself out.
DANNY: That house belongs to the widow of a guy named Mason Warren, who was killed in Afghanistan, June 2015, by a suicide bomber.
Then his buddies, led by Lee Campbell, went on their little killing spree-- right? Why? That was revenge for the death of his boy.
That's correct.
And now, the reason that this same crew is robbing banks is to make sure that this widow does not lose her home.
That's why Campbell went to the bank today, tried to get the bank manager to extend the foreclosure time.
The guy said no.
If they don't come up with $17,000 in the next 24 hours, this widow and her little boy lose this house to the bank.
That's not gonna happen.
Lee Campbell will make sure that doesn't happen.
His honor is at stake.
No matter how much heat we put on him, He ain't gonna stop.
(doorbell rings) Can I help you? Sorry to disturb you, Mr.
Uh, my name is Adam Noshimuri, and I work on a construction crew.
We're building a house at a property you sold a while back.
It's over on Wanaao Road, in Kailua.
Vaguely remember.
That was a long time ago.
I understand.
Well, we were demoing the original house, and I came across some boxes in the attic.
You know, old photos and keepsakes and such.
I was hoping maybe you could help me track down the owner so the stuff could be returned.
Look, tell you what, here's my business card.
Call me tomorrow morning when I'm in the office, and I'll try to find the contact information for you.
If you could just dig that up for me, it would be much appreciated.
JERRY: Silent alarm just went off at a credit union In Waialua.
It's got to be Campbell.
All right, tell Duke to direct all units there.
We're on the way.
(siren wailing) Talk to me, Jerry.
We got a problem.
A second bank just had an alarm call go out.
STEVE (over radio): Where? About three miles away from the credit union you're heading to now.
They're robbing two banks at the same time? Wait a minute.
The-the-- there's something not right about this.
(alarm beeps) Whoa.
I just got two more alarm calls.
Scratch that.
Make that four.
No, six! The whole windward side's lighting up like a Christmas tree! What the hell's going on? We just got played.
All right, I just spoke to Duke and HPD units are being deployed to all the banks.
(siren wailing) Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, this is exactly what Campbell wants us to do.
Okay, you want to share with me what's going on in your head or? Think about it for a minute.
Think about it, all right? Lee Campbell hacked all the alarm servers, right? Okay, now he's luring every cop on the island out here.
Why is he doing that? He's doing it for a reason.
'Cause their target's on the other side of the island.
Jerry, what do you got that's isolated? JERRY: A silent alarm was just triggered at a jewelry store: 3270 Kalakaua.
That's got to be them.
(siren wailing) (tires screeching) Let's go! Let's go! Move, move! (automatic gunfire) Come on, get in! Get in! Go! (tires screeching, sirens wailing) (siren chirping) Back it up, back it up! We got to ditch.
Go! I'm out! I'm out! (gunfire continues) (yells) Man down! Cover me, Danny! Moving! Move him, get him out of here! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! (horn blaring) Mullin is hit! All right, I'm moving.
I'm moving! Move! I'm out, I'm out.
I'm good.
Get out of here! (grunts) All right.
(groans) (grunts) (groaning) (yells) (grunts) (Campbell yells) (gasping) (exhales heavily) So, look, Amanda, I know, uh, it's not gonna bring your grandfather back, but I figured at least now you can go to sleep knowing these guys are not gonna hurt anybody else.
Thanks for keeping your promise.
Of course.
(elevator bell dings) It's too bad you never got to meet him.
Think you two would have really gotten along.
I'm sure.
Take care of yourself, okay? (softly): Okay.
We just heard from Danny.
He talked to the bank about Kiana Warren's foreclosure.
How'd he do? Well, it took a little persuading, but given the circumstances, how the whole thing went down, I think they're gonna do right by her.
Really? JERRY: Yeah and once they forgive the late fees, put her on a payment plan, she should be able to keep the house.
That's fantastic news.
Go, Danny.
Good for him.
Adam? STEVE: Hey, buddy.
How you doing, Steve? How you doing? All right.
Good to see you.
You, too.
Hey, guys.
KONO: Wha-- what's going on? You don't have to be at work? (smacks lips) Um, can we talk for a minute? Yeah.
Right there.
Oh, my God.
(sighs) (indistinct radio transmission) Hey, let's call the DPP, have them suspend the building permit.
I want everyone cleared out of here and let's tape off the scene.
Wait, hold on.
You're shutting us down? Yeah, you're lucky that's all I'm doing.
I could charge you with obstruction of justice.
I don't get it.
Adam, why didn't you tell me? I don't know, I (sighs) I guess I just didn't want to let you down.
You could never let me down.
Just don't ever lie to me again.
(Adam chuckles) (giggles) (sighs) (sniffs) CHAPLAIN: There are many qualities that make a hero.
But the one Leonard Patterson exemplified the most was selflessness.
He was a member of what we refer to today as the Greatest Generation.
As a young man, like many of that time, he put his life on the line for his country, asking nothing in return.
His only request was that, upon his death, he be laid to rest alongside the many brave men and women who have served this great nation.
And so, we bid farewell to Petty Officer Patterson.
May God bless his soul.

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