Hawaii Five-0 s07e24 Episode Script

He ke'u na ka 'alae a Hina (A Croaking By Hina's Mudhen)

1 (lock buzzes) (keys jingle) Do what you want to me.
I have nothing to say to you.
To any of you.
(shackles clatter) STEVE: You got ten minutes.
Commander McGarrett? You can go in now.
Thank you.
(door locks) McGarrett.
You look well.
The years have been kind to you.
I traveled a long way, Salaam.
A long way.
To hear something urgent that you insisted on telling me in person, so here I am.
Of course.
You have family on Oahu.
At least, you did.
My father, he passed.
But I got family there, yeah.
Then you should fear for their lives.
Was that a threat, Salaam? It's not a threat.
It's a warning.
Anyone you care about-- friends, loved ones-- get them off that island.
Get them off now.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 7x24 He ke'u Na ka 'alae a Hina font color="#D900 Let's kanikapila Till the sun comes out again Let your love shine Let's kanikapila till the sun Comes out again COUGHLIN: Chin.
Sorry I'm late.
No worries.
Ordered us some coffee, and if you're hungry, I recommend the pancakes.
Turns out I don't have time to eat.
Just got word from the office I got to move up my flight.
Thanks, Mary Ann.
Thank you.
Everything okay? Not really.
We're trying to ramp up prosecution of the Triads in the Bay Area, and we just lost a key witness.
Third this month.
These gangs are stepping up their intimidation tactics.
You know, setting cars on fire, smashing windows in broad daylight.
And it's working.
Well, can you increase your police presence? We have.
But this isn't just a manpower issue.
We need a task force, Chin.
Like the one you have here in Hawaii, with cops who think outside the box.
Which is why I wanted to meet with you.
So you want to pick my brain.
No, I want you to run it.
Me? You'd have to move to San Francisco, of course.
That's a big ask.
But, it's a big opportunity.
You'd be running your own unit.
(chuckles) I got to say, I'm a little bit surprised.
A few years ago, you sent Abby down here to dismantle Five-O.
Now you want to expand it? Yep.
And just to be clear, I don't think you would have the full immunity and means in California that you're granted here.
But you would enjoy much greater latitude than normal law enforcement.
Unfortunately, the situation calls for it.
And there's certainly no arguing Five-O's success.
So you interested? It's quite an offer.
Well, take some time.
Talk to Abby.
If you want, she could be your first hire.
You know, it's really tempting, but (sighs) I got to be honest.
Hawaii's my home.
My heart's here, my 'ohana's here.
I don't know that I could leave all this behind.
Of course.
I understand that.
Think it over.
And for what it's worth, the Bay Area is a great place to raise a kid.
Sara could be very happy there.
The three of you could be very happy there.
KONO: Hey, Hirsch.
Oh, Kono, thanks for meeting me.
And Adam.
You came, too.
Feel inside Hey, Hirsch.
KONO: So, you said you want a favor.
- What can I do to help? - Oh, right.
Giving the sky high fives It's about my crime scene cleanup business, Crime Clean.
I'm trying to get the bank to give me a loan.
Oh, is the company in trouble? Oh, no.
Quite the opposite.
Business is booming.
I want to expand my operation, buy new equipment, hire some employees, do a real marketing push.
Sounds smart.
The bank didn't think so.
They shot me down.
Can I take a look at your presentation? I guess, since you're not my competition.
In business, anyway.
KAMEKONA: You guys gonna order something? Or just sit there overdressed and sweat? HIRSCH: Oh, I'm sorry I don't meet your casual dress code.
I'm coming from a business meeting.
On the mainland? 'Cause no one dresses like that in the islands.
HIRSCH: Thanks, but I'm not taking fashion advice from someone who wears clothing with his face on it.
I wouldn't recommend it.
Not with a face like that.
Okay, holler when you're ready to order.
ADAM: Your clothes aren't the problem, Hirsch.
Oh, thank you.
It's this business plan.
What's wrong with my business plan? ADAM: Well, to start with, they're usually more than a page long.
And it might look more professional if the text were all in the same font and color.
You don't like the red? It's a crime scene business.
That was a thematic choice.
You know what, it doesn't matter.
My business plan is not the issue.
Once the bank found out I had a record, they showed me the door.
Yeah, people definitely look at you different when you're an ex-con.
HIRSH: Which brings me to my favor.
Kono, you must have access to my criminal record.
(chuckles): What? Forget it, Hirsch.
Oh, come on, what's the big deal? KONO: Expunging your record? It's illegal.
Technically, sure.
I bet you have fixed parking tickets for Adam.
(chuckles) I haven't.
And anyways, what you did wasn't a parking ticket.
It was grand larceny.
Okay, then, so you'll think about it? The answer's no.
Okay? I'm not gonna help you out.
But maybe Adam can.
Me? Him? Yeah, you said his business plan could use some work.
So now he's the expert? He went to business school and he ran a multinational corporation.
ADAM: Well, I-I suppose I could give him some advice.
(phone rings) HIRSCH: O-Okay, so that's definitely a hard no on expunging (phone rings) my criminal record? This is Kono.
Okay, yeah, I'm on my way.
(phone beeps) I got to run.
So, uh, you boys play nice.
Look, if you don't want my help, it's really okay.
GROVER: This guy's a former Al-Qaeda leader and you haven't seen him in ten years.
He says there's gonna be an attack on Oahu.
You believe him? Yeah, I do.
And I'll tell you why.
I was part of that SEAL team that captured Salaam ten years ago.
When it came down to it, I was the only person who ever got any useful Intel out of him.
So, he likes you because you renditioned him? Likes, no.
Respects, maybe.
The way I was able to get that Intel was by treating him with dignity.
And it goes a long way.
Well, I'm sorry, I'm not buying it.
CHIN: I think the reason we're all struggling with this is because this man led his brothers in a holy war against America.
To him, we're all infidels.
So, (scoffs) why would he suddenly start caring about saving us? We formed a bond, okay? During a time when nobody else would, I treated this man with kindness.
I believe that this, this warning is Salaam's way of returning that favor.
KONO: Okay, let's say you're right.
Let's say he's telling the truth.
Did he say anything about the attack that would help us stop it? What he told me was two days ago, he had a brief encounter with another prisoner.
The guy would not tell Salaam how he knew, just that a terrorist attack was imminent on Oahu.
CHIN: Is that it? Nothing more specific about where and when this attack was gonna take place? The only other thing he said was "Cain Allah.
" All right, Allah means "God.
" Everybody knows that.
Wh-What does Cain mean? I don't know.
Salaam didn't know, either.
KONO: Okay, could that be the code name of the operative or the operation itself? You know what, maybe DHS has heard something.
I've already reached out to 'em.
They said they heard zero chatter about "Cain Allah" or an attack on Oahu.
KONO: Can't anyone question the prisoner that gave Salaam the information? No, Salaam made it very clear he's not gonna give that guy up.
Okay, he took a huge risk coming to me in the first place.
He's not gonna risk the life of a fellow prisoner, let alone his own, if he's caught betraying the cause.
Steve, you got to understand how this sounds.
It sounds like he's making all this up because he needs to gain some kind of leverage.
I see what you're saying to me, but he didn't ask me for anything.
GROVER: This guy has been at Gitmo for ten years.
Perhaps he is giving you misinformation because he's a damn terrorist.
STEVE: Trust me, for the past 15 hours, this is the only thing that's been running through my head.
All right? Is it possible that Salaam is wrong about this? Yes, it is.
Is it possible Salaam is lying to me? Sure.
But let me float something to you guys.
What if he's not? STEVE: Sorry it's it's not halal.
(Arabic music playing) (knock on door) Hey, you got a minute? Hey, yeah.
What do you got? I'm not exactly sure.
I've been getting nowhere with the phrase "Cain Allah," mainly because the word "Cain" doesn't exist in Arabic.
Well, maybe it's not Arabic.
So I was thinking that since the attack's supposed to take place here, that maybe the phrase is more of a bastardized Hawaiian? Huh.
And that Allah, instead of meaning "God," actually means "a la," "the way of.
" And that Cain would actually mean Kane, god of the sky.
"The way of Kane.
" Exactly.
So I did a search on that phrase, and it turns out that there is a travel agency here in Oahu with that name.
It's one of the last brick-and-mortars.
I suspect that they cater to an older clientele, less Internet-savvy.
And they supplement their business by booking interisland cruises.
Is that right? I wonder if they supplement their business any other way? KALEA: Aloha, and mahalo for stopping in.
Well, thank you.
Are you the owner here? No.
The owner isn't in, but my name is Kalea, and I'd be happy to assist you.
Let's start with some info.
Is there a special occasion you two are celebrating? Anniversary, perhaps? GROVER: I got your information right here, Kalea.
KONO: We want access to all your transaction records.
Specifically, all travel booked off and on the island in the last six months.
Hmm, I'm afraid our computer system is down right now.
It's gonna take some time to gather all of that info.
You know, we have computer people for that.
And I assume you have a warrant? GROVER: What happened to, "Hey, aloha, mahalo"? You talking all this warrant jazz, Kalea.
Starting to make me think you got something to hide.
KONO: Yeah, like, uh, what's behind that door, maybe? The one with the security camera? The safe is back there.
I'm afraid the owner is a bit paranoid.
In fact, he keeps the door locked.
He has the only key.
A safe, huh? Well, since when did a travel agency become such a high volume cash business? Hmm? Stop.
Hammer time.
(handcuffs tighten) Well, you were right.
This place is a front, but not for sneaking people into the country.
They're moving money.
What do you got? Well, two guys we arrested aren't talking, but we have records of all cash transactions handwritten in a ledger.
In each case, the money was transferred to a broker in the Middle East.
And that same amount was then paid to somebody here.
So, by the looks of it This is a hawala.
There was a huge crackdown on these places after 9/11.
GROVER: That's right.
Feds thought that places like this were used to facilitate funding for terrorist activity.
Okay, so Salaam's Intel might be good.
Somebody in this ledger may have been sending money to a terror network.
That's certainly possible.
All right, how many names are in this ledger? Hundreds.
I already sent them to Chin, and he's running background on them.
And then, he's gonna cross-check them against the Terror Watchlist.
We need to vet these names as quickly as possible.
This has now officially become a credible threat.
(drink slurping) (slurping continues) Sorry.
(sighs) Okay.
Just need to add one more graph here.
Well, if you don't think it'll be too distracting.
Well, what do you think? It's your business plan.
I mean, personally? I think these changes are all kind of lateral, but you're the expert.
Hey, we can always go back to what you had.
No, no, no, no.
You've worked hard.
I don't want to sound ungrateful.
Even though, I don't think it'll matter.
Because you're an ex-con? Yes, because I'm an ex-con.
You know what that's like personally.
Not everyone is like Kono, able to look past our bad boy exteriors.
(clears throat) Let me ask you a question: have you tried leaning into it? What do you mean? I mean, they're gonna find out, so there's no use denying it.
Why not own it, right up front? Oh, sure, I should just wear my orange jumpsuit to the interview, and the leg chains.
I'm serious.
Look, make it a positive.
Yes, you were incarcerated, but you've made the most of your life since then.
You found steady employment, even started your own business.
And your best customers are Five-O, the same people who arrested you.
Now, if they believe in you, why shouldn't the bank? Wow.
That's not bad.
That's, uh good.
Thank you.
That might even work.
It will work, on someone.
If not the first bank, then you try the next, and the next.
All you need is one person to say yes.
Yes Exactly.
(chuckles) Hey, I-I really appreciate all your help.
Uh, especially considering, you know.
What? Well, it must be hard for you knowing that I had feelings for Kono, and Kono felt the way that she felt for me.
I mean, if I'm being honest, if the situation were reversed, I don't know if I could do it.
Yeah, you know, it (chuckles) it is a struggle Mm.
but I do it for-for her.
She's fond of you.
(chuckles): Oh, I know.
N-Nothing happened while you were in prison, by the way.
It's important that you understand that.
That-that is a good woman you have there.
Very strong.
Good to know.
And I-I want to put your mind at ease.
If anything should happen to you, I'd make sure Kono was taken care of.
Okay, okay, maybe we could talk less about my wife and more about these graphs? Right, right, the graphs.
Love the graphs.
More of them.
(engine revs, tires screech) Yeah, Chin? CHIN (over phone): All right, I've been running those names from the hawala's ledger.
And a lot of the people are either in this country illegally or have criminal records, but none of them are on the Terrorist Watchlist.
But there was one person who jumped out at me.
A guy by the name of Adnan Khalid.
He's an associate professor of international relations at Oahu State.
Now, this guy is a naturalized American citizen.
He has no criminal record, he pays his taxes, he even gives to charity.
So what's the problem? Okay, well, if he's so law-abiding, why is he running his money through a hawala? CHIN: Exactly.
And it's not just a few bucks.
Khalid received several transfers over the past few weeks totaling well over $100,000.
Oh, where's he live? Near the university.
I'm sending you the address right now.
Copy that.
Have Kono meet us there.
(engine revs) Clear.
GROVER: I'm clear.
STEVE: All clear.
All right, he's not here.
I got a laptop.
Looks like he left us a message.
My name is Adnan Khalid.
As you watch this, I will already have gone into the light of Allah.
The action taken moments ago on Oahu is in response to your barbaric deeds against Islam and Muslims, particularly our brother, Turiq Al-Mussawi, slaughtered in Kabul last week.
Let the U.
and all crusader nations cower in fear of what is to come.
This is just the beginning.
Well, Salaam was telling the truth.
This guy is planning an attack on Oahu.
Kono do we know when this video was set to be uploaded? At 6:20 p.
Means we got a little less than three hours to figure out what the target is.
What? What do you think you're doing? Sir? You were supposed to be interrogating that prisoner.
By giving him a hot meal? Yeah, uh, they must've forgotten to feed him, he hasn't eaten for a week.
That's the point, Commander.
Intel equals reward.
Let me ask you a question, how we gonna get Intel out of a dead man? That prisoner's lucky to be alive.
And it's not by the grace of God, but by the CIA.
Your job is to remind him of that.
He's been out of play for six months.
And not feed him and put a carpet under his knees.
He's got nothing relevant to give us.
We got the luxury of time to cultivate a relationship right now.
- That man is our enemy! - Yeah.
- You get that, right?! - Yeah, I get it.
You keep treating him like our enemy, he's gonna treat you like his enemy.
You get that? You know, before Commander Baines shipped out, he got Salaam to admit his complicity to two attacks.
Mmm, I saw the footage.
Let me tell you something, you hold a man's head under water for long enough, he'll tell you anything you want to hear.
But this one's different.
You know what your problem is? Why don't you tell me.
You like to do things your own way.
You want to pull me off of this? - Mmm.
- Yeah, well, until you do, why don't you stay out of my face? It looks to me like Khalid's dropped off the grid over the last few days.
His cell phone's off.
I've been talking to his neighbors, none of them have seen him.
You talk to the college where he works? Yeah, I did.
They haven't seen him in months.
He's on a sabbatical.
And according to travel records, he's been using that time to go back and forth, to and from Turkey.
Turkey? Turkey.
That's where he could have been radicalized.
Kono is taking Khalid's laptop to the lab.
Jerry's gonna help her go through it.
Hopefully, they can find out where this attack is gonna take place.
But I got to tell you, man, my gut is that this is military.
Why you say that? 'Cause in that video, Khalid said this attack was payback for the death of Turiq Al-Mussawi, okay? Now, Al-Mussawi was taken out in a SEAL raid.
Well, we got no shortage of military installations here on this island.
(phone rings) You get in touch with your buddies and let them know to start tightening up security? They're on it.
Yeah, Chin, you got me and Grover.
Go ahead.
So I ran Khalid's credit cards, and it turns out he bought a burner phone from a convenience store three days ago.
I got the number from the manager.
I'm pinging it right now.
All right.
CHIN: All right, I got a lock.
What do you got? Looks like he's at a mosque in Manoa.
GROVER: He could be getting in his final prayers right before the attack.
Address is coming your way.
(tires screech) GROVER: Oh, that's good.
They're just letting out a service.
STEVE: You got anything yet? No.
I don't see him.
CHIN (over radio): Steve? Yeah, go ahead, Chin.
You got him? Not yet.
Steve, he's right in front of you.
He's right there.
"Right there.
Right there.
" There's 50 men right there.
Call that burner phone.
(beeping) It's ringing.
(phone ringing) (phone ringing) STEVE: Got him.
I got him.
(Grover panting) Oh, God.
Where is he? Chin, where's he at? Uh, hold on.
All right, he's doubling back your way.
He should be visible any second.
(engine revving, tires screeching) (car horn honks) (SUV horn honks) Wait, what the hell? That's not Khalid.
KHALID (over laptop): The action taken moments ago on Oahu is in response to your barbaric deeds against Islam and Muslims.
is in response to your barbaric deeds against Islam and Muslims.
(taps keyboard) particularly our brother, Turiq Al-Mussawi, slaughtered in Kabul last week.
particularly our brother, Turiq Al-Mussawi, (taps keyboard) our brother Turiq Al-Mussawi, particularly our brother Turiq Al-Mussawi, (taps keyboard) slaughtered in Kabul last week.
(taps keyboard) Jerry, you finish going through Khalid's laptop? Still going through it.
So far, there's no information on the nature of the attack or where it will take place.
No, no, no fine.
Was there anything off about it? As a matter of fact, yes.
Eric just called from the lab.
He says they believe the laptop may have been hacked.
Specifically, the browser history.
Like all these websites that Khalid visited, the ones that support the idea that he'd been radicalized, it's possible that he never logged onto them.
It was just made to look like he did.
And what does that mean? I think this guy's being set up.
Jerry, we don't have time for any crazy conspiracy theories right now; this attack is imminent.
STEVE: It's not crazy.
This supports what I'm thinking.
You actually believe this guy's a patsy? (sighs) Okay, what about the video he made? The video is what made me suspicious in the first place-- the strained voice, the dilated pupils.
When POWs are coerced by the enemy to make statements denouncing their own country, it looks like that.
I've seen it before.
JERRY: Manufacturing visual evidence is pretty much par for the course.
I mean, it's like the doctored photo of Oswald in his backyard with the Marxist paper, the bolt-action rifle.
All right, let's say for the sake of argument that Khalid was forced to make this video.
Where is he now? STEVE: Well, he must be being held captive somewhere.
I mean, if he's not a willing participant, they had to keep him away from the authorities, right? Which would explain why someone else took his burner phone to the mosque, to make it look like he went to pray before the attack.
Exactly, right, they create a clue trail that retroactively points back to his guilt.
Both of you are leaving something out: who is "they"? Who's setting him up? And why would anybody want us to believe that some local college professor planning a terrorist attack? Where are you going now? We struck out I.
'ing the guy at the mosque.
No hit on facial rec, and his prints aren't in any system.
What about the military? Not according to our database.
STEVE: The way this guy evaded us, it's clear to me he's had training, but since he's not in the system, that means he's been scrubbed from it; he's a ghost.
CHIN: We may have just caught a break.
Crime lab just unlocked that burner phone bought with Khalid's credit card.
It came up with these pictures on it.
STEVE: These look like recon images.
This could be where the attack's gonna take place.
Yeah, this would make sense as part of the clue trail these people were leaving to frame Khalid.
GROVER: That looks like an office building.
Where is that? (beeping) Running a reverse image search.
(computer trilling) (beeps) You're right.
Old office building downtown.
Liliha Street.
GROVER: An office building for a terrorist attack at that time of the day? It's 6:20 p.
Most of the people who'd be in that building has already gone home for the day.
Wait, what about military buildings? A-Any military buildings in the area? Negative.
This doesn't make any sense.
STEVE: No, it doesn't.
But the attack's less than 30 minutes from now.
This is the best lead we've got.
Chin, call building management, have them evacuate anybody still inside.
On it.
(engine revs, tires screech) CHIN: You're gonna love this: that building is empty.
It's been shut down all week for scheduled repairs.
Why take out an empty building? Chin, is there anything about any of the tenants that could make it a likely target? No, not that I can tell.
This thing isn't right.
I think this is a diversion to get us away from where the attack is really happening.
I don't think so.
We weren't even supposed to find those photos until after the attack already happened.
Chin's right, if it wasn't for Salaam's Intel, we wouldn't be on this thing ahead of time.
There's got to be something about that building.
- Wait, hold on a second.
- What? I think I figured this thing out; look at that plane.
STEVE: That plane is flying right over where we're headed.
Which means that building is directly under the flight path of planes that are landing at the Honolulu Airport.
Chin, you got any flights coming in to Honolulu at 6:20? CHIN: Hold on, checking.
(computer trilling) We got a commercial flight landing at 6:22.
STEVE: Check the passenger manifest.
Anybody high-profile, with political connections? - Oh, God.
- What? That flight is returning the body of a Marine killed in combat last week.
Looks like he died in a raid in Afghanistan.
That same raid that killed that Al-Qaeda big shot? A number of Marines from that same unit are also onboard, along with 230 other passengers and crew.
The building is not the target.
They're gonna use it as a launch point to shoot down that plane.
(tires screeching) Hey, Chin get that plane diverted? No, he's trying to reach the tower.
STEVE: Stairs.
Press your fire.
I got to get to the roof.
(grunts) (glass shatters) (groans) (grunts) (grunting) (both grunting) (yells) (grunts) (groans) You all right? (muffled grunt) GROVER: McGarrett! Over here! KONO: Steve! Please I wasn't They made me say those things.
We know.
Hey we know.
Everything's okay.
(sirens wailing) All right? Thank you.
Hey, you guys all right? Yeah, yeah.
Gunmen are dead, though, which is a shame.
I was looking forward to a little one-on-one debriefing time, you know.
Eh, you can't always get what you want.
(fire truck horn blows) (sirens wailing) Hey, Steve, before we go in, you got a second? Yeah, man.
I, uh, wanted to fill you in about a meeting I had this morning.
Sat down with our good friend, uh, Coughlin.
Oh, yeah, I know all about it.
You do? Yeah, he called me last week, told me he was gonna reach out to you.
Professional courtesy.
So, uh, you know.
Sounds like he wants you out there pretty bad.
And so he should.
There's nobody more qualified than you.
I appreciate that.
What'd you tell him? Well, I told him I would think about it.
Which I have been.
A lot.
Listen, Steve, Hawaii's my home.
It always has been, it always will be.
But still, this is a This is a hell of an opportunity is what it is.
And it's San Francisco, that's Abby's home.
I mean, she's got to be at least a little bit excited about the prospect, no? Actually, I haven't told her yet.
Okay, why not? (sighs) Well, before I ask her to turn her life upside down, I got to figure out where I stand with everything.
When you say where you stand, you're talking about the job, not Ab-- you and Abby are solid.
Uh, yeah, I think so, but, you know, I've learned not to take anything for granted.
And I'm not gonna ask her to move until things between us are, uh official? "Official"? (chuckles) It's happening.
(laughs) All right.
All right.
I don't know how or when it's happening.
Hell, I don't even think she's even gonna say yes.
I'm not sure.
Very independent woman.
She's not gonna say yes, but I look forward to, uh (laughs) you making a compelling case.
(laughs): Okay.
Look all I know is that I can't imagine a future without Abby and Sara being a big part of it.
(phone rings) Good.
I got to take this.
All right, I'll see you over there, all right? Yeah.
(phone beeps) McGarrett.
How is it, everybody? Hey, cuz.
CHIN: Ah, if it isn't Mr.
Hey, Chin.
Why the long face? He's discouraged.
He's been trying to get a loan to expand his company.
Shouldn't be too hard.
It's a recession-proof business and you you certainly cornered the market.
ADAM: It's, uh proving difficult.
Don't sugarcoat it.
I struck out.
There are plenty of places you could go Nine times.
Every bank on the island.
CHIN: Wow.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
HIRSCH: I really want to thank you guys for your support.
I just feel the universe is maybe trying to tell me something.
Yeah, it's telling you you asked the wrong people.
HIRSCH: What is that? Shrimp burrito.
What's it look like? That's cash.
Enough to pay for your first phase of the expansion.
HIRSCH: T-This is a joke, right? The only joke was your first business plan.
But Adam showed me the new one.
Wait, you did this? It's kind of a Hail Mary.
I'm just as shocked as you that he said yes.
HIRSCH: Oh my God.
Um uh thank you.
Thank these good people.
I remember what it's like getting out of jail, having no one believe in you.
It's easy to lose faith in yourself.
Five-O? They had my back.
So I'm just trying to pay it forward, bruddah.
HIRSCH: I-I I don't know what to say.
A-Am I supposed to hug you? HIRSCH: S-Should I hug him? Don't even think about it.
Or the next crime scene you'll be cleaning is your own.
HIRSCH: I promise you, I will pay you back.
Every penny, I swear.
No need.
See, this is not a loan, it's an investment.
Uh, excuse me? Say aloha to your new silent partner, Hirsch-Kamekona Crime Clean Enterprise.
CHIN: You do know that you're not a silent partner if your name is in the company name.
(mouths) Right? Ignore that guy.
The contract is in the envelope.
I would read that.
It's my opening offer.
But just know, it's my last, my best and my only offer.
(chuckles) ADAM: I'll look it over for you.
(chuckles) (Grover laughs) CHIN: Oh.
Somebody worked up an appetite today.
Don't judge.
(chuckles) Yeah.
I'll call you tomorrow, all right? CHIN: That is not a good look.
Hey, guys, hey.
Can I see the team guys over here for a minute, please? KONO: It's serious.
What's up, boss? That was Joe White.
I reached out to him earlier today to see if he could help us identify these guys we took out.
Take it he was helpful.
Yeah, he was.
Uh, they were ex-KGB turned guns for hire.
Mercenaries, we kind of expected that.
Yeah, we expected mercs, we didn't expect this.
Joe just sent me this photograph.
Recognize this guy? That's the guy from the mosque.
I can't make out who he's shaking hands with, though.
CHIN: Wait.
Those look like the steps outside the U.
That's because they are.
According to Joe, there's mounting evidence of a rogue faction within the United States government.
GROVER: Hang on a second.
He's saying that we got some crackpots inside the United States government that are in on a domestic terrorist operation? STEVE: He's saying this may very well have been a first strike in a much bigger political agenda.
They could just be getting started.
Thank you.
(gulping) All right, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, easy.
Shh, shh, shh.
(sighs) Take small sips.
All right? Okay? (breathing sharply) Small sips are better.
There you go.
What are you doing? Sitting here with you.
Thought maybe you'd like some company.
I hear the weather in Cuba is very nice.
Yeah, I hear the same.
May I ask you something? Sure.
I knew who you were, even before I met you.
The men I fought with, they fear you.
Yet here we are.
You show me this kindness.
Why? We're both men.
You and me, we both came into this world the same way.
Situations like these, I think it's easy to forget that.
I shall never forget this McGarrett.

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