Hawaii Five-0 s07e25 Episode Script

Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono (The Life of the Land Is Perpetuated in Righteousness)

1 KONO: Previously on Hawaii Five-O Hey, Moani, if you ever need anything, call me anytime.
NURSE: Can you show me where it hurts? Here.
NURSE: And when did the pain start? She was going too fast, missed a step.
I need you to notify Family Services.
I think the girl in Exam 3 has been abused.
I've seen this kind of thing before.
This girl has been sex trafficked for the past four months.
She's traumatized.
STEVE: You sure you're okay? I know it's not a good thing for a cop to get angry.
You want to sit this one out? No.
Drop the knife, Emilio.
(both grunting) Girls as young as seven, made to service a dozen guys like you, every day, seven days a week.
Do you think those girls do what they do out of choice or out of survival? Emilio's turned them into slaves.
They're beaten and brutalized like slaves; they're branded like slaves.
(door opens) DEON: Let's go, let's go.
Get up! Come on, get up, move! Get up! Come on, move! Outside! Move, move! Move! Get up.
Get up.
Outside, now! Forget all that! Get on outside.
Now! Move! Don't stop! That's right.
Keep going! Come on! Come on! Move, move, move, let's go! Inside, let's go.
All the way to the back.
Move, move, move! Let's go, let's go, let's go, move, move, move! Come on.
Come on, up, up, up.
Let's go.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 7x25 Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono font color=" This is it.
This is where Daddy works.
What do you think? Whoa! Right? Pretty cool, huh? This, look at this.
This is Auntie Kono's office.
This is Uncle Chin's office.
Papa's office, right over here.
What about Uncle Steve's? That's, look, I'll show you, that's way, way, way off in the corner over there.
We keep him over there.
It's like he's in exile.
What does that mean? It means that he's, uh, you know you know how when you do something bad, you get a time out? Yeah.
That's-that's Steve.
He's in a constant state of time out, Steve.
He's a bad boy.
He's the worst.
The worst.
Couch or floor? Floor.
All right, there's your area, right there.
Go ahead.
Get your guys out.
Hey, Charlie.
Hi, Uncle Steve.
Hey, buddy.
What's going on? What, uh, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be at the doctor.
Yes, Mother, I, uh, I went, okay? How's my liver? My liver is doing great.
Thanks for asking me.
What's the occasion? He's here because, uh, Mom had to go see the D-I-V-O-R-C-E lawyer for a couple hours.
What are we doing here? We got army men today? All right, well, we better Danno, I'm hungry.
Hungry? Kid's hungry.
There's a vending machine right down the hall.
It is loaded with good things.
Come on, Uncle Steve's gonna take you.
Let's go.
By the way, this, right here, this is from me to you.
It's a gift.
But don't open it until I get back.
I'd rather you not, actually.
What, come back? Well, that, too, but no, uh, take him to eat at a vending machine.
Why not? Well, 'cause there's not a lot of healthy options at a vending machine, Steve.
Danny, I eat out of that thing three times a week.
I know, but you do all kinds of things that aren't healthy for your body, but eating at the vending machine is one of the things that you All right.
Well, we're gonna find you something nutritious and healthy in that vending machine.
All right? What's your poison, anyway, buddy? Twinkies, Oreos, Snickers.
You like Snickers? They got peanuts in 'em.
Nuts are healthy.
Why, with the sugar? Nuts are healthy.
No, he doesn't eat sugar.
DANNY: Because of your body? Charlie, why is your dad such a poopie-head sometimes, huh? Don't say poo-- hey! Charlie, you see why he gets time outs? STEVE: You told him about my ti He-- what'd he tell you about my time outs? Huh? What'd he tell you? (both moaning) (chuckles) (giggles) It feels like I haven't seen you in forever.
You can always come back to the HPD.
Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.
You could always join Five-O.
Oh? (chuckles) Mmm.
What about Sara? No worries, she won't be home for a few hours.
(whispers): In here.
Are you ready? Uncle Chin never lets me do this.
'Cause he's a scaredy-cat.
But if you want to be a surfing champion, you have to learn how to be fearless.
Now, hang on.
Let's go! Whee! Whoa! (both laugh) That was awesome.
You're awesome.
Okay, so, what else do I need? Just napkins and plates.
What about these? Wow.
Except these say “Happy Birthday” on it and this party is for Uncle Jerry's getting his badge, so What about those ones? Okay.
These are good.
Good work.
So, I think we're almost done.
I just have to get one more thing.
You want to hang out here? Okay.
All right.
Sara, what is this? (laughs): What's this? You're just like a little shopping ninja, aren't you? (phone rings) Aah! (giggles) (phone rings) Hang on, okay? I'll get back to you.
Hello? Hey, Moani.
KONO: That's a cute dress.
My parents bought it last time they were up here.
So, I heard you're taking art classes? How are you enjoying that? It's okay.
The teacher's nice.
Well, I'd love to see what you're working on sometime.
Hey, uh, is everything okay? Has, um has he told you anything? You mean Emilio.
Is that why you called? You don't have to worry about that.
He won't talk to you.
Will he? Uh, on the advice of his lawyer, he's refusing to answer questions.
For now.
He's not gonna tell you anything.
He's more afraid of the people he works for than he is of you.
Well, we're pursuing other leads.
We know others are involved and we'll find them.
You have my word on that.
You made this? Who is he? Emilio called him Deon.
He had this big truck he used to use to move us around.
I want to help.
What is it? Open it.
Not my birthday.
So what? Doesn't have to be a special occasion; I got you a gift.
You want to make a big deal about it; just open it.
Mother's Day? What? Mother's Day.
It's, uh, Mother's Day in a week, and I'm very overprotective.
You're doing a thing, you're making a joke, 'cause No? Oy.
You're crazy.
You know that? You're a crazy person.
Well, I'm not crazy, I'm just not interested in, like, a, like, a goof, like, a gag gift.
(scoffs) I don't know why I try to be nice.
I just wanted to get you something.
Forget about it.
All right? No, whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
Hey, hey Hey, you can't take back a gift.
(chuckles): Well, open it.
You know, this gesture of generosity is very uncharacteristic of you.
I got it.
Why don't I just take it and smash it over your head? Well, I'll open it, in that case.
(knock) I don't want it to be I'll wait.
Got a hit on Moani's sketch.
Meet Deon Miller.
He got popped for assault two years ago, but the charges were dropped.
DMV confirms this guy's got a Class A commercial driver's license.
Owns a private independent trucking company.
And we know what he's hauling.
DANNY: All right, we got a last known on him? KONO: Yeah, he's got a place out in Kaneohe.
One road takes you in and out.
STEVE: All right, we got to assume he's holding girls in that house.
This has got to be surgical.
Kono, reach out to HPD.
Tell 'em to lock that perimeter down.
Got it.
(computer beeping) GROVER: Clear.
(coffeemaker beeps) Looks like they left in a hurry.
But how'd they even know we were coming? (sighs) I know how you feel.
I can't stop thinking about that place either.
I could feel them in that room.
Their pain and trauma.
The fear they went to bed with every night.
I've been angry ever since I met Moani.
I don't know what to do about it.
Well, if it helps, I think you're right where you need to be.
I can't even imagine being a parent.
(scoffs) Let me tell you something, Kono, I've been trying to separate that from the job for years.
I can't do it.
The timing of this is so It's almost creepy.
Samantha just got accepted into Northwestern a few weeks ago.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
That's great.
But the thought of sending her there by herself, to Chicago, where every cop in the city hates me because they think I turned on one of their own And on top of that, you got monsters like this in the world? I can't let her go.
I mean How can I let her go? (sighs) (sighs) (phone rings) Hey, Jerry, what do you got? Just got a hit on Deon's truck.
It was spotted on the H-1.
Call Duke.
Have him get a helo up in the air.
I want a thermal confirmation and Duke's boys ready for a roadblock.
Copy that.
2990 to Commander McGarrett, we got a visual on the target.
Thermals indicate one in the cab.
11 in the bed.
(siren wailing) STEVE: All right, copy you, 2990.
Maintain visual and monitor any cellular communication.
If this guy's talking to somebody, I want to know who it is.
STEVE: Ground, proceed with the roadblock.
I want that target stopped, but nobody approaches.
I repeat: nobody approaches.
Got it.
All right, let's go! You heard Commander McGarrett.
OFFICER: Go, let's go.
(tires screeching) ABBY: Ground has visual.
STEVE: Copy that.
As soon as he stops, I want the perimeter locked down, everybody on hot standby until we arrive.
Copy that.
(engine revving) LUKELA: Abby, get out of there.
Everybody, move, move, move! Abby, get out of there now! We hold fire! Hold fire! There's hostages in there.
(sirens wailing) Abby.
Are you okay? A little banged up, but I'm good.
Look, I don't suppose I could convince you to go to a hospital, get checked out? I'd be happy to.
As soon as we get this guy.
We done? Yeah.
Thank you.
(sighs) All right.
Your car or mine? Maybe mine.
(chuckles) (siren wailing) DANNY: I don't get it.
We're on an island.
Where's he gonna go? STEVE: Maybe he thinks we're gonna get bored or back off or something.
That was that was a legitimate question.
You don't have to be a smart-ass with me.
All right.
You know what, buddy? I know you're stressed about Rachel's divorce, but you need to tone it down a notch, okay? Why would you even bring Rachel? It's got nothing-- you were being sarcastic.
No, I wasn't.
I was not being sarcastic.
Oh, no? No, and if we're being honest right now, I don't think this thing with you and Rachel is, uh, is a healthy thing.
I'm helping her out with the kids sometimes.
After work at night.
After work? I help-- I put Charlie down to bed sometimes at her place.
And then what? Then what do you do? DANNY: What do you mean, “And then what?” What do I do? We talk.
What do you mean? Talk? Yeah, we talk.
With your ex-wife? (laughs) Why is that funny? Why is that funny? Oh, I don't know, Danny.
Maybe 'cause you're like a ten-year-old with a crush.
Oh, you know what? You're out of your mind.
I know I'm out of my mind, but I also know that you're in love with your ex-wife.
Oh, please.
And you won't admit it.
Stop it.
And this whole divorce thing that she's going through is something you're happy about because it's finally-- you got a shot to make things right, okay? All you got to do is admit it.
(phone rings) By the way, I get it.
Hold on.
Hey, Jerry, you got that number for me? Sending it over now.
(siren wailing) (phone rings) (phone beeps) STEVE: Deon Miller, this is Commander McGarrett with Five-O.
I need you to pull that truck over, sir.
Come on, Deon.
Look we know that you handle logistics for Emilio and his people.
You are currently illegally transporting minors.
If you refuse to cooperate, we are gonna charge you with multiple counts of kidnapping, and I will personally throw your ass in a prison cell where you stay for the rest of your life.
You understand? Try to stop me, and I will drive this truck off a cliff.
(call ends) Little aggressive with him, I think.
My personal opinion.
I'm aggre Did you hear what he just said to me? He was reacting to your threat.
That's why he said what he said.
Oh, now you're the perp whisperer.
People don't like to be threatened.
Nobody likes to be threatened.
You've heard the expression, “Y-You get more flies with honey than with vinegar”? No, I haven't.
But I have heard, “If you ain't got nothing nice and positive to say, keep your hole shut”" Unless you're “talking” to your ex-wife.
Oh, would you please just stop with that? Enough.
Yeah, I will, I will.
When you admit what we both know to be true, I will stop with that stuff.
(phone rings) Jerry, what do you got? A whole bunch of information you're not gonna like.
STEVE: Can't wait.
Give it to me.
Okay, so Deon's semi holds 300 gallons of fuel and gets five miles to the gallon, which means that if he's driving on a full tank, he could, in theory, circumnavigate the island for days.
DANNY: So wait until he runs out of gas is not an option.
Diesel, but yeah.
DANNY: All right, so why don't we have HPD set up a bunch of spike strips and we'll stop the guy? Good.
JERRY: Yeah, that's not gonna work, either.
STEVE: Why not? In other police chases involving semis, it took a minimum of three spike strips to neutralize the truck.
The danger of using that many is that Deon could very easily lose control of the semi and it could crash or turn over, jeopardizing the lives of everybody in that trailer.
Wait a minute.
All right.
New plan: everybody back to the Palace right now.
I got an idea.
(siren chirps) (engine revs) GROVER: Okay.
I'm-I'm confused.
You're gonna jump onto a truck that's moving-- moving at least 30 miles an hour-- and somehow, you're gonna get into the truck and rescue a dozen or so hostages, and the driver, who is our suspect, is gonna be none the wiser.
That's your plan? Correct.
How exactly does that happen? I just explained it to you guys.
DANNY: Pretty sure none of us understood it.
Doesn't make sense.
Hold on.
(slaps table) Where is he going? He's gonna go get a better plan.
I hope.
(zipper opens) Those are Charlie's, not mine.
(Steve clears throat) Here's the bad guy and the truck, all right? This is HPD.
Got it? We are gonna call ahead, call HPD, have them help us block this guy in.
Once we got him blocked in, we can force him into the H-3 tunnel.
When it comes out, I'm waiting for him on the other side.
I jump down.
I land on the back of his rig.
I make my way inside.
He doesn't know about it.
So, basically like Stiles in the original Teen Wolf, only ten times as crazy.
DANNY: Okay, just so I understand, you're the Army guy here.
I'm the Navy guy, but go ahead.
You're gonna land with perfect timing as this truck-- speeding, coming out of the tunnel-- you're gonna land with precision, with your feet on the on the truck? Not actually gonna be that hard to time.
We got everything we need.
We got speed, we got distance.
We will have rate of acceleration, right, Jerry? Okay, there's got to be a better way.
Well, I am open to suggestions.
All right.
Well, clearly, we're out of options.
We're also out of time.
This guy's very dangerous, and he's got a truck full of kids.
My concern is: if he learns he's gonna lose in the end, he could do something at any stage that will hurt those girls.
We got to move.
We got to move right now.
DANNY: Look, let's say that this works, this ridiculous plan works, which I don't think it's going to.
When you get in the back of the truck, then what? That's where you guys come in.
Excuse me.
I'm just curious.
Are you completely whacked out of your head? What's the matter with you? (pills rattle) Are you, uh You got a better idea? I don't have a better What, are you still taking pills? I thought you were done with the pills.
Huh? With the, you broke my liver and the doc put you back on them or what? First of all, Danny, you can't break a liver.
And second of all, don't you have something else to do? I actually, I do.
I-It's watch you commit suicide, but I'm trying to put that off as much as possible, you know what I mean? I'll give it some time, huh? We don't have time, brother.
We got to go.
Come on.
(helicopter whirring) (sirens wailing) All right, HPD, on me.
Remember, we got to get this guy onto H-3.
The on-ramp is coming up.
We got one shot.
It worked.
Everyone, be advised: the target is now on the H-3 headed westbound for the Tetsuo Harano Tunnels.
STEVE: All right, good work, guys.
Listen up, Jerry.
Soon as he comes out of that tunnel, jam his cell signal, all right? If he's live streaming news, I don't want him seeing any of this.
JERRY: Copy that.
Air support is moving into position now.
DANNY: Steve, I have something to say.
Again? Yes, again, okay? Nobody ever listens to me.
If you want to die today, that's what you want to do, I'm fine with it.
(grunts) Can't you just say “good luck”? No, I can't say “good luck,” because the only way that luck plays a part in any of this is if you end up paralyzed instead of dead.
Oh, appreciate the encouragement, Danny.
JERRY: Be advised, suspect is now less than a mile out.
Chef's hat.
Excuse me? The gift.
It's a chef's hat with your name on it.
Why are you telling me this? Well you know, I just thought you could use it for Steve's.
All right, look, my restaurant under no circumstances is gonna be called Steve's.
And you're gonna know that, 'cause you're gonna be there, 'cause you're not gonna die today, okay? Just don't-- you're not gonna No-no dying today, okay? You-- I thought you said I know what I said, and I said it because I'm trying to talk you out of it.
Obviously, it's not gonna work, okay? So (sirens wailing) JERRY: All right, the suspect is now in the tunnel.
At his current rate of speed, he'll be out the other side in less than 30 seconds.
Copy that.
DANNY: Good luck.
All right? Good luck.
Thanks, partner.
JERRY: Okay, Commander, get ready.
The target is approaching the exit.
Prepare to jump in five four three two one go! DANNY: Steve, you okay? I'm good.
I'm good.
PILOT: 2990, confirming cell signal is jammed.
(blowtorch crackling) (girls scream) (grunting) We got a hostile inside the trailer.
Repeat: hostile inside the trailer.
McGarrett's in trouble.
(grunts) (girls gasp, scream) All right, Danny.
Put us behind the SWAT van.
That's our cover.
(yells) (gags) (sirens wailing) DANNY: All right, Steve.
We're almost in position, okay? Steve? Steve, come in.
Steve, do you copy? Look out! Come on.
CHIN: Danny! Get us closer! All right, all right.
Girls, come on.
We're getting off this truck.
Let's go, let's go.
Let's go.
(gasps) Okay, come on, come on.
I got you, I got you.
It's okay.
Come on, Danny, come on.
Let's go.
I got you.
PILOT: Be advised, the target is nearing the Marine Corps base.
That's restricted airspace.
If they continue on course, I won't be able to follow.
JERRY: Boss, you hear that? He's gonna be out of range of the cell jammer.
Copy that.
Copy that.
Okay, we got to move, girls.
We haven't got much time.
Let's go.
NEWSCASTER: It's unclear right now who these young ladies are or what agency is behind this very dangerous evacuation, although we do know that HPD is assisting in what can only be described as an unprecedented act of heroism.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I got her, I got You all right? KONO: Okay, all right, let's go.
Go back in the truck, guys.
(truck horn blaring) DANNY: Got anymore bad ideas? DANNY: Steve? I'm thinking.
I got it.
I'm gonna uncouple the trailer.
You there? Say that one more time.
Yeah, I'm gonna uncouple the trailer, separate it from the tractor.
I-I wish I had Charlie's toys with me right now, so I could demonstrate what a colossally stupid idea that is.
Well, a colossally stupid idea is better than no idea at all.
Said no one ever.
You-you unhitch that trailer, it's gonna be like trying to land a plane without a front wheel.
This guy is walled in and we both know what that could mean.
I have to do something, I got to do it right now.
Okay, okay.
Thank you for the hat, seriously.
You're welcome.
You're welcome, seriously.
Okay, guys.
It's okay.
I'm gonna get you guys out of here.
I promise.
But I need you to do something for me, all right? I need you guys to come together and hold on to each other really tight, all right? I need you to huddle at the back of this truck, okay? Come on, over in this corner, real tight.
I want you to hug on to each other, keep your heads down.
Keep your heads down, okay? Hey, I'm coming with.
(engine starts) (grunts) (metal grinding) (trailer skidding) (tires screeching) (air hisses) Drop that weapon.
(panting) Everybody okay? You girls all right? (siren approaching) All right, let's go, girls.
It's all over.
Let's go.
Let's get out of there.
Don't look back, just come forward.
DANNY: You all right? Huh? Yeah, I'm all right.
Everybody's okay.
KONO: Over here, girls.
Over here.
DANNY: You're completely insane, you know that? I'm insane? Yes.
Is that what you said? I did.
Hold on a second.
Oh, look at that.
I just got the job done, but I'm insane.
I was talking about your mental stability.
It has nothing to do with your achievements.
I mean, I'm very proud of you.
My mental stability? That's a relative term.
Insanity is a relative term.
I feel like, I feel like when you say things like that, you're labeling me.
And it hurts my feelings, I got to be honest.
I got to be honest.
Obviously, not trying to hurt your feelings.
All right, okay.
Well, listen Why would you think I'm trying to hurt your feelings? I just think it's sometimes the way you say it; maybe it's the timing.
DANNY: No, I don't want to hurt your feelings.
I never want-- the last thing on Earth I want to do is hurt your feelings.
STEVE: Can we have a reset? Yeah, of course.
You did a good job here today.
STEVE: Thanks, buddy.
I appreciate that.
JERRY: We checked Deon's burner phone.
He had a text massage saying that he was headed for Kalaeloa Airport.
HPD shut down the airport.
It seems that Deon had a chartered plane waiting for him at the tarmac.
It's destination Carson City, Nevada.
STEVE: We spoke to the flight crew.
They had no idea the plane was gonna be used for human trafficking.
Was the lab able to find out who sent Deon that text? DANNY: No.
It was also a burner, but we got into Deon's phone.
He had contacts all over the country.
ABBY: Carson City, Flagstaff, Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, New Orleans, all over the place.
Well, this is no small operation.
STEVE: No, it's not.
The web is huge.
Hawaii was one tentacle, and guys like Deon and Emilio, they're everywhere.
So what happens now? STEVE: Well, I reach out to law enforcement in each of these cities.
I pass on whatever Intel we have, and we hope that they follow-up and shut down these hubs.
Is that even gonna make a dent? I mean, it's not like these girls are kept in one place.
In every single one of those cities, there's at least a dozen houses like the ones we raided this morning.
Those girls are moved around constantly.
Do any one of those departments have the resources or the will to deal with this? Kono, look, I mean, we all agree there's more to do.
There's a lot more to do.
But today, ten more girls went back to their parents.
Look, we did the best that we could do.
(ukulele playing) FLIPPA: Must have been cold there In my shadow Never was sunlight on your face PUA: Well, congratulations, Jerry.
It's been a long time coming.
Hoohiwahiwa mau.
Thank you.
I mean, every time I put it on, I feel like Sally Field.
You know, it's like, “They like me.
They really like me.
” GROVER: Look at Jerry.
(sighs) Our boy has come a long way, though, hasn't he? Yes, he has.
Yes, he has.
(chuckles) Hey, what's up with cousin? Where is she at? I don't know.
I left her a message.
Sure she's on her way.
A beautiful smile To hide my pain Did you ever know that you're my hero? He's gonna make me cry.
You're everything I would like to be I could fly higher Than an eagle You are the wind Beneath my wings (knocking) Hey, buddy, come on.
We got a bladder emergency here.
Keep bouncing, buddy.
You'll be all right.
(knocks) I'm sorry, Charlie boy.
Come on in.
Hey, don't, uh, don't touch anything.
And flush the toilet, wash your hands afterwards.
Right, he knows what to do.
What's the matter? You all right? Nice hat.
Yeah, I'm, uh What? I've been getting these spells.
What spells? Look, I lied to you about going to the doctor, okay? I didn't go to the doctor about my liver.
I just haven't been feeling so great, so, they ran some tests last week.
And? And I got a little radiation poisoning from that dirty bomb that we diffused a couple months ago.
It's fine.
The pills you've seen me taking, that's a short term thing.
It's gonna knock it out.
All right.
Short term, so, what, uh, long term, is there any-- what-- I mean, what is it? Come on, Danny.
You ask ten of these guys, you're gonna get ten different opinions, right? Right.
Well, what did this, what did this guy-- he say anything about long term, or ? He-he says he's almost 100% sure there's gonna be some side effects down the road, you know, but, Danny, we're talking years down the road, not today.
I'm fine right now.
This is nothing.
Will you make me a drink, please? Come on, we got a lot to celebrate, right? I love you.
Make me a drink.
(ukulele playing) (phone beeps) KONO: Hey, it's me.
You know what to do.
(line beeps) Yeah.
Hey, Kono, it's me.
Uh, we're all over here at Jerry's party and thought you might be here, too.
Uh, just calling to make sure everything's okay.
Get back to me when you can, all right? Bye.
(phone beeps) CAPTAIN: Aloha, ladies and gentlemen.
We'd like to welcome you aboard Oahu Air Flight 61, with service to Las Vegas and continuing service to Carson City.
Once we reach our cruising altitude, I will be turning off the seatbelt sign.
At that time, feel free to move around the cabin STEVE: Ten more girls went back to their parents.
We did the best we could.
KONO: Every single one of those cities, there's at least a dozen houses like the ones we raided this morning.
Do any one of those departments have the resources or the will to deal with this?
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