Hawaii Five-0 s08e01 Episode Script

A'ole E 'Olelo Mai Ana Ke Ahi Ua Ana Ia (Fire Will Never Say that It Has Had Enough)

1 ("Drums of the Islands" by Elvis Presley plays) Drums of the islands You're beating in my heart You're with me no matter where I roam If ever I wander If ever we're apart I know that you will lead me home.
Mama, do the hump Mama, do the hump hump (blows whistle) No running.
(yelling, laughing) Hey! Hey, no jumping.
No jumping! Seriously? Hey, boys, look, I know you're having fun, but remember what I told you about the rules? (laughing) Okay, I will find your parents.
STEVE: Excuse me.
Hey, you Tani Rey? Yeah.
Commander Steve McGarrett.
This is Danny Williams, my partner.
You got a minute? TANI: Who is he? His name is Benny Lung.
He was, uh, studying computer engineering at Aloha State.
Campus police found him strangled to death last week.
The only suspect we have is a hacker who goes by the name of MiZchief.
And he spells it with a "Z" instead of an "S," like a rapper.
Or maybe he's a moron.
Whatever these guys had going on, uh, went south.
All right, well, it's all very interesting.
What does this have to do with me? DANNY: Well, we'd like you to help us find the guy.
Me? STEVE: You.
We believe this guy's been operating on campus.
We want you to go undercover.
Identify MiZchief.
As soon as you do, we'll, uh we'll take it from there.
Look, I'm-I'm digging the whole Jump Street thing-- I-I really am-- but, um, I'm not your girl.
Why not? Because I'm busy.
Busy doing what? Getting, uh, harassed by eight-year-olds? Come on, what do you mean? Look, I gotta get back to work.
All right? It's been ace.
Actually, your, uh your boss isn't expecting you back today, so why don't you take a seat, hang out a little bit? (scoffs) You guys are Five-O.
You can have your pick of anyone.
Why me? Well, we need a cop who doesn't think like a cop and, uh, you know, who isn't afraid to break the rules a little bit.
Or break somebody's nose.
Break somebody's nose.
Well, so you heard about that.
DANNY: Yeah, we did.
We did.
We heard that your training officer deserved it, so Yeah.
Then you also heard that I cheated on my written exam.
That doesn't matter.
We're not looking for somebody who can recite code violation.
Okay? And, uh, your father passed away earlier that week, I understand.
I'm sorry to bring that up, but frankly, I'll take that as an excuse.
Well, there are other things.
I don't care about other things.
What I care about is that up until a month ago, when you washed out, you were probably the best cadet the police academy had seen in many years.
Okay, so that-that's why we came to talk to you.
No, the academy was right to kick me out.
I shouldn't be a cop.
The-the last thing the HPD wants to see is me wearing a badge.
Eight years ago, I sat across from an ex-cop who said exactly the same thing as you're saying now.
His name was Chin Ho Kelly.
Know where he is today? He's in San Francisco running his own task force.
I'm sorry.
I was walking down the street when out the corner of my eye I saw a pretty little thing approaching me She said, "I never seen a man who looked so all alone "And could you use a little company? "If you pay the right price "Your evening will be nice And you can go and send me on my way" I said, "You're such a sweet young thing Why you do this to yourself?" She looked at me and this is what she said Oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked Money don't grown on trees I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed There ain't nothing in this world for free Oh, no, I can't slow down, I can't hold back Though you know I wish I could Oh, no, there ain't no rest for the wicked Until we close our eyes for good.
(rapid beeping) Hey.
Who opened F5? What are you talking about? Check it out.
Five's rolling back.
Let's go.
(lock clicks) (buzzing, door lock clicks) Attempted escape.
Attempted escape, F Block.
Attempted escape.
Backup, backup.
Attempted escape.
Attempted escape.
We need backup.
We need backup.
Jason Duclair.
Max wing.
He's on the move.
(alarm blaring) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x01 A'ole E 'Olelo Mai Ana Ke Ahi Ua Ana Ia font Baby, I ain't trying to play your game Getting caught in the rain Is something I'm not longing for Oh, no 'Cause I knew it You had something good and you blew it Hey.
(gunfire sound effects from video game) Ooh.
(gunfire sound effects continue) Where did you get that? Koa.
What the hell's your problem? If you can't tell me where you got that, I want it out of the house.
Just plug it back in, sis.
I'm serious.
Later, sis.
Get a job.
KOA: Get a life.
DANNY: You look at this place? Look at this.
We got tables everywhere.
Table here.
Look at the light.
Right here, look.
Boom, booths.
Nice light.
Beautiful set of booths.
Over here, we got a bar.
Obviously, we get a liquor license.
Look how big the kitchen is.
Look at this kitchen.
Huh? Got, uh, space for a brick oven.
Right here-- big, big.
Chef's table.
Big table.
And lookit-- outside, metered parking everywhere.
All right? It's a fantastic neighborhood.
Look at the light.
Look at everything.
This place is-is perfect, no? It's very nice.
I'm just I'm a little I thought you said you were gonna wait until you retire.
I am, but this is now we start now, we get it going, and if we need help running it, somebody helps us.
Whoa, you keep saying "we.
" Who you talking about? Who's the "we"? Us? We.
I'm asking you to be my partner in this restaurant.
You want m-me? What, do I gotta spell it out? Yes.
In Steve's? In St whatever we decide to call it, yeah.
This got something to do with my radiation poisoning? Why would you say that? Huh? Maybe you think I'm gonna catch the big "C," we start doing this now, I retire from this.
Is that right? No, it's not that.
Actually, what it really is, is that I want you to join me, we'll do all the work together, and then you die and I get all the profits.
That's stupid.
And I didn't that's not what I meant.
No reason I'm doing this except that it'd be fun.
There's no guilt, no pity.
I want to have fun.
We'll have fun.
A restaurant together would be fun, no? Huh? What are you thinking about? I'm very flattered.
You look it.
I'm very flattered.
I'm trying to tell you something here.
I'm very flattered, but this is Steve's is your dream.
It's not, uh it's not Steve's.
You don't think it'd be fun? Did I say it wouldn't be fun? You don't think it'd be fun? I didn't say No, it would be fun.
We'd have we'd have a terrible time doing a restaurant together? (phone ringing) McGarrett.
What? When? Yeah, we're on the way.
So he literally walked out the front door.
While the guards watched helplessly, locked inside the prison.
Well, I guess it beats digging a tunnel.
It's an escape worthy of Houdini himself.
I mean, if Houdini had been a world-class hacker instead of a master illusionist.
GROVER: So you're saying he's gone and we got nothing.
ERIC: Not really.
Fortunately, we had a bit more luck with the hacker.
I was able to trace the point of origin of the cyber attack.
It was launched from a Wi-Fi hotspot at the Aloha State campus.
STEVE: Wait, wait, wait.
Aloha State campus? It could be the same guy we want for the strangling.
This guy.
Dean of students picked him out of the footage, said he wasn't registered there, so I ran him through facial rec.
STEVE: Why does that name look familiar? Aaron Wright.
Wright? Four years ago, some bastard named Ian Wright kidnapped my daughter.
Is this bird related to him? It's his brother.
We need to figure out what a hacker like this wants with a pyro like Duclair.
MAN (over speaker): The question is not what I want with Duclair.
It's: What's Duclair going to do now that he's escaped? Jerry? JERRY: I have no idea.
Eric? Uh uh, he's locked us out of the system.
What do you mean, he's locked us out of the system? You have any idea what you've done? Who you've set free? Yeah, I do.
I've unleashed hell.
Good luck.
(sniffs) (sniffs) (sniffs) All right, all right.
Just keep at it.
All right.
That was Eric.
He's still trying to figure out how Aaron hacked into our system.
Take a look at this.
What do you got? It seems Aaron found his way to Oahu two months ago.
We know the name he was traveling under? Here we go.
Passenger manifest.
One name doesn't check out.
A Mick St.
GROVER: Well, that name's about as real as a three-dollar bill.
Okay, let's see if he booked a room under that name.
AARON (over speaker): Crockett.
White Tubbs.
(chuckles) It's good to see you guys again.
You could probably put down the iron now.
I mean, unless, you know, you're gonna pull an Elvis and shoot the screen, but I don't I don't think that would accomplish much at this point, now, would it? Oh, come on, guys.
Why the long faces? You didn't really think I was gonna leave a digital footprint like that, now, did you? What do you think, you're dealing with an amateur here? If this is about your brother, we didn't kill him.
Yeah, I know.
Wo Fat murdered him, and Navy SEAL stole my revenge.
Okay, so what's this about? I'm bored, guys.
Ask me something else.
Where's Duclair? AARON: Honestly, you two would have a better chance finding Waldo.
That pyro's got a very busy schedule, and I don't think it includes re-incarceration.
Wait a minute.
Is is that even a word? Doesn't matter.
You guys get the idea.
Oh, you might want to get that.
Get what? (phone ringing) That's clever.
How'd he do that? (phone beeps) STEVE: Jerry, talk to me.
So we may have gotten our first lead on Duclair.
What do you got? Seems there's a fire in progress.
One casualty so far.
Let me guess.
Arson? It's too early to know for sure.
HFD's still getting it under control.
Duclair's sprung out of prison not six hours, already somebody's dead in a fire.
Can't be a coincidence.
(Grover groans) What did this poor guy do to get himself burned alive? NOELANI: Actually, C.
was smoke inhalation, so he was dead before immolation.
But I'd say he definitely made someone mad.
Why do you say that? He's got two perimortem GSWs-- one in each kneecap.
Probably so he couldn't get away once the blaze was started.
- Yeah.
So you went out there and really pissed somebody off, didn't you, buddy, with your crispy self? Question now is-- who? - So it was arson, no question.
- You sure? A can of paint thinner left behind in plain sight.
Stuff was splashed everywhere.
Real amateur hour.
I don't think it was Duclair.
Why, 'cause he got a little crazy with the accelerant? Yeah.
Guy's been sitting in the joint for 12 months just dreaming about doing this.
He gets out, he gets a little overexcited.
This this is Duclair's life, you understand? It's-it's like an art to him.
And like every artist, he has a specific style, a-a signature.
This this isn't it.
I see.
So, he gets out today, this happens, and he's got nothing to do with it? I didn't say that.
I just I just don't think he lit the match.
Well, how was he involved? GROVER: I got an idea about that.
Noelani just I.
'd the body the fire department dragged out here.
This is Anthony Brent, two-time convicted arsonist.
Now, Noelani also told me that the guy had a bullet in both kneecaps.
I think I can tell you why.
According to HPD, Brent was the number-one suspect in a residence fire that happened a week ago.
The residence belonged to Randy Tao.
Wait, Randy Randy Tao.
The drug trafficker Randy Tao? That's the one.
He was using the place as a lab.
He lost a ton of product-- not to mention one of his top lieutenants-- in that fire.
So this is payback.
That's right.
But here's how I think Duclair fits into this picture.
What if Tao sprung Duclair out of prison not to torch this place, but to find out who burned down his dope house? Like an arson investigator.
To identify this guy? Yeah.
DANNY: Right.
Duclair's an expert on the subject.
Who better? GROVER: Of course.
We need to go talk to Randy Tao because, if anybody knows where Duclair is, it's him.
STEVE: Randy Tao, Five-O.
Open the door.
(Grover coughing) Clear.
(coughing) Clear.
Think we just found Randy Tao.
And, presumably, his sons.
Looks like nothing else has been touched.
Controlled fire like this-- this is Duclair, I'm telling you.
Dumb bastards.
They didn't have any idea what they were setting free.
He's got a taste of it again now.
He's not gonna stop until we put him down.
STEVE: Tao gets his revenge on the guy who burned down his building, and then Duclair roasts him and his boys in a luau.
It's an interesting way to say thank you for getting the guy out of prison.
Duclair's not stupid.
Right? Check it out.
He knew that we would get onto Tao and that Tao would eventually send us back in his direction, so he gets preemptive.
Takes Tao and his boys out before that can happen.
Yeah, you know, you play with fire, you get burned, man.
Really? You were both thinking it.
(phone ringing) No, I was not thinking it.
I was not.
I wasn't thinking it, either.
I wasn't Jerry, what do you got? A money trail from Tao to Aaron Wright for breaking Duclair out of prison.
The cash landed in a holding company which also paid for a rental in Ewa Beach.
Yeah, send me the address.
AARON: Whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, listen.
Just, whatever you want, I can help you with this.
Okay? I got a lot of money.
All right? You can you can have it all, okay? Oh, oh! Come on, man.
Come on.
Please? Come on, man.
Come on.
(knocking) (muffled grunting) Am I interrupting something? (muffled grunting) (grunting and groaning) I don't know who you are, but you're gonna look good on fire.
Wow, that is so sweet of you to say, you psycho.
(grunting and groaning) (yells) Hands! Rey, you all right? TANI: Yeah.
What are you doing here, huh? I changed my mind.
You changed your mind? You weren't gonna tell us? GROVER: Step back.
Lou? He's running! Okay, Lou, stay with Wright.
I got him.
Knock yourself out.
So, my daughter is still having nightmares about being kidnapped.
That was my brother.
All right? That wasn't me.
(coughing) I sure hope you're the last one in the Wright family.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What the hell were you doing in there? You told me to identify MiZchief and report back.
Go back to the house.
That's funny.
What's funny? Unpredictable, stubborn, crazy.
She's the female you.
(horn honks, tires squeal) (grunting) Tell me you have an antitheft device.
Guys, I'm tracking that Mustang now.
I got him.
All right, Duke's got HPD getting a helicopter up.
Does this thing go any faster? Danny? (helicopter whirring) Guys, you got him.
That street he just turned on dead-ends into the woods.
TANI: There he is right there.
STEVE: I got him, I got him.
Jerry, we got him.
He's on foot.
Connect to a satellite in this area.
So, uh, what what about me? GROVER: Why are you here? You know what? I don't care.
You've gone far enough.
There are thousands of acres of land.
You're gonna need all the help you can get.
She's right.
You're not giving her a gun, right? Um, I know we don't have a lot of time, but maybe it's worth a little, short conversation.
What's the first rule of carrying a firearm? Don't give her a gun.
Don't shoot the good guys.
That's good enough.
What? What is it? Steve? (crackling) He started a fire.
Yeah, he's a pyro.
That's what he does.
He's using it as a cover to escape.
(coughing) All right, we gotta split up.
Create a bottleneck, catch this guy before we all end up barbecue.
Be careful.
Good thinking.
MALE REPORTER: All residents of Oahu are being urged to stay indoors with windows closed, as firefighters desperately battle to contain the blaze rapidly moving through the Ewa Forest Reserve.
The inferno, which has just knocked out another cell tower, is now causing the evacuation of nearby homes, as well as the local elementary school.
Oh, that's a big fire.
Let them finish.
Let's move over to the fire trucks.
Those guys got a fight ahead of them.
They're gonna be hungry.
Yeah, you got it.
(gun cocks) STEVE: Drop it.
It's over, Duclair.
You want to live, we need to get out of here.
(grunting) (gagging) (grunting) (gun firing) (grunting) (grunting and groaning) (grunting and groaning continue) GROVER: Duclair! Get your hands up! Hands up, Duclair! Get your hands up! I got this.
(grunting) Hey, cowgirl.
What are you doing? Lower your weap (Duclair groaning) Oh, okay.
All right, that's cool.
That's cool.
Good shot.
What did I just say? Look, maybe you would have won-- I don't know.
I'm done with this weenie roast.
Can we get out of here? Get on your feet.
Can we keep her? DANNY: Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on, move.
DANNY: Jerry? (device beeping) Jerry! (static crackling) I'm getting nothing on the comm, Steve.
We gotta go back.
We gotta go back.
Go back where? What are you talking about? Look how thick the smoke's getting.
We're walking right into the heart of the fire.
I don't know how to break this to you, but the fire is everywhere, Steve.
(Grover coughing) All right, you're the fire expert.
What do we do now? Die.
You first.
We're going this way.
Danny, let's go this way.
Maybe we can miss the worst of it.
Find a clearing, flag a chopper.
Come on.
(sirens blaring) (indistinct chatter) MAN: Move! Move! Out of here, out of here.
Go! Move! Keep going.
Move, move, move! Come on! (coughing) All right, Steve, this is not working.
Don't worry.
You'll die of inhalation before it ever touches you.
(laughs) I'm starting to like you.
Guys, they got a cabin here.
Come on.
GROVER: Come on.
All right.
Grover, you put him in that chair.
Secure him, okay? I got it.
You guys, get towels, pillow cases, whatever you can find.
We gotta fill these cracks, keep the smoke out, fresh O2 in.
He's down.
STEVE: Jerry? Jerry, come in.
Jerry, come on.
Yeah? How much time do we have? Five people, less than a thousand square feet.
We're gonna run out of O2 before we burn to death.
You could've lied, you know? We're gonna get out of here.
How? What's your plan? This place has got to be crawling with rescue.
I'm gonna get out there, I'm gonna find one of them.
Out there, back in the fire? That's your plan? That's my plan-- or I can stay in here and we all die.
I'm gonna run downhill into the wind as much as I can.
DANNY: Sounds so stupid.
It sounds just as stupid as what you just said before.
That's what I got.
If this thing starts coming in, you all stay low and you stay wet.
All right? DANNY: All right.
Do me a favor-- uh stay alive.
(sirens blaring) (coughing) (coughs) (coughing) (sirens blaring) (indistinct chatter) (coughs) How are we on that AC? So far, so good.
Well? Ice bucket challenge? That's a little 2014, don't you think? Uh-huh.
I, uh I'm-I'm genuinely sorry that I got you involved in all this.
You didn't tell me to go to Wright's place.
I did that on my own.
I got myself into this.
That's true, but I'm still sorry.
Well, you should be.
You guys are wasting your time.
Nobody asked you.
Oh, I'm gonna enjoy watching you burn.
Oh, we can get this party started right now.
How about I go find some accelerant and light that ass up, and we can watch you burn.
McGarrett isn't gonna make it far, you know.
The smoke out there is a mix of carbon monoxide and fine particles of burning trees and plant life.
Those particles are small.
Less than two and a half micrometers.
But trust me, they're deadly.
They can find their way into the deepest parts of your lungs.
First comes the coughing.
(coughing) Your throat turns to sandpaper.
Then the headaches.
Shortness of breath.
Smoke is like a poison infecting your blood through your lungs and attacking the cells.
Fire uncontrolled is one of Mother Nature's most elegant weapons.
That's it.
Oh! That's an elegant weapon, too! Nobody likes a Chatty Cathy.
What, you want another wood facial? You better point them eyes someplace else.
(helicopter whirring overhead) STEVE: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! DANNY: Jerry.
Come in, Jerry.
Steve? Steve, you copy? (coughing) Get anything? No, nothing.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey! DANNY: Hey! Hey! (groans) He's just gonna die out there.
We can only hope.
Back inside.
(groaning) Get down on the floor.
(coughing) (all coughing, groaning) Hey, Danny, um Do me a favor-- save your oxygen, okay? Just let him say what he wants to say.
I think I'm pretty sure I know what he wants to say.
Me, too, brother.
Me, too.
(coughing) (all coughing) (helicopter whirring) (coughing) GROVER: Danny! I got a visual.
I got a visual.
Hi, Steve.
Hey, pal.
Ready to go home? Hell yeah, we want to go home! Throw down the rope.
I'll send Tani up first.
No, no.
I'm not going up first.
By the time I get up there, the fire You don't have a You don't have a choice, okay? Come on.
Look, she's right.
There's a good chance one of us might not make it, Danny.
No, we're all gonna make it.
How? Good question.
How? Okay.
What is this? No, we can't all go down together.
The wind's gonna tangle us up.
It's never gonna work.
No, no, that's that's not what he's got in mind.
I need you to take those cables and attach them together underneath the cabin.
Attach them together, and then get inside the cabin.
You hear me? This is crazy.
Nah! This is McGarrett.
Attach those cables.
DANNY: Grab hold of something.
Danny, talk to me.
All right, Steve, we're in.
Everybody needs to hold on.
(creaking, rumbling) Ladies and gentlemen, we are clear.
And headed home.
MALE REPORTER: At this time, firefighters have managed to contain 80% of the wildfire, with an anticipated 100% containment FEMALE REPORTER: An HPD spokesperson has confirmed one casualty.
As reported earlier, the body of a male has now been identified as escaped convict Jason Duclair.
MALE REPORTER: Duclair was serving a life sentence for arson and multiple homicides prior to his escape.
(vehicle approaching) Hi.
This is a nice place.
(Tani laughs) Not really, but thanks.
No, it's, uh it's good.
I like it.
It's very nice.
(laughing): You're such a bad liar.
People tell me I need to be more positive, so I'm working on it, you know? Oh.
Nice try.
Thank you.
So, uh, Steve, uh Steve called you, right? And? I'm thinking about it.
That's good.
At least you're not packing your bags, trying to join the witness protection program.
Is it really that bad? No, it's not that bad.
It's never boring.
McGarrett doesn't seem like the boring type.
No, no.
He's definitely not that.
I've seen him do a lot crazier things than yesterday.
(chuckling): God.
He will definitely, um drive you crazy, frustrate you.
But, uh if you're with him, there is nobody out there you'd rather have having your back than him.
You're you're an Army brat, right? Mmm, yeah.
Seven bases in 15 years.
Oahu was the last one.
So, then you know it's very difficult to find a somebody you can count on-- a good friend, right? Very.
Well, that's the difference between Steve and the rest of the planet Earth.
He will be there for you no matter what.
When I first met him, I, uh I-I almost shot him.
And then, uh, he asked me to be his partner, and I-I felt like punching him in the face.
But his timing was was spot-on, you know.
That's the thing about Steve.
He has this ability to show up in your life right when you need him.
That's how it was for me, uh Kono, Chin, Lou, Jerry.
Can't explain.
You-you remind me a lot of Kono, by the way.
That's a compliment.
Where is she? She is on the mainland, uh, working with a task force shutting down a sex trafficking network.
Anyway, um things are changing, and, uh uh, we would all like you to be a part of that.
(buzzer sounds, lock clicks) Hey, wait in the hall.
I'll be right out.
Let me guess.
Your daughter? Yeah.
She's talking about going to college out of town, so I brought her down here to see the brother of the man who kidnapped her three years ago and made her life a living hell.
She needed to see that there are still real live monsters in the world and that as her father, it's my job to protect her.
(gagging) No cameras in here.
You better be glad they caught you first.
(buzzer sounds, door opens) Samantha, this guy Hey I'd do anything to keep you safe.
(door opens) Hey.
I, uh got your message.
How's, uh how's Tani? She all right? Yeah, she's good.
She, uh, says she feels like she smoked a thousand packs of cigarettes.
She's, uh she's fine.
I think she's gotta get her head examined, though.
What are you talking about? She's coming back tomorrow.
That's great news.
She is? That's great.
We need the help.
How'd you get in here? Oh, we need to talk about the lock on the back door.
First thing we gotta fix.
It's a joke.
First thing we gotta fix? Yeah, you and me-- we.
This is for you.
It's a, uh this is a Hawaii commercial lease agreement.
Been signed by yours truly and dated-- today's date.
You're not messing with me? No, you wore me down, like you always do.
That's because that's my superpower.
I know it is.
I know it is.
But you're right.
You're right about this place.
Uh it's special.
It's special.
I've been thinking about it a lot.
It's got great bones.
But it's gonna need a lot of TLC.
There's gonna be a lot of work.
You understand that, right? Listen, that's what you said about Charlie's remodel.
We did that right, didn't we? Dude, we killed it.
We killed it to death, but this is different, Danny.
This is, uh this is pretty complicated.
I agree.
I agree, partner.
All right, partner.
I agree.
We're gonna be great, huh? Good.
Hey, um, just a couple things.
You-you-you believe in this? You're not it's just not that I wore you down and bugged you enough about it? I mean, you actually believe that this thing could work, right? Old-school Italian in the middle of Chinatown.
It's a horrendous idea.
But I don't know anything about restaurants.
I believe in you.
I believe in us.
That's all that matters, right? That's right.
Are we clear? I guess so.
It's gonna be fun.
It's gonna be fun.
DANNY: I'm in charge.
You know that.
STEVE: Nope.

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