Hawaii Five-0 s08e02 Episode Script

Na La 'ilio (Dog Days)

1 (alarm clock ringing) Okay.
All right, Eddie.
Come on.
Come on, boy.
(chuckles) All right.
Okay, okay.
I'm up.
I'm up.
(cell phone rings) This is Agent Lazio.
LAZIO: Okay, listen up.
We have solid Intel that a major cocaine shipment just landed at port.
Let's go in, secure the area, then search container to container.
It's clear.
(Eddie whimpers) What is it, boy? (heavy gunfire) Cover! Keep your head down, partner.
Move! Move! Shots fired! (barks) Thanks, partner.
(Eddie barking) (barking) (Lazio groans) (groaning weakly) (running footsteps) (Eddie barks) (Eddie barking) (Eddie barking) (grunting and groaning) (Eddie growling) (gun fires, Eddie yelps) (panting, whimpering) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x02 Na La 'ilio (Dog Days) (doorbell rings) Commander McGarrett? Yes.
Special Operator 2nd Class Junior Reigns.
It's an honor to meet you, sir.
Nice to meet you, Junior.
Please relax.
I'm, uh I'm not on the team anymore.
What can I do for you? Uh, my Master Chief David Lange always spoke very highly of you.
David Lange? (chuckling): Yeah.
He's your master chief? He was my dive buddy.
He mentioned that.
He says you're the best.
Well, don't believe everything David Lange says.
When you headed back downrange? Actually, sir, I just processed out.
Out of the Navy? Yes, sir.
(chuckles) It's a long story.
I bet it is.
When'd you get back from the sandbox? Two hours ago.
I see.
Well Special Operator 2nd Class Junior Reigns, I gotta say, I'm intrigued as to why you're standing on my porch this morning.
Well, I heard about the task force you run and, you know, the type of work you do, and well, to tell you the truth, I need a job.
I gotta say, I appreciate the initiative I see here this morning, but, uh unfortunately, you know, I'm just not hiring right now.
But listen, man, I mean, if you if you're open to other work, I can make some calls.
I'd be happy to.
No, I appreciate that, sir, but the thing is, you know, I don't just want a job.
Frying potatoes or painting houses (chuckles) they just don't interest me.
I want to work for you.
I don't know what to tell you, Junior.
I'm, uh I'm sorry, I really am.
I understand, sir.
Thank you.
Yeah, you got it.
(cell phone ringing) McGarrett.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
DANNY: No, it's great.
No, it's really good.
Listen, you guys have fun down the shore.
Tell Aunt Lorraine I said hello.
I love you guys.
All right.
What was that all about? What was it all about? You were just sitting here listening to my conversation.
- What do you mean, what was it all about? - No I don't speak Jersey.
I tuned out at, uh "disco fries in AC.
" - That what you said? - That's when you eat a big pile of french fries with a bunch of stuff on it at 2:00 in the morning.
My cousin Leo, he was in Atlantic City last week.
And "tomato pie" is Jersey for pizza-- is that right? - Yeah, you can make fun.
This is good news.
- I'm not making f They got good news, okay? Okay.
What is it? My-my my Uncle Vito has agreed to bottle water-- bottle tap water for our restaurant.
That's the stupidest thing you've ever said.
Well, for your information, water is the key to good pizza dough, okay? That's why you can't get a good slice of pizza out here in Hawaii.
Surrounded by water, Danny.
It's not Why do we need more water when we live on an island? It's not any water.
It's specific water.
It's Jersey tap water that has been pumped through-through aged pipes that give you a mineral count that is perfectly bred to make a good piece of pizza.
You understand? It What?! Don't worry.
It's well, it's the truth, but don't worry about it.
Why don't you just handle management, and I will deal with the recipes.
Are you serious? - Mm-hmm.
No, I'm gonna have to exercise my veto on this one.
You don't have a veto.
I have a Vito.
I I have Okay.
He's my uncle.
And he's my uncle, and he's gonna send us water.
That's the only Vito that's gonna be exercised.
You asked me to be your business partner.
It's like a marriage.
It's gotta be 50/50 if it's gonna work.
What do you know about marriage? You been married? No, never been divorced, either.
It's wat What do you care where it comes from? It's water.
- What do you care? - Number one, the shipping costs, but most of all, it's about you not considering my feelings.
Your feelings? Yeah, my feelings.
You're like a sensitive flower.
I'm gonna change the subject.
'Cause I'm very uncomfortable when it comes to your feelings.
You heard from Kono? Yeah, I have.
Yeah, I spoke to her a couple days ago.
Seems like, every time she locks up a perp, they get new Intel that leads to another arrest.
She's even brought in Chin's San Fran task force to handle the West Coast operations.
What? No, it's just weird.
I mean, I miss those guys, you know? Yeah, me too.
Look who's a sensitive little flower now.
LUKELA: DEA was responding to a tip.
Got word that a fresh shipment of cocaine just hit the port.
But when they started their search, they immediately came under fire.
Hold on.
Under fire from who? Couldn't tell you.
Shooters all got away.
But in the past few months, there's been a surge in drug arrests.
Whatever outfit's behind this, their coke is flooding the streets.
The DEA take any casualties? Two agents dead and a service dog still unaccounted for.
DANNY: All right, so we got Whoa, whoa.
Where you going? Going to find that dog.
(whimpering) Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
(whimpering) You're okay.
Come on.
You're all right.
You're okay.
You're all right, buddy.
I need somebody in here right now.
Paramedics, right now.
I got a gunshot wound.
Let's go! (Eddie whimpering) We'll take it from here, Commander.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How is he? The shot missed his vitals.
Uh, he's gonna need surgery.
That's all they know right now.
Shoot a dog, you're going to hell.
MAN: Gentlemen.
I'm Agent Reid.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
Danny Williams, my partner, Five-O.
How you doing? Eddie's been with us for three years.
Before that, he was a war dog stationed in Afghanistan.
Survived all that just to get shot on a dock in Oahu.
I'm sorry, you lost two good men today, too.
Yeah, Lazio and Fuller.
Lazio was Eddie's handler.
He was also lead agent on this investigation.
Finally felt that this was his breakthrough.
Now, wait a minute.
Breakthrough? You talking about the tip-off he got? Right.
He got word that the drugs were at port.
Lazio was sure this was it.
Our chance to finally take down the smuggling op for good.
Uh, do we know if any drugs were taken off the dock today? So far, there's no sign of a breach in any of the containers.
So, either they didn't have time to get the drugs off the dock, or or there were maybe no drugs here to begin with.
How do you figure? Well, think about it.
I mean, you said Lazio, he was very close to busting this thing wide open, right? Uh, if that's the case, this would be a perfect time to take him out.
STEVE: Look, the shooters took up strategic positions and were ready to engage when you and your boys got here.
It just looks it looks like an ambush to me.
DANNY: Yeah, I agree, and if that's the case, I think that what we need to be focusing on is where the tip came from.
Well, that Intel came from Lazio's CI.
Okay, why don't you get him on the phone.
JERRY: So, I pulled the HPD crime stats, and check this out.
Drug busts and O.
cases have been spiking roughly every six weeks.
According to our DEA friends, Agent Lazio spotted this trend and suspected it's connected to fresh shipments hitting the island.
Well, Danny and Tani are down at the docks right now helping the DEA coordinate their search.
If there's drugs there, we're gonna find them.
You know how long that's gonna take? Almost everything on this island is shipped from someplace else.
There's gotta be a thousand containers at the port.
Jerry, do me a favor.
Pull all the incoming activity at that port over the last six months.
See if there's any repeat shipments that match up with the spike in drug activity.
You got it.
And, uh, can you do me another favor? Check in on Agent Lazio's dog, Eddie.
Should be coming out of surgery.
I just want to make sure he's doing all right.
(cell phone rings) Thanks.
Agent Reid, hello.
Any word on the CI? (monitor beeping) Check for fragments.
Are you the owner? I'm going to need the owner's signature on these.
Yeah, that's not gonna be possible.
Do me a favor.
When you know something, please call me.
(indistinct shouting) You sure you got the right name? You ain't gotta give me the stink-eye.
I'm just saying that whenever I close my eyes and I think of a low-life, street-smart drug snitch, they never look like that.
Come on, guys.
You got this.
You got this.
Right there.
(whistle blows) I'm sorry.
It's just a lot to take in.
No, no, don't, uh don't be sorry.
How, uh how did you become Agent Lazio's informant? It's not exactly easy for me to talk about, but I I used to be an addict.
It started with prescription meds.
Stimulants, mostly.
But then I couldn't find doctors to write me scripts anymore.
That's when you turned to street drugs, huh? And when I got popped on my third possession charge, I was looking at mandatory jail time and the prospect of losing my kids.
But Lazio stepped in, and he helped me avoid prison and keep custody.
Even got me into this great rehab program.
So, in return, you became his informant.
Is that right? Yeah, I continued to make the odd buy.
Used it as an opportunity to fish for information from my dealer.
You know, Manny was kind of sweet on me, so he was always really chatty.
Manny's the one who who gave you the information about the shipment? I went to buy from him, but he was out.
Said he was waiting to re-up, but for me to just chill.
There was a load about to hit port.
Well, Kiana, we believe that the tip you gave to Agent Lazio might have just been an attempt to set him up.
What do you mean? STEVE: It's possible the information that Manny fed you was responsible for Lazio's death.
So this Manny, what's his last name? I He was always just Manny.
But I do know from our conversations, when he's not dealing, he washes dishes down at this restaurant.
GROVER: So either Manny the dope-dealing dishwasher is some kind of criminal mastermind who, first of all, made Kiana as a CI and then, on top of that, fed her a false tip (sighs) Or what? Or the Intel is legit (cell phone ringing) and the drugs are there.
Danny? DANNY: All right, we got something.
One of the containers had its locks clipped.
We know that they were all locked when they got into port.
It must have happened right before the raid.
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
The thing is, though, we looked through it, and, uh, good news-- nothing is missing.
Okay, so what are we thinking? The crew cut the locks, but then the DEA showed up before they had time to unload the drugs, so they had to shoot their way out of there-- is that it? I guess.
I mean, it looks that way.
In the meantime, we're gonna double-check.
Tani's gonna go over the manifest, make sure everything is still there.
We got K9s coming down.
We got, uh, portable X-ray scanners.
If there are drugs in this container, we will find them.
Yeah, I know you will, buddy.
Listen to me.
I need you to do something else.
Make sure you log every person that comes in and out of that port, all right? If this drug haul is as big as we think it is, someone's coming back for it.
All right.
MAN: Afternoon, gentlemen.
Table for two? STEVE: Unfortunately, no.
We, uh, need to see one of your employees.
You got a dishwasher here, Manny Delarosa-- is he around? No.
Manny missed his shift today.
I suspect your presence here might explain why.
What makes you think that? Well, I knew he was on parole.
Unfortunately, back-end kitchen positions aren't anyone's idea of a dream job.
Let's just say they tend to attract individuals from the lower end of the social spectrum.
Okay, no problem.
You got an address for Mr.
Delarosa? Of course.
If you'll follow me, it's in my office.
STEVE: Thank you.
GROVER: It's nice.
STEVE: It's very nice, very nice.
GROVER: It's a really nice place you got.
You know, my partner here is thinking about opening up his own joint.
Why on earth would you do that? Excuse me? Ah isn't there enough risk in your life already? That bad, huh? WOMAN: Niles? I don't want to dissuade you, but it can be a brutal business.
If you're not around 24-7 to oversee operations, it can go up in flames.
Sometimes literally.
Well, luckily I got a partner to share in the responsibilities and the stress, so Well, I've always said, having a business partner is like being married.
That's exactly what I say.
- Isn't that what I say? - That's what you say.
In that half of all marriages end in divorce and the other half are nothing but misery.
(laughing) I had a partner once.
It lasted all of 18 months.
What happened to him? Heart attack.
He was 42.
How old are you? 41.
Okay? I'd offer you a taste, but that's a $200 bottle.
$200-- for one bottle? Won't see me and my old lady up in here.
(chuckles) That's just my cost.
The markup's $500 a bottle.
Everyone knows the food is the loss leader in most restaurants.
Having a well-curated wine list is key to turning a healthy profit.
I trust you've already filed for your liquor license.
Could take a while to get approved.
Yeah, he-he-he knew about that.
He just wants to consult with his partner.
Manny Delarosa's address.
Stop by sometime when you're off duty.
Meal's on me.
Not the wine, though.
STEVE: Manny Delarosa, Five-O! (electronic music blaring) GROVER: Steve! Manny.
He's going into cardiac arrest.
This is Captain Lou Grover.
I got an O.
at 427 Kamoku Street, apartment 602.
Come on.
Come on, Manny.
I need an ambulance sent here right away.
Come on.
Come on.
He's gone.
So guy doses himself to death two minutes before we knock on his door to question him.
Seem a little suspicious? There's no track marks on either of his arms.
If you're going to inject yourself, you'd use your dominant hand, wouldn't you? One would think.
Well, he's got his watch on his right hand, which suggests to me he's left-handed, but the needle was in his left arm.
Lefty was dosed by somebody else.
Should've called my ex-wife.
She loves to break stuff.
Coffee mugs, ashtrays, all kinds of stuff.
Nothing? Not a trace? Not in this batch.
All right.
There are still some crates in that container.
I want every last one opened up and examined.
Does that mean you're gonna break more of my stuff? Odds are pretty good, yeah.
NOELANI: We'll have to get him back to the morgue, but based on what I'm seeing here today, it looks like you guys are right.
Delarosa's death was no accident.
He has a head contusion at the base of his skull and symptoms of massive heroin toxicity.
Okay, so somebody knocked him out, then gave him a hot shot.
That'd be my best guess.
There was enough heroin in that syringe to kill someone within minutes.
(cell phone ringing) We must have just missed his killer.
Excuse me.
Jerry, what do you got? I thought you'd want to know right away that Lazio's dog, Eddie, is out of surgery and is already eating, which is apparently a good sign.
That's a great sign.
That's great news.
Oh, yeah? Well, it gets better.
The vet pulled foreign blood from Eddie's mouth.
Seems he got a bite off one of the drug crew.
We, uh we run that blood yet? Indeed, I did.
And it already came back as a hit.
A guy named Jesse Berman.
I'm sending you his jacket now.
And surprise, surprise-- he's already in the system for multiple drug offenses.
STEVE: All right, good.
Get an APB out.
On it.
Hold on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Jerry sent us a suspect.
A guy named Jesse Berman.
Let me see that.
I've seen this guy.
He was just here.
He left with a truckload of cargo, but it wasn't from the container we were looking at.
Hold on a minute.
They didn't have time to get their stuff off the docks, so they busted open a random container.
To throw us off.
TANI: When I said he was just here, I mean like ten minutes ago.
We can still get him.
REID: All right, I'm gonna mobilize every available unit, get a chopper in the air and help us locate that truck.
(helicopter whirring overhead) (siren wailing) You see that? Yep.
Hey, guys, we got company.
DANNY: Get down! Easy, easy, easy.
(men groaning) Go, go, go, go, go.
I'm going, going.
(driver groans) (tires squeal) (panting) (groans) (three gunshots) (one gunshot) He was gonna shoot.
I had no choice.
Did you get him? Yeah, he's dead.
Along with the rest of the crew, then.
Yeah, and all our leads.
Come over here.
There's something you should see.
This is it? I heard cocaine could be smuggled in liquid form.
Oh, yeah.
With the right refinement system, this could easily be turned back into powdered form.
Okay, well, let's say you're right.
How much cocaine? Well, that depends on the yield per bottle, but this this could be a massive haul.
Hold on.
(phone beeps) Hey.
Steve, what was the name of that restaurant you were at earlier? Roger Niles, Five-O! I got one empty safe.
Whole stack left here on the floor.
That's a hell of a lot of money to leave behind.
Looks like Niles left in a big hurry.
Could be anywhere now.
JERRY: You guys are gonna love this.
Our good friends at the crime lab were able to pull off the recrystallization process.
And based on the yield per bottle and the number of bottles seized, we're looking at roughly 264 pounds of uncut cocaine, with a value of $24 million.
So high-fives, Five-0.
We just made the biggest drug bust in Hawaiian history.
That's great, man.
Go, us.
That's great.
I'll-I'll take the win-- don't get me wrong.
I just I feel like it-it would feel a lot better if we caught the person responsible for this.
All right, well, I've been digging into Roger Niles' books.
So far, no leads on his potential whereabouts, but the restaurant's history of wine imports does match up to the drug activity.
TANI: Suggesting that he's the mastermind behind the operation.
And turns out our dead drug smuggler, Jesse Berman, he was on Niles' payroll.
CSU searched his car and turned up heroin that was a chemical match to the stuff that killed Manny.
That makes sense, right? Niles has Jesse take Manny out before we get to him, before we can have a conversation with him.
JERRY: Oh, and I got something else.
I took a look at Jesse's phone records.
And less than an hour before the DEA showed up for the raid, he got a phone call.
I tried tracing the number-- came back as a burner.
DANNY: It was probably a tip-off.
Someone let them know DEA was on their way.
Hey, Steve.
Um, so I'm looking at the window a minute ago, and-and, um What? Why don't you come with me? Yeah, come with me.
You need to see this.
What are you doing? I took the liberty of washing your truck, sir.
Yes, I can see that.
Why would you do that? It was dirty, sir.
Got that right.
I almost forgot what color it was.
Lou, Junior.
Junior Reigns.
Pleasure to meet you, sir.
Lou Grover.
Nice to meet you.
Listen, I got a Chevy Suburban out in the back if you're looking for some more work.
Junior just got out of the Navy.
Came to see me about landing a job at Five-O, Lou.
Well, that'd be a waste of your talents, if you ask me.
Like I said, Junior, uh I'm not really hiring right now.
And I-I fully understand that.
I just thought I'd do something to show some appreciation for taking the time to talk to me this morning.
All right, look.
Maybe I can help you out.
Meet me here tomorrow.
Can you do that? Yes, sir.
I'll see you then.
Thank you.
In the meantime, grab your, uh, squeegee and your bucket and stuff.
You're trespassing, so Absolutely.
I-I don't want to have to arrest you before our meeting.
Pleasure to meet you, sir.
Nice to meet you.
(cell phone ringing) So I guess that's a "no" on the wash, though.
It's Noelani.
Hey, Noelani, go ahead.
I just completed Jesse Berman's autopsy.
He was shot four times.
Three times from a distance of at least 20 feet.
Once in the shoulder and twice in his leg.
It's likely he would have survived those injuries.
But what about the fourth shot? It was fired from less than two feet away.
A close-range shot through the heart.
Killed Berman instantly.
Agent Reid executed that guy.
(groaning) (groans) Well, I can think of two reasons why Reid would've killed Berman in cold blood.
Because he wanted revenge for Lazio's murder or Or Jesse was a threat to him, so he killed him to keep him quiet.
And if that's true, you can bet it was Agent Reid who tipped Niles off about the raid.
Afternoon, gentlemen.
MAN: Let me get the gate for you, sir.
One of my guys found it abandoned.
Engine's still warm.
Lou, I got a broken wine bottle here.
Reid must have known there was a tracking device on the van.
All right, okay, so he dumps the van and-and what, somebody picks him up? Probably Niles.
My guess is they go to wherever they're processing the stuff.
And who the hell knows where that is? Let me understand something, all right? Reid.
I mean, he takes two of his fellow DEA agents out-- he shoots them point blank.
I mean, he's gotta know there's no way out.
The cut this guy's gonna get from this drug haul is gonna beat a DEA pension by a mile.
Probably make enough to go away and disappear for the rest of his life.
(cell phone ringing) (sighs) It's Jerry.
Jerry, go ahead.
So I got a fresh lead from Niles' financial records.
Turns out he owns a commercial property through one of his holding companies-- a vacant business park in Wahiawa.
Been sitting undeveloped for over a year.
Remote location, industrial facilities on hand.
I mean, it sounds like the kind of place you could, uh you could process massive amounts of cocaine without drawing any attention, huh? My thoughts exactly.
All right, Jerry, send me the coordinates.
Notify SWAT and HPD.
Have them meet us there.
Will do.
But you guys got your work cut out.
This place is ginormous.
I mean, like, talking five city blocks, maybe a couple hundred thousand square feet.
Searching it's gonna take, like, a really, really long time.
Guess we're gonna need some help, then.
Go, go.
Let's go, guys.
(indistinct chatter) All right, everybody, bring it in.
Bring it in, guys.
Come on.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Okay, we do not have a precise location.
Eddie here is gonna lead us to the drugs, all right? Everybody stay sharp and watch for hostiles.
Maintain situational awareness at all times.
We good? Last but not least, our friends in the DEA, they have a little tradition, all right? Before every raid, every one of us comes and pats the drug dog for good luck.
So I want you all to come over and give my boy Eddie here some love.
All right? Let's go.
Let's go.
We're counting on you, boy.
No pressure.
Hey, try not to get shot again, buddy, all right? Come on.
Pat the dog.
Look, um, Fido, I-I'm not really a dog person, but, uh you know, you watch my back and, uh, I'll watch yours.
Go get 'em, okay? Let's go.
(sniffing) (moans) DEA, hold perimeter lockdown.
SWAT's with me.
Stand by.
Got it.
Send him in.
Good boy.
(quiet, indistinct chatter) Five-O! Let us see your hands! (groans) Go! Good doggy.
(yells in pain) (panting, groaning) (Eddie growling) (growling continues) Easy, boy.
Easy, boy.
(growling) Come on, Eddie.
(barking) (gun clicks) (growling) (barking) Easy, boy.
Come on, Eddie.
You remember me.
You remember me.
(snarling) (screams) (loud breathing) Is that my boy? Is that my nice boy, Eddie? Do you know you're a nice doggy, Eddie? "Oh, don't be silly, Uncle Lou.
I don't even know I'm a doggy.
" Yes, boy, you saw the bad guy.
You said, "I gotta go save my Uncle Lou," and that's why your Uncle Lou is gonna get you a big, juicy steak for your din-din! (laughing): Look who's a dog person now.
I'm a "this dog" person.
Isn't that right, Eddie? What a nice boy.
(smacking lips) LUKELA: This was the most sophisticated drug operation we have ever seen on this island.
But thanks to the bravery of our law enforcement agencies and, in particular, Commander McGarrett's Five-O unit, we put these criminals out of business and seized millions of dollars worth of cocaine.
(Eddie barking) (chuckles) It's impressive.
Somebody I want you to meet.
Junior, this is my friend, Sergeant Duke Lukela of HPD.
Duke, this is Junior Reigns.
Pleasure to meet you, Sergeant.
Pleasure's all mine.
Master Chief David Lange speaks very highly of you, Junior.
Look, you want a spot on my team, this is how you do it.
All right? You join the academy and become a cop.
All due respect, sir, I don't want to be HPD.
I want to work for you.
Yeah, I know you do.
But this is the deal.
I need you to graduate from the academy.
You do that I'll bring you onto Five-O.
You have my word.
You served your country, son.
It's the least we can do.
Thank you, sir.
I won't let you down.
I know you won't.
DANNY: You like this dog, huh? What? I said you like this dog.
Yeah, he's a nice dog.
No, what I mean is you have an attachment to this dog.
Which is dangerous because the dog is gonna have a new home soon, right? That's right.
That's right, Danny.
And, for the record, I'm not attached.
Oh, no? No.
Oh, okay, 'cause you-you're chopping free-range chicken - Mm-hmm.
- for the dog, and you're about to put it in your favorite cereal bowl, so What am I gonna do, cook two meals? He eats what I eat.
All right.
I thought you were a cat guy.
I am a cat guy.
I maintain that the cat is a far superior animal.
And I'll tell you why.
Okay? They're more sophisticated.
They're more cunning.
More agile.
Great animals, but still (sighs) Look.
It's possible that maybe Eddie has grown on me a little bit, all right? What am I gonna do? He's a very sweet dog.
Is he not? Very sweet dog.
Thank you.
So, am I here to watch you feed the dog? No.
Or was there a reason you called me over here? 'Cause I have lots of things to do.
Thank you.
Adam Noshimuri came to visit me this morning.
I guess, uh, Kono's case has gone federal.
The FBI want her to stick around, see it through to the end.
So, what does that mean? When is she coming back? Not any time soon.
Adam's flying out tomorrow to be with her.
Things are changing, huh? Yes, they are.
Eddie, chow time, buddy.
Let's go.
(whistles) Where you at? Maybe he's not hungry.
Eddie, boy.
Where you at, buddy? Where'd he go? (sighs) I think I might know where he is.
(Eddie whining) Hey.
You're all right.
Hey, buddy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay, buddy.

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