Hawaii Five-0 s08e03 Episode Script

Kau Pahi, Ko'u Kua. Kau Pu, Ko'u Po'O (Your Knife, My Back. My Gun, Your Head)

1 I had $14 in my inside pocket And 22 more up my sleeve There was cold hard cash lining up my jacket But I did not have a dime when I did leave When I got here, I was carrying roses (men speaking Japanese) (Japanese chatter playing over speaker) MAN: What are they talking about now? Still debating the best place on the island to get a manicure.
A manicure? You know, I was actually pretty stoked to get this case.
My first RICO, high-profile crew.
If I had known I'd be sitting in the back of a van for two months listening to mob guys discussing their nails, eating takeout and inhaling your farts, I wouldn't have been so quick to volunteer.
Yeah, well, personally, I need the overtime.
(gunfire) Gunshots! I got gunshots! Send backup now! Come on! Go, go, go! I can't.
The door won't open.
Push! Push! Push! (indistinct shouting, gunfire continues) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x03 Kau Pahi, Ko'u Kua.
Kau Pu, Ko'u Po'O font c Hey! You missed a spot.
Excuse me? You missed a spot.
Oh, yeah? So did you.
(door opens) DANNY: Hey.
We got something very important to discuss.
Thanks, man.
(sighs) Yo.
There's something wrong with this coffee.
Must be my soy cappuccino.
Dairy's been upsetting my tummy lately.
So lay off the cream cheese, then.
KAMEKONA: It's lactose free, brah.
Allows me to get my nosh on without all those bubbles in my bowels.
DANNY: Well, now that we are all thoroughly disgusted, you and I have to discuss fabrics.
Fabric? Yeah, fabrics.
We, uh, still haven't looked at the swatches.
You haven't looked at the swatches for the booths.
I don't, uh I'm sorry.
I don't see any They all look the same to me, Danny.
To your untrained, ignorant eye, they would all look like red, but they are not.
See, this one, this beautiful one right here, is Garnet.
This is Currant, and this is, uh, Blood, which I'm guessing you'll pick.
I-I have another suggestion, if I May I? Sure.
Thank you.
I was just thinking maybe the booth section-- we could maybe go black.
What? No.
No, we can't do that.
It's a it's an Italian restaurant.
We can't have a black booth.
It's gotta be red.
You know what? Don't worry about it.
I already ordered the Garnet.
You ordered it? Sort of.
Yo! You boys are focusing on the wrong thing entirely.
Ain't going to matter what it looks like if you can't get nobody inside.
- Huh? - This dining and hospitality business is all about marketing.
You fellas need a brand.
With that in mind, I had my guy whip this up.
Look, look it's not a bar and grill.
And I hate that shirt so much.
(clicks tongue) Well, you got a problem, 'cause I ordered 400 of these, and my guy don't work cheap.
Kamekona, thank you for for trying to help.
Appreciate it, but this is gonna be it's gonna be a different kind of establishment than the one you're used to running, you know? That's correct.
That's correct.
You see, because we're going to have plates and we're going to have silverware.
Okay, and we're gonna have a kitchen that can pass a health-code inspection.
(cell phone ringing) Right, all that kind of stuff.
Hey, if that's if that's the landlord, please tell him that I put the check in the mail.
Did you? I did not.
STEVE: Hello.
Yeah, what's going on, man? No, no, no.
He's right here.
Look, I'll go get cleaned up, I'll grab Danny, and we'll come and, uh we'll check you out in a bit.
All right, bye-bye.
Landlord wants to hang out? You're not gonna believe who's in town.
Harry Langford.
Hello, chaps.
Hey, buddy.
Those are short shorts, babe.
Look like Daisy Dukes.
DANNY: We could get him for indecent exposure.
Lovely to see you.
Okay, okay.
It's a hug.
Look at that.
Don't need a towel now, do you? I'm good.
I'm gonna take a handshake today.
What are you doing here? Has MI6 got some business in Hawaii that we should know about? Well, I wouldn't know, seeing as I'm no longer with the service.
DANNY: What happened? I've taken an early pension, and, um, I'm traveling the world enjoying my golden years.
Golden years? What are you, 43 years old? 45, which is not exactly young in my line of work.
DANNY: I would love nothing more than to travel the world, but I don't think I'd get very far on a cop's pension, you know.
Well, to be fair, I have been supplementing my retirement fund with regular wins at the high-stakes poker and baccarat tables.
Is that right? It's interesting you mention it.
Danny and I have got this sure-fire business venture, uh, for when we retire.
We're working on it right now on the side.
Well, so long as it's not a restaurant, you should be fine.
Well, if anyone can make it work DANNY: I don't want to be inappropriate, but that girl's so pretty it's-it's painful.
Oh, my God.
Gentlemen, this is Veronique.
We met in Monte Carlo.
Her full house beat my flush.
But you made it up to me, didn't you, darling? Hello.
You must be Steven and Daniel.
Harry's told me so much about you.
Hope you can join us for lunch.
DANNY: Yeah, I'll do lunch here at the hotel.
STEVE: Yeah.
I like the hotel food here.
Yeah, that would be, uh that would be that would be lovely, right after I take this call.
Don't, uh, forget what I said, please.
Yeah, yeah.
Check's in the mail, all right? Yeah.
All right, we're on the way.
(camera shutter clicking) What do you got, Lou? Guy in the big-boy chair was Jimmy Okada, head of the Okada crime family.
Shot dead 2:00 a.
this morning, along with nine members of his organization.
Okada himself was the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation.
As a matter of fact, the Feds had a surveillance team listening in on this very room last night.
When this went down? That's right.
New girl's out there getting the lowdown from the Feds.
You're really hitting the ground running, huh? Yeah.
What can I say? I'm a self-starter.
STEVE: Yeah, we gathered that.
Badge looks good.
Thank you.
So, our friends from the Bureau had a rough night.
This whole bloodbath happened right under their noses.
Where were they? They were right outside.
The shooters managed to barricade them inside their own surveillance van.
They got in and out of here without ever being seen.
They said that there's an emergency exit in the corridor, so best bet says that's the entry point.
This Okada, he's like a like a big-shot guy, right? GROVER: He was known as Mr.
Definitely gonna be some blowback.
STEVE: Yeah, whoever did this just started a war.
PROSECUTOR: You are Benjiro Okada, otherwise known as Jimmy Okada? If you need help with my name, then this is a waste of everyone's time.
Do you deny that you are the de facto head of the Okada syndicate, that you were the ultimate authority behind the murders of Makoto Fukuhara and Riku Kuroda, and TANI: The deposition lasts another two hours, and Okada doesn't say another word.
Okay, this is, uh, three years ago.
He, uh he didn't do any time, right? The jury failed to reach a verdict, so the Feds had to start from scratch, build a new case.
All right, look, maybe Okada got what was coming to him, but we need to end this before the violence escalates, right? Which means we need to figure out who was behind this hit.
Well, I reached out to CIU.
As you can imagine, there's a long list of rival gangs who would love to take Okada out of the mix.
Unfortunately, up until now, nobody's had the muscle or the pelotas to make it happen.
Well, they certainly picked the right time.
Those Feds I was talking to said that Okada usually rolls with four or five extra guns, so the security detail was light last night.
Jerry, you all right? What's going on? (panting): News.
I ran up the stairs.
I think I figured out how the shooters knew when to hit Okada.
All right.
I spoke to HPD, and all the witnesses and staff have been accounted for except for Annie Hughes.
She's a waitress who served Okada's crew last night.
And, according to her manager, she was last seen five minutes before the shooting.
Her cell's going to voice mail.
HPD went by her house, and Nada.
DANNY: So, what, you think she tipped off the shooter? Well, her going AWOL does seem like a really big coincidence otherwise, and you know my feelings about coincidences.
Well, that explains how they got in and out through the emergency exit.
We need to track down Annie.
Jerry, do me a favor-- stay on that.
In the meantime, the rest of us need to see if there's anybody inside Okada's organization that could have been looking for retribution.
TANI: Okada had a son, Derek.
That's good.
Lou, look into that.
Take Tani with, all right? Danny and I will look into any rival crews who could've had the resources to pull something like this off.
Let's get it, rook.
All I'm saying is that is that red, it's a little cliché.
You're a little cliché.
Sick burn, buddy.
Good job.
(elevator bell dings) Hello, chaps.
Catch you at a bad time? No Wait a minute.
How did you get past security downstairs? Uh, don't I don't want to know.
Actually, don't tell me.
Uh, where's, uh Veronique? And more important, why aren't you, uh, with her right now? Turns out you can have too much of a good thing.
I'm beginning to suspect that my retirement may have been a little premature.
That's interesting.
Are you paying attention? I'd like to hear.
Yeah, please.
Go on.
HARRY: Well, I've got to tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be, traveling the world in private jets, the soulless luxury of five-star hotels, endless cocktail parties, making banal small talk with beautiful models.
It's it sounds great, but in the end, it starts to wear thin.
Yeah, I can imagine.
Must be tough.
I don't know how you made it through.
They should give you another medal or something.
What are you boys up to anyway? We're working.
Got a case.
You see, I had this random idea that I might tag along.
Lend a hand, so to speak.
Okay, just uh, let me get this straight.
You're going to swap a cabana at the Kahala with Veronique, uh, for a backseat in this guy's Camaro with us? Is that right? If you'll have me.
Look, I know my father had a lot of enemies, but I couldn't tell you their names.
See, he never involved me in his business.
Never wanted that life for me.
I will tell you this, though.
If I do find out who was behind this Then you'll be putting in a call to us so we can deal with it.
Something like that.
I'm afraid it's gonna have to be exactly like that, Mr.
We're not just protecting you from the others.
We're protecting you from yourself.
We'll see ourselves out.
Redecorating, are we? STEVE: Oh, no, we're, uh going through some fabric choices for the booths in our new restaurant.
Danny's dead set on red.
I'm not so sure.
Well, if you take my advice, you should go with a neutral color.
Plain as possible.
- Why is that? - So, when the restaurant goes under, they'll be easier to liquidate at auction.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, buddy.
Anytime, mate.
HARRY: So who's this bloke we're going to see? He's our CI.
You have lunch yet? KAMEKONA: Look who came crawling back.
But not for the restaurant, okay? Somebody took out Jimmy Okada.
We figured you might know which outfit could pull off a hit like that.
Wow, that's a big play.
I haven't heard nothing.
But it won't be too long until we all hear about this.
Taking out a big fish like Okada is just the first step in a hostile takeover of his turf.
This situation is going to escalate.
Anyone can kill the king.
Reigning in his place is another thing entirely.
I don't know who you are, but that's, like really profound.
STEVE: Kamekona, this is our friend, Harry Langford.
He's, uh he's British.
That's why you can't understand anything he says.
He talks funny.
Excellent shrimp, by the way.
Please give my compliments to the chef.
You can tell him yourself.
You're looking at him.
You made this? With these hands.
Well, that's remarkable.
I've gotta tell you, big lad, when they told me I'd be eating shrimp made in the back of a truck, my expectations were not high, but this shellfish is yummy.
And I can get away with saying “yummy”, because I'm British.
DANNY: Okay, can we get back to why we're here, please? KAMEKONA: Why's that again? Oh, yeah.
The Okada hit.
Like I said, I can't put one particular crew in the frame on this.
But whoever they are, I know one thing.
The street war that they just started-- they're going to need a lot of firepower.
And if I'm in the market for that kind of iron Loto Manui-- he's the go-to guy for all the gangs looking to tool up.
DANNY: So, if this “Loto” is the guy to go to for guns, how come I never heard of him? He knows all the names and faces of every cop on the island, so good luck getting within a hundred feet of him.
What? Everybody does it in Hawaii Afternoon, everyone.
I'll take the house Mai tai.
In a clean glass, if you have one.
Two pretty legs with dimple knees Two brown arms, and they know how to squeeze You on your own? Actually, I'm here to meet someone.
They should be along any minute.
Buy you a drink while you wait? Well, that's really lovely of you to offer, but I've just ordered one.
(slurping through straw) (sound of slurping through straw plays over speakers) This is going swimmingly.
Look, he knows what he's doing, all right? I think.
STEVE: Check this out.
All right, that's that's Loto.
That's a lot of muscle he's with.
You sure this guy can handle it? STEVE: You've seen him do his thing.
He's a pro.
DANNY: No, he was a pro.
Okay? He's been gambling and dating models for who knows how long, and maybe he got a little rusty, okay? You Langford? Mr.
Can I buy you a drink? Thank you for meeting me.
I've already decided I don't like you, so you can lose the nice-guy act.
Seems a bit harsh, but okay.
I'm here because you know someone who knows me.
That gets you a sit-down.
Want me to stay, talk business.
Better come up with a good reason.
Is that reason enough? Fully functional, of course? Sure.
I usually like to try before I buy.
(chuckles softly) Step into my office, Mr.
Now, this is more like it.
(engine starting) Whoa.
That's not part of the plan.
No, it's not part of the plan.
(tires squealing) Let me guess-- we're just going for a little ride.
Somewhere nice and quiet where you can dump my body.
(grunting and groaning) (gunshots) Oh! Is that gunfire coming out of the back of the truck? Yeah, it's gunfire.
What Of course it is.
I told you he was rusty.
(groaning) (tires screeching) What'd I tell you? What'd I tell you? You all right? Never better.
Hey, uh, uh, English, if you if you crush his windpipe, he won't be able to talk.
We gotta ask him questions, you see.
Are you ready to talk? (yells) HARRY: I think that's a yes.
Uh, look, uh, someone is is making a a big play, uh, for Okada, right? And they need a lot of guns to do that, so what I'm what I'm gonna ask you is-- who's made a big purchase recently? Okay, um, I-I assume you are familiar with the term “good cop, bad cop.
” Yeah, uh, in this case, I am definitely, definitely the good cop.
Right, those guys, on the other hand, they are, uh, the bad cops.
In fact, they're not even cops, so if I was you, I would speak to me, as opposed to them.
No? Okay.
I warned you, buddy.
He's all yours.
All right.
Manui has decided to make this fun for us.
HARRY: Would you like to have first crack at him, or should I give it a go? Harry, please.
You're our guest.
That's very kind.
Five-O! Drop your weapons! (gunfire, men groaning) (men groaning) Hey! Don't move.
Hands where we can see 'em.
I believe this one's all yours.
I'm never gonna catch that guy.
(groans) (groaning continues in distance) (groaning) STEVE: Hey, Danny.
Is that the color of the booths? DANNY: Nah, that's Blood.
I ordered Garnet.
(lock buzzes) Oh, après vous.
Oh, this place brings back memories.
So, I mean, Christmas must have come early for you guys, all those shiny new toys you got.
DANNY: What are the odds that, when we run those guns, we're gonna get a ballistics match to the Okada shooting? Go ahead.
You'll be wasting your time.
What, you-you you want us to believe you weren't behind that hit? Why you got all the new hardware, Viktor? Because we were gearing up to make a play for Jimmy's turf.
But only after the Feds sent him to the Halawa Hilton.
See, thanks to someone I know at the agency, I know about the RICO case.
Just waiting for the perfect time to make that move.
I might be crazy, but I'm not stupid enough to risk taking Jimmy out from right under the noses of the FBI.
(bell dings) Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it appears that your man Viktor is telling the truth.
Those guns that you guys seized had nothing to do with the Okada hit.
Okay, how do we know this? Because the ballistics report came back from the crime scene.
All the shots that were fired in the place came from one gun.
One gun? One gun-- Browning Buck Mark .
22 LR.
Registered right here in town, and somebody reported it stolen three days ago.
DANNY: One guy goes into Jimmy Okada's headquarters and takes out ten armed men? I found it hard to believe myself, but the evidence supports it.
Based on the FBI audio recordings and the positions of the mics in the office, I was able to reconstruct the shooter's steps.
First of all, the recording confirms that he came in through the emergency exit.
He first takes out the security guard at the door, and then moves inside.
Seven shots, and he wastes the guys at the card table to his left.
Three men watching TV go for their weapons, but he takes them out, firing on the move.
Drops a mag and reloads, using the sofa as cover.
That's the magazine hitting the floor.
Pops up-- two shots takes out the lieutenant.
Last but not least, he faces off against Okada himself.
(yells in pain) STEVE: Okay, so what you're saying is, not only did this guy take out ten armed men by himself, he did it in less than 40 seconds? This guy's a professional, maybe a contract killer.
But people in that game usually have access to their own weapons.
Ways of getting hold of clean guns.
I'm with Harry.
I mean, doesn't make any sense this guy would use a stolen gun.
Hey, Tani.
And who might you be? DANNY: Oh, come on, Harry.
HARRY: Just being polite, Daniel.
TANI: It's okay.
I get it.
He's British.
I'm Tani.
Harry Langford.
Friend of the court.
Oh, boy.
He's very British.
And you're very new to this job.
How long have you been a cop? Couple of weeks now? What tipped you off? Well, the glint on that badge is practically blinding me.
Which tells me you were either up all night polishing it, or it's brand-spanking-new.
Second, you're dressed to impress in those wedged espadrilles.
Very de rigueur, but not exactly practical when you're running down a suspect.
All right, well, they provide a shocking amount of support, so thank you.
And thirdly, you still have that sparkle of enthusiasm to you, unlike these boys, who are dead behind the eyes.
It's true.
I'm dead behind the eyes.
Okay, that's enough.
Tani, what do you got? Got a fresh lead.
Got a hit on that missing waitress, slash potential witness, slash potential accomplice, Annie Hughes.
Her credit card was just used to check into a hotel on the North Shore.
All right.
Lou, Tani, follow up on that stolen murder weapon.
We'll go see if we can track down Annie Hughes.
All right.
I'll just, uh, stay here and, uh, hold down the fort.
I've been in two fights, had a near-death experience and ruined a $4,000 suit-- all before tea time.
I apologize for all of that, but you-you did ask to tag along No.
No, no.
I'm having a lovely time.
What do you mean, you're having a lovely time? What is the matter with you? I-I-I can't wait to retire.
Okay? And I don't care if it's running a restaurant or spending time with my kids.
Anything but car chases and bullets whizzing past my head.
Anything that doesn't involve those things will be a giant improvement to my quality of life.
Oh, my dear Danny, I used to think the same thing, but you don't appreciate how much you need the buzz of the job until it's gone.
Besides, you blokes don't have it so bad.
Driving around from witness to witness, collecting evidence, getting into some fisticuffs, little bit of argy bargy along the way.
It's all quite quaint, really.
Argy bargy? You know, an argument.
The constant bickering you two engage in.
I mean, don't get me wrong, it's clearly coming from a place of love.
That's why you're going into the restaurant trade together.
Can't bear to be apart, right? (knocking) STEVE: Annie, Five-O.
Body's still warm.
(piano playing simple chords) That's good.
Try to keep your fingers curved.
(knocking) Exactly.
I'll be right back.
You just play that through, and then start over from the top, okay? (playing classical melody) Can I help you? TANI: Hi, Mr.
We're with Five-O.
We were wondering if we could talk to you about that gun you reported stolen.
Well, I-I'm sorry, but it's you've caught me at kind of a bad time.
I have a student.
I'm a piano teacher.
Well, it'll only take a few minutes.
We're just following up on the report.
Please, come in.
So, the burglary happened, uh, at the beginning of the week? Uh, yeah.
Um, but that should be in the report.
Yeah, we read that.
Little light on detail, though.
So, besides the Browning, was anything else in the house taken? Just a few odds and ends, uh a camera, I think.
Just seems a little odd guy breaks into your house, takes a couple odds and ends, and leaves that valuable antique set there.
Silver like that gets you top dollar at a pawnshop.
I wouldn't know.
(chuckling): Yeah.
Of course not.
You're a piano teacher.
(cell phone ringing) You gonna get that? Uh, it's it's probably a salesman.
I'll just let it go to voice mail.
(cell phone continues ringing) Hello? STEVE: Lou? Oh.
I guess you found Annie Hughes.
Or at least her phone.
(sighs) Yeah.
Listen, man, Annie's dead.
She sent a text to this number right before she was killed.
Came back as a burner.
I figured I'd give it a try.
I'll call you back.
John Walcott, you're under arrest for the murder of Jimmy Okada and nine of his associates.
Get your hands up over your head.
H-H-Hold on.
What happened to Annie? We can talk about that at the station.
She's dead, isn't she? (tires squealing outside) Well, this don't look good.
(tires screech) GROVER: All right, we need to move now.
I got him.
Tani, get that kid.
Take her someplace safe.
GROVER: Sit down, get in the corner.
You're gonna be okay, all right? You just gotta stay down.
Whatever you do, do not move until I come back for you, okay? GROVER: You want to get cute and try to escape, there's gonna be lead flying in here in a minute.
Be my guest.
And you-- I know you've shot your weapon before, but this time it's gonna be a little different.
Yeah? How so? When you shoot somebody this time, make sure they don't get up again.
(men groaning) (groans) (groans) (grunts) (engine starts, tires squeal) John? Okay, come on.
Come on.
Walcott's gone.
He's gone.
We shouldn't have left him alone.
Six bad guys.
Five of them are dead.
One escaped when the gunfight started going our way.
'd the perps as known soldiers of the Okada crime family.
DANNY: So Derek Okada, he paid very close attention to your warning.
Well, you know, damn millennials.
Okada must have put together that Annie was in on the hit.
Tortured her until she gave up Walcott.
DANNY: Hold on just one second so I'm clear.
This cold-blooded killer, this psychopath who goes in and kills Okada and nine of his men, you're telling me he's a piano teacher? Yeah, I was skeptical, too, at first.
Till I got a load of this.
What a nutjob.
Piano man got it hooked up down here like John Wick's man cave, brah.
TANI: Dozens of books and DVDs on combat training, tactical firearm techniques, body armor, weapons, maps, surveillance pics.
This was months, perhaps years of prep.
So, what turns a suburban piano teacher into Dirty Harry? JERRY: Three years ago, Walcott's son, Aiden, was killed in a hit-and-run, and Walcott witnessed the whole thing.
Well, that would do it for me.
Seeing your child be killed right in front of you? That'd send me over the edge.
STEVE: All right, and it stays a hit-and-run, or did the cops find the driver? Case is still open, but I took a look at the police report, and something about Walcott's statement stood out.
At the time, he described the vehicle as an “old, light blue sedan”" But a broken taillight recovered at the scene indicates that it's actually a late-model Mercedes that was never manufactured in that color.
TANI: I don't get it.
Even if Walcott was in shock after seeing his kid get run down, how could you get the description of the car that wrong? Unless he didn't.
Unless he knew what car it was.
And who was driving it.
JERRY: Right.
I took a flier and pulled Okada's car registration.
And guess what kind of vehicle he drove three years ago.
A Mercedes.
JERRY: 2015 Mercedes CL, to be precise.
There's your motive.
GROVER: Son of a bitch.
Okada must have convinced Walcott not to report it to the police.
Probably threatened him and his wife.
DANNY: Well, that would explain the inconsistencies in Walcott's statement.
GROVER: So he just plays along, pretending everything's all good; meanwhile, on the inside, his blood is boiling.
STEVE: Right, he's biding his time, he's planning his revenge, and then he executes.
Okay, that explains that, but how does Annie Hughes get caught up in this? - I have an answer for that, too.
- Of course you do.
Annie's brother was killed in a robbery back in 2014.
And then, shortly after that, she joined a bereavement support group.
Where she met John Walcott.
JERRY: And, based on the text messages we pulled off of Annie's cell, that quickly developed into a romantic relationship.
So he ropes his girlfriend into his revenge plan? And now she's dead, and you better believe he ain't letting that go, either.
STEVE: Oh, no.
This is far from over.
So you saw him escape? It was definitely him? (frustrated yell) You should skip town for a while.
Just until Walcott's been put down.
(cell phone ringing) Hello.
You're next.
(click) [.]
I want this place locked down! There's 20 grand for the man who shoots this piece of garbage dead.
(siren wailing) This is Captain Lou Grover, Five-O.
I need all available HPD and SWAT units.
I need a two-block perimeter around Okada's building right now.
(groans) (grunting) (elevator bell dings) MAN (over radio): We have an elevator coming up.
It's him.
He's in the elevator.
(guns cock) (bell dings) (smooth, jazzy elevator music playing) (gun cocks, silenced gunshot) (yells) (silenced gunshot) (groans) (distant, frantic chatter) (bell dings) (frantic chatter grows closer) (whirring) (groaning) (groaning) (man yells in pain) DEREK: Go check.
(yells) Go.
(silenced gunshot) (yells in pain) (silenced gunshot) (groans) (man grunts, yells) (grunting) (Derek groaning) (gasps, grunts) (gasping) JOHN: You know who I am? Why I'm here? STEVE: John.
Drop the weapon, John.
It's over, John.
Drop the gun.
Not yet.
He has to pay.
And not just for Annie.
Tell them, Derek.
He was in the car.
The car that killed Aiden.
When they saw what they had done, Derek here tried to buy my silence.
But his father wouldn't have it.
Said he'd already taken my son, and if I went to the cops, he would kill the rest of my family, too.
STEVE: This isn't going to change any of that.
You understand? You put that gun down, and we can talk about it.
We'll work through this, John.
HARRY: He's right.
I've been where you are right now.
Someone I loved very much was taken away from me.
You think this will take away the pain, but it won't, and it won't bring them back.
I know.
(body thuds) STEVE: Hands! Hands! Behind your head.
Interlock your fingers.
Three steps forward.
Walk! Stop there.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Get on your knees.
On your knees right now.
Right now.
Cross your ankles.
Cross 'em.
(handcuffs clicking) Come on up.
You, uh you still happy you decided to spend the day with us? Well, let's say I have a newfound appreciation for what you boys do.
Well, we appreciate the help today, Harry.
Thanks, man.
I really should be getting back to the hotel.
After today's shenanigans, I may be in a spot of bother with the lady.
Well, I may have told her that I was just popping out for some sun cream.
Yeah, you got trouble, buddy, for sure.
I actually, uh I think I got a think I got a way we can smooth things over.
There's a somebody I'm longing to see I hope that she Turns out to be HARRY: Did I mention how gorgeous you look tonight? You did.
Thank you.
I'm sure they won't be much longer.
(dishes clattering) DANNY: Hot! STEVE: I know it's hot.
I told you it was hot, Danny.
DANNY: You told me it was hot.
STEVE: What's wrong with you? DANNY: What's wrong with me? You said it's hot, not thermonuclear, okay? I thought that the plate was gonna melt.
STEVE: The plate is made of porcelain.
Porcelain doesn't melt.
DANNY: You know what? I cannot be, uh, uh I-I told you that I cannot be expected to create in these conditions.
STEVE: Get out.
Get out of the kitchen.
Hey, uh so here's the thing.
We, uh, just had a a small problem with the appetizers.
Yeah, wait, listen-- we're gonna go, uh we're just gonna start with the entrees tonight.
DANNY: If that's all right.
Are they ready to go? Yeah, depends What-what exactly do you mean, “ready to go”? They're ready to go into the oven.
Right now, they're ready to go.
They're good.
Right in the oven.
We're gonna do it now.
Right now.
Sorry, boys.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, it won't we're not gonna be long.
Will you It won't be long.
HARRY: Don't worry, darling.
I know a great local spot where they don't require a reservation.
(sighs) Where's a great local spot that doesn't require a reservation? Sir and madame are enjoying their entrees? The food is simply divine.
Thank you.
As is the company.
You two know I love you guys, right? KAMEKONA: Take a good look, my friends.
That's called customer satisfaction.
May be a while before you guys see that again.

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