Hawaii Five-0 s08e04 Episode Script

E Uhi Wale No 'A'Ole E Nalo He Imu Puhi (No Matter How Much One Covers a Steaming Imu, The Smoke Will Rise)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O: STEVE: I've seen super-grade level cryptography before, but this is, like, off-the-grid hacker world.
Think I know a guy who can help us.
His hacker handle is Toast.
First case I worked when I got here six months ago, he got busted hacking into ATMs all around the island.
Really a genius 42 minutes of the day.
What about the rest of the time? Baked like a potato.
Ah, pakalolo.
STEVE: Take your time, Toast.
I mean, it's-it's it's just national security.
I'll take my time and do it right.
Can I smoke in here, guys? BOTH: No.
Fortunately, we had a bit more luck with the hacker.
This guy.
Aaron Wright.
Need to figure out what a hacker wants with a pyro like Duclair.
AARON: The question is not what I want with Duclair.
It's: What's Duclair going to do now that he's escaped? He's locked us out of the system.
What do you mean, he's locked us out of the system? Good luck.
(gunfire) What's up, coach? McGarrett.
Good to see you.
How's he doing? The truth? Yeah.
I don't think he's HPD material.
Wait a minute.
You serious? He's going through it right now.
Give him a couple of days, let him settle in.
No, no, it's not that.
In fact, he might be the best raw talent I've ever had as a recruit.
This kid has got speed, strength, agility-- the whole package.
So, what's the problem? Why isn't he HPD material? He reminds me of you, McGarrett.
Okay, so he's a little enthusiastic.
But this kid, I can already tell, he's got a streak in him.
Hey, Junior, what's up there, buddy? Hey, Commander McGarrett.
It's great to see you, sir.
Good to see you.
How you doing? Yeah, good, sir.
It's great to be here.
Instructor Alves is not, uh he's not working you too hard, is he? No, sir.
In fact, I told him he can push me more and a little bit harder.
I welcome the challenge.
I'm sure you do.
Hey, listen.
What are you doing today for lunch, 1:00? Okay, Kamekona's got a shrimp truck on the south side of town here, all right? By the Hilton, right in front of Bowls.
I'll find it, sir.
And, uh what'd I tell you about the “sirs”? Yeah, copy.
I got somewhere to be.
I'll see you at 1:00.
I'll be there.
Oh, yeah.
This is good.
This is good.
This is perfect.
(groans) This will work very well.
What's all them brown spots? It's nothing.
It's you know, a bit of elbow grease will clear that right up.
Yeah, I-I don't think this is a good idea.
Why not? People buy used kitchen equipment all the time.
By the way, not to mention the amount of money we're gonna save on this.
I thought you of all people would appreciate that.
Oh, I do.
Yeah, but no.
Nah, I don't think it's a good idea.
Why not? Your partner's out of town, and you know how he is.
You going rogue, don't you expect to get a little bit of a blowback or something on this? Let me explain something to you, okay? This right here, this is the Cadillac of industrial ovens.
Now, you can't get one of these for less than ten grand.
But for today only, Danny and I can have this for a quarter of the price.
How do I not pull the trigger on that? You're talking to a brother from Chicago, so you had me at Cadillac.
All right.
And I'm not saying it's not a good deal.
I'm just saying Huh? maybe you ought to loop your partner in on this.
No, no, no.
Danny and I have complete confidence in each other's decision-making abilities.
Oh, is that right? Why you laughing? Okay, then.
What are you doing? Oh, I'm just calling Danny, you know, so he can sign off on this.
That way, I don't have to hear all the yaketa-yaketa-yaketa for the next month, you know.
- That-that's not a problem, is it? - No, no problem.
What time is it in Jersey right now? It's 1:00 p.
in Jersey.
He's at his, uh his niece's (shushing) confirmation.
You don't want It's ringing.
It's ringing.
No, just hang hang up the phone.
Hey, hey, Danny, what? Okay.
Hang up.
What are you doing? Why would you do that? (laughing) It's not funny.
He's driving me crazy.
He only wants to buy new.
He's fixated on having a warrantee.
You know what he's like.
He's so by the book.
- He's nuts.
- Yeah, what a surprise.
Here's the bottom line.
These things, they're basically indestructible.
Okay? Danny's problem-- he wants to take the risk out of what is inherently a risky venture.
If he wants to play it safe, why is he opening a restaurant? And, for God's sake, why have you as a partner? Right? (cell phone ringing) Well, s-speaking of partners.
Oh, it's Danny.
Look at that.
It's Toast.
Hey, yo, Toast, what's up, man? Toast.
Hey, Toast? Oh, he butt-dialed you.
That upsets me.
I knew I knew he was too big now to call me on purpose.
Hey, Toast's butt, I'm hanging up.
How about that? (punching, grunting over phone) What was that? MAN: What's wrong? Nothing else to say? (punch, groan) You're not talking much now, are you? (punching and groaning continue over phone) GROVER: Hey, hey, Jerry, listen to me.
McGarrett is on a phone call with Toast.
(gunshot over phone) Need you to lock onto the signal, tell me where that call is coming from.
Lou, I got a gunshot.
Life and death.
I need those coordinates, man.
Ten minutes from here.
(two gunshots, groaning over phone) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x04 E Uhi Wale No 'A'Ole E Nalo He Imu Puhi font We've got lacerations to the face and body.
Multiple suborbital fractures.
Tibia broken in two places.
This wasn't just a murder.
Somebody wanted him to suffer.
No doubt.
Come on.
Thanks, Noelani.
You think somebody found out that Toast was a CI? It's possible.
Or money.
You said the guy was loaded, right? Big tech money? Yeah, he was, but the beatdown tells me it was personal, no? Yeah.
Look, Toast helped us out with a lot of big cases.
There was a lot of serious players involved.
Any one of those guys could've been looking for payback.
(cell phone rings) Jerry? Hate to be the bearer of bad news-- well, more bad news-- but it seems someone hacked into our system last night.
We got any idea who? JERRY: Not yet.
Thing is, this was a pretty sophisticated attack.
Whoever was behind it knew how to cover their tracks.
Well, do we know how deeply they got into our system? Not exactly.
But if Toast's murder is connected to him being a CI, this could explain how that information got out.
Right, and if we can uncover who's behind the breach, maybe we can find Toast's killer.
Only problem is, the person we'd ordinarily go to help us with that is dead.
(buzz, click) So you want me to figure out who accessed your server and smoked your CI.
Yes, that's what we're saying.
Well, I'm flattered, fellas.
I gotta tell you, though, I'm a little surprised.
'Cause I, you know, figured that you'd find someone who was a little more inclined to, uh I don't know, care.
GROVER: We did.
His name was Toast.
Unfortunately, now he's Toast? (chuckles) I'm sorry.
Was that too soon? You want to hit him, or can I? You're the last person we wanted to see.
But you breached our system successfully, which makes you the expert-- you understand? And, apparently, a trendsetter.
Are you gonna help us or not? No.
(smacks table) Okay.
Let's get out of here, Lou.
All right.
You want my help? There's gonna be conditions.
What? I want to be transferred out of here.
Because, when I'm done, people in here are gonna know that I helped you.
As your friend Toast just found out, that's not gonna make me so popular.
I can get you a transfer.
And while I'm helping you, I want to stay in a fancy hotel suite that's got a little Japanese toilet that sings to you.
'Cause, for the past month, I've been cooped up in a miserable little cell eating nothing but slop and squatting on a steel bowl.
I want 24-hour room service, in-room spa treatments, chocolate truffles on the nightstand, the whole nine.
None of that's gonna happen.
I get your transfer-- that's it.
Then I guess we're done.
Guards! Whoa, sit down.
We're not done yet.
No, no, we are finished.
You know why? 'Cause, right now, I'm gonna take a nice little walk back to my miserable little cell, secure in the knowledge that you two will be back.
Because you guys really want to find out who killed your friend.
And in order to do that, you need the best.
Money, cemetery or the penitentiary, damn Ooh Money I got money Ooh I'm money, I got money AARON: Now, this is more like it.
Money, I got money Why is the masseuse wearing Kevlar? She looks familiar to me.
Have we met? Yeah.
I saved your ass when you were tied up and covered in gasoline.
You know, crying and begging for your life.
(chuckles) Not my proudest moment.
Speaking of tied up What are you doing? What are you doing? Yo.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Now how am I supposed to use the Japanese toilet? You're familiar with the steel bowl, right? That's not cool.
Get to work.
GROVER: Where are we with suspects, Jerry? Anybody jump out at you from any of the cases that Toast helped us out on? Not yet.
Of all the people that Toast either directly or indirectly helped us incarcerate, most of them are still in prison.
One's dead.
The only one who's out just recently checked in with his parole officer in Maine.
Well, keep digging.
We need to find out if those guys have any friends or relatives, business associates-- anybody who might have a reason to have it in for Toast.
I'm on it.
(cell phone chimes) TANI: Commander? Better come in here.
What do you got? You figure out who we're dealing with or what? Not who just yet, but I can tell you what they got into.
And, uh, I don't think you're gonna like it.
STEVE: That's every single confidential informant we've ever worked with.
If I had to guess, uh not so confidential anymore.
So, what happened to Toast Could happen to any one of these people next.
Oh La da da, Na Na Na, Na Na Na Now I gotta make my rounds Where can I lay you down? I'm gonna miss your love tonight You know I really love your sound Where can I leave you now? I'm gonna miss Commander.
Hey, Junior.
What's up? Hey, Troy.
Kamekona around? Haven't seen him today.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Just a (clears throat) tough day.
The only easy day was yesterday.
How you doing, pal? Yeah, good.
How much sleep you getting? Enough.
(chuckles) I love your positive attitude.
I tell you what-- it's okay if everything's not okay all the time.
I remember what it's like coming back.
Guys like you and me, we got sea legs, right? Get back home, it can be tricky.
It's a process.
It is a process.
I want to help you through that process, okay? However I can.
Now, look, getting you onto that Five-O task force, I think, is gonna be a significant step.
I need you to know, you gotta graduate from that police academy.
Okay? It's important.
That's the way it works.
Is that always the way it works? It's the way I think it should work.
All right, good.
Thank you.
Now, listen, whatever I can do, if you want to talk Actually, you know what? Give me your number.
Yeah, I don't have a phone.
You don't have a cell phone? No.
It's not a problem.
I'll, uh I'll have somebody drop one by the academy this afternoon.
Thank you.
(cell phone ringing) This is work.
I gotta get it.
Hi, Jerry.
What's the latest? All our CIs accounted for? Almost.
I just heard from Grover.
He's with Bones now.
All right, what about Hirsch? Hirsch and Barry Burns are safe at HPD.
I'm at Kamekona's truck.
He's not here.
Kamekona's on the North Shore doing an inspection of Flippa's truck.
Said he'll come in after that.
Sang Min? That's kind of a situation in progress.
He's having a little get-together with a few lady friends and is reluctant to end the party.
Well, how about this-- you tell HPD that they can arrest his ass if they need to.
Call Kamekona.
Tell him I'm gonna head up to Flippa's truck and, uh, I'll escort him back.
Copy that.
I think you, me and your Five-O buddies just got lucky, because I just found a fingerprint.
A what? There.
See? Buried in the code.
M-O-G-E AARON: Mogera.
It's a signature.
Like the tag of a graffiti artist.
So you're telling me that somebody was able to breach our system, but then was dumb enough to leave a name? Dumb? No.
Arrogant, sure.
But you guys never would have found it.
And if you had, a hacker's handle doesn't incriminate them, because it doesn't betray their real-world identity.
Yeah, that's true.
Except when another hacker finds it.
Like me.
So, you know this guy Mogera? Oh, yeah.
He's a legend.
I met him once.
Believe it or not, the guy's actually blind.
So, what's his real name? - Is there anybody inside? - Don't know.
I can't get close.
Get everybody back.
There's propane tanks in there.
Everybody, get back.
Get back! Kamekona? Flippa! (coughing) (muffled): Nahele! Nahele? (grunts) Nahele.
We gotta get out of here, kid.
Come on.
Come on.
Up, up, up.
Come on! Come on.
Come on.
(indistinct shouting and screaming) Nahele.
(coughing) It's all right.
Take it easy.
Just breathe, breathe.
Nahele, who did this? Two two men.
Black SUV.
They torched the truck and left me inside.
Where's Kamekona? He was supposed to be here.
They took him.
He's gone.
(cell phone rings) All right.
I'll be right back.
All right? Jerry, talk to me.
Tried pinging Kamekona's cell, but it's been disabled.
Got a helicopter headed your way to help with the aerial search for that black SUV that Nahele mentioned, but whoever grabbed Kamekona's got a pretty good head start on us.
All right, what about suspects? Working on it.
But it's a pretty long list.
Kamekona burned a lot of bad guys over the years.
I know.
Just keep looking.
See if anybody stands out.
Where are we at with that hacker that Wright said breached our system? Mogera? Grover just brought him in.
I get the feeling he's not being too forthcoming, but at least we got his laptop.
That's good.
If he won't talk, then maybe there'll be something on that laptop that'll tell us what he did with the CI list.
Taylor, by nature, I'm a patient man.
But today, my patience is starting to wear a bit thin.
Who did you share that list of confidential informants with? Look, I know you're blind, Harley, but you damn sure ain't deaf.
And you ain't a mute, either, are you? You stole a list of confidential informants from our system.
Then you turned around and sold it to a bunch of bad people.
I need to know who.
Come on! We already got your computer.
It's only a matter of time before we find out who.
Look, you can help us, Harley.
You can save us both a lot of time.
And time is something we don't have a lot of.
Because of what you've done, there's already one man dead.
And there's another man who's missing.
And that man happens to be a really good friend of mine.
Listen, you.
I've never hit a blind man.
But if I were you that's not something I'd take a gamble with right now.
(grunts) (grunts) (groaning) Bruddah, you're making a big mistake.
I don't know who you think I am or what I did.
You guys got the wrong guy.
I don't even know you two lolos.
No mistake, bruddah.
(grunting and groaning) What about me? I look familiar? Joey Kang.
Long time, big guy.
I thought you was locked up.
What the hell is this about? You really gotta ask? I know you work for Five-O.
Well, whoever told you that is a damn liar.
(groaning) Don't try to play me, brah.
You're a CI.
I saw your name on a list.
That's some bad Intel.
Somebody's making false assumptions 'cause Five-O come by the truck a lot.
Cops like to eat.
(yells) You know, I always knew someone close to me ratted me out.
Dude, I just never thought it could be you.
This could all be over very quickly.
I just want my 500 grand back.
What? Shh.
That money disappeared from the safe house right before I got snatched up.
Only person crazy enough to steal from me is someone who knew I was about to go away.
Now I want you to think very carefully before saying you didn't take it.
Because right now, knowing where that money is-- that is the only thing keeping you alive.
I took the money.
But I don't have it no more.
It's gone.
What do you mean? I mean I spent it.
Really? On what? Two shrimp trucks? Your piece of crap car? I see the way you dress, live.
You didn't spend it.
You have it.
And I want it back.
I'm so sorry, but it's gone.
I sure hope you're lying.
For your sake.
(yelps in pain) How much longer is this gonna take? I thought you were supposed to be good at this.
Ever hear the expression “a watched pot never boils”? Oh, I'm sorry.
Am I making you nervous? You want privacy? We can throw you back in your cell.
Like I told you, Mogera's legit.
Not surprisingly, the encryption on this laptop is no joke.
Mogera's not talking, so right now our best shot at finding out who he sold our CIs out to is on that hardware.
I understand.
I'm working as fast as I can.
(cell phone chimes) Lovers' quarrel? What's his name? Less talking, more hacking.
I can multitask.
I can tell you how to handle your boo and crack this black hat's security.
So, uh, what's the drama? It's not about a guy, okay? Not that I'd take your advice if it was.
Must be family, then.
Sister? Is it your brother? Of course.
I should have recognized that look.
My brother was a real pain in the balls, too.
(chuckles) Never-ending source of trouble.
Did you just compare your psycho brother to mine? That's right.
I know about Ian.
I know that he kidnapped Captain Grover's teenage daughter and kept her in a cage like a dog.
My brother's no saint, but he's not a piece of crap like yours was.
I got it.
Now, shut your hole and do what you're here to do.
Lou, hey.
Uh, we got any updates on Kamekona? Not yet, but Wright's working on Mogera's laptop.
Meanwhile, we just caught a break in the Toast murder.
The ballistics report from the crime scene matched a gun that was used in another felony.
That gun is connected to a guy by the name of Kahili Marks.
Why's he got it in for Toast? Marks is Kong Liang's brother-in-law.
At least he was.
Kong was killed in a prison riot some years back.
And now Marks is gonna hang that on Toast, right? Where's Marks now? We got no current address, but I have a BOLO out.
Don't worry.
We'll find him.
Very quiet over there.
It's called concentrating.
Want me to get this done, right? How much longer? Don't worry.
Won't be long now.
(yells, groans) (panting) Don't.
(panting) MAN: Please hold still, ma'am.
I'm fine.
Vest or no, your body just absorbed the force of two gunshots fired at close range.
I really should check Just did you hear what I said? I'm fine.
There's nothing she could have done.
Against three of them, she's lucky to be alive.
I just pulled security from outside the hotel.
The perps used a sedan that matches a vehicle registered to Kahili Marks.
GROVER: So the guy who killed Toast just turns around, and now he breaks Aaron Wright out of here? Wright must have made some kind of deal with him.
Right? He gives up Toast in exchange for the extraction? But how? Our system got breached last night.
While Wright was still in prison with no Internet.
And no access to the outside world, for that matter.
And besides, how the hell would Wright know about any connection between Toast and us? Plus, Toast's murder took place before we sprung Wright from prison.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
What if Wright stole that CI list the first time he breached our system? What, like an insurance policy? Exactly like an insurance policy.
Now we find ourselves with no other option but to go to Wright for help.
Because there's no more Toast.
And he makes his help contingent on us taking him out of Halawa, and he keeps the pressure on us by making sure all of our other CIs are in jeopardy.
Guy's a genius.
This whole thing was a long con.
Okay, but how does Mogera fit in? I mean, Wright made it look like he was responsible for the breach.
And Mogera, he's just going along with it? Why? I don't know, but if we want to get Kamekona back, we need to find Wright first, okay? And as it stands, that blind hacker may be the only person who can lead us to him.
(buzz, door opens) GROVER: Hey! Guess who.
I brought a friend this time.
Taylor, my name is Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett.
I run this task force.
I got two words for you: Aaron Wright.
He's got you sitting in here taking the blame for something he did.
I don't understand that.
All right, either you desperately want the credit for a ninja-level hack, or Mr.
Wright has got some serious leverage on you.
I was warned bad things would happen to me if I speak to you.
Yeah? You don't remember what I told you last time I was in here? Worry about us.
Worse things will happen to you if you don't.
You should take that advice.
Now, listen to me very carefully.
We can protect you from whatever Aaron Wright has threatened you with, but you need to help us find him, which means you tell us everything you know, and you tell us right now.
I'm sorry.
Lou? Was that not clear? (sighs) This is a limited-time offer.
A man's life is hanging in the balance, along with an accessory-to-murder charge for your worthless ass.
Wright contacted me over the Dark Net.
Said you guys would come for me.
He told me not to resist.
Not to deny anything.
All I had to do was say nothing.
He told me, if I did what he said, you would just release me for lack of evidence.
(sighs) He needed a scapegoat to buy him some time.
What else? I don't consider myself a criminal, but I've accessed government servers.
Somehow, Wright found out about that.
He threatened to turn over proof of my activities to the authorities.
Look, I'm sorry for whatever part I played in jeopardizing your friend's life.
I just didn't see a way out of it.
But I don't think I can help you.
Why not? I have no idea where Wright is.
You know, word on the street is that you're some kind of hacker legend.
Is that right? I've been known to get around a firewall or two.
Because you work for me now.
(gasps) Can he really do that? Huh? Hack into Aaron Wright's cloud, just one e-mail off the Dark Web? So he says.
Right now, it's our best shot at figuring out who Wright sold Kamekona out to.
What's with you, Jerry? You all right? Yeah.
I'm just a little blown away.
We're in the presence of greatness.
Watching him on the keyboard is like watching Mozart live in concert.
Don't you mean Stevie Wonder? I'm in.
That was awesome.
Let's take everybody Wright has contacted and cross-reference it with the list of everybody Kamekona helped us put away.
You got that list, right, Jerry? Yeah.
Joey Kang.
I remember this guy.
He was a major player in the ice trade.
He pled out to a conspiracy charge.
Did six years hard time.
You got a cell we can ping? Negative.
Looks like he's been laying low since he got out.
STEVE: Jerry, I want you to pull up everything you can on this man before he went away.
Where he did business, places he frequented, his family, known associates, anything you got.
Find me this guy.
We need to find out where he's holding Kamekona.
We need to do it right now.
(door clanks open) Well? This is it.
Last chance.
You gonna tell me where the money is? How many times can I say this? I spent it.
I can't give you what I don't have.
You understand this means I'm gonna kill you, right? I have no doubt you're a man of your word.
Either you're scared and you're doing a good job hiding it, or you're just plain stupid.
Let me tell you something.
I was just a lost kid trying to make it out of Tent City.
I took any shortcut I could.
That path led me straight to prison.
I should've died there.
But I didn't.
Ever since I got out, just trying to live my life right.
Give back to the kids so they can make it like me.
But most of all, I never took one single day for granted.
So, if you came to take anything away from me, you're eight years too late.
I never thought I was gonna be here this long.
Or live the life I live.
Nobody nobody can take that away from me.
You done? Yeah, bruddah.
I'm done.
Untie him.
We're going for a ride.
Turn here.
All right, Mr.
Remember, four weeks ago, there was a big wildfire? (liquid splashing) Almost took out half the island.
You remember that? The psycho that started that fire You can't do this! I already told you, I don't know where my son is.
He actually taught me something.
Want to know what it was? That he taught me? Are you nuts? There's one thing in this world more than anything else that can scare the truth out of someone.
You gonna guess what that is? Now, I understand he's your boy, you love him, you're gonna do whatever you have to do to protect your family, but I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to protect mine.
Get Joey on the phone, Mr.
You have three seconds.
JOEY: Can I ask you something? Let's say you're telling the truth.
Not that it really matters.
What'd you spend my 500 grand on? You wouldn't believe it if I told you.
(cell phone rings) Hey.
It's not really a good time.
Can I I understand.
Today's your lucky day.
(clears throat) Uh Commander McGarrett, uh why are you How'd you find me here, sir? I've been calling the phone I gave you.
You don't answer it, so I tracked it.
What the hell are you doing here? You're a team guy.
You We got accommodations.
You understand? Nice, clean places till you're squared.
I know.
All right.
When I told you I wanted to help you through whatever's going on in your life, I meant it, but I gotta be able to contact you.
You understand? Where's the phone I gave you? I don't know.
You don't know where the phone is? Most people in here don't have a phone.
I'm sorry, sir.
I should have taken better care of it.
Oh, it doesn't it doesn't matter.
(sighs) Listen, kid, pack your stuff up, all right? I'll be out the front.
Sir? Until you graduate, you're staying with me, all right? My house is your house.
Pack your stuff.
I'm in the truck out the front.
Let's go.
JERRY: Aloha.
Uh, sometimes in life, you meet someone who's a kindred spirit.
Someone that you can laugh with, sometimes at.
And when you have that, you should hold on to them and cherish your time together.
'Cause when they're gone, you lose a little bit of yourself.
So, Toast, buddy this is for you.
(band plays intro to Drive-By Truckers' “Mercy Buckets”) When all your good days keep getting shorter Count on me And when you're 'bout 20 cents shy of a quarter Count on me When you just need a place You know, Kamekona, you are the only person I know that would celebrate getting kidnapped.
I'm celebrating survival, sista.
And the fact that Five-O is paying for the booze.
I will bring you buckets of mercy Not to be all mushy, cuz, but I wasn't sure we'd see you again.
You'll be sick of me soon enough.
Now that your truck got barbecued, you'll be back working for me.
Nahele, too, after he rests up.
(Grover chuckles) STEVE: Hey.
What's up, everybody? Aloha.
Mahalo, brah.
Everybody, this is, uh this is my buddy Junior.
All right? He's gonna be staying with me for a little while, so just make him feel at home, okay? Aloha.
Good to see you again, kiddo.
Hey, Junior, why don't you go put your feet up.
Take it easy, all right? GROVER: Glad you could make it.
STEVE: Yeah, man.
What's the good word, buddy boy? Well, I spoke to Duke.
Looks like Wright and Marks are in the wind, but we picked up Joey Kang down at the boat harbor, trying to get off the island.
- Well, at least that's something.
- Yeah, we convinced him to stay.
You ever hear, uh you ever hear back from Tani Rey? I told her we were meeting here, but, uh free country, bruddah.
She had a rough day.
Maybe she decided to turn in early, get some rest.
Yeah, maybe.
I will bring you buckets of mercy And put a smile back on your pretty face I'll bring a shovel if you want it And carry your secret to my grave.
(vehicle approaching) Come on.
Let's go say hey.
Come on.
(smacks lips) Good boy.
Go say hi.
Go say hi.
(barking) Hi.
He likes you.
Not as much as he likes you.
Ah, we're growing on each other.
(chuckling): Hey.
So you're keeping him? It's kind of the other way around at this stage.
I missed you at Tropics.
Yeah, I just didn't really want to see anybody.
Oh, is that your way of telling Ed and I to take a hike? No, I I appreciate you coming to check on me, but You're welcome.
We're staying.
Eddie, come here.
It wasn't your fault, you know.
(sighs) Right.
No, it wasn't.
If anything, it was mine.
Why? For putting the new girl in charge? No, for taking Wright out of prison in the first place.
It was a judgment call.
Turns out it was a bad one.
But we all make mistakes.
What are you gonna do, right? Learn from it and move on.
I see what you're trying to do here.
Is it working? No.
Still not leaving.
Here's the truth.
I was distracted.
My brother was texting me, and I took my eye off the ball.
Oh, so if you weren't distracted, you could've taken out three guys with flashbangs and automatic weapons? I don't know.
Maybe I could've.
Maybe? Okay.
I just feel like (sighs) after today, I'm wondering if I'm the right person for the job.
If you weren't, you and I wouldn't be having this conversation right now.
Thank you.
(Tani chuckles) (indistinct shouting) (blows whistle) Good job, guys.
How you been? Looking good, Eli.
Haven't seen you around here in a while.
You know me-- I sell shrimp, but I'm like a shark.
I'm always moving.
Still, I had to come in and stop by and see the keikis.
Place looks good.
Yeah, it does.
Everyone pitches in on the upkeep.
(whistle blows) Anyway, good to see you.
You should come around more often.
You know you're always welcome here.
Mahalo, brah.

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