Hawaii Five-0 s08e05 Episode Script

Kama'oma'o, ka 'aina huli Hana (At Kama'oma'o, The Land of Activities)

1 Hey, don't you give me that look.
You know what you did.
Yeah, all right.
Right, I should've taken you out sooner.
Okay, this one's on me.
(knock at door) (doorbell rings) (barks) Stay.
(yells) (gasps) (Eddie barks) You're not Steve.
Sorry, buddy.
You, uh you must be Junior, right? Yes, sir.
Well, happy, uh happy Halloween, Junior.
Uh, you must be Detective Danny Williams, aka Danno.
Oh, that's funny.
Did, uh did Steve tell you to say that? Yes, he did, sir.
And I heard about your fall.
Yeah, well, this-- see, Steve bought a cheap ladder for our restaurant because he's cheap.
And if he ordered a nice ladder, this wouldn't have happened.
What, uh you got a little accident yourself over here? Yes, sir.
He responsible or you? Him, sir.
(Danny chuckles) Where's, uh where's Steve? He, uh he went up to the North Shore to escort Dr.
Brown to the courthouse.
Oh, that's right.
Well, I wasted $75 on this beautiful mask and gas money to get here to scare the guy, and he didn't even have the courtesy to be here when I got here, right? I'm sorry, sir.
- Do me a favor.
- Yeah.
You don't have to call me “sir” so much.
Maybe once every every couple sentences or no, once every three minutes.
Something like that would be fine.
Yes, sir.
(chuckles) Yeah.
Good to meet you, buddy.
All right, you too.
Nice pumpkin.
Thank you.
Probably won't be any kids coming this far out, but (sighs) it's tradition, right? Yeah.
Yeah, you know, Danny's daughter dropped one at my place yesterday.
Ready to go? It's gonna be a walk in the park.
You got nothing to worry about, okay? Remember, um in my statement to the HPD, I said that Gray came at me with a knife? That's not what happened.
I need you to send officers to my home right away.
You're gonna put me in jail? Come now, Alicia.
Do you really think that's gonna put an end to it? OPERATOR (over phone): Ma'am, hello? There's only one way to put an end to this.
What's the nature of your emergency? I need to report a murder.
I could have held my gun on Gray until HPD got there.
I knew that she was never gonna let me go unless I put a stop to it.
Okay, um first of all, I didn't hear any of that.
Okay? Second of all, Alicia, you can never tell anybody what you just told me.
Do you understand? You can't tell your lawyer.
Not your daughter.
Nobody ever.
Well, maybe they'll think of it as self-defense and they'll let me go.
Are you willing to take that chance? I can't take the stand and commit perjury.
Then you don't take the stand.
Okay? You don't testify.
When a defendant in a murder trial doesn't take the stand, it's basically an admission of guilt.
I just have to tell the truth.
If I don't, I'm just as bad as the people I put away.
Well, you know what? You're wrong.
That woman was a serial killer.
She deserved to die.
And let me tell you something else.
The young lady in that house Alicia, that young lady in there, she lost her mother for five years.
She does not deserve to lose you again.
Have you thought about that? I'm gonna put my faith in the system.
It was self-defense.
What if that jury doesn't see it the way you see it? Then I then I need to ask you to take care of her.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x05 Kama'oma'o, ka 'aina huli Hana font color=" (lock buzzes, clicks) Louis Purnell Grover.
I'm so glad you accepted my invitation.
How's Hawaii been treating you? Do I know you? (chuckles softly) Be thankful that you don't.
I don't know you.
You don't know me.
Why am I here? Do you like fried chicken, Lou? It's just an innocent question.
No cultural significance implied.
(chuckling) Yes.
Yes, I do.
But at my age, I try to avoid it.
I'm having Gus's World Famous for dinner.
Flown in special from Memphis.
(inhales deeply) Best fried chicken on the planet.
Well, don't feel bad.
I had a lot of grape soda and watermelon on the plane.
A plane that I rode on for 11 uncomfortable hours to come see a man who I've never met or heard of be executed tonight.
You're perplexed.
And you're Sebastian Wake.
Former East Coast gun for hire.
Convicted of multiple homicides and suspected in dozens more.
You don't wear a hockey mask or have knives on your fingers because, well, you're the real deal.
You've done your homework.
Yeah, well, they had Wi-Fi on the plane, too.
What I can't wrap my mind around, though, is, um why you demanded to talk to me before you, uh, ride the electric horseman into the afterlife.
(chuckles) You have a wonderful way with words, Lou.
I'm not a big fan of wasting time.
That's why, with so little left, I thought it prudent we finally meet.
The local D.
mentioned to me something about you wanting to make an 11th-hour confession.
Is that the reason I'm here? Fine, if that's it, let's get on with it.
Patience, Lou.
All in good time.
But trust me, after we're done, you're going to be glad you watched me die.
(camera shutter clicking) This guy's name was Tyler Riggins.
Uh he had a business importing livestock from the mainland-- mostly pigs.
Apparently, he was on his way to a slaughterhouse in Kaneohe, uh, and he texted ahead saying that his truck had had broken down.
Well, he has a close-contact gunshot wound.
I checked his wallet.
His, uh, cash and cards are still inside.
All right, so, uh, probably not a robbery.
Uh, my guess-- uneducated at this point-- is that he, uh he had somebody mess with his truck beforehand.
So the killer waits for him to break down, get stranded, uh Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you .
do you have a theory? You got a theory? No? No.
Oh, yeah, I see your wheels spinning.
What-what is it? Well, I just It's just, I have a little a case of the willies.
Why? Why do you have a case of willies? It's stupid.
Forget it.
No, no, no.
Now I'm very interested.
What? All right, well, you've obviously not heard the tale of Pele and the Pali Road.
No, I because I'm from New Jersey.
So I have not.
Well, it's an old Hawaiian myth.
(snorting, squealing) Pele was the goddess of fire.
And she had this really hot relationship with a demigod named Kamapua'a.
He was half man, half pig.
Top or bottom? What? Well, was the top half the pig or the bottom half? I-I think it's kinky, it sounds kinky, and I like details, so I'm I'm interested.
I don't I don't know.
I don't know.
Anyway, their relationship was full of drama, and one day they decide to call it quits.
'Cause he's-he's tracking hoof mud all through the kitchen and the living room like an animal, right? I get it.
I'm genuinely surprised that McGarrett hasn't shot you yet.
He's tried inadvertently.
A bunch of different times.
Anyway, please continue.
I'm riveted.
What, uh what happened? They got into a beef? They never wanted to see each other again.
They even split the island in half.
So Kamapua'a got the Windward side.
And everything that's now Honolulu is Pele's.
This is a I mean, it's a fascinating story, but what does it have to do with the the dead guy? Well, the legend says that you're not supposed to bring pork over the Pali.
Because it'd be like bringing, uh, Kamapua'a's stuff over to Pele's turf, right? Yes.
Got it.
And if you do it, you will break down somewhere, at which point an old woman will appear with a white dog, and the only way to safely move on is if you feed the pork to the dog.
Do you have any idea how crazy that sounds? Yeah, well, laugh all you want, but there's dozens of reports of people just breaking down mysteriously on the Pali for no reason.
Hey, yo, Uncle D.
D Uncle Detective Williams.
Officer Rey.
Hau'oli La Heleui.
Did he just completely mangle that or what? Yeah, I don't know what he said.
What do you got? Check it out.
(sighs) Fresh prints.
These are too small to be our vic's, so I'm thinking they belong to our shooter.
Looks like he came out of the woods, walked up back behind the truck, approached the driver-side window and pulled the trigger.
Considering shoe size is generally 15% of a person's average height, I'm guessing our shooter was around five-eight.
What else? Uh oh, yeah, shooter wasn't alone.
You think there was an accomplice? A four-legged one.
I'm sorry? I found paw prints, too.
What kind of animal? A dog.
I came as soon as I heard.
What the hell? DANNY: Oh Why-why, um, are you dressed like Marie Antoinette? Actually, I'm Chevalier Danceny.
Dangerous Liaisons.
Keanu Reeves played Chevalier in that film.
You-you know that, uh, that was Max's thing-- dressing up like Keanu Reeves characters, right? Right, and before he left, I made him a vow.
I swore I'd keep up his tradition.
He said that you and McGarrett loved it.
Mmm, I don't think we said that.
But if we did, we were lying.
And this is three years ago.
Max dressed up as Chevalier before? Three years ago.
I knew I should've asked him for a list.
What's going on? JERRY: Oh.
Can you believe it? Dead driver on the Pali? This is huge.
Hey, do you mind if I run point on this? I mean, it's kind of in my wheelhouse.
Wait, wh-why is it your wheelhouse? 'Cause I'm an expert on Oahu's most haunted places.
Kaimuki House, Kipapa Gulch, Morgan's Corner, the Pali.
The Pali is is not haunted.
Yes, it is.
I know for a fact the Pali is haunted.
You want to know how I know? Uh-huh.
My buddy Gordie Lachance calls me up.
He's got the new Bantha Tracks.
He says there's something in it I gotta see.
So I grab my bike, and I pedal over there.
I take the Pali.
So I'm rocking out, listening to Journey, “Separate Ways.
” Definitely my favorite track on the Frontiers album.
- Spent six weeks at number eight - Jerry! Right.
So, I'm burning rubber.
Got my headlight on.
Then suddenly the fog rolls in.
I hear static.
Then my headlight goes out.
What's going on? I don't know.
I hit a pothole.
The chain comes off.
I dismount to get the chain back on.
I fumble around in the darkness, and then I hear it.
Could be canine.
I'm thinking, it's getting closer.
Oh, no, this is it.
This is how I end.
What do I do? And then I remember I got the answer in my fanny pack.
(laughs) Um, you-you you owned a fanny pack? 1983-- they were cool back then.
I don't think fanny packs were ever really cool.
Agree to disagree.
Can I continue with my story? Sure.
So, what was in your butt bag? (chuckles) Spam.
Good old Spam.
I pop open the can, I toss it into the fog.
The growling stops.
I get the chain on my bike, and I race over to Gordie's house.
But I never set foot on the Pali again.
Trust me, that road is cursed.
Dude, you you're preaching.
DANNY: Uh-huh.
Listen, maybe you had a supernatural encounter on the Pali, but our victim did not.
Okay? The lab said that someone messed with his truck.
They put diesel in his tank.
(cell phone chiming) Okay? What's going on? We, uh we just caught another homicide.
What a shock.
Mark my words-- it's gonna be a busy night.
Studies show that violent crimes spike around Halloween.
You sure I can't offer you some? I'm good.
I met this chicken farmer once.
He raised what you call broilers in these huge, ammonia-filled, windowless sheds with lights on 24-7 to make his birds eat as often as possible.
But that wasn't enough.
Pumped these animals with steroids to make these things huge.
Only problem was, they kept dying on him.
He had pictures on his phone.
These things were freaks of nature.
They went from zero to 60 so fast, their hearts just gave out.
So, naturally, I asked this fellow, “Do you hate birds? “Because I guess you gotta if you're gonna go into the chicken-raising business.
” What did he say? I shot him before he could answer.
I'm starting to lose patience.
Well, then good thing we've only got a few hours on the clock before we have to end this pleasant exchange.
That ain't what this is.
This is me sitting around, watching you consume a 4,000-calorie fried heart attack.
I'm going to miss your wit.
I don't like my time wasted.
You're not telling me what I want to know, I'm done.
Oh, we was right about you.
Sharp tongue, short temper.
Last one, buddy.
Who? Clay Maxwell.
What do you know about Clay Maxwell? Your ex-partner, Clay Maxwell.
He told me everything there was to know about you.
Then Hawaii.
How you accused him of killing his wife.
He did kill his wife.
And he knew that you wouldn't stop looking for evidence until you proved that he did, so he hired me to kill you.
NOELANI: His name's Bryan Hansen.
His body was found partially entombed in fresh concrete outside of his home this morning.
There was blunt-force trauma to the back of the head, so I'm thinking he was probably knocked out first, then submerged in the cement.
He then suffocated as it dried.
Time of death? Around midnight.
Seems, like, pretty complicated.
Why-why go through all the trouble? NOELANI: Well, forgive me for overstepping, but I actually think this homicide could be connected to the one on the Pali Highway.
How's that? You've heard of the Menehune? I have not.
I assume Oh, yeah, she has.
In Hawaiian folklore, the Menehune were trolls who inhabited the island before the first Polynesian settlers arrived.
Wh-What's the, uh? Well, the Menehune were known to be expert craftsmen.
They built roads and temples and fishponds and houses.
The thing is, they were very shy.
And legend has it that if they ever caught anyone watching them work, they would turn them into stone pillars.
So the idea-- the connection would be that, uh, both these crimes were inspired by Hawaiian folklore, yeah? Just a shot in the dark.
- I think she's onto something.
- You do? JAMES CHEN: And you responded to the defendant's 911 call.
What happened when you arrived? OFFICER: I entered the premises where I discovered the victim, Dr.
Madison Gray, dead on the floor from a single gunshot wound to the head.
CHEN: Did you see a knife? OFFICER: Yes, sir, I did.
On the butcher block.
The butcher block? So the knife was not in the victim's hand.
OFFICER: No, sir.
Where was the defendant? OFFICER: She was out on the lanai with her daughter.
CHEN: How would you describe the defendant's state of mind? Danny's up at the house with Eric right now.
They found footprints that match the ones that we found on the Pali Highway.
So Noelani was right.
These two murders are linked.
It's serial.
There's no witnesses at either scene? No witnesses, no no prints, no DNA, no ballistics, nothing.
So we got zero leads? Yeah.
CHEN: Quote, “I need to report a murder”" Unquote.
But when you asked her what had happened, (whispering) she claimed self-defense.
That is correct.
CHEN: Can you tell us exactly what she said? Excuse me, Your Honor.
I apologize for the interruption.
May we approach? It's urgent.
(quiet, indistinct chatter) Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, court is adjourned for the day, and we will resume at a later date to be determined by the court.
(gavel slams) Let's go.
Steve, what's going on? Five-O needs your help.
- Right now? - Right now.
(electric razor buzzing) My father was bald, like you.
I'm told alopecia skips a generation.
Or perhaps he was just crazy as cat poop.
Which I hear does not skip a generation.
(Sebastian chuckles) That tongue again.
I so wish we had met earlier in my non-incarcerated life.
I'll be back.
Take your time.
(lock buzzes, clicks) How do I know you're telling me the truth? I have proof.
You have proof that Clay Maxwell hired you to kill me? He offered me $250,000 for your life.
Money I can only imagine he obtained through ill-gotten gains.
I was arrested for an earlier indiscretion before I could fulfill the contract.
Well, consider yourself lucky.
The guys he sent after you, I put 'em all in the ground except one, and he's at supermax.
(chuckles) Amateurs.
Yeah, well, maybe I'm just that good.
Or it was luck, which is bound to run out.
It's why you avoid the Windy City these days.
Chicago is a dangerous place for you.
Because your ex-partner does not want you to prove he killed his wife.
He said that to you? (sighs) That's why you're here, Lou.
Because I'm the only one who can prove Clay killed Diane.
How can you prove that? Extend my stay of execution, and I'll tell you.
What do you think? Your unsub is smart.
One murder right on top of the other.
Different M.
's, different parts of the island.
No witnesses.
This, uh this had to be meticulously planned.
And they're both male, so that's interesting.
Why is that interesting? 70% of serial killer victims are female.
(sighs) And, uh they have something else in common.
They're both white.
Well, he's gone to great lengths to make this look like the work of Hawaiian spirits, and he might be trying to make a statement.
Maybe he's Hawaiian himself, got something against those who aren't.
Hmm? I can't help but think that maybe you brought me onto this case to, um stop me from telling the truth about what happened with Gray.
Well, I'm not that clever.
We really need your help on this, because I don't think whoever killed these two is done.
But hopefully, with the delay, I can talk some sense into you.
(knocking on glass) Hi.
Sorry to interrupt.
Eric's here.
He's got something to show us.
All right, so I did a thorough search of Bryan Hansen's place, and I found more footprints-- this time in the rafters.
Looks like our suspect must have been up there.
Okay, we got fingerprints? Negative, but I did find traces of DNA.
Lab's running it now.
Okay, so our suspect, he's sitting up there, he's watching Hansen, and he is waiting for the best time to strike.
ERIC: And I did find something else.
Something kind of weird.
Moss and seaweed.
Sea You say seaweed? Yeah.
Not really sure what the presence of that stuff means, if anything, but I figured I'd better mention it.
Tani, call HPD.
Have them send all available units to Wahiawa Academy right away.
Yeah, on it.
Right now.
I'll reach out to the administration.
Whoa, what's, uh what's going on? I think there's about to be a kidnapping.
(children chattering playfully) (growls) Hi.
(yells) (laughter) (playful chatter, laughter) ALICIA: Okay, explain.
All right, look, it's an old legend-- the Green Lady of Wahiawa.
It's a story about a woman who took her kids down to the Wahiawa Gulch.
One of the children went missing, and she was never found.
Now, the mom, she died of heartbreak soon thereafter.
And legend has it that the ghost of the mother, she wanders around Wahiawa looking for the missing child.
And she grabs any child that she comes across.
Now, for years, locals have claimed to have seen that ghost at Wahiawa Academy.
She's always covered in moss and seaweed.
(cell phone rings) STEVE: Jerry, what do you got? JERRY: HPD's at the school, but they were too late.
We got a missing girl.
A seven-year-old named Lacey Bell.
She was outside on the playground after school waiting for her nanny to pick her up when she got snatched.
A MAILE AMBER Alert's going out.
The good news is she's got a cell phone with her today.
She's going trick-or-treating later, and her mom wanted to be able track her.
All right, we got a lock on that cell phone? I'm working on it.
Okay, got it.
Koko Crater Botanical Garden.
(tires screeching, siren wailing) JERRY: You're close.
Like ten yards.
Got something right here.
Tani, I got something.
Is it Lacey? TANI: No, but it's her backpack.
They're on the move.
So are we.
Let's go.
(muffled grunting) (muffled grunting) - Hey.
- Hey.
HPD questioned everyone who's been through here in the last 30 minutes.
Any of them see Lacey? No, but they spoke to a hiker who saw a woman walking around here earlier.
She was wearing a hoodie.
She looked like she was in a rush, but, you know, her hood was up, her head was down.
They couldn't get a good look at her face.
Well, I got Jerry.
JERRY: Just talked to Eric.
Lab got a hit off the DNA from the second crime scene.
You're not gonna believe this.
It belongs to Marissa Walker.
Marissa Walker? You sure? Why? Who is that? She was a 12-year-old girl who got abducted 20 years ago.
She was on her way home from school.
A guy grabbed her.
He dragged her into the forest.
He raped her, tied her to a tree, and he left her there.
My God.
JERRY: Yeah, but it doesn't end there.
While she was tied up, she got attacked by wild boars.
She suffered various facial injuries, which left her horribly disfigured.
(grunting, squealing) (muffled scream) STEVE: They never caught the guy responsible, but the papers were calling her the Half-Face Girl.
Everybody was treating her like she was some kind of freak.
Right, Half-Face Girl, like the legend.
ALICIA: That explains motive.
She's re-creating the legends as a form of revenge.
How do we find her? I don't know if we can.
I mean, nobody's seen Marissa in years.
Is that right, Jerry? Just pulled up her old case.
She may still have family on the island.
Maybe they know.
Okay, got something.
She's got an older sister named Hannah, and Oh, my God.
STEVE: What? Guys Hannah's married name is Hannah Bell.
She's Lacey's mom.
Why would Marissa go after her own niece? I haven't seen Marissa in years.
She left the house one morning when she was a teenager, went into the woods and never came out.
I looked for her for months, but I don't think she wanted to be found.
This is all my fault.
What do you mean? There are things about what happened that people don't know about.
Details that never made it into the newspaper.
The day that Marissa was taken, I was supposed to walk home with her from school, but I went off with some friends instead, and I just told her to go home by herself.
HANNAH: If I had just been there, you know, maybe he would have moved on.
(crying) What's she gonna do with Lacey? We're gonna do everything we can to get her back safe, okay? You have my word.
Steve, can I talk to you? Excuse us for a minute, please.
ALICIA: I think that Marissa's done with the Legend of the Green Lady.
I think she's moving on to a new one.
Yeah, the Half-Face Girl.
What if Marissa wants to take revenge on her sister by re-creating what happened to her 20 years ago? Oh.
There, there.
I have to go now.
But you won't be alone for very long.
The monsters will be here soon.
(dogs barking) TANI: Junior, right? Yeah.
I'm Tani Rey.
I'm with Five-O.
Oh, yeah, right.
Yeah, Commander McGarrett's mentioned you.
So I guess you're living with him now? Yeah, for the time being.
He kind of took me in.
Looking after this guy? I try to.
So, how long you been with the unit? Not long.
Six weeks.
And before that, you were with, uh, HPD? The police academy.
Ah, really? When'd you graduate? Uh, I didn't really graduate.
It's kind of a long story.
I got kicked out.
Hang on.
So, you were kicked out of the police academy, and then hired by Five-O? Yeah.
Crazy, right? Yeah.
That's crazy.
MAN: This is not open for discussion.
Unfortunately, your jurisdiction isn't recognized in the state of Florida.
Okay, listen, listen.
Then can I spend a couple more minutes with him? Just a little more time with him, please.
There are people out there, Captain.
Victims of this monster.
You want to go out there and tell them you're delaying their justice? There was a murder that I've been trying to crack for three years.
Sebastian Wake is the only witness.
I understand.
But have you taken into account that he might be lying? What if he's not? What if he's not and this is the only thing he wants to get off his chest before he dies? I'm sorry.
Sebastian Wake will be executed at midnight and not a minute after.
STEVE: I think I know another way out.
ALICIA: What? Your trial.
I know another way out of it.
You want to talk about this right now? Just listen to me, all right? Steve, come on.
We recruited you to help with the Gray case.
Now, Five-O has immunity and means.
Your lawyer can argue that you were still under that umbrella.
My work for Five-O was over by then, and we both know it.
And I'd have no problem telling the judge you were still working for us.
Steve, I'm not gonna let you get involved in this.
Hey, listen to me.
You're already involved, all right, because of me.
It was because of me, Alicia.
I asked for your help.
Don't you remember? Hey, I recruited you.
Alicia, I brought you into this.
I'm the one who asked for your help.
And giving that almost killed you.
Let me help you.
That's all I'm saying.
Steve, you don't owe me anything.
You got my daughter back.
I'm not gonna let you lie for me.
DANNY: Steve.
Hannah Bell said her sister came in the woods and never came out, right? Scary house, Halloween.
Move in.
Please, after you.
My God.
She's re-created her family.
I got movement.
(gunshot) (yelps) Steve.
You okay? Danny, take the ridge in case she heads to the river.
(barking) JERRY: Think he's got something.
Okay, boy.
(barking) Hey, hey.
You're okay.
I got you.
You're all right.
You're all right.
You're safe now, okay? Come here, come here.
You okay? You okay? You okay? Are you all right? (panting) DANNY: Where the hell is she? Damn it.
JERRY (over comm): Commander, you there? STEVE: Yeah, Jerry, go ahead.
We got Lacey.
She's okay.
(sighs) STEVE: Thank God.
Okay, look, we, uh we just had a visual on Marissa.
Unfortunately, we lost her.
JERRY: Okay, I'll lock onto your GPS and get the dogs over to your location, see if they can't pick up her scent.
All right.
All right, come on.
We'll find her, huh? I don't know about that.
ALICIA: Okay, saw a trail 20 yards back.
She might have taken it.
DANNY: Steve, come on.
(lock buzzes) “They tell me you are wicked “and I believe them, “for I have seen your painted women “under the gas lamps luring the farm boys.
“And they tell me you are crooked “and I answer: Yes, it is true, “for I have seen the gunman kill and go free to kill again.
” (thunder rumbling) Sebastian Wake.
Any last words? (chuckles softly) Boy, am I gonna miss Chicago.
All yours.
(screaming, groaning) (exhales sharply) (weak, raspy breathing) He's still alive.
(Sebastian screaming and groaning) MAN: Almost forgot.
This is for you.
What is this? Sebastian Wake wanted you to have it after he was gone.
Thank you.
(siren whooping) Lacey! Good job.
You, too, buddy boy.
Come here.
Come on.
My guys scoured the woods.
No sign of Marissa.
All right, I want you guys back out here first light, and have CSU process that house.
You got it.
All right.
- You all right? - Yeah.
(phone rings) Hello? S-Seriously? You're a hero.
Eddie here is.
He did all the heavy lifting.
(chuckles) So, um, how do you feel about pancakes? Pancakes? Yeah.
I love 'em.
Oh, good.
Me, too.
We could, uh, split a stack.
You mean, like, in the morning, right? 'Cause No, I don't mean in the morning.
That was not an invitation to come home with me.
I meant the Wailana Coffee House.
The Wailana? Yeah, it's open 24 hours.
They serve pancakes all day.
It's the best on the island.
Sounds good.
I'm in.
(chuckles) Good.
(both laugh) Yes.
Thank you.
(chuckles) Thank you.
The P.
's offered a deal-- 18 months probation.
That's it? (laughing): Yes, that's it.
That's it? It's over? (laughing): Yes.
It's over.
JERRY: That's amazing.
Yeah, I mean, there are some strings attached.
As part of the probation, I have to be available if (clears throat) to Five-O as needed.
Right, so we it's like we got you on speed dial, right? Right? Yeah.
Yeah, Danny.
That means you've got me on speed dial.
Hey, lucky us, huh? - All right.
- Well, congratulations to you, too.
I'm happy for you.
(cell phone ringing) Steve.
I got your message.
What's up? Listen.
I need you to get in touch with the Chicago D.
He ain't gonna take my call, but he'll take yours.
I want you to tell him that we got Clay Maxwell for murdering his wife.
Wait a minute.
What are you talking about, Lou? Proof.
Proof, baby.
I got Clay confessing to killing Diane and putting a hit on me because I wouldn't let it go.
All right, buddy.
I'll meet you in Chicago.
(sobbing) (grunts, pants) (chimes tinkling) (chimes tinkling in distance)
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