Hawaii Five-0 s08e06 Episode Script

Mohala I Ka Wai Ka Maka O Ka Pua (Unfolded by the Water are the Faces of the Flowers)

1 MAN: I don't believe this.
MAN 2: Come on.
I hate you.
Dude, trust me.
If we slept in another hour, we'd be fighting for waves with a bunch of tourists who don't know squat about surfing.
We are tourists, and we don't know squat about surfing.
Plus, the water's freezing, and sharks like to squeeze in a last meal before sunup.
That true? Hell yeah, it's true.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
I saw it on Shark Week.
No, I mean we're getting pulled over.
(siren whoops) What did you do? Nothing.
It's the end of the month.
They probably got a quota to hit.
(siren whoops) I'm gonna get this guy on video.
If it's BS, we can fight it in court.
Morning, Officer.
There a problem? License and registration.
You mind telling me what I did first? License and registration.
Of course.
But again-- and with all due respect-- I'd like to know why we were pulled over.
You can't light us up for no reason.
License and registration.
All right.
Listen, I'm gonna put my hand in my pocket Wait, hold up.
We got rights here.
Forget it.
No, look, Officer Mathus? Yeah, my friend will be happy to cooperate after you tell us what we did wrong.
No, no, no! Hey, hey! (gunshots, men groan) (horn honking) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x06 Mohala I Ka Wai Ka Maka O Ka Pua font color="# I thought I could live forever Here on my own It seemed Things were so much better Out here alone A lonely dreamer A nonbeliever now Hi, buddy.
Oh, wow.
Love the smell of wet dog in the morning.
Eddie, shake.
All right.
What'd you do, you teach him to do that? (chuckling) Or, I don't know, maybe, uh maybe he just doesn't like you.
You ever consider that? He loves me very much.
Don't you, buddy? (growls) (coughs) What are you doing here anyway? I just came to hang out with my BFF a little bit.
What's the big deal? Did you say BFF? Is that what you said? Yeah, my BFF.
Hold that.
I, uh You, uh, what? I got, uh I got some Wh-What, uh what are you doing? Where are you going? I'm going for a run.
No, no, no.
I brought coffee and, uh Liliha Bakery.
We'll visit.
What's the matter with you? Wh-What's going on? What do you mean, what's going? Why's something gotta be going on? I brought you a coco puff.
You love coco You already swam 19 miles.
What are you going for a run for? Come on.
You don't need to run.
What, uh What's this? Just have a seat, man.
What is this? Uh Have a seat.
(whines) You're a traitor.
You know that? (whines) Beat it.
Go on.
Good morning.
All right.
Uh, first of all, uh, I'm-I'm glad you could be here.
I live here.
We are all very concerned about your health.
You were recently, uh, diagnosed with, uh, radiation poison, uh which, uh which means that you're at a higher risk, uh Of getting cancer.
That's correct, but that's that's not gonna happen.
We're not gonna we're not gonna let that happen.
I did some research, uh, and I found out there are some things-- some steps-- you can take, uh, to insure that you are tumor-free for the rest of the flick.
I just swam two miles.
I haven't eaten anything.
Can I get an egg or something? Do-do you do you want to know what some of those things are that I found out, or-or not? No.
Uh, stress.
You don't need any stress.
Stress is not your friend right now.
Stress? Studies have shown that there is a link to cancer and stress.
Uh, particularly when the thyroid has been compromised, so a person like you needs to eliminate all psychological stress, if possible.
And I, uh I didn't know all of that, so I appreciate the information.
It's a good health tip.
Good looking out, man.
Thank you.
What are all these people doing in my house? Intervention.
What? DANNY: I knew that, um, if I were to tell you, “Steve, you need to work on lowering your stress levels,” that you're gonna make fun of me and bust my chops, so I decided to bring in backup, and, uh, that's what this is.
Can I say something, please? You can say anything you want when we're done.
Okay? For now, please just zip it.
Be quiet.
Listen to everybody.
We're gonna go around.
Everybody's gonna share.
We're gonna start with Jerry.
Is that okay? Commander, I've always thought of you as Captain America.
But unlike the other Steve-- Steve Rogers, that is-- you're not indestructible.
Remember, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
” Good.
Now, Steve you know I love you like a brother.
You know that.
And, you know, at first, when Danny came to me with this, you know, sensitive New Age quack-science mumbo jumbo No offense.
Uh you know I don't go for that stuff.
But I did my own research, and there is some anecdotal evidence that is completely proves what Danny's saying.
Okay, so why don't you listen to your boy.
You know he loves you.
You'd be doing yourself a favor.
Thank you.
Uh, Tani, you want to add something? Sure.
Uh, this is really awkward because we let's be honest, we haven't known each other that long.
Also, you're my boss, so that's even weirder.
It all comes down to the fact that it makes sense.
Doesn't it? It's kind of a no-brainer? You reduce stress, and then you stay healthy-- easy call-- so that's what I feel.
Thank you.
DANNY: Dog? (sighs) Just for the record, I'd like to say I was against this.
Ambush a guy in his own home? Gang up on him like this? Not so cool, Williams.
Isn't that what you do every day of your life? Like, as your job-- that's what you literally what you do? Big difference.
Look, Steve, I may disagree with the tactics but not the advice.
It's time to get your Zen on, brother.
Kamekona? Because the subject of an intervention ought to be given consequences if he don't seek help, I've decided I'm going to charge you 20% more if you don't take this stress business seriously.
You're the only person I know that could possibly find a way to monetize this.
All right, look, everybody, I'm-I'm touched.
Okay? Uh this is very, very sweet.
I mean it.
I really am touched.
But, guys, we're in Crazy Town here.
Clearly, Danny has he's gone down a WebMD rabbit hole, and he's taken you all with him.
What? You don't have to raise your hand.
If you want to speak, you can just speak.
Understood, sir.
Uh, I just want to point out that, uh, I've been witness to Commander McGarrett's actions over the last several weeks, and from what I've seen, I'm pretty confident he can handle whatever life throws at him.
DANNY: Okay, that's good.
That's, uh sure, that's an opinion.
I respect your opinion, uh, but I-I you don't know him as well as I do, so And, respectfully, I disagree.
You showed you showed up on the doorstep just six weeks ago, though, right? Danny.
Let him speak.
He can speak all he wants.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I-I'm sorry, but, uh, Commander McGarrett served in combat.
He lived in the crosshairs of his enemy for years.
And I know for sure that he lost some of his team buddies.
And those are things that you take with you that can drag you down, and from what I've seen, he's been able to handle civilian life with great success.
My man.
JUNIOR: Hooyah.
DANNY: You-you live here rent-free, right? Does that have anything to do with what you're saying? Definitely not, sir.
Well, there's that.
Look, Danny, I appreciate all this, but any stress in my life, I-I got a handle on it, okay? I got it.
I believe that you think that you do.
Okay? I-I believe that.
But I also think that you might not know, right? So that's why I think that somebody that is an expert in the field would be better to make that kind of decision, so we have a, um, stress-management consultant to evaluate you.
That's not a that's not a real thing.
That can't be somebody's job.
Actually, it is.
Pleasure to meet you, Commander.
Chloe Gordon.
Your friends all pitched in to have me shadow you today, to recommend better ways to manage your stress.
You're welcome.
Very nice to meet you, Miss Gordon.
Nice to meet you, too.
I didn't mean to mock your job.
I didn't realize you were hiding in my kitchen.
Okay, so, uh, but you heard what I was saying.
There's-there's no need for your services, because I-I'm not stressed.
I'll admit you-you do seem pretty relaxed.
Thank you.
But I'm already paid for the day, so tell you what-- why don't you just let me hang around? (chuckles) That way, you can have the satisfaction of watching a professional tell all your friends just how wrong they were.
Hmm? Okay.
(cell phone ringing) No problem.
Excuse me.
No, no, no, I'll be right there.
Oh, hey, Chloe, you ever been to a crime scene before? No.
Okay, well, just don't touch anything, all right? Oh.
Don't touch anything, please.
Remember, simple gestures like well-bred social behavior breeds positive results which, in turn, reduces stressors.
I'm gonna keep that in mind.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you, Chloe.
Duke, what do you got? Victims' names are Todd Barris and James Lowe.
They're Realtors from Nevada.
Both shot close range while sitting in their rental car with the engine off.
Time of death was around 5:00 a.
(suppressed retching) You okay? I think I'm gonna be sick.
STEVE: Good job, buddy.
You've traumatized the, uh the stress lady.
Any witnesses? Not so far.
STEVE: Danny, look at this.
Well, this thing's been recording for almost four hours.
was 5:00 a.
, right? These guys might have recorded their own murder.
Wait, hold on.
We got rights here.
That's a cop.
No, look, Officer Mathus? Mathus? Yeah, my friend will be happy to cooperate after you tell us what we did wrong.
That's impossible.
Wait a minute.
You know this guy? I did, but the thing is Pat Mathus died three years ago.
(gunshots, groaning over video) Patrick Mathus is most certainly dead.
He died in 2014 from heart disease.
STEVE: Why would somebody want to impersonate him? I mean, it's not gonna help him get away with killing these guys.
TANI: Yeah, I'm not sure, but as it happens, the real Mathus wasn't much better than our shooter.
He was fired from HPD seven years ago for excessive use of force.
He was charged with assault and served 18 months.
Uh, what about family? Yeah, he left behind his ex, Claudia Nelson; his son, Oliver Mathus, who's now in his 30s.
His ex lives in Kapolei.
I can send you her address right now.
All right, Tani, good work.
Thank you.
Well, if we have a few minutes, I'd like to talk about what happened at the crime scene.
Don't worry, all right? I mean, you had a perfectly normal, human reaction to what is a horrible thing-- a gruesome death-- okay? So don't think about it.
Oh, yeah, I-I did, but you barely blinked, and-and I'm a little concerned about that.
I think it might be a good idea to start talking about how what you see at a crime scene makes you feel.
Sorry, just to be clear, you want me to stop down and talk about my feelings every time I see a dead body? Is that what you mean? Um First of all, I'll never get any work done.
We see dead bodies every day.
Second of all, it's just it's part of the job.
I mean, it's not it's not nice, but it goes with the territory.
Right, Danny? I mean The-the point is that stress management isn't some New Age nonsense.
It's mostly checking in with yourself, making small tweaks to your daily life and-and having outlets from work.
So, um, can I ask you some questions? Yeah.
What do you like doing in your spare time? I don't know.
What do I do? - I-I mean, I I like to swim.
- Oh.
Swim a lot.
I like to cook.
Do I not? He's a good cook.
Thank you.
Uh, I got my, uh, dad's old Mercury in the garage.
I like to tinker with that when I get some time.
Bunch of stuff.
Okay, well, um, I mean, how about relationships? Are you seeing anyone or? I am.
I am.
I'm seeing a nice young woman.
Her name's Lynn.
She's, uh We've been seeing each other on and off for a while now.
Oh, well, good, good.
And I'm assuming you guys are (chuckles) intimate? Intimate? You mean Well, sex-- it can be a terrific stress reliever.
You know, so, um are you having regular sex? (chuckles) (both chuckling) Are you having regular sex? I It's a little I just I'm sorry, but it's a little personal.
Is that is this Oh, no.
Oh, don't be embarrassed.
Everybody does it.
Not embarrassed.
Yeah, we're having regular sex.
Oh, good.
Yeah, it is good.
Um how often? I don't know.
You know, just a-a a little ballpark Ballpark.
Uh (sighs) five times a week, I guess.
Oh, all right, with the “five times a week.
” Excuse me? Okay, that's an inaccurate number.
How would you know how many times I'm having sex a week? Because Lynn speaks to Melissa, and then Melissa shares with me.
(chuckling): “Five times.
” Why are you and your girlfriend discussing our sex life? He has sex twice a week, and three at the most, and that's if it's someone's birthday or something.
Don't write that down.
It's not true.
Answer my question.
Why is it a big deal? Who cares? Do me a favor.
Excuse us for a minute.
Do me a favor, all right? Okay.
Don't discuss intimate details of my relationship with my girlfriend with your girlfriend.
Is that fair enough? Okay.
Thank you.
Moving on.
Next question.
(knocking on door) Claudia Nelson, Five-O.
Anybody home? (indistinct conversation in distance) DANNY: Stay right behind me.
(laughter, conversation in distance) Stay behind Danny, all right? Danny? (conversation continues in distance) (conversation grows louder) (conversation continues over TV) Hello? (sighs) Yo.
Claudia Nelson's dead.
I, uh, found a body in the bed upstairs.
Noelani's gonna do her thing, but it looks to me like natural causes.
I'm-I'm fine, by the way.
Okay, um, I got a personal pharmacy here.
Uh, psych meds, anti-psych meds, uh, mood stabilizers.
All prescribed to Oliver Mathus, who I think lives here, Claudia's son.
Uh, and there is three days of his pillbox that are still full of pills.
Last three days.
Maybe Oliver is the guy we're looking for.
He finds out that his mom's dead, and he goes off his meds, um goes a little crazy, I don't know, finds one of his old man's old uniforms, uh, gets a gun, goes and plays dress-up.
But why wouldn't he just tell someone his mom died? I'm sorry.
Am I allowed to ask questions or? Sure.
It's a good question.
(sighs) (conversation playing over TV) Hey.
Who are you? What are you doing in my house? Are you deaf? Who the hell are you? (childlike): Ollie.
What are you, a cop? Okay, look, look, I don't know what's up with you, but either you leave now or I'm calling 911.
But my mommy said I could watch TV.
All right, I'm done.
(phone beeping) Yeah, uh, I'm calling to, uh, report a home invasion.
No, no, no, he's still here.
He, uh he looks like a cop, uh, only tripping on something.
(hushed): Look, you gotta send somebody right now.
(grunting and groaning) You shouldn't have done that.
You should've left that kid alone.
I-I don't remember much after he attacked me.
I mean, right before that, there was this this change.
I mean, one second he said his name was Ollie, and then it was like it was like a switch got flipped.
He became a different person.
A different person.
ALICIA: Well, based on what you're telling me, it sounds like your suspect is D.
Dissociative identity disorder.
-- isn't that the multiple-personality condition that Dr.
Gray faked when she gave herself up? Yeah.
Is D.
something Oliver was born with? Well, yeah, I mean, you can be genetically predisposed, but it's usually an extreme trauma that's caused the mind to fracture.
People with D.
, they have their primary identity, which usually goes by their given name, and they're normally pretty passive.
Then the other identities-- alters-- which have different personalities, mannerisms, speech patterns.
So I think that Oliver is the primary.
So there's-there's Ollie, the little boy And then whichever other identity attacked Mr.
I think that alter was the protector.
Protector? Yeah, protectors are usually violent.
Shows up when another identity is feeling threatened.
How long will this protector alter stay in control? It could be hours, days I I'd have to know more.
All right, come on.
So the house that Oliver broke into-- turns out the property records are saying that he lived there with his family before his parents split.
All right, well, that makes sense.
What else? The car that Patrick Mathus drove before he passed away, uh, it was an unmarked HPD vehicle.
The registration lapsed after he passed.
The title was transferred to Claudia.
Okay, so maybe that was the car that Oliver used to pull over his first two victims.
Yeah, HPD's looking for it now.
DANNY: Good.
That it? JERRY: Not quite.
And this one's kind of a curveball.
Ballistics came back on the bullets that killed our two vics, and the slugs were a match to an unsolved organized crime hit from 30 years ago.
Oliver wasn't even born yet, so we're thinking this must be dad.
Okay, well, do we know if Patrick was connected to any of the vics in that case? No, but we're working on it.
DANNY: Okay.
What's going on in there? JERRY: Oh, Chloe asked Junior to stop by.
Think she wanted an insider's perspective on McGarrett's home life.
CHLOE: You've been very helpful.
Thank you.
Thank you, ma'am.
What's up, buddy? (sighs) Nice kid.
Very nice kid.
Uh Oh, actually, I'm glad you're here.
I was wondering-- do you think Commander McGarrett would, um, consider maybe a treadmill desk? Or a-a snake plant? What's a snake plant? It's an evergreen perennial.
Great for small spaces, and plants can be an incredible mood booster.
A few adjustments to one's work space, it can do wonders for stress relief.
Okay, um let me explain something to you.
Um, you-you shouldn't, uh, be in here.
He should not know that you're snooping around in his office at all.
And as far as, uh, him making any changes, uh, to his work space, that's-that's just it's just not gonna happen.
Ever? (chuckles) Never ever.
That's out.
All right, I told you he's very stubborn and very pigheaded.
He's like a child.
Uh, so, uh, getting him to change anything is gonna be difficult, let alone where he works, so Okay, um How about you? How about me what? I just From what I've seen, uh, I can't help but notice that some of your behavior, um, can be causing Commander McGarrett some undue stress.
Why? What-what am I doing? You two got in a pretty heated argument in the car this morning.
Uh, how often does that happen? Once or twice a month? Sure.
Something like that.
And I imagine that he gets pretty worked up, huh? Mmm Yeah.
Yeah, he gets worked up sometimes.
All the time.
So, for for the time being, if you could keep your conversations centered with your partner around work and-and be civil and as positive as you can.
Well, that-that's gonna be very difficult, uh, for a number of reasons.
One being that we have a restaurant.
What-what what restaurant? Uh, yeah, uh, Steve and I are opening a restaurant together.
What is that? Oh, it's just, you know, um, starting a business-- especially one with a 60% to 80% failure rate-- can can be very stressful.
Let me ask you something.
Why do people feel the need to point out to me that most restaurants fail? I don't need to know that.
I don't need that I'm sorry, I just So I gotta change? Is that what you're getting at? If you could be a little less negative, a little more agreeable in your dealings with Steve, I think I think that would really help.
Just for the record, I'm always the one changing.
It is always me compromising for him.
It's very typical.
It's never him doing anything.
Yeah, I'm sure that's very frustrating.
It is it is it is beyond frustrating.
But you're gonna be happy to try, right? Listen, I it'll make me want to kill myself, but I'll give it a shot.
Give what a shot? (Chloe gasps) Uh, Tai Chi.
Chloe, uh, thinks that you should get a, uh uh a StairMaster and a, uh a frog plant.
No, uh, a treadmill desk and a snake plant.
Snake plant.
I like my office the way it is.
This is Alicia Brown, by the way.
Alicia's consulting with us on this case now.
CHLOE: Nice to meet you.
Chloe Gordon.
Consulting on Steve.
(chuckles) Yeah, I heard.
Good luck with that.
We got information on Oliver.
You should Oh, uh, I'll yeah, just WOMAN: So, how is everyone? Oh, you know.
Well, same old drama.
's mad at Ollie 'cause Ollie's been out a lot.
I tell him, you know, you gotta cut him some slack.
He's just a little kid.
But he won't listen.
And Jennifer's in a little catfight with Mom.
And no one wants to ask me how my day's going.
(chuckles) Meet Oliver Mathus.
According to his therapist, he has seven distinct identities.
Oliver, who is the primary, which means he's the one that's most out-- or in control.
And the six other identities are: Jennifer, a 50-year-old biology teacher; T.
, a teenager; Ollie, who is Oliver when he was five year old; Corey, student; Lyla, artist; and the one who I think is responsible for today's violence is Patrick, who, for all intents and purposes, is Oliver's father.
So, when he's Patrick, does he genuinely believe that he's a cop? Correct.
Got any tape on that one? No.
According to Dr.
Caldwell's notes, Patrick's been dormant for years, thanks to the medication and close supervision of his mother.
ALICIA: I think that the extreme trauma of his mother's death is what brought Patrick back out.
DANNY: That was obviously gonna happen eventually.
The shrink knew he was dangerous.
Why-why why didn't he have him committed? Because Oliver's not responsible for what his alters do when they're in control.
So, if you lock up Oliver to ensure that Patrick's not a threat, you're locking up all his other identities, too.
(cell phone rings) Yeah.
No, patch him through.
Patch him through.
GROVER: What's up? Ollie just called HPD.
Alicia, I need you to talk to him.
Jerry, run a trace.
Got a lock? Are you ready? Yeah.
Hello? OLIVER (childlike): Please, I I need some help.
Ollie, my name's Alicia.
I work with the police, and I'm gonna help you, okay? I want my mommy.
I want to go home.
I understand.
Do you know where you are? I think my daddy did something bad.
(indistinct shouting) I'm scared.
It's okay.
I'm gonna stay on the phone with you until help gets there.
Are you hurt? Ollie? He wants me to hang up now.
He says I'm not allowed to talk to you anymore.
Who? Ollie? Please, I need some help.
Got him.
He's at the corner of Pohukaina and Cooke.
Chloe, listen, you-you didn't have to come along.
You understand that, right? No, no.
You-you people hired me to make an assessment, and I'm going D-Do you have to drive this fast? Oh, we always do it like this, and you're gonna be okay-- I promise.
(sighs) What's wrong with you? Me? Yeah, you.
I didn't I didn't say anything.
I know you didn't.
That's why I'm asking what's wrong.
Usually by now, you've said something hilarious like: “Hey, Steve, it's not the DeLorean time machine.
You know, we don't have to get it up to 88”" That's actually funny.
Or maybe, uh: “Hey, can you turn up the radio”" I say, “Why?” You say, “'Cause I'm pretty sure I just heard the GPS lady say she wants to get out”.
(horn honks) I think you're doing a fine job.
In fact, maybe you want to give Grace a driving lesson this weekend or something like that.
Oh, my God.
You told him he's part of the problem, didn't you? She did, didn't she? She said to you that your constant complaining and criticisms are contributing to my stress.
She did.
You know what, Chloe? I think you're right.
I think I do have a stress problem, and you know where it is? Right here, riding shotgun with me every day.
Okay, keep your eyes on the road, please.
(cell phone ringing) Thank you.
Jerry, what's up? HPD got to the intersection ahead of you.
There's a body at the scene, but Oliver's on the move again.
DANNY: All right, where's he going? It looks like he's at HPD headquarters.
Copy that.
Do me a favor.
Call Duke.
Tell him what we know about Oliver.
Hang on.
CHLOE: Whoa! (tires squealing) (sighs) (phone rings) This is Officer Mathus.
How can I help you? Hey.
How are you? Good.
What, are you new here? Duke Lukela.
Um, you're Mathus, right? Yeah.
Pat Mathus.
How is it out there today? Slow.
Nothing but traffic stops.
Listen, um, Captain Tanaka said he wanted to see you in his office.
(chuckles) Of course he does.
(sighs) OLIVER: Hey! Open the damn door! STEVE: Chloe, this officer's gonna take you someplace safe, all right? You're gonna stay with him.
Duke, where is he? This way.
STEVE: Duke.
Lock the building down.
Get everybody out.
What are the odds he turned himself into the 50-year-old biology teacher? But if you're asking me, the most interesting study is that when animals are bred for cooperation, they become more like their infants.
It's true, there's a TANI: Clear.
She thinks I'm a loser.
CALDWELL: Ollie, tell me about Mommy.
I love Mommy.
You do, huh? Mm-hmm.
As big as the sky.
CALDWELL: Can you tell me about her? She wears soft blue dresses.
She makes me tuna sandwiches with extra mayo and bananas.
She cuts the bananas the long way.
It's Alicia Brown.
Um (sighs) I-I need a favor.
Patrick Mathus, Five-O! Drop it! We found him! West hallway! Heading north.
He could be headed to the police garage.
(engine starts) Hey! Jerry! Jerry, I need a trace on a cruiser.
It's car 636.
(sirens wailing) (tires screech) Patrick, freeze! Freeze! Right there.
Don't move.
Drop the weapon.
Put it down.
Put the weapon down.
Back off! Back off.
Or I'll kill 'em.
The little kid.
Back off! Or I'll kill 'em all.
STEVE: Easy.
Just easy, all right? I know you're upset.
I want to help you.
But you gotta tell me what you need, Patrick.
No, don't do that.
Don't negotiate me.
STEVE: Okay.
All right.
But you know the drill, Officer, right? I'm just I just gotta I gotta do what I gotta do.
And that's keep all these people safe.
You know that.
And they're not gonna be safe until you put that gun down.
No, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm going in here, and you're gonna leave me alone.
Lou, establish a perimeter.
He doesn't leave that house.
Sniper teams, go to set point.
(whistles) Where is she? Where is my wife? (line ringing) (phone ringing) Where is she?! Where is my wife? You gonna tell him, or should I? Officer Mathus, we can talk about Claudia in a minute, but first listen, I just need you to put the gun down and come outside.
You understand? (click, phone beeps) At least he's in there alone.
What are you doing? I heard what was happening on the way over.
- What is that? - It's our one shot at ending this, but I gotta go in alone.
Forget about it.
I think I know how to get through to him.
I don't care.
All right, I'm not putting you at risk, Alicia.
We both know that, despite appearances, there's a child in there.
Come on, let me go in and get him.
I got snipers in position.
All right, this thing even starts to go south, they get the green light.
(door opens) Who are you? I'm Dr.
Alicia Brown.
I'm here to help you.
Where's Claudia? I want to see my wife.
We're trying to find her.
You've had a a long day, and I was thinking that you must be very hungry.
I mean, what a hard day you've had, doing all those things that I know you didn't want to.
But, uh you really you had no choice.
You must just feel so so trapped.
(over radio): And scared.
You must just want things to go back to the way they were.
Right? Milk? There we go.
Some nice, cold milk.
And a tuna sandwich.
With extra mayo.
Here we go.
And the bananas, I slice longways, which is just how you like it.
Isn't that right? Listen, why don't you just come and make yourself comfortable and That's her dress.
That's my wife's dress.
Steve? Snipers, you in position? SNIPER 1: Affirmative.
SNIPER 2: Yes, sir.
STEVE: On my command.
Ollie? Ollie don't be scared.
Mommy loves you.
As big as the sky.
As big as the sky.
As big as the sky.
I'm sorry.
ALICIA: It's okay.
(sighs) It's okay, Ollie.
It's okay.
STEVE: Do all these people have to be here for this? Oh, hell yeah.
See, a professional trying to tell McGarrett what to do? Hell, that's dinner and a show.
I should've brought my wife.
(laughter) DANNY: You know what? Everyone, if you're gonna be here, you gotta zip it, please.
Let's hear what, uh, Chloe has to say.
Your evaluation, please.
Well, Commander, what I want to tell you to do is quit your job and take up gardening.
But I just spent all day with you, and I don't see that happening.
That being said, I think there are a few ways you can, uh, manage your stress better.
Yeah, um, for starters, I-I looked at the calendar in your work computer.
Maybe you want to consider using it or create a to-do list.
Staying organized, it's it's crucial to avoiding stress.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
What are you doing, taking notes? Uh, yes, sir.
Thank you.
GROVER: What in the hell is that? I didn't know you had anything green on that truck.
What is it, a secret menu item or something? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.
You need to learn how to ask the right questions, OG.
Can I have a chili dog? No.
CHLOE: Anyway, there are, uh, a few other things.
You'll have my full written report tomorrow.
Um, I'm going to add a personalized daily plan.
It will include stress-reducing techniques, holistic modalities, uh, dietary guidelines.
Um, case in point, you-you might want to just cut back on the shrimp.
I'm gonna have to fact-check you there, sistah.
Studies show that a three-week shrimp diet has an overall positive effect on cholesterol, because it raises HDL-- or good cholesterol-- levels by 13%.
Hmm? CHLOE: Uh (chuckles) Okay, yeah, sure.
But then you, uh, sprinkle it with salt, douse it in butter and deep-fry it, so Out.
You're banned for life.
- All right, chill there, big fella.
- Yeah, don't worry about it.
He's not gonna listen to anything she says.
STEVE: Don't listen to him.
Uh, listen, I'm gonna get a round of drinks for everybody.
Danny, give me a hand, please.
All right, please tell me I'm not alone in-in in how I feel about this.
This whole thing is just ridiculous.
Are you kidding me? Diet plans? A treadmill desk? The self-regulating de-stress modulator whatever she said.
You having to self-censor? Please.
So you're not gonna take any of her advice? No, 'cause it's silly.
That's good.
It's a waste of my money, waste of her time.
Let me ask you a question.
What's with micromanaging my health all of a sudden? What's going on? Okay, because I'm scared that you're not taking this seriously.
Why would you say that? When you told me that you had radiation poisoning, it was you were very casual.
It was like, uh, you were telling me you had, uh, eczema or something like that.
And it was the same thing with the liver.
I give you my liver, you don't follow any of the post-op instructions.
You don't take nothing seriously.
That's why.
You're exaggerating, all right? You're overexaggerating.
I'm not overexaggerating.
I am genuinely scared for your health.
Okay? I lay up at night, I'm sick about it.
I can't sleep.
I almost called that therapist to try to get another session.
Why wouldn't you say something to me? What am I gonna say to you? That-that I'm stressed about the fact that you are not taking this thing seriously about your own health? I mean, I-I'm not gonna put that on you.
It's my own thing.
Wh-What am I gonna say to you? I'm scared, too, man.
I know I don't I-I don't show it, but deep down, I'm scared.
You think I don't want to live a long life? You think I don't want to maybe get married someday? Have my own kids? I love your kids.
All right, Charlie, Gracie, I want to watch them grow up.
I want to see Joanie grow up.
I'll tell you what I'm not gonna do.
I'm not gonna obsess over something that might happen, and I can't let you do that, either.
I'm serious about this.
And there's one other thing.
Please, whatever she said to you, don't-don't do that.
Don't change.
I love you, man, the way you are.
I need it to stay that way.
All right? BFFs, remember? Yeah, forever.
You know that.
Well, it actually that's what it actually means is “best friends forever,” but You just did it then.
I know.
I did it on purpose.
Oh, okay.
Well, it's dismissive, is all I'm trying to say.
What's dismissive? Well, when you roll your eyes, it feels Sometimes you say things that deserve an eye roll.
I don't know what to tell you.
STEVE: Yeah, maybe I deserve an eye roll, but do I deserve to be dismissed?
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