Hawaii Five-0 s08e09 Episode Script

Make me Kai (Death at Sea)

1 I am Hawaii I am forever I will always Be kind to you May gentle rain Wash your cares far out to sea Hawaii.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x09 Make me Kai (Death at S STEVE: All I'm saying is maybe consider it.
That's all.
I have considered it.
I've considered it, and the answer's no.
We're not having gluten-free pasta, and we're not having dairy-free cheese at our restaurant.
That's it.
Danny, these days, a lot of people have food allergies.
Okay, what are they gonna eat when they come to our place? I don't care what they eat.
They can have water.
If they don't like it, they can go somewhere else.
You're impossible.
Junior, what do you think about all this? All due respect, sir, I'm just here to learn and observe.
Why would you ask Switzerland? No, he's being polite.
He knows I'm right.
Dude, I love it.
DANNY: Look at this guy.
Is this, uh, 'cause you joined that new dating Web site? Coincidence.
Okay, here's what we know.
At approximately 8:30 this morning, a woman was spotted clinging to a life raft roughly 200 yards off Waikiki Beach.
Coast Guard was alerted.
They came.
They found her unresponsive and dehydrated.
She's at King's Medical Center right now.
She's stable, but still unconscious.
Right, and based on the level of dehydration and exposure, the doctors say she's been out on open water for at least eight hours.
We got an I.
? Uh, Monique Sims.
She owns a PR firm here on the Island.
She's a familiar face on the Island's social scene.
In fact, she seems to be an acquaintance of our very own Adam Noshimuri.
They were both on the board of trustees for the New Art Institute of Honolulu together.
Let's give Adam a call, see what he can tell us about her.
DANNY: Okay, so lady puts on a fancy dress, goes to a fancy party out at sea, fancy boat.
Everything's good.
Then something not so fancy goes down and she takes off in a life raft.
What about a distress call? According to the Coast Guard, nothing's been reported yet.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, hello.
Does this mean I finally have seniority over someone? Not quite.
Junior's just shadowing us for the week.
Oh, well.
Okay, I'll get over it, as long as we can haze him lightly.
Anyway, I just got off the phone with Monique's assistant and yesterday, she was a guest on a boat called the Serenity.
The owner is someone named Nathan Diamond.
He's a big hedge fund guy.
JERRY: That's him.
I have a call in to his people, and they're gonna get back to me with a list of everyone who was on the yacht.
What are you doing? Every boating vessel's registered in a database.
I'm pulling up the ship to shore comms channel for the Serenity.
Serenity, this is Commander McGarrett of the Five-O Task Force.
Please respond.
(static over comms) That's not good.
Serenity, this is Commander McGarrett.
You know, you can use the radio frequency to triangulate a position.
He's right.
Jerry, try that.
JERRY: All right.
Pulling up the sat feed now.
Punch in.
Oh, my God.
Well, that explains why they didn't respond.
Call the Coast Guard.
You okay? You know, I-I used to be terrified flying in these things, too.
But statistically speaking, flying is-is a lot safer than driving.
That's only true for planes.
These things are actually more dangerous than cars.
Based on hours, you're about 85 times more likely to die in a helicopter.
Who told you that? Google.
Steve, how come you never told me that? Ma'am, just try to relax, okay? Keeping your body stiff can make you feel a little bit dizzy, so move your head as little as possible.
Focus on the horizon.
And if you feel nauseous, just don't look down.
You'll be all right.
PILOT: Commander, we have visual contact of the Serenity.
Two minutes out.
Roger that.
We'll rope down, secure the scene, and then bring Noelani aboard to process.
PILOT: Roger.
STEVE: Let's gear up, guys.
All right, let's do this.
STEVE: Hold.
You ever seen anything like this? Yeah, I have.
We have four bodies up there.
I got two.
Five in here makes a total of 11 dead.
Your bodies, they look like this? Yeah, looks terrible.
What the hell is it? Looks like their injuries are internal.
We got a problem.
Symptoms like these can only mean one thing.
These people were all exposed to some kind of biological agent.
And now so are we.
STEVE: Lou, we're on the boat.
We got multiple vics.
They're all showing signs of some kind of hemorrhagic virus or pathogen.
I need you to get Monique Sims and anyone she's been in contact with into a BSL-4 containment area now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on, slow down.
Are you telling me that you guys were exposed to this thing, too? Yes, which is why we're staying put right now, okay? Our primary focus needs to be keeping this thing contained, which is gonna start with you making that call, Lou.
I'm on it.
I'm on it.
I'm also gonna contact the CDC.
I'm gonna give them your coordinates to get a team out to you ASAP.
Good idea.
Steve, there's something you should know.
I've been looking into that boat's movements.
It only left port 23 hours ago.
So whatever that pathogen is, it's real fast-acting.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
If I can get this boat moving, we can plot a course to intercept the CDC team, cut our rendezvous time in half.
(ignition sputtering) We got no fuel.
We're not going anywhere.
Guys, stand by.
I'm gonna call you back.
Air One, this is Commander McGarrett.
PILOT: Air One.
Go ahead, sir.
How long can you maintain position based on your current fuel load? We got about eight minutes before we need to RTB.
Copy that, Air One.
Stand by.
We got eight minutes before the helo has to head back.
Should I secure the lines for extraction? No, change of plan.
We're not getting back on the chopper.
What are you talking about, we're not going back on the chopper? What are you saying? STEVE: It's too late, Danny.
All these people were killed by some kind of extremely virulent bio-agent.
Until we know what we're dealing with, we can't risk exposing anybody else.
I can't tell.
Is he for real right now? DANNY: Yes, he's for What's the matter with you? What are you, nuts? I know how you guys feel right now.
You don't.
I do.
I do.
Every instinct in my body is telling me to get off this boat and save myself.
It's not an option, all right? CDC knows we're here.
They're sending a unit as we speak.
It's got to be enough for now.
Meanwhile, in the next eight minutes, we need to collect as much evidence as we can to send back with that helo.
All right, so let's get to work.
What's he doing? He's probably gonna eat the body.
I don't know.
I'm gonna take a tissue sample.
We're gonna send it up to the chopper, who are gonna take it back to the lab.
They're gonna identify this virus.
Hopefully, there's an antidote.
Junior, grab an evidence bag.
You're assisting.
Yes, sir.
DANNY: All right, Tani, look.
I need you to go upstairs, photograph your crime scene, take all the pictures you can.
We're gonna send your phone and my phone up to the helicopter along with the piece of dead girl.
Okay? (camera clicking) (helicopter blades whirring) You all right? You don't need to worry about me, sir.
All right.
We got to bag those phones up, guys.
Get them up top.
All right, look, uh, I, uh, I searched, I took a bunch of photos.
Uh, nobody has any cell phones on them, and I found a flare gun that's been shot.
TANI: But the fuse was stripped from the, uh, ship radio upstairs.
No cell phones up there either.
All right, so whoever did this, confiscated all the cell phones, sabotaged the radio, exposed everybody to the virus, and got off this boat, and what? They must've rendezvoused with another vessel, right? Right, and then left all these people to die a horrible death.
Sir, if I may.
From a strategic standpoint, this doesn't make any sense.
Viruses are notoriously unstable, so, if the goal here was to kill a bunch of people, there's much easier ways of doing it.
Yeah, like shooting everybody and throwing the gun overboard.
I mean, this, it just seems overly complicated.
Wait a minute.
What if this was some kind of test? What kind of test? Like a test of the bioweapon.
Right? I mean, think about it.
You got a bunch of people here in a controlled environment far away from prying eyes.
You release the virus, you bail long before the boat's even discovered.
Commander, we're reaching critical fuel.
We need to head back right now.
Roger that.
NOELANI: Package is secure.
I'll get these samples back to the lab.
You guys take care down there.
STEVE: All right, copy that.
Thanks, Noelani.
Over and out.
TANI: All right, so what do we do now-- just sit around and try not to die? These bodies are all evidence.
We need to get 'em out of the sun.
Get 'em below deck somewhere, Danny.
(elevator bell chimes) Man, thanks for coming down.
Of course.
Any news? Well, I just got off the phone with McGarrett.
They're holding up, but I mean, all we can do is sit around, wait for the CDC to figure out exactly what the hell they were exposed to.
Adam, hey.
So, we got a list of everyone who attended this yacht party, and based on the pictures that our guys sent back, it looks like all of them are dead.
GROVER: Except your girl Monique, who is now in ICU.
JERRY: Right.
Anyway, I ran everyone through our usual databases, and nothing popped.
Look, since you know Monique, we were hoping that maybe you'd recognize some of these people, maybe be able to tell us a little bit about them? Uh, sorry.
(phone ringing) It's been a while since I was part of that scene.
Yeah? Good.
Thank you.
We'll be right down.
Adam, we need to take a ride.
That was the CDC.
Monique's just regained consciousness.
We've got 22 people under observation.
All of them came into contact with Monique Sims after she was pulled out of the water.
Tests are ongoing, but thankfully, at the moment, no one is symptomatic.
And that includes Monique herself.
ADAM: So she wasn't exposed? She's alive, so no.
Well, that must mean she got off the boat before the virus was released.
The tissue sample you provided is still being analyzed, but based on the pictures of the victims, and the time from exposure to death, this looks like a synthetic, genetically engineered chimera virus.
We're not doctors, so It's a hybrid that combines the pernicious qualities of two different viruses to create one even more deadly pathogen.
In this case, the victims are exhibiting the symptoms and mortality rate of a hemorrhagic condition like the Ebola Zaire virus, which has a 95% fatality rate.
But the R0 value, or the number of people infected by one contagious person, has a virulence suggesting this could've been combined with something highly contagious, like measles.
Bottom line, anyone infected will be dead within eight to ten hours.
Please tell me there's a cure for this.
Unless an antidote already exists, and we have no record of one, we'll need to synthesize something.
But with an exotic virus like this, that will take some time.
What are we talking? Hours? Months.
We don't have that kind of time.
My team is on that boat.
GROVER: Monique, I need you to tell me everything that you saw when you were on that boat.
Anything that you can remember.
Um I was there as a guest of my friend Nathan.
He does these parties on his yacht every month or so.
It's just a bunch of rich people, blowing off steam, drinking champagne, dancing.
It's a good networking opportunity for me, so I try to go when I can.
The party was good as usual, but at around 10:00 p.
, I just, I got this pounding headache, so, I went into my cabin to lie down.
I must have been asleep for a couple of hours.
(thumping, shouting in distance) I was woken up by this shouting, some some kind of commotion up on deck.
So I stepped out of my cabin, and I see Marko standing there, holding a gun on the others.
Marko? We I.
'd everybody on that boat.
This is the first time I'm hearing that name.
He got dropped off by another boat several hours into our trip.
So who is this Marko person? Apparently, he and Nathan were old friends.
That's all I know.
I-I wasn't around him much at the party.
He kind of kept to himself.
He seemed a little odd.
But when I saw that gun I-I wasn't gonna wait around to see what was going down.
I-I just I had to get the hell out of there.
I got onto that life raft, and I-I must've been paddling for hours.
Passed out.
The next thing I know, I'm waking up here.
Monique, was anyone on board that boat sick? What do you mean? Did you see anybody who looked pale, or was complaining about excessive pain? I don't know.
Uh, I mean, they looked scared, because Marko had a gun.
I assumed he was there to rob us.
I wasn't gonna stick around to see if he was gonna kill us, too.
Yeah, Monique is still currently under observation, but so far, there's been no infection.
Well, then, she-she couldn't have been exposed.
If she was exposed, she'd be dead by now.
That's right.
She definitely got off that boat before the virus was released.
Look, I'm gonna go out on a limb, and say that this guy Marko, whoever the hell he is, he's the one that released that virus on board.
Which begs the question now: where the hell is he? Monique got away on the only life raft.
Well, I can think of two possibilities.
One, he gets one of his accomplices to meet him at sea, the other is that the hostages overpower him, throw him overboard.
Yeah, well, I got another scenario for you that you're missing, chief.
The one where the guy's still on the boat.
I mean, h-how thoroughly did you guys search it? (grunts) I found Marko! T-That looks, to me, like that was accidentally broken, that vial.
The boat was due back at port this morning, right? And there's enough of this virus to kill a lot of people.
So maybe Marko was trying to sneak it onto the Island.
I mean, releasing it there would maximize casualties.
And then, things go sideways, the virus is accidentally released, everybody gets infected, and they turn on him.
But this guy does not look like he died from the virus.
He looks like his head was blown off with a grenade.
Those look like chemical burns to me.
You said you found a flare gun that had been discharged.
I think we know what those burns are from.
This was payback for what he did to them.
MAN: Why are we sick? WOMAN: What have you done to us? This guy didn't die from the virus.
Which means he had immunity to the virus.
That means that there's got to be some kind of vaccine or antidote out there.
DANNY: Nothing on him.
(Tani sighs) Well, it was beautiful, that one small moment of hope that we had.
And drink this.
You need to stay hydrated.
What? How do you do it? Do what? How do you stay so calm? You know, we're we're probably gonna die here.
“Probably”? No.
“Maybe”? Yeah.
And that that doesn't bother you? Do you know, most recruits in the SEAL Program don't quit BUD/S in the middle of a test.
They quit just before.
You see, it's the fear of what they're about to go through that makes them want to throw in that towel.
You see, the biggest battle is in here.
You're still walking, and talking.
And you can stand, right? See, all of that means that you're still in the fight.
And until you're not, then you don't give up.
And I won't let you give up.
(footsteps approaching) (exhales) Hey.
Any luck? Junior and I looked everywhere.
There's no antidote on this boat.
Marko must have taken it before he boarded.
I'm gonna go ahead and file that under the “really, really bad news.
” More bad news.
How you holding up? Uh, what are the, uh, initial signs of the virus again? Fever, muscle pain, dizziness.
(tongue clicks) Yeah, I got all that.
Check, check, check.
(phone ringing) Can you do something for me? (ringing continues) Yeah.
Try not to die before I'm off this call, okay? Okay.
(sighs) Lou.
All right, Steve, I got Adam here with me.
Come on, man, talk to us.
How you guys holding up? Well, we could really use some good news right about now.
ADAM: CDC are doing everything they can to find an antidote.
In the meantime, we have a lead.
Jerry ran our dead guy, Marko Joseph.
Turns out that's an alias for a man by the name of Andreas Koslov.
STEVE: Who is that? He's some egghead who used to run the entire Ukraine chemical weapons program.
About six months ago, the guy disappeared with some materials from a lab.
Interpol thinks he's been shopping a chemical weapon around.
They issued a red notice on him, but so far, no sightings.
Now he shows up on a boat off the coast of Oahu, virus in tow.
ADAM: We're thinking he was using the Serenity to get himself and the virus onto American soil.
But it all unravels when the virus somehow gets loose, infects all the other passengers and they turn on Marko aka Koslov.
Hold on, we thought Monique got off the boat before the virus was released.
This seems to contradict that.
She told us this was a robbery, but the passengers were actually attacking Marko because they were infected by the virus.
So, either Monique got really lucky to avoid being infected Or she's not telling us the truth.
We need to talk to your friend again.
Yeah, and while you're at it, maybe you should ask her to explain this.
I ran financials on everybody and something came up on Monique, namely, a bunch of shell companies that all trace back to her that she recently used to receive $500,000 in payments from an offshore account in the Caymans.
STEVE: Well, I think we just figured out how Koslov got his invitation onto the Serenity.
He paid Monique to get him on that boat.
You feeling well enough to take a phone call? Someone's calling for me? Mm-hmm.
I placed him on hold.
You can take it right over there.
Hello? MAN: Can you talk? Hi, Dad.
Um, yeah, I just one second.
I don't know what happened.
There was a problem with the case and people started getting sick.
They attacked Andreas.
I had to get out of there.
So you don't have the virus? No.
The cops know about it now.
They have people out on the boat.
Then the deal is dead.
I want my money back.
You have one hour.
(line clicks) (beeps) (siren chirps) Monique Sims, Five Lock this place down now.
(alarm blaring) Come join Five-O.
It's a great experience.
Help a lot of people, make a difference.
You can get hemorrhagic flu two months into the job.
You could die.
Yeah, well, at least you got a job.
Hey, you know what the silver lining is (clears throat) that you haven't had to deal with this-this lunatic for the last seven years.
Stuff like this happens all the time.
Right, okay.
Are you saying that it's a good thing that I'm dying today? No, I'm just saying you saved yourself a lot of stress over the last seven years, you know what I mean? Job ages you.
Look at me.
I used to be gorgeous.
STEVE: Know what? You guys can sit around planning your funerals, but there's an antidote out there and Grover and Jerry are gonna find it.
(phone ringing) Hello? Bad news, Steve.
Monique's gone.
What do what do you mean, "Monique's gone"? ADAM: She fled the hospital after receiving a phone call.
Left a nurse dead.
Jerry tried tracing the call, but it came back as a burner.
There's an APB out.
Meanwhile, we can assume we're not the only ones looking for her.
STEVE: Yeah, we know that there was a buyer for the virus and now that Marko hasn't shown, he's probably gonna be looking for his money back.
Right? ADAM: Which means our best shot at finding Monique and getting the antidote is to find this buyer.
Jerry's working on it now.
Copy that.
I've tried everything, but I keep hitting a wall on this trace.
At first I get this bank in Zurich, which was the source of the $500,000 wire that Monique received, but no one there will talk to me.
We got to find a way to make them talk to us, Jerry.
Well, Swiss banking laws are as tough as they come.
I mean, maybe we can get the State department involved, but that'll take time.
Time we don't have.
Jerry, what's the name of the bank? Odermatt bank in Geneva.
(sighs) Give me 20 minutes.
(door opens) ("Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffet playing) Nibblin' on sponge cake Watchin' the sun bake All of those tourists covered with oil Strummin' my six string On my front porch swing Smell those shrimp, they're beginnin' to boil Wasted away again in Margaritaville (sighs) Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt You raided the bar.
Fancy booze, I didn't want to let it go to waste.
Figure I'll be dead before the hangover kicks in anyhow, right? (chuckles) Do you want a paper bag or something? What? A very expensive bottle of champagne, you're drinking it like a wino.
You're disgusting.
Spitting all in the bottle and everything.
What's the matter with you? So, I just want to get this straight.
You're worried about my cooties now? It's a good point.
(exhales) You know, um, I've, uh, I've been doing some thinking.
And I, uh (clears throat) want to tell you something.
I want to talk to you You don't.
Just, let's not, okay? Uh, uh, I know.
You know what? I haven't said anything.
I know what you're gonna say.
I feel the same way, all right, Danny? Let's not do that.
I don't want to do that.
You feel the same way about the waiting room in our restaurant? What? I think most restaurants don't have, like, a nice waiting area, you know? Show up, standing around, waiting for a table.
It's crowded.
You're bumping into people.
People coming out of the kitchen with plates.
You feel like a schmuck standing there.
You're all jammed up.
Think it'd be nice maybe have a nice little, you know, waiting area.
Not like just a waiting area, you make it like a feature, you know? Yeah.
It's like a waiting room you want to wait in.
Right, 'cause everybody knows that our joint is gonna be, uh, gonna be jumping all the time.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, a couple club chairs or something.
A little table next to it.
You put your hors d'oeuvres, put your drinks.
Be nice.
We could have one server, one waitress who's just that's her area, you know what I mean? No one else, uh That's not really economically feasible.
No, you're right.
It's not.
It's a great idea, Danny.
I really, uh I really like it.
(distant thunder crashing) That's not good, is it? No.
Ah, well, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go have a little lay down.
I think I'm gonna be a little while, okay? (thunder rumbling) (phone ringing) Okay, I have it.
MAN: Good.
There's a bus bench on the corner of Kahili and Lorrin.
15 minutes.
And if I give you your money back, this is over, right? Just be there.
(phone beeps off) All right, take him back and book him.
Well, that was the easy part.
(sirens wailing) Monique Sims, down on the ground right now! Hold your fire! Freeze, Monique! Freeze! Let me see your hands! (groans) Damn it.
GROVER: Monique, that antidote you took, where can we find it? We need it.
Where is it?! Monique I know you're not a bad person.
You just got in over your head, but you have to do the right thing now.
Our friends will die if you don't.
Stop right there.
She's fine.
Step back.
She's gonna be fine.
Oh, no, you ain't.
You took a through and through to the gut.
You're gonna bleed out quick.
So, you tell me where that antidote is right now, or I let you die.
Captain Grover.
GROVER: Yeah? I've got wind shear over 100 knots.
Zero viz.
I'm flying on instruments.
With this much turbulence, we've only got one shot at this.
GROVER: Okay, listen, I need you to patch me in to Commander McGarrett.
I need him on standby because we're going in.
(thunder crashing) What happened What happened to the champagne? If you're still telling jokes, it means you're not dead-- drink some water.
I'm cold, man.
Drink some water.
Don't want it.
Have some water, Danny.
I don't want any of that.
PILOT (on comm): Commander McGarrett, this is Air One, do you copy? Air One? Yes, Air One, go ahead.
I read you, go ahead.
Commander McGarrett, be advised, we are approaching your location.
Copy that.
GROVER: Steve, we have the antidote.
Danny helo's here, buddy.
(muttering) Chopper's here.
(muttering) (thunder crashing) Okay.
(moans) (helicopter approaching) Lou! I see you! Do you see me?! Hold on.
All right, I got a visual on you.
Just hang in there, baby, hang tight.
PILOT: Wind shear's spinning us around.
GROVER: Just get us a little closer, now, a little closer.
Oh, boy, we got another cell converging.
This storm's about to get bigger.
Lou, this storm's about to get a lot worse.
You gotta make this happen now.
GROVER: Copy that.
Okay, Steve, we're gonna send a cable down to you.
(thunder crashing) When you get ahold of the cable, you attach it to the rail, and I'll send you down the package.
Copy, Lou! I copy that! (winch whining) Careful.
Watch out, watch out! Go, go, grab it! Got it.
Got it! Okay, Lou! Let's go! (thunder crashing) All right, I'm sending it down.
(alarm blaring) Pull it up.
TANI: No! Oh, no, no, no! No! I got it.
There it is.
No, no.
It's right there.
It's right there.
Right there, I see it! McGarrett! JUNIOR: Come on, come on, grab it.
A little further.
Okay, you got it.
McGarrett! McGarrett! I don't see him.
Do you see him? - McGarrett! - Where is he? McGarrett! Junior, right there! See him? (thunder crashing) That's it.
Watch your step.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
(helicopter blades whirring) (panting) That's good.
How about Uncle Jerry? How's he doing with the babysitting duties? Grace, you can't let him do that.
What's the matter with you? He's a he's a giant child.
Okay, you got a child watching a ch-- You've got to be the grown-up.
Okay? You've got to be the adult in the house till I get back, and that's gonna be only a couple days, all right? Okay.
Listen, kiss your little brother.
I love you both very much.
All right.
(phone beeps off) Buddy, you got a six-pack.
We get it.
Relax, would you? Yeah, just trying to stay in shape while we're stuck in here.
Yeah, you know, it's your move, right? Yes, thank you.
I was just saying, in case you forgot.
It's been, like, ten minutes.
Didn't forget.
Thank you, thank you.
Yeah, totally.
Take your time.
DANNY: Hey, um, I was thinking, I could, uh, maybe call some furniture shops, see if I find some chairs that we like.
What for? Why do you want chairs? Chairs for the for the waiting room in the restaurant.
No, I wouldn't I wouldn't do that.
You don't want to put chairs in the waiting room? I'm sorry, I don't I don't want to do the waiting room at all, Danny.
What are you talking about? You liked the idea just fine the other day.
No, I didn't, I hated it the minute it came out of your mouth, but I figured since we were all probably about to die, I didn't want to upset you, so Oh, but now it's okay to upset me? - Is that what you're saying now.
- Now that we're not dying, yes, it's different.
Can you please just make your move? Will you just make it? Do you see the kind of person he is? I just want you to be clear that this is a selfish man, okay, that cares about nothing but what he wants and Okay, okay, okay! and what he says.
Okay? Checkmate.
No, it's not.
Yes, it is.
You see what you just made me do? I made you bad at chess? No, you rushed me.
He didn't rush you.
He just put you out of your misery.
I had you dead to rights, like, six moves ago.
Six moves? Yep.
- I knew you were bad chess player.
- I'm not a bad chess player.
He's actually not a bad chess player.
He's pretty good.
It's just that I'm much, much better.
No, he-he's not good at chess.
- Obviously, you are bad at chess.
- Danny What? Some things require a little more thought.
DANNY: Are you talking about chairs again? My chairs? No, no, I'm not talking about that.
- That requires zero thought.
- Then what are you talking about? That's not something I ever have to think about again.
Why would you do that? What is wrong? What? What about it is a bad idea?
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