Hawaii Five-0 s08e10 Episode Script

I Ka Wa Ma Mua, I Ka Wa Ma Hope (The Future Is in the Past)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O: You ever seen anything like this? Yeah, I have.
Their injuries are internal.
These people were all exposed to some kind of biological agent.
And now so are we.
This looks like a synthetic, genetically engineered chimera virus.
We're not doctors, so Bottom line-- anyone infected will be dead within eight to ten hours.
You took a through-and-through in the gut.
You'll bleed out quick, so you tell me where that antidote is right now, or I let you die.
JUNIOR: I got it! TANI: McGarrett! McGarrett! Right there! You got it! Volare Whoa Cantare Whoa, whoa, whoa Let's fly way up to the clouds Away from the maddening crowds We can sing in the glow Of a star that I know of Where lovers enjoy peace of mind Let us leave the confusion and all disillusion behind (speaking Italian) Guys.
Everything okay here tonight? Are we gonna see you next Friday? I'll save this table for you.
All right.
You good? You guys okay? Oh, guys, did your server tell you? The fish tonight-- branzino.
Whole branzino, beautiful.
You're thinking about it.
We got two left.
Listen to me.
The table around there-- the young couple, cute couple, it's their fifth anniversary, okay? Let's, uh, comp them a couple glasses of prosecco.
- Whatever whatever's nice in there.
- Okay.
Nice, big smile when you give it to 'em, all right? Hey, Freddy, how we looking? Looking good.
That is fantastic.
I say a touch more garlic.
Just a touch.
- Got it.
Really, really good, though.
How you guys doing? Good? Good? Ooh.
I want to try that prosciutto.
Slice me up a slice, would you? Whoa.
What about this? It's been here since yesterday.
Let's get this out, huh? Another full house, partner.
Gonna turn it over twice, so let's keep moving, okay? Oh, hey.
Uh, Dog and Beth, they called.
They're coming in at 9:30.
What do they like? The osso bucco, right? We'll put some shanks aside.
Hey, I want you to try something great.
What do you want me to try? Don't worry about what it is.
Just taste it.
What do you think? Stop.
What is this? Polenta crostini, a little porcini.
It's unbelievable.
Freddy, you do this? Of course I did.
Grandma Williams right now-- she is smiling down on you, boy.
Put it on the menu? What do you think? Serve 'em, Danno.
Good job, Freddy.
FREDDY: Thanks.
Can you believe this? DANNY: Veteran detective shot and killed inside King's Medical Center.
We know this guy? What do you mean? What do you mean, what do I mean? The cop-- do we know him? What do you mean, Danny? It's you, buddy.
(reporter speaking indistinctly) STEVE: Danny.
Danny, Danny, stay with me.
Stay with me, buddy.
Come on.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x10 I Ka Wa Ma Mua, I Ka Wa Ma Hope font color="# (electric razor buzzing) Perfect.
I think, um, being cooped up in this room for six days has it's finally gotten to him.
JUNIOR (chuckling): Tell me about it.
I think we, uh we've officially hit peak boredom.
Oh, you don't know boredom until you played 19 games of Candyland in a row with your six-year-old daughter.
You got any sixes? Uh, go fish.
It's the food.
That's what's driving me crazy, is the food.
No, no.
No one here has the right to complain, because neither of you is a woman sharing a bathroom with three dudes.
(chuckles) Yeah, she's right.
We are disgusting.
So gross.
- Hey, you got twos? No.
Go fish.
Buddy, why don't you just stop already and let Mother Nature do her thing? She's on her way.
I promise.
Oh, firstly, I'll have you know that I will be going to the grave with a full head of hair, but thank you.
Second of all, I'm not doing the full, uh, Grover here.
Okay? It's just it's, uh taking it back a bit.
It's a buzz cut.
As long as you don't do any trimming, uh, below the waist, we're good, 'cause we all gotta share that sink.
Any jacks? JUNIOR: Go fish.
(blows) All righty.
Who's next? Junior, let's go.
Uh, pass.
Threes? What do you mean, pass? Look at this-- beautiful.
It's low-maintenance, easy.
Nah, thank you, sir.
I'm just I'm trying to grow my fro out.
STEVE: Okay.
I think that's a, uh giant mistake, but do your thing.
Danno, what do you say? Just sides? You know better.
Hey, listen to me, man.
You know, I I got a great fade, all right? Please, please go away.
Buddy, hey, listen.
Ghetto Vin Diesel, go somewhere.
(laughter) DANNY: All right? Come on.
Get out of here.
I'm gonna kill you, and I'm gonna end up in another room.
I don't need that, okay? I'm out of here in six hours.
Go away.
Are you actually gonna get an Afro? No, no, I was just kidding.
No, I think you should.
Think you'd look really cute with an Afro.
- What? Yeah? Yeah.
- (laughs) What? BOTH: Nothing.
Got any aces? Uh, go fish.
Keller, what's happening, man? Hi, Doc.
Keller? (beeping) Is he mad at me? Hey, where's Dr.
K? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Phones on the table now.
Now! STEVE: All right.
Back up.
Cinch 'em with your teeth.
In front.
You got the gun here.
You're in control of the situation.
Just tell us what you want, okay? If I have to ask again, you die first.
Copy that.
I'm gonna I'm gonna reach forward, all right? All right, what's next? On your knees.
All of you! STEVE: There's something I-I need to tell you.
Wearing that suit in here does not guarantee your protection.
TANI: He's right.
There are a lot of things that you need to do before you come in here to avoid infection.
Do you understand? It's very complicated.
It's a process.
STEVE: Probably already exposed yourself to a lethal virus that has a very high mortality rate.
Now, if that's the case, you're gonna need the antidote.
And if you kill us, you can't get that.
Don't worry about me.
Worry about him.
Okay? Please relax.
You remember me, Detective Williams? No, I don't I don't I don't know who you are.
Should I know who you are? Pity.
(Danny yells in pain) Danny! Danny! (gunshot) STEVE: Danny.
You hang in there, Danny.
Hang on.
Got it.
- Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
- Come here, come here.
Danny? I'm getting help.
(groaning, wheezing) Hey.
You hang in there, buddy.
You hang in there.
Junior, get me something for the bleeding.
Come on.
You hang in there.
DANNY: Grace? Can I come in? Wow.
You look amazing.
You look so good.
Okay, but, uh everybody's waiting for you outside.
Come here.
Sit down.
I know.
I just I just don't know if I can Hey, hey, hey.
You're scared.
That's okay.
That's okay.
You're supposed to be scared.
I understand.
I was scared.
Your mother was scared.
It's completely normal.
I love him.
I do.
I just I just don't know if that's enough.
Why, uh why not? You and Mom loved each other.
If you guys couldn't stay together (clicks tongue, inhales deeply) Well, uh your mother and I obviously had our problems, right? Uh, and you-you got to see that.
So that means that you're you're in a much better spot than we were.
'Cause you understand.
You know, you know that it takes work, and you know what happens if you if you don't put that work in.
You gotta you gotta work at it.
If you want, I'll go downstairs, I'll tell everybody to beat it.
But I think that that would be a mistake because this is a very good thing you guys got.
He is a good kid.
And you're you.
The best.
And I like him a lot, except for the fact that he took you away from me, but other than that, I think he's good.
(chuckles, sighs) You really think we're gonna be all right? I do.
I really do, genuinely.
I love you, Danno.
Love you, too, monkey.
Come here.
Come here.
GROVER: You ain't the bride.
Where is she? The waiters out there are running out of cocktail wienies.
She's got Uh, humidity Her hair's in knots.
She's down in two minutes.
Okay? I just talked to her.
She's fine.
Humidity? - Yeah, humidity.
I guess that's another word for "she got cold feet.
" Look, uh, she she maybe got a little scared.
But she's fine now.
I spoke to her, and, uh, everything's gonna be okay.
Are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure, okay? Trust me.
'Cause they gotta do this, man.
I know.
I mean, I don't want to make it all about money, but hell, I'm retired.
I'm on a fixed income, man.
This wedding wasn't cheap.
I know, I know.
I paid for it.
You didn't pay for the rehearsal dinner.
That was at my restaurant.
The booze.
The booze-- I had to pay for the booze.
And let's face it, the Williams are a family of drinkers.
- Okay.
Will you please relax? I just told you everything's gonna be fine.
Let's go outside.
Let's talk to people.
Danny, hang on a second.
When they first got together, did you ever think we'd end up here, me and you? Uh, no.
No chance.
Neither did I.
Not in a million years.
But I tell you what, I'm I'm glad it happened.
You really raised yourself a fine young woman.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You, uh you did okay, too, I guess.
(chuckles) Go get my daughter.
TANI: Guys? STEVE: What? We got another problem.
Junior, come here.
Keep pressure right there.
Got you.
What's going on? He rigged the door.
Some kind of explosive.
We open this door, this is gonna blow.
The son of a bitch locked us in.
Who is that guy? Who is he? I don't know.
You're gonna be all right.
Oh, good.
You're gonna be okay.
We shoot our way out.
Two bullets, both used.
Plan B? Find a way to get somebody up here.
How am I supposed to do that? This is an isolated wing.
That glass is two inches Figure it out.
Figure it out.
Go figure it out.
We're gonna roll you over, Danny.
I gotta see behind you, all right? See if it's a through-and-through.
Okay, ready? One, two, three.
(groans) What do you got? Okay, we got a right-side exit wound.
It is too far right for the heart, too high for the liver.
You hear that? Okay, but here's the bad news.
I think you punctured a lung.
(banging) (grunting) I had to try.
We gotta get you up on this table, Danny.
- Yeah.
I can get up.
- Okay, we're gonna put you on a monitor.
Keep you stable, all right? We load on three.
Ready? All right.
STEVE: On three.
One, two, three.
(Danny groaning) I got you, buddy.
STEVE: I got you, buddy.
Keep pressure.
Keep pressure.
Junior, open up his shirt.
All right, all right.
You're all right, buddy.
You're okay.
You're all right, buddy.
STEVE: All right.
All right.
(high-pitched whirring) (grunting) Okay.
I flooded the bathroom, so when the water seeps through the ceiling, somebody's gonna come.
How's he doing? If his vitals stay like this, he's gonna be okay, but if his O2 or blood pressure drops below 80 Hold on.
These numbers are going down.
STEVE: What? What? (Danny grunts) I take it back.
- What? I just want to be bored.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't you worry.
We're getting you out of here soon.
All right? - (rapid beeping) What-what's happening? Hey, Steve.
Huh? His heart rate's spiking, O2 dropping.
STEVE: His wound's sucking air.
That's what's going on.
It's putting pressure on his working lung.
That's why he can't breathe.
We gotta make a seal.
Trauma dressing.
- And tape.
Wait, wait.
Hold on.
What's that gonna do? Theoretically, it's gonna push the air out and stop it sucking air in.
All right? Come on, buddy.
I just want to call Charlie and Grace and Listen.
You're gonna see Grace and Charlie really soon.
You understand me? Come on, come on, come on.
Understand? Okay, good.
Go, go.
TANI: Boss? You ever done this before? - No.
Saw a medic do it in the field once, though.
(groaning) Tape.
(Danny coughing) Come on, buddy.
One more.
All right.
All right.
TANI: Look, his heart rate's going down.
The O2's not changing, though.
We need more oxygen.
Hey, can we use that? STEVE: Yes.
Tani, grab that tank and the respirator.
That's good.
We're good.
Okay, it's coming up.
Okay, you just keep breathing, buddy, all right? Keep breathing.
I'm gonna go find something for your pain.
He's all right for now.
This is a temporary fix, okay? If that tank runs out and we're still stuck in here, we're gonna lose Danny.
How is it they don't How do they not have aspirin in here? Anything? No, nothing.
No phone, no wallet.
This guy's got no I.
on him.
Just for a minute.
Just for a minute.
Just for a minute.
Code blue.
Call it in.
Hey! Hey! Thank God.
(muffled): Hey, stop! Stop! Back away from the door.
(over speaker): Back away! Back away.
Junior, put the mask back on.
Put it back on.
Turn it on.
Turn it on.
All right, buddy.
Yeah, we're good, we're good.
Listen to me.
Can you hear me? There is a bomb on this door.
Look at me.
You open this door, we're all dead.
Do you understand? My partner, Detective Danny Williams, has a gunshot wound to the chest.
We need an EMT, we need a cardio thoracic trauma specialist, and we need the bomb squad here right now.
Go, go.
(sirens whooping) (helicopter buzzing above) GROVER: How's Danny? DUKE: He's critical but stable.
We've got doctors on site talking McGarrett through how to treat him.
How soon can we get in there? Bomb squad just got here.
They're examining the bomb now.
We should know soon.
Still, we got no I.
on the gunman.
Let's get all nonessential personnel away from this building right now.
You got it.
(frantic chatter) (grunts) STEVE: All right, Doc.
Okay, Commander, I'm going to want you to push down on Detective Williams' chest just beneath the bullet wound as he exhales.
Right here? - Yeah.
That will relieve the air pressure that's been building up.
I got it.
You ready? I'm pretty sure this is gonna hurt.
(grunts weakly) You ready? (groaning) All right, you okay? Hey, hey, hey.
You all right? He's all right.
Commander McGarrett was right.
The device appears to be motion sensitive.
A small vibration could set it off.
Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.
So it was a great idea for me to slam a chair against the glass window, then.
Yeah, you probably shouldn't have done that.
My first bomb.
Look, I'll be right back.
I'm not going anywhere.
- All right, what do we know? For a homemade job, it looks pretty sophisticated.
We gotta get an X-ray, see what's going on inside and take it from there.
What do you say there, kid? Are you okay? Yeah.
All of you, hang in there.
We're gonna get you out.
(device beeps) Just taking an X-ray.
- Yo, yo.
- Eric.
You get something for McGarrett for Christmas yet? 'Cause I got the perfect gift: a tac knife with his name engraved on the blade.
Pretty baller, right? Thing is, it's a little out of my price range.
I was thinking you and I go halfsies.
What do you say? What? Something's happened at the hospital.
Uncle D? Yeah.
There's a good amount of plastic explosive in here.
Probably some home-cooked potassium chlorate.
Good news is there's no timing mechanism.
So it won't go off till it's triggered.
That's fine, that's all well and good, but as you can see in here, we got ourselves another ticking clock.
We need to disarm this thing-- and fast.
You see these oval shapes in the bottom left? Those are mercury switches.
Very tough to defuse.
Can't you walk them through it? It's very complicated.
I don't think you understand how risky it could be.
Let me tell you about risky.
You see him? That's Steve McGarrett.
You leave Steve McGarrett in a room without a plan, and you know what he's gonna do then? He's gonna come up with one of his own.
And it ain't gonna be risky.
It's only gonna be the most certifiably insane thing you or I could ever think of.
So, for God's sake, please tell me there's another option.
We may have another way.
(monitor beeping) Hey.
(weakly): Never thought I would see the day What? It's a big day for Charlie, huh? What about Charlie? What's-what's happening, huh? What's the big day? What about Charlie? (muffled muttering) Doc.
It's gotta be the blood loss.
He's getting confused.
Just-just keep him talking.
Tell me about Charlie, okay? What's going on today? Tell me about Charlie.
DUKE: To wear the badge means to see the worst of life and come back to work the next day.
When you put on that badge, you're making a pledge.
A pledge to help people day in and day out.
To protect them in times of danger.
To support them in times of sorrow.
The path you've chosen, it's not an easy one.
But your loved ones, many who've worn the badge themselves, will be there for you.
Think he was looking at me.
No, I'm pretty sure he was looking at me.
I'm his father.
Yeah, I'm his role model, Danny.
You really you really you really believe that, huh? Oh, I know it.
He told me.
No, he didn't tell you that.
So, who did the commencement address at your graduation? You busting my balls, Reigns? You know it's what I live for.
You're lucky you're cute.
DUKE: Remember, look out for one another.
And be safe.
Ho'omai'ka'i 'Ana.
(cheering and applause) (whooping) STEVE: Yeah, Charlie! TANI: Go, Charlie! All right, this is very nice, very nice.
Give him a little something.
Come on, give him a little something.
There you go.
Very nice.
(camera shutter snapping) One more.
Give him a little, uh Smile a little bit, Charlie.
Come on, smile.
- Ah, that's nice.
- Congratulations, little Williams.
Thanks, Uncle.
In honor of your success, we'd like to host you and yours at the Tupuola Waikiki tonight.
For dinner.
20% off all entrées on the menu.
Excuse me.
Can I ask you guys a question? You're now the, uh the proud proprietors of not one but two luxury resorts.
Isn't that right? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, all right.
Why you still so cheap, huh? I think the answer to that is in the question.
(phone ringing) What about the answer to why you two are always dressed, uh, inappropriately for social functions? KAMEKONA: It's aloha casual.
Yeah, we're coming.
We gotta go.
- Oh.
No worries.
Thanks for coming, guys.
Are you kidding me, man? We wouldn't have missed it.
Come here.
I know you want to do some time at HPD-- and that's cool-- but if you're interested, I'd really like to bring you on to Five-O.
Thanks, Captain Rey.
Come here.
(chuckles) Hey.
You know what we're missing? Your favorite uncle.
- Come here.
- All right, let's get one.
Huh? How about this? Ah, look at that.
(camera clicks) (rapid beeping) Danny.
Danny! Hey, hey, Doc, he's crashing, Doc.
Danny, Danny, stay with me.
Danny, keep breathing.
Danny, come on.
STEVE: There's something under his skin.
There's, like, these bumps under his skin.
Yeah, those are air bubbles.
That's a tension pneumothorax-- possibly from a bronchopleural fistula.
What does that mean? That his chest is filling up with air faster than it's escaping, and now it's putting pressure on his heart.
We need to alleviate that pressure.
- How we gonna do that? - I'm gonna walk you through it.
Hey, buddy.
- Hey, Danny.
Congratulations, huh? Mahalo, brutha.
(chuckles) Oh, look at that beautiful baby girl, man.
You and Kono really know how to make a human being.
Thanks, man.
God, you know, sometimes it seems like I've spent half my life in danger, but I've never been as scared as I am right now.
That's parenthood, buddy.
(sighs) You're gonna do great.
I mean, you're, uh you're great with my kid.
You're a good uncle.
You're gonna be a great father, hmm? You learn how to swaddle yet? Swaddle? - Swaddle.
That's where you take the baby and you wrap it up like a little, uh little burrito.
- A burrito? Yeah.
- No.
No, not yet.
It's good.
You gotta you gotta learn how to do that before you leave here.
It's very crucial.
How about, uh, we go in there and you show me? I would.
Uh, I would, but I'm dealing with something right now, you know? Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
KELLER: Tani, I need you to go find some antiseptic wipes and towels.
Junior, I need you to find a disposable scalpel.
Also look for a Kelly clamp.
It's like a thin pair of scissors with teeth.
GROVER: What's happening in there? We need to cut open Detective Williams' chest right away.
STEVE: Hey, Lou? I'm right here, buddy.
Tell me you're getting us out of here.
All we need is a couple minutes.
We are going to get you out of there.
STEVE: Come on, guys.
Commander, I want you to take Detective Williams' right arm and put it up over his head.
Now turn his head to the left.
You're gonna cut into the right side of his chest.
I just convinced my friends that your ironclad plan is going to save our boy's life.
So you do have a plan, right? We do.
Follow me.
We're gonna blow that wall.
What? BULLOCK: Look, right now, our best shot at getting them out is to take this wall down with a controlled blast.
Then we can get through from this room.
It's a shared wall.
We can plant explosive charges.
Then we can detonate it from this side.
You're telling me that the alternative to defusing a motion-sensitive bomb is to blow another bomb a few feet away? 14 feet away.
Are you related to McGarrett or something? This is something that he would come up with! A small, controlled blast probably won't be disruptive enough to trigger the device on the door.
"Probably"? We have safer plans, but all of them will take an hour or more to execute.
I don't believe this.
All right, let's do it.
But get everybody out here in a Hazmat suit.
Let's go.
First, find the middle of his collarbone.
Then slide your finger down until you feel his first rib.
I got it.
All right, good.
Now you're gonna make an incision about two inches long between his fourth and his fifth ribs.
It's gonna be difficult.
You're gonna have to cut through flesh and tissue.
STEVE: Okay.
Now slide your left index finger into the incision and feel for the fifth rib.
Anything I owe you, for you giving me your liver-- we're even.
I'm in.
Junior, give him the Kelly clamp.
Okay, Commander.
Place the tip carefully into the incision, and then do a little blunt dissection to get through the tissue to the rib.
Advance the tips of the Kellys to just over the top of the rib.
Make sure you stay close to the rib so you don't nick any arteries.
STEVE: Okay.
KELLER: Now you're going to carefully puncture his chest wall.
That's going to relieve the pressure.
(rapid beeping) Push in.
Doc, we're losing him.
Push in.
I feel the air coming out.
That's it.
Vitals are stabilizing.
You did it.
KELLER: Okay, Commander, now I want you to remove the clamp, put your finger back in the incision and sweep it from side to side to make sure nothing is blocking the opening.
Junior, get ready to cover with the gauze and the tape.
Now, Commander, remove your finger.
That's right.
Okay, he's stable, but we need to get him into the O.
now, or we are gonna lose him.
Get your Hazmat suit on, Doc.
Listen, I'm gonna tell you something, and we ain't gonna debate about it.
Just do what I say.
The three of you move Danny, and I want you to go to the other side of this room.
What's going on? That wall over there's coming down.
Go, go, go.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, go ahead.
Move that middle bed.
Need to get him against the wall, all right? Go, go, go.
Okay, move him on back.
(beeping) You got him? You got him? Yeah.
Junior, grab that mattress.
Keep your heads down.
Cover your ears, all right? Cover your ears.
On my command.
(explosion) You guys all right? JUNIOR: Yeah.
They can't get through there.
Damn it! Uh, he's still breathing.
It's still up.
Now what? We need another charge.
How long is that gonna take? Ten, 15 minutes.
We! I'm done listening to you.
Chief, I need to borrow something of yours.
Bullock? What's going on? Stay where you are.
(grunting) (frantic chatter) Move, move! Hey, come on! KELLER: He's got a tension pneumo.
Pulse is thready.
Let's move.
Let's move.
Okay, let's get a chest tube ready in the O.
And hang two units right away.
Let's go, go, go, go.
All right, buddy.
All right, hang in there.
I'm sorry, Commander.
I cannot let you go with him.
The three of you still need to be tested for traces of the virus.
I know, Ma.
But he's strong.
Of course I will.
Of course.
Soon as we hear anything.
Love you, too.
- Hey.
I was just calling my ma again.
I called Rachel.
She's on the mainland with the kids, and they're gonna catch the first flight out here.
How are you doing? I hadn't called my ma in three weeks, and then when I finally do, it's to tell her about all this.
You know, when he first moved here, Uncle D used to call us back in Jersey like two or three times a week.
I thought maybe he was homesick, but I think he was just calling to check in on us.
You know, he was worried the whole family would fall apart without him.
I guess we kind of did a little.
Nobody more than me, though, man, 'cause I was just some dumb kid back in Jersey, making dumb choices, and Uncle D was the one who set me straight.
You know, man, he's the one that brought me up here and talked some sense into me and got me my job.
I don't know what I'd do without him.
He kind of saved my life, you know? I just I never had a chance to thank him for everything he did for me.
He's gotta pull through, though, man.
He's got to, you know? - Hey, hey.
He will, okay? Danny's a fighter.
Try not to worry so much.
- Hey.
- Hi.
GROVER: How you guys doing? Everything check out? Yeah, we're all right.
No sign of the virus.
Any news? - KAMEKONA: No.
They don't tell us nothing in here.
They're still working on him.
That's all we know.
Hey, kid.
STEVE: You're all right.
You're all right.
You hanging in there? (sighs) - You all right? Yeah, I'm hanging in there.
Listen to me.
Your uncle's a tough guy.
You understand? He's gonna be all right.
All right, keep your head up.
- Lou, can I talk to you for a second? - Yeah.
We get anything on the gunman? Ran his prints through CODIS, and nothing.
Nothing? What about the gun? Same thing.
Dead end.
This doesn't make any sense.
Look, all due respect to the job, to hell with this guy.
He blew his brains out.
Good riddance.
We got other things to worry about right now.
(rapid beeping) (prolonged beep) Traumatic arrest.
Starting chest compression.
Hang another unit.
Oh, hey.
Clara called for you.
- (snoring) I forgot to tell you.
What's she doing anyway? Hey! Wake up.
- Wake up.
I'm talking to you.
- What happened? Hey, I said there was a phone call for you yesterday.
- I heard what you said.
Yesterday? - Clara was on the phone.
You're telling me about a phone call yesterday today? - Clara-- has she made a decision yet? - What's the matter with you? Yeah, she's gonna go to the academy in the fall.
- I told you.
- She's going to go to the academy? What did I just say? Wow.
You're getting senile.
You know that? That is something.
That is really something.
Can you believe there's gonna be three generations of cops in your family, Danny? Well, I'll tell you the truth-- I wish she would have done something else.
Why? Why? It's in the blood.
"Why"" She came to me, uh, before she made a decision.
She came to you? Yeah, she came to me.
Who's she gonna come to? You? Come on.
- Anyway, she came to me.
She wanted to know what I thought about my life.
Like, if I could, you know, change anything, would I change anything? Would I do anything differently? What'd you tell her? Well, I'll get to that if you shut up for three seconds.
I told her that I I-I wouldn't change anything.
I told her that I I wanted to lie, but I couldn't lie, any I told her that I wouldn't I wouldn't do it.
If I had to do it all over again, I'd do it the same way.
That's the truth.
Huh? That's the truth.
I-I mean, I would've changed my partner, I-I would've told her.
Yeah, yeah.
I love you, too, buddy.
Hey, can you do me a favor? - Sure.
Blow it out your ass.
(prolonged beep) Come on.
Are we ever going to talk about this eyesore of a haircut? FLIPPA: Thank you.
I was waiting for someone to bring that up.
Yeah, Steve, was that, like, a dare or something? No, it was my idea.
KAMEKONA: Not a very good one, if you ask me.
Well, I didn't ask, but thanks for the input.
I'm just saying, some guys can rock the dome.
The Rock, for example.
Kelly Slater.
KAMEKONA: My man Kelly Slater.
Yours truly.
OG Chicago there.
KAMEKONA: Look, you don't have the head shape to pull this off.
Grow 'em out if I was you, brah.
Don't listen to 'em, boss.
It's a good look.
Thanks, Jerry.
Hey, Doc.
It was, uh, touch and go for a while, but, um he pulled through.
Yes! He's gonna be okay.
Can we see him? He's not conscious yet, but as soon as he is, we'll get you in there.
Thanks, Doc.
Thank you.
(whooping) Danny, Danny, Danny.
(whooping) What did he do? He did what? I think it's called a finger thora - Costomy.
- Yeah.
Cracked your chest open, wiggled my finger around inside there and, uh, stopped your heart from getting crushed, but you know, no big deal.
ADAM: Yeah, I'm sure it was nothing.
GROVER: No, brother, it was disgusting.
(laughter) Did he wash his hands at least? You know, time was really of the essence.
He didn't wash his hands.
STEVE: You're such a baby.
You gonna be a baby about this? - Baby? Here, let me tell you something.
The fact is, if I didn't put my finger inside of you, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.
You know? (cell phone ringing) Wow.
Thanks for that image.
Hey, Jerry, go ahead.
JERRY: Okay.
So I ran the names of everyone who signed in on the visitor log yesterday.
Looks like our gunman signed in under the name of "Joshua Hollister.
" But I run the name through several databases, and as far as I can tell, Joshua Hollister does not exist.
So it was an alias.
But someone with that same name checked into a motel room two days ago.
Where? Clear! Commander.

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