Hawaii Five-0 s08e14 Episode Script

Na Keiki a Kalaihaohia (The Children of Kalaihaohia)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O Vice is moving in on this place in minutes.
We have to go, now.
Do you understand that once you're in the system, I can't help you? Get on the bike now.
Before my dad died, I promised him I'd look out for Koa.
Sometimes you gotta let people make their own mistakes.
That's the only way you can really protect your brother.
STEVE: We ID'd the dead shooters that hit the Rendition facility.
This is every crime boss in town.
These guys had no affiliations with any established crews.
They had no Yakuza ink.
Yeah, you're chasing a ghost.
No, Adam, we are chasing a ghost.
I want you to head up a special division within the Five-O task force.
Now you got the connections.
You know how these guys think.
You know how they act.
I want you to help me find who did all this.
You don't have to convince me.
I'm in.
(insects trilling) (groaning) GUARD: Hey! Don't move.
Stay right there.
(grunts) (gasps) No! Please, no! [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x14 Na Keiki a Kalaihaohia ( I wake up in the morning Checking out the early dawning I'm wondering where the surf is gonna be So I'm telling everybody, be early, don't be tardy 'Cause I heard that the surf is up at Waikiki So come and see the beauty of the surf at Waikiki There's a lot of pretty cuties On the beach at Waikiki Duke Kahanamoku used to surf at Waikiki People come from Around the world just to see Waikiki.
I think those guys are checking you out.
Please don't do that ever again.
And no, they're checking out the rookie.
(scoffs) Yeah.
Wait, hold on.
Come back here, come back here.
(sighs) - Here we go.
- What? I feel a speech coming.
No, there's no speech.
I'm just There's no Okay, all right.
If I was gonna give you a speech, what would I say to you? “Your friend's doing me a solid.
“Don't screw this up.
Don't embarrass me.
” Sound about right? Yes, very good.
This is a really good opportunity for you.
All right? It could it could lead to something.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
All right.
Let's go.
Remember, be polite.
Yes, Mom.
ADAM: Good morning.
How's it going, Koa? Good.
You? Good.
This is Eli.
He's the boss around here.
Hey, good to have you.
Adam tells me you've worked on some remodels.
Yeah, I laid tile, hung drywall, stuff like that.
Well, good.
Let's get you set up.
Follow me.
I'll, uh, swing by later.
We'll grab lunch.
- Okay? - Shoots.
TANI: Bye! Thank you so much.
Hey, it's no trouble.
You're the best.
Happy to help.
Hey, I got to run.
Hey, how's that going? I still got Hideki in play.
Thinking he's my best bet to finding our mystery player.
- - Look at you.
You're like Eliot Ness.
Except I don't know who my Al Capone is supposed to be.
DANNY: I don't even care that you're wrong.
Like, people make mistakes all the time.
You made a mistake.
- Dude, this is on you.
- Just the fact that you can't admit to it.
- You can't say, “I made a mistake.
” - This is on you.
What are you talking about? Are you kidding me? What are you talking about? I'm the first person to admit when I'm wrong.
You're not the first person to admit anything.
Shut up.
Pua, I didn't see you standing there.
I'm not gonna shut up.
I'm sorry.
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
Duke said you guys asked for me by name.
What's going on? We got robbed last night.
Danny didn't lock the restaurant last night.
- That's fake news, okay? - Huh? Danny forgot to lock the shop.
That's not what happened.
That is an alternative fact.
You know what's crazy to me? It's crazy that they-they let someone as careless as you carry a firearm.
That's what's nuts to me.
Who's “they”? You hired me, you putz.
The state has nothing to do with it-- you hired me.
(whistles) Well, that was a lapse of my judgment, wasn't it? PUA: Okay, okay, okay.
All right? You, over there.
You, over there.
All right, I'm sorry you guys got hit.
Can you tell me what was taken? Tools.
They left him, obviously.
But we A lot of tools.
A sander, nail gun They had a whole bunch of stuff.
We had a drop saw, all right? We had a hammer drill.
Anyway, the point is, A whole bunch of stuff.
is that you were like a psychopath when I stole that Christmas tree.
You tracked it down like a crazy person.
So I figured maybe you could help with his mistake.
You said you were gonna lock the restaurant.
You didn't lock the restaurant.
Why would I lock it? Steve, you were here.
You said you were gonna stay here and sand the bar till 9:00 at night! How Even if I wanted to lock this restaurant, you are the “keeper of the keys.
” Are you not? We made a big deal about it.
You made me sign the thing.
How-how could I You-You're the key guy.
Okay, okay.
The keys.
Yeah, the keys.
Let's talk about those keys.
Good, let's talk about 'em.
Those keys are on a ring.
And also on that ring is a fob.
A little fob Mm-hmm.
that belongs to a car that I own Yeah.
that you drive all the time that was in your pocket! I didn't have any pockets.
Last night, I was wearing pants with no pockets.
How do I have keys in a pocket with pants with no pockets? Lt.
Cargo Pants, when do you not have pockets? I don't always wear cargo pants.
You were wearing cargo pants last night.
No, I wasn't.
You sleep in cargo pants.
No, I don't.
I sleep in pajamas.
Okay? Pua, listen to me.
No pressure.
This is the most important case you've ever worked.
If you don't get our stuff back, I'm gonna have to listen to this revisionist history for the next three months.
I'll get right on it.
I'll-I'll get right on it.
Okay? All right? Thank you.
And-and if you guys can, just get me an itemized list of everything that's missing.
And I'll Fine.
I'll initiate the report ASAP.
And that way, you guys can file an insurance claim right away.
Well, well, yeah, that's gonna be a problem, 'cause we don't have insurance, 'cause he thought it'd be (phone ringing) too early to get insurance.
Calculated risk.
How'd that work out? It was a calculated risk.
Okay, you know what, I don't want to listen to you anymore.
Hang on.
You can go.
I can't t I McGarrett.
So, caretaker was walking the grounds late last night when he noticed that one of the graves had fresh dirt on top.
Looked to him like it had just been dug up and refilled.
So, he got worried that maybe someone may have dug up the body during the night.
Decided to check for himself.
Turns out he was right about the body.
Only he didn't expect to find another one in its place.
Our Vic here was working security last night.
Suffered one gunshot wound to the chest.
But according to Dr.
Cunha, cause of death was asphyxiation.
Wait a minute, you're telling me this guy, he happens upon somebody jacking a body, then he gets shot before he can do anything about it, and then he gets buried alive? Yeah, well, that's how it looks.
And, uh, based off of footprints, it looks like our perp was out here alone.
DANNY: Okay, so, uh, what, uh, body snatching, uh, uh, for profit? Satanic cult stuff? What do you think? How do you profit off a corpse? You sell bones and soft tissue to a bone or a tissue bank.
I know this meth head, lives down the block.
I mean, it's how he makes his money.
That's it.
That's solely That's, like, his profession.
Both theories are valid, but, for all we know, there could've been some personal motive involved.
What do we know about the prior occupant of this grave? Well, let me guess.
Name's Travis Hinkley.
Born July 26, 1978.
Died a couple weeks ago.
He was “gentle of heart and generous of spirit”" That's all I'm getting right now.
That's excellent detective work.
(laughs) Thank you.
Thank you so much, uh, Danny Williams.
We know anything else? Uh, n-not yet, sir.
But I'm on it.
All right, good.
The more we can find out about this guy, it might tell us something about whoever took him.
Yes, sir.
All right.
He's gonna, um The “sir.
” He didn't tone down the “sir” thing.
Aw, we're working on it.
Working on it.
I got an idea.
You get, um, one of those, uh, dog shock collars, and - Yeah.
every time he says “sir,” you That's a good idea.
You know, you buy, maybe get two for the price of one.
Put one on you for every time you say something stupid like that.
What do you say? That's funny.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) (lock buzzing) (birds chirping) (lock buzzes) (vehicle approaching) Morning.
(parking brake clicks) Give you a lift? You for real? (chuckles) What do you mean? I mean, I just walked out of there ten seconds ago.
What are you, some kind of sicko who trolls women's prisons? Is that, like, a fetish? No, I'm not.
And, yeah, it probably is.
Well, I got a ride coming.
Actually, you don't.
Jimmy's Cab, right? Reservation under Nomura, first name Jessie? Yeah, I canceled that.
What? I thought you and I should talk.
Who are you? What do you want? (sighs) My name is Adam Noshimuri.
And it's better if we talk somewhere else.
Get in.
Look, you can sit in back if you like.
Hey, trust me.
You're gonna want to hear what I have to say.
(indistinct shouting, laughing in distance) Undercover? It's a long-term assignment.
You'll infiltrate the crew, gather Intel and report back to me.
There's risk involved, but there's also money.
You'd be well-paid.
To snitch? Yeah, I would hope so.
It's more like keeping your ears to the ground.
You see, it's not this crew I'm after.
I'm looking for someone bigger.
Someone in the shadows.
But to find them I need to keep a close eye on a local Yakuza boss.
Guy by the name of Hideki Tashiro.
Why me? Well, for starters, Hideki, he doesn't like outsiders, but in your case I think he'll make an exception.
Because ? You're real good at being bad.
Burglary, fraud, money laundering, grand theft.
Finding people with those skills has gotten a lot tougher since Five-O did their big sweep.
The talent pool out there is thin.
Plus, you're an orphan, which is something he'll find appealing.
Why's that? 'Cause family can be an Achilles heel.
A way to get to someone.
Guess I wouldn't know.
And the fact that I'm a girl, that's not gonna be a turnoff? No.
He's a very forward-thinking criminal.
This is what you'd be paid.
(scoffs) I got to admit, my first 30 minutes on the outside aren't going the way I would've expected.
So what do you say? I say money means squat if I'm not around to spend it.
If I get made as a CI, that doesn't end well for me.
I know these people.
I know how they think.
I can prepare you.
I can tell you what to expect.
- I can keep you safe.
- Right.
You realize I'm offering you more than just money here.
I'm offering you something most ex-cons never get.
What's that? A purpose.
Without one, you're very likely to end up back inside.
You think so, huh? Yeah.
I do.
Because I've known people like you, people always looking for a shortcut.
I've been around them my whole life.
Maybe you have, but that doesn't mean you know me.
You with your tailored shirt.
Your $200 haircut.
You don't know me.
See ya.
Look, where are you going? I'll give you a lift.
I'm good.
JUNIOR: So this is what our missing cadaver looked like back when he was alive.
At the time of his death he was unemployed and he has no surviving family on the island.
And he died how? Malaria.
Well, that's a pretty exotic way to go for a local boy.
Not many cases of malaria in this part of the world.
No, you could pretty much count the number of fatalities on one hand.
So Hinkley spent quite a bit of time in West Africa in the days leading up to his death, so he probably contracted the virus and it went undetected.
What you thinking, Cap? I don't know.
Guy dies pretty young.
Very suddenly.
Exotic cause of death.
This might sound a little strange, but perhaps there was somebody in his life that, uh, wasn't quite ready to let him go just yet.
You think that somebody missed Hinkley so much that they dug up his body? Just like Norman Bates dug up his mom? We've seen stranger.
Do we know if Hinkley was involved with anybody? Uh, no, but we're still looking into his personal life.
I-In-In the meantime, CSU, uh, found tire tracks down at the crime scene and the lab matched them to a late model van which could belong to our perp.
Anything else? TANI: Yes, boss is starting to think that maybe there was some sort of creepy religious ritual that involves digging up a corpse, so he and Danny are consulting with an expert on the macabre.
JUNIOR: Lucky for us, we just happen to have one in-house.
JERRY: Sounds weird, I know, but in certain parts of the world, digging up the dead is totally normal.
In the highlands of Madagascar, there's a thing called the “Turning of the Bones,” - Ooh.
where villagers unearth their relatives every seven years, rewrap them in burial cloth and dance around with them.
Is this, like, they're crowd-carrying the corpse? Looks festive.
There's also the Ma'nene Festival in Indonesia.
Same idea, only it happens every three years.
They also change the cadaver's clothes.
DANNY: This is fascinating.
It's, uh, disgusting, um, but we're not in Madagascar or Indonesia.
Yeah, Jerry, we need to try to figure out why somebody would dig up a stiff in Hawaii.
Could be a “Ghost Marriage.
” - I'm sorry, you said “Ghost Marriage”? - Yeah, it's an ancient ritual practiced by a small segment of the Chinese population.
Basically, the idea is you dig up an unwed dead person and you pair them with an unwed recently deceased person, so they can be married in the afterlife.
It's like Tinder for the dead.
Yeah, Jerry, I-I think we need something grounded, like a motive grounded in reality, or, uh Haitian Zombie Powder.
(exhales) Excuse me? You sprinkle it on a dead body, you bring it back to life.
Thing is, you need crushed human skulls of the recently deceased, which means a trip to the cemetery.
- Jerry DANNY: Ho-ho-ho-ho.
Hold on.
Let me um just get this straight.
You think, or you're suggesting, that our killer, maybe, uh, he was looking for ingredients to make a magic dust to bring somebody back to life? We need grounded.
Okay, how about this? There's an Afro-Caribbean religion called Santería.
It started in West Africa but has since spread to other parts of the world.
Some of its practices include live animal sacrifice and the use of human remains.
Now, over the years a few santeros have been arrested on the mainland for digging up bodies to be used in healing ceremonies.
STEVE: Our missing corpse recently spent time in West Africa.
This could actually be something.
DANNY: So, you actually want to talk to a santero? I do.
Jerry, thank you.
I appreciate this.
That's good.
Oh, you can keep those.
I got copies.
I don't want that.
Oh, by the way, I've also got binders of Zombie Powder research.
You want me to send those up just in case? No, uh, I think you can-- you know, why don't you hang onto those? We're gonna follow up on the santeros, and then if it doesn't pan out, we'll look into the Night of the Living Dead-ly angle thing.
Okay? Thanks.
PUA: My hunch is whoever stole Commander McGarrett and Detective Williams' tools most likely fenced them.
And I have a hunch that your hunch is correct.
So do you know any pawn shops that take in hot merch? I might know a few that don't ask questions about an item's provenance.
I'll go write some names down while you go get something to eat.
I'm good, thanks.
I think you should go get something to eat.
I'm good.
I had a big breakfast.
Plus, I'm trying to keep the weight off.
(laughs) You really don't know how this works, do you? Quid pro quo, bruddah.
That's Latin for “buy some shrimp, get some names”" Ah.
I think I am hungry.
I thought so.
I'll take the, uh, Kahuku shrimp special.
Good choice.
What else? Uh The tacos? Very tasty.
And? (sighs) This is religious persecution.
STEVE: What are you talking about? It's not religious persecution.
We went through your house, Mr.
We found some pretty disturbing stuff.
(screams) Live animal sacrifice is permitted under freedom of religion.
Supreme Court said so.
Okay, but, uh, having, uh, human remains on an altar in your garage, that is definitely illegal, and you should know that, 'cause you were arrested for it once in Louisiana.
First of all, I was framed in that case.
Those remains were planted by neighbors who were trying to run me out of town because they didn't like my beliefs.
And second, those are animal bones on my altar.
STEVE: Well, the good news is we have a, uh, very thorough crime lab that's gonna tell us exactly the type of bones they are, but right now we want to know, where were you last night? I was home.
DANNY: Yeah.
Can anyone back that up? No.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) HPD just found the van.
It's registered to a U.
Marine who's currently stationed over in Afghanistan.
We were able to get in contact with him and, uh, he had no idea that his van had been stolen.
You guys might want to brace yourselves.
STEVE: Oh, my God.
(indistinct police radio chatter) STEVE: Okay, was anything missing? Any, uh, any organs? Bones? Tissue? NOELANI: Doesn't look like it, but it appears Mr.
Hinkley's large intestine has been cut open.
JUNIOR: So, I assume it's safe to say a little alien didn't explode out of his chest? Wow.
Was that a joke? Uh, yes, sir.
Commander McGarrett, uh, said use humor as a way to combat job stress and, uh, distasteful situations.
That's very good.
That's good.
I mean, the delivery was, um, uh, stiff.
STEVE: Stiff? That's funny, too.
'Cause we got a stiff right here, you see? - The delivery was fine.
- That's not very funny, either.
NOELANI: Gentlemen.
Evidence is degrading here.
Can we continue? STEVEN: Yes, I'm sorry.
You were saying? There's obvious post-mortem work.
Hinkley's large intestine has been cut open.
All right, so our killer, uh, digs this guy up, slices him open, and he-he leaves him here.
Why? Well, clearly we can rule out body snatching for profit, right? DANNY: Santeria.
Maybe Hinkley was a mule.
As in a drug mule? JUNIOR: Yeah.
Only he died before he could deliver whatever he had in his system, so whoever's waiting to pick it up has no choice but to dig him up and get it out.
It's good, but I-I think it's too much trouble.
You got to rent a van, he kills a guy, digs up a grave.
It's a lot to go through.
Right? I agree, I agree, I don't buy it either.
I mean, most big-time dealers, they expect to lose a mule or two here or there, right? It's the cost of doing business.
DANNY: I mean, maybe he had something more valuable in him.
I don't know.
Right? (phone ringing) Adam.
What's up? (car door opens) Hey.
Jessie said no.
We're gonna have to find someone else.
Well, maybe we give the kid some time.
We approach her again later on.
I'm not sure we can afford to wait.
Word is Hideki's looking to make some big moves.
He'll need soldiers to do it.
We'll never have a better opportunity to get someone on the inside.
All right.
Well, just keep me posted on who you're gonna approach next, okay? Will do.
Adam, I need to ask you a question.
Are you sure are you sure this Hideki guy is worth all the time and resources we're putting into him? Listen, the fact that he's one of the only bosses on the island who's still breathing tells me he's either working with this outside crew we're after, or they left him in place as part of a larger plan.
And if I'm wrong? Well, then whoever we're looking for will probably come for Hideki just like they came for Shioma and the rest.
Trust me, Steve.
We got to keep a close eye on this guy.
All right.
I think I would've remembered if someone came into my shop with a bunch of power tools.
No one has.
Maybe they dealt with one of your employees.
I'm the only one who works here.
Mind if I take a look at your security tapes? (laughs) That? That doesn't actually record anything.
It's just a deterrent.
So, just to be clear, if I pull footage from that car dealership across the street, I'm definitely not gonna see anyone dropping by with power tools? You're absolutely positive about that? I, uh I couldn't really say for sure.
I mean, a lot of people come in and out, you know? All right.
Two guys came in yesterday.
But I didn't get their name and I didn't know those tools were hot, I swear.
Okay, listen, I don't need names.
Just give me back the tools, okay? Um, I don't have them.
What? I already sold them.
All right.
Well, then, I'm gonna need the name of the person you sold them to.
That, I can get you.
(chuckles) Uh are there really, uh, cameras across the street? Just get me that name.
Awesome news.
Thank you.
All right.
That was Pua.
He says he's got a great lead.
He thinks we may even get the tools back this afternoon.
That's great.
It's still a mistake on your part, but that's great.
What do we got, guys? Actually, we got a lead, too.
Uh, lab found a print inside a pair of latex gloves that our body snatcher left behind in the van, and it came back to this guy: Neil Voss.
He's in our system for petty larceny.
But check this out.
Last year he got picked up trying to smuggle uncut diamonds into Canada.
Here's the best part of the story, though.
So, like Hinkley, this guy recently spent a lot of time in West Africa, specifically Liberia and the Ivory Coast.
All right.
Two hot spots for blood diamonds.
GROVER: Looks like Voss and Hinkley were partners.
They tried to bring some stones into Hawaii.
Unfortunately for Voss, the goods were still inside Hinkley's body when he died.
Meantime, Voss bides his time until he can get to those diamonds, then jumps on a plane and bounces out of here, right? I mean, he must've figured that Hinkley's body could stay in that van at long-term parking at the airport for a couple of weeks without being noticed.
Yeah, I mean, that's definitely what it looks like, except for one thing.
While he did have a plane ticket leaving today, he never checked in.
JUNIOR: Which means he's probably still on the island.
Wait a minute.
W-Why would he stick around? Maybe he, uh, he knew we were on to him (phone chimes) he got spooked.
Noelani, she's got something, Danny.
So, I did my own autopsy on Mr.
Hinkley and came across something strange.
See this? - Hmm.
This is his intestine.
I recognize that from the floor of the van.
But what you probably didn't notice were these.
Look like suture marks.
They are.
It seems today wasn't the first time that Hinkley had his intestine cut open.
- But this is where it gets interesting.
- Okay.
I pulled his medical records, and it turns out he never had any kind of procedure done on that organ, which means these incisions Happened after he died.
And since Hinkley never had an autopsy, I'm thinking they were probably done by the mortician who prepped the body.
And I can only think of one reason why someone would do that.
'Cause the mortician, uh, thought that there was something inside of there that he wanted to get his hands on.
That's why Voss didn't get on that plane.
Somebody got to the stones before he did.
Stones? Yeah, we think Hinkley was, uh, transporting diamonds.
We have to find that mortician before Voss does.
(rock music playing) (drill whirring) Girls, take it right back down Boys, they come and go Hey.
You know where Koa is? - Who? - The kid who started work this morning.
Haven't seen him.
(sighs) All right.
Hey, Koa, it's Adam.
You in there? Oh, my God.
Koa, hey.
Koa! Can you hear me? Hey, Eli, come quick! I need some help over here! Come on, help! Help, help! Wake up.
Wake up, Koa! Koa! Koa, wake up! Hey.
Hey, I need some help! Come on! Adam, what the hell happened? I found him passed out.
Call an ambulance.
No, there's no time.
Help me get him in the car.
Come on, let's go.
All right.
(phone dialing) (tires squealing) Come on, pick up, pick up.
Pick up.
(horn honks) Come on, pick up.
(phone rings) Dr.
Noelani, it's Adam Noshimuri.
I've got Koa Rey with me.
He's in trouble.
I think he's OD'd.
NOELANI: Is he conscious? Just barely.
How long has he been out? ADAM: I don't know.
I found him passed out a few minutes ago.
Do you know what he took? ADAM: No, I don't.
Okay, uh, how far are you from a hospital? ADAM: No, can't do a hospital.
If I take him there, that gets the cops involved.
Besides, I'm closer to you.
You're bringing him here? ADAM: Yeah.
I'll be out front in two minutes.
(Noelani sighs) All right, I'll meet you.
Hang in there.
Pulse is faint.
Search his pockets.
He's barely breathing.
I got something.
Those are probably opiates.
He doesn't have much time.
What is that? Naloxone.
It reverses the effects of an overdose.
Is it working? The effects are usually instant.
He's gonna need another dose.
All right, come on, man.
Come on, man.
You got this.
Rice? Five-O.
(muffled yelling) (muffled yelling continues) All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Where's Voss? He's on his way to my house.
The diamonds at your house? Yeah.
Get HPD over there.
My wife is there, too.
(doorbell rings) Who is it? Delivery, Mrs.
It's from your husband.
(screams) Afternoon, Mrs.
(whimpers) (sirens wailing) You're stalling.
(sobs) I'm not, I swear.
Please, I'm just nervous.
Sooner you get this done, the sooner I'm out of here.
(lock clicks) Open it.
Let me see.
All right, down on the floor.
Do it.
(crying) (whimpering) You're gonna stay down here and count to a hundred, you got me? (whimpers): Mm-hmm.
(engine starts, revs) (sirens approaching) (tires squealing) Neil Voss! Get out of the car right now.
Keep your hands where I can see 'em! Right now! STEVE: Gun! (grunting) STEVE: Grover, take Junior.
Go check on Mrs.
Look at that.
Are those? Yeah.
Must've swallowed 'em.
That's how he was gonna get 'em off the island.
Yeah, well, short of a full body scan at the airport, he might have got away with it, too.
(phone ringing) (phone beeps on) Hey.
(panting) He's gonna be fine.
Thank you.
Adam Hey.
It's okay.
We'll give you guys a few minutes, all right? (panting) You are so lucky that they brought you here.
Do you get that? If the cops got involved I know.
(quietly): Yeah.
H-How long have you been using? About a year.
You need help.
You're going to rehab.
Look, I I get it, okay? I was I was stupid.
It won't happen again.
I'm I'm done with that stuff.
You can't even look at me.
You should have died today.
I promised Dad, I promised him.
I promised him that I'd look after you.
I'm not a kid, all right? You're not a man, either! What are you doing, huh? What are you doing, Koa? (voice breaking): Huh? What are you doing? You're stealing.
You're rolling with bangers, you're getting high.
This isn't you.
You weren't like this.
Now, where you're headed, you're gonna end up in jail, or you're gonna end up dead.
Do you understand that? You are my only family.
You are the only thing I have.
You can't leave me.
(cries) I'm sorry.
(sniffles) I'm sorry.
(gasps) (panting) (TANI sniffles) (saw buzzing) (saw buzzing) Aloha.
Kapula Sugimoto? Officer Pua Kai.
Can I help you? - Was this from that wildfire last year? - Yeah.
It's taking forever to get the insurance money, and we got nowhere else to go, so I told the kids, “Hey, let's pitch a tent and live off the land for a while.
” I figured we could do the repair work ourselves.
Yeah, it's a good thing you have the tools.
Well, actually, we just bought them.
- Ah.
- I couldn't afford new ones.
Good deal, too.
But anyway, what's going on? Is the noise too loud? No.
So what's the problem? This tastes like a shoe.
It's strange.
No, it's simple and good.
Nothing wrong with your salad.
It's a good salad.
Oh! What? So there he is.
Hey, Pua! Buddy! What's going on? What, uh what's up with the tools? Well Uh-oh.
I-I'm I'm sorry, Detective, Commander, but we hit a wall.
Those tools are probably off-island by now.
What happened to our very promising lead? Yeah The Turns out it was a dead-end.
PUA: I-I'm really sorry.
You know, the last thing I wanted was to let you guys down.
No, no, no, come on.
It's okay.
Look, we-we really appreciate you getting into it for us, and, uh, it's fine.
I'll-I'll keep working the case.
It's cool.
I'll make make sure I'll let you know any progress.
Thank you, Pua.
Thanks, Pua.
Thank you.
(snaps fingers) All right.
Guess I'm going to City Mill tomorrow and get some new tools.
Oh, hold on.
Hold on.
Going to cash Stop.
Okay? What? What? What?! We got to think and reassess a little bit.
Maybe it's time to reevaluate, assess a couple of things.
Uh We're way behind where we should be, and I think maybe we need to I don't know-- talk a little bit about some stuff.
- What? Well, we're way behind.
You keep fighting me on the aesthetic.
I mean, the booze and this.
- Then we've had a bunch of setbacks.
- Uh-huh, uh-huh.
We were both in quarantine, you got shot, you broke your arm.
I mean - I broke my Well, you bought a phony cheap ladder.
- That's why I broke but that's not the point, okay? That's not the point.
The point is, we are spending way too much money, we're not even close to opening, and I think that maybe the way we are going about this is not working.
- Would you agree with that? - Wait a minute.
Hold on.
Hold on.
What are you trying to say? Are you saying that we made a mistake with this? No, I didn't say it was a mistake.
I said that maybe we could use a little help.
A little help? You want to hire somebody? You just said we don't have any money.
I didn't say “hire.
” I said maybe we just, you know, maybe bring-bring in another partner, so Whoa.
That's the worst idea you've ever had.
Another voice in this? Danny, come on.
Besides, the Steve's is-is supposed to be our thing, you know? Mm.
Listen to me.
Please, would you listen to me? I'm gonna figure it out, all right? We'll get a loan, we'll borrow some money, whatever.
I don't know.
(clears throat) But we're gonna get it, we're gonna figure it out.
(clears throat) It's gonna be awesome, all right? Come on, okay? Okay.
All right.
All right.
You do know you left that door unlocked, though, right? You need to know that.
Uh, that's not You were inside.
That's why I left it open.
(car door opens) About time.
How'd you know where I live? Let's just say I'm resourceful.
You know, a while back, I pulled a couple of jobs with this guy.
A real badass, not someone you'd want to mess with.
Guy's name was Michael Noshimuri.
Your brother, right? Yeah.
What you said before, about growing up with some bad people, knowing how they think? I thought that was all smoke.
Guess I was wrong about you.
Where is Michael these days? No, no, no! (gunshot) He's dead.
I'm sorry.
How? I killed him.
I didn't have a choice.
It was either him or me.
If I do this thing am I gonna end up dead? I won't let that happen.
I'll protect you.
You have my word.
All right, Noshimuri.
You got yourself a CI.

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