Hawaii Five-0 s08e15 Episode Script

He Puko'a Kani 'Aina (A Coral Reef Strengthens Out Into Land)

1 I want you to wanna come and play Wanna come and play I want you to wanna come and play with me.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x15 He Puko'a Kani 'Aina ( Is there a problem, Officer Swimsuit? Uh, sir, a number of our guests are concerned that maybe you're getting too much sun.
Are you aware of the dangers of melanoma? Are you aware of the dangers of blocking my rays? Because, if you don't move, I'm gonna beat your ass so hard you're gonna cough up them swim trunks.
Baywatch, get out of here.
I warned you, you little jamook.
Now I'm gonna rip off your arms and beat you to death.
No, please, please.
Oh! Danny.
How you doing, kid? Hey.
Give me some sugar.
Uncle Vito.
You got grease on you.
You look like a half-baked Butterball.
I don't want to touch you.
Well, I'm sorry you had to hear that.
I thought you were the sunscreen police.
Guy can't even get a tan without somebody giving an opinion about it.
Yeah, well Who's this guy? This-this is Steve.
This is my partner.
Steve, it's my Uncle Vito.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, some grip here.
Hey, Danny's told me a lot about you.
Yeah, as long as he didn't tell you where the bodies are buried.
That's a joke.
I never killed nobody.
And if I did, he'd never tell.
That's, uh that's, uh, Jersey humor.
Oh, okay.
Vito, listen, we really appreciate you, uh, flying all this way to help us get this restaurant up and running.
Thank you.
I hear it's been a disaster for you two.
Well, look, Danny says you're just the guy to get the train back on the track.
So, look, if you're done here, I was thinking maybe we could swing you by the place, maybe get you started.
What do you say? Yeah Could you give me, uh like, another half an hour? You know, I gotta roast this thing evenly.
I'm just breaking your balls.
Huh? Come on, you mutts.
That's Jersey humor again, huh? Okay, I can work with this.
So, here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna punch some holes into the sub wall, make it look like some rats ate the wiring.
So long as you let me do the talking to the arson inspector, we can pull this off.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you talking about, arson inspector? He's, uh he's been in the sun all day.
No, no, Vito, we don't want you to burn the joint down.
We want you to help us finish building it.
You understand? Hey, I thought you guys want to make some money on this venture.
He's joking with me, right? It's a joke? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Huh? What? Son, look, look.
90% of the restaurants fail in the first year.
And the ones that don't mostly go bust after that.
It's not a joke.
You're better off buying a lottery ticket.
Okay, okay, why are you making him crazy? Stop.
All right, you're here to help us.
Can we go on that plan, please? Okay.
It's your heart attack.
You-- I want to talk to you.
No, no, no, Danny.
No, no, no.
Just relax.
Relax, okay? He's busting chops.
He's just messing around.
Only thing he's gonna burn is his epidermis, okay? He will get it done.
This is a bad idea.
My bad idea synapse is firing, firing, firing.
Well, turn it off, 'cause we don't have time for that, okay? We're running out of money.
We're behind schedule.
He will deliver.
He will get it done.
Trust me.
Can you trust me? Okay.
This is on you.
Thank you, partner.
This is on you.
All right.
All right, Vito, listen.
(clears throat) I got, uh I got some cash.
Okay, five grand in here and a list of things that we need.
That's for you.
Feel free to bring us some change.
There's a number in there, a guy named Kamekona.
If you should come across any problems, you give him a call.
Danny, close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
They're open.
It's already done.
You know, you don't have to actually do that.
I'm not a magician.
(cell phone ringing) It's gonna take me a day or two.
No sweat.
DANNY: I know.
You've been saying it.
Yeah, and I'll keep saying it if I want to keep saying it.
You won't stop saying it.
All right? Can we go on with our lives? It's boring now.
Hi, Lou.
How'd it go with Uncle Vito? It went horrible.
It went great.
It was fine.
It's gonna work out great.
Or not.
Maybe it won't work out.
But, anyway, what do we got? We got a dead body to take your minds off that.
JUNIOR: It was dredged out of Waimano Falls Lagoon this morning after some cliff divers discovered it.
What's with the marks on his face? JUNIOR: Our Vic was wrapped in chicken wire.
He was also weighted down by a cinder block.
Killer knew what he was doing.
Chicken wire-- used chicken wire so the fish can bite off little bits of the body and nothing floats to the surface.
It's a good thing we found the body, because Noelani said, if it was there for a couple more weeks, there'd be nothing left but bones.
All right, what about the C.
? JUNIOR: Blunt-force trauma.
He took a blow to the crown of the skull.
Based off the decomp, Noelani estimates that he was dumped within the last 48 hours.
There is some good news, though.
His skin was in good enough condition that the crime lab was able to pull prints.
We got a hit with the Department of Commerce and Safety.
The vic's name is Leighton Prewitt, and he's registered as a private detective.
Whatever he was privately detecting is probably what got him killed.
We need to look at this guy's open cases, then.
(buzzes, beeps) (buzzes, beeps) (engine starts) Hey! You got away clean? Hideki has no idea who stole his car.
There's no going back now.
You just punched the tiger in the nose.
Yeah, and that was the easy part.
You jacked that car without a single scratch.
Who knew that under that clean-cut look of yours you were a car-boosting street racer? Been driving since I was 14.
Taught myself on my father's Ferrari.
Course, he didn't know that.
You boosted your father's car? What a rebel.
Yeah, I was-- until I wrapped that car around a lamppost one night.
Technically, I think I'm still grounded.
MAN: Okay.
We're good to go here.
You really think this is gonna work? You're just gonna have to trust me.
Easy for you to say.
If this thing goes sideways, it's not your ass on the line.
(line ringing) VITO: Hello.
Uncle Vito, what's going on? Hey, nephew.
Lovely to hear from you-- again.
Yeah, I-I know.
(stammers) I just want to see what's going on.
Don't worry about it.
Don't lose any hair over this.
You know, I got it all under control.
In fact, I'm a little busy right now.
I gotta see a guy about some copper plumbing, okay? Copper plum? Hello? Copper plumbing? So, Nicole, where were we? You were just about to buy me another mojito.
Another mojito for my lady friend, and I'll take another one of these, uh, Mary Pickfords, but easy on the grenadine, huh? You know, you remind me of, uh, the sort of class act I used to go for back in the day.
Frank--- he would've loved you.
Frank? Sinatra.
You know, he loved beautiful girls like you.
He was the greatest singer of all time.
You know what he said to me once? He said, “Hey, kid, I think you're sitting on my coat.
” Frank Sinatra.
What a voice.
He said, “I think you're sitting on my coat.
” But enough about me.
So, what's, um what's your story, beautiful? Well I could tell you here, but it's so loud.
Did you say you had a room at the hotel? TANI: All right, we pulled the Vic Leighton Prewitt's open cases.
We also ran his phone records.
He had 11 active cases.
Call logs show he spoke to five of those clients in the 48 hours before he died.
All right, then those are the five clients we focus on first.
Uh, something else you may find interesting.
Uh, Prewitt's phone was backing up to the cloud.
The only photo which looks like it might be case-related is this.
We got any idea what the significance of that bracelet is? GROVER: Not so far.
I mean, for all we know, it could've been a present he was eyeing for his girlfriend or something.
Then why would he have it in an evidence bag? My point is-- it ain't much to go on.
I agree with you.
We need to work with what we do have, which is our vic's open cases, all right? So let's reach out to the five clients that he spoke to most recently.
Everybody take one, interview them, report back and see if somebody can shed some light on where Prewitt was the day he died.
WOMAN: Sorry.
I, uh I just can't believe he's dead.
I mean, I just spoke to him a few days ago.
Susan, can you tell me why you hired Mr.
Prewitt? About two years ago, Micah, my husband-- sorry, ex-husband-- suddenly disappeared.
Um I've been trying to find out what happened to him.
Micah had been going through a rough patch.
First, he was laid off from his job.
Then he tried starting a business, and that didn't work out.
He took it really hard.
Saw his inability to provide for the family as a personal failure.
It's why our marriage fell apart.
I'm sorry.
Everyone assumed that Micah had just run away from it all.
But I knew him.
There is no way that he would abandon his kids like that.
And I just can't shake the idea that something terrible happened to him.
This is the last photo I have of him.
It was our son's birthday.
Uh, Susan, uh that bracelet there-- do you know where he got it from? Actually, I never noticed that before.
He must have started wearing it after the divorce.
Susan, you said you spoke to Prewitt a few days ago.
What did you guys talk about? He said he was following a lead out in Waimea.
Wanted me to okay an overnight stay expense, which I did.
That was it.
Waimea? Wait a minute.
That's-that's right around the area where Prewitt's body was discovered.
Yeah, less than a mile, to be exact.
All right, Junior, let's say you're onto something here and Prewitt was killed investigating the disappearance of Micah Kalani.
Tell me one thing-- why now? Micah's been missing for almost two years.
Yeah, see, that's the thing.
I just spoke with Sergeant Lukela, and as far as HPD's concerned, Kalani's not considered a missing person anymore.
Why is that? MICAH (over speaker): Mom, Dad, it's me.
I just wanted you to know that I miss you and I'm sorry for everything.
(beep) Mr.
and Mrs.
Kalani, aside from this voice mail, have you had any other contact with your son since he disappeared? Actually, he's called the house several times.
Has he? You've spoken to him? Well, it was missed calls, really.
A few times, the phone rang, and no one was on the other end.
But it left you wondering-- could've been him.
JUNIOR: Sir, if I may, uh According to Micah's ex-wife, Susan, his running off like this never made any sense.
She described it as very out of character.
Susan has her own agenda.
What do you mean by that? Micah has a life insurance policy.
That's why Susan hired that investigator.
She's been trying to have Micah declared dead so that she can cash in.
and Mrs.
Kalani, I have to ask-- assuming Micah is alive, can you think of any reason why he would not want to go home to his family? A few times before Micah disappeared, he came by the house asking for money.
He say what it was for? No.
But it was a lot of money.
Whatever he needed it for, it just seemed like he was in trouble.
Had a key made.
In case you don't have the original with you.
So many questions.
Why don't you start by telling me who you are.
Jessie Nomura.
And how did you get your hands on my car? I stole it.
Have a guy in Shanghai who pays top dollar for German luxury cars.
But then I realized whose it was and decided it was in my best interest to return it.
With my apologies.
A thief with honor.
Not something you see every day.
This is about more than just honor, isn't it? Mr.
Hideki I want nothing except for your forgiveness for my actions.
I'm torn.
You stole from me.
So I should probably kill you.
Then again could've taken the easy way out and just dumped the car.
It took You can say “balls.
” It took courage to come here knowing there was a chance I wouldn't be in a forgiving mood.
Good-bye, Miss Nomura.
TANI: So we just pulled Micah Kalani's financials.
His dad was right.
In the months before he disappeared, he maxed out his credit cards and he drained his bank account.
So, what are we thinking? Uh, gambling, drugs? GROVER: Sure.
Then, when you run out of legitimate ways to get some more money, what's the next stop? Loan sharks and bookies.
Type of people who don't respond well when you don't meet your repayment plan.
Yeah, that would explain why he disappeared rather than declaring bankruptcy.
Right, and he probably was not too keen on a P.
out there looking to confirm his whereabouts.
Looks like Micah Kalani's still alive.
And it looks to me like he might be our killer.
HIDEKI: Things are changing, Ikko.
(over speaker): These days, I'm like a CEO reporting to my board.
Tokyo expects a 200% increase across the business.
IKKO: You said it yourself: The weakness of our competitors is our opportunity.
HIDEKI: That's right.
After you drop me at Taka's, I want you to pick up the dead drops.
We got a collection tomorrow.
Sounds like they're sending money back to Tokyo tomorrow.
If you can get Hideki in a room with that cash, that's enough to make a bust, especially with what we have on the wire.
You're forgetting, Hideki's not the one we're after here.
I know.
We want the bogeyman-- this mystery player you're convinced is running the show.
But if you can put pressure on Hideki, maybe he'll give that person up.
Or he'll lawyer up and not say a word, and all we'll have done is shown our hand.
Looks like he's headed to Taka's barber shop.
STEVE: Okay, here's what we know.
This is where Prewitt's body was found-- right here at Waimano Falls.
Now, Susan Barnes told us that Prewitt was out here looking for leads to the disappearance of Micah Kalani.
Okay, so if Micah's still alive and laying low, he could be hiding somewhere within the vicinity.
I want you to get units out there to comb the entire area.
Get helos up in the air looking for a dwelling, whether it's a hut, a tent-- anything, okay? Yes, sir.
Hold up, hold up.
I think we gotta revise our theory that Micah's still alive.
What are you talking about? MICAH (recorded): Mom, Dad, it's me.
I just wanted you to know that I miss you and I'm sorry for everything.
Hear that background swash? Those are waves.
The weird thing, though, is that the pay phone where the call was made, it wasn't anywhere near the ocean.
Micah didn't make that call, did he? Mr.
Kalani, that was you holding your cell phone up to a pay phone receiver, playing back an old voice mail.
Isn't that right? Until we had proof otherwise, I thought it was better that my wife believe that Micah was still alive.
It was wrong.
But I can't get the last time I saw Micah out of my head.
He came to me asking for money.
I said no.
Told him not to come around the house anymore.
I thought tough love was the best medicine, but now I'm worried that he might have hurt himself.
Why would you think that? KYLE: He was manic.
He was shouting at me, telling me I didn't understand the importance of what he was doing.
He scared me.
I I didn't recognize my own son.
Just a half inch or so off the ends.
What are the odds? Personally I don't believe in coincidences.
(over speaker): I also don't know many women who want their hair cut in a barber shop.
JESSIE: To be clear, I just wanted a trim.
Can we stop playing this game? I know you stole my car to get my attention.
Now here you are again.
So What is it you want? I have certain aptitudes that are not really suited to civilian life.
But things have changed since I went away.
There used to be ten or 12 potential employers for someone like me, and now it seems there's only one.
But to be clear, I'm not expecting a pension plan or health care.
Just a chance to impress.
If it's a question of needing references, I'd be happy to get you some.
I've done my homework on you.
It's possible I could use someone with your skill set.
JESSIE: You won't regret it.
We'll see, won't we? Ikko.
(razor snaps shut) Go take care of that business we discussed.
Miss Nomura and I are gonna get to know each other a little better.
(beep) Oh, thank God.
It's not what it looks like.
I was robbed.
I got robbed, all right? Hey.
I hear we got something.
DANNY: Yeah.
HPD's canvas of the jungle turned up Prewitt's car.
GROVER: Car was abandoned less than two miles away from where Prewitt's body was dumped.
Now, CSU's still processing the scene, but they've already found something really interesting.
They found a parking receipt that was dated the day before Prewitt was murdered.
Now, this receipt came from a visit Prewitt made to a mental health facility in Wailua.
JUNIOR: I just spoke to the receptionist there, and according to their log book, Prewitt was there to visit a patient named Gregory Isaacs.
Is this Isaacs connected to Micah Kalani's disappearance? Safe to assume, yes.
A few days after Micah went missing, Isaacs was found stumbling out of the jungle.
The same jungle where Prewitt's body and car were found.
GROVER: And apparently, the guy was in a state of shock.
He was a complete mess-- catatonic, unable to communicate, thousand-yard stare, the whole nine.
They admitted him to the psych ward, where doctors determined that this guy had had a complete mental break.
The kind that would be induced by a traumatic event.
They also think that there were drugs involved.
And look at that.
Look at his wrist.
The bracelet.
It's the same bracelet Micah Kalani has.
That bracelet connects Micah Kalani and Gregory Isaacs.
Right? They both went into the same jungle, but as far as we know, only Isaacs returned.
Yeah, and whatever he saw in the jungle bugged him out pretty good.
We need to find out what happened in that jungle.
Isaacs, do you remember getting a visit from this man? His name's Leighton Prewitt.
Uh, Steve, I don't think he's, um in the in the building.
Or on Earth, for that matter.
You know what I mean? What about this man? This is Micah Kalani.
You ever seen him before? No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! No! Settle down.
No! No! (grunts) No! No! (yells) VITO (recorded): Yo, this is Vito.
I ain't here.
Leave a message.
Hey, uh Vito, um, I'm just checking to see what's going on.
I haven't heard from you.
I'm just making sure you're getting stuff done.
Uh, call me when you can, all right? STEVE: Greg, listen to me.
You know what happened to Micah Kalani, don't you? The bridge DANNY: What'd he say? He said “the bridge.
” What bridge, Greg? What bridge? We never should have gone there.
Where'd you go? Greg, where'd you go? Tell me where you went.
Where'd you go? NURSE Please.
He's been through enough today.
He needs some rest.
All right.
Can I help you, sir? Sure as hell hope so.
I'm Vito from Jersey.
I believe my nephew, he told you about me.
Yeah, he mentioned you might be calling.
I didn't expect a personal visit.
Yeah, well, this matter I need to discuss with you, uh, let's just say it's, um it's of a sensitive nature.
And she just left me there, naked as the day I was born.
Strung out like a salami in a butcher shop window.
I had to beg her just to cover me up with a towel.
A hand towel? No, a bath towel.
But she didn't just rob me of my dignity.
She took my Roley and the five Gs Danny gave me for the restaurant supplies.
I'm all messed up here.
You gotta help me out.
Tell me this.
The Rolex, is it real? Is it real? What do you think, “is it real”" Okay, it fell off a truck in the Philippines, okay? So it's fake? Yeah.
That might be the one thing that saves your ass.
(knocking at door) Hey, not so fast, honey-bunch.
How'd you find me? KAMEKONA: All it took was a few calls to some pawnshops, asking about a woman trying to hock a fake Roley.
You have any idea how sore my feet and my ankles are? They swelled up like a couple of grapefruits, thanks to you.
KAMEKONA: Yeah, that's borderline psychopathic, taking advantage of an old man like that.
Hey, less on the “old man” stuff, will you? Sorry.
Look, I don't want any problems.
Just tell me you still got my money.
Oh, come on.
If it makes you feel any better, I still got $27 change.
And your watch.
All right, get all these bags and your receipts.
We're bringing everything back.
Come on.
Don't forget the statue of Adonis.
You dropped eight bills on this? (cell phone ringing) Come on, sugar.
Come on, let's go get my money back.
Hold on.
Oh, you don't want to take that call.
Straight to voice mail again.
Don't “uh-huh” me, okay? I know what he's doing.
Vito is doing the stuff we asked him to do.
That's why he's not answering the phone.
No, no, listen.
He's working.
You said Vito is just the guy to come and solve our problem, and I trust you a thousand percent, Danny, so No, no, don't do that.
Don't try to get under my skin.
My skin is un-get-underable, okay? Guys, tell me you got something.
What do you got? I got something.
I got a massive headache from banging my head against the wall over this thing.
Other than that, no, nothing.
We've been going over maps and sat images of where Isaacs was discovered.
If there is anything we can say with absolute certainty, it's that there is no bridge to be found.
There's gotta be something.
All right? These guys, they wore identical bracelets, they go into the exact same part of an enormous jungle.
They're connected.
We need to find out how.
So, this drink it means I have a job with you? We'll get to that.
For now, let's talk.
What about? I need to be able to trust the people in my crew.
And trust is earned over time.
(chuckles softly) I just did a six-year stretch.
Could've been six months if I'd given up my crew.
But the next time you go away, it'll be for life.
Time like that would get anyone talking.
I know how to keep my mouth shut.
I need you to take a look at the boss's car.
Open every panel.
I want it swept for bugs and GPS.
Your pain can become joy.
Your poverty can be transformed into riches.
Until now, you have been asleep in yourself.
It is time to wake up and be the best version of you.
Come with me across The Bridge and journey from past failure to future success.
Who is this nut bar, and what the hell does he have to do with our case? TANI: This is Visha Kundahara.
He's the author of the book Crossing the Bridge.
It's a self-published book that turned up on an old photo on one of Isaacs' Facebook pages.
DANNY: So, you think the bridge that Isaacs was babbling about is his book? It seems like a bit of a stretch.
It seems like more than a bit of a stretch.
Until you consider that-that The Bridge isn't just a book.
It's the central text to an entire self-help religion that Kundahara created.
The thing is basically a cult.
Right, he charges people thousands upon thousands of dollars to take these courses, including Greg Isaacs.
STEVE: Wait a minute.
Do we know if Micah Kalani did the course? Well, I looked into his financials.
So, a bunch of withdrawals matched the exact amount that Kundahara charges for these courses-- like, to the dollar.
But here's the smoking gun.
Each level that you complete, you receive a stringed bracelet.
It's like martial arts grades.
There's a different color for each level.
Oh, that's not creepy at all.
The whole course builds up to the final level.
It's called “The Crossing.
” Kundahara himself performs this ceremony where he reveals the “ultimate wisdom” to all his disciples.
And, based on the purple bracelets that both these guys were wearing, it means that they both graduated to that level.
So, these two guys go traipsing into the jungle to meet the good reverend guru.
Only one of them comes out alive, and that guy's lost his damn mind.
He can't even tell us what his name is, much less what happened in there.
Ah, but Prewitt Prewitt probably had that much figured out.
STEVE: Right.
He must have been getting close to finding out what happened to Micah.
And that's why he was killed.
Well, how do you get a meeting with, uh, this guru guy? 'Cause I think that seems like the next TANI: Yeah, well, it's easier said than done.
This guy's gone to ground.
Actually, around the time of Micah's disappearance, the whole business was shuttered.
The Web site was taken down, and somebody did a pretty good job at scrubbing all references to Visha Kundahara online.
Visha Kundahara.
I-I'm guessing this haole wasn't born with that name.
Yeah, I'm with Junior.
Let's check public records, TANI.
All right, here we go.
Looks like he did change his name nine years ago by deed poll.
His real name is Devin Walsh.
And according to this, he bought a plot of land in March 2010, and it's in the middle of the Kalihi jungle.
Hey, that's near where Prewitt's body was found.
That's right.
Then that's where we go.
(whistles) Is that a wire? Yeah.
You got cops listening to you.
Why do I get the feeling that as long as I keep drinking, you're going to keep pouring? Saké wa honshin wo arawasu.
It's an old Japanese proverb.
“Sake reveals the true heart.
” You speak Japanese.
What else do I need to know about you? (cell phone rings) Hello.
Put him on.
The phone.
Ikko, are you there? On your knees.
All right, guys, look sharp.
Up ahead, about 50 yards.
Thank God.
Pretty soon, there's not gonna be anything left of me for the bugs to feed on.
Hey, Junes, tell me, how do you manage not to get bitten? I don't know.
Maybe you're a lot tastier than me.
Well, that goes without saying.
(quiet chatter) Five-O! Hands right now.
Hands where we can see 'em.
Nobody move.
Where's Devin Walsh? Drop your weapons! Put 'em down.
Put 'em down right now.
What is this? Devin Walsh, Five-O.
We're here to bring you in.
Tell your people to put their weapons down.
You already have the blood of two men on your hands.
If these people do not lower their weapons, they are gonna get hurt.
My students will do what they feel is right.
It's out of my hands.
(gunshot; man groans) (groaning) Put 'em down.
Put your guns down right now! Down.
I'm telling you, man, put 'em down.
GROVER: Now, get your hands behind your head.
Step away from your weapons.
You-- hands behind your head.
Interlock your fingers right now.
STEVE: HPD just finished searching the compound.
GROVER: And they found this.
Hawaiian baby woodrose plant.
Got enough of this stuff lying around to start your own flower shop.
But that's not what you had in mind, huh, is it? Lou, the plant itself is is actually perfectly legal.
Oh, yeah.
However the chemical, LSA, that you've been extracting from the seeds not so much.
That's a Schedule II controlled substance.
GROVER: Serious business.
This is right up there with peyote and, uh What's the other one you told me? Ayahuasca.
Which got us to thinking.
Now, what would a legitimate spiritual guru like yourself be needing with a bunch of powerful psychoactive drugs? Then it hit us.
The “Crossing the Bridge” ceremony, right? You take these gullible young students out in the middle of the jungle, get 'em baked out of their minds.
You had these young skulls full of mush tripping so hard they thought they were actually achieving enlightenment.
And Micah Kalani he was a perfect victim for you, wasn't he? 'Cause the guy was desperate.
He was desperate to get his business back on track and start providing for his family, who he loved.
And then you show up.
You convince him that you can help unleash all this untapped potential he's got.
So, what does he do? He gives you thousands of dollars, he gives you months of his life, only to find out that that awakening, that ultimate revelation that you promised him and that he was hoping for, it doesn't exist.
It doesn't exist because it's all a scam.
Well, hey, you said it yourself.
Possession of the woodrose plant is perfectly legal.
That's true.
You did say that.
I did say that.
As for me I was just protecting my property from trespassers.
Don't recall hearing you mention a warrant.
Everything else sounds like conjecture to me.
Maybe a lawyer can clear that up.
Let me just help enlighten you on something.
Your people-- not quite as loyal as you think they are.
See this? We got three independent confessions saying exactly the same thing.
You killed Prewitt, and you directed them to dump his body.
Turns out it was very close to where you dumped Micah's body.
Good thinking.
We got divers going over the place right now.
So, what happened? Huh? Micah figured out this whole thing was a scam, and then did he wig out a little bit, he get violent? I'm thinking he threatened to expose you and this giant con game you got going on.
You really thought you were gonna get away with it? Why wouldn't he think he'd gotten away with it? Two years has gone by.
The case is cold.
HPD's washed their hands of it.
They're not investigating anymore.
But then then Prewitt shows up.
With his nosy ass.
Right? This P.
He knows everything.
He's got it all figured out.
What are you gonna do? You take him out, get rid of the body.
GROVER: Well, after all, what's one more murder to this guy? Here's the good news, buddy.
You got the rest of your life to meditate on that question inside the solitude of a six-by-eight cell.
Oh, it's getting late.
I'll call that lawyer for you before they close shop.
DANNY: Where's the? Oh, wow, look at that hand truck.
That's a beautiful hand truck.
And this-- this is, of course, the dish dolly.
So, if you, uh if you see, all things are here on time and on budget, like we asked for.
So, what do you, uh what do you say to, uh, Uncle Vito? I say thank you, Vito.
Hey, hey.
Don't thank me yet.
I saved the best for last.
Show 'em, big guy.
STEVE: What is it? What's it doing in the restaurant? What is it? Yeah, what is it? It's a statue of Adeenus, the Greek god of whatever.
Ah, it's just a little naked dude.
VITO: It's a design feature.
You know, people come in, they see this beautiful work of art.
It's a conversation piece.
Oh, it'll start some conversations, that's for sure.
Nobody's gonna talk about it, 'cause it's not gonna be here.
We're gonna get rid of it.
You gotta take it back.
Okay? Well, we got a problem, then, you know, because the place where I got it from, they got this strict, uh, return policy.
Like they don't take any returns.
Oh, you mean you-you paid money for that.
I hope it wasn't out of our budget.
Couple of bucks out of the budget, the rest out of my own pocket.
You know, don't worry about it.
You guys can pay me back whenever it's convenient for you.
Doesn't worry me.
It's coming out of his share of the profits, so it's got nothing to do with me.
This guy-- he thinks there's gonna be profits.
JESSIE: Hideki has his guys on the street asking questions, trying to figure out what happened.
But for now, he seems to think that Ikko got jumped making the dead drop run.
All right, this is how it's gonna be.
We have to adapt, take advantage of whatever lucky breaks we get.
Important thing is you're in now.
Looks that way.
But if he finds out what's going on, my life is over.
ADAM: Relax.
So long as our op is underway, Ikko won't be heard from.
Really? Because all it takes is for him to make one phone call.
Trust me-- the place I sent Ikko and his buddies at the garage, there are no phones.
Just four very thick walls.
Get some rest.
I'll be in touch first thing tomorrow.
(Taser buzzing; Adam groaning) Help, help.
H-Help! Help! Anybody, can you hear me? Help!
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