Hawaii Five-0 s08e16 Episode Script

O Na Hoku O Ka Lani Wale No Kai 'Ike I Kahi O Pae (Only the Stars of Heaven Will Know Where Pae Is)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O Can I give you a lift? Who are you? What do you want? Jessie, you're gonna want to hear what I have to say.
Undercover? I need to keep a close eye on a local Yakuza boss.
Guy by the name of Hideki Tashiro.
If I do this thing, am I gonna end up dead? I'll protect you.
You have my word.
All right, Noshimuri.
You got yourself a C.
My father was a very cautious man.
That's why he had large sums of money buried all over the island.
A large portion of that money once belonged to you.
And I know where that's buried.
- Michelle, we're done here.
- No, no, wait, wait.
I know something about you, Adam Noshimuri.
Something that could change your life forever.
(gasping, grunting) (agonized grunting and groaning) (screaming) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x16 O Na Hoku O Ka Lani Wale No Kai 'Ike I Kahi O Pae WOMAN: I know this can seem overwhelming, but please don't feel like you're being auditioned here.
As head of admissions, it's my job to uphold the exacting standards we've established here at Lawrence Academy and to maintain a student body that reflects our diverse community.
But listen, this process is just as much about you deciding if we're the right fit for your son, Noah.
Well, we love this school.
Isn't that right, Paul? Yeah, we certainly do.
We love it.
Meech, we just want to give Noah the best possible start to life, and you know, everybody that we talk to says that this is the place.
They do.
Why don't you tell me a little bit about Noah.
He's the single greatest thing that's ever happened to us.
He is, um, so loving and-and kind and compassionate.
And, Ms.
Meech, this this kid is absolutely killing it at preschool.
Like, the teachers just won't stop raving about him.
TANI: That's true.
He recently informed us that, uh, he wanted to be a doctor when he grows up, so JUNIOR: Or a ballplayer 'cause, you know, he's super athletic.
He is athletic.
He's athletic.
He's smart.
He's artistic.
He could be an architect or something like that.
Well, he sounds wonderful.
I can't wait to meet him.
Well, speaking of meeting, um Ms.
Meech, I'm sorry, but we were under the impression that Headmaster Waller would be part of this interview as well.
I'm so sorry.
I guess you haven't heard.
Headmaster Waller went missing three days ago.
No one knows where he went.
Oh, my gosh, that's terrible.
It's a missing persons case.
Why do you need us to go undercover? DANNY: Because HPD already questioned everybody at that place, okay, and nobody said anything.
The point is this.
They these people, they don't talk to anybody unless you're part of their little stupid clique.
They gossip.
They talk behind each other's backs.
You understand? STEVE: Here's the thing.
We're going to insert you two.
You're gonna pose as prospective parents.
You're gonna go to a couple of events, see what you can learn.
See, all due respect, Commander, I'm just worried that no one's gonna believe that we're someone's parents.
Maybe they'll believe it for you, but I'm far too young to be anyone's mother.
- Ah STEVE: Hey, is it just me, or are you picking up on the chemistry going on? I mean, it's like they're married.
TANI: Okay.
STEVE: It's crazy.
When Headmaster Waller didn't make it home, his wife called the police.
They came and searched the school, conducted interviews with our entire staff.
Of course, as an ambassador of this school, I can assure you that no one in our community could've had anything to do with his disappearance.
Someone's gotta have a theory as to what happened to him.
If I'm being candid, um, Headmaster Waller has a strong personality, and, uh, that personality did sometimes rub people the wrong way.
But listen, I don't want to make this sad situation the focus of our meeting, so let's get back to Noah.
You must have pictures.
Of Noah? Do we ever.
(camera shutter clicking) (laughing) Yeah, she's the boss and I'm an old Come on.
Come on.
You're in love.
No, we're not.
We're married.
But when she looks behind these eyes, girl I can see the psyche And voila.
One beautiful nuclear family.
What a lovely family.
Noah looks like such a happy young boy.
Oh, yeah.
I can see him fitting in quite well here.
Well, we love the way that sounds.
Is there anything that we can do to increase our chances? Well, as a matter of fact, yes.
What? How much? TANI: $600.
- $600? - And-and that's just for the fund-raiser.
There's also a charity event today to raise money for the school.
And rumor has it, if you don't bid on something pricey, your kid's not getting in.
GROVER: Tell you what.
If you ever in the future are planning to have any children, you better start saving your money right now, because it never ends.
Renee and I just went to visit Samantha at college.
She's already blown through her monthly allowance.
Yeah, well, good beer ain't cheap.
(chuckles) Wait, what? Huh? What? Did I say beer? Because I meant books and school supplies.
She meant books.
I did.
Well, anyway, I realize I'm a little late to the party, but how do we know that this disappearance of our Vic has any connection to him being a headmaster? Couldn't he have been carjacked? Hell, the guy could've been murdered at random or for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with that school.
You're absolutely right, okay? Except when you take into consideration the fact that his briefcase, his laptop and his cell phone were all still in his office.
TANI: That in itself is weird, but then consider that two days later the janitor of the school finds a nine-millimeter shell casing in a vacuum cleaner bag.
All right, well, fair enough.
So you're thinking that the murder took place somewhere on school property? STEVE: Correct.
We're thinking the killer got the body out of there in the trunk of Waller's car, while forgetting the personal effects in his office.
CSU searched the school.
They didn't turn up anything.
And right now they're looking into his computer to see if they can recover anything that's relevant.
There's also an APB out on his Audi.
Meanwhile, I pulled his financials.
There's no big withdrawals that would suggest that he ran off.
But I'm still not hearing a why.
'Cause we don't have a motive yet, all right? But that school is our primary crime scene.
I mean, he was a polarizing figure.
Right, people either loved him or hated him.
Well, it looks like there were a lot of people who were firmly in the “hate” camp.
I just got off the phone with the board of trustees, and over the past five years, they've received over a hundred complaints about Waller.
They're sending over the letters and e-mails as we speak.
We'll start going through them A.
STEVE: No, no, no.
Hold that thought.
I got a better idea-- I'll ask Duke if he can commit some HPD resources to that.
'Cause I need you two at that fund-raiser.
That's where we need to be if we're gonna narrow down that suspect pool and gather more Intel.
GROVER: All right, I'll call the governor, requisition some funds for this auction.
TANI: Oh, would you also ask if they would spring for a new cocktail dress for me? Because I have nothing in my closet that would suggest “soccer mom”.
Hell no.
We'll try not to bid on anything expensive, sir.
No, no, you can bid.
Go ahead and bid.
Just don't, uh don't win.
DANNY: Vito.
Vito, Vito, Vito, please.
This is not right.
These numbers cannot be right.
This is a we're trying to make a small Italian restaurant, not-not the Taj Mahal.
Hey, you swipe to the left if you like the broad? Look at that one.
I-I don't know.
I'm the wrong person to ask.
Please put the phone away.
Can we focus? Can we focus? These contractor bids are-are nuts.
I it's just it's not even close to within our budget.
Come on.
It's gonna be okay.
You know, people come in here, they see this space, they think it's gonna take ages to build.
Me, I can make this place into a restaurant three, four weeks.
The problem you have is all the paperwork, you know? You got your zoning, you got your work permits, you got you got your liquor license, you know? But as long as that's all lined up, you're good to go.
Okay, the liquor license, we should be good.
Steve put the thing in like a month ago, so that's that shouldn't be a problem.
A month ago? Yeah, a month ago.
I hate to tell you, but it's gonna take a year for that license to get approved.
I mean, why is that not the first thing that you did? You mean, like, 12 months? Yeah, yeah, like a year.
You know? But let me see what I can do to, um, expedite the process.
Come here, come here.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Uncle Vito's here.
All right? All right, kid? Huh? I don't want you to touch my hair.
I don't touch your hair.
I'm your uncle.
I love you.
Used to sit on my lap when you were a kid.
Get out of here.
You pissed me off.
(gasping) Adam Noshimuri.
Time we had a talk.
Who are you? What am I doing here? Who I am is not important.
What you're doing in Hawaii, what you've been up to ever since you got back-- that's the important thing.
(gasping, grunting) You're here for the money.
I'm sorry.
What money? $20 million that used to belong to your father.
It was taken from your family and ended up in the hands of Michelle Shioma.
I don't know where you're getting your information from, but that's simply not true.
Last time I spoke to Michelle, before she died, she told me about your visit with her.
She said that you discussed that money and that she told you where it's buried.
I don't suppose it matters to you that Michelle was lying.
It's just her word against mine.
But I'm telling the truth here.
Hopefully we can avoid any more unpleasantness and you'll just tell me where I can find this money.
Once I have it, we can review your current accommodations.
I don't know where the money is.
That's a shame.
But I thought you might say that.
Which is why I brought someone along to jog your memory.
Jessie this is Adam Noshimuri.
He's going to tell you where the money is.
(grunting and groaning) I'll leave you to it.
(grunting, panting) You're doing great, by the way.
Very convincing.
For God's sake, Adam, just tell him where the money is.
I can't do that.
You gotta give Hideki something.
Otherwise, he's gonna make me beat you to death, and neither of us want that.
I can't tell him where the cash is, because I don't know.
Michelle said what she said to screw me.
It was her way of getting even.
Then we have a big problem.
Well? Did he talk, or did he die? (groans) You have something you want to tell me? I'll take you to the money.
As a wise man once said, I love it when a good plan comes together.
Who said that? Hannibal Smith from The A-Team.
Greatest TV show of all time.
What we got here is more like the B or C team.
But it's the best I could scrape up for what you were willing to spend.
Well, I'm impressed that you actually got an electrician for 20 bucks an hour.
(chuckles) He's not technically an electrician.
What's that? What did you say? You know what? I don't want to know.
Forget that.
Look, big guy.
I need you to do me a solid here.
Uh, stick around, supervise.
I just remembered I got somewhere I need to be.
Oh, no, no.
I gotta bounce after this boba's done.
Got my own business to run.
What are you talking about? Come on.
I need you to keep an eagle eye on this crew here.
I'm gonna be gone an hour-- two, tops-- right? You do me this favor, I'm gonna slap you up a meal for two as soon as this place opens.
Lucky for you, you're negotiating in my preferred currency.
You got two hours, OG.
Two hours.
Two! How far? It's gonna take a while.
You have until 4:00.
If I don't have the money by then Well, I don't have to tell you how things end.
You drive.
You're up front.
You feel that? You make any move I don't like, try anything stupid, I'll be painting that windshield red.
Let's go.
For those of you who don't know me why not? You're in my garden.
(laughter) No, anyway I'm Natalie Barton, head of the Lawrence Academy PTA, and we're here today to raise money to equip our fabulous new gym that will be opening in the spring.
Of course, I'm obligated to call it fabulous, seeing as my contractor husband, Jared, has been overseeing its construction.
I prefer “builder.
” (laughter) Whatever, hon.
Now, if I could just get him to fix that toilet that's been running.
(laughter) Now, I would be remiss if I didn't mention how very sad we all are that Headmaster Waller isn't here with us today.
The gym was very much his vision.
But I know that he would want today to go ahead as planned.
So let's join his family in praying for his safe return.
We hope to have him back soon.
(applause) This new gymnasium is a sign of what we can achieve if we work together, opening our minds, our hearts and our checkbooks.
Now, let's go spend some money.
(mellow, jazzy music playing) (quiet, indistinct chatter) I have to say, this whole situation with Headmaster Waller is a little unnerving.
At the risk of sounding heartless, we're about to commit to sending our son here, and we don't even know who's gonna be running the school.
Uh, do you guys have any idea why he went AWOL? WOMAN: Yeah, I heard he was dipping into the gymnasium fund.
It would explain why they're back to fund-raising.
Yeah, and Sheila from the yearbook committee told me Waller was having an affair with someone on the Spring Gala committee.
And what about the Finkelman kid who was expelled from school last year? I heard the family was gonna sue.
- Hey, how's it going, everyone? - Hi.
How are you? Hey.
Good to see you guys.
We just wanted to know, do you guys know anything about what happened to, uh, Headmaster Waller? Hey, you guys heard anything about Headmaster Waller? Hi.
Nice to see you.
All right, and then there's the Davis family.
Apparently, Waller kicked their son off the basketball team after he failed the Algebra I midterm.
GROVER: This is all good stuff.
Good job, kiddo.
Gonna start running some of these leads, see if anything pans out.
Listen, in the meantime, you guys better get back in that party, keep digging for info, please.
Okay, I-I gotta go rescue Junior before he snaps and chokes out Tad.
Who's who's Tad? Uh, Tad Beckerman, optometrist.
Major player on the PTA.
He also has awful halitosis and no respect for personal space.
How'd it go this morning with Vito? It was good.
We might be, uh, just a little, uh, over budget with the, uh, contractor bids.
How much? - Oh, like 50% over.
- 50%? Don't worry about it.
Vito's gonna take care of it.
It's fine.
Why am I not reassured? DANNY: You're negative.
Your negative attitude doesn't help anything.
Doesn't accomplish anything.
Neither does Vito.
You want to talk to me about my negative attitude? DANNY: And I'd also like to talk to you about the fact that you took way too long to, uh, put in the thing for the liquor license.
It's about nine months late.
So that was your fault, but don't worry.
Vito's gonna take care of it.
That's correct.
All right, good.
You know what's weird about this? Who the hell would have thought the two of you opening a restaurant together would cause all this friction? Hi, Eric.
Headmaster Waller's laptop.
Straight from the crime lab.
Did a deep dive on this puppy.
And yes, recovered a bunch of deleted files, including this one.
“Dear members of the board of trustees: “It is with great sadness and disappointment “I'm writing you to recommend “the immediate termination of our head of admissions, Ms.
” ERIC: Apparently, this Meech lady was taking bribes, admitting certain kids to the school.
STEVE: Wait a minute.
Clearly, this letter never got sent.
As of this morning, Meech was still working there.
Well, the guy might have changed his mind, decided to just dump this e-mail.
ERIC: Except that's the thing.
This file was deleted after Waller went missing.
Like, the very next day.
So, who would stand to gain from doing that? TANI: Sweet ride, Ms.
Looks like business has been good.
Oh, well, I got a great deal on it.
Yeah, I'm sure it was a steal.
Hey, uh, you want to do me a favor? Just hang onto this for a second, okay? HPD will be by to pick it up.
What the hell is going on? Surprise, Meech.
Now we get to interview you.
MEECH: This is ridiculous.
I never took a penny from any of the parents.
No, you were smarter than that.
You took payment in kind.
Right? Luxury vacations.
Holiday rentals.
Expensive meals.
No, that's just gossip.
I'm friends with many of the parents.
I enjoy their company outside of school.
As far as I'm aware, that's not a crime.
Is that what you told Waller when he confronted you about it? I don't know where you're getting your information.
We know about the letter, Helen.
On the day he died, Headmaster Waller wrote this letter to the school board, recommending you be fired.
Later that night, his wife calls HPD to report the fact that he hasn't made it home.
And then less than 12 hours later, this letter is deleted from Waller's computer.
And-and you think that I did that? TANI: No, we know you did.
JUNIOR: See, that's impressive.
You're in and out of his room in under 90 seconds.
That's just enough time to log on to that computer and delete that file.
That's right.
Now, if this letter had it gone out to the school board, that would have meant the end for you.
And not just at Lawrence Academy.
So, what do you do? You go to Waller, and you beg him not to ruin your career.
And when he refuses, you kill him.
And you get his body off school premises in the trunk of his car.
Isn't that right? No.
I did go and see Anthony-- to try and persuade him not to send the letter.
But he refused, and that was the end of it.
I came into work the next day expecting to be fired, only to hear he had gone missing.
And you know what? In that moment, I saw that as a gift.
A gift from who? From God, of course.
It was an answer to prayer.
Yeah, I don't I don't think that's how that works.
Listen, I had nothing to do with Anthony's disappearance, as God is my witness.
JUNIOR: Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, again, um, I don't think God's (cell phone ringing) on your side, Helen.
I think you're playing for the other guy's team.
- Yeah.
STEVE: Really? Okay.
Thank you.
Looks like we're not gonna have to ask God to come and testify on your behalf after all.
We got some new evidence.
TANI: Great.
Uh, you're not going anywhere any time soon, so just, you know, get comfortable.
From here, we have to go on foot.
Lead the way.
Can I get some water? You drink when we have the money.
Move! VITO: See, Commander McGarrett and Detective Williams-- these guys are 24-7, 365 keeping these crime-infested streets safe for the likes of you and me.
100% devoted to doing good deeds.
Honestly, I don't even think these guys have time for a sandwich, no less some itty-bitty thing like a liquor license.
That's what happened here.
They didn't submit the paperwork in time, and now they're facing a catastrophe of opening an Italian restaurant without any vino.
Marone! Can you imagine that? I can, unfortunately.
But there's very little I can do.
I knew I could count on you.
Did you just say you're not gonna help? 'Cause I was really thinking this was gonna go the other way.
I'm sorry, Mr.
No, no, no, no, no.
Call me Vito.
We can only issue a fixed number of licenses a month.
And if I move up Mr.
McGarrett and Mr.
Williams' application to the front of the line, then it means someone else's gets delayed.
I can live with that.
Someone who was diligent enough to get their paperwork in on time.
Is this your wife? Hey, ma Che Bella, huh? I bet she'd like a nice romantic dinner for two, best table in the house.
Beautiful meal and, with your help, a nice, cheeky ziti alla Genovese, compliments of Uncle Vito.
What about it? Mr.
Russo, what you're suggesting sounds an awful lot like a bribe.
A bribe? No! All I'm offering is some nice top-shelf booze and the best veal Milanese this side of Italy.
And, in exchange, maybe you can help my nephew's application go to the top of the pile.
I see where your head's at.
How about $500? (camera shutters clicking) Whew! I haven't searched that hard for nothing since I broke Cindy Traill's necklace while trying to remove her bra at the Williamsburg multiplex in ninth grade.
What? DANNY: That's too much of the wrong information, but thank you.
Bottom line-- whoever drove Waller's car off school grounds wiped it down before they ditched it.
What about blood evidence? Yeah, none of that, either.
Not in the trunk of the car or the cabin.
What you're saying is that somebody cleaned this whip from top to tail, or Waller's body was not in there.
Which means it could still be at that school.
STEVE: What do you got, buddy? What do you got? Find it.
Go on, go on.
DANNY (over radio): I may have something here at the construction site.
STEVE: Copy that.
Let's go.
Eddie, Eddie.
This way.
This way.
DANNY: Seem weird to you? STEVE: Yeah, why would they only pour one of these forms? Yeah, this finish, man.
This trowel work's really sloppy.
TANI: Mmm.
Yeah, whoever poured this was in a rush.
STEVE: TANI, let's get CSU down here.
Have 'em bring a jackhammer, please.
Yo! Commander! Commander! We got something.
We got something.
This could be Waller.
Hey, Commander, over here.
What do you got? Looks like a gun.
Give me your glove, Eric.
A nine-mil.
TANI: Matches the shell casing they found in the school.
STEVE: Okay, we have our Vic, our murder weapon.
Now we just need to find out who pulled the trigger.
If you've got some kind of plan, now would be a good time to let me in on it before he loses his cool and puts a bullet through your head.
I'm working on it.
Work faster.
(cell phone ringing) Okay, wait for it.
Here we go.
The gun is registered to Jared Barton.
What's with the look? You know this guy? TANI: Yeah.
He and his wife hosted the fund-raiser we went to.
And his construction company is building this gym.
(keyless lock beeps) (tires squeal, sirens whoop) Jared Barton, Five-O! Drop the bag! Hands behind your head! Interlock your fingers! Don't move.
I think we got the right guy.
Barton, sorry to keep you waiting so long.
We, uh we had to send out for some money counters to get a tally on all that cash you had in the back of your car.
Yeah, it's a lot of money.
I guessed, uh I guessed three million.
I was two short.
You got $5 million in there.
You care to tell us how you got your hands on that money? Hmm.
No? I mean, I've heard of the, uh, construction business being lucrative, but not not that lucrative.
Okay, clearly he's not gonna tell us anything, so why don't we tell him what we know? We got a warrant for your company records.
We were able to take a peek at the books on that little gym that you've been building.
Turns out you're taking a giant bath on that thing.
Supposed to be a million dollars for the whole thing, and as of now, you are ten million in expenses.
That's that's, uh that's over budget.
That means you are either the worst construction manager of all time, uh, or you have been using that place to launder big sums of money.
I'm-I'm going with the latter.
Huh? I'll take it further.
We also think that Waller, Headmaster Waller, he got a look at those, uh at those books also.
(snaps fingers) Hey.
We found Waller's body and the gun that presumably killed him in a slab of concrete on your construction site.
You understand? So you either tell us what you know, or you're going down for this murder.
The crime lab is processing the gun right now.
Tell them not to bother.
I killed Waller.
And you're right about the money laundering.
You're right about it all.
I wasn't expecting that.
Well, since you're feeling so cooperative, you want to tell us who you're laundering money for? I can do that.
But first I need to know my family is safe.
Do you have reason to believe that they're in danger? My employers are a Venezuelan drug cartel.
They don't like complications.
I knew that as soon as they heard about Waller's body, they'd cut bait on the operation here.
Which would make you a dead person.
That's why you got a trunk full of cash.
You were gonna use it to disappear.
I deserve prison or worse for what I did, but my family, they knew nothing, and for all I know, they are already in danger.
(lock buzzes, clicks) There.
Untie him.
(cell phone ringing) Hello? STEVE: Mrs.
Barton, this is Commander Steve McGarrett of Five-O.
Is everything okay? We have reason to believe you're in imminent danger.
It's extremely important you stay put.
Now, tell me exactly where you are, and I'll send the closest HPD unit to your location.
(tires squealing) (screaming) (gasping) (panting) Hey.
Did you see that before-- that call he got? What about it? I was right.
Hideki is taking orders from someone.
Like that makes a difference right now.
Unless your plan is to turn this hole into a tunnel, you better find gold soon.
HIDEKI: Enough! You bought yourself another three hours of life, but your time is up, Noshimuri.
No, no, wait.
- No.
- Stop.
- Wait.
No, it's here.
- Stop! You're done.
There's nothing there.
(clanking) Stop right there.
Don't move.
Get him out.
Now! (grunts) - So disappointing.
- No.
Wait, wait.
Let me explain.
That gun's not even loaded.
It's true.
It's true.
I'd tell you to pick it up and check for yourself, but trust me, you don't want to touch it.
And why's that? Because 15 years ago, it was used in a murder.
A local guy killed his business partner with that gun.
My father tidied up the whole thing, but he kept the murder weapon as an insurance policy.
You're just talking.
No, no.
Saying whatever you think it'll take to keep me from rolling your dead body into that hole.
It's the truth.
And this guy is rich.
Has far too much to lose.
Which makes that gun worth a lot of money.
More than 20 million, maybe.
And Shioma's money? You keep that for yourself? I told you, Michelle was lying.
She didn't tell me where it's buried.
And as far as I'm concerned, it's blood money anyway.
I didn't want anything to do with it after my father died, and I still don't.
And it's definitely not worth my life.
Assuming you're telling the truth what if this guy can't afford the blackmail? ADAM: Then I'll still owe you.
You take whatever payment you want.
I should just kill you right now.
Save myself the wasted time.
You need the name of the businessman.
You need a little more information to get him to bite.
Information I can give you.
But that will only happen if you let me walk out of here.
Thank you.
Hey, these witnesses here say that Mrs.
Barton and her daughter were both abducted by gunmen.
Suspects fled in a late-model SUV.
- We get a plate? - No plate.
However, HPD identified these three bodies here.
Over here, you got your two dead Venezuelan nationals.
They're connected to the Ramirez cartel.
And this gentleman here was a bodyguard, a Christopher Deacon.
Okay, the husband said that he hired private security to keep an eye on his family.
So the cartel grabs Barton's wife and daughter, and they do it in broad daylight.
All right, the only reason they would do that is to leverage Barton into giving them their money back.
So, now what? Let's give them what they want.
Step away from the car.
Where's my family? Better question: Where's our money? You get it when I see my family is safe.
(speaks Spanish) Unless you want this to be the last time you see them, give us the cash.
Let them go.
Actually, I think you need to pay for all this trouble.
So now I'm going to kill your wife and kid while you watch.
(speaks Spanish) Let 'em go! Drop your weapon! Do it now! Surprise.
He's not listening.
Last chance! Drop your weapon now! You got a shot? Negative.
(screaming) Well played.
STEVE: You know, it's interesting.
I just got a call from the crime lab that's processing the gun that was used to kill Headmaster Waller.
The forensic evidence, unfortunately, was too degraded to pull any kind of definitive I.
However, they were able to identify two DNA markers, both of which show that the shooter was a female.
When you confessed to that murder, you knew your wife was the one who pulled the trigger.
And now you're prepared to spend the rest of your life in prison rather than see her do any time at all? Is that right? Doesn't sound like you can prove any of that.
No, I can't.
I can't prove any of that.
(cell phone ringing) Where are you? This is on me.
I should've never dragged you into this.
I wanted in.
Remember? I'm shutting the task force down, Adam.
It's too dangerous.
Look, I understood the risks.
And with respect, if I thought I couldn't handle it, I'd tell you.
I'm all in-- now more than ever.
You're not shutting this down.
Look, I was right about Hideki.
He is taking orders from someone.
And something tells me whoever it is orchestrated the move against the other bosses, had Agent Fisher and his family killed.
But I can't shake this feeling that there's something else going on, Steve.
An angle I'm not seeing.
What are you talking about? Remember what I told you about my meeting with Michelle Shioma? How she said she had information that would change my life? Yes, I do.
I remember you said you felt like she was she was messing with you, trying to get in your head, right? Yeah.
Well, now I'm not so sure.
- Why? - I can't help feeling there's something else going on here and that it's all connected.
Excuse me.
What the hell happened here? What the hell happened here? You want the long or the short version? I want the you got a the nightmare version where this isn't actually happening and-and then this is a-a joke? Do you have that version? No.
Then tell me what happened.
Your Uncle Vito asked me for some cheap labor.
Then he went out and ran an errand.
Left me to supervise.
Well, you've done a fantastic job.
It wasn't my fault.
Vito promised to be back in two hours.
I waited three.
Eventually, I had to get back and run my truck and make some money.
Trying to get in touch with him all afternoon, but it's going straight to voice mail.
Okay, okay.
All right, I'm-I'm-I'm having a a headache.
I got a big headache, and I got I got I got bad déjà vu happening, and I'm having a stress-induced tumor right now, just so you know where I am, okay? Is that a thing? No, it's not a thing! You putz.
(cell phone ringing) Hello? AUTOMATED MALE VOICE: This is a collect call from the cell block of the Honolulu Police Department.
Would you like to accept the charges? DANNY: Bribing a public official? Seriously? Something you want to say? Yeah.
Thanks for paying my bail.
Okay, look.
I messed up.
I know.
But I can't be expected to carry all the blame.
I mean, what the hell are you guys thinking anyway? Opening up a restaurant? That's a terrible idea.
And then add to the fact that you two know less than nothing about the business.
'Cause if you did, you'd know it's a full-time, back-breaking grind just to squeeze out a few bucks profit.
Not something you do on the side, you know, like some kind of a hobby, because you think you know a thing or two about good food.
You know, any schmuck who watches the Food Network, he thinks he's an expert.
But you're not special.
You're not even average.
And when it comes to stuff like this, you're terrible.
Okay? At least with me around, you got a fighting chance.
Uh, wow.
I think this has been a very interesting learning experience-- and one that we should probably put behind us now.
So you're saying I'm fired? The thought had crossed our mind.
What I'm saying is that since you so accurately diagnosed just now where and how we're going wrong, that you should stick around and help us get it right.
Nobody was gonna fire you.
That's not true.
Okay, it doesn't matter.
Okay, it's behind us.
It's in the past.
Come over here.
Hug? Yeah.
Come on.
Hey, You, too, sailor.
Get in here.
Coming in, too? Yeah, come on, sailor.
All right, okay.
That's nice.
What is that? Hmm? My keys? No, no.
Over there.
On the TV.
What? What are you talking about? This guy.
I-I've seen this guy before.
Whoa, wait.
When did you see this guy? Vito, Vito, are you sure about this? Of course.
I never forget a face.
About two months ago, I go to this guy's house.
Quoted him a bathroom remodel, you know? He talked my ear off, then, of course, I never seen or heard from the guy again.
Did you mention Danny to this guy? Well, actually, I did, you know? He said he knew some guys on the Jersey PD, so I told him about how my nephew moved to Honolulu to become a cop in paradise.
Your Uncle Vito, that's how he tracked you here.
This guy's from Jersey? What, this guy, you know him? He's a friend of yours? No, he's not a friend of mine.
He actually tried to kill me.
I don't I don't I don't know who you are.
Should I know who you are? Pity.
(gun fires, Danny groans) Oh.
And I told him where to find you.
Just listen to me for a second.
This this could be our only chance to figure out why this guy did what he did.
You know do you know his name? Do you know his address? Think, please.
(buzzing) Everything okay? JESSIE: Turn on the news.
Local business magnate Joshua Stern was found dead at his home earlier today in what HPD are saying is a suspected suicide.
Is this Hideki's work? JESSIE: No.
Looks like your guy didn't have the blackmail money, so he took the easy way out.
You know what this means, don't you? Yeah.
I'm still on the hook for that 20 million.

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