Hawaii Five-0 s08e17 Episode Script

Holapu Ke Ahi Koe Iho Ka Lehu (The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left.)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O: You want me to go undercover? I need to keep a close eye on a local Yakuza boss.
Guy by the name of Hideki Tashiro.
JESSIE: If I do this, am I gonna end up dead? I'll protect you.
You have my word.
All right, Noshimuri.
You got yourself a CI.
I need to be able to trust the people in my crew.
I just did a six-year stretch.
Could have been six months if I'd given up my crew.
But the next time you go away, it'll be for life.
Time like that would get anyone talking.
Important thing is you're in now.
Looks that way.
But if he finds out what's going on, my life is over.
On your knees! I got 'em.
We're in chem storage.
(grunting and groaning) MAN (over radio): Jake, do you copy? Jake.
(alarm blaring) GUARD (over radio): Anyone got a visual? GUARD 2: Cameras picked 'em up on the east side.
Everyone to the loading docks.
Let's move.
(alarm continues) GUARD: Stop! Stop! Get out of the truck! Go, go, go, go! [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x17 Holapu Ke Ahi Koe Iho Ka Lehu font color="#FF5 (warning alarm blaring) All right, good boy, good boy.
Right here.
Come here, come here.
Let's go.
Keep it moving.
Come on, come on.
Keep it moving.
Let's go.
(sighs) STEVE: Good.
Better have snacks for everybody.
This? No, this is a bug-out six-person doomsday survival pack.
It doesn't have snacks.
It has rations.
Got your stroganoff, your shrimp fried rice, your traveler's stew.
Just add water, you're good to go.
We don't have no water in here, Jerry.
It sounds tasty.
JERRY: I have cold packs.
What's that look? Really? You have to ask? Yeah, I gotta ask.
What the hell's the matter with you? Why don't you take this seriously? - Just for me once.
That's all.
- I'm I mean, I-I showed up.
I'm standing here.
What's the problem? Yeah, but you're not you're not moving with any type of urgency.
I mean, if this were Listen to me.
If this were a real, actual nuclear attack instead of a mandatory drill, you would've been vaporized.
How about that? I'm pretty sure, if this was, uh, an actual attack, we we'd all be dead.
I mean, you think that this this room is gonna is gonna withstand a nuclear attack? Yes, I do, actually.
DANNY: Okay.
Um, let's just say that, uh, a missile that would, uh, completely destroy everything, eradicate this island from the planet, somehow does not penetrate this, uh, 12-by-20-foot cinderblock box.
Then what? (whimpers) Then what are we gonna do? You want to survive that? Wh-What do you think, uh, Armageddon's gonna look like? Wh-What's gonna be left? Twinkies and cockroaches? Maybe.
Nuclear winter.
Nuclear winter.
That's correct.
A big, empty, radioactive wasteland.
Just a barren, ugly space, but we will all be safe and cozy in this miserable box.
I mean, that sounds worse than death to me, you know? Being stuck in here, respectfully, with all you people.
And let okay, you remember, um uh, quarantine? It'd be like that, only forever.
For the rest of the flick, just stuck together in a room.
Let's just say that we make it past the, uh, nuclear fallout.
Let's say that that that goes away, and then we step outside.
What if what if it's just us? What if we're the only people left on Earth? Then what? Wh-What are we supposed to do? Uh repopulate? That's a hard “no.
” STEVE: What's the opposite of a motivational speaker? 'Cause whatever that is, you're that, okay? GROVER: Yeah I don't know.
No, I-I think my man got a point.
STEVE: Okay, hold on, hold on.
First of all, don't listen to him.
Second of all, it's highly unlikely that we would be the only survivors.
Jerry? Right? Thank you.
Thank you, okay? So we would be alive.
We would be, uh, roughing it a little bit, but we'd be alive, we'd have each other, we would rebuild.
'Cause that's what humans do.
Right? We fight.
Right? Yeah, I think I'd take nuke death.
- Yep.
- Yeah, I'm going to take the missile.
(barks) I didn't ask you.
To a to a fiery apocalypse.
Love you.
JERRY: Well looks like it's just gonna be you and me, Commander.
Hope you like freeze-dried astronaut ice cream.
I have chocolate.
Come on, Eddie.
Come on.
Cookie dough.
Or my favorite mash-up, Neapolitan.
DANNY: Why would you look at the books? You're not supposed to look at the books.
No, no, what you said is that I “shouldn't worry” about the books.
But I do, Danny.
I worry about the books 'cause that's my job-- the business.
The kitchen is your job, which is why you should have, uh, consulted me before you gave your Uncle Vito a per Diem.
I gotta give him money.
He's working.
I got He's what? He's working? Let's examine that statement.
He works.
He is working.
Right? He works? Does he? - He works.
- Let's let's do a little recap.
- How about that? - Okay, okay.
I'd rather not do it.
He blew half our-our design budget on a pornographic statue.
We don't have to use the pornographic statue.
He was arrested for bribing the liquor commissioner.
It's been bumpy-- I understand that.
Bumpy? That's an understatement.
Would you just let me tell you something? Go.
Okay? I understand how this guy works, and I know that it's not how you work.
(sighs) All right? - Yeah.
- I promise you, on opening night, you are gonna be eating a nice plate of agnolotti, saying, “Thank God we had Vito,” okay? Yeah, well, I hope you're right.
Except for the agnolotti part.
I don't eat veal.
Stop, okay? Agnolotti is not veal, all right? It's like a a ravioli.
And you should know this because we are opening an Italian restaurant.
Do your homework.
Well, if we open.
Everything all right? Actually, no.
Is this about Hideki's money? Something else.
You know about this? Yeah, the break-in at I.
Why? It was me and Jessie.
I presume this also has something to do with Hideki.
He's moved into meth production.
The chlorine gas is a key ingredient, so he needs a steady supply.
Last night, he called Jessie, said it was time to restock.
I went with her to watch her back.
Jessie then turned the chlorine over to Hideki's people, and I tracked it to a meth house in Kalihi.
What's the problem? Problem is I've since discovered that one of Hideki's soldiers, Kazuya Nemoto, went behind his back and sold a couple tanks to someone else.
Now, I'm not sure who this buyer is or how to find them.
All I know is, they're not in the meth business.
Um, I presume you know what else chlorine gas can be used to make, right? Yeah, that's why I'm here.
All right, you said “a couple tanks.
” Exactly how much liquid chlorine gas does this other buyer have? Two tanks, each 150 pounds, which is roughly 25 gallons of liquid chlorine.
What kind of numbers are we looking at here? It's enough to make a weapon that would kill thousands of people.
(sighs) Look, Steve, I What's done is done.
All right, um I'm gonna loop in the governor.
All right? See if we can get ahead of this thing.
I need you to fill in the team.
Right now, it's just a gas.
Let's see if we can catch 'em before it becomes anything else.
GROVER: You all right? Yeah.
We're gonna get those tanks back.
This is just the first step.
Yeah, what if we don't? You can't think that way.
You couldn't have had any idea that something like this was gonna happen.
(chuckles) Yeah, well, that doesn't make me feel any better.
The hardest part about doing this job is keeping your emotions in check.
If you don't keep your emotions in check, it's gonna cloud your judgment out in the field.
You gotta suck it up and push your guilt aside and focus on the endgame.
(sighs) You sure this is gonna work? Well, we will find out soon enough.
(lock buzzes, clicks) Hey.
You Kazuya Nemoto? I'm just playing with you.
(chuckles) How you doing? I'm Captain Lou Grover.
Oh, yeah.
Um, well, this here is Officer TANI Rey.
And we're with the Five-O Task Force.
And today is your lucky day because the boss was in such a good mood, he decided to send over two of the more affable members of the task force just to have a little chat with you.
“Affable”? What's that? It means service with a smile.
But those smiles are gonna dry up right away if you decide you don't want to cooperate.
I know my rights.
I don't have to talk to either of you.
All right, fine, you can just listen.
I mean, after all, we know how this conversation is gonna go, right? We do.
Why don't I help you? We're gonna start by saying that we know that you were responsible for the robbery at I.
Chemical last night.
You're gonna say, “What? Me? Pfft.
No! I'm not responsible for that”" We're gonna say, “That's not what we heard.
” And then we're gonna show you this.
GROVER (over video): This was like every other delivery? No.
Nemoto drops off ten tanks every month, like clockwork.
Only last night, I got eight.
I asked Nemoto about it.
He said two of 'em got lost in transit, that I had to make it work.
GROVER: “Lost in transit”.
Now, what in the hell does that mean? Wait a second.
You're not actually gonna try to convince us that two chlorine gas tanks literally fell off the back of a truck, are you? TANI: Yeah, you got another offer on those tanks, didn't you? Yeah you got nothing here.
That dude will say anything to save his ass, but he's got no proof.
Plus, you really think the uncorroborated testimony of a guy like that is gonna stand up in a court? Assuming, of course, that he even makes it alive to testify.
Oh, that's dark.
But if I were you, I'd be kind of worried about my own survival.
See, once your boss, Hideki, finds out that there's two missing tanks-- and believe me, she'll make sure he finds out where's that gonna leave you? I'll tell you where it leaves you.
You're a marked man now, buddy.
Which is good for us, 'cause we got a pool going as to which one of you's gonna drop first, you or Roland.
My money's on your ass.
All right.
I got a better offer.
But I don't know the guy's name.
He found me through another cook I used to do business with-- Akira Morita.
TANI: All right.
You want to keep this between us, you better do better than that.
Oh, no, Officer.
I swear, I didn't get a name, but I can tell you where I dropped off the chlorine last night.
It was a house in Makiki.
There were some guys there.
A few guys? What'd they look like? I don't know.
Just regular guys-- haoles.
Real vanilla types.
Like accountants.
Gym teachers.
Now, see, that information there is the kind of information makes me smile.
MAN: On three.
Ready? One, two, three.
(grunting) Easy, easy, easy.
(exhales) Let's get the other one.
(gas hissing) No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Hey, guys, give me a hand here! Come on.
Help me shut it off.
No! No, no, no, no, no! No! Come on, open the door! Please! What are you doing? Get him out of there.
No! You open these doors, we're all dead! Help us! Come on! Mitchell! Mitchell! Please! Please help me! Please, Mitchell! Mitchell! Akani! Akani! Akani, please! No! No! (coughing) (coughing continues) (gas hissing) Junior, call Hazmat right now.
Please help! Adam's gonna follow them to the hospital.
This guy comes to, maybe he can tell us what the hell is going on.
That would be nice, seeing as how there's still one of those tanks unaccounted for.
TANI: Okay, I spoke to the owner.
She says that she rented this place to the perps through one of those short-term rental sites.
I just ran the names.
They look like they're fake.
I looked into that van, too, by the way.
They purchased it from Craigslist a week ago, and they paid for it with a cashier's check.
Hey, uh, HPD's still canvassing.
Uh, I just spoke to one of the neighbors.
He says that he saw four guys coming in and out of here over the last few days.
Unfortunately, he was unable to get a good look at them.
All right, so there's four guys.
How does one end up being gassed? Maybe he was trying to back out of whatever it is they're planning to do.
I mean, there's a lot easier ways to kill somebody, first of all.
Second of all, why go through all the risk? Yeah, I'm with Danny.
These guys ain't rocket scientists.
The whole thing was probably an accident.
Mishandled the tanks, and gas starts escaping, the other three leap out to save their own ass.
JUNIOR: Hey, you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
What, uh what do you think the symptoms are of being exposed to this stuff? I don't think we were exposed.
Why-why do you say that? Well, chlorine gas is a lot heavier than oxygen.
Unless it was intentionally dispersed, it just settles.
Most of it would've just stayed contained inside the van.
What, are you an expert now? All clear.
You guys can go in.
Oh, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.
One second.
Uh, my friend, he told me that he doesn't think that we got exposed.
We were in that house for a little while.
I'm curious-- in your expert opinion, what do you think? You're fine.
What, do you feel like a smart guy now? Like you know everything? No.
No? Go follow them to the amb to the hospital.
- Yes, sir.
If the guy wakes up, you call me right away.
GROVER: CSU's pulled four sets of prints so far.
None of them are in the system.
I guess Nemoto was telling the truth.
It's all ordinary, regular guys.
I mean, till now.
Okay, so what turns four regular, ordinary guys into, uh, domestic terrorists? TANI: Perps must have left in a hurry.
They left this behind, though.
It's password-protected, but I think I can get Jerry to crack it.
Well, tell him to make it snappy, 'cause whatever these guys have planned, this little thing with the van is gonna accelerate their timetable.
(cell phone rings) It's Adam.
What's up, buddy? How's our gas victim doing? Good news is he's probably gonna make it.
Bad news is we can't talk to him yet.
GROVER: How come? Doctors put him in a medically induced coma.
Turns out the gas didn't just burn his skin and his throat; it also got into his lungs.
How long till they take him out of it? Did they say? Uh, no.
Not yet.
But we did get something useful.
He had his cell phone and his wallet on him.
The guy's name is Kevin Randall.
He's a real estate agent in Waikiki.
We did a check on him.
He's got no priors.
We also went through his cell history.
Last call he made was to his wife, Denise.
Looks like he placed it while he was still in the van.
Probably calling to say good-bye.
All right, thanks, buddy.
Denise Randall? - Yes? - My name's Captain Lou Grover.
This is Officer TANI Rey.
We're with the Five-O Task Force.
Ma'am, we need to ask you some questions about your husband, Kevin.
Did something happen at the open house? Mrs.
Randall, did your husband call you this morning? Yes, but I was taking a nap, and it went to voice mail.
I haven't listened to the message yet.
Can someone please tell me what's going on? KEVIN (recorded, over phone): (coughs) I screwed up.
I-I'm so I'm so sorry.
I'm not gonna be there to take care of you.
But you're gonna be fine, okay? You you are so strong.
(crying): I love you so much, Dee.
(beep) I have to go.
Randall, please take your seat.
We're not done yet.
I have to be with Kevin.
You just need to answer a few questions for us, and then we have HPD ready to take you to the hospital when we're done.
Okay? Mrs.
Randall, we suspect that Kevin and three other guys are planning some sort of an attack.
No, there must be a mistake.
Kevin would never hurt anyone.
Has he been particularly upset with anyone lately? It's been a rough year for us.
I was diagnosed with cancer about nine months ago.
We don't have insurance, so the medical bills really wiped us out.
Kevin doesn't complain.
He doesn't want to get me down.
With what's going on with you and your situation, do you know if Kevin's been talking with anyone or shared this with anyone else? Um there's a a message board he goes on, uh, a lot-- one of those online support groups.
It's for people with loved ones who have cancer.
Um He tried to hide it from me.
Didn't want me getting upset.
But I saw him on there a few times, and I was just glad he had someone to talk to.
Do you know if he's met up with anybody from the group? I-I don't know.
I know he likes to go out at night after he thinks I'm asleep, but I just thought it was 'cause he needed some time to himself.
Denise said that her medical bills wiped them out, right? That's right.
Do you think that this whole chlorine thing could be a play for money? Like how? I mean, Kevin meets these guys online.
They start talking.
It's the same thing.
They're in the same situation.
Maybe they come up with some sort of extortion scheme.
You know, they threaten to release the gas if the city doesn't pay up.
I know, it sounds supervillain-y-- I get it-- but I'm saying we're not we're not dealing with regular bad guys here.
When I was at the academy, Captain Keo always used to say, consider every option, no matter how cray-cray it might be.
Ain't that the guy that you got kicked out of the academy for punching in the face? That's him.
- Okay.
- (laughing): I'm just saying you know, we gotta we gotta start thinking outside the box.
All right, maybe it is an extortion play.
If that's the case, we need to get Jerry searching out what Internet forum that Kevin might have belonged to.
Because, if that's where he met his accomplices, we got an excellent chance of I.
'ing them.
I mean, searching the entire Internet for a particular message board, it's it's gonna take a lot of time.
Time we don't have.
Well there is one other option.
Absolutely not.
Look, we know this goes against hospital protocol, but This isn't about hospital protocol.
This is about my duty to Kevin Randall as his doctor.
It's not medically advisable to bring him out of this coma, even for a few minutes.
Price, a lot of people could be in grave danger, and Mr.
Randall may be the only person who can provide us with information.
We need to talk to him right now.
Even if I agreed to do this, the shock to his system alone might kill him.
I'm sorry.
The answer's no.
Doc, I don't think you fully appreciate the situation we're in here.
A situation we're in because of Kevin.
Now, if we don't question him, and soon, this entire hospital could be inundated with thousands of innocent people suffering from the same condition or worse.
And I'll tell you something else-- if you don't do the right thing and help us, then you're complicit in making that happen.
Now, can you live with that? So, I managed to unlock that laptop that you guys found using some password recovery software.
And I found something interesting in the browser history.
Multiple searches to see how much chlorine gas it would take to kill 200 people.
200 people-- that's very specific.
Yeah, it's also a lot smaller than I would think.
I mean, if you're gonna plan an attack, wouldn't you want to maximize casualties? GROVER: Not if you're targeting a certain group of people.
What if these guys are trying to hold somebody responsible for whatever happened to Denise Randall and whoever else? All right, uh, anything else in the browser history that would shed some light on who they were targeting? No, but there was something.
They were also looking at the schematics for a specific HVAC system, one that was manufactured in '92 to be used in medium-sized office buildings.
TANI: Seems like they're looking to release the chlorine gas into a ventilation system.
This is good, Jerry.
Run a search.
Um, all the buildings on the island, a minimum capacity of 200, that are running that same HVAC system.
Maybe we can narrow it down, at least evacuate the buildings.
JERRY: Here we go.
That's hundreds of buildings.
If we're right about these guys speeding up the clock, we'll never have time to search all of those.
DISPATCHER: All units, please advise, there is a possible chemical threat.
Search and evacuate all buildings in a six-block radius of the governor's office.
(tires squealing, sirens blaring) Yo, I just spoke to Grover.
He looped me in.
How'd it go with the governor? Horrible.
As bad as you can expect.
Where are we at with this guy Randall? We are nowhere.
Uh, I spoke to Adam a little while ago, and the, uh, hospital will not let him out of his coma under any circumstance.
All right.
How's Adam? Uh, I guess he's okay.
He's blaming himself.
(phone rings) Hello? JERRY: Hey, it's me.
What are you what are you doing? What, you can't walk seven feet, knock on the door? - Yeah, I didn't want to interrupt.
You look pretty serious.
Uh, you're still interrupting.
It's just, uh, now you're doing it on the phone.
Well this is kind of important.
So, I found a sub-page on Reddit that's a cancer support group.
And I came across an anonymous user who mentions Denise by name, along with her age and all her symptoms.
So that's Kevin Randall, right? Yeah, and based on the user history, it looks like he posted on a regular basis.
As you might expect, other people on this sub had family members with the same illness.
In fact, most of them believed that they were part of a cancer cluster.
DANNY: Okay, so that would confirm our theory about how Kevin got his accomplices.
Any way of I.
'ing these guys through their posts? I tried, but they're all logging in through TOR.
So they were cloaked.
Afraid so.
But I did find something else.
At one point, there was a thread where they talked about filing a class action lawsuit.
Who were they gonna file a class action lawsuit against? I-I think they were still trying to figure that out when they met.
That's the thing about a cancer cluster.
It can take time to figure out who or what is the cause of it.
But Kevin himself talked about reaching out to a lawyer.
Did any of them mention the lawyer by name? Yeah.
You're not gonna believe who it is.
GROVER: Well, this I cannot believe.
Odell, my man.
Long time, brutha.
Yes, sir.
Odell Martin.
Five-O, next gen.
Very cool.
How'd you find me? Come on, man.
We the police.
We pinged your cell.
Big Brother.
(Grover chuckling) You know, when you didn't answer your phone, I kind of figured you'd be down at Chun's or Pipeline catching the last of the winter waves.
Who'd have thought you'd be down here cooped up in a law library? What up with that? ODELL: What can I say? After the Sang Min case, I started picking up a few clients here and there.
One thing led to the next.
Suddenly, I got a little law practice on the side.
“On the side.
” Yeah.
Just trying to help out the little guy.
I feel you.
I feel you.
What can I do for you? Yeah, actually, we-we wanted to talk to you about one of those little guys.
You know Kevin Randall? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, I can't really get into that.
You know, attorney-client privilege and all.
Yeah, well, counselor, we also know there are exceptions to that thing.
And the situation we have here kind of warrants it.
Hey! You and your friends want to zip it? This is a library.
TANI: Yeah, babe, and this is a badge.
You want see the gun? (Odell chuckles) McGarrett must've recruited you personally.
Settle down there, Hoss.
Why don't we go someplace private and discuss this before Annie Oakley loses her cool.
Is he gonna make it? Could go either way.
Look, here's what we need to know right now-- did Kevin or any of his friends ever talk to you about anybody they wanted to sue in particular? Yeah.
The guys who make the GMOs? Yep.
GMOs, biofuels, pesticides.
They got a facility here on the island.
Kevin and the rest of them live nearby.
(dialing phone) They're convinced chemicals from the place found their way into the groundwater, causing cancer.
STEVE (over phone): Yeah, Lou.
Steve, we're here with Odell.
Looks like the target is Agrocore.
Jerry, Jerry, get Agrocore's corporate offices on the line right now, please.
On it.
ODELL: You know, I never would have pegged those guys as violent, but I could almost understand what might drive them to it.
How so? Well, I told them-- taking on a huge corporation like Agrocore, that's like David taking on Goliath, only without the slingshot.
I mean, that company's got an army of lawyers, unlimited amounts of cash and no conscience.
A lawsuit could take years, with no guarantee they'd win.
Especially without hard proof, which they didn't really have.
JERRY: Uh, guys, we have a problem.
TANI: What is it, Jer? Looks like Agrocore has got offices in five buildings, not one, so it's gonna take some time to evacuate them all.
All right, Jerry, here's what we do.
Contact the governor's office, all right? Have them activate the nuclear emergency drill at all five locations.
That way, we get everybody to safety without causing panic, and we create some time to check these buildings.
ODELL: Wait.
Hold up.
I think I might be able to narrow it down for you.
Now, Agrocore's lead counsel is this guy named Marshall Friedkin.
Evil incarnate.
Kevin told me Friedkin and his team have been intimidating everyone so they'd think twice about filing.
Even told 'em Agrocore would countersue.
Didn't even care if they won, as long as the families all went bankrupt.
If there's one villain in this thing, it's him.
All right, how do we find him? Bishop Street-- the entire legal department's there.
All right, Jerry, prioritize that search to the Bishop Street location.
Have Adam and Junior meet us there, all right? Odell, mahalo, brother.
Okay, one last time: Now, there are two guards in the lobby.
If they ask, we're here to service the AC.
What? We really doing this? What are you talking about? I mean, Kevin, what this stuff did to him Are you serious right now? AKANI: Are you? We're talking about 200 people going out like that.
At least.
That sound like an eye for an eye? You forgetting what they did to us? What they did to your wife? Your son? We we can't let these bastards hurt anyone else.
And they have to pay for what they've done.
They will.
But not this way.
You with him on this? Yeah.
Then go.
Both of you.
I'll handle this myself.
(siren wailing, tires squealing) Okay, alerts have been activated at all five Agrocore buildings, and Hazmat units are en route to each.
STEVE: All right, tell HPD to make sure those buildings remain on lockdown until further notice.
We're gonna handle Friedkin's building.
HPD needs to secure the rest and keep everyone where they are.
MAN: Let's go, let's go! Everyone to the basement! I'm sure it's just another drill.
STEVE: All right, Danny, you and Junior, you check the roof.
Lou, TANI, start clearing floors.
Any sign of the gas, you call it in, get the hell out.
Adam, you're with me.
Open up.
(employees gasping, murmuring) All right, my name is Commander Steve McGarrett with the Five-O Task Force.
This is not a drill.
You understand me? We have a credible threat.
Everybody stays in these rooms.
Nobody leave.
Which one of you is Marshall Friedkin? Marshall Friedkin.
Which one of you is Marshall Friedkin? Uh, he's not here.
What do you mean, he's not here? Where is he? Mr.
Friedkin has had meetings with the board of directors all week.
He's over at the corporate office downtown.
We're in the wrong building.
I've been trying to get Friedkin on the phone, but he's not picking up.
All right, Jerry, listen to me.
Find somebody else that works in that building-- anybody, doesn't matter-- and call them, please.
(quiet chatter) (cell phone ringing) Hello? STEVE: Hello.
This is Commander Steve McGarrett with the Five-O Task Force.
I'm gonna need to speak with Marshall Friedkin.
It's very important.
I need to speak with him immediately.
He's not here.
He's up on the ninth floor.
Someone showed up to meet with him right before the alert, so he stayed.
Said it didn't matter, it was just a drill.
Okay, well, it's not just a drill.
You understand? I need you and everybody else in that room to stay just where you are.
Do not leave that room.
Okay? Please.
(tires squealing) MAN: No! Please! Please! (gunshot) Freeze! Five-O! Hey! Freeze! STEVE: Adam, go check on Friedkin.
Sir, sir, can you hear my voice? (dialing) I have a gunshot victim.
I need paramedics ASAP-- 9251 Coral Street.
STEVE: Doug Manning? Doug? Doug? Stop.
Stop! Put the weapon down.
Put the gun down, Doug.
They poisoned our families! I know.
I know everything they did, and they're not gonna get away with it, all right? One person's already been hurt today.
You understand? Please don't make me add to that list.
Look at me, Doug.
Look at me.
You want to see this company pay for what they did, right? Yes.
I need you alive.
All right? I need you alive for that to happen, so I need you to put that gun down.
You and I, we're gonna walk out of this building.
Okay? Please, please, Doug.
Put it down.
(sobbing) Come on, man.
I got you.
That's it, buddy.
Put it down.
That's right, that's right, that's right.
Look at me, look at me, look at me.
It's okay.
It's okay.
(sobbing) I'm sorry.
(siren wailing) STEVE: It looks like they're gonna bring Kevin Randall out of his coma in a couple of days.
And the guy that we arrested, Doug Manning, he'll be arraigned tomorrow.
What about the other two? GROVER: HPD picked 'em up a couple blocks from the building.
They had 'em in custody before we even got Manning.
Never should have come to this.
I mean, these guys weren't born bad.
They are regular people who suffered, turned to the system for help, saw the deck was stacked.
Getting any kind of justice would take years.
There's no guarantees.
It shouldn't work this way.
I agree with you.
The good news is that there is something in place that can help us even the playing field a little bit.
What's that? Well, I spoke to the governor earlier, and, uh, the State of Hawaii is going to launch a full investigation into Agrocore, which means, if they are responsible for everything you say they are, then the truth is gonna come out, and you-- my friend, Odell-- will have all the ammunition you need to take that company down.
You'll be able to get justice for Denise Randall and anybody else involved.
You guys! Bring it in.
(laughter) Who's your pal? Mahalo.
You're welcome, buddy.
Oh, by the way What? Next time you feel the urge to pick up a pair of clippers, don't.
I mean, this is this is a travesty.
STEVE: What are you talking about? You call me instead, please.
Call you? “Odell Martin bar-beester”? Bar-bis-ter.
It's a hybrid of “barber” and “barrister.
” Get it? Yeah, that's, uh that's that's clever.
STEVE: Yeah, I get it.
Very clever.
(knocking at door) What are you doing here? I've been trying to reach you all day.
Why haven't you returned my calls? I've been with Hideki's crew.
What are you doing here? They could be watching me, you know.
If someone saw you Do you have any idea what's been going on today? I heard Five-O picked up Nemoto for something.
For trying to sell off two of those tanks we stole to a group of guys who were planning to use them in a chemical attack.
We stopped them.
I had no idea.
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you earlier.
Are you? What's that supposed to mean? Why are you looking at me like that? Whose side are you on? Excuse me? I've been listening to the conversations you had with Nemoto.
Trying to figure out why what happened today wasn't on our radar.
You think I knew he was going to sell those tanks? There's a gap on the tape.
I had the lab do an analysis.
They said you stopped recording for eight minutes.
I want to know why.
Must have been a glitch.
Some problem with the recorder.
” The truth, Jessie.
Okay, yeah.
I stopped recording for a few minutes.
Why? Because what Kazuya and I were talking about it was personal.
(chuckling) You're sleeping with him? Do you have any idea how dangerous and stupid that is? These people I can handle myself.
And it's not your concern or your business.
It's my business if I think my asset is in too deep.
- You need to chill.
- Chill? Thousands of people could have died today because of what we did.
It's a little hard to chill.
And now I find out that you've been lying to me? I've been doing my job.
The one you came to me with.
You don't like the way I do it, get someone else.
(engine revving) (tires squealing) (horns honking) (yells)
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