Hawaii Five-0 s08e19 Episode Script

Aohe Mea Make I Ka Hewa; Make No I Ka Mihi Ole

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O: This is a setup.
I mean, you guys get an anonymous tip, then you pull Adam over, and you find a dead body in the trunk of his car? It's not just any dead body.
It's Hideki Tashiro.
ADAM: My task force was committed to finding the person who murdered Agent Fischer and his family.
My Intel suggested that it wasn't Hideki; it was someone above him.
A new player pulling the strings.
Who? I don't know yet.
When the M.
was conducting the autopsy on Hideki's body, they found some foreign DNA, and it did turn up a familial match-- to you.
We also know the sample came from a female.
Adam, you understand what all this means, right? I have a half-sister.
And somehow she's involved in everything that's been going on.
(man grunting) What they do They smilin' in your face All the time they want to take your place The back stabbers Back stabbers They smilin' in your face All the time they want to take your place The back stabbers Back stabbers All you fellas who have someone (song fades) (door opens) MAN: Hello, Mr.
(door closes) Sorry to keep you waiting.
STEVE: I'm sorry, just you said what? How many? Seventeen.
STEVE: 17 fire code violations? You sure about that? STEVE: I don't That doesn't make any sense.
How What do you mean? Yeah, are we talking about the same place? Chinatown, small little Italian restaurant? Very small.
The one you're trying to renovate? Yeah.
STEVE: You mean small infractions, right? Like like a dead battery in a smoke detector, the exit sign you can't see 'cause there's a thing over it or whatever? Well, those are both issues, but you've got bigger problems, starting with your electrical work.
What-what-what's wrong with the electrical system? For one thing, your breaker panel's dangerously overloaded.
You've got open splices in the ceiling, frayed wires in the weather-head.
It's a mess.
(sighs) I don't know what to say.
You know whose fault this is? Yes, I do-- Uncle Vito.
Yours, not Uncle Vito's.
Your fault.
What do you mean, mine? Uncle Vito has been systematically trying to destroy our dream since he landed here.
How is this my fault? DANNY: Well, it's your fault because you gave him the number to use for the electrician.
That's why it's your fault.
He's a great guy, and he's-he's a great Look at the look at the work he did in here.
This place was torn apart by bullets.
Look at it-- it's perfect.
Excuse me.
Did you say the same electricians also did the work on these offices? What? Was that work permitted? He'll tell you.
Well, I mean FIRE INSPECTOR: I think I need to look around.
Are you stupid? What's the matter with you? It just came out.
I When your brain stops working, you should shut your mouth.
(knock at door) Hi.
Please please tell me you have something to, uh, take me away from this situation.
Actually, yeah, I do.
There's a man downstairs who wants to talk to you.
All right.
We know what it's about? Saying it's about your father.
My father? DAVIS: You had yourself quite a career, didn't you? Yeah, it was something.
I mean, I'm just proud I was able to serve my country, you know? It was an honor.
How about you, Mr.
Davis? Leroy.
I I did one tour in Vietnam.
Oh, is that how you knew my father? No, sir.
You guys work together? I guess you could say we knew each other through work.
But did we work together? No.
I was employed by the Hawaiian Syndicate in the '70s and '80s.
I'm sorry, did you just, uh did you just tell me you were involved in organized crime? I painted houses.
Not literally, of course.
I know what the term means.
You were a hit man? That's right.
And yet somehow you're sitting in my office instead of a six-by-eight cell somewhere.
How's that? I was very careful.
It also helped that there were so many corrupt cops during the years that I was active.
The guys that weren't, well, they were too scared to come after me.
Except for one.
My father.
Day I met him I knew he was going to be trouble.
(festive chatter and laughter) (chatter continues; disco music playing) (people screaming) (gun fires; people screaming) Next one's in you.
Hey! You hear what I said? Yeah.
And I don't doubt you're telling the truth.
You already killed one cop this week.
You seem to think you know something about me.
My name's John McGarrett.
Detective John McGarrett.
I'm the guy that's going to put you in jail for the rest of your life.
I guess he was wrong about that.
He was right about the other thing, though.
I did kill Detective Ozuki earlier that week.
All this that you're telling me, if all of this is true why you coming forward now? I'm an old man.
Been carrying this around long enough.
If your father was here, I'd be doing this with him.
But since he's not, well, I figure you're the next best option.
So Shall we get on with it? Go on.
Open it.
How'd you get this past my security? Like I said, I'm very careful.
Are these yours? They were.
But now they're evidence.
Commander McGarrett, I'd like to confess to the murder of Detective Jake Ozuki.
And 17 others.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x19 Aohe Mea Make I Ka Hewa; Make No I Ka Mihi Ole LEROY: About 30 yards on the left, you turn there.
There's a dirt road.
If you have something to say, Commander, say it.
Whatever it is you're doing today I don't know whether you're trying to make amends or you're looking for some kind of atonement but if that's it, you're way off.
Way off, all right? You should know you sealed your fate the first time you pulled the trigger and took an innocent life.
I know.
Adam Noshimuri, got a minute? Not really.
Won't take long.
Just a few follow-up questions.
No, I've given you enough of my time already, Agent McNeal.
I got somewhere to be.
Why don't I ride with you? We can talk on the way.
(chuckles) Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Don't make this difficult, okay? Or what? You'll arrest me? You got nothing to hold me on, and you know it.
I'll see you around.
I'm trying real hard to be professional about this, but you're not making it easy.
Get in the car.
Yo, yo, yo, yo Here we are Become number one, number one worldwide Number one worldwide! Ah, ah, ah, ah This one's dedicated to all the soul rockers out there Number one, number one, hey! Mr.
Romero, this is, uh, Special Consultant Jerry Ortega.
Oh, thank God.
Please tell me you're here to fix the AC.
No, uh, he's the Honolulu County Fire Inspector.
He's here to, uh, inspect.
Right on.
Excuse me.
(whispering): I need a big favor, okay? This is important.
Can, uh can you show him around a little bit, give him a tour? Oh, I see.
You want me to work my natural charm on him to win him over so he doesn't hit us with big fines? Mm-hmm.
Or you're just too busy with important stuff to babysit him, so you figured I'd do it.
You said you wanted more stuff to do.
Yeah, but I was thinking more along the lines of a ride-along or going undercover.
Not this.
Well, look, there's no small jobs, only small special consultants.
What's that supposed to mean? (camera clicking) I don't know.
You are working here in a tinderbox, Mr.
These cables-- that's an electrical fire waiting to happen.
Throw in poor ventilation, insufficient egress.
You can replace these newspapers with kindling and be done with it.
Okay, I'm gonna leave you guys.
Have fun.
(camera clicks) You sure you know where you're going? Some things you just don't forget.
(panting) I'm, uh I'm not used to so much exercise.
Just, uh give me a minute while I catch my breath.
(grunts) So, out of all the spots on this island, why this one? Remote, of course.
But still plenty of access to the roads.
And the earth is soft.
Uh Up top.
(grunting, panting) This is it.
Buried the first body here.
Hey, Noelani, listen.
I just sent you a dropped location pin from the Ewa Forest Reserve.
I need you to get out here as quickly as possible.
Bring a bunch of people.
We need to exhume a body.
Make sure they bring plenty of shovels.
There's six more buried here.
Bring as many people as you can.
Thank you.
Six more, you say? Well, that makes seven.
You said there were 18 bodies altogether.
There are.
They're not all buried here.
Where are they? Patience, John.
What did you say? What did you just say? I said have patience.
Gonna go out on a limb here and say this is not an official FBI meeting.
That's a good guess.
So what is this? You still convinced I'm the one behind it all? The gang violence, the hit on Fischer, the attack on the warehouse? What, are you gonna you gonna force a confession out of me? Is that it? WOMAN: Don't be ridiculous.
He knows you had nothing to do with any of that.
Hello, Adam.
I'm sorry.
Do I know you? No.
But I know you.
We've never met, of course, but you've been a presence in my life since I was a child.
I always knew one day we'd come face-to-face.
I just never imagined it would be under these circumstances.
Then again, life is unpredictable.
Wouldn't you agree? Yeah, I would.
I mean, I for one never knew I had a sister.
So you know who I am.
I was only recently made aware.
Must have come as quite a shock.
Yeah, it did.
But you're not just my sister, are you? You're also the one I've been after this whole time.
The one who killed Agent Fischer.
That's right.
Brother, you and I have led very different lives.
You were given everything.
I learned from an early age, if I want something, I have to take it.
And if anyone gets in my way, if anyone even poses a threat I have to eliminate them.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait.
(body thuds on floor) Please, make yourself comfortable.
We have much to catch up on.
I was eight when I discovered my father had another family.
That I had two brothers.
(pouring drink) I was ten when I realized I was never going to meet them.
My father would make sure of that.
My mother and I were his dirty little secret.
And he intended to keep it that way.
So he kept me in the shadows.
For much of my life, that was painful.
But it turns out, in my line of work, being in the shadows has its advantages.
Of course, thanks to Agent McNeal, those advantages are now lost.
What exactly did he do? Tell me something-- how did you learn about me? Your DNA was found on Hideki Tashiro's body.
When they ran it, it came back a familial match to mine.
That's right.
Thing is, I didn't kill Hideki.
I gave the order, yes, but I didn't pull the trigger.
In fact, I hadn't even been in the same room with the man in several weeks, so there's only one way my DNA could have ended up there.
It was planted.
By someone who had access to both me and the lab where the testing was done.
But why would he do that? Leverage? Blackmail? Agent McNeal no doubt wanted the upper hand in our future dealings.
I'm sure he would have offered to make the evidence go away for a price.
Unfortunately for him, I discovered his betrayal.
Unfortunately for me, I've now been exposed, which means I need to disappear.
But such a feat takes resources.
Resources you will provide.
I don't understand.
The money, Adam.
Michelle Shioma's 20 million.
You're gonna get it and hand it over.
I already went over this with Hideki.
I-I don't know how many more times Hideki is gullible and weak.
You'll find I'm neither.
Do you recognize this place? No.
Should I? It's a motel in Amarillo, Texas.
How do you know where my wife is? Is that important? What matters is I have people there right now waiting to hear from me.
As are my men in San Francisco.
You'll be happy to know that Chin Ho, Abby and Sara had a nice breakfast at the Seven Seas Diner this morning.
Chin doesn't think it holds a candle to the Wailana Coffee House, but Sara loves it.
Sweet little girl.
I also know about your C.
All right.
You've made your point.
But how many more times can I say this? You have six hours to get me the money.
If I were you, I wouldn't waste any more time standing here lying to me.
MAN: Hey.
(groaning) You heard the lady.
GROVER: Got an updated report on the guns in the briefcase.
Leroy's prints are all over the place, including the magazines.
The iron's definitely his.
Where are we at with ballistics? In the works.
Tani's over at HPD pulling files on everyone who went missing during Leroy's active years.
You know, just in case the old bastard can't remember all of his victims.
Keep me posted, all right? Yeah.
Turn here.
It's on the right.
You okay? I've been here before.
How long you lived here? Since '82.
I bought this right after I got married.
Raised my kids in this house.
That pergola wasn't always there, was it? How do you know that? This is only gonna take a second.
My dad used to drive me home from school this way a lot.
Guess he was keeping tabs on me.
Can't say I'm surprised.
Like I said, your old man-- he was relentless.
How's it going? Well, he's been taking a bunch of notes and shaking his head and frowning a lot.
So I'm gonna go with: “not well”" Well, they all do that.
Maybe it's not that bad.
You know, some people have naturally dour disposition.
I'm gonna go talk to him.
Welcome to Five-O.
I'm Captain Lou Grover.
How you doing, buddy? What's the good word? This place is a death trap.
Huh? You've got hundreds of feet of exposed wires in the walls.
This gun cabinet needs to be at least 18 inches from an overhead sprinkler.
And then there's the ventilation system.
What's wrong with the ventilation system? Looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years.
He's right.
No one's been up there since the Russians pumped that Would you shut it? Listen, um, Inspector, uh Romero.
Uh, this is an old building.
Now, come on.
It's been around since the 1800s.
I'm sure you could, you know, kind of grandfather that in.
You're funny.
I need to go count your fire extinguishers now.
We even have fire extinguishers? Depends.
Do we count the one that Danny uses as a doorstop? We need to talk.
JESSIE: Well, this is just great.
Your half-sister's daddy issues turned her into a stone cold psycho, and now anyone connected to you is in her crosshairs.
I'm going to fix that.
All right, Jessie, I'm sorry.
This operation, what I've asked you to do-- if I knew it would have come to this It's not your fault.
Just tell me what our next move is.
I assume you have a plan? Yeah.
It's simple-- I go get the money.
How? You know some other rich dude you can extort for 20 million? Preferably someone who won't decide to eat a bullet first.
No, that won't be necessary.
I know where the money is.
What? Shioma's money? You know where that is? Yeah.
Have you known this whole time? Yes.
I gave you a beat-down and watched Hideki put a gun to your head and almost pull the trigger.
Why the hell didn't you hand it over then? Because handing over that money would have created a whole other set of problems.
Problems a thousand times worse than owing a debt to Hideki Tashiro.
And now? Now I have no choice.
People I care about are in danger, and I have no other options.
All right.
Let's do this.
Not us.
You're staying here.
That's sweet.
But you and I started this thing together, and we're gonna end it the same way.
(smacks lips) Got any family left on this island? You're looking at 'em.
(cats meowing) My wife passed on ten years ago.
Kids moved to the mainland.
Haven't been back since.
(cell phone rings) Yeah, Junior, what do you got? We've exhumed two bodies.
GPR confirms five more.
Each one was buried exactly where Mr.
Davis said.
All right, do me a favor.
Have the lab run that DNA, all right? We need I.
's on these people as soon as possible.
Actually, sir, it looks like we already have an I.
on one of them.
Which one? Badge number confirms, HPD Detective Jake Ozuki.
The badge was found with the remains.
All right, just, uh, get back to me with the other I.
's as soon as possible, all right? You got it.
Thank you.
You mind if we make a quick stop by my neighbor's before we move on? LEROY: Hey.
Here you go.
These are my babies.
(quiet, indistinct chatter) Let me ask you a question.
Why'd you kill Jake Ozuki? Uh the cop? Yeah.
What'd he do that deserved a bullet? I never asked my employers why they wanted someone dead.
I just pulled the trigger.
I didn't need a reason.
But with my dad, you actually had a reason.
Didn't you? You said so yourself you had a good reason.
You knew he'd eventually catch up with you.
However, you let him live.
Why? I only killed when I was ordered to.
Though I admit, in the case of your father I came very close to making an exception.
DISPATCH (over radio): Central calling 143.
Detective McGarrett, do you copy? This is McGarrett.
Detective, you've got an urgent request for backup.
What's the situation? It's your wife, Doris.
She's going into labor, sir.
I'm on my way.
LEROY: So, after that night, I stopped using the forest as a dumping ground.
I guess, in a way you saved your father's life.
All these folks went missing during the years that Leroy Davis was active? TANI: So what we did is we prioritized the cases that are linked to organized crime, and according to the logs, John McGarrett looked into all of them.
And the bodies from the forest? Yeah, lab found DNA matches to all seven victims.
Here they are.
Aside from the fact that they all vanished without a trace, there appears to be no link between any of the victims.
Seven people, each one of them with loved ones, and then one night, they just didn't come home, never to be seen again.
Got 11 more just like them still out there.
So, what about the guy who used to run the Syndicate back in the day? What do we know about him? The guy that Leroy answered to, Gary Kahele.
So, whatever happened to him? TANI: Nothing.
He's very much alive and on the island.
But according to HPD, he's been out of the game for years.
Yeah, well, we need to go pay Mr.
Kahele a little visit, make sure he knows it's just not gonna be that easy to walk away.
Afternoon, Mr.
Can I help you? Yeah, you can start by putting your hands behind your back.
What the hell is this about? This is about your ordering the murder of 18 innocent people.
Says who? Says the guy who pulled the trigger.
You're coming with us.
Shut your mouth.
Adam Noshimuri.
It's good to see you.
Yes, yes.
Jessie, this is Mr.
He's an old friend of my father's.
I've known him since I was a little boy.
How's it going? Pleasure.
Let me guess.
You're here to see your juniper.
You still have that? Of course.
I'd be a fool to sell it.
Follow me.
(relaxing Japanese music playing) When I was 11, he had me look after that juniper for a year.
Very rare.
And quite old.
252 years, to be exact.
And with proper care, it should outlive someone even as young as you.
This thing could die tomorrow, and there's a good chance it could still outlive me.
Actually, we're here on another matter.
Oh? What is that? I need to make a withdrawal.
I see.
How much? All of it.
That would be unwise.
I know.
You understand what will happen? Yes.
As you wish.
All right, spill.
What the hell is this place? It's sort of an unofficial bank for the Yakuza.
The only one that serves all the clans.
Like a normal bank, Kimura-San accepts deposits, extends credit, makes loans.
Unlike a normal bank Let me guess-- he also washes money.
Among other services.
This operation has been in his family for generations.
It's been around longer than the oldest plants in here.
And for good reason.
Kimura-San is loyal, trustworthy, discreet.
And this is where Shioma kept the money? No.
(sighs) This is where I keep it.
Michelle had it hidden away on Kauai.
After she died, I went looking for it.
Didn't take me long to figure out where it was.
Once I had my hands on it, I had to put it somewhere safe.
And no one could know about it.
Not McGarrett, not even my wife.
Why? Because Hideki wasn't the only gangster looking for it.
If having this money is so dangerous, why did you go after it in the first place? When my father died, he left behind certain debts-- financial and otherwise-- to some not-so-nice people.
As long as the money is here, those people know that the debts will be paid down.
So, what happens now that you're taking it out? Those payments won't get made.
Which will incur certain penalties.
What kind of penalties? The money's being arranged.
It shouldn't take long.
All right.
That was the last one.
You know, Commander, I must admit, killing was never easy.
Even when I wore the uniform.
Come on, man.
I don't buy it, Leroy.
Why would I? I mean look, if killing was so unpleasant for you Why did I do it for the Syndicate? Yeah.
Why'd you do it for the Syndicate? You know, you're lucky.
You never felt what it was like to fight for your country only to come home and have your country treat you like the enemy.
See, when I came back from Vietnam, nobody wanted to hire a baby killer.
So I took the one thing that the Army taught me how to do, and I put it I put it to use.
My old man fought in that same war.
You know that, right? My old man fought in that same war, and he came home to the same country and was spat at by the same people that spat at you.
He didn't go off and become a professional killer.
So, why don't you save that story for someone else.
That was your choice.
John was a better man than me.
Yeah, well You ever catch who killed him? Yes, I did.
At least one of you got your man.
That's all six.
Ready? Just give me a minute.
Thank you for helping me with this.
Trust me, if there was any other way I understand.
Be careful, Adam.
(car engine starts) (car driving away) Oh no.
(horn honking) (cell phone ringing) (ringing continues) Yeah.
Have you lost your mind? What the hell are you doing? What I probably should have done weeks ago.
I'm getting out.
In case you forgot, there's now a contract on my head.
I told you, as soon as we pay Noriko How do you know she won't kill us anyway? Huh? I get that you're scared.
I am, too.
But if you run, she will find you.
Take it from someone who's gone into hiding-- the world is a lot smaller than you think.
You'll never be safe.
You need to trust me, Jessie.
Turn the car around.
I did trust you.
Look where it got me.
Jessie, you do this, and my family dies.
Do you get that? They're cops, right? They can handle themselves.
Jessie, please.
I'm sorry.
(phone beeps) Please, Jessie.
Jessie! Adam, hey.
ADAM: Hey.
I'm trying to get a hold of McGarrett.
Are you with him? No, he's working a case.
Why? What's up? I need you to track a cell for me.
Is everything okay? No.
We can take him from here, Steve.
Thank you.
Read the man his rights, please.
LEROY: Uh, wait.
Can you do it? I think it's something your father would have enjoyed doing.
Leroy Davis, you're under arrest for murder.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Hello, John.
Is today the day? No.
Then what can I do for you? STEVE: If you can't afford an attorney, one will be provided for you at government expense.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Let's go.
Hey, Leroy? It wasn't just because of my father you did all this, was it? No.
I did it for Jack.
You mean Jake Ozuki.
I mean Jack.
Jake's son.
I never forgot his name.
Your father made sure of that.
JOHN: Know who that is? (sighs) Can't say that I do.
That's Jake Ozuki's family.
You know, the detective you killed? That's his wife, Linda.
And his son, Jack.
They come here every year on the anniversary of Jake's death.
Talk about everything that's happened Trouble is they're visiting an empty grave.
But you already knew that.
What's the point of this, John? Every murder has two victims: the deceased and the family left in the wake.
Davis has Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.
It's a rare brain disorder, characterized by rapidly progressive dementia.
And what's the prognosis on something like this? The condition is invariably fatal.
I estimate he has three to six months.
All right.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
I really I really appreciate your time.
Of course.
All right, thanks.
Commander? Yeah, just Sorry, I just noticed the picture.
” Is that your boy? Yes.
He was six when he drew that.
STEVE: That's nice.
Thank you.
NOELANI: I've identified all the remains.
HPD has notified the families.
Well, I, uh Thank you.
I know how much work went into this.
You don't need to thank me, Commander.
The families of these victims have been waiting years for answers.
I don't want them to wait any longer.
Commander McGarrett? Yes, sir.
Sergeant Jack Ozuki.
Jack Ozuki.
Of course.
Mahalo, Commander.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, we did it, Dad.
(engine starts) Says we're about a mile out.
All right.
Money's gone.
Jessie? Jessie Oh, no.
No, no, no.

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