Hawaii Five-0 s08e20 Episode Script

He Lokomaika'i Ka Manu O Kaiona (Kind is the Bird of Kaiona)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O: Your half-sister's daddy issues turned her into a stone-cold psycho, and now anyone connected to you is in her crosshairs.
ADAM: How do you know where my wife is? You have six hours to get me the money.
If I were you, I wouldn't waste any more time standing here lying to me.
- I assume you have a plan? - I go get the money.
People I care about are in danger, and I have no other options.
I need to make a withdrawal.
The money's being arranged.
What the hell is this place? It's sort of an unofficial bank for the Yakuza.
ADAM: Trust me, Jessie.
Turn the car around.
I'm getting out.
But if you run, she will find you.
Money's gone.
I told her I'd protect her, Steve.
All right, Jessie made a choice to steal that money.
That choice got her killed.
There's nothing you could have done about it, Adam.
Any update on Noriko? We have every law enforcement agency on high alert.
But still no leads.
No, not yet.
And you know what? Maybe she's on the island still, laying low.
She could be on the other side of the planet.
Frankly, it doesn't matter.
I don't care where she's hiding.
We're gonna find her.
But you'll have to do it without me.
What? I'm done, Steve.
I'm out.
Where is he? What? He went into cardiac arrest about 20 minutes ago.
He was dead before we could even get him uncuffed.
When he was captured this morning, he was said to be in good health.
This abuse looks recent.
Look, Catherine (grunting) You! Rollins! Do you realize what you've done? Do you realize what you have done? Rollins, that's enough.
Huh?! Do you? (gasping weakly) Rollins! (gasping, wheezing) I want to see everything Masari had on him now! That's probably some kind of Sunni good-luck piece.
It's Hawaiian.
It appears to be King Kamehameha's Lei Niho Palaoa.
All the Hawaiian chiefs wore one.
You said the man who had it is now dead? Uh, yeah.
Which is why I need to know how he could've gotten something like this.
Because it could tell me where he's been.
If that necklace is what I think, then it's supposed to be entombed with King Kamehameha himself.
Are you saying that the king was buried with this? Wait.
What's going on? (sighs) The location of King Kamehameha's grave has been a secret for almost 200 years.
No one knows where it is.
She's right.
All we know is that he's buried in Hawaii.
I gotta get to Hawaii.
If Masari was there, I gotta find out why.
Could possibly lead me to Asad.
Are you serious? This is hardly a lead, Rollins.
Yeah, I know.
But look, it's all I got to go on, so You plan on doing this alone? No.
I got someone there who can help me.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x20 He Lokomaika'i Ka Manu O Kaiona font color="# (doorbell rings) Hi.
Oh, this is a surprise.
Yes, I find the element of surprise to be a key part of the unannounced drop-in.
So, I come bearing gifts.
All right.
Thank you.
(Eddie barking) TANI: Oh, Eddie, don't worry.
Of course I didn't forget about you.
Go on, sit down, sit down, sit down.
What do I have for you, hmm? What do I have for you? Oh, what's this? You got any goodies for me? Do I have any goodies for you? Huh, let's see.
What do I have? I got, um I got a woof cream pie.
I got a snicker-poodle.
(chuckles) You know, I've actually had one of those snicker-poodle things.
Oh, have you? Yeah, they ain't bad.
Here, help yourself.
Oh, you Yeah, I mean, you like them, right? Yeah.
All right.
(whines) It's got the, um you know, it's got the crunchiness of a human cookie.
It's good, huh? It is so good.
Can you just, uh give me the bag, please? Oh, no.
(grunts) That's foul.
That's nice.
That joke went sideways real fast.
That was terrible.
Anyway um, I-I see you're not dressed for your dad's birthday lunch.
Um yeah, there's a change of plans.
So you're not gonna go? It was always gonna be a last-minute-decision type thing.
Right, I mean, that's actually why I came over here this morning.
You know, I figured you could use a pep talk before you went over.
(chuckles) You hear that, boy? You were an afterthought.
No, he's not.
Don't say that to him.
Seriously, um I-I know things are-are rough between you and your dad.
But I just figure, you know, it's his birthday, so might as well just make an appearance.
I just think it's better for everybody if me and my dad weren't in the same room.
Well, just think about it.
Me and Eddie are gonna go for a run, so I'll think about it.
Okay? Okay.
All right.
Come on, boy.
(whimpering) You want him to go anywhere with you, you better take these.
All right.
(barks) CATHERINE: For the past six months now, I've been chasing this man.
Asad Al-Laja.
Now, he's the chief bomb maker for a Somali terror cell, so obviously a very high-value target.
We've also got chatter that he was here on a mission getting supplies for Asad and that he may have had other people with him.
Are you guys okay? Huh? Yeah.
Why? Because you're being weird.
Weird? (scoffs) Nobody's being weird.
Girl, you trippin'.
STEVE: No, we're, uh we're fine.
What supplies do you think Masari's here to get? We're not sure, but I've got a theory that he was after some depleted uranium.
GROVER: What makes you think that? Because the necklace that was found in Masari's possession had trace amounts of U-236 and plutonium.
Both of which are found in DU.
And since there are several military bases in Hawaii that have been known to have depleted uranium on site You're thinking he came out here and got his hands on some of those munitions.
CATHERINE: So, if we can pinpoint exactly which stash he hit, then I can start retracing his steps, which could lead me to Asad.
Okay, Catherine, I gotta ask you a question: Why Five-O? Yeah.
I mean, you have unlimited amounts of CIA assets at your disposal, right? Yeah.
I do.
But, Steve, this is your island.
Okay, no one knows it better than you do.
And I figured, if there are terrorists operating on it, then you'd want the op.
Besides, I, uh thought it'd be nice to catch up.
Okay, okay, sorry, I'm running late I did not come here to play, I got money to make Cruisin' the streets, I was raised in the streets I was made, if you ain't know the name Then you should be ashamed (cell phone ringing) Who want it? Who want it? We want it, we run it We want it, we run it What? What? Who want it? Who want it? We want it, we run it We want it We run it What? What? Don't tell me you're tired, boy.
(cell phone chimes) (barks) Eddie? Hey.
Eddie, where you going? Eddie! Eddie.
Hey, buddy, where you at? Eddie.
Eddie, where are you? (barking) Eddie! (high-pitched ringing) (groaning) (coughs) (grunting, panting) (yells) Help! Is anyone up there? Help! Is anybody up there? Help! Somebody! Anybody! (barks) Eddie! Hey! (whines) No, no, no, no.
Go back! Get back! (barking) (grunts) Get back, Eddie! (whines) Hello? Someone.
How you doing? You okay? Yeah, I'm I'm all right.
Listen, um I heard that you're quitting the task force, that you're going to the mainland.
That's great.
I think you and Kono should be together.
I'm happy for you.
But, Adam, don't you think you should stay and work the case? Don't you want to see Noriko put behind bars? You're so close, Adam.
As far as I'm concerned, prison would be letting her off easy.
She deserves worse.
A lot worse.
So, given how I'm feeling, maybe I'm not the best person to go after her.
Maybe not.
I'll catch up with you later.
Thank you.
I checked with all our local bases.
But as I suspected, all depleted uranium munitions are accounted for.
Are you sure? Okay, 'cause we believe that Masari acquired DU while he was here.
Are you certain that all of these records are up to date? The military takes depleted uranium very seriously.
Well, wait a minute.
These are all from active bases.
What about the ones that have been shut down? You mean the one on Kaho'olawe? Yeah.
We haven't had a presence on that island in about 30 years.
STEVE: Yeah, I know that, but when the Navy abandoned Kaho'olawe in the early '90s, it's possible we left some DU munitions behind, right? CATHERINE: Yeah, no, he's right.
I mean, for years, people considered depleted uranium as just waste product and stored it away.
I mean, that could have been the case for Kaho'olawe.
Even if there were records of munitions on that island, they're probably long gone now.
Okay, so I've pulled some maps of Kaho'olawe dating back to the '40s.
What exactly am I looking for here? STEVE: Anything that could house depleted uranium-- like a munitions shed or a storage depot or something.
I'm seeing some barracks down by the bay.
I don't know.
Okay, this is interesting.
So, I got two maps decades apart.
The earlier map, I'm seeing an underground storage bunker on the east side of the island.
And on the newer one, the bunker's totally gone.
Okay, well, that could just mean the military stopped using it.
It could also mean it's still there.
And it's not uncommon to seal up a decommissioned bunker with munitions still inside of it.
Check it out.
If your boy, Masari, went out there, did some excavating and found that bunker, he could've helped himself to the depleted uranium that was still inside.
Come to think of it, if he was digging in multiple spots, that's how he could've come across Kamehameha's site.
All right.
We gotta get over to Kaho'olawe and see if we can find that bunker.
Hopefully Masari left some clues behind.
Thanks, TANI.
Hey, Kamekona.
What are you doing? You ever rented a car before? You know how they note the condition when you leave with it? That's what I'm doing here.
That way, if this baby has any new scratches, we both know who's at fault.
You serious? Would you like to prepay for the fuel or bring it back with a full tank? Kamekona (horn beeping) Wait! Hold up! Wait! Hey, Jerry.
Little bird told me that you may have a line on the mother of all archaeological digs.
If so, I want in.
Jerry, uh, listen.
I'm not sure what TANI told you, but this is not an archaeological expedition, okay? Well it should be.
I have dreamed of finding King Kamehameha's final resting place ever since I was a little kid digging up rocks in my parents' backyard.
Not only that-- I have said for years that the tomb was on Kaho'olawe.
See, other so-called experts have posited that it was in Moku'ula or Iao Valley, but I have long said the location was on Kaho'olawe, and I have the evidence to prove it.
Okay, Jerry, uh love this enthusiasm, buddy, but again-- not an archaeological expedition, okay? Look, Jerry, he's right.
We're looking for evidence that could hopefully lead us to a terrorist.
Yes, I totally get that.
However, if the king's burial site is on Kaho'olawe, someone should go there to confirm it.
I mean, we're talking about our heritage here.
STEVE: Yes, we are, and that's important, Jerry.
Let me ask you something.
Have either of you ever been to Kaho'olawe? I have not.
Well, I have.
My uncle took me hunting there growing up.
I know the place like the back of my hand.
You could use my expertise.
He does have a point there.
Having a guide couldn't hurt us.
All right.
Hop in.
Have a nice day.
So, what'd you guys hunt? JERRY: Huh? You and your uncle-- what'd you hunt? Oh.
Feral cats, mainly.
Did you say feral cats? Yep.
Felis catus.
After the Navy turned this rock over to the state, all the invasive ungulates were cleared out.
You know, cows, goats, sheep.
But that pesky feral cat population was harder to evict.
And we all know the danger those little buggers pose to Hawaii's fragile ecosystem, so my uncle and I decided to tool up and do our part to try to neutralize 'em.
Of course, our trips were fraught with danger.
This rock is crawling with alien-wasp swarms and black widow spiders.
Also the brown tree snake.
CATHERINE: And this.
Oh, boy.
Jerry, you all right? What? Yeah.
Why? Because you're white as a ghost.
I am? Must be my sunscreen.
Jerry, if you've been here before, you had to have known there was unexploded ordnance on this island.
I just you know, forgot.
Jerry, you've never been here before, have you? What are you talking about? Of course I have.
All right, it's my first time.
And I'm guessing, um, you've actually never been hunting, either.
Definitely not.
My uncle and I would play Super Nintendo.
I could never hurt another living creature.
Jerry, you lied to us.
But not about the cultural significance of what might be here.
A discovery of this magnitude? I'm sorry, I wasn't gonna pass up the chance to be here for that.
All right, whatever.
We'll talk about this later, all right? We need to keep moving.
Whoa, what about this? Watch your step.
You'll be fine.
CATHERINE: You coming? Uh you guys go ahead.
I'll catch up.
(grunting) (grunting, panting) (groans) All right, sailor.
Your turn.
Just stay away from that, uh, yellow-greenish stuff there.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
Happy to help.
Not my first jungle, young lady.
(Catherine chuckles) All right.
There you go.
So, uh TANI, is it? Yeah.
She seems great.
Yeah, she's great.
Yeah, she's, like, uh, really on top of things.
Yeah, she's good.
I'm sure it's just a matter of time before she picks up all your bad habits.
Oh, believe me, she's already there.
You know, she actually reminds me a lot of you.
How so? Well she's an Army brat.
You're a Navy brat.
You're both good at your jobs.
You both got good hearts.
So, uh how's it going with, uh Lynn? It's good.
Yeah? Yeah.
Just keeping it casual for now, you know? What about you? You been seeing anybody? Oh, you mean besides assets and enemy combatants? Yeah.
(laughs) Uh, it's kind of hard to keep a relationship going when you do what I do.
Yeah, I bet.
But, um I am dating a little bit.
Yeah? Yeah.
That's great news.
That's good.
Isn't it great that we can talk to each other about this stuff now? It really is.
- Yeah.
- Look how mature we are right now.
So mature.
Up high.
Come on.
To maturity.
It's not all that surprising, really, if you think about it, because we were really good friends before we got involved.
Yeah, we were.
I mean, sometimes I think it ruined us.
Well, we probably shouldn't have slept together, but, you know Oh, God, huge mistake for the friendship.
I mean, not that it wasn't awesome or anything.
I'm just saying, probably not the best decision to do for, you know, the friendship (yells) Cath! Catherine! (groans) Catherine.
Hey, you okay? (grunts) Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
(groans) Oh, that's not good.
Just hold on.
I'm gonna get you out of there.
Okay? Okay.
MAN: Hey! (guns cock) No, you won't.
You're not going anywhere.
Weapons on the ground now.
You, too.
Throw your gun up here.
My name is Commander Steve McGarrett.
All right? I'm with the Five-O Task Force.
- You understand me? - Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Take it easy.
Take it easy, all right? This is my badge.
You see that? Read it.
That phony badge ain't fooling nobody.
Weapons on the ground now! You guys, you're in a lot of trouble already.
You understand me? This island is off-limits to the public.
You shouldn't even be here.
Now, don't make it worse for yourselves.
Trust me.
(grunting) Whatever you got, hand it over.
You, too.
Put everything in the bag and throw it up here right now.
Nice and easy.
Watch it.
Watch it.
Girl's looking a little lonely.
Why don't you go down there and give her some company? Now! MAN: Grab the bags, grab the bags, grab the bags.
Let's go.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! We gotta get out of here.
Okay, what if you try to boost me right up there and see if I can catch the lip? Think you'll be all right to pull yourself out with that arm? Are you trying to say that I'm soft now? Well, I mean, maybe a little bit.
I'm good.
Let's do it.
I got this.
Count of three.
Two Three.
Okay? Grab my hand.
All right.
(grunts) Can I ask you a question? Now? Yes, now.
What? Were you really gonna propose, or did you just buy that ring in the event that you decided you were gonna propose? What do you think? Just answer the question! Yes, yes, yes.
I was gonna propose, Catherine.
(grunting) (panting) JERRY: Hey.
You guys decided to take a break, too, huh? Whoa! Whoa, it's lucky you guys didn't fall in there.
Those spikes look nasty.
Lucky us.
Oh, my God.
What happened? Couple of hunters showed up, robbed us, took all our gear.
Whoa, whoa, what about the maps? The-the sat phone? I remember the map well enough to get us to that bunker.
Hey, Jerry, give me your butt bag.
It's a fanny pack.
Not anymore.
Give it to me.
All right.
You know, maybe we ought to just pull the rip cord on this thing.
I mean, she's hurt, we got no map, no weapons No.
We keep going.
STEVE: She's right.
We don't leave until we find that bunker.
You shouldn't be here.
I need your help.
I gave you the money you asked for.
I know.
What happened next was unfortunate.
Unfortunate? Is that what you call your associate stealing it from you? She's dead.
And now somebody else has that money.
Oh, son, I suggest you get it back, or your friend's not gonna be the only one going into the ground.
That's why I'm here.
What else could you possibly need? An alibi.
(video game sound effects) (whistling a tune) YOUNG WOMAN (recorded): Hey, June, I'm at the theater.
Where are you? Thanks to your late-as-usual ass, we already missed the 9:15, and the Star Trek movie's sold out, too.
There's something called Ted playing, with a teddy bear that talks.
I don't know, probably a kids' movie, but it looks kind of fun.
Oh, my God, Rahim is here.
And he looks damn fine, so you best not do that corny impression of Dad you do when you want to embarrass me, or I'll beat that skinny little butt of yours raw.
You know, it's lucky you have such a cool sister.
It's the only thing saving you from total loser-dom.
All right, I don't mean that.
Well, I kind of do.
But I love you anyway.
Now, will you hurry up and get here already? (recorded): Junior, it's your mother.
(crying): Please call me when you get this.
Something something's happened.
(panting) Hold on a sec.
Oh, good idea.
Get a high vantage point, scope the perimeter.
I'm pretty sure she's just thirsty, Jerry.
There's something we need to talk about.
What's that, Dr.
Jones? Well, legend has it that whoever finds the king's burial site absorbs his mana, or spiritual energy.
Uh yeah, and? Well, we need to decide who gets to go in first to get that privilege.
I hate to point this out, but if Masari already discovered the site, wouldn't the king's mana transfer to him? Not if he wasn't worthy.
In fact, now that I think about it (gunfire echoing) Those gunshots sounded like they came from the direction of the bunker.
Jerry, stay close.
Oh, so we're going towards the gunshots now? Can't say I was expecting this.
JERRY: What, you know them? Yeah, these are the two guys who jumped us earlier.
These guys must have used the maps to try to find the bunker.
What is it? I think I can track the shooter's sight line.
I got eyes on the bunker.
You guys hang back, all right? (rapid gunfire) (rapid gunfire) I gotta get behind the shooters.
- Cover me.
- Got it.
JERRY: What about me? Seriously? Yeah.
(grunting and groaning) (gunshot; man groans) You all right? Yeah.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! (gunfire) He went back for that bag.
Which means whatever's in that bunker is important.
Hey, yo, I think I found our stuff.
Well, here's the depleted uranium.
Or should I say “was”? Wow.
Masari must have taken off with like 500 pounds worth.
STEVE: I think I know what he did with it.
He must have tampered with these shells, filled them with DU.
They're building dirty bombs.
Yeah, looks like our shooter just ran off with one.
Officer Rey? Hi.
What's Eddie doing here? Found him outside the Palace doors, but I couldn't reach Commander McGarrett.
Oh, you seem dehydrated.
I'll-I'll take him.
Thank you.
Yes, ma'am.
Eddie, what's wrong? Here.
Stay there.
Want some water? (Eddie whines) Come here.
There you go.
What, are you puppy sitting? What's he doing here? I don't know.
You know, Junior was supposed to take him for a run this morning, and then Marcus found him outside the building.
Well, where's Junior? TANI: His phone has no signal.
GROVER: What, you think his phone died? No, that doesn't sound like Junior.
You know, I know where he likes to run.
I'm gonna go look for him.
- Okay.
- Eddie, come! I really wish you wouldn't do that.
Why? He's got a bomb, Steve.
If he dies, so do my chances of getting any Intel on finding Asad.
Wait a minute.
Did you just question my accuracy? 'Cause if you did, that hurts.
I'm just saying.
Come on.
It's here.
I knew it.
(screaming) Oh, no.
Oh, no.
(sighs) (yells) I-I didn't do it.
Hey, Pops.
It's me.
Yeah, I'm-I'm sorry I couldn't make it today.
I, uh Well, Mom wanted me to call and Well, I-I wanted to call and wish you a happy, uh You know, it's a it's a very special, um I mean, I always looked up to you Come on, Junes! (takes a deep breath) Sounds like a damn greeting card.
Come on.
See, you're not even here, and I still don't know what to say.
When did it get like this? It wasn't always like this.
I-I-I remember I followed you around that summer.
I was like a tick on a deer.
We were fishing on the lake.
Counting the stars in the sky in the backyard and We were fixing the roof every time it leaked.
You-you held the nail while I was hammering, and You were never afraid.
You never flinched.
Not once.
(chuckles) I remember, uh, singing songs on the beach-- me, you and Maya Maya.
She made everything so easy.
Even when I grew up, and me and you grew apart, her smile it-it was our bridge.
You know, and after she, uh After she, uh Everyone always said that I was just like you, Dad.
I was proud like you.
I was stubborn like you.
And I wore that like a badge of honor.
And when I told you, Dad, I wanted to join the military and serve my country like you did, you said no.
You flinched, and you said no.
Losing one was enough.
And I understand it must be painful to lose a child.
Just like how it was painful for me to lose my best friend.
Pops, all I wanted to say was (cell phone beeping) (sighs) That's just great.
That's great.
(dog barking) Hey! Hey, is someone up there? (grunts) Hey! (barks) Hey, buddy.
Hey! Hi.
Are you okay? (chuckling): Yeah.
I-I'm just a little banged up, but, uh Hey, how'd you find me? Did-did Eddie lead you here? What? No, dude, he's not Lassie.
No, I know where you like to run.
But there's a lot of paths here.
I've been looking for you for the last two hours.
Hang tight, okay? I'll have a rescue crew here in no time.
(barking) TANI: All right.
Thank you.
Okay, so I'm gonna meet you at the hospital.
Hey, thank you.
Uh, could I borrow your phone for a sec? - Mine's dead.
- Okay.
All right.
Hey, Dad.
It's me.
Yeah, uh, I'm sorry I missed your birthday.
Yeah, I got stuck.
Um, hey, you think maybe I could swing by sometime tomorrow? Yeah? GROVER: A Navy EOD team just landed on Kaho'olawe.
Soon as they clear the bombs out of that bunker, then we can send in a crime scene unit to, uh, process the place.
Actually, that won't be necessary.
Why not? CATHERINE: Because after the guy we were chasing tripped and blew himself up, we searched the bunker and recovered a cell.
I was then able to use that to pinpoint a real-time location on Asad, and there is now a SEAL team currently taking him down as we speak.
Well, that is great news.
It is.
(cell phone ringing) Ooh, sorry.
Excuse me.
One second.
So Was it nice to catch up? Yeah, I mean, take away the spike pit, the gunfire and the explosions, uh, yeah.
Yeah, it was nice.
What? Nothing.
Hey, buddy.
What's, uh what's with the bow tie there, Jer? Oh, I'm going to the museum to discuss my findings.
I'm sure a couple of news crews will want to interview me, so I figured I should look presentable.
Uh yeah.
About that, Jerry, um What? All the findings are fake.
No, that's not possible.
What about the necklace Catherine found? CATHERINE: Also fake.
I just spoke with my contact at the museum.
They carbon-dated all the items, and it turns out they're all from the 1950s.
What? STEVE: Yeah, it seems a ship carrying mass-produced tourist trinkets sank in 1957 en route from China.
I guess the Navy must have come in and salvaged it, stored that stuff away, you know.
So you're saying my once-in-a-lifetime find is worthless? Yeah.
Afraid so.
I'm so sorry, Jerry.
Come on.
Don't worry about it, buddy.
Shake it off.
Good news is she's paying for dinner.
Oh, I am? Yeah, you almost got both of us killed.
Think it's the least you can do.
Okay, that's fair.
But I get to pick the place.
(sighs) (laughter, indistinct chatter) JUNIOR: Hey, cheer up, man.
Okay, we're talking about a mystery that's taken archaeologists like 200 years trying to figure it out.
TANI: Yeah, and think of it this way.
Now it's-it's still out there for you to find.
ADAM: Or perhaps something like that just isn't meant to be found.
Yeah, I'll hold off for now.
Finding King Kamehameha's grave site isn't the only mystery I've been working on.
What, are you gonna unlock the formula of, uh, Danny's hair product? JERRY: Nope.
The Lost City of El Dorado.
Got some theories.
I'll tell you what, Jerry.
That right there is an expedition I would join you on.
With that, I would like to make a toast.
To, uh, lost cities and found friends.
TANI: And to Adam.
May your trip to the mainland be filled with love and affection.
KAMEKONA: And plenty of time between the sheets.
(laughter) All right, easy, big guy.
That's my wife you're talking about there.
KAMEKONA: How am I ever going to be an uncle if you and Kono don't get busy? (laughter) (cell phone ringing) Excuse me.
Duke, what's up? Just had a body wash up on Ka'alawai Beach.
GSW to the back of the head.
We I.
'd the body.
Steve, it's Noriko.
Adam's sister.

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