Hawaii Five-0 s08e21 Episode Script

Ahuwale Ka Nane Huna (The Answer to the Riddle is Seen)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O: STEVE: Harry Langford.
Does MI6 got some business in Hawaii we should know about? I've taken an early pension, and, um, I'm traveling the world enjoying my golden years.
(grunting and groaning) I'm beginning to suspect that my retirement may have been a little premature.
GROVER: Paris, Munich, London.
This is going to be Chernobyl times a hundred.
DANNY: Still happy you decided to spend the day with us? HARRY: Let's say I have a newfound appreciation for what you boys do.
DANNY: What is that? Is that British for “everything's okay” or what? Watch your eyes.
DANNY: Oh! - What the hell is the matter with you? - I fixed it.
Reactor's stable.
MAN: The George Cross.
Gentlemen, on behalf of a grateful nation, we thank you.
Mailman Bring me no more blues Mailman Bring me no more blues You may want to take a look at the top one.
It looks a little sketchy.
I'll send it up to the lab for a threat assessment.
Anonymous package, no return address.
What do you think the chances are we watch this and it isn't deeply disturbing? (chuckles) Betamax.
Got it.
All right.
(sighs) Hey, can you believe that watching a movie at home used to mean jumping in the car, driving to a video store and hoping that the movie you wanted to watch was available to rent? Yeah, those poor souls.
Nowadays you can just, you know, fire up your phone and watch the Fast and Furious franchise from the comfort of your own toilet seat.
Yeah, it's a great time to be alive.
And thank you so much for that mental image.
JUNIOR: Well, you know, I was hypothetically speaking.
You know, uh, I obviously don't do that.
No, of course not.
Should we watch the tape? Mm-hmm.
TANI: All right, here we go.
Looks like it was taken from some sort of hidden camera.
(labored breathing, distorted conversation) Can you make out what they're saying? (labored breathing continues) TANI: No, but can you hear that? Sounds like breathing.
It's coming from whoever shot this video.
(labored breathing continues) Great.
So some perv just sent us an old sex tape.
No, this isn't a sex tape.
I think we just watched a murder.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x21 Ahuwale Ka Nane Huna (Th So? So? Do you want to discuss the, uh, uh, pink donkey in the room? There's a pink donkey in the room? The pink elephant.
You know what I mean? What's that? The elephant.
The elephant.
What are you talking about? Noriko.
What about her? “What about her?” Well, uh, after everything she put Adam through, uh, you think it's just a coincidence that the same day she dies is the same day that Adam skips town? You don't find that to be a little cause-and-effect-ish? Until I have some clear evidence in front of me that implicates Adam in any of this, there's nothing to discuss, Danny.
Well, what about when you do have some clear evidence? Then what? Then I'm gonna have a very difficult decision to make.
- Hey! - Thanks for coming by.
Great to see you.
Good to see you, man.
Come on.
(chuckles) DANNY: Nice, uh, spread.
STEVE: Whoa.
STEVE: Look at this place.
Oh, hello.
Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Lady Helen Mortimer.
- Oh, hi.
- It's lovely to meet you both.
- You, too.
- Harry's told me so much about you.
HARRY: Back in my MI5 days, I used to run security for the Mortimers.
When I found out they'd be vacationing in Hawaii, I, um, thought I'd pop in and pay a visit.
And we are thrilled to have him.
Harry's like family to us.
Well, you guys certainly draw quite a crowd.
The lobby's full of photographers.
We had to, uh, knock a couple guys out to get to the elevator.
I thought my days of being chased by the paparazzi were long gone.
But then my daughter hit puberty, developed a rebellious streak and suddenly became the favorite of every tabloid editor.
Oh, and here she is.
Lady Sophie's just woken up, so I do apologize if she's a little bit grumpy.
Just getting ready for my wild night out on the town.
HARRY: Lady Sophie, these are my friends, Steven and Daniel.
How's it going? DANNY: Very good.
How are you? HARRY: You know, um Commander McGarrett and Detective Williams have both had the honor of meeting Her Majesty.
STEVE: Yes, it's true, we have.
It was, uh it was a career highlight for me.
DANNY: Yeah, it was pretty cool.
We got, uh we got medals.
They gave us, uh we had fish and chips for lunch.
I liked it a lot.
She had a big sword.
So, let me get this straight.
You're, like, a, um like, a royal, um I am.
How many people have to die before you become the queen? - Hey, hey.
- Legitimate question.
Is that a faux pas? You don't ask something like that? Uh, well (stammers) It's fine.
No, the truth is I've never actually counted.
Oh, she has.
- It's 34.
- Mmm, long shot.
SOPHIE: So, boys shall we? Hmm? What? Oh, um, about our lunch.
Just a slight change of plan.
One, respect Better watch every word on your lips And two, don't get too ahead of yourself, not yet Three, I bet you ain't never had a touch like this And number four, stop asking for it Sorry about this, chaps.
This is Lady Sophie's standard holiday move.
She underpacks, and then insists on turning her first day into a shopping spree.
It's okay.
Are you serious right now? I'm hungry.
Oh, yeah, I know.
We're all hungry.
Where'd you get the animal crackers? I was with Charlie today.
And he's five.
So you have to have snacks for five-year-old kids, 'cause if their blood sugar drops too low, they act like, um, psychopaths.
- Give me a cracker.
- No.
Give me a cracker.
This is my food.
You know what? HARRY: Might I suggest that when Lady Sophie reappears, we all agree that whatever she's wearing, we say it looks fantastic.
Then we can all go and eat.
Good idea.
Hey, put 'em away.
That is amazing.
You should get that outfit.
I don't know.
I'm not convinced by the trousers.
I'm just not loving the cut.
STEVE: I like 'em a lot.
No, you're right.
I think the high-waisted jeans from before.
The pink suede mules are are good.
Keep those.
And the silk bomber jacket from three outfits ago.
I think that's the jam.
Take note, gents.
This one actually knows what he's talking about.
Let me get everything together, and we'll grab that lunch, yeah? Okay.
How? Well, um I have a 16-year-old daughter, and I have a really good sense of style.
(sighs) I appreciate your patience, gents.
Lunch is definitely on me.
Well, given how empty my stomach is, it's probably gonna cost you.
(chuckles) It's amazing where the time goes.
I was there when Sophie was born, you know.
Watched her grow up.
She was such a sweet child.
It's been a few years since I last saw her, and, um, well, let's just say she's changed quite a bit.
It's called puberty, buddy.
Yeah, my daughter's a different person every single day.
It's a nightmare.
Hey, I just feel like it's my duty to warn you guys that my personality is about to take a a serious left-hand turn if I don't get some food into my system.
Thank you.
What was that? Don't talk to me unless you have more animal crackers.
Sophie? How we doing in there? Sophie? Sophie? She's gone.
TANI: Based on the video format and the quality of the recording, it looks to be about 20 to 30 years old.
Yeah, and unfortunately, we were unable to I.
any of the people in the footage.
GROVER: All right, first things first.
Are we sure this is even real? I mean, it certainly looks that way, but the only way to know for sure is if we talk to whoever sent it.
And whoever that person is went through a lot of trouble to cover their tracks.
There's no return address, and according to the lab, there was no prints found on the package.
We sent the envelope to CSU for handwriting analysis, but the chances that that gets us an I.
are slim to none.
All right, for now, let's say we treat this as a genuine murder.
First thing we're gonna need to do is establish our crime scene.
In order to get a video from this point of view, it means that either the owner of the motel or an employee that worked at the motel found a way to get a camera and mount it up there so that anybody staying in the room wouldn't notice it.
Well, check this out.
You hear that heavy breathing? At first, we thought this was just the creeper exerting himself.
(groans) Yeah.
But according to Noelani, that kind of breathing is indicative of a chronic respiratory condition, most likely COPD.
It would be nice if we knew which motel this was.
That way, we could cross-reference past employees and maybe find one of them who had COPD.
Yeah, see, that's what we were thinking, but unfortunately, we don't have a lot of information to go off.
I mean, based off the tropical-themed decor and the complimentary lei, it looks like a local motel.
But beyond that, it just seems impossible to pinpoint a specific location.
- Impossible? - Yeah.
(chuckles) Young people.
Nothing's impossible.
Just means you two young'uns gonna have to get down and do some good, old-fashioned police work.
Now, this video is our best and our only lead, so here's what we have to do-- we have to dive deep.
We have to analyze every single clue that we can grab off here, and then we can cross-reference that against motels that were operating at that time.
TANI: On an island this size, that could mean hundreds of possible locations, easy.
Then we better get started.
(woman screams, gasps) (siren wailing) Hey.
Where's the girl? Blonde, British, barely legal.
HARRY: Listen, mate, we traced a request for a car from her phone to this vehicle, so we know you picked her up.
Look, I don't want any trouble.
She just told me to keep driving until I got pulled over.
That's very smart.
Which one of you is Harry? I am.
TANI: So, the lab had a go at cleaning up the sound on the recording.
Unfortunately, the camera was too far away.
It didn't pick up much.
And what it did get was mostly inaudible, except for this.
MAN (distorted, faint): I never promised you anything.
Did he say, “I never promised you anything”? TANI: Yeah.
It's creepy.
But it doesn't get us any closer to getting an I.
Okay, what else? There's this.
You see how it gets brighter there? Those are car headlights sweeping across the window.
Which means that the room was on the first floor.
- Very good.
- Yeah.
Must be one of those drive- up-to-your-door type motels.
And check this out.
GROVER: Oh, yeah, those were the good old days.
Back then, people used cell phones for making calls instead of standing around looking at damn cat videos.
And we identified it as a Motorola MicroTAC Elite.
They were manufactured between the years of '94 and '97.
I was thinking we should look at missing persons cases during that time frame.
I mean, who knows? It could get us an I.
on the victim.
What about the room key? JUNIOR: Yeah, we looked into that, too.
Looks pretty generic.
It doesn't have the name of the motel on it or any distinguishing characteristics.
Yeah, except the room number-- 13.
Well, it could explain the victim's luck, but other than that, it's not very helpful.
GROVER: When people build hotels, they do so under the assumption that most people are superstitious.
That's why, when you go up in a tall building, you never the see the number 13 on the elevator bank.
I would assume that, uh, it's probably rare that a motel would have a room number 13.
So we find one that does, and it could very well be our crime scene.
Well, I just broke the news to Lady Helen.
How'd she take it? Not well.
I had to promise I'd find Sophie and get her back safely.
The girl has no idea of the risk she's put herself in.
Look, Harry, I mean, uh, we're not going anywhere.
We're gonna make sure you get this kid back safe, all right? HPD's got a description.
Every cop on the island is looking for her.
We're gonna find her.
I wish I found that more comforting, but as you've already seen, Lady Sophie is extremely resourceful.
I spoke to some friends back in London.
Had them run a deep surveillance dive on all of Sophie's devices and social media accounts, and, uh, it appears she's wiped her phone clean and was clever enough not to leave any clues behind as to how she's intending on spending her time on the island.
All right, well, this shouldn't be too difficult.
She's 16 years old, right? So we just gotta go to the source that knows her best.
You, uh you know Sophie's best friend? Mmm, Harry Langford.
Calling me at home in bed after midnight.
What would my father say? He'd tell you to be quiet and listen, because this is serious, Carlotta.
Sophie's gone off on a little adventure.
Well, how did that happen, Harry? Aren't you supposed to be looking out for her? Where is she? How the hell should I know? DANNY: Listen, you're supposed to be her best friend.
She probably texts you every time you go to the bathroom.
This is Detective Danny Williams and his partner, Steve McGarrett.
Hello, Steve McGarrett.
Carlotta, please.
Assuming you're right and Soph did say something to me, why would I betray her confidence and share that information with you? Now, listen here, you puffed up little trollop.
You're going to tell us what you know, and you're going to tell us right now.
'Cause if you don't, I'll be having to have a word or two with your father.
It's frozen.
I think she got disconnected or something.
I'm just trying to process that whole “trollop” bit.
I think I'm done with this call.
STEVE: Oh, Carlotta.
It's me.
I know this seems like a fun joke.
She slipped her bodyguard.
She's out there exploring the island, having a fun time, but the bottom line is-- if word gets out that a British royal is on the loose, Sophie could find herself in a bunch of trouble.
You guys are such killjoys.
She's met a boy there.
When? How? On a dating app.
STEVE: Okay.
All right.
You got a name for this kid? No, but Soph texted me a photo of him the other day.
He's actually quite cute.
Well, that's good.
Uh, could you send us the photo, please? Uh, for investigative purposes, not because he's cute allegedly.
All right, fine.
I'm calling because I think my parents may have honeymooned at your motel.
It was back in the '90s.
'95 if I have my dates right.
Yeah, anyway, it's their anniversary, and I'd love to book them in the same room that they stayed in back then.
I do know that they stayed in room number 13.
Could that have been your motel? So you don't have a room 13? No room 13, huh? You did? Really? Okay, so the manager's saying that this place-- the Avalon-- they renumbered their rooms a while ago, but they did at one point have a room 13.
It also looks like they remodeled at some point in the last ten years.
Let me have a look at that.
JUNIOR: Check it out.
TANI: Holy crap.
That's our motel.
You sure this is it? Room 13.
At least it used to be.
Okay, so Decor's a little bit different, but the basic layout's the same.
I think this could be it.
Say, was there ever an opening in this ceiling? Like, for an AC vent or something? The rooms were remodeled before I started working here, but as far as I know, they've always used wall units for the air-conditioning.
We need to get up into this attic.
And by “we,” I mean you two.
JUNIOR: Watch your step.
Check this out.
Looks like someone spent quite a bit of time up here.
TANI: Look at this.
Looks like an old AC vent.
Yeah, but it's not connected.
Give me your knife.
Hi there.
Looks like we found our crime scene.
(labored breathing) You know what the weird thing about all this is? I think I have a good idea, but, uh, go ahead.
Well, if it wasn't for creepy, heavy-breathing guy and his weird, perverted obsession, we wouldn't know anything about this murder.
I'm not defending him.
- I knew you were gonna - Well, it kind of sounds like you are.
- No, I'm not defending him.
- Yeah.
I'm just saying it was useful to us.
From our point of view.
Obviously, I'm appalled by somebody videotaping people having sex.
I mean, without their consent, obviously.
So, I just spoke with the owner.
He bought the place ten years ago.
Okay, so he's not our guy.
Right, but the man he bought it from had owned this place since the '70s.
So, then, that's the guy we need to talk to.
GROVER: That's gonna be a little problem.
He died three years ago.
Come on.
HARRY: I can't believe Sophie ran off with this pond weed.
What could she possibly see in him? Oh, come on, man.
Her father's an actual lord, right? This guy's a pond weed.
She's rebelling.
Makes total sense.
All right, good news is he does not have a criminal record.
Doesn't have a driver's license, either.
So there's no way we can identify him.
You guys, get out move away.
I gotta do everything? Look.
He may not have a license or a record, but if he is under the age of 30, he definitely has a social media footprint.
HARRY: Well, if he isn't behaving himself, I'm going to leave a pretty heavy footprint on his face.
Look at you, all tech savvy.
DANNY: I got a 16-year-old daughter.
Nothing I wouldn't do to spy on her.
STEVE: Travis Lynch.
Complete and utter Muppet.
That's a new one.
Hey, uh, Danny, bring up his timeline thing.
STEVE: There we go.
Oh, look at that.
These photographs were uploaded less than an hour ago from the Muse Beach Club.
HARRY: There.
That's Sophie.
Says, uh “Scored a real-life princess.
Hashtag, life goals.
” Firstly, she's a lady, not a princess.
And secondly Actually, I don't have anything to add to that.
I just want to kill him.
Hey, Harry.
This picture has over 300 likes.
Which means we're not the only ones who know Lady Sophie's at this party.
We better pick her up quickly before the wrong kind of people realize she doesn't have any security with her.
(dance music blaring) Go out of your mind, get crazy like psycho Crazy like, crazy like, crazy like psycho Somebody say hey We wanna party Hey, we wanna party I know this song.
It's the one that gives me a bad headache.
Hey, uh, Harry, I think we should split up, cover more ground, huh? Uh-huh.
Go out of your mind, get crazy like psycho Yo, pops, this is a private party.
(grunting) Crazy like, crazy like, crazy like psycho (yells, groans) You're not Lady Sophie.
Dude, are you serious right now? Where is she? Where's who? STEVE: Hi, Harry.
I guess, uh I guess you found Travis.
Yo, I bought a bottle to reserve this cabana.
You can't be here right now.
Why don't you get on your feet and kick me out of here? DANNY: Everybody calm down.
Let's, uh let's move back from the party.
You you can stay there.
Everybody, let's-let's, uh let's clear this area.
This is crazy.
I didn't do anything.
You want to talk? You can call my dad's lawyer.
He can Ow! Kind of had that coming.
That, like, really hurt.
Now that I have your attention, let's start with where Lady Sophie Mortimer is.
Looks a little like the girl that you were playing tonsil tennis with.
Yea-high, blonde, very smart.
English, way out of your league.
I don't have any idea, dude.
Well, that's not the right answer, is it, matey? Which means I'm gonna have to break one of your arms now.
But I'll be a gentleman about it and let you choose which one.
You-you guys can't do this.
You guys are cops.
No, actually, we're cops.
He's, uh he does his own thing.
STEVE: Yeah, and while you do your own thing, we're gonna look this way, okay? O-O-Okay, okay! I'll talk.
Excellent decision.
I met her on a dating app.
I was just minding my own business, swiping left, and then boom, we match.
I mean, she's hot, she's got good chat.
She has an amazing body.
Did I say body? I meant personality.
DANNY: That was good.
Good save.
TRAVIS: Anyway, we message back and forth, and she tells me she's gonna be on the island for a couple days.
She wants someone to show her a good time.
So I tell her I can get her into this sick party, and she said she was down.
So you arranged to meet, huh? Right.
She has me pick her up outside this store on Kalakaua.
I had no idea this chick was, like, royalty or whatever.
As far as I know from her profile, she's Katie from London.
And then I find out she's some kind of princess when people start recognizing her.
But she didn't exactly play it on the down-low.
What does that mean? I mean that chick really knows how to party.
Ah, I'm walkin' in the club All eyes on me, shake it, shake it up It's a celebration every time we link up Yeah, move on the dance floor, on the dance floor Move on the dance floor, on the dance floor Move on the dance floor On the dance floor (screaming) On the dance floor, on the dance floor Boom, boom, boom, boom, b-boom A little while later, I decided I should go get her a drink.
It was a Shirley Temple, before you ask.
But when I get back, she's sitting on some other dude's lap.
(laughter, indistinct chatter) I felt kind of used.
But I was, like, whatever.
This chick is bananas.
I'm sorry, but she is.
STEVE: Okay.
So, was that the last time you saw her? No.
Um a little while later, I saw her split with these two chicks.
And no, I don't know who they are.
Well, what'd they look like? They were blonde.
DANNY: So we're looking for three blonde girls.
This is a good lead.
Yeah, with this head start, she could be anywhere by now.
Hold on a minute.
Excuse me, old chap.
Couldn't help noticing you all alone here.
Yeah, I'm married.
To a woman.
Lovely as you are, I'm more interested in your camera here.
You're a photographer, right? Freelance, I'm guessing.
Yeah, uh, what tipped you off? You've got that “buzzard hanging around a water hole” look about you.
Plus, I recognize you from the crowd of paparazzi outside the Hilton this morning.
Is that a celebratory whiskey? Did you get your shot? I did.
Not that it's any of your business.
Actually, it is.
We're gonna need to take a look at that camera, okay? HARRY: Ah.
Here we are.
PHOTOGRAPHER: As soon as the bureau desk opens, those pictures go in.
Spoiled little princess partying with men twice her age.
(chuckles) The tabloids go crazy for this stuff.
Your family must be very proud of you.
Look, you might not like what I do, but I gotta make a living.
Those pictures are worth a lot of money to me.
What pictures? What'd you do? You deleted them.
I'm gonna sue you! You hear me? (knock at door) Hey, listen, I just heard back from Noelani.
She pulled the medical records of the man who owned the motel back when the tape was made.
No evidence of a pulmonary condition.
All right, so we rule him out, then.
Junior's trying to dig up some employee records.
Maybe one of them might be our Peeping Tom.
Um, in other news, I may have just I.
'd our victim.
All right, I'm listening.
So, I was looking at open missing persons cases from '94 to '97, and I cross-referenced them with images that I took from the video.
Look what I found.
Hmm? GROVER: Lara Levy.
I looked at her HPD file.
Her roommate at the time told the police that she was in this secretive relationship with this guy from out of town.
So, then, he becomes the main avenue of inquiry.
But HPD never finds him, so her her missing persons case goes unsolved.
You got something on your mind? Yeah.
Just I just think it's sad.
I'm sitting here 20 years later, I'm going through her case file I'm trying to find something about this girl that's gonna tell us something about who her killer is.
And I'm doing that because there was no one at the time that cared enough about her to find out.
There was nobody fighting for justice on her behalf.
You know, she wasn't married, she was an orphan.
She had nobody.
So she was just forgotten.
(sighs) TANI This is the tough part of the job-- these type cases.
They don't always end with us knocking on somebody's door and giving them the news that they've been waiting years to hear and give them closure.
Sometimes there is no closure.
No closure, no healing.
Not in the here and now, at least.
Sometimes it's just about us getting justice for the victim, and that's all.
And that's enough.
Hey, I got something y'all are gonna want to see.
So I just heard back from the lab.
They got some DNA off an old soda can that we found in the attic.
They ran it and got a hit.
JUNIOR: Arthur Dubbins.
He's in our system for theft and aggravated assault, and guess where he used to work.
The Avalon.
He was the handyman there for about 15 years.
We got a current address on him? JUNIOR: I do, but we're not gonna find him there.
Why not? Arthur Dubbins collapsed about three weeks ago from a stroke.
He was admitted to the hospital and has been in a coma ever since.
(monitor beeping) GROVER: Mrs.
Dubbins, I have here the admitting forms from when your husband checked into the hospital.
Can you please verify for us that this is your signature? It is.
The handwriting analysis determined that these two samples were a 98% match.
You sent that to us.
You wanted us to find out who did this.
GROVER: I can't imagine how difficult this must have been for you to keep that secret all these years.
I'm sure you wanted to go to the police and tell them what you knew the whole time.
Only your husband wouldn't hear of it, am I right? TANI: Then he had a stroke.
He went into a coma, and you thought, “This is my chance to finally do the right thing”.
But what if somehow he woke up? Found out what you did? What then? Mrs.
Dubbins I can promise you one thing.
Regardless of what happens to your husband, we can protect you.
We will protect you.
You have my word on that.
But, ma'am, we're going to need your help on this case.
It was so long ago now.
Arthur hadn't been sleeping.
He was drinking more.
I could tell there was something eating at him.
When I confronted him he finally told me what he'd seen.
Did your husband know the identity of the man who committed the murder? I think he did.
Why do you say that? Because he had access to the guest logs.
And the one time I asked him about it he hit me.
Said, if I were ever to tell anyone what he'd seen or if I went to the police, he he'd kill me.
(sniffs, sighs) There's something else.
Something I think you should see.
You gonna know my name I ain't playing no games Don't try to tell me what to do Where's this party, then? Over there, on our friend Oliver's boat.
We're super early, but don't worry-- it'll pick up soon.
Watch me, watch me One, two, one, two, three, four Come on.
It'll be totally lit.
I promise.
All right, so the plate on the BMW came back as a rental.
It's currently on loan to a James Hollis of Detroit, Michigan.
Did we run background on this guy? Yeah, I did, and I got absolutely nothing.
You know why? There is no James Hollis.
It's a fake name.
Whoever rented this car didn't want it traced back to them.
I'm getting a very bad feeling about this.
Well, there is some good news.
Well, let's have that, then.
Apparently, the Beemer has a vehicle recovery system.
Rental company's checking into that right now.
Soon as I hear from them, you're my first call.
STEVE: All right, thanks, Lou.
All right.
How's it going, kids? You know when you're watching a video with your family and a sex scene comes on? No.
Okay, well, this whole thing's kind of been like that, hasn't it, Junes? JUNIOR: Yeah, I've seen a lot of stuff I wish I could unsee.
TANI: But, um, within all the kink, we did find nine recordings of Lara with the same guy.
JUNIOR: And the dates match with those her roommate provided in an old HPD missing person report.
So this has to be the guy that Lara was seeing.
GROVER: All right, how you doing on I.
'ing him? These are the best screen grabs that we could get.
As you can see, the camera angle is really working against us.
It's basically impossible to get a visual that's gonna help us identify him.
Okay, what about audio? I mean, the two of these must have had some conversations that ended up getting recorded.
I'm sure they did, but Dubbins only recorded the bits when they were getting down to, you know Yeah, yeah.
TANI: Yeah, we did find two times, though, where Lara refers to him as Paul.
Okay, so here's what we know.
The killer's name is Paul.
He was between the ages of 30 and 40.
And according to Lara's old roommate's statement when Lara first went missing, she would see this man at this motel every Thursday for a few months.
That's not a lot to go on.
We know GROVER: Hang on.
There's a pin on that jacket.
Zoom in on that pin.
GROVER: There it is.
He was here every Thursday because he was on a layover, because he's an airline pilot.
Okay, so if we can figure out which airline that pin is associated with, we can I.
Well done.
TANI: Later, Uncle Lou.
Oh, not for me, but thank you.
Suit yourself.
So much for that party, I guess.
Well, it's been lovely, but I think this is where I bow out.
Go sit down.
I'd really much rather not.
If I was you, I'd keep my mouth shut and do as I was told.
'Cause if you want any chance of getting off this boat Al (groans) Perhaps I can save you all a lot of bother.
You're clearly massively out of your depth.
I mean, what was the plan? To kidnap me? Demand a ransom? Look, I hate to disappoint, but there are people who already know I'm missing, and they are not the sort of people you want coming after you.
Trust me.
Best option all around would be to to let me off this boat, and we'll let bygones be bygones.
I have a terrible memory for faces anyway.
I'm just gonna put this all down to a silly misunderstanding.
No hard feelings, okay? Great speech.
But we're not gonna ransom you.
We're gonna sell you to the highest bidder.
A bona fide princess like yourself should fetch top dollar.
(door handle jiggling) It's locked.
Allow me.
I could've done that.
SS Martha.
Clever girl.
Got a nice, rich prince for you.
(camera clicks) You'll make a lovely couple.
Well, you won't technically be a couple.
More like you'll be joining his roster of girlfriends.
(camera clicks) Some might call it a harem.
(sobs) (camera clicks) Come on, now.
Stop crying.
You'll ruin the photo.
We want the prince to like what he sees.
Don't we? The prince might notice a black eye, but maybe he won't care about a few bruises on your body.
HARRY: Good afternoon, everyone.
Who are you? Where the hell did you come from? HARRY: To be honest, it's a long story, and it's probably not worth getting into right now.
Sophie, you all right? OLIVER: What you're her dad? Come to pick her up? I'm just here to make sure she, uh, gets home safely.
(chuckles) What about you? Who's here to make sure you get home safe? Oh, he should be along any minute.
To help me beat you imbeciles to death.
(man grunts, yells) STEVE: What'd I miss? Hey, Soph.
How about I just shoot you two in the head and dump your bodies overboard? - Whoa, whoa.
Okay, all right.
Take it easy.
Hold on for a second.
He's got a point.
I mean Strange choice of hand cannon.
Beretta M9, double action.
It's got a 13-pound trigger pull.
He's right.
By the time you actually squeeze a round off, I'm gonna have that thing in your mouth.
Why don't you two just shut up and die? (grunting and groaning) SOPHIE: Well, um I had a good run, but I think it's time I go home now.
(knocking at door) Mrs.
Hoff? I'm Captain Lou Grover with the Hawaii Five-O Task Force.
What's this all about? Lara Levy.
I got something.
Oh, you're safe.
Thank God.
Well, technically thank Harry.
And Steve and Danny as well.
Hello, darling.
I came as soon as I heard.
You, uh, want to grab a beer or something? So, uh, is, uh, she hip? Does she know? Does who know what? Does she know that you are her real father? I mean, the way she had us running around the island.
She's very elusive, you know.
It's, uh it's like you guys are very similar.
And that look you had on your face, uh, when you thought she was in danger.
That is that is the look of a scared father.
I know that look.
And not to mention when, uh, Lord What's-His-Name, he showed up and she ran into his arms, gave him a big hug, you looked like you were about to throw up, so (sighs) Lady Helen was separated at the time.
And, um, when she told me she was pregnant, I very much wanted to do the right thing.
Which, in the end, meant accepting her decision to go back to her husband.
STEVE: Harry, can I ask you a question? Hmm? You think the kid has a right to know who her real father is? If she ever asks, I won't lie.
In the meantime, I'll always be there for her.
Fair enough.

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