Hawaii Five-0 s08e23 Episode Script

Ka Hana a Ka Makua O Ka Hana No Ia a Keiki (What Parents Will Do, Children Will Do)

1 (doorbell rings) (knocking) (groans) I'm sorry.
You mind if we reset in five? Of course.
(doorbell rings) (doorbell ringing repeatedly) All right, I hear you.
I'm coming.
Stay here.
This Chinese needle stuff, uh I don't need anyone - I know thinking I've lost my mind.
I understand.
(doorbell rings; knocking) All right, all right.
MAN: What the hell you doing here? I've made my decision.
MAN: The answer was no, and it's still no.
Do yourself a favor.
Go home.
See where I'm going with this? I looked at it thoroughly, but my gut tells me it's no good.
So there you go.
Respect my decision.
(thump) (gasps) (banging at door) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x23 Ka Hana a Ka Makua O Ka Hana No Ia a Keiki font (panting) (whines) STEVE: How does he look, Doc? I gotta say, the surgeon did an amazing job here.
Right on.
You know, it helps that Eddie's a lucky boy.
The bullet missed all of his major organs.
And I'm-I'm amazed that he was able to stay away from the sutures without a cone.
Oh, no, he's been licking himself.
Just not there.
Well, it shows an improved range of motion.
All right, Eddie, here we go.
We're gonna have a look at you walk.
Here we go.
- Walk around.
- Walk over here.
Walk to me, walk to me.
Come here, come here.
What a good boy.
Turn around.
Yeah, no discomfort.
Good boy.
Good boy.
How's his snoring? It's gone.
Thankfully, it's gone.
Well, that shows, uh, a strong recovery, so that that's good news.
(coughing) Excuse me.
You feeling okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm sorry about that.
(coughs) Tell you what.
(taps table) Hop up here.
Let me have a look at you.
Doc, I'm good.
I really am.
Oh, come on.
While you're here.
Have a seat.
(taps table) All due respect, you're a vet, Dr.
I'm not I was premed before I switched over to veterinary medicine, so Up you get.
All right.
All right.
Let's see.
Been getting enough sleep? Enough.
Bit of an elevated pulse.
I rev a little higher than most.
Lift your shirt up.
All right.
I want to hear you breathe a little bit.
All right.
Doc, I'm I really am fine.
Just hold it.
(takes a deep breath) One more time.
(takes a deep breath) You know, uh you and Eddie here are roughly the same age in human/dog years.
Really? Yeah.
Hey, Eddie.
You're officially over the hill, buddy.
Oh, hardly.
But I would like to see you taking better care of your bodies.
And you might want to consider taking up a relaxing hobby.
I'm opening a restaurant pretty soon.
What is that sound you just made? It's, uh I was thinking more about, you know, playing golf or something like that.
Golf? Yeah, golf.
It's a lot of fun.
(knocking at door) - It's like a business meeting outside.
- Okay.
Oh, hey, hey.
I know I always said he was an animal, and now Forget the restaurant.
My number one stresser just walked into your office.
I, uh I hate to interrupt the physical, but we gotta go, so come on.
- Okay.
- Okay, well, we were done here anyway.
(coughing) Eddie, you want a treat? STEVE: You want a treat, Eddie? DANNY: Doc, what? He didn't get a treat? He wasn't a good boy? Did he pee on the floor? He bite you? What'd he do? Thanks, Doc.
Remember what I said.
I will.
Copy that.
All right.
What, uh what did he say? He said I should take up golf to reduce stress.
Oh, yes, that-that that would work, for sure.
The idea of beating you with a five iron sounds pretty relaxing.
NOELANI: Victim's name is Mei Lin.
52 years old.
Body turned up in an alley off of Maunakea this morning.
She was found by a local vendor who recognized her.
Mei was a prominent figure in the Chinatown community.
She'd been an acupuncturist there for over 25 years.
She actually had a shop close by to where her body was found.
Phone and wallet were missing.
So, uh, what, a robbery gone bad? Doubtful.
Why? 'Cause according to HPD, her daughter, Cammy, is missing.
She worked with her mother, didn't show up at the shop this morning.
They went to her house.
She wasn't there.
And all their calls were going to voice mail.
I'm sorry, the the daughter goes missing the exact same time the mother dies? DANNY: Maybe she could be hiding.
I mean, you know, people don't disappear.
- Unless somebody makes them disappear.
DANNY: Right.
STEVE: How long did Mei work for you? I've known Mei for nearly 30 years.
But she doesn't work for me, exactly.
She rented space in my shop for her business.
Just a bed and, uh, the address, really.
Most of her work was done in client homes.
She was doing house calls.
And her daughter, Cammy, she worked with her? Cammy was her pupil, learning acupuncture from her mother.
Okay, uh, do you know if they were working last night? No.
But she keeps an appointment book.
Oh, that'd be great.
Oh, good.
This is, uh Well, this might as well be in Chinese.
(chuckles) Give it to me.
Where does the date change? There it is.
Last appointment was at 9:00 at the house of a man named Tom Boyle.
(door opens) Excuse me.
Tommy Boyle.
That's a wise guy from Boston, moved out here a couple years ago.
He's a big-shot guy, right? Danny, if it's the same Tommy Boyle, we got trouble.
Why? Danny, you get the exact same HPD daily briefs each morning that I do, do you not? I do, uh, but I also feed, uh, two children and take them to school.
Plus, I don't like to read, which Tommy Boyle, he killed himself last night.
The alert said he swallowed a bullet.
So you got a doctor and a patient, they both die the same night, and, uh, doctor's apprentice, she goes missing.
This is not a coincidence.
NOELANI: I'm sorry, Commander, but Mei Lin's GSW was a through-and-through, and there was no ballistic evidence found at the scene.
All right.
We got an estimated time of death? Based on liver temp, I'd say between 9:00 and 11:00 p.
last night.
9:00 and 11:00.
So that's after her appointment.
What about the client, Tommy Boyle? Well, I would put Mr.
Boyle's T.
in the same time frame as Mrs.
HPD reported a possible suicide.
My preliminary exam revealed cordite residue on Mr.
Boyle's trigger finger, which would support this hypothesis.
I may have found motive in his medical records.
Boyle was battling a very aggressive adenocarcinoma.
Statistically, he should have died like six months ago.
All right.
One of the many things acupuncture is used for is pain relief.
That's what I'm thinking he was doing it for.
And what, you think he was tired of waiting around? It looks that way, yes, but because of the manner of his death, I'm required to do a full autopsy.
STEVE: Noelani, do me a favor.
Please go into this with an open mind.
You thinking foul play? How about you tell us? Understood, Commander.
All right.
Okay, so what do you think? I don't know.
I guess I just don't see Tommy Boyle as the suicidal type.
I mean, the fact that the guy was pursuing alternative therapies tells me he wanted to live, not die.
No, so maybe this was a hit, disguised to look like, uh, he killed himself.
Maybe it was some kind of payback, retribution for something.
So, if that's the case, then Mei and Cammy probably witnessed, uh, the murder.
The shooter then got Mei.
Obviously wants Cammy, as well.
Now she's gone, they're gonna be looking for her.
Right? Right.
Hey, listen to me.
Huh? Let's, uh let's you and I both be realistic about our expectations going in there, what we're gonna get out of talking to Tommy Boyle's kid.
I don't know what that means.
Have you ever heard the expression, “As welcome as a cop at an Irish mobster's wake”? No.
That's not an expression.
You just made that up.
I did just make it up.
You made it up.
I made it up to make a point.
Okay? This is not gonna be a hospitable environment.
That's all.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(camera shutter snapping) Whoa.
Can I help you? Uh, yes, yes, you can.
I'm here to see, uh, Conor Boyle, actually.
I'm sorry.
That's not possible.
It's not possible? Okay.
You see I'm wearing a badge, right? You see that? I do.
Okay, let's start over again.
My name's Commander Steve McGarrett.
This is my partner, Detective Danny Williams.
It's currently an active investigation happening.
We need to speak to Conor.
A couple minutes of his time, then we'll be out of here, all right? - Whoa.
I understand.
But unless you're gonna charge my boss with something, I suggest you disappear.
See, I told you it would be like this.
Yeah, you really did, didn't you? Yeah.
(grunts, coughs) DANNY: Did it help relieve any stress? I actually feel quite relaxed now.
Thanks for asking.
Hey, I'm sorry, buddy.
No hard feelings, huh? Conor Boyle.
It's-it's okay.
Just take a walk.
It's okay.
It's okay.
My name's Commander Steve McGarrett.
This is Detective Danny Williams.
We need to talk.
You're right.
We do.
I'm supposed to be laying my father to rest today, and now I'm told you're holding his body for an autopsy.
Sorry about that.
- It's protocol.
- You know what else is protocol? Giving a dead man some dignity.
My father deserves a decent burial.
These people have come here to pay their respects.
Okay, listen.
We we know what your father did back in Boston, okay, so just do us a favor, okay? Couple minutes.
Conor, the sooner you answer our questions, the sooner we're gone.
Your father, he was a very lucky man.
He spent the last 18 months dying very slowly and painfully, so how do you figure? I-I just mean that most of his associates are either, uh, doing time on the mainland or they're buried over on a beach somewhere.
You know, this guy is lucky, he gets to retire over here in what some people call paradise.
Still, I wouldn't call being diagnosed with lung cancer the week after he moves out here luck, but hey, maybe that's just me, you know? - Fair enough.
Was there something you wanted to ask me, Detectives? Because I'd like to get back to mourning my father.
How'd you, uh how'd you find out about your father's death? I got a call from his maid around 7:30 this morning.
She said she found him in the living room.
Gun was still in his hand.
I told her not to touch anything.
I called 911 and went straight over to the house.
Uh, and the gun-- had you had you seen that gun before? The Beretta 92.
Yeah, that was his gun.
Wasn't registered to him.
Wish I could tell you to go ahead and charge him with that.
(Danny chuckles) This woman-- her name is Mei Lin.
She was your dad's acupuncturist, and she turned up dead last night after their appointment.
She also has a daughter.
Her name is Cammy.
But no one can find her.
She's not answering her phone.
No one's seen her.
And we feel, if we find Cammy, she can really shed some light on exactly what happened that night.
Look, your father had a lot of enemies, right? Lot of people didn't like him.
Lot of people wanted to do him dirty.
I'm sorry.
You think someone killed him and made it look like a suicide? Until we have conclusive evidence that it was suicide, we have to keep an open mind about your father's death, okay? I spent my life living in the shadow of my father's decisions, good and bad.
I don't expect that to change now that he's dead.
Whoa, whoa.
What? What is that reaction? I literally literally was just thinking walking up these steps, “That door's gonna be open.
” And I didn't say anything 'cause I-I didn't want to bet you, 'cause I knew you wouldn't pay.
I wouldn't pay? You knew I wouldn't pay? I would have taken that bet.
Cammy? Hey! Hands.
Show me your hands right now! Hands.
What are you doing here? I'm looking for Cammy, and so is he.
Yo, did he just get in that car? I knew this was gonna happen.
What? You're rubbing off on Junior.
(grunting and groaning) STEVE: Hey.
You all right? Yeah.
I kindly asked this guy to step out of the vehicle, and he didn't listen, so it's his fault.
Would you please tell me what the hell is going on here, Junior? My friend's in trouble.
Your friend Cammy Lin? Yeah.
And this guy knows why.
Junior, it's Cammy.
You're the only one I can trust.
Please, I need your help.
Oh, God, my phone is about to die.
Ewa JUNIOR: That's it.
When I got the message, I tried calling her, and it went straight to voice mail, so I went over to her place.
How do you know this girl, Cammy? Uh, we went to school together, and when I got shipped out, she checked in with my mom once a week and, you know TANI: So I just spoke to the crime lab.
The strontium level on the round that killed Tommy Boyle matched the GSR on Mei Lin.
Wait a minute.
They were killed by the same gun? Yeah, it seems like that.
DANNY: That makes sense.
I mean, we were thinking that they saw something, they got scared, and they ran.
Yeah, but if what they saw was Boyle being murdered in what's supposed to be a staged suicide, why the hell would the killer use the same gun to kill Mei? Soon as the ballistics and forensics come back, the whole thing is blown.
Maybe our guest can help us understand.
STEVE: George Thomas.
Muscle for hire, low-level felon, multiple arrests.
Tell me something, George-- were you that kid that didn't listen in school? Okay.
Why don't you tell us why you were looking for Cammy Lin? Nothing? All right, I'll start the conversation.
I think this guy is trying to tie up a loose end.
- Uh-huh.
- Either for himself or some other bird.
What my colleague is implying, George, is that either you killed Tommy Boyle and Mei Lin, or you know who did.
But, you know, if you're the guy that was just hired to clean up the mess, George, I suggest you start talking, because whoever you're protecting, whatever they're paying you, I promise you, buddy, it ain't worth a life jolt.
(cell phone ringing) McGarrett.
I'll be right there.
Well, despite how much I'm enjoying this riveting conversation, I got something I need to attend to.
However, I'm gonna leave you in the very capable hands of Captain Grover and Officer Reigns.
All right, George? Hey.
We're gonna find Cammy, all right? I promise.
(lock buzzes, door opens) That is one vacant stare.
I don't know.
You sure you didn't give him brain damage when you slammed his head against the steering wheel? Ah, Captain Grover, I think brain damage was a preexisting condition.
Don't you think, George? I need to see a doctor.
Whoa! All at once.
He speaks.
He ain't wrong.
Head trauma, that could be a pretty dangerous thing if it ain't treated right.
Oh, you don't have to explain the dangers of head trauma to old George.
He knows all about it, given his history.
Surprised? We know you used to be a boxer back in the day.
Of course, now you're just a pathetic, degenerate creeper that likes to look into people's apartments.
You're kind of like a reverse Rocky.
All right, enough small talk.
Who you working for? Ugh.
You know something? Many years and, uh, many pounds ago, I was a boxer myself.
What? Were you any good? Man, when I was 15, I was 20 and oh.
And then I quit.
Why's that? Well, my old man always told me, “Always go out a winner.
” Words to live by.
I was so good, I could take one look at a guy, size him up, tell you what his fighting style was.
Like tough guy Georgie here.
Oh, I know what you are.
You a dancer.
Like to float around the ring, land on the ropes, cover up, let your opponent just punch himself out while you do nothing.
Well, I got some bad news for you, partner.
You can dance around all you want to in here.
You can clam up, give me that steely gaze every time I ask you a question.
You ain't wearing me down.
'Cause I'll just keep on coming.
I can outlast you.
I can outthink you.
You ain't going the distance with me, partner.
Not today.
Not ever.
What do we got? Okay, so this this actually could be a good lead.
Go ahead.
All right, well, I reached out to all other law enforcement agencies to see if they had anything current on Tommy Boyle.
Turns out the Feds have been sitting on the Boyles since they got to the island.
So they didn't let him sail off into the sunset after all.
They did not.
In fact, they increased the surveillance in the last two weeks to see if any old friends were coming out of the woodwork, uh, you know, to pay their respects.
By the way, thought you might like to see this.
Hey, look.
It's Mr.
Welcome Wagon caught on camera.
That's why I told you you gotta pay more attention.
You never know who's watching.
Anyway, the Feds had eyes on the Boyle house this morning-- they saw this guy coming in to see the son.
STEVE: Okay, who is he? TANI: That is Karl Ludwig.
He travels on a German passport.
And up until two weeks ago, he was the vice president of the Alliance of German Banks.
Okay, what happened? He quit? Financial news says nobody knows.
So, what, he-he must be here to pay his respects.
After everyone's gone? I don't know, maybe they were taking a meeting.
DANNY: Right, but why would this guy have a meeting on the day that his father dies? Well, I don't get it.
STEVE: What? I don't understand what you don't get.
Well, a lot of things, but in this case, we are going to see a Triad guy - Mm-hmm.
who's supposed to, in theory, help us out with a strange German banker guy and Tommy Boyle's kid.
- I don't I don't see the connection.
- This is Chinatown, Danny.
Okay? Oh.
That's good.
I don't know what that means, but thank you for that.
A sit-down with this guy could really break the case open, right? Five minutes with this guy.
Nobody drops a piece of litter around here without Jin Leung knowing about it.
Really? Yeah.
'Cause I see trash all over the place.
- He must be a very busy guy.
- All right.
(grunting and groaning) DANNY: Who are these clowns? What are these guys doing? That is my grandson in the black.
Ah, ah.
He's very handsome.
(groans) Your partner? Yes, and he didn't mean any disrespect, Mr.
No, I-I really didn't.
I apologize.
You appear to be an intelligent young man.
But when you open your mouth, the effect disappears.
Your father, I knew, so you may stay.
You may sit down.
Thank you.
Not you.
You go to the back row and be quiet.
DANNY: Okay.
I'm in time-out.
(chuckles) (grunting) I hear you are opening a restaurant nearby.
Yeah, we are.
We're working on it.
Italian? Yes.
In Chinatown? Well, we, uh we want to give people options, Mr.
Leung, you see? I understand.
In fact, my grandson wants to be a movie star.
Is that right? Hmm.
I have poured a lot of money into his training.
Dialogue coach and dental work.
I plan to make him the next Bruce Lee and finance a series of movies of my won.
I wish you the greatest success with that.
But why are you here? Mei Lin.
I heard what happened.
I thought you would.
I suppose you want to know who killed her.
Yes, very much so.
That I do not know.
Okay, but you heard what happened to Tommy Boyle on the same night, right? It's not how I imagined he would die, but, you know I imagine there is honor in how he chose to terminate his suffering.
So you believe that it was suicide? Mr.
Leung, the son is, uh he's acting pretty strange.
As all sons do? Yeah.
Well, he took time out from mourning his father's death to meet with this man.
Ex-German financial banker.
Bloomberg reported he retired.
Okay, so a retired banker meeting with the son of a retired mobster.
Well, Tommy had retired, but his son was not.
Or, shall I say, he was trying to fill his father's shoes.
Vice has nothing on this kid.
Conor has different aspirations.
He received an MBA in college, and to him, his father was a dinosaur.
In fact, I heard that he was working on a deal.
One that would really put him on the map.
You know, to step out of his father's shadow.
Had something to do with foreign currency.
You mean the euro? Mr.
Leung, any information you can give us would be very gratefully received, okay? I heard he was looking for seed money.
In the beginning, he came up short.
And then he found someone who was willing to finance the whole thing.
Who was that? His father.
The old-fashioned way, right? But then a strange thing happened.
Two days ago, he phoned me and asked me for the money.
Now, that is strange, right? Why would he do that when his father was already so generous with the money? He would do that if his old man had had second thoughts about giving him the money.
To come so close to a prize like that and to lose it in the final moment, mmm now, that could put poison in a man's heart.
Leung, will you excuse me for a minute, please? (dialing phone) Yeah, sorry, buddy.
Still nothing out of motormouth George.
Right now, I want us to focus on Conor Boyle and this Karl Ludwig guy.
Okay? I'm almost 100% certain there's some kind of currency deal going down.
Now, if Tommy Boyle's death was not a suicide, my gut is telling me that all of this has something to do with the motive behind that murder.
All right, I'm on it.
(grunting and groaning) (laughing) (speaking Mandarin) Mr.
Leung, thank you very much, uh, for your time.
Really appreciate it.
You know, it's only courteous to return a favor.
Of course.
What can I do for you? Well, as you can see, my grandson needs a new sparring partner.
It would, uh, be my honor.
No, no, not you.
But the one in the back with the big mouth.
Don't want to fight this guy.
Why do I gotta fight? That's so stupid.
You don't have a choice.
Come on.
Uh, yes, I do have a choice.
I have a ch I'm a cop, okay? I don't have to participate in this goofball's Bruce Lee kung fu fantasy.
I don't have to do that.
You understand? I do have a choice.
What? Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Take your shirt off.
All right.
Oh, one more thing.
Make sure you don't hit him, okay? (chuckling): What? Don't hit the kid.
What do you want me to do, bite him? You're supposed to lose, Danny.
I'm supposed to lose? That's the thing.
I'm gonna you want me to It's bad enough I gotta participate in this stupid thing-- you want me to lose on top of it all? Okay.
Unless you want to walk out of here in a hail of bullets, just get in there and lose.
All right? Come on.
I don't know why I gotta wear gloves.
I can't hit him.
Well, you gotta make it look like you're trying.
DANNY: This is the dumbest thing, the most embarrassing, stupidest, dumbest thing you ever got me involved in ever in my life.
Excuse me.
If it's any consolation, I'd rather it was me who was gonna take this beating, all right, but he chose you.
I'm sorry.
Did you say “beating”? I'm not taking a beating.
Hey, stop talking.
You're embarrassing me now.
I'm embarrassing you? Wing-Chun style.
“Wing” what? You will fight Wing-Chun style.
I don't know what that is.
Yeah, you do.
Wax on, wax off.
STEVE: Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Don't touch me ever.
Oh, give me a second.
All right.
Go easy.
Come on.
All right.
(grunting) Hey! STEVE: Hey.
He's doing really good, okay? Back up and take a breath.
What are you doing? You know how hard it is to let somebody swing at you and not hit back? It's impossible.
Do me a favor.
Just take the beat so we can get out of here, will you? Come on.
Just don't hit him.
DANNY: All right.
All right.
(grunting) Hey, hey! Hey.
My bad, man.
You You all right? I'm impressed.
I didn't mean any disrespect.
You would have been had you not fought back.
He's very good.
(cell phone ringing) Excuse me.
Lou, what do you got? GROVER: All right, so I spoke to the lead FBI agent surveilling the Boyles.
You were right.
Wasn't Tommy; it was Conor who was the center of that investigation.
Well, him and that other bird, Karl Ludwig.
So this was about money.
Yeah, it is.
You see, when German banks converted to the euro, Ludwig was the guy appointed to destroy the old currency, but, of course He saved some for a rainy day, huh? Well, yeah.
Problem is, you got yourself a handful of Deutschmarks these days, all you got is a handful of dirty paper.
Unless you can get rid of 'em.
Okay, which you need to do at a central bank.
And if Ludwig does that, he incriminates himself, so he sells them to Conor.
That's right, and the FBI figured there was some sort of money-laundering thing at play, so they gotta wait, let Conor complete his transaction, and then move in on 'em.
And? Conor and Ludwig got the jump on the Feds before they could move in, and that's when they went to ground.
What'd you do, take the scenic route or something? Long story short-- this idiot made me get into a kung fu fight with another idiot.
TANI: Ugh, I want to come with you guys next time.
You have more fun.
You guys got something? What? Well, we still got nothing on Conor or Ludwig, but we may have a lead on Cammy's location.
GROVER: We're taking a deeper listen into Cammy's voice mail to see if there were maybe some, uh, location-dependent sound.
Here's the enhanced background sound.
(metallic clanging) (loud, echoing clang) That sounds like metal on metal, right? Some kind of big door latching.
I hear echoes.
Maybe she moved into an enclosed space.
GROVER: We're thinking the same thing.
Okay, that could be anywhere on the island.
The last message she left on her phone before she got cut off, I think she was trying to say she was in Eva Beach.
There's a couple old rail cars down there where we used to hang out when we were kids.
I mean, it's isolated.
There are a lot of places to hide.
All right.
Let's hope you're right.
TANI? Yeah.
(sighs) Man, I should have picked up.
I thought she was just calling again to meet up for lunch.
What do you mean, Junes? Cammy, she she called me a few weeks back.
She wanted to meet up for lunch.
She was Layla's best friend.
There's no way I wanted to talk about my ex leaving me or what happened in Iraq.
I just figured, you know I'd call her back when the time was right.
So you sent the call to voice mail? Yeah.
I didn't mean for any of this stuff to happen.
- Yeah, of course you didn't.
- Sorry.
Come on, Junes.
This isn't your fault.
It's not.
Even if you answered the phone, there's no way you could have saved her mother.
But what if picking up meant I saved Cammy? You check down there.
(rat squeaking) (grunting) JUNIOR: Hey! Get your hands up! JUNIOR: Right now.
Cammy? Junior.
JUNIOR: Hey, it's okay.
I'm fine, by the way.
Okay, I'm gonna let the rest of the guys know you're okay.
(dialing phone) Where'd you learn to fight like that? My mom.
Anyone can sew.
Sorry about your mom.
JUNIOR: All right, thanks.
Hey, so you saw what happened? Yes.
All right, well, you have to come with us and make a statement.
I can't do that.
Why not? You're with us.
Because you're law enforcement.
TANI: What does that mean? One of the men who killed my mother was a cop.
TOMMY: You brought me this deal, son.
I looked at it thoroughly.
So there you go.
Respect my decision.
(Tommy grunts) (grunting) Are you sure you saw a badge? My mother treated cops.
I've seen badges my entire life.
(grunts, yells in pain) (grunts) Mom! Ma! (screams) (crying): I should have stayed with her.
No, you (sighs) That's not what she wanted.
She wanted you to live.
(vehicles approaching) (gasping) Shh.
What? What is it? It's trouble.
(guns cocking) (wood creaking) (gunfire; man groans) (rapid gunfire) (gunfire continues) (men groan) (gunfire continues) (man groans) (grunting and groaning) (groans) (grunting and groaning) (grunting and groaning) (panting) (grunting and groaning) (man groans) (rapid gunfire) (door bangs open) It's over.
(door lock buzzes) (door opens) STEVE: All right, Conor.
Help me understand this.
Huh? You go to see your father.
He turns you down.
Says he's not gonna fund this little currency deal of yours, and so you kill him.
Is that right? I want my phone call.
All right, we'll do the talking for you.
Go ahead, Junior.
Okay, so autopsy results show that your father had a substance in his body called tetrodotoxin.
It's a paralyzing agent.
Stops a victim from moving any muscle in their body.
They can't even scream, but you know what? They can feel pain.
And you knew he was having acupuncture that day.
And you figured no one would notice another needle hole on his body.
STEVE: But you didn't know Mei and her daughter were gonna be there.
Right? That their session ran late.
That was the surprise.
And they see you kill your father, so what do you do? You go after them.
You hunt them down.
You kill Mei.
TANI: But Cammy got away because Mei sacrificed herself for her.
Wonder what it feels like to have a parent that loves you that much.
JUNIOR: And after you killed Auntie Mei and Cammy escaped, you went back to the house, and you finished the job, right? You killed your father, Conor.
He was already dying.
JUNIOR: But you lost patience, didn't you? You're just starting out.
You'll see worse.
See you in 25.
(lock buzzes) Got you.
(door closes) (Buddhist chanting)
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