Hawaii Five-0 s08e24 Episode Script

Ka Lala Kaukonakona Haki 'Ole I Ka Pa a Ka Makani Kona

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O How's that water, tadpoles? That toasty enough for you? (shouting) JOE: The Navy SEAL is a man.
A man who would lay down his life.
A man who will persevere in the face of adversity.
Life is unpredictable.
Wouldn't you agree? Yeah, I would.
I mean, I for one never knew I had a sister.
How do you know where my wife is? What matters is I have people there right now waiting to hear from me.
You've made your point, Noriko.
You have six hours to get me the money.
What else could you possibly need? An alibi.
Just had a body wash up on Ka'alawai Beach.
GSW to the back of the head.
Steve, it's Noriko.
Adam's sister.
Hey, there's my guy! (barks) What's up, buddy? Hey, boo-boo, what are you doing? - Hi.
- Hey.
You guys have a nice time together? (sighs) My God, it was amazing.
Yeah? Like, off the charts.
That's awesome.
Well, listen, any time you want to hang out with Eddie, you just let me know.
Noelani, I had no idea you were so, uh, you were such a big fan of dogs.
What? Come on, me? (scoffs) Huge fan.
Like, massive.
(laughs) Big-time.
(sighs) Okay, fine.
Look, there's this really cute guy that I see at the Blue Tree Café most days before work, and I always hear him talking to the barista about his rescue dogs, and, well, I needed an in.
Okay, so Eddie was your wingman.
(whimpers) It's pathetic, right? No, it's not pathetic.
I won't tell anyone.
Come on-- did it work? Actually, we're having drinks in a couple hours.
So, no.
(squeals) It's not pathetic, it's awesome.
I thought, uh, your generation only met people on those dating apps.
I'm old-school.
- Huh.
- Anyway, mahalo for understanding.
No problem, no problem.
It's good to know that the Blue Tree's cool with dogs, I like that place.
Oh, they're not.
I kind of told them that Eddie was my emotional support animal.
I know it's wrong, but it's not like I did it just so I could bring him on a plane.
Good point.
Well, I should get going.
Still need to go home and change.
- All right.
- Good-bye, buddy.
Good work today.
(barks) (chuckles) Thank you.
You want to try this? Yeah? All right, here you go.
You ready? (whimpering) Da-da-da, sit.
It's hot, it's hot.
Okay? Is that good? Hey, if I don't finish mine, you can have seconds, okay? (barks) JUNIOR: Hey.
I just ran into Noelani.
She looks like she's in a good mood.
Oh, yeah, she met a guy.
(chuckles) Yeah, that'll do it.
Tell you what, man, another five minutes, and, uh, you probably would've lost your steak to the big boy.
JUNIOR: Oh, yeah, sorry I was late.
I just was looking at apartments, I just-- guess I just lost track of time, so You should check this place out, it's pretty awesome.
You know, it's just a one bedroom, laundry, you know, underground parking.
You know, it's a great neighborhood.
STEVE: That's very nice.
Very nice, I see they have appliances.
Ah, that's good, man.
Uh, secured parking-- it's nice.
I didn't I-I didn't know you were moving out.
Well well, not yet.
You know, I still need to apply, and I might not get it, so Oh, just, I mean, I just mi casa su casa, you know? You can stay here as long as you like.
Of course, uh, of course, you know, I-I I mean, uh, it's not that I want to leave, I just figured, at some point, you know No, you should, it's good-- good for you, good for you.
I-I never even had my own place, I, uh I went from here to boarding school, to the Navy, and then, somehow, I, uh, I ended up back here again, so, you know Yeah.
(grill sizzling) It's good.
Hey, you know what? On second thought, I, uh They always say, don't go with the first thing you see, right? I mean, uh, there's plenty of stuff out there, you know? You think I should keep looking? Yeah, I would.
It's just, there's a lot of places-- I just Don't sell yourself short.
Yeah, I think I owe it to myself.
- I would, I would.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, all right.
I would.
Hey, uh, you want another beer? - Definitely.
- Yeah, I'm gonna grab another one.
(exhales) (doorbell rings) STEVE: Hey, Junior, these are almost done! Hey, what happened, we run out of beer? Junior.
Yo! Junior? (phone ringing) (phone beeps) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x24 Ka Lala Kaukonakona Haki 'Ole I Ka Pa a Ka Makani Kona/f ("Wondering Where the Lions Are" by Donavon Frankenreiter plays) Sun's up, uh-huh, looks okay The world survives into another day And I'm thinking about eternity Some kind of ecstasy's got a hold on me Captain Grover, good to see you, old chum.
How's the 'ohana? Angry.
I had to ditch my family at the movie theater, when your text came in.
I mean Why am I here? There's been a terrible crime.
You mean, the woman who got stabbed during the break-in here? You know, the Honolulu Police Department investigates such crimes.
I'm not talking about the murder.
This is a different crime.
Oh, and actually, she was stabbed 13 times.
There was blood all over the place.
It was like The Shining in here.
But thanks to Crime Clean, you could never tell, right? It's about to be The Shining up in here again if you don't get to the point.
Better if I show you.
What do you mean, "boom"? Boom.
Two paintings.
So what? So, they're not just any paintings.
These are old masters.
Part of a collection that went missing during World War II.
And it looks like somebody found 'em.
So what? When I say "went missing," it's a synonym for "stolen.
" Why don't you just say "stolen"? Okay.
Stolen! By who? The Nazis.
Oh! Oh, well how'd they end up in here? (knock at door) STEVE: Hey.
Commander, hi.
I apologize.
I just got your message a few minutes ago.
I appreciate you coming over.
Oh, sorry.
This is Manti.
- Howzit? - Manti, this is Commander McGarrett and Officer Rey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt your night.
Hey, what's a first date without an unplanned trip to a total stranger's house, right? - Right.
- Any word on Junior? No.
It's like he just vanished.
Noelani, when you saw him here earlier, did he say anything to you? We chatted for a second.
He was in a great mood.
(phone rings) Said he found an apartment, and that was it.
Excuse me.
JUNIOR: Commander.
Hey, hey, hey.
Where are you? Yeah, I'm sorry for disappearing like that.
Uh, they said there was no time.
What are you talking about? Who's "they"? Where are you? I'm in Pearl City.
Uh, a rep from my old SEAL team came to get me.
I'm being recalled from the reserves.
He's being deployed.
Okay, understood.
Look, uh, appreciate the call.
Sir, there's something else.
What's that? The op is a kill or capture mission for a high-value target in Nigeria.
Code name is "Reaper.
" Hey.
That's classified information.
Why are you telling me this? Just listen to me, please.
Their latest Intel suggests that the target's location has minimal security.
Reaper doesn't want it to be known.
But there's talk that they may have hostages who could become collateral.
One of them is an American who disappeared last year while working as a private contractor.
Sir, they think it may be Joe White.
I know you two were close, so I thought I should tell you.
Commander Park.
Can I help you? My name's Commander Steve McGarrett.
Junior told me about you.
If you've come for him, I'm afraid the Navy has first dibs.
That's not why I'm here.
Your target may be holding a former Navy SEAL commander hostage.
I want to come with you and bring him home.
First off, how the hell did you come by that information? Sir, when a member of my team suddenly gets deployed, you can't blame me for making a couple of calls.
JUNIOR: Commander Park, I called him.
You shared classified information on an active mission? JUNIOR: Yes, sir.
'Cause I knew if I asked for your permission, you'd say no.
You're damn right.
And if we hadn't called you in because we were short on personnel, this would be the fastest a guy was kicked off an op in the history of the Navy.
STEVE: All due respect, Commander Park.
If it wasn't for Joe White, I wouldn't even be a SEAL today.
He trained me.
Sir, he pushed me through BUD/S.
He was my father when my father couldn't be there.
If there's even a remote chance that man is downrange, I'm gonna find him.
Like hell you are.
This is way too personal for you.
And besides that, there's no hard Intel that Joe White is even on that compound.
Then know this.
I'm gonna be right behind you boys, all right? I'm gonna be on the next plane out of here.
I know the region.
I've run 100 ops like yours.
Just know when you're downrange, the shadow right behind you, that's gonna be me.
Okay? So tell your boys not to shoot me.
McGarrett! Yes, sir.
(sighs) All right.
You want in? Fine.
But understand something.
Our mission is Reaper.
If Joe White is on that compound and doesn't compromise the op, we'll get him.
But do not forget the priority.
Those are my orders.
Are we clear? Yes, sir.
Gear up.
Yes, sir.
Zephyr command, this is Zephyr 0-1.
I passed Omaha.
How copy? COMMAND: Good copy.
Zephyr 0-1 passes Omaha.
You took a big risk doing what you did.
Yeah, I like to think if I got kicked out of the reserves, I had a pretty cool job to fall back on.
It's not just that.
I know the teams are like a second family to you.
You risked all that by calling me, and I appreciate it.
Five-O is family.
And I know how important Joe is to you.
I think it's pretty safe to say my life would be very different if Joe never came into it.
It's crazy to me how somebody who's not even blood can make such a giant impact, you know? Yeah, I think I know.
What happened? What happened? (grunting) (groans) My leg's broke.
I thought it might be.
We started taking fire on the float down.
And when I touched down, you were still in the air.
You had to ditch from 50 feet up.
Crashed through a tree.
Where's backup? Backup would be nice.
Problem is, our comms are useless until we get out of this valley.
What's wrong with my shoulder, Joe? Am I shot? Yeah, you are.
Through and through? Yeah, it's out.
Well, that's good.
We got to keep moving.
There's still hostiles in this area.
You got to leave me here, Joe.
We're gonna make it up to that ridge, we're gonna get a signal and call for exfil.
Now come on, let's go.
There's something wrong with you, you know that, Joe White? (grunts): Something very wrong with you.
Hirsch, this is Officer TANI Rey.
Yeah, Kono mentioned you were gonna take on some new blood.
Uh, Gerard Hirsch.
CEO of Crime Clean.
- Hi.
- Oh, and on the DL, Five-O's top C.
(whispers): Nice to meet you.
Kono mentioned it, huh? You really expect me to believe that you two are still in touch? Are you kidding? We text every day.
Okay, I text her every day, and sometimes she responds.
KAMEKONA: My man Hirsch told me you might've come across some stolen art at a crime scene.
Oh, he did, did he? KAMEKONA: Move over.
Yes, he did.
So what are we gonna do about it? "We"? Pardon me, but I was unaware that we would be discussing an ongoing investigation.
Why not? Well, for starters, it's none of your damn business.
HIRSCH: Oh, a-actually, Kamekona is a silent partner in Crime Clean.
So it is, quite literally, his business.
KAMEKONA: That's right.
Since it was Crime Clean that brought the stolen art to Five-O's attention, I'm entitled to a sit-in.
You can stay.
TANI, run it, please.
So, here's what we know.
The victim is Sherry Wagner.
She's survived by her husband, Kurt.
Kurt's family is from Gunzburg, Germany.
His grandfather emigrated to the U.
after World War II.
So if he was part of the SS, it's possible that he stole the paintings when the Nazis were looting Europe.
I knew it.
GROVER: Yeah, slow your roll there, Sherlock.
We also spoke with the FBI Art Theft Unit.
They warned us those paintings could very possibly be fake.
I was a master forger in a previous life.
They're real.
That's great.
We still have to check them.
Well, yeah, that might be a problem there, sistah.
If those paintings are legit, soon as you ask to see 'em, your boy Kurt's gonna get rid of 'em quick.
Wow, that's actually, uh, very true.
We just have to pause this art thing.
We got to focus on Wagner's killer.
Well, of course, the husband did it.
Yeah, it's always the spouse.
Yeah, you should look into him right away.
We should look into him.
Why-why didn't we think of that? Yeah.
You know, maybe it's time we switch jobs.
GROVER: Me and you will sling shrimp and mop up blood.
And that way, these two geniuses can go around solving crimes and picking up the bad guys.
What you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? KAMEKONA: I can't tell if they're being sarcastic.
The husband has an alibi.
The cell phone records show that he was out of town when the murder took place.
In fact, he just got back in town about an hour ago.
We've already set up an interview at the Palace.
Gonna take place in a few minutes.
KAMEKONA: That's a good idea.
Maybe ask him if the wife had any enemies.
Put together a list of potential suspects.
You're just full of good ideas.
All right, me and Hirsch will sit tight.
Once you catch the killer, we'll get back to the art.
You got to get back to that house and test those paintings today.
What? You just said that we should w Come on, brah.
Keep up.
If this Wagner guy knows where the art came from and knows the cops might've seen 'em, them paintings gonna be gone real fast.
And it'd be a real shame if the ancestors of the original owners lose the chance of getting 'em back and Crime Clean loses a great PR opportunity.
So what's our next move? (panting) (exhales) The Eagle has landed.
Took you long enough.
Five-O's probably done with the husband.
You know, breaking and entering is not part of my résumé.
Luckily, I finally remembered I did some business in the upstairs bathroom earlier today and cracked the window.
That's knowledge I don't need.
So how long is this gonna take? Uh, it shouldn't take long.
Just some easy tests.
Especially the X-ray scan.
See, painters up until the early 20th century used lead paint.
So, if there's any lead in these pieces, then they're probably the real deal.
(grunts) (door opens) (door shuts) (keys jangle) Hello? Hirsch? Hirsch.
Hirsch, you find the lead yet? Hello? Junior and Steve are gonna be just fine.
It's not like they haven't done anything like this before.
I know.
You know, I got to say, I'm happy we have a case.
Could use a distraction.
Well, I'm right there with you, kiddo.
(exhales) (quietly): By the way, next apartment you look at, make sure it's pet-friendly so Eddie can come hang, okay? Really? Yeah.
I'll help you look when we get back.
MIKE: Steve.
Go ahead.
We found something.
Come to our position.
Roger that.
Hey, these are our guys.
Special Forces.
Looks like somebody stripped the bodies.
Tags are gone.
(automatic gunfire) Center peel! Center peel! Junior! Clear! These aren't the guys we're after, are they? No.
I'm thinking Nigerian pirates.
Probably the same guys that stripped these soldiers.
Hey, so what do you have in mind? We got to minimize this gunfire.
Set point's only a couple of klicks away.
If the target gets wind we're here, the op's blown.
Okay, so if you want to do something, you got to do it now.
Roger that.
Hey, hey! (shouting in foreign language) Hey.
Okay, easy, easy.
STEVE: Hey, hey, hey.
(speaks foreign language) Huh? Okay.
You stop.
Okay, I stop.
Okay, okay.
No more forward.
No more forward.
No more.
Where are the other men? Back here.
They're right back here.
(speaking foreign language) Right back here.
I'll take you to 'em.
(speaking foreign language) Drop your gun.
Okay, okay.
Drop your gun.
(grunts) Hey.
(gasps, coughs) You kidding me? - You wore your plates for this one? - Yeah.
I know myself.
I make bad decisions sometimes.
You are one crazy frogman, you know that? Yes, sir.
(laughs) (grunts) JUNIOR: Commander, we got dog tags here.
military watches, knives.
This is Joe White's gun.
JOE: Fathom to base.
(pants) This is Fathom.
Take a hint, Joe.
What are you doing? No, you keep that.
No, are you kidding? This is baseball weather.
You island kids aren't built for anything but 70s and sunshine.
(Steve groans) Let me ask you something.
That girl, Catherine what's the deal there? That ever gonna happen? (exhales) What do you mean? I mean I've seen the way she looks at you.
It's very clear the feeling's mutual.
What are you waiting for, Steve? (groans) She's a lieutenant.
We work together.
We're friends.
I don't want to screw that up.
She's smart.
She's pretty.
She can assemble a rifle in under 30 seconds in the dark.
Not asking her out is a screwup.
Let me see that.
That looks worse than it is.
Come on up.
Ready? Yeah.
(grunts loudly) You can move much faster alone.
You need to leave me here.
I'm fine.
Stubborn son of a bitch.
We're gonna make it through this, both of us.
I made a promise.
What are you talking about? A promise to who? (groans) We're gonna stop here for the night.
I'm gonna hide you and keep watch.
Try to get a signal up at the ridge.
Okay, Joe.
Take this.
It's all we got.
Insist on telling me every ten minutes I can run and you can't.
I can still run faster than you.
Yeah, probably.
What about our guys? We're gonna leave 'em the way we found 'em for now.
We'll come back later, bring 'em home.
(phone ringing) Hello.
Kurt, it's Barb.
I've been trying to reach you all day.
How are you doing? Not good.
I'm so sorry.
I know how much you loved Sherry.
Everyone did.
KURT: I was out of town.
She wanted to go, but it was for business.
We wouldn't even have seen each other.
I don't even remember the last thing I said to her.
Yeah, I'll be sure to let you know the details once we decide which church.
Look, I'll check back with you in the morning.
Why don't you get some rest? (sighs) Thank you, Barb.
I will.
(beep) (TV playing indistinctly) MIKE: Zephyr base.
This is Zephyr 0-1.
I passed Texas.
ETHAN: Damn it.
What do you got? STEVE: RPGs.
JUNIOR: Intel said it was breachable, minimal security.
Doesn't look breachable to me.
No, it looks like a suicide mission.
KURT: What are you doing? You shouldn't be here.
It's too soon.
BARB: Relax.
I came in through the back door.
KURT: I thought we said we - I know.
I know what we said.
I just I don't care.
I needed to see you.
BARB (panting): Kurt (Kurt and Barb moaning) PARK (over radio): One, this is Zephyr command.
This is Zephyr 0-1.
I have you loud and clear.
Stand down.
Entering that compound is too risky-- we can't afford the target escaping in a firefight.
Not to mention you're outnumbered, and RPGs mean we can't send in the Chinooks as backup.
You're to hold your positions and get a visual on Reaper.
Zephyr command out.
It sounds like we're not gonna be the ones who take out the target.
Look, if Park is about to get authorization to launch an air strike on this compound and there are still hostages inside, we need to get 'em out before that happens.
ETHAN: I agree, but our orders are to get Reaper.
Like Park said, if we go in and there's contact, he could get away.
Okay, so I go in alone while you guys hold security on the exfil points.
That way, if Reaper runs, you take him out from here.
That's a serious risk for a hostage we don't even know is in there.
Listen, there was a time when Joe White could have given up on me, and he didn't.
And if he's in that compound, there's no way I'm about to start giving up on him.
Okay, well, you need someone to watch your back.
No, absolutely not.
Sir, we're not cops today, we're SEALs.
So that means you ain't my boss, so I'm coming with you.
You guys good with that? We're good.
We got your back.
Come on.
You're welcome.
Okay, I'm lost.
I did your job for you, Officer Rey.
I cracked the case.
GROVER: And how did you basically crack the case? HIRSCH: Oh, Kurt Wagner is having an affair.
And this is the evidence that proves it.
(all groaning) You stripped the sheets off the man's bed? And replaced them with new ones.
That is gross.
I think it's pretty clear what went down, though.
The guy killed his wife for another woman.
But don't ask us where we got that lead.
'Cause we're not at liberty to divulge that information.
What's important here is, you need to get this lady's DNA off of these sheets, bring her in and get her to flip.
Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.
But what if the woman isn't in the system-- you ever think about that? You know, unlike the two of you, everybody in the world doesn't have a criminal record.
TANI: Well, just on the other hand, even if she's not in the system, we can get the DNA from the sheets-- it gives us eye color, hair color, ethnicity-- we can cross-reference that profile with anybody in Kurt's life.
Narrow down a list of possible paramours.
I almost forgot.
Those paintings are completely real.
I got to do the tests this morning when Kurt and his mistress left.
Maybe your idea of us switching jobs wasn't so crazy, was it? Yeah, the big guy's right.
We could totally be cops.
No sweat.
All right, Kamekona, take these nasty-ass sheets down and book 'em into evidence, like a real cop.
Love that.
Actually, that was all you, Hirsch.
I don't want to steal the spotlight, brother.
(gunfire) (squeaks) (whispers): Hey, Joe, Joe, it's me, it's me.
It's Steve.
Steve? Yeah, it's me.
Come on.
I'm getting you out of here.
Can you walk? I think so.
Can you do something about that shackle? Yeah.
Are you here with the Navy? Yes and no.
All right.
I got something that belongs to you.
I think in this moment I'm supposed to say something brave and selfless like, "you shouldn't have come," but the truth is, I'm damn glad you did, 'cause I want to get the hell out of here.
Let's go home, Joe.
Joe White, meet Junior Reigns.
Honor to meet you, sir.
The honor's mine, son.
Thanks for coming.
Go ahead.
Steve, Junior, we have a problem.
Air strike is a go.
What is it? Navy just launched an air strike.
Missiles are inbound as we speak.
This place is about to be rubble.
Missiles are set to hit this place in less than four minutes.
We got to move right now.
MIKE: Guys, hold up.
I got men gathering outside the exit.
Copy that.
We got to find another way out.
This compound was built on the site of an old mosque.
They often had tunnels underneath to access burial sites.
I remember hearing a guard talking about a passageway once.
JUNIOR: So, if we can find our way underground, we might have a chance of surviving this blast.
JOE: There's just one problem-- I don't know how to get down there.
Then we need to find somebody who does.
(grunts) Do you speak English? (moans) Huh? Yes? Listen to me very carefully.
Cruise missiles are inbound right now.
They're gonna turn this place into rubble in two minutes.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Do you understand? You want to live, you're gonna take us to the tunnels underneath this building.
60 seconds.
Let's go.
Go, go, go! (rapid gunfire) Go! Go, go, Junior, go! (gunfire continues) (missiles whistling) (explosion) (all grunting) STEVE: Where's the guard? He's gonna tell anybody who's left that we're down here.
There's only one way out.
Yeah, which means whoever is left is gonna be waiting out there for us.
(groans) We can't outrun 'em.
We're gonna stop here and try to hold them off till the chopper arrives.
- It should be here in a few minutes.
- Joe.
There's 20 of them and two of us.
We're gonna be dead in a couple minutes.
We're not dying today, son.
But I want you to promise me two things.
When we make it back, I want you to ask Catherine out.
(laughs, coughs) And I want you to visit your dad, and I don't want to hear, hear you say no, either.
That's how you pay me back for this.
You got one father, and despite what you may think, that man loves you.
Okay, Joe.
Okay, Joe.
JUNIOR: Sorry for the call.
Don't be.
I would have done exactly the same thing if the tables were turned.
On the contrary, thank you.
For what? Showing up on my doorstep seven months ago.
JOE: Hug it out, guys, get it over with.
We got to get out of here.
STEVE: All right, boys, this is it.
- It's been an honor serving with you two.
- Oh, yeah.
Moments like this, I like to say, "Try not to miss.
" Thank you for that pearl of wisdom, Joe.
Follow me.
TANI: So Kurt Wagner, super rich dude who wants out of his marriage, but it's gonna cost him.
So what's the solution? He kills his wife, of course, but to pull that off, he has to have a rock solid alibi, doesn't he? And that's when you come in.
GROVER: Come to find out that you've spent the last three days on the island of Lanai.
And coincidentally, location records for Kurt's phone also suggest that he was on Lanai as well.
Problem is, nobody that was staying at your hotel ever remembered seeing him.
Oh, you know who did see him, though? Hmm? Your next-door neighbor.
It turns out that Kurt was staying at your place while you were out of town.
With Kurt's phone.
It was a good plan, Olivia.
And if we wouldn't have gotten on to you, we'd have never found out the truth.
But you slipped up last night with your little box spring bongo party.
(medical monitor beeps) Hey.
You all right? Thanks again.
Come on.
You probably would have died in that place, you know.
I couldn't let that happen, not after everything you've done for me.
Listen, when we were in Afghanistan, you said you made a promise to keep me alive.
I'm surprised you remember that.
You were pretty out of it.
I remember.
And it wasn't till years later that I realized that promise you made, that was to my mother, wasn't it? Of course, at the time, I thought she was dead.
Even if I hadn't promised her, I would never have left you there.
I know that.
You know, the day I got back, I asked Catherine out.
(chuckles) Yeah.
(chuckles) Then I went to see my dad, too.
Because of you, I got to spend some great time with him before he was gone.
Thank you for that.
More than saving my life, thank you for that.
GROVER: You didn't forget your ID, did you? HIRSCH: Nope.
ID, boarding pass, priceless art: check, check, check.
I, uh, Googled the family.
Seems like they've fallen on some hard times, but they sell some of these, take care of everything.
Well, and if they do, you'll be the one who's responsible for changing their lives.
That's what we do-- we help people.
I don't know if I'll go that far.
I help people, you mop up their blood and guts.
You can't let me have this, can you? You know, back when I was doing forgery and brokering deals on the black market, it was very satisfying financially, but it didn't do much in terms of, uh, feeding the soul.
But, uh helping out these people makes me feel good.
Let me enjoy that.
Hey, um, Hirsch.
Hirsch, you did an amazing job.
Hell, if it wasn't for you, we probably would have never gotten justice for Sherry Wagner, and Now here you are, getting ready to fly to the mainland on your own dime to do this wonderful thing for a bunch of complete strangers.
I ought to be ashamed of myself.
I'm proud of you, man.
Hey, hey.
Gee, now.
I, uh, um, oh-- all right.
Maybe lunch next week? Player, calm down.
(whimpers) Hey.
W-- Stop with the begging.
(barks) Are you-- you're enormous.
What, did you put on nine pounds while I was away? How'd you even do that? (barks) Hey, uh, when you said you gave Eddie a few treats, how many is "a few"? I don't know, like three or four.
What, like, every hour? Sorry.
Maybe we partied a little hard, but you get what you pay for, you know.
Which is exactly what I'm gonna tell Adam and Kono when they come back and all their plants are dead, because you know what? They never even told me how much water to put in, and I don't know.
Well, I wouldn't worry about that too much, because it didn't look like Adam was planning on coming home any time soon.
After what his sister did to Jessie, can you really blame him? (smoke detector chirping) Hey, I got to let you go, okay? I got a smoke detector that's on its last legs.
Got to find batteries.
I'll see you tomorrow? Okay.
But, Adam, don't you think you should stay and work the case? Don't you want to see Noriko put behind bars? You're so close, Adam.
As far as I'm concerned, prison would be letting her off easy.
She deserves worse.
A lot worse.

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