Hawaii Five-0 s08e25 Episode Script

Waiho Wale Kahiko (Ancients Exposed)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O I have a half sister.
So, you know who I am.
I was only recently made aware.
Michelle Shioma's 20 mil.
And you're gonna get it and hand it over.
JESSIE: You know where that is? ADAM: No one can know about it.
Not McGarrett, not even my wife.
I need to make a withdrawal.
You understand what will happen? ADAM: Those payments won't get made, which will incur certain penalties.
We just had a body wash up on Ka'alawai Beach.
It's Noriko, Adam's sister.
KIMURA: What else could you possibly need? An alibi.
You must remember to season the water itself.
It's essential.
So, I'm not talking this.
I'm talking this.
DANNY: I can't I'm sorry, I can't.
I-I got to go on record with you.
I've got to go on record and tell you something.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
- I don't I'm almost done here.
This is What is This can wait.
- No.
No, it can't wait.
- She's boiling water.
I'm borrowing the neighbor's Wi-Fi.
Look at the signal I got's through the roof right now.
Okay? - Are you messing with me? - Huh? Is this a joke? Are you playing with my emotions right now on purpose? Is that what you're doing? You know what's crazy? I'm actually getting hungry watching this show.
DANNY: Boiling water and free Wi-Fi is not important.
We are making a big mistake.
We got to pull the plug.
- You understand? Don't shush me.
- Shh.
Just shush for a bit.
Please don't shush me.
This is important.
(video pauses) Thank you.
- What? - What, what? What, what? Danny, it's okay.
You got to just calm down a little bit, all right? We have to do something.
We burned through our entire runway.
We got no options, all right? Yes, it's a little drastic, what we're proposing, (mouths) but if we don't do something, Steve's is gonna sink us both.
It is drastic.
That-- no, you're right Am I wrong? about it being drastic, okay? Okay, good.
All right.
- It's too drastic.
- Dude, you got to calm down.
It's gonna be fine.
“It's gonna be fine”? What is the matter with you? Is something wrong with your head? - No.
- You should be on concussion protocol at all times.
- You listen to me.
Listen to me.
It's a big move.
I understand you're nervous.
I'm nervous, too.
But it's gonna be okay.
How close were you to that air strike in Somalia? Nigeria.
And we're doing the right thing.
Okay? Trust me.
(door opens) NAHELE: He's here.
Look, no Wi-Fi.
W-What is this? Luggage.
So, you bring it? Uh-huh.
This is not gonna do it.
STEVE: What are you talking about? You brought your own contract? Yeah, but you don't have to read it all.
Most of it's just boilerplate.
Is this a joke? “In exchange for capital investment, “Lender gets approval over name, menus, uniforms”" DANNY: “40% of modified adjusted “gross receipts, plus franchise “and licensing rights in perpetuity and throughout the universe.
” Licensing rights? Correct.
- What do you need licensing rights for? NAHELE: Cookbooks.
There's not gonna be any cookbooks.
No cookbooks.
You don't know that.
A successful restaurant will often have certain ancillary streams that generate more profit than the actual brick-and-mortar.
I'm so confused.
I'm sorry.
I thought you were coming in as a silent partner.
I am.
But if this thing goes under, I don't want nobody to know I'm involved.
But if it blows up, - I want to make sure I'm protected.
DANNY: Okay.
Uh, I'm-I'm not signing that.
Me either.
And I haven't seen any financial statements.
Have you seen any financial statements? Brothers.
KAMEKONA: 250 large, just like we agreed.
How's that for a statement? Stupid.
W-Why didn't you wire the money like a normal human being? I don't trust banks.
DANNY: Okay.
Let's imagine for a second that I completely lose my mind and decide to agree.
Okay? What are we supposed to do with this? You want us to just keep this money in a suitcase? Heck no.
Can't keep those.
Just the cash.
I need those suitcases back.
You know what? We're cops.
It's gonna be fine.
- “We're cops”? - Yeah.
Didn't stop somebody from stealing our tools, did it? - Well, you know what would have? If you'd have locked that door.
That would've stopped somebody (phone ringing) from stealing the tools.
Hey, yo, this is Joe White.
He's probably out of the hospital.
I got to take this.
Just put it on speaker.
What? Why would he put it on speaker? We're partners now.
No secrets.
Three of us is like a hive mind.
- Ah.
I don't know what that means.
- That means you and I got to start thinking the same way.
Well, more my way, of course, on account of my large capital investment.
Ah, I see.
All right, I'm gonna go kill myself.
Thanks, guys.
(”Hawaii's Not That Far Away” by The Hula Girls playing) Hawaii's not that far away Hawaii's just out of my reach Hawaii is not that far away Hawaii makes me dream Well, I know my baby cries On the same shoulder Sickness is bright In her deep blue eyes (excited chatter, gasping) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 8x25 Waiho Wale Kahiko (Ancie (sirens wailing) (tires squealing) (excited chatter) (siren chirping) Hey, I got your message.
What's going on? Not now.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
That's not scary at all, is it? GROVER: Captain, you need to get your men and clear this beach-- and I mean right now.
All right, everyone Hey, that's a Yasen-class.
TANI: I don't suppose that's Russian for “Carnival Cruise Line”? No, it's Russia's newest nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine.
It's a pretty badass weapon.
It could wipe out this entire island within minutes.
I didn't really need to know that.
What the hell is this thing doing here? What, are we under attack or something? - No, no, no.
Probably just ran aground.
Know what I mean? Copy that.
Thank you.
All right, boat's name is the Gorshkov.
So far we've had no communication with any of her crew.
There are currently Can I? no other Russian naval ships or subs in the area.
And the governor is currently in contact with the president, who is trying to get Putin on the phone.
Boss, I got movement on the sub.
Thank you.
(sighs) Stay here.
Yeah, I'll cancel my lunch plans.
Hey, boys.
I need some flags.
What's he doing? JUNIOR: He's asking if they want to talk.
DANNY: What? Looks like he's trying to land a plane.
There's got to be an easier way to do that.
Steve? Hey.
You know what? If they were planning to hit us, wouldn't they have done it by now? Yeah, they would have.
But Danny's right-- there is an easier way.
Hey, guys, can I use your Zodiac, please? Sure.
TANI: What's he doing? Is he gonna? - Yeah, he-he's gonna.
- Okay.
DANNY: Steve's.
He wanted me to name the restaurant Steve's.
I'll do it now in his memory.
That's what we love about you, Danny-- always thinking positive.
This is so stupid.
Is this something you would do? GROVER: Let me see those.
(turns off motor) I just want to talk to your captain.
Your captain.
I want to speak to your captain.
Oh, boy.
(alarm blares) (siren chirps) (helicopter whirring) Can you believe this? No.
It's-- I think it's most likely just a show of strength.
Or if anything, they know something that we don't, and they're preparing to strike.
You have no idea what's going on, do you? - No, I don't.
- No.
Should I-- I'm gonna grab some, uh, clean underwear, I'll meet you at the bunkers.
- Yeah.
- Okay? Cool.
- All right.
(sighs) Well, not that it matters, but now the governor wants McGarrett off that ship.
Okay, why? What's up? According to her conversation with the president, the Gorshkov has not been authorized by the Russians to approach U.
- Uh-huh.
- If this is some kind of rogue ship, we're being advised to do whatever we have to do to get them to back out of here.
Now, if they refuse to move, the Navy's gonna be forced to take action.
McGarrett's not answering.
It's just going to voice mail.
Keep trying.
Keep trying.
(speaks Russian) I'm sorry, uh, I don't speak Russian.
Your name? My name is Commander Steve McGarrett.
I run a law enforcement task force on this island.
You're not military? I was.
I figured they'd be involved soon enough, but I thought maybe before that happens, we could talk without rattling sabers, you tell me what all this is about.
I am Officer Vasili Shirokov, acting commander of this vessel.
Good to meet you.
Where's the captain? Where's the man who shot him? (phone ringing) Hey, it's Steve.
I'm gonna put you on speaker phone.
You all right? Yeah, I am.
I'm good.
I'm good.
TANI: For real? For real.
Sir, what's going on? All right, here's the situation-- four days ago, there was a mutiny at sea.
Okay, 33 of the 61 crew members participated with the intent on defecting to the U.
It all started when a senior officer by the name of Yuri Petrov murdered the captain.
Now, the mutiny was put down hours ago, but nobody could find Petrov.
It's believed that once the sub reached our shoreline, Petrov escaped through the torpedo bay.
A) What?! And B) If somebody's trying to defect, this guy sure did go through a whole lot of trouble.
Which makes me think this is about something else.
But even if it's not, we now have a killer loose on the island.
MAN: My government is terribly sorry for these, uh, unfortunate circumstances in which we currently find ourselves.
Well, we appreciate that.
Can you tell us what Petrov's agenda might be? I'm afraid we don't know.
Is that the Kremlin's official position? It is.
Do you know if he has any contacts on the island, anybody he might go to? This, gentleman, is what we have on Petrov.
(laughs) Are you kidding with this? DANNY: Yeah, we're gonna need a little more Intel than this.
My apologies, but, uh, this is all that I am authorized to give you.
Look (clears throat) Petrov committed mutiny, he murdered his skipper, now he's at large, all right? We have to work together if we're gonna catch this guy.
I will do everything in my power to help you, but you must understand that to some degree, my hands, they are tied by Moscow.
Malkin, you should know that we did our homework on you on the way over.
Okay, we know you like it here in Hawaii.
According to our source, you're dating a local woman, is that right? Who is not your wife.
Or am I mistaken? (Danny clears throat softly) And I suppose you will tell her if I don't do what you say? No, no, no, I wouldn't do that.
I'm just trying to point out the fact that you're a scumbag.
What I will do is stop by the State Department and have your diplomatic credentials revoked, have your ass sent home-- that I'll do.
Or you can help us out, right? What kind of policemen are you? The kind that don't like to be stonewalled.
Petrov has no contacts that we are aware of.
All right.
Uh, again, do you have any idea what he's doing here? Well, this could be something, but, uh, I heard that Officer Petrov suffered horrific tragedy when he was young boy, but I could not tell you the nature of it.
So what are you thinking? Perhaps he just snapped.
You think Petrov had some kind of mental breakdown? It is possible.
(sighs) Okay.
Come on, Danny.
This is a waste of time.
Commander McGarrett.
What? My government did wish for me to relay message to you.
What's that? You are not to board the Gorshkov again.
- Excuse me? - That vessel may very well be in American territorial waters, but my government did not formally give you permission to go in.
There is proprietary technology on board that we do not wish to share.
Should you attempt to board again, this could be considered a hostile act.
Is that it? Yes.
Really good time, guys.
Thank you.
Very helpful.
Complete and total waste of time.
How'd you know that guy had a sidepiece? Just a guess-- Malkin's a Russian bureaucrat, far away from home, on an island filled with beautiful women.
(phone ringing) I was playing the odds.
Hold up.
Yeah, Lou, what do you got? GROVER: I think our boy Petrov just left us a bread crumb.
This poor cop was out driving on patrol, and then pow, bullet right in the head.
His cruiser's missing, too.
We tried to track it down, but the GPS has been disabled.
Anybody see anything? Yeah, two witnesses say they saw a guy in uniform get into the cruiser and speed off.
What kind of uniform? They said it was black with yellow trim, kind of like a Navy uniform-- patches on the arms, stars on the shoulders.
That's Russian Navy.
It's obviously our guy.
Wait, where you going? I'm going back to that sub, make sure it doesn't leave.
We want to catch Petrov, we need somebody to talk.
Hey, hey.
You know, you don't have to talk to me like I'm a dog.
What are you talking about? You're doing it a lot lately-- here, sit, stay, heel.
I don't like it.
Really? Yeah, really.
I'm sorry.
You being sarcastic? No, I'm being sincere.
It's just, I-- you don't uh, you've never apologized that quickly-- or ever, for that matter.
Thank you.
(tires squealing) Well here we go again.
First he kills your skipper, then he murders a policeman.
Petrov didn't care about the mutiny, he didn't care about defecting to the U.
He has another agenda-- I need to know what it is.
What makes you think I know? You served together.
Come on, you're inside this metal tube 24/7 for three months.
You got to know him as well as anybody does.
You must have a theory.
I assure you, I do not.
Okay, look, all due respect, I know that your English isn't perfect, okay, so I'm gonna repeat something.
While my team and I were getting the runaround from the consul general, your boy, he killed a cop.
Okay? Killed a man with a wife, a man with children-- now, that may not mean anything to you, but if you want to get back to Russia and save face, you need to help me.
Otherwise, you and your fellow officers are gonna be in prison for the rest of your lives.
But we had nothing to do with the mutiny.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not talking about a Russian prison.
The President of the United States is looking at this submarine in our harbor as an act of aggression.
You understand me? Now, look, if you were forced to our shores under duress, I promise you that will be taken into account, but only if you cooperate with this investigation.
JUNIOR: So I've been trying to track this cruiser from the moment it left the crime scene, but there are so many blind spots in this neighborhood.
Okay, what about closed-circuit, ATM cameras, you get those? Yeah, HPD's on that right now.
All right, good.
Uh, hey, Cap.
I heard, uh, Sergeant Lukela's hearing was today.
Yeah, the panel's meeting right now.
I actually wanted to go down there and give him some support, but then, you know, all this happened.
(loud clack) (groans) Ah.
How long you been there? Uh, little while.
Didn't you just get out of the h the hospital? You're not even cleared to come back to work till next week.
What the hell are you doing here, Jerry? Are you kidding? We got a Russian nuclear-powered attack sub parked on the beach.
Think I'm gonna sit this one out? By the way you know I totally predicted this, right? What, you predicted a guy launching himself out of a torpedo tube to get himself on the island? No.
A Russian invasion of Hawaii.
Would you stop with that? There's no Russian invasion.
We don't know that yet.
But I guarantee you the Pentagon's at DEFCON 3.
I think I got something.
Oh, hey, Jer.
Welcome back.
- Mahalo.
- All right, so you know that patrol car that Petrov stole? Seems like he accessed the onboard computer before it went offline, and he looked up two names: Lee and Nancy Sterling.
Okay, here they are.
No records, but they live in Manoa.
All right, scooter, take the wheel.
See if you can dig us up something else.
You two with me.
Are you okay? Yeah, considering the circumstances, I'm good.
Yeah, I'm not talking about this submarine thing.
To be honest, you seem off your game today.
Mm-hmm, yup, I agree, Cap.
Oh, you do, do you? Yeah, I like to think of myself as a body language expert.
Yeah? You study other people's bodies, or just mine? No, I just, um Uh, yeah, yes.
(phone ringing) Uh, a phone call.
(stutters) Saved by the bell, yeah.
(phone beeps) Go, Jerry.
JERRY: Background on the Sterlings.
Lee works as a civilian mechanic at Hickam Air Force Base, and Nancy teaches at a school nearby.
They moved here eight years ago from the mainland.
No children.
A quick look at social media suggests they lead a pretty uneventful life.
All right, how about financials and cell phone records? I ran both.
No apparent ties to our suspect, or Russia, for that matter.
This doesn't make sense.
JUNIOR: Yeah, they sound like a regular couple.
Why would Petrov be interested in them? Well, there's a squad car up ahead.
(tires screeching) It's Officer Shannon's car, the one Petrov stole.
(door creaks open) TANI? What's your name? (speaking Russian) (speaking Russian) He said you don't look Hawaiian.
You don't look like a murderer.
You look like a man who wanted a better life.
(speaking Russian) What you got for us, Doc? Well, it appears both victims were tortured before they were drowned.
I found contact burns on their hands and feet.
So, they were electrocuted? It would appear so.
We need to get an autopsy on 'em right away.
See if that tells us anything else.
I'm on it.
TANI: All right, so, Petrov-- he breaks in here, he tortures these people, and then he bails? Why? That doesn't make sense.
It's weird, but it damn sure ain't random.
These people are all connected.
Hey? Yeah.
I found Petrov's uniform inside.
I'm guessing he changed into some of Mr.
Sterling's clothes before he left.
Does it look like anything else is missing? No.
There's a safe in there, but it don't look like it's been touched.
(phone ringing) Hang on.
It's McGarrett.
McGarrett, you okay? STEVE: Yeah, I am.
And I might have some answers.
Listen, I just interviewed a crew member who attended the Moscow Naval Institute with our suspect.
Now according to the XO, he was a trusted confidant.
This guy seems to think that Petrov could be here on a revenge mission.
Revenge for what? When Petrov was nine years old, both of his parents were murdered in front of him.
Now, apparently, the killer went on to become a deep cover spy for the GRU.
Petrov has been hunting this person for years.
Well, it looks like he found them.
(camera clicking) Uncle, you might want to come see this.
Oh, you talking to me? I know you ain't just call me “uncle”.
Locals use it as a sign of respect.
How long have you lived on this island? Long enough to know when somebody's using it to call you “old”" Well, you are old, but I was being respectful.
Youth is truly wasted on the young.
Age before beauty.
Beauty before the beast.
(door creaks open) TANI: Wow.
Some straight-up James Bond stuff in here.
(radio static) (man speaking Russian on radio) TANI: Oh That's my bad.
(turns off radio) At least my old ass knew not to touch nothin'.
We probably should go.
(tires screeching) GROVER: Well, the FBI's here.
They've taken jurisdiction over the crime scene.
They got a team in the house right now, scrubbing it.
Sounds like Lee and Nancy were a real-life Boris and Natasha.
I don't get the reference.
Rocky & Bullwinkle.
Like Rocky? Like Stallone Rocky? Oh.
DANNY: No, not No.
STEVE: What? Can we stay on point here, please? If the Sterlings were, in fact, deep cover Russian spooks, do we know if they were part of a cell? Yeah, the Feds are looking into it.
All right, what about Petrov? Any leads? GROVER: No, not yet.
The Sterlings' cars are both still here, along with the police unit, so he must have stolen a car right here in the neighborhood.
HPD is going door to door trying to figure out which one it was.
We'll get an alert out.
All right.
I got Noelani on the other line.
(phone ringing) Let me hit you back.
Hi, Noelani.
Go ahead.
I'm in the middle of my autopsy on Lee Sterling and came across something curious.
STEVE: Okay, what's that? Well, before he died, Mr.
Sterling went into cardiac arrest.
It probably happened while he was being tortured.
But what's interesting is is that he also had two broken ribs.
Plus, I found some blood in his chest wall.
Both injuries are consistent with CPR.
Right, okay.
So, why would he torture this guy, bring him back to life and then-- just to, what, torture him some more? Wait a minute-- unless he wasn't torturing them out of revenge.
Maybe he was interrogating them.
Which would mean that the Sterlings were not his target.
Right, but they had information about whoever was.
All right, Noelani, thank you.
That's really good work.
Thank you.
(phone beeps) We got to head back to the consulate.
Why? Talk to that guy again? He's not gonna say anything.
Well, then we press him harder.
Now that we know about the Sterlings, maybe he'll be a little more forthcoming.
Captain Grover.
Yeah? Thought you should know, our evidence team just found a listening device hidden inside the house.
Someone bugged the place? AGENT: Yes, ma'am.
The tech makes me think foreign.
JUNIOR: Well, I guess the Russians didn't trust their own spies.
AGENT: The thing is, if this house is currently being monitored, we have to assume the Russians are now aware that two of their operatives are dead.
They're gonna want to clean up this mess.
Which means we're gonna see a few more bodies before this thing is over.
STEVE: Jerry, what do you got? JERRY: So, I took another look at the Sterlings' cell phone records.
It seems a call was placed from Nancy's cell after T.
So it had to have been Petrov.
Okay, who'd he call? JERRY: A woman named Monica Shore.
Okay, who is she? JERRY: A deep background search says she may be a Russian sleeper spy waiting to be activated.
I mean, she's single, one child-- a teenage daughter.
She seems to be doing a pretty good job of blending in.
STEVE: All right, Jerry, what about the call? Focus on the call.
It lasted only a few seconds, so it probably went to voice mail, but get this.
I pulled up Monica's record, and it seems 40 minutes before she got that call, she got a call from someone at the Russian consulate.
So, maybe maybe they were calling her trying to warn her? Jerry, do me a favor.
Ping Monica's cell, please.
I'm on it.
Okay, got her.
She's at the Russian consulate now.
That's it.
She's with her daughter, probably.
Figures it's the safest place to be.
Unless Petrov has, in fact, tracked 'em down.
If that's the case, they're not gonna be safe for long.
(siren wailing) Where'd everybody go? Blood spatter on the window.
Well, it looks like Petrov's already been here.
The grounds are empty.
He's got to be inside.
Let's move.
All right, we got three floors to clear-- stay sharp.
PETROV: Where is Monica Shore? WOMAN (crying): I don't know.
PETROV: Tell me where she went! You know.
No, I don't.
I-I don't know.
You know her.
I don't know.
Yuri, drop it! GROVER: Suspect on the move.
East side, second floor.
You okay? (shouts) (grunting) (both coughing) (bones cracking) (grunts) (groans) (coughing) Steve? You good? GROVER: All right.
We got the rest of them.
They're in a safe room in the basement.
Got a headcount of 22.
One of them's got to be the woman we're looking for.
(indistinct chatter) STEVE: Monica Shore.
Monica Shore.
Who's Monica Shore? Step out.
TANI: Monica Shore, you're under arrest.
Let's go, let's go.
You can't do this.
She's a spy, we're taking her with us.
Local law enforcement has no jurisdiction here.
You and I, we've both been doing things that we shouldn't have been doing.
All right? Let's just call this even.
NEWSMAN: An arrest at the Russian consulate today brought to light the double life of Honolulu citizen Monica Shore.
Reports suggest she may have been a longtime Russian agent with a deadly past.
NEWSMAN 2: Breaking news.
A local murder investigation has lead FBI to arrest more than a half dozen deep cover spies.
NEWSWOMAN: Russian sleeper cells that, up until today, have only existed in spy novels NEWSMAN 3: Over decades, the network had infiltrated local military bases, government contractors NEWSMAN 4: Neighbors never suspected they were living right next door to a genuine threat to this country NEWSMAN 5: A spokesperson at the Russian consulate is denying that Moscow has any knowledge of this undercover network.
(hammering) Hey, yo.
What's, uh, what's going on? What does it look like? It's me putting the project back on track.
Actually, I'm glad you two are here.
I tweaked the plan a little.
Nothing big, but you should have a look at it.
“Tweak the plan a little”? This is, this is major changes to the entire lighting concept.
Yeah, mood and ambience is the key.
You eat with your eyes first.
This is actually not bad, I like it.
I like it, too, it's good.
That's because, unlike you two amateurs, I know what I'm doing.
All right.
I also got us a liquor license.
- How did you do that? -What? Restaurants go under all the time, and when that happens, their liquor license just don't go away.
They become inactive.
A smart businessman can swoop right in, buy them from them for pennies on the dollar.
That's what I did.
That is smart.
Why didn't Vito do that? I don't know, you want to call him and ask him? I got one more surprise for you guys.
Follow me.
This is good.
All right.
Ready? Yeah.
Hey! - Wow.
- (laughing): Hey, man.
DANNY: Very nice.
STEVE: That's great.
That's cool.
Look, it's the Italian flag.
I can see that.
Come on, man.
(laughs) I love it, man.
I love it.
Look at that.
It's good, it's good.
I got to admit, I was, I was skeptical at first, and now, I-I'm happy that we're doing this with you.
Me, too, brother.
With your tutu's recipes, McGarrett's front-of-the-house charm and my brilliant business acumen, this could go.
Just do everything I say, Kamekona's Italian Bistro is gonna be a hit.
“Kamekona's Italian Bistro,” huh? That's right.
What happened to being a silent partner? Not-- we're not gonna not going with “Steve's”? I really love the name “Steve's.
” You don't like it? Branding, brah.
I got name recognition.
On this rock, “Kamekona” is synonymous with good, quality food.
Trust me, we'll slay this.
Flippa, document this historic occasion, please.
Hey, what'd I tell you? I tell you, this is gonna be fun.
Fun? I don't know.
I don't know if “fun” is the word I would choose, but okay.
Okay? Three Amigos.
STEVE: Yeah.
Let's see some smiles.
Say “money!” Money.
(camera clicks) (knocking on door) Hey.
You okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um Come in, I-I want to show you something.
Does this have something to do with what you wanted to talk about? Okay, so you ain't smiling.
Can't be good.
All right, you know I came over here the other day, I was watering the plants, I checked the mail for Adam.
When the smoke detector was going off, I was looking for batteries.
(beeping) And I-I found something.
The caliber of the gun matches the slug found in Noriko.
Adam's sister.
Y-You don't think TANI, come on.
There has to be an explanation; I-I mean, Noriko, she had a lot of enemies.
Uh, this-this is Adam we're talking about; there's no way he's gonna take the law into his own hands, and go on a vendetta.
But the day that Noriko was murdered, I saw Adam at the M.
's office.
And he told me Hey.
that as far as he was concerned, sending her to jail is letting her off easy.
He said that he thought that she deserved worse than that.
Look what she got.
What am I supposed to do? What do you mean? I mean, do I tell McGarrett? Yeah.
Yeah, I think you have to.
All right, but (laughs softly) Adam just saved my brother's life.
I'm supposed to repay him by turning him in? Look, TANI, I get it, okay, he's our friend.
But you're a cop, and you took an oath.
If Adam killed his sister, you need to do the right thing.

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