Hawaii Five-0 s09e01 Episode Script

Ka 'owili'oka'i (Cocoon)

1 (monitor beeping) Bring him to me.
(beeping stops) About average for a very stubborn man.
(beeping) He's hallucinating.
Get him out.
Commander McGarrett, are you ready to talk? (breathing shakily) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x01 Ka 'Owili 'Oka'i (Coc On a coconut island I'd like to be a castaway with you On a coconut island There wouldn't be so very much to do I would linger a while And just gaze into your lovely eyes so blue Then I'd walk for a mile and come running back To be with you (dog whines) There the waves would make a pair Of willing slaves of you and me forever And we'd laze for days and days And never gaze out (dog barks) Well isn't this cute? And suspiciously felonious.
(laughs): I see someone's been using their word- of-the-day calendar.
It's not actually what it looks like.
TANI: You're right.
Yeah, it doesn't look like you two are working for Pablo Escobar.
How silly of me to think that.
(dog whines) What's wrong, Eddie? They're not letting you dig? So, are we making a deposit or a withdrawal? - Deposit.
- Deposit.
- It's a long story.
TANI: Is it? Well, I got time.
All I have to do is watch two sweaty men dig.
Unless you need help? Oh, no, it's all right.
We got Danny and Grover coming over in a couple of minutes.
- Do you? - Yeah.
Like, now I feel left out.
Hashtag can you pass me a bottle of water before I pass out? I'll take one of those, too.
All right.
- Only if you tell me what's going on.
- Okay.
Kamekona invested in the restaurant Danny and I are trying to open.
All right, he paid in cash, and I really don't have anywhere else safe to keep it.
Except for maybe a bank.
But no, you're right.
This is much more fun.
TANI, if I deposit this money in a bank, I have to hire a lawyer, okay, to draw up a formal partnership agreement.
That's expensive.
We're trying to stay liquid at the moment.
So you're gonna bury the money in the backyard and then go into business with a with a former convict based on a handshake.
Well, Kamekona's ohana, so Right.
And you know what they say about going into business with family.
Uh, they say don't do it.
Yeah, she's right.
I've heard that one before.
Keep digging, please.
(phone ringing) Yes, sir.
What? No, of course.
I-I'll be right there.
Thank you.
Boss, you okay? Yeah.
We got to tie this up.
Let's, uh let's go.
You knew him.
His name is Tom Hennessey.
He worked for the CIA.
Helped me track down Victor Hesse back in the day.
Who's Victor Hesse? Victor Hesse is the guy that killed Steve's father.
- Junior.
- Yeah.
Call the agency.
Tell them our DB is Hennessey.
Pua, what else you got? We found his clothes and wallet a few yards down the beach.
His clothes were folded in a pile just like this.
Looks like he went for a swim and didn't make it.
Sure looks that way.
The thing is, I know for a fact that Hennessey, uh, had a brother who drowned when he was a kid, and he never went near the water after that.
He was murdered.
(door unlocks) WOMAN: Here you go.
If there's anything else you need, I'll be downstairs.
Thank you very much, Rosemary.
Anything for the fuzz.
We appreciate that.
- Steve.
- Yeah.
Somebody was just here.
What is it? "Cocoon.
" Cocoon? That's all I can make out.
(grunting) Shoot him.
You shoot him.
(panting) (exhales) Book him, Danno.
Hey, I-I'd like to do that, but he's he's clearly dead.
Well, that's a guess.
It's a guess? Let me explain something to you.
When there's more blood on the outside of the human being than there is on the inside, it's a pretty good indication that he's he's dead.
You really got to do that? Well, I got to make sure, okay? I don't want this guy getting back up and kicking your ass.
Oh, okay.
Well, let me explain something.
I would've done what you did, only in a way that we could still ask him questions.
(scoffs) I'm sorry, you blaming me? Uh, yeah.
I am blaming you.
Okay? Now we have to guess.
Good job.
All right.
Let's get Noelani on the phone.
Tell her we need an I.
on a John Doe.
(lock clicking) Place got more traffic than Kanye's Twitter feed.
I'll explain to you who Kanye and what Twitter is later, all right? - You're stupid.
- You're stupid.
Hands! Hands! Right now! (scoffs) MILLER: McGarrett? (sighs) What are you doing here? About to ask you the same question.
That's need-to-know.
We're making sure Hennessey didn't leave anything behind that can be considered a breach of security.
Yeah, okay.
Well, if he did, it's probably what this guy was looking for.
GREER: Who's he? We, uh, still trying to figure that out.
Don't look at me.
It was all him.
MILLER: His name's Chow.
He used to work for the Ministry of State Security in China.
DANNY: So, what, he's a spy? One of the best.
STEVE: Okay.
Any idea what he's doing in Hennessey's apartment? Well, if I did, I'd be guessing.
That was almost convincing.
Excuse me? You know what he's doing here, right? Calling me a liar? (chuckles) You guys are all the same, you know that? MILLER: McGarrett, I think you need to put a leash on your boy here.
- Actually, it's "Detective Williams" to you.
And, uh, I've been trying to do that for about eight and a half years.
DANNY: I got an idea.
Why don't you guys go outside and come back in and one of you can have a better attitude.
Or how 'bout no.
How 'bout you guys take a walk and the agency takes over from here.
Excuse me? You-you giving out orders now? Is that it? Everybody knows Steve McGarrett only takes orders from the governor and God.
And on occasion, even they have trouble.
STEVE: That's right.
Which means you know I'm not gonna stand down on a homicide.
MILLER: Homicide? You can prove that? Give me time.
I will.
"Governor and God," huh? What's that? Uh, the woman.
She was, uh she was flirting with you.
Uh, either that or she's impressed, for some ridiculous reason.
Or, or, uh, you have hooked up with her.
Which I know is the case here.
You don't have to answer.
- You can just grunt once if I'm right, okay? - Oh, God.
- It was a long time ago, okay? - I It was right after I got my trident.
It was before Catherine.
So it's history.
- It's ancient history.
- You don't have to justify anything to me.
I'm not justifying.
I'm not justifying.
I'm telling you.
I'm just saying.
Let me ask you a question.
Did you know that she was on the island? No, Danny, I did not know she was on the island.
Okay, well, look, i-in my experience, one-night stands can What is this? It wasn't a one-night stand.
There was more to it than that.
The-the point is this, okay? This agent, this woman, she can help you solve your friend's murder, and then the two of you can maybe get into some, uh, grown folks' business, right? - Get in the car, Danny.
- Hold on.
I need you to stop living like a monk, okay? Danny, get in the car.
I'm gonna get you an orange robe.
I'm gonna make you wear it to work every day.
I don't live like a monk, all right? - You don't? - No.
How many dates you been on since you broke up with Lynn? Please get in the car.
Oh, yeah? Look who's counting.
I'm-- What am I counting? There's nothing to count.
Zero and zero is zero.
There's no-no math.
Forget it.
Okay? I don't got to use my fingers.
Zero is zero.
(lock clicks) Seriously? You're-you're a child.
You haven't told McGarrett yet, have you? No.
Well, what are you gonna do? What am I supposed to do, tell him Adam Noshimuri killed his own sister? With no proof? That's really gonna go over well.
You found the murder weapon in a drawer in Adam's house.
No, I didn't; I found a gun that happens to be the same caliber.
That hardly constitutes a murder weapon.
Well, did you get it tested? Don't think I haven't thought of that.
Then what are you waiting for? If it doesn't come back as the murder weapon, then you can stop thinking about it.
And if it does? NOELANI: Commander, I found something on Agent Hennessey I think you should see.
Something on the lashes.
Is that it? That white stuff is called "gutta-percha.
" Gutta-percha? It's used by dentists after a root canal to plug up the holes.
Has a slight eucalyptus taste to it.
But it wasn't just in the eyes.
I found residuals of the same sealing substance in the hair follicles of his nose and ears.
Wait a minute, Hennessey's eyes, nose, and ears were sealed up with this gutta-percha stuff, and then he was drowned? Why? Commander, I just find the evidence.
Your job is to solve the crime.
All right.
Thanks, Noelani.
STEVE: (over comm): Hennessey, we're taking fire.
is application site pain.
Heavy casualties.
What's your status? HENNESSEY: We're on our way.
Hang in there, buddy.
Walk with me.
Listen, thanks for coming.
Of course.
I just figured after Morocco, maybe I'd never want to see you again? Don't flatter yourself, Steve.
We spent two days of R&R in a Marrakesh fleabag.
I didn't expect you to propose.
Okay, well, I really did get deployed, just so you know.
- I found your note.
Everything I wrote in that note was true.
(clears throat) Except the part about seeing each other again.
Yeah, my life got a little complicated.
Yeah, I know.
Lieutenant Rollins and I ran into each other a few years back.
But you didn't ask me here to talk about old times.
Does your, uh, your partner know you came to meet me today? Miller's not good with secrets.
And? He told me to keep my mouth shut, get you talking.
Hopefully, whatever you know can help us find Hennessey's killer.
All I got's a riddle.
Maybe I can answer it.
First, I want to know what Hennessey was working on.
Routine Intel gathering.
Nothing with a clock.
Routine Intel gathering? That why they assigned you to this? No one assigned me.
I asked.
Hennessey was my friend, too.
Okay, so we both want the same thing.
- Agreed.
- Good.
So, what was Hennessey working on that got him killed? Greer, you can tell me, or I can go over your head.
Hennessey was one of a dozen key agents at work right now in a dozen different countries.
- You knew Anderson, Glenn Anderson? - Yeah.
We were down range together in the sandbox in '03.
But wait a minute, you said "knew.
" What are you talking about? Well, ten days ago in Jakarta, he drove his car off the road.
Killed instantly.
Why do you think it wasn't an accident? Anderson in Jakarta, Stanton in Bangkok, Burke in Korea, Brubaker in Hong Kong.
Now Hennessey in Hawaii.
Five top agents dead in three months.
Despite your theory on Hennessey, so far, not a shred of evidence to the contrary.
- All accidental deaths.
- No.
No, it's impossible.
Of course.
Meanwhile, our whole Pacific Operation is caving in on us.
Well, wait a minute, the CIA has to have some lead, a theory at least.
- We do.
And if you quote me, I'll deny it.
Of course.
It's got to be from the inside out.
Are you telling me there's a mole inside the CIA? Who is it? When you find out, tell me.
JERRY: "Cocoon.
" It's the only complete word in all the charred pieces from Hennessey's place.
The rest are just fragments.
" What are those two swoops before the "A"? Those fragmented symbols occur over and over throughout the other remains.
The lab has yet to crack them.
However, they were able to find this.
" Okay, that's legible.
That's clearly the end of a word.
Yeah, the "R-U-S" ending appears a number of times in the remaining pages.
Okay, so we need to find the missing piece that connects the two.
Okay, they couldn't find the exact segment, but the lab ran a scan of the remaining pieces, and recovered this.
And when you slide them together STEVE: What is that? It spells "Arcturus.
" - What is Arcturus? - It's the name of a star.
- A star? GROVER: Okay.
So, now we got two words: cocoon and Arcturus.
And a Chinese spy who broke into your friend Hennessey's place so that we wouldn't find them.
May be some kind of cipher.
STEVE: I don't know, these were in Hennessey's private notes.
- I doubt he coded anything.
- Hey, guys, I just heard from HPD, and they found Hennessey's car.
It was towed into impound after sitting abandoned along the Sand Island Parkway.
That's nowhere near where the body was found.
STEVE: Hold on now.
Hennessey may have been surveilling something out there.
Junior, what's the closest pier to where they found Hennessey's car? Uh, I think it was Pier 10.
That's a commercial pier.
Jerry, what if these swoops are S's? S.
It's a ship.
Oh I got it.
Arcturus right there.
STEVE: All right, all right.
Let me get in here.
She's, uh She's sitting pretty low in the water.
Fuel tank's probably filled with gas.
Yeah, and what else? Huh.
Hennessey was surveilling this boat for a reason, Danny.
Whatever is going through your head right now, I just want you to know it's a bad idea.
- I got to get on that boat.
- Right.
It's a bad idea, okay? And even if it was a good idea, what are you gonna do? You gonna swim? You gonna swim over there? You gonna SEAL your way on to a-a boat registered to a foreign country? STEVE: Younger me would.
Older me has an easier way.
(motor revving) Hold up.
(whistle blows) (liquid dripping) (dripping continues) (creaking) (camera clicking) (door opens) KRAY: Commander McGarrett? - Yes, sir.
- Detective Williams? Jonathan Kray, Chief of Pacific Operations and Counterintelligence.
Good to meet you.
You got our enemies running scared, Commander.
Uh, I don't follow.
After you took down that Russian spy ring, the Chinese have been circling the wagons.
We believe Hennessey and some of his associates were identified by a mole inside the CIA, then interrogated and murdered by a rogue faction of China's Ministry of State Security to see what we know.
So this is my fault.
- Not at all.
- Your task force did its job.
We failed at ours by not protecting our people.
That evidence your medical examiner found What are you talking about, the gutta-percha? That's right.
We found traces of it in all the other autopsies, and confirmed that the S.
Arcturus was in every port at the time of death.
So we have to assume that this thing you found in the hold, this cocoon, is some kind of sensory depravation tank being used to get inside our agents' heads and reveal our counterintelligence investigation.
The man you found in Hennessey's apartment might be able to help us.
STEVE: Yeah, no, he's, uh he's-he's dead, actually.
That's exactly the reason why he's gonna be useful.
TANI: Okay, let me get this straight.
So your new spy friend Kray is gonna leak information that McGarrett found a bunch of incriminating information at Hennessey's apartment.
Then McGarrett's gonna allow himself to get captured, and interrogated, and download a whole bunch of misinformation.
- Correct.
- That will then do what exactly? Well, for a start, it'll expose their communication channels.
All right? The people who were behind Hennessey's murder were convinced that he was about to expose their entire counterintelligence.
Their whole network of spies working within the United States.
We are gonna feed them false Intel about our own counterintelligence.
Like what? Like Hennessey was a liaison for a bunch of double agents.
Identities only he knew.
But Kray's gonna let it be known that you have this information as well.
And if the guys on that ship buy it, we have eyes and ears on their entire operation.
So it's basically malware.
- (quietly): Show off.
- Basically, we're gonna open a back door to their network.
And when they start using this Intel, monitoring comms channels, using code names, we can trace it back to anybody who logs onto that network.
They think they're watching us, but we're watching them.
And when the time comes, we shut them down.
Like Spy vs.
I like it.
All right.
Yeah, I-I don't like it.
TANI: But, boss, i-if they put Hennessey in that tank before they killed him, doesn't that mean that he gave them what they wanted? If that was the case, why would they send somebody to Hennessey's apartment to search the place after he was killed? Okay, well, I get it, but if you're gonna let yourself get brainwashed, how do you know for sure that's all you're going to give them? TANI: Okay, hold on, 'cause that's where you lose me.
Brainwashing? That's science fiction, right? It's science fact.
Jer, no offense, I'm just saying what everyone here is thinking but you.
Patty Hearst, the people who followed Manson, MKUltra.
The CIA's been conducting mind control experiments since the 1950s.
Live under a rock if you want to.
Junior, to answer your question, right? This information I got to memorize is gonna be fresh in my head.
So theoretically, it should be the first Intel I offer up.
I'm worried you're gonna come back and kill one of us.
What? No one saw The Manchurian Candidate? I-I'm sure I'm gonna be fine.
No, y-you're not gonna be fine.
You're doing something really stupid so something really bad might happen.
Just relax, please.
One suggestion: what about Agent Miller and Greer? And the CIA? Shouldn't they be doing this? I mean, this is about their agents.
There's a leak in the agency right now, which means nobody outside of this room can know what we're about to do.
(sighs) I'm telling you guys, it's gonna work, all right? I just need 24 hours.
All right.
Junior and I are in position.
All right.
I got eyes on Steve.
Everybody set? I got eyes on him, too.
Ortega here.
I got the dock covered.
HPD's set up around the perimeter.
All right.
Good, Jerry.
Stand by.
JERRY: Guys? I just wanted to say thanks for letting me come tonight.
Yeah, well, you wanted more fieldwork, Jerry.
Here you are.
Let's just hope this thing goes according to plan, otherwise everybody's gonna consider you bad luck.
(grunts) Commander McGarrett.
Pleasure to finally meet.
You? (panting) Everything you know.
Everything, from the time you learned two and two make four, you're gonna tell me.
You're wasting your time.
I know this man, believe me.
If he found something in Hennessey's apartment, he's not gonna tell us.
Hey, you know something, fruitcake? You should listen to the lady.
I'm not gonna tell you anything.
I disagree, Commander.
You see, the brain is like a computer.
And your computer has been receiving data from the moment you were born.
Perhaps even sooner.
Sound, smell, touch, temperature, change, pain, pleasure, all input, all sorted.
But what would happen if, for the very first time in your life, all that sensory input, all those wonderful messages to the brain were shut off? Completely shut off.
There will be no messages in there.
The amount of time varies with each individual, but eventually, a starved computer panics.
After that, it's just a matter of minutes.
The brain blanks, washes out.
And what was once a human being is now a vegetable.
A very compliant vegetable, at that.
And so I have it removed from the vat, I ask it questions.
It answers.
Prep him.
Tell me why.
At this point, does it really matter? All right, now, settle down, now, settle down, Danny.
Pace yourself, man.
It's gonna be a long night.
(sputters) Hey.
I feel you, man.
That's my brother in there, too, you know.
It's been almost six hours.
He hasn't made a sound.
He could be dead.
Not this man.
He's different than most.
(monitor beeping rapidly) TECHNICIAN: He's hallucinating.
(Steve panting) Get him out.
Commander McGarrett, are you ready to talk? (breathing shakily) What? Nothing.
I just want this to be over with.
(sighs) Yeah, I know the feeling.
(snaps fingers) What did you find in Agent Hennessey's apartment? A book.
And did this book have names in it? Yes.
I want the names of all the agents that Hennessey listed in this book.
Will you give them to me? Yes.
Guys, I got movement.
All right, here we go, people.
Who is that? It's Greer.
I'll be a s She's playing both sides.
Double agent.
- Come on, come on.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Dan, come on now.
That ain't the plan.
If she's got McGarrett's Intel, we have to let her go.
I know, I know.
Steve trusted her.
Yeah, I feel you, but we taking down the whole hive, not just the queen bee.
(phone beeps) Get your men out here.
Have them search the perimeter now.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
Something's going down, guys.
Be aware.
(men shouting) Oh, hell, I think we've been made.
Party time.
Make it hot, baby.
(sirens wailing) (gunfire) We're pinned.
I got an idea.
Come on, follow me.
(man grunts) (man grunts) Tell the captain to shove off.
Let's get around to the other side of the reef, dump him.
Find him! Cover me! (grunting) Move out! Damn it.
I'm out! Hey! (grunting) (tires screech) Jerry, sushi on me for a month.
Stay in the car.
(gunshot) Steve.
(gasping, coughing) Come on.
(coughs) Hey, hey.
You okay? You okay? Look at me.
Look at me, look at me.
You all right? What's my name, huh? What's my name? - Danny.
- Good, good.
How long have we known each other? 50 years.
50 that's not funny.
Feels like 50 years.
That's not funny.
I'm trying to be serious here.
Okay? It's gonna take more than a little brain scrub to make me forget you, pal, okay? Mm-hmm.
What-what is that, what is that supposed to mean? - Nothing.
- Nothing? No.
Sarcasm is not "nothing.
" It's actually Greek for "tearing flesh.
" Not being sarcastic.
You're not being genuine.
You certainly didn't say it with any sort of affection towards me.
- I got an idea.
- Okay.
Why don't you throw me back in there until I actually do forget you.
Why don't I let you drown next time? How about that? (exhales) Hey.
Thank you.
- Come on, I - You're welcome, you're welcome.
- You look ridiculous, by the way.
- Yeah.
It was Greer.
Yeah, we know.
She get away? Yeah, and she left in a hurry.
Which means she took the bait.
Right? Unless her whole mind control experiment failed miserably and we just let an agent suspected of treason walk.
Well, I hope this ridiculous plan of yours works.
It will.

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