Hawaii Five-0 s09e10 Episode Script

Pio Ke Kukui Po'ele Ka Hale (When the Light Goes Out, the House Is Dark)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O JOE: How's that water, tadpoles? That toasty enough for you? ALL: Hoo-yah! JOE: A Navy SEAL is a man.
A man who will lay down his life.
A man who will persevere in the face of adversity.
There was a time when Joe White could've given up on me, and he didn't.
There's 20 of them and two of us.
We're gonna be dead in a couple of minutes.
We're not dying today, son.
STEVE: And if he's in that compound, there's no way I'm about to start giving up on him.
Let's go home, Joe.
Are you telling me there's a mole inside the CIA? - Who is that? DANNY: That's Agent Greer.
The last time I saw you, you asked me why I did it.
Well, here's my answer: why not? Do you remember Marrakech, Steve? I always worried our enemies would know it was us and retaliate.
You know as well as I do, we were just following orders.
That won't matter to the people who want answers.
Whoo-ooh-ooh One foot in front of the other Aw, man, I almost had that! No, you didn't.
You have T.
Rex arms.
Yeah? Then how'd I tie the game up, genius? Okay, settle down, nutjobs.
(phone ringing) Score's nine-nine.
For the win.
Hey, Mark.
Phone for you.
- Who is it? - They didn't say, hon.
(children's laughter) Yeah, who is this? JOE: Mark, it's Joe White.
I need you to grab your go bag and get your family to safety.
- Joe, what's going on? - Brewster and Linehan are dead.
- I've already talked to Cole.
- What about McGarrett? He's my next call.
After you get your family squared away, you call me from a secure line.
Yes, sir.
(silenced gunshots) (children laughing, shouting) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x10 Pio Ke Kukui Po'ele Ka Hale font color="#FF80 Oh, Saturday sun No ray of sunlight's ever lost Ba-Ba, Ba, Ba-Ba-Ba Oh, Saturday sun Ba-Ba, Ba, Ba-Ba-Ba Oh, Saturday sun (phone ringing) Ba-Ba, Ba, Ba-Ba.
(silenced gunshots) (grunting) (silenced gunshot) (yells) (winces) (screams) (straining) (silenced gunshots) (groans) (dialing) JOE: Where the hell've you been? Hi, Joe.
- You're in danger.
- Thanks, buddy.
I just figured that out.
I take it someone just paid you a visit.
- Did you put him down? - Nope.
You want to tell me what the hell's going on? Someone's trying to take out the Morocco team.
They're using professional hitters to do it.
Brewster, Linehan, and Howard are dead.
You got a plan, Joe? I'm gonna get on a plane, I'm coming to you.
We're gonna get to safety, regroup.
Figure out our next move.
Or we can use this situation to our advantage right now.
Strike while the iron's hot.
While they're not suspecting it, we hit 'em hard.
Sounds like you already have a plan.
I might.
I got to make a phone call.
(exhales) TANI: Oh, my God.
How, how are you even still alive? Most of that blood's not mine.
I can't believe I wasn't here for you.
This guy was a pro, man.
He knew what he was doing.
It wouldn't have made a difference.
He knew when, he knew when I was gonna be alone.
I got a question: why haven't we looped HPD in on this? TANI: Right.
I mean Th-there's a contract killer loose on Oahu, he's bleeding like a stuck pig.
We should-- shouldn't we get a description out? - We should be canvassing.
ADAM: Yeah, I'll get CSU over here.
- Maybe they can get a match on this blood.
- Adam.
No, Adam, Adam.
I know why I was targeted.
This is blowback from an operation that I was on back in 2002.
I was part of a six-man SEAL team; we went into Morocco, we took out a high-value target.
Over the last 24 hours, three of my team have been assassinated.
Myself, Joe White, and another SEAL by the name of Cole are the last men standing.
So you know who's behind this? Because if you do, why are we sitting around here, talking about this instead of going out there, going after these people, and shutting 'em down, like, fast.
Like, right now.
It's not that simple.
The man we killed headed up an entire terrorist network.
There could be hundreds, probably more like thousands of people looking for revenge behind this.
We got to draw them out.
But the only way we can do that is if they believe we're vulnerable.
So that's why you didn't want to involve HPD.
It's got to be quiet.
It has to be off the books.
Yes, I need your help.
Please stop talking to us like we're a bunch of strangers.
You need some help, you know you got it.
Just tell us what you need.
Your first crime scene's in the kitchen.
I need an ID on the guy who tried to take pieces off me.
Right, you got a gun for ballistics, his blood on the floor.
Right, he left a lot of blood.
I can get Noelani to run this.
I'll make sure she gives the results directly to us.
Hey, should I call Danny? Let him know what's going on? Please, don't do that.
Okay, he's on the mainland, he's-he's touring colleges with Grace.
He gets a whiff of this, he's gonna be on the first plane back here.
We don't need that.
All right-- oh, hey.
One more thing.
While we're out here looking for your new best friend, what's your move? Because I-I know how you get down.
It ain't gonna be you go underground and-and the Navy is gonna stash you someplace, so what are you gonna do? Joe and I got a plan.
JUNIOR: If SEALs are involved, I'm coming with you.
I need you to trust me.
All right? Okay.
STEVE: Thank you.
It's just me and Joe on this one.
You want to avenge team guys, you do it from here.
And don't come looking for me.
You're not gonna find me.
Copy that.
Thank you, brother.
One question.
- SEAL identities are classified.
- Correct.
Especially on HVT ops.
Which means someone with clearance had to leak those names.
I'm pretty sure I know who it was.
(lock buzzes) I'll admit, you look well for a dead man.
Yeah, but I'm not dead.
Not yet.
JUNIOR: Kieren Brewster in Kansas City, John Linehan outside of Chicago, Mark Howard, Torrance, California.
No evidence, no witnesses, no nothing.
Simultaneous, coordinated hits on ex-Navy SEALs.
That takes an extraordinary amount of expertise to pull off.
Guys, Noelani just got a DNA hit on McGarrett's attacker.
Check it out.
Meet Kasper Bauer.
- German national.
- Yeah.
That is right.
Also ex-military.
He's currently on an Interpol watch list due to his penchant for robbing banks and also committing the occasional murder for hire.
- Okay, well, if this guy got on the island, safe money says he's traveling under an assumed name.
All right, we can't let him leave Oahu.
I'm gonna call the TSA.
I'm gonna set an alert for ports and airports.
Yeah, and we're gonna reach out to every island pharmacy.
McGarrett cut this guy up pretty good.
And since Bauer's a wanted man with military training There's no way in the world he's gonna show his face at a hospital.
- Good thinking.
I know it was you.
I know it was you who leaked the names of the men on my team, in Morocco.
It had to be you.
Nobody else knew about it.
It was a black op.
It was off the books.
Well, that's one way of putting it.
The other way would be to say "it was illegal.
" We were soldiers following orders that were handed down by you.
You are such a good boy, Steve.
Always doing the right thing.
But, you know, you did come all this way to see me.
So I guess, for old time's sake, we can be honest with each other.
Let's say I did what you say.
You can't outrun these people forever.
Who can't I outrun? W-Who paid for these hits? Someone with money who doesn't like you, Steve.
Well, they didn't get what they paid for, did they? Look, I'm sitting right in front of you.
I'm fine.
Cole's fine.
Three down, two to go.
Me, Joe White, Cole.
Joe White? He died in an air strike.
What are you talking about? Joe White's alive and well.
I personally pulled him out of that cage before the missile hit that building.
All I can tell you is these people are rich, motivated and relentless.
So, you and Cole and Joe should enjoy the time you have.
Was that all, Steve? I'd like to go back to my cell now, if you don't mind.
Yep, that's all.
Yeah, except, unfortunately, you won't be going back to your cell because I made a call on the way here, spoke to the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and he and I both agree that you should be moved somewhere much less comfortable.
I know, it's crazy.
I didn't think your accommodations could get any worse, either, but who knew? Give Joe my regards.
(lock buzzes) Wow.
That good, huh? You talk to the warden? Yeah.
They're bringing Kojima down from Unit 3, but not without plenty of red tape.
- I'll talk with him as soon as I can.
- All right.
If he's as connected in here as you say he is, we should be able to find out who Greer's talking to on the outside.
Guy's been here 29 years.
Anything going on, he knows about it.
I appreciate this, you know? Well, hey, don't thank me yet.
All right? Kojima owes a favor to my father, not to me.
Here's hoping it's transferable.
(quietly): I understand.
Hey, Steve? What? You're really not gonna tell us where you're going? Good luck with the old man.
(sighs) (lock buzzes) She take the bait? Yeah.
Yeah, now that she knows you're alive, it's only a matter of time before, uh, she gets the word out and they figure out where we're headed.
There's a lone ponderosa pine just west of my land.
It's a thing of beauty.
They say it's one of the oldest trees in the state.
You sure no one at Five-O knows about the ranch? No one knows, Joe.
Not even Danny.
I don't want them rolling up playing hero.
I know you gave very clear instructions, but knowing them, we better power down the phones so they can't track us.
- Joe Plane's fueled up, the airstrip's 20 minutes away.
It pays to have friends in the Agency.
Come on, the clock is ticking on our head start.
What are we waiting for? You sent Cole into the wind until this is all over, right? - And? - Yeah.
Why don't you join him, Joe? I mean, you've been in the shadows for a year and a half.
Why don't you stay there? Now, where is this coming from, son? The plan makes sense.
Your plan.
Within the hour, hostiles will be headed for the ranch.
You don't have to be there.
You don't have to be there, Joe.
I got this.
Steve, this hit could come within three hours, three months, three years.
I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder.
And I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you have all the fun.
Drop it! Drop that needle right now, get 'em up! Get your hands up, get 'em up.
TANI, Junior, I found our German friend in the gas station bathroom.
TANI: Copy.
On our way.
You got any weapons on you? No.
Talked to the pharmacy where you got your little supplies.
Figured you'd be someplace close where you could do your little doctor act.
Yeah, must be my lucky day, finding you like this.
Maybe I ought to get online, bet a little something on the Bears.
What you think? Take me to a hospital.
You must.
You're police.
The only thing I must do is stay black and die.
And no, I'm not the police, I'm Five-O.
And the guy you tried to kill-- my friend-- also Five-O.
So if there's any place I must take you, it's wherever I damn well please, and you better believe it ain't gonna be a hospital.
Who lives there? Graham Dexter and his fourth wife.
STEVE: And you're half a mile up the road? They're gonna be a little close to the action.
Don't you think, Joe? Yeah, which is why I packed them off to Missoula while this goes down.
You make up an excuse? He's ex-Army.
I didn't have to.
What's with the car? You didn't put this place on Airbnb, did you, Joe? I don't know what that is, so no.
(water running) (water stops) (door closes) Hey! Whoa-- don't shoot.
What are you, nuts? (chuckles): Hey, man.
What are you doing here? I almost shot you in the face.
Where else would I be? You think I'm gonna let you jokers face these guys on your own? STEVE: How'd you get here? Buddy's a pilot.
He flew me out, rented that wreck at the airport.
Cole, you shouldn't have come.
Well, let's-let's see if you still feel that way after you check out the toys I brought.
Who's your daddy? Yeah! (soft laughter) Not bad.
Now let me show you something.
Damn, Joe.
Where'd you get all this? JOE: Chain of custody is an inexact science.
If we, uh, if we can't take these guys, it's not gonna be for lack of firepower.
Well, we don't even know how many are coming, or if they'll even show at all.
No, they're hired guns.
They want to get paid? They'll show.
We don't know how much time it's gonna take them to get here, so we'd better prep like there's no time at all.
Be honest with me, what do you give our odds, about 50/50? That's one thing I always liked about you, Cole.
You're an optimist.
How's it look? Festive.
Word came down.
The order stands.
JOE: The order was for an op in a compound that was empty of everyone but Kamal Hassan and his guards.
They're still in there.
STEVE: Yeah, along with 25 women and children.
Yes, because we don't control the weather, not yet.
So some kid cousin's birthday party got rained out and moved to the covered courtyard.
Not ideal, but not a deal breaker.
Can I have a word? We can execute the mission; that doesn't mean we should.
Taking out a known terrorist is one thing.
Risking civilian lives is another.
Hell, we're breaking all kinds of laws just being here.
We're not at war with this country.
We're at war with anyone who harbors terrorists.
It's not just the insurgents Hassan is backing in Afghanistan.
Fresh Intel has him planning a major attack on U.
interests overseas.
We need him gone, and all those materials in that compound rolled up.
This is happening.
STEVE: Maybe Joe's right.
We-we just take a minute.
Right? Wait for a clearer shot? MARK: Yeah, if we ever get one.
Hassan hasn't surfaced in years.
We lose him tonight, we could lose him forever.
We got to do what we got to do.
We're going in.
Wall Street yahoos, right? And they drive up, they charter the boat, except they don't want to fish.
- Yeah? - No, they just want to get wasted and post pictures of themselves with the rods.
(chuckles) I bet their checks don't bounce.
Oh, you're telling me.
They fund my entire lifestyle.
And what kind of lifestyle is that? What, are you kidding? Rhode Island's most eligible bachelor, the Titan of Thirsty Thursdays, the Lion of Ladies' Night.
Steve, give me a hand.
You got it.
Hey, Lion? (chuckles): Whatever you call yourself, you mind laying those Claymores, please? On it.
It's been four hours since Greer could've got the word out.
They could be arriving any time.
Yeah, as soon as we put the 240 together and Cole finishes setting a perimeter, he's gonna take sniper Overwatch.
JOE: All the teams I worked with, he's still the best shot I ever saw.
That's high praise, coming from you.
I know I told him to disappear, but honestly, I'm glad he showed.
And I'm glad I let you come.
Did you just say let me come? This was my plan.
I brought you in.
What are you talking about? You brought me to my ranch? This is my own ranch, Steve.
That's a fair point.
Now do me a favor before I drop this on your foot.
Go get the cotter pins out of my bag in the armory.
All right.
Yo, side pocket? JOE: Yeah.
What happened? You get lost? No.
(grunts) KOJIMA: I was wondering who my mystery visitor would be.
I could have guessed a thousand names, followed by a thousand more, before landing on the son of Hiro Noshimuri.
My father died before he could collect on that favor you owed him.
I need that favor today.
This must be about the woman in the special wing.
- She's CIA.
- Was.
We know she has a channel to the outside.
I need a name.
And you think I can provide it.
Well, from what I hear, there's very little in this prison that you don't provide.
Such a reputation is built on nurturing relationships, not torching them.
Well, my hope is that your friendship with my father carries the day.
He has my respect.
But he was not my friend.
Even better.
Spoken like a true Noshimuri.
The name.
And you'll go to your grave with one less debt unpaid.
There's a guard.
Kyle Cooper.
He was her back channel.
Thank you, Mr.
So it's true? You really are working with Five-O now? That's right.
If he could see you now.
(chuckles) (lock buzzes) Hey, I need to speak to a guard named Kyle Cooper right now.
Right away.
(sighs) (computer beeps) Looks like he just took an inmate off-site for emergency medical care.
Let me guess, the prisoner's name is Greer? Good guess.
Gate open.
You're gonna want to call your supervisor.
Right away, sir.
Yeah, good.
What's her name? Zahra.
Okay, Zahra.
Thank you.
Love in the sunset years of your life.
Who would have thought? Where'd you meet her? - Nairobi, where I've been living.
- Uh-huh.
She a civilian? (sighs heavily) Pediatrician.
Are these questions going to come to an end eventually? How did you get a beautiful doctor to be with you? - Your guess is good as mine.
- Uh-huh.
Well, I'm happy for you.
Why Nairobi, though? Why'd you land there? Good people, strong coffee.
Figured I'd spend some time there when I hung it up.
You haven't been contracting, huh? No.
A year as a prisoner on a dirty cot gives you a lot of time to reflect on losing a step.
Plenty of sleepless nights to realize that it's a younger man's game.
Good to go.
Time for Cole to take Overwatch.
Ooh, that's a big gun.
You still remember how to hit with that thing, Cole? I'll tell you what, when I'm in position, hang your ass out the window and we'll see.
Comm check.
Good check.
All good.
COLE: Just like old times.
JOE: Hoo-yah! Get 'em, buddy.
Steve, don't wait.
What? Don't wait as long as I did to find someone.
I sat out too long.
I don't want that to happen to you.
COLE: I hate to interrupt, gentlemen, but I'm fairly sure our company has arrived.
No visual.
What's their position? I have it.
And we have you.
- We'll cover.
- All right.
On three, two one! (gunfire) Got him.
How's the cover? Pushing back.
JOE: Stay low.
(cries out) Cole's hit! (gunfire) (cries out) I'm going out there.
I'll cover.
Go, go, go.
(groaning) JOE: Steve.
Steve! (echoing): Cole.
(grunts) Cole! We lost him.
We gonna bring him home, Joe? And we're gonna scatter his ashes on Narragansett Bay, like he would want.
Now move your ass! Moving.
All right, thanks, buddy.
Keep me updated.
Okay, so Adam's working with the FBI, CHP and state police to track down Greer.
Right now, they're blanketing the region of Victorville.
That's one heavy blanket.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
How's our friend enjoying rendition? He is not.
But he's getting a pretty good idea about how life's gonna be for him in solitary.
Well, speaking of prison, I looked into that scumbag guard Cooper.
It looks like he was recently given 100K from a shell corporation in Denmark.
I like it.
Well, it gets better.
That same shell also paid Bauer, McGarrett's kitchen attacker, and the account was not under his name, but I was able to link it to his social security number.
Okay, now I love it.
Okay, so it's gonna take a minute to find out who is behind the shell corporation, but we're closer to ID'ing who hired the guns.
Good work Okay, well, hold on, gentlemen, hold your horses.
I'm not done yet.
I did find one more thing in Bauer's financials.
There is a woman listed on the account with him.
Now, Bauer has zero online presence.
The guy is a ghost.
But this woman, she has a private social media page with a very public profile picture.
TANI, send this picture to my phone.
This silent act of his is over now.
I'm gonna have him singing.
Joon, come on.
(lock buzzes) (lock buzzes) GROVER: Look at that little fella.
(chuckles): He looks so happy.
Yeah, smiling in the park with his mom.
But you know what I think? He'd have been even happier (German accent): with his papa.
(sighs) I know exactly what you're going through, man, in your head right now.
I got a boy of my own.
Not a decent father in the world doesn't have a soft spot in his heart for his son.
Even if he can't really, you know, put it into words.
Tell you what there, Papa.
I got a proposition for you.
You're going to prison, you know.
You ain't getting out of that.
But what if I was to tell you that I would do everything in my power to make sure that you do your bid in Deutschland, instead of here in these United States? At least then you could see your little boy.
I tell you, that's some good-looking kid.
I'm sorry, man.
I owe you an apology.
I've been very rude.
I'm here talking about your son, I haven't even asked you his name.
What do you call him? I don't know who paid for this.
I only know the lawyer.
What lawyer? In Copenhagen.
The contact person who set everything up.
He was the only one I spoke to.
What's his name? Thomsen.
Gregers Thomsen.
Four down, seven left.
(cries out) Make that six.
Remote's down.
And I got to reload.
I got to hit this cap to get it to go.
(cries out) Five.
They're all past the mines now, Joe.
We got five coming in the front.
Let's see if I can cut that number.
Joe? RPG! RPG! Incoming! (cries out) (grunts) (grunts) I got two left.
One incoming from the north side.
(groans) Oh! (groans) Joe, you hit? It's nothing.
All right.
Move it.
(grunting) (panting) How bad is it? Through-and-through? No, but I've seen worse.
Keep the pressure on it, Joe.
All right? You'll be all right.
(phone dialing) Lou.
GROVER: Thank God.
Where the hell are you? Bitterroot Valley, Montana.
I just dropped you a pin.
Listen, Joe's hurt.
I need a medevac out here right now.
I'm on it.
Look, Steve, I'm just gonna give it to you straight.
- Greer escaped.
- What? Adam's with the California authorities now, they're trying to find her.
In the meantime, we have some good news.
We found your hitter from this morning.
He gave us the name of a lawyer from Denmark who set everything up for his very rich client.
Couple minutes before you called, we ID'd that client.
His name is Omar Hassan.
STEVE: Target is down, I repeat: target and guards are down.
Oh, oh, oh! Whoa-whoa, whoa! Omar.
(softly): Omar.
Omar Hassan is the son of the high-value target we took out on that operation in Rabat, 2002.
He was about ten years old then.
TANI: Well, 16 years later, he runs a very successful shipping company in Copenhagen.
The guy doesn't have any ties to terrorist groups, he doesn't fund a single radical cause - Got a cause of his own.
If I could go back, same hallway, same kid, same gun, I'd make the same call.
- What do you got? - Medevac is 90 minutes out.
Copy that.
I'll call you back.
Where's the nearest clinic? I'll drive 130 if I have to.
(exhales) Cars are all shot to hell.
I was afraid of that.
- We have another play.
- What's that? Another one of my neighbors, three miles across the valley, guy's a retired surgeon.
STEVE: Oh, yeah? How we gonna get there? JOE: If my memory serves, we drove right past some perfectly good horses.
I don't think Dexter would mind if we took a couple out for a spin.
- You rode plenty in Afghanistan.
- Say no more.
JOE: I'll give the old sawbones a call.
Tell him we're on our way.
STEVE: Yeah, and listen, you call Junior, too, all right? You have him reroute that medevac to the doctor's ranch.
JOE: Copy.
(breathing heavily) Stop.
- What? - I said stop.
Whoa! (panting): We're here.
What do you mean, we're here? We're here, I said.
(groans) Here, where? What are you? Joe, the doctor's ranch has got to be at least two miles away.
(both panting) Hey, I'm talking to you.
I'm sorry.
(exhales) Damn it, Joe, no.
No, Joe, no.
There's no doctor, is there? You didn't make any calls, did you? I made one.
- I called off the medevac.
- No! What's the matter with you?! Get back on the horse.
- Come on.
- No, it's-it's useless, Steve.
What are you talking about? What, are you gonna give up? That's not you.
It's not what you do.
That's not us.
Okay, you know what? You-you know what? S-Steve I'm gonna get that medevac back in the air, okay? You're not gonna fight, I'll fight.
All right? I'll fight! No, I'm not gonna use those resources when it's useless for me.
Stop saying it, Joe.
Don't say it.
Steve, Steve (groans) My liver is hit.
Bullet's still in there raising holy hell.
(groans) Joe? Joe.
Joe, Joe.
Joe, look at me.
Look at me, look at me.
Please get back on the horse.
Okay? Please.
I-I mean, it's There's got to be somewhere we can ride; I mean, let's go now.
- We'll go now.
- No, it's all right, Steve.
I didn't want to lie to you.
But I wanted to see this place again.
You gonna give me a hand or what? (both panting) Come here.
(grunts) Come here.
STEVE (softly): Good job.
Oh, I got you.
I got you, Joe.
All right.
(both panting) Yeah.
(sighs) (groans, sighs) (grunts) There's something I never thanked you for.
Joe, I never thanked - There's something - Yeah? I never thanked you for Carlsbad.
Carlsbad? What are you talking about? My first week in military school, when I stole that car.
Why would you go and do-do a dumbass thing like that? Well, gee.
I don't know.
I thought my mother was dead, my father just shipped me off like I was a parcel.
I don't know, I just I wanted to get the hell out of there, get back to Hawaii any way I could.
STEVE: You know? A 16-year-old kid gets pulled over in a stolen car, you don't-- That doesn't just go away.
You don't just walk away.
I figured somebody made a call.
Pretty sure that was you, right? JOE: Now that you mention it, it does sound familiar.
Your mother had people watching you.
When she got word of the arrest, she reached out to me.
Called in a few favors.
I was-I was happy to do it.
Yeah, well.
That night changed the course of my life, Joe.
If I hadn't have gotten off with that warning, I-I never would have gone on to the SEALs.
To Five-O.
I realized that night that somebody believed in me.
Even though I'd given up believing in myself.
That's it.
That's what I had to thank you for.
Have you lost your mind, son? You've thanked me every day since with the man you've become.
With the work you've done.
Don't you see that Joe, I got you.
I got you.
(grunts) I got you.
I got you.
Listen The way I looked out for you, that's the way that you watch over the people in your life now.
I couldn't be prouder of the man you've become.
We're gonna get him, Joe.
You know that, right? Of that I have no doubt.
I just have one more question, Steve.
Anything, Joe.
Have you ever in your life seen a sunset like that? (sniffles) No, Joe, I I haven't.
No, I haven't, Joe.
(Steve sobbing)
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