Hawaii Five-0 s09e11 Episode Script

Hala I Ke Ala O'i'ole Mai (Gone on The Road From Which There is no Returning)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O JOE: Where the hell have you been? You're in danger.
STEVE: I just figured that out.
JOE: I take it someone just paid you a visit.
Someone's trying to take out the Morocco team.
They're using professional hitters to do it.
STEVE: I know it was you, Greer.
It had to be.
Nobody else knew about it.
It was a black op.
You can't outrun these people forever.
- Who paid for these hits? - Someone who doesn't like you, Steve.
TANI: Good news.
We found your hitter from this morning.
He gave us the name of a lawyer from Denmark who set everything up for his very rich client.
What's his name? We ID'd that client.
His name is Omar Hassan.
Omar Hassan is the son of the high-value target we took out on that operation in Rabat, 2002.
He's about ten years old now.
- Greer escaped.
- What? Adam's with the California authorities now.
They're trying to find her.
JOE: Steve, Steve.
I couldn't be prouder of the man you've become.
We're gonna get him, Joe.
You know that, right? Of that I have no doubt.
(birds chirping) (vehicle approaching) (car door closes) Hey.
Hay is, uh, for horses.
You didn't need to come out here.
Oh, no.
No, I did, you see, because, uh, that's what family does.
That's, uh, that's some real wisdom, Danny.
Well, I g-- I got that from you, you know? When my brother died, you wouldn't leave me alone.
Big pain in the ass, so I'm glad to see you.
So, what do you say? It's been over a month.
Ready to come home now or what? (door opens) (door closes) Uh-huh.
I didn't, ah, you know, I didn't mean to interrupt.
What exactly did you, uh, think you were interrupting? I don't know.
The, uh, grieving process? That's not what this is.
DANNY: Well, I liked it better when I thought you two were playing house.
Who's that? This is Gregers Thomsen.
He's Omar Hassan's lawyer.
If you say so.
I mean, it looks to me like his mother couldn't recognize him.
STEVE: It was Greer who gave up the name of the SEALs on the mission that killed Hassan's father in '02.
(clatters) But it was Gregers here who executed Hassan's plan.
Isn't that right, Gregers? CATHERINE: He hired the hitters who murdered the team.
(quietly): Including Joe.
You're just in time, Danny.
Gregers was, uh, just about to tell us Hassan's location.
Isn't that right? Yeah.
Doesn't-doesn't seem to me like he's gonna talk.
That's okay.
I'm not done with him yet.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x11 Hala I Ke Ala O'i'ole Mai font color="#FF800 I got 175.
Can I get 200? 200, anybody? 200.
200 over there.
How about 225? 225? Anyone? 225? 225, anybody? 2 225.
Bryan, chill.
You got to speculate to accumulate.
Can I get 260? Anyone? 260? 260? I got 250 going once, 250 going twice.
Sold for $250.
Let's save the high-fives until we've seen what the hell we bought.
If we'd paid 20 bucks for this, I'd feel ripped off.
We haven't checked out these boxes yet.
Uh, treasure comes in all shapes and sizes, brother.
Got some books here.
Some stuff DVD collection.
This is more like it.
How much you think we can get for this? - Is it Blu-ray? - No.
Maybe 50 cents? What is it? Dude.
(phone ringing) CUNHA: Medical examiner's office.
This is Dr.
Noelani Cunha speaking.
Noelani? You don't know me, but my name's Bryan Lee.
I got your number from my cousin Sadie Yoshida.
Oh, Yoshy! Yeah, sure.
Um, how can I help you? Me and my brother just bought this storage locker at auction.
We were hoping for something valuable.
Oh, like Storage Wars? Ah, did you guys find anything exciting? Actually, um, I think we found human bones.
I'm texting you a picture now.
(phone chimes) Yeah, I got it.
We didn't want to waste the police's time if this is one of those med school skeletons or, you know, some collector's item? Uh, no, uh, you did the right thing.
Bryan, this is what I need you to do: Text me the address and the locker number and wait for me.
And in the meantime, don't touch anything.
Bryan? Bryan! (line ringing) (phone ringing) Oh, my God.
You, uh, you done? With that? Because, uh, taking in this fresh mountain air is a little difficult with the screaming and crying.
Hassan's in Vientiane, Laos.
Nice, uh, nice work.
So y-you just tell somebody at the CIA, and then-then they do what they got to do, and problem solved, right? Oh, what, what-what are you-- you want to go to Laos-- we-- you want me to go to Laos? Is that what that is? Us-- we are going to Laos.
That uh, it's 10,000 miles away, and I assume that this guy has, like, a real security team, like a, a good one, right? And-and there's three of us, and I don't even have a passport, so I can't go.
Oh, no, we're not flying commercial.
No, there's gonna be more than three of us.
Thanks for coming.
Hoo-yah? Hoo-yah.
- Lieutenant Rollins.
- Junior.
Look, this mission is gonna get down and dirty.
So, uh, no more of this Ms.
Rollins-ing me one more second, okay? - All right.
- All right.
Copy that.
Catherine? - There you go.
- Yeah.
What up, man? This isn't even a starting five.
We couldn't enter a basketball tournament with this sorry bunch.
STEVE: Here comes your power forward.
DANNY: Wade Gutches? Seriously? He's the AARP poster boy.
Maybe he retired a while back, but that guy's still got game.
(grunts) STEVE: Gutch.
(exhales) Good to see you, man.
Likewise, buddy.
Thanks for coming, man.
Get in here.
(grunts) Thanks for showing up.
We appreciate it.
Good to see you, Gutch.
- Long time no see.
- Yeah, man.
Junior Reigns, I'd like you to meet somebody.
This is one of Joe's old friends, Commander Wade Gutches.
Nice to meet you, Junior.
Actually, I already know you by reputation, sir.
- Yeah? - Junior was in the teams - until recently.
- He's, uh, he's now a part of Five-O.
Well, you sure landed on your feet there, son.
STEVE: Hey, Gutch, talk to you for a minute? All due respect, it's been a minute for you.
I just, uh You gonna be okay with all this? Guess we'll find out, won't we? Tell you one thing, what we're doing-- going after the bastard that killed Joe, putting him in the ground-- that's about the only thing that could've pulled me out of retirement.
LUCIA: You people gonna chitchat all day, or do you want to get airborne? Commanders, this bird is fueled up and ready to fly.
Copy that, Lucia.
Thank you.
We'll be right there.
Who is that? That's Frank Bama's daughter.
She's a-- she's a real chip off the old block.
Is that a good thing? STEVE: All right, let's go, guys.
("Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter playing) Look, I know it's hard, but you start worrying about McGarrett and the boys, it's not gonna help the situation one bit.
We all need to focus our energies on something that is actually going to make a difference.
TANI: Right.
Like this case.
GROVER: Damn right.
How's our girl? She didn't know the victims personally, but it's still a lot to deal with.
What do we got here? Well, Noelani gets a call from our vics saying they've just won the contents of this locker at auction and discovered what they believed to be human bones inside.
But, when she gets down here, she finds the two brothers, Bryan and Ben Lee, shot dead and no sign of any bones.
So, clearly, someone wanted to make sure these bones weren't discovered.
And when they were, our perp was willing to drop two bodies to keep his or her secret safe.
All right, well, then, our primary suspect has to be whoever was renting this locker before it was auctioned off.
TANI: Sure, that makes sense, but, you know, if I had a storage unit filled with human remains, I would, uh, put a good effort into making sure that rent was paid.
Sure, you would, but that's why I'm thinking that whoever was renting this locker found out too late it was being auctioned.
So, when they get down here, they got no choice, - they have to improvise.
- Sorry to disappoint, but I ran the name on the contract, and it's an alias.
Rent was prepaid with cash for a year before the money ran out.
All right, so we don't have a name.
But we do have all this stuff inside here.
So let's roll up our sleeves and go through all this junk, because it's the best opportunity - we have at IDing our killer.
- Come on.
But watch out for the blood.
GUTCHES: So we pull this HV out of the field.
The guy's a bomb maker for Al-Qaeda.
This crazy bastard decides he's gonna make a bolt for it.
Throws himself out of the helo.
Splash! Joe just didn't want to see whatever intel this guy might have go to the bottom of the Arabian Gulf.
So he unbuckles and jumps right out after him.
Joe makes his way over to this guy.
By this time, the guy's (fades out) This was the best bad decision I've made in a long time.
- Why was it a bad decision? - It wasn't a bad decision.
It was, um stress relief is what it was, I think.
- (chuckles) Mm.
So it was just therapy, really.
- Yeah.
- Nothing more.
Just two people using each other for their own selfish purposes.
Very selfish purposes.
(laughs) You know, it would be good to have this kind of therapy available to me again if I needed it.
Can I please finish my chow mein? I'm trying to get a little more fuel in the body here.
Yeah, I was talking about the future future.
Go on, Agent Greer.
You know, someone with your experience - would do really well in the Agency.
- In the CIA? I don't think I'm, uh (laughs) I-I ain't CIA material.
Well, you can't be a SEAL forever.
And if you did join, who knows? We could end up being stationed in the same city.
If we were stationed in the same city, we could have very regular therapy, right? Yeah.
You done with those noodles? Yeah, I'm done with these noodles.
LUCIA: Ladies and gentlemen, we're on our final approach, so get ready to cross them and toss them, 'cause according to satellite weather, it's gonna be a bumpy landing.
What? Where'd you just go? I don't know, I'm just, uh I'm just thinking we're doing all this stuff to get this guy, Hassan, and for good reason.
But at the end of the day, I get it I-I totally get it.
I understand why he did what he did.
He's avenging his father's death.
I would have done the same thing.
But he wouldn't have been able to do that if it wasn't for Greer.
Greer's the one who sold out her country, who turned on her people.
We'll find her.
Hassan worked with Greer.
He might be able to tell us what rock she's under.
But if he can't, then we just keep looking.
And we keep looking until.
Okay, we owe Joe that much.
And I'm in this with you until the end.
Okay? ADAM: Okay, so according to Noelani, there were recurring prints on a number of these items.
Same individual, but unfortunately no match in the system.
And then there's this.
These are high school love letters, also found in the storage locker.
All written by the same person approximately 20 years ago.
Apparently, this is how people used to communicate before Instagram and texting.
How did people hook up? I don't know, it seems like a lot of work to me.
Not everything that's new is better, you know.
Here we go.
He's gonna tell us about the good old days.
Actually, I'm with Lou on this one.
I still remember getting love letters in high school.
Of course you do.
Look at you, that face, those dimples.
I'd have been all over that in ninth grade.
I can't tell-- is she messing with me, Lou? Who knows? The point I'm making here is that it took time to compose these letters and then go mail them off.
They meant something, and that's why the guy kept them all these years.
So, you're saying our killer's a romantic at heart? - You want to get back to the case? - All right, well, I read the whole bunch.
Now, our sender only refers to this guy by a nickname: Woody.
Now, there's no addresses on the letters, but judging by their arrangements they made to meet up, it looks like they lived pretty close to each other.
Right, but since none of the letters were saved in their envelopes, we don't have the address of either party.
And then there's this.
So, she never signs off with her name, only this lipstick kiss at the end of it.
- You see? - That's right.
That's what young ladies used to use before emojis.
And I'll tell you something else.
It was a hell of a lot more wholesome than the things that your generation uses now, with the eggplants and peaches.
- Oh, God - I don't even want to know what else.
Okay, all right.
Um, anyway, I, uh, asked Noelani to run the lipstick for DNA.
We got a hit.
Carol Bucklee.
She is in the system, unfortunately, because she died in a car accident five years ago.
I was able to get an address from her records, and it looks like she grew up here: Canton, Ohio.
GROVER: All right, this is good, but we're gonna need a lot more than this if we're gonna catch up with the mysterious Woody.
Wait a minute, pull up the bowling trophy again.
Try a search for "Last Pin bowling alley, Canton, Ohio.
" GROVER: There it is.
If our killer was on a championship team, chances are there's a record somewhere.
I'll reach out and see what I can find.
(woman singing in foreign language) LANGFORD: A word of warning.
The cocktails here are terrible.
I'll just have a beer.
Got any other local tips? As a matter of fact, I have.
I've secured us a conveniently, um, located safe house, identified Hassan's contact in the city, won $150,000 at craps, and, and I met a lovely local woman called Vatsana.
- You have been busy.
- Um What'd you learn about our friend? Pulled a few favors with some friends in the intel community, and I was able to trace an $8 million wire that Hassan made a week ago to Vientiane's Mandarin Club.
It's a, uh, exclusive, members-only establishment.
They have a high roller game room.
It attracts some big hitters.
So, what are you thinking, that transfer was, uh, some kind of money-laundering play? That's right, and I was able to make a few friends, and with their help, worked out exactly how Hassan is accessing his cash.
For the past few evenings, Hassan's runner, a chap named Dimitri, comes in and makes a large withdrawal of chips from the cashier.
About a million at a time.
He then spends about an hour at the table, always losing around 100 grand.
100 grand is ten percent.
It's got to be the vig, right? The club's fee for watching the money.
That was my thinking.
And once he has his money, he doesn't hang around.
Always a rolling-car pickup, decoy vehicles.
A smart operation.
(wand whines) Probably run by someone who used to be Agency.
We assume he's been doing this every night since the money wire.
Tonight could be our last night to track him.
I conveniently overheard him tell the dealer last night that he would be at the club again tonight.
So will we.
All right, well, if Harry's intel is correct, then we know Hassan's runner Dimitri is gonna be at that club tonight at 9:00.
What we don't know is how many more shots we're gonna get at tailing him back to wherever Hassan is.
Which means we got to make tonight count.
This Dimitri is a pro.
He doesn't carry a phone we can track.
Always checking his angles.
I tried tailing him on two previous evenings, and both times he lost me.
Is that because he's very good, or did you lose a step? Hardly.
Dimitri has a tight security detail with him.
They know how to run interference, throw you off a tail.
Even if we run leapfrog surveillance, taking turns to track him, it'll be next to impossible to keep eyes on him.
Well, if we can't rely on maintaining visual contact, why don't we just plant a tracker on him or his car.
We can, but his driver never leaves the vehicle, which they change mid-route anyway, plus he wants the car and Dimitri before they head off, so, um, traditional tracking devices are not going to cut it.
So how are we gonna paint the target? We have to find a way to get this into his drink.
This is a radioactive solution.
Once ingested, we can track him.
Why? Is he gonna glow in the dark? - In a manner of speaking.
- Catherine and I are gonna enter that club at 2000 hours.
We're gonna straight to the high roller table.
Hate to be that girl, but, um, I don't have anything to wear.
I took the liberty of purchasing something suitable earlier today.
Oh, and, um, for the purposes of this operation you two are married.
GUTCHES: Aw isn't that sweet.
Mazel tov.
I do.
What's next? Before you get cleaned up, I need to, uh, brief you on the finer points of baccarat.
("Like Sugar" by Chaka Khan playing) It's like su It's like su It's like sugar, so sweet Okay.
We've hacked into all external street and internal club CCTV.
Good luck, everyone.
And I have to say, Steve, you look absolutely magnificent in my tux.
He's spoken for, cowboy.
Dimitri pulled his chips.
He's at the high roller table.
Copy that.
Good evening.
STEVE: Bonsoir.
- Madame.
You're not gonna wait for the divorce before you take half? Oh, don't be a caveman, darling.
Hey, uh, a vodka martini.
Actually a beer, whatever, local beer, please.
Blanton's, rocks.
Uh, I'm actually gonna have the same thing as him, please.
Thank you.
LANGFORD: You're up, Gutches.
GUTCHES: Copy that.
Right in here, son.
(Steve sighs) CATHERINE: Ouch.
Tough beat.
Hot streak, huh? Target just placed a big bet.
Looks like he wants to close this thing out.
LANGFORD: Everyone stay alert.
He could be about to make a move.
He hasn't touched his drink.
DANNY: I don't want to state the obvious, but he leaves that drink and we got zero chance of following him.
Okay, that's his hundred K limit.
If he follows pattern, he's gonna leave soon.
McGarrett? Catherine? Better do something.
Leaving so soon? Not my night.
I was, um, I was really hoping that we could, um, play a little longer.
Oh, well.
How about a toast, then? To knowing when to walk away.
Have a good evening.
LANGFORD: Nice save, Lieutenant.
Dimitri just cashed in, Steve.
Here we go.
(mouths) (Catherine mouths) Dimitri's convoy is on the move.
We have eyes on you, Steve.
Please tell me that thing is working, or this is gonna be the shortest tail in history.
It's working.
I got him.
We're good.
He's heading for the underpass.
We're gonna lose visual.
It's over to you guys.
Let's hope that thing keeps working.
Still got him.
CATHERINE: Okay, guys.
Dimitri just pulled into the lobby area of the high rise across the street.
Bringing up local street CCTV now.
He's heading for the elevator.
Guy's got quite the fortress, huh? LANGFORD: See if we can find out what floor he's going to.
28th floor.
We just found Hassan.
Tell us what you see in there, please.
We've got loads of cameras, biometric entry system, two armed guards, I could go on.
Well, suffice to say, Hassan has done a bang-up job here.
This place is gonna be one hell of a nut to crack.
So, I finally heard back from Hal Walter, the owner of Last Pin bowling alley in Canton, Ohio.
Thankfully, Mr.
Walter has photos of every past championship team on display at the alley.
Living on a Spare.
2009 club champions.
Hang on.
Look at this guy here on the right.
Check out that ball.
Same exact one we recovered from the locker.
This is our guy.
Alexander Woods.
Well, no prizes for guessing how he got the nickname Woody.
So, our guy Woody goes from bowling in Canton to storing bodies on Oahu.
- He got a local address? ADAM: Not a current one.
According to public records, he was renting an apartment in Waimea until 18 months ago, July 2017.
TANI: That's the same month that the storage unit was originally rented.
I called the landlord, and he says Woods moved without any notice.
Just left an envelope of cash paying off the rest of his lease.
After that, he falls off the grid.
No public records, no utilities in his name, no anything.
Strange but not entirely inconsistent with the behavior of a man who just killed a dude and then kept his bones as a memento.
GROVER: Or maybe we're getting this whole thing wrong.
Nobody ever vanishes, Adam.
Maybe the reason there are no recent records on Alexander Woods is because Alexander Woods is no longer alive.
Ain't life funny? Last week we'd have had to have this conversation in Halawa Prison.
Congratulations on your release.
According to your jacket, you just wrapped a 12-month stint.
A DUI, and as an added cherry, possession of an unlicensed firearm.
I've made mistakes.
But that doesn't give you the right to harass me.
TANI: Harass you? We just want to ask you a couple questions.
What about? Here's what about.
Alexander Woods.
You know, your old partner from the bait and tackle shop on the North Shore.
Well, that was a failing business.
But just when you thought you were about to lose your ass, pow, stroke of luck.
Your partner disappears.
And with him out of the picture, you liquidate all the inventory, you shutter the business, and you actually recoup most of what you put in.
Knowing you, you're probably still holding on to old Alex's share of that money, I mean, you know, in case he comes back.
He's the one that skipped town and left me holding the bag.
That didn't happen.
Yeah, i-in fact, we're a hundred percent certain that you killed Alexander Woods.
(laughs) Then you stuffed his belongings and his body into a storage locker, 'cause you figured who's gonna miss a guy with no family, no local ties? Everybody'd just assume that he skipped town.
But your luck ran out, didn't it? Because a couple months later, you get busted, you get thrown in Halawa and then, all of a sudden, oh, my goodness, you can't pay rent on the storage unit that you rented.
That must have been just so stressful for you, right? Because the body was there.
It could've been discovered.
Yeah, and by the time you get out, that storage locker's up for auction.
So you had to improvise.
You go kill two people and stuff two more dead bodies in that locker.
And then you skedaddle with your old partner's remains.
Because, well, if the police ID those bones, well, that's gonna lead everybody straight to you.
You got any evidence? Ooh, he wants evidence.
Do we have evidence? How about the credit card receipt for that boat you rented that you were out on yesterday afternoon? The GPS from that boat, it tells us that it was actually a short trip, wasn't it? Because you went out, you anchored for 15 minutes, and then you returned it, didn't you? What were you doing? Don't answer.
We know.
You know that the Honolulu Police Department has a dive team? That's right, genius.
And they went diving yesterday and found that bag of bones you dumped in the ocean.
And if that ain't damning enough, inside that bag they found a fragment of the bullet that killed Woods.
The lab is running the ballistics right now.
Here's a question.
Tell me, what are the chances that it matches the unlicensed gun that you were busted for? So long, chump.
(sighs) Is that enough evidence for you? How's it going? If this map is accurate, then we actually have a bunch of options.
Infil and exfil spots.
I mean, and look at this-- we got the whole other side, this entire flank.
No, Steve, I mean, how are you doing? Joe's death is my fault.
Don't do that.
You asked, I'm telling you.
He took a bullet for me, I couldn't save him.
And had it been the other way around, you would have taken that bullet for him.
That's what we do for the people we love.
It was Joe's choice, okay? He wouldn't want you feeling responsible.
But the fact is, if it wasn't for me, he wouldn't be dead.
If I was able to see Greer for the threat that she was, Joe wouldn't be dead, right? But I couldn't see that 'cause I had a blind spot for her.
Cath, there's something you need to know.
Before you and I started dating, - Greer and I - I know.
I know.
What do you know? Years ago, I was at the Pentagon, doing an intel briefing.
(sighs) Lieutenant Rollins.
Listen, just so this isn't awkward, I heard you're dating Commander McGarrett.
And I just want you to know that I am really happy for you.
One (chuckles) piece of advice, though: you might want to temper your expectations.
As much as we all want him to be, he's just not the type to ever settle down.
STEVE: You knew about me and Greer all this time and you never said anything? It was before we started dating.
And I didn't believe anything she said about you anyway.
All right, boys and girls, this thing's a go.
(typing) Okay, hacked the building security system.
I'm in.
Waiting for people to clear.
Recording the video loop.
(laptop beeps) All right, got it.
I'm ready whenever you guys are.
All right, Evel Knievel, go ahead.
Clever, Williams.
Got to make a delivery.
I got to make a delivery.
I got stuff back here.
GUTCHES: All clear.
- Your turn, Rollins.
- Sending the video loop into the security system.
Let's go.
STEVE: Go, go, go.
Everybody go.
STEVE: English? English? Yes, yes.
28, floor 28.
28, 2-8, let's go.
Hands on the wall.
Hands on the wall.
Don't move.
(elevator bell dings) All right, back in a jiff.
Jiffy? We got eight minutes, that's all you got.
Okay? "Jiffy.
" - Hands behind your back.
- Come on.
(groaning) (panting) (device beeps rapidly) (groans) (cries out) (groans) (screams) STEVE: Put your hands behind your head, - interlock your fingers.
- Do it, Commander.
I avenged my father's death and I'm prepared to die.
(grunts) STEVE: You avenged your father's death? 'Cause you murdered five of the six SEALs that were on that raid, but you missed the one.
You missed the one who took the shot that killed your father.
That's right, you didn't know that, did you? Well, that's a juicy piece of irony.
- Go ahead, Catherine.
We got a problem.
You're gonna tell your men to stand down.
And give up the only leverage I have here? I don't think so.
Make the call.
One thing I've learned from my time in Vientiane: never leave home without a backup plan.
(phone beeps) Vatsana.
It's Harry.
(sirens approaching) DANNY: Oh, this is gonna be interesting.
Tell Harry Langford he owes me.
DANNY: Um, I'm sure he's gonna get right on that.
That-that was, that was fantastic, thank you.
All right, guys, we're all good.
All the hostiles - are taken down.
- There goes your leverage.
You hear that? Don't make the same mistake Commander White made when you people killed my father.
If you let me live, I promise you'll regret it.
Is that what you want? Is that what you want for him? Why would you want that for him? So he can relive the same cycle? - All over again? - Do it! No.
I want something else out of you.
(exhales) (door opens) It's good to see you're hydrating.
This, this, uh, heat really takes it out of you, huh? CATHERINE: I wouldn't do that.
(sighs deeply) (Greer scoffs) Finally.
(breathes deeply) - We're all together again.
- Hmm.
But not for long.
And after all the good advice I gave you.
Why don't you explain something to me? Help me understand.
You turn against your country.
You give up the names of men and women that you've served with, knowing full well they would die.
What amount of money could have possibly made that worth it? Maybe it wasn't just about the money, Steve.
Maybe there were other factors.
Don't do it.
STEVE: Hey, Wade.
Thanks for everything, man.
It was fun mostly.
My advice to you, though: find yourself a good woman, a boring hobby, and first chance you get, retire.
(chuckles) All right.
I'll give that some thought.
No, you won't.
Joe would've been proud of you, kid.
I know I am.
Thanks, Gutch.
(engine starts) (sighs) - Hey.
- Hey.
So, what's next for you? Uh, back to the grind.
You know, protecting the homeland.
Chasing bad guys.
Yada yada yada.
Thank you so much, Catherine.
We couldn't have pulled this off without you.
He was a great man, Steve.
We both owe him a lot.
You still don't know, huh? What do you mean? Joe wasn't just my mentor.
A father figure.
He brought you into my life, Catherine.
How? We're gonna stop here and try to hold them off till the chopper arrives.
- It should be here in a few minutes.
- Joe? There's 20 of them and two of us.
We're gonna be dead in a couple minutes.
We're not dying today, son.
I want you to promise me when we make it back, I want you to ask Catherine out.
That woman's a keeper, Steve.
(chuckles, coughs) And I don't want to hear hear you say no, either.
That's how you pay me back for this.
- MAN: Go, go, go! - Okay.
Okay, Joe.
(beeping) CATHERINE: Steve, what the hell are you doing calling me on a secured line? I may have told your C.
that I was gravely wounded in battle, which is actually half true.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
But, look, that's, uh, that's not the reason I'm calling.
I, uh I've been invited to the Army-Navy Gala next month at West Point, and presuming I can get stateside for it in time, I was just wondering if, uh wondered if you'd like to be my plus one? Uh, well, you know, that depends.
Are you gonna be able-bodied enough to dance with me? I'll-I'll hit that dance floor on crutches if I have to.
Just to eliminate any confusion, this is not um, we wouldn't be going as friends.
This is me, uh this is me asking you out.
On a date.
On a date.
Hello? Catherine? Hello? Yeah.
Uh, yeah.
Question for you.
Um what took you so long? Let's just say I, uh I took some good advice from an old friend.
I'm really glad you took his advice.
I am, too.
You take care of yourself, okay? You, too, kid.
Till next time.
(engine starts)
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