Hawaii Five-0 s09e15 Episode Script

Ho'opio 'Ia E Ka Noho Ali'i a Ka Ua (Made Prisoner by the Reign of the Rain)

1 Oh, Jerry What's up, Christian? Man, look at the sky, man, it's a beautiful day Oh, yeah Have you ever seen such a beautiful day How was everything? Let's just say I'll remember this burger for a very long time.
You're not from here.
What brings you to the island? Just visiting.
But sadly, my travels are coming to an end.
Hope you saved room for dessert.
Heard that's what you are known for here.
What's your favorite, Kalani? Definitely the Chantilly cake.
We make it fresh every morning.
(groans softly) Sir, are you okay? I'll be fine.
(sirens approaching in distance) Thanks for the excellent service, Kalani.
(sirens approaching) (tires screeching) Face down! On the ground now! Get on the ground.
(groans) Hands behind your head.
(groans, exhales) KALANI: I don't understand.
Who is that guy? COLLINS: Alejandro Vega.
Also known as El Diablo.
Now you have a story to tell your kids.
You just waited on one of the most dangerous fugitives in the world.
VEGA: Hey, Kalani.
I'll be back for a slice of that cake.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x15 Ho'opio 'Ia E Ka Noho Ali'i a Ka Ua font col REPORTER: Hurricane Kim is expected to reach 155 miles an hour with torrential rains that will only get worse from here.
So stay safe, stay indoors.
But a reminder: if you're in an evacuation zone, please relocate to the nearest designated shelter.
Stay tuned for further updates here on Hawaii News Now.
(knock on door) Hold on.
Hey, there he is.
And there he goes.
All right? Hey.
He looks like he's taking this well, right? - Oh, the hurricane? - Yeah.
He has no idea.
I didn't want to scare him with the whole "we're being evacuated because of an apocalyptic weather event" thing, so I just told him that Daddy wanted some company and that you have lots of snacks.
Right, but those, uh, are now rations, so he's got to take it easy.
Hey! Take it easy! Hey, Grace called.
She said it's 75 and sunny in L.
, and she thinks that she saw Kate Hudson walking out of a smoothie shop.
Oh, that's-that's good.
Can Kate Hudson pick up the bill for the class trip? Well, at least our girl's out of harm's way.
Yeah, I know.
Not so much for my bank account though.
Anyway, uh, you should go deal with him.
I'm almost done hurricane-proofing the house.
Are you sure about that? All right, that's the attic.
Um, why don't you make yourself comfortable.
The weather lady just basically gave the sun a eulogy, so we might be a while.
I can imagine worse ways to spend a hurricane.
(elevator bell dings) "Let's go to Chicago, get away from the hurricane.
" That's what my family said.
They're smart.
Oh, not me though.
I had to do my civic duty and stick around and help out with emergency services.
Well, and I, for one, am grateful for it.
And you should be, because hauling a load of your crap up from the bunker is not exactly my idea of what emergency services is, Jerry.
Look, it's not my fault that facilities is completely overwhelmed right now, or that they wouldn't spring for flood doors in the basement.
Uh, you know why we don't have flood doors down there, Jerry? Because apparently, from what I've heard, it's never flooded.
Never flooded! Yet.
It hasn't flooded yet.
TANI: Um, you guys, you're on your seventh load, and my office is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders.
I had less stuff than this when I moved into my new place, Jerry.
How's that going anyway, your new place? (sighs): Great.
I'm pretty much settled in.
Just, like, a clear path from my desk to the door, that's all I ask for.
Hey, Tani.
You got a sec, please? Thanks.
What's up? All right, so I just got a call from HPD.
Uh, they're spread pretty thin ever since the evacuation orders have gone into effect, and they're requesting some more bodies; they need help, so I'm gonna send you guys out there, okay, give them a hand.
Is that all right? Yeah, sure.
Joons, I'm driving, okay? You're slow enough as it is when it's dry out.
What? N-No.
I'm-I'm a great driver.
You speed.
She speeds.
I know.
You guys are actually both gonna drive.
HPD's sending two rescue vehicles.
I figured it's better splitting you guys up.
You can cover more ground faster.
- Yeah.
Yes, sir.
- Copy.
(phone ringing) STEVE: Thank you.
Yeah, it's McGarrett.
COLLINS: Commander, this is FBI Special Agent Sam Collins.
Agent Collins, what can I do for you? Well, news of this is still under wraps, but the Bureau recently apprehended a high-level fugitive: Alejandro Vega.
Ah, congratulations.
That's a big catch.
Thank you.
Problem is he was scheduled to be transported to a supermax on the mainland today, but because of the storm, all planes are grounded.
I'm starting to get the feeling, Agent, that this is, uh, a little more than a courtesy call.
Unfortunately, our safe house is in an evacuation zone.
So, as of right now, Five-O's rendition facility is the most secure place to hold Vega until the weather clears.
Okay, uh, Agent Collins, I'm not sure if you heard, but the state officially designated 'Iolani Palace as an emergency evacuation shelter.
We're in the process of accepting up to a couple hundred civilians.
I hardly think this is the most appropriate place to hold one of the planet's most dangerous criminals.
Your point is noted, but the decision's already been made.
The order to house Vega there comes from the highest level at the Justice Department.
We're en route from the airfield.
We'll be there in ten minutes.
Copy that.
(phone ringing) Sí.
(metal detector beeps) Here you go, sir.
Water and coffee this way.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
STEVE: This is Alejandro Vega, head of the Vega drug cartel, and up until three days ago, one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives.
Can't believe El Diablo is coming here.
Oh, Jerry, you sound a little starstruck.
Horrified's more like it.
This guy's pure evil.
There are parts of Venezuela that believe that he made a deal with the Devil, so everyone he kills goes straight to hell.
But that's neither here nor there.
Okay, here's what we actually know about him.
He is responsible for hundreds of deaths; many of them were civilians.
These are some examples of his greatest hits.
GROVER: Exactly why are we bringing this garbage into our house? Let's just let him die in the storm.
Well, that'd be too good for this guy.
He's gonna spend the rest of his life in our least comfortable supermax, and we're gonna do everything we can to make sure he gets there.
Something else he's known for: he's broken out of four different prisons.
During his last escape, they say the guards just put their guns down like he was controlling them with his mind.
Yeah, more like controlling their pockets.
Well, regardless, two of his escapes happened while he was being moved.
STEVE: Well, it's not gonna happen this time.
(alarm beeping steadily) (alarm stops) (tires screeching) (spits) (lock buzzes, latch clicks) (camcorder beeps) (handcuffs clicking) Lieutenant Matt Boyer.
Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant Boyer.
No, no.
I'm Commander Steve McGarrett.
Matt Boyer was a friend of mine.
He did two tours in Afghanistan, one in Iraq.
He had a wife, a little girl.
They waited at home for him patiently while he served his country.
And when he got home, he thought he'd take them on a family vacation, so they did.
They went to, uh, Buenos Aires.
All three of them were killed in an open-air market when a bomb went off-- a bomb that was detonated at exactly the right time to maximize civilian casualties.
La Guerra.
War is an unpleasant business, Commander.
It has many victims.
Not all of them wear uniforms.
Let me tell you something.
You may have all of these people convinced that you're some kind of boogeyman with demonic powers and mind control.
But I see you for exactly what you are: a sad and pathetic old man who's gonna spend the rest of his life rotting in a cell.
(indistinct chatter) (clears throat) Excuse me, sir.
I know you're busy, but is there something we should be concerned about? There seems to be a lot of security people around.
Oh, no, it's just the usual crowd control.
Lots of people in a confined space.
Always good to be prepared, am I right? Of course.
Sorry to bother you.
No problem.
You need a water? Thank you.
TANI: Baby Joons.
How's it going? JUNIOR: Ah, you know me, slow and steady.
What about you? Set any land speed records yet? I don't even know if I'm driving on the right side of the street or not.
Yeah, it's getting pretty bad out there.
Did you find anyone yet? Uh, a couple of stragglers.
One person didn't have a vehicle, the other one didn't even know they were supposed to leave.
Did they give you a hard time? Not really.
I tell you what, they were a lot easier than my pops was this morning.
Wait, your parents are in an evac zone? Yeah, right in the path.
Mom and I had to convince Dad to go down to the shelter with her.
I'm telling you, Tani, this guy never misses an opportunity to be stubborn about something.
I'm so glad he didn't pass that on to you.
That would be terrible.
(chuckles) (brakes screech) Joons, I got to call you back.
I think I see a house with people in it.
(car lock beeps) Hi, I'm Officer Rey, I'm with Five-O Task Force.
Are you aware that you're in an evacuation zone? I'm sorry, do you mind if I come in? Y-Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Okay Ugh JAMESON: Hey, I'm Jameson.
- This is my wife Shona.
- Hi.
You do know that you have to leave, right? The evacuations are for your own safety.
Uh, but-but we're fine.
We're storm-proofing, we have rations and To be honest, there are a ton of other people who need help evacuating.
That's probably where you should be focusing your efforts.
Is that your, is that your daughter? You should probably be prioritizing her safety.
So if you're not willing to do that, I'm prepared to take the appropriate steps to ensure that she's protected.
What do you mean? The governor issued a mandatory evacuation, so that means that I'm within my rights to take both of you into custody.
If that's the way you'd like to play it, I'm willing to No, no, no.
W-We got to be smart about this, all right? She's right.
C-Can I just get some valuables? - Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.
(laughs softly) I'm sorry.
It's just this storm has really stressed us out.
No, I-- I understand.
Can I, can I help, in some way? Is that-- should I grab her jacket? Sorry.
No one's going anywhere.
Including you.
- Did you patch it? DANNY: Yeah, I'm just happy the whole roof didn't blow away.
Oh, no.
Casualties? No, it should be all right.
Just a little damp.
What's in them? I don't know.
I haven't been up here in a long time.
Maybe gold bars.
Okay, whatever's in there, it will dry better if we spread it out.
Not if it's gold bars.
What do you got? Uh, it's, stuff that's - Some clothes and some shoes.
Nice shoes.
Now this, this is the box.
This is the good box.
We've got CDs, books and of course, deodorant.
In your attic.
You are a strange man, Danny.
Yeah, well, I didn't know.
I-- this is all stuff I haven't seen in a long time.
I didn't know what they'd have here when I moved from Jersey What, you didn't think that they'd have deodorant in Hawaii? The-the brand, smart-ass.
This is my, this is my jam, back in the day.
(inhales) Mm.
Smell that.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Right? Danny, that's you, when I met you.
(laughs): Oh, my God.
That was when we were Yeah.
(clears throat) Well, I had to wear this.
You made me very nervous.
- Did I? - You did.
Yeah, I think, uh, on our second date, I pretty much sweat through my T-shirt.
That was a good night.
- Good night.
- And if I remember correctly, I think that we sweated for another reason that night.
W-We did, yeah.
We were bad that night.
No, we were good.
Very good, yeah.
Yeah, we were good.
CHARLIE: Mommy, Daddy, I'm hungry.
You hungry? Starved.
Good, good.
I'll make you something to eat.
(Rachel laughs) All right.
How we looking? Pretty good.
We got agents at every key access point on the Rendition floor, and the room itself, once closed, is completely sealed.
STEVE: Good.
I like it.
Looks to me like, uh, Mr.
Diablo does not share your enthusiasm.
Is anyone else getting goose bumps? It's like he's staring right into my soul.
Would you stop with the boogeyman thing, Jerry? It's just a guy, on his own, sitting in a box.
COLLINS: No, he's right.
Uh, Vega may not have supernatural powers, but he does have a way of getting ahold of people.
I should know.
I've been chasing him down for ten years.
That man cost me everything I cared about.
(mechanical clattering) - Oh.
- Oh, you got to be kidding me.
Hold on, hold on.
It's probably just the storm.
STEVE: Yeah, don't panic.
Adam's right.
Backup generator should come on in a second.
(whirring) All right, there we go.
What's up with the cameras? JERRY: Okay, those cameras should be running off backup power, but they're still down.
Park, Lee, status update on Vega.
Prisoner is secure.
I'll see if I can restore the cameras from here.
Maybe if I reboot the system.
JERRY: Yeah, probably gonna have to do that from the main server control room.
Go down there, Jerry, see what you can do.
I'll go with.
Uh, I'm gonna go down to Rendition while the cameras are down.
I want eyes on Vega myself.
COLLINS: Right there with you.
Open it.
Do it.
(door buzzes, latch clicks) Trouble with the power? Just lock it down, please.
(door beeps, clicks) Hey, Jerry, you get those cameras working? JERRY: Negative, Commander, and they're not gonna be up anytime soon.
Someone did a real number here.
Broke in and cut all the cables to the NVR.
- I got blood.
GROVER: What? STEVE: Guys, talk to me.
What's going on? GROVER: Steve, we got a man down.
It's a sheriff's deputy.
He's got a weak pulse.
Looks like he's been either stabbed or shot.
And there's more bad news.
His service weapon's missing.
Hang in there, buddy.
We're gonna get you some help.
Given that El Diablo's broken out of four prisons already? I'd say someone's trying to make it five.
STEVE: Clearly, this guy came in with the evacuees.
I'm gonna need to borrow a couple of your agents, all right? Conduct a floor-to-floor search, help us find this guy.
Harris, Jones, you'll be assisting Commander McGarrett.
- Hang in there, kiddo.
JERRY: Okay, I got the first aid kit from my bunker, and I got WebMD up on my phone.
What, are you kidding me, Jerry? WebMD? Didn't you try to get 911 on the line? All circuits are busy.
This is the best we've got.
Unless you already know the ten steps to treating a stab wound.
Ten? I only know the first one, and that's stop the bleeding.
You don't do that right, the other nine are moot.
Jerry, he's going into shock.
You got to hurry.
Uh, okay.
Um, how's the bleeding, is it slow and steady, or is it spurting? It's steady, but there's nothing slow about it.
Okay, where's the wound? Is it between the ribs, or below? Below.
Just below the ribcage.
Okay, do you hear any gurgling from his chest? No.
Jerry, there's no gurgling, just-just shallow breathing.
So it seems the knife may have missed any major organs, which means that we can keep him stable for quite some time.
That's good.
You hear that? You hear that, son? No vital organs, okay? You're gonna be fine, okay? What's your name? Can you tell me your name? Huh? Jerry, you got to hurry, man.
All right, so what we need to do is we need to pack the wound with gauze.
It's kind of like applying pressure, but on the inside.
That's better than the outside, 'cause that's not doing any good at all.
What? Hak-- did you say Haku? That's your name? All right, Haku.
I want you to listen to me, okay? This is Jerry.
All right? He's got to do something to address this wound of yours.
Now, I'm not gonna lie to you, son, you're gonna feel this.
Okay? So just-just look at me.
Keep your focus on me.
(screaming) Okay.
All right.
All right.
All right, steady, steady, steady! Steady.
I got you-- I got something for you to focus on: that son of a bitch that did this to you.
That son of a bitch that did this to you.
Can you describe-- did you see him? - Did you get a good look at him? - Yeah.
Come on, son.
Hang in there, kid.
Come on.
Five ten.
All right.
You're doing good.
A-A slight build.
A b-blue windbreaker.
Blue windbreaker, okay.
You're doing-- all right.
You're doing good.
Did this guy wear glasses? Holy crap, I think I saw him.
You need a water? Thank you.
Jerry, we got to get a description of this guy to McGarrett right now, before this guy drops another body.
Come on (screams) (wind howling) Now, don't you worry about that noise, okay? It's just the wind.
Buddy, you, uh, want me to do one final sweep to make sure all the monsters are gone or what? There's no such thing.
That's true.
(chuckles) We'll be just out there if you need anything, okay? Good night, sweet boy.
- Night.
DANNY: Good night, buddy.
All right.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Close 'em.
Keep 'em closed.
That's it.
Love you, buddy.
(door closes) Hey.
He, uh, seems very happy, doesn't he? Yeah.
Why not? He's got both of us here waiting on him hand and foot.
That's true.
Uh, I'm gonna get some blankets, make up the couch.
You can have the bed.
Or (Rachel laughing) DANNY: Come on.
Hey! Boom, that's three of a kind.
Whoa, whoa, that die does not know what it is yet.
What do you mean? It's a six.
What do you mean? No, it's not a s Well, it could be a six; could be a two.
It doesn't know yet.
Oh, you want to win like that? You gonna cheat? (laughs) Do you know, I forgot what a sore loser you are.
What do you mean, a sore? I can't be a sore I'm up three games to two.
Yeah, not for long, bucko.
(babbles mockingly) (laughing) Come on.
(wind howling) (phone beeps) Tani (recorded): It's Tani.
Sorry I can't pick up.
It's not you; it's me.
(beeps) Hey, Tani, uh, it-it's getting pretty dangerous out here.
Uh, my-my sweep's done.
I'm gonna head back to HQ, and I think you should do the same.
(phone beeps off) (indistinct arguing in other room) SHONA: What the hell are we going to do with her? I told you we should have just left! JAMESON: Shut up! All right? Just let me think.
(door opens) Hi.
I'm Tani.
What's-what's your name? Emmy.
That's such a cool name.
My mommy said not to talk to you.
(loud, indistinct arguing in other room) JAMESON: Shut up! You're so stupid! I told you to stay away from the window! Hey, you know what? I didn't like it when my parents fought, either.
Come here.
Come closer.
Emmy, does your does your daddy yell a lot? Maybe sometimes.
Yeah? Does he ever Does he ever hurt your mommy? Wow.
I love your big-girl shoes.
(gasps) They're so cool.
Laces are hard, right? My mommy tried to teach me, but I'm no good at it.
Are you kidding? I mean, I don't want to brag or anything, but I'm-I'm amazing at it.
I swear.
I'm, like, a world-class shoelace tier.
I'm I'm one of the best.
Do you want me to show you? I'm guessing your search didn't turn up our perp.
No, not yet, but Collins' guys are still out there looking.
Your, uh, description should help, though.
Well, I might be close on an actual ID.
Now, the security cam servers are still down, so I couldn't pull an image of him from the lobby to run through facial rec, but I did notice a tattoo on his arm: a Day of the Dead skull.
Which is not uncommon among Central American cartels.
However, crossing the FBI tattoo database with CIU's organized crime record, I got a short list.
So, if he's done time Booyah.
Sergio Diaz.
STEVE: All right, good work, Jerry.
At least now we know who we're looking for.
Send that photo to Agent Harris.
Have him distro to the rest of my team.
Hold on.
According to his jacket, this guy's a soldier for the Cervantes organization.
That's a rival cartel.
JERRY: Why would one of El Diablo's enemies want to bust him out? Unless This guy's not here to bust him out.
He's here to kill him.
You-you care to explain, Agent Collins? Listen, I'm getting the feeling that there's more to this than you're telling us.
You came to us for help.
We can't help unless you tell us what's really going on.
- Okay, okay, okay.
(sighs) Vega agreed to turn state's evidence against his rivals.
He was on his way to the mainland to meet with DOJ lawyers.
Well, that would explain the assassination attempt.
Guy like Vega's got enough information to put away a lot of high-level criminals.
Yeah, it also explains the urgency to do it before he gets on that plane.
We weren't supposed to tell anyone-- even you-- because STEVE: Because you're trying to prevent this exact thing from happening.
Look, you had your orders.
I get it, okay? And, frankly, I feel a little better babysitting this scumbag knowing that he's actually gonna help us put away a whole bunch of people just like him.
COLLINS: Now all we have to do is keep him alive.
That's all.
(engine rumbling) (coughing) Help me! Help! (coughing) Help me (coughing) All right, guys, we got to lock down that lobby, sequester all the evacuees.
Make sure that assassin's not hiding down there somewhere with them.
Will do.
And we got to go floor to floor again, but this time with more men.
What do you mean, he's not answering? Find him.
Whoa, wait a sec.
What was that about? Mercer.
He's not at his post.
Where was he stationed? Near the loading bay, where we first came in.
That's right under Rendition.
Heads up.
Heads up.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) (exhales sharply) Close this door after us.
(Steve and Collins gasping, coughing) (lock buzzes) (banging on door) (coughing continues) Shut the door.
(door closes) (grunts) Set him down now.
No pulse.
(exhales) (coughing) Sit him up.
Let's get him up.
What's our move, sir? Well, we can't leave him sitting out here.
He's completely exposed.
Can't put him back in Rendition.
We got to find another secure location.
All right, we'll take him up to HQ.
Lock him in my office.
From there, we have clear fields of vision to all access points.
All right? It's our best option.
Harris, secure the building.
Report to higher.
Let's go.
How's he doing? The bleeding has slowed substantially, but, um his pulse is weak.
Very weak.
That's not good.
Weak pulse means that there's less blood pump - Jerry it means he's gonna be fine.
You hear me? You're gonna be fine, Haku.
You'll be fine as long as you keep looking at me.
Keep your eyes open, now.
Come on.
So tired.
I know.
Just want to sleep.
Sleep? Come on, now.
What you want to go to sleep for? We're just getting to know each other.
How long you been at this job, anyway? Three months.
I remember when I first started out-- young rookie looking for action, just trying to make my rep so I could get in good with the fellas.
Maybe get myself a cool nickname.
They give you a nickname yet? No.
I got mine real early.
I'll tell you this story.
When I was a rookie-- about, I don't know, three, four months in-- they sent five of us out to an abandoned apartment building to clear it of squatters.
It was pretty routine-- five of us going in.
We started looking for 'em.
All of a sudden, pop! Pop, pop, pop! Yeah, yeah, that woke you up, didn't it? That's right, they were shooting at us.
Man, I ducked behind something to get myself some cover.
I must have been all hopped up on adrenaline or something, man, 'cause I didn't even feel it when I got shot.
Only thing I could feel was, well, the blood running down my leg.
How-how how bad was it? Well, that's the thing.
I-I must have been going into shock.
I couldn't even feel the wound.
Yeah, I was scared, man.
I was scared just like you're scared right now.
Fearing the worst.
Where were you shot? Well, see, that's-that's that's-that's the thing.
Um I-I wasn't shot.
And the blood going down my leg Well, I wet my pants.
(groaning chuckle) GROVER: Stop.
Stop, okay? You're gonna hurt yourself.
I know it hurts.
Stop-stop laughing.
Stop laughing.
That was that's how I got my nickname.
"The Wiz.
" (laughter) (wind howling) EMMY: Mommy? Where have you been? What did you do? (gasps) No.
(muffled shouting) Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Stop moving.
Stop moving.
Listen to me.
I know you want to get out of here and I'm gonna help you, okay? But you got to help me first.
Do you understand? I need you to tell me where you put my gun.
And then, when I get my gun, I am gonna take you and Emmy, and we're gonna get out of here.
Okay? Is that what you want? Is that what you want? Okay.
Here's what I'm gonna do: I'm gonna take my hand off your mouth, and when I do, you're not gonna make a sound.
Okay? Okay.
Jamie! Jamie! (both grunting) Let me see your hands! Let me see your hands now! Get up! Both of you, get up, move that way.
Get back.
Stop right there.
Both of you.
Here's what's gonna happen right now.
We're all gonna take a breath, and then I'm gonna take the three of you into custody.
Do you understand what I'm saying? This is over now.
Who's here? Go, check.
(vehicle engine turns off) (scoffs) This is a stash house for some local dealers.
We're sitting on 300 large in cash and product.
Those guys out there, they know it's here.
(vehicle doors closing) You should have just left when you had the chance.
Collins, let me ask you a question.
How did Diaz know to infiltrate 'Iolani Palace? He's probably been tracking us for a while.
Waiting for his opportunity to strike.
But he knew exactly which room in this building we were holding Vega.
How could he have known that? (quietly): You think we have a mole? You know your team? As well as anyone can.
All of them have the highest possible clearance.
(elevator bell dings) (gunshot) (groans) (grunts) (shouts) (elevator bell dings) (both grunting) (grunting continues) (groans) (panting) Steve! Steve, you good? Check on Vega.
In the elevator.
(elevator bell dings) He's gone.
I'll alert Collins' team that Vega's making a run for it.
Someone on Collins' team sold us out.
The only advantage we have right now is that the mole doesn't know we're on to him.
The mole must have been in contact with this guy.
- So how do we flush him out? - We just got to hope he's still in the building.
- You ready? - Yeah.
(phone ringing) Is it done? (phone chirps) Got him.
North side of the building.
Jameson, we know you're in here.
Come on out, let's get this over with.
You know what we're here for! Save yourself the hurt and give it up! TANI: This is Officer Tani Rey with the Five-O Task Force! Put down your weapon now! (grunts) (gunshots) (gun clicks empty) Oh, you're in trouble now.
(gunshot) I had that.
You guys, it's all right.
It's all right.
It's me.
It's over.
(crying) Come on, Emmy.
Come with me.
Go with the lady, okay? You're safe now.
Let's go.
(alarm blaring) I don't think so.
(gate closing) (wires sparking) You gonna unlock that door? (ignition sputtering) No? Okay, then.
(car alarm chirps) (grunts) Agent Harris! Don't do it.
You see that? That was your last escape attempt.
(sighs) (birds chirping) NARRATOR (over TV): Some heroes are made.
Others are defrosted.
This is their story.
I'm gonna tell you a story, and it's vaguely true About butt-kicking dinos who know kung fu (groaning) Edgar is their nerdy human guy His wacky inventions Hey, Charlie.
Now our heroes try to save the day How long have you been? It was cold last night, huh, Rachel? Yeah, I-- Mommy asked Daddy to hug her so that she could Shh.
I'm watching this.
Kane is the honcho, what a T.
Rex There's Stegosaurus Chow, Triceratops Lucy (clears throat) Uh buddy, you want to come up here and sit and watch with us? How can you expect me to say this? Bad guy Skor, he's one evil dude (clears throat) Skrap, his brother, wouldn't call him smart (laughing) What's the matter? Oh, now somebody's making sounds.
Now that we-- I'm trying to watch this.
Be quiet, would you? Huh? Buddy, thank you very, very much for keeping me company.
You have fun, huh? Yeah.
What about you, Mommy? I had lots of fun.
Yeah? Daddy, can we have another storm soon? It's not really up to me, not entirely.
(knocking) - Hey.
- Hey.
What's happening? - Uncle Steve.
- Hey, hey, hey, buddy.
How you doing? Exciting night, huh? - Hey, Rach.
- Hi, Steve.
DANNY: What are you, uh, what are you doing here? What am I doing here? I just wanted to come and check on you guys, say hey.
Also, I want to make sure there was no, you know, disasters last night, natural or otherwise.
No, no, we're good.
Everything's great.
We have to go, so, um, talk to you later.
- Bye.
Let's go, buddy.
- Bye, buddy.
- See you later.
- Need help? To the car? You good? No, I'm good.
- Thanks.
- All right.
Bag, child.
All right, see you, buddy.
A little awkward.
Yeah, you made it awkward.
Was it that awkward all night, or? No, it was fine, 'cause we're adults.
Okay? Want to talk about it? No, I don't want to talk about it.
I don't want to talk about it.
I mean, certainly not if you're gonna give your stupid opinions.
You want to be quiet, I'll tell you what happened.
You know what would help with that? Hmm? If I was eating.
So, see, if I'm eating, there's food in my mouth, I can't really talk, right? Oh, oh, so I got to, I got to bribe you to keep quiet? I don't call it a bribe.
I call it pancakes.
With bananas.
And some chocolate chips.
What are you, five? (sniffing) Why does your house smell like deodorant?
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