Hawaii Five-0 s09e16 Episode Script

Hapai Ke Kuko, Hanau Ka Hewa (When Covetousness is Conceived, Sin is Born)

1 (lively big band music playing) (gasping, yelling) (screaming) (screaming continues) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x16 Hapai ke kuko hanau ka hewa font color="#FF800 It's a beautiful morning Ah I think I'll go outside Ah Early reports indicate that two men wearing masks threatened tellers into handing over more than $30,000 in cash before making their escape.
Thankfully, no one was harmed.
HPD has asked any witnesses to come forward, and for the public to remain vigilant at this time.
Another brand-new day Either way It's a beautiful morning Ah Each bird keeps singing His own song So long I've got to be on my way now Ain't no fun just hanging around I've got to cover ground You couldn't keep me down It just ain't no good if the sun shines When you're still inside Shouldn't hide Still inside Shouldn't hide Still inside, shouldn't hide Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh Ooh Adam.
My man.
Hey, Hal.
How are you today? I'm great, thank you.
And you're doing great, too.
Your signing is really coming along.
Ah, thank you.
So, uh, what's my word of the day? Ah.
(both laugh) W-Wait a second.
Is that your way of telling me you're sick of sandwiches? Oh, please.
This is my favorite kind of sandwich.
Did you ever hear back about that janitorial job? I did.
They said they needed a permanent address for the application.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Next time, if you need to put down an address, you can use mine.
You've already been so kind to me.
Which is why I feel terrible asking you this.
My granddaughter, Alexis-- she's turning six next week, and I want to send something back home to her.
I'm not asking for money.
I have enough saved up.
It's just I can't go into a kid's store looking like this.
Of course.
Just tell me what you need, and I'll go pick it up for you.
But here's the deal.
I need you to meet me at the corner of 8th and Pahua in one hour.
Deal? I don't suppose you're gonna tell me why? You'll know soon enough.
DANNY: Okay, this is a first.
You know, so I-I've been to, uh, band camp with Grace, took her, uh, to circus camp once.
I even heard of a place called magic camp.
But mermaid camp-- this is definitely something else.
Sirens of the Seven Seas is not a camp.
It's Oahu's premier mermaid experience.
It's also not for kids.
There's lots of grown women who do this.
They also pay up to $10,000 for these custom silicone tails.
They should be spending that money on therapy.
That's on top of the price of the course.
This stuff is not cheap.
They also have these "finstructors" that are trained synchronized swimmers, and they teach you, you know, all the moves and how to hold your breath underwater and stuff.
Did you read the brochure, or? No, this has, like, kind of been on my bucket list for my entire life.
I love mermaids.
I really love mermaids.
I-I watched The Little Mermaid so many times as a kid, that I wore out the VHS.
Try to hold yourself together, because we have to investigate a murder here.
Ah, I cannot make any promises.
(indistinct radio chatter) What do we have, guys? CUNHA: Well, from what I can tell, C.
was acute poisoning.
I won't know the exact kind until I can run further tests, but my best guess would be rodenticide, aka rat poison.
If she was poisoned, what's with all the blood? Because most rat poisons are anticoagulants, which explains why our Vic hemorrhaged out of all of her orifices.
Well, what do we know, Duke-- anything? Her name's Gwendoline Baker.
33 years old.
She works for a health and beauty company.
Apparently, she booked out this whole place for her top sales team.
What about a spa day? Nobody does that anymore, or what? We're in the process of getting statements from everyone who was here.
All right.
Oh, this is interesting: did you know that, uh, women are five times more likely to, uh, use poison as a murder weapon than men? For the record, we're just as capable of using a gun or a knife.
Ha, ha.
Also, last time I checked, poison was a common murder method for both genders.
Spouses, actually.
That reminds me-- does she have a spouse? Her husband Josh is off the island.
He's coaching at a tennis camp on Kauai.
He's catching the next flight back.
TANI: I recognize her necklace.
Duke, what did you say that company she worked for is called? It was, um, Plum & Rose Beauty.
What is that-- you heard of it or something? Yeah.
GWENDOLINE: Imagine your ideal life.
The places you'd visit.
The experiences you'd have.
Everything you could possibly want.
Well, Plum & Rose Beauty can make all of those dreams come true.
If you told me five years ago that this would be my life, I would have said you were crazy.
Yet here I am.
I started with Plum & Rose Beauty as a way to supplement my schoolteacher income.
But by my second month, my sales commissions had surpassed my yearly income.
And me? I got to retire at 38 'cause this boss lady makes six figures a month.
(chuckles) Thanks, honey.
But I'm not special.
Plum & Rose Beauty is for anyone who's motivated, coachable and looking to live their best life.
If that sounds like you, then don't wait.
Join our sisterhood today.
I'm Gwendoline Baker, and my greatest joy is showing people how to live the life of their dreams.
JUNIOR: See, I get that she's selling a load of crap, and yet you still kind of want to buy it.
Buy what? I just watched the video, too, I have no idea what she's selling.
TANI: Plum & Rose is a beauty and health company that sells a wide range of skin care products, but what they're really selling is a lifestyle, with some aspirational female empowerment stuff peppered in.
And these ladies are all about the 'gram.
Instagram, people.
You know, exotic vacations and-and champagne brunches and mermaid camps.
They put it all on social media so it boosts the brand.
STEVE: It just seems like a-a lot of work to sell hand cream.
They're not doing it to sell hand cream, they're doing it to recruit new sellers.
It's called multilevel marketing.
So with every new client brought in, you get a commission off the purchase of the initial starter kit, and then every subsequent sale.
I know this because I went to high school with a girl who kept pestering me to join.
And I had to unfriend her on Facebook.
It's a pyramid scheme.
That's what it is.
DANNY: Our victim was at the top of the food chain.
Yeah, which could have made her a target.
Elite sellers like Gwendoline-- she's an exception to the rule.
Most people that join-- they spend thousands and thousands of dollars on these starter kits that they can't sell, and then they end up broke and totally screwed.
STEVE: So, if Gwendoline had hundreds of people selling under her Then that means there's (phone vibrates) hundreds of people who might have struck out and gone broke.
Uhp, update from Noelani.
So the poison turns out to be foxglove, and it was ingested between six and 24 hours - before time of death.
- JUNIOR: Okay.
So that means we're not just looking for people at the mermaid camp, we need to consider anyone who came in contact with her over the last 24 hours.
And if Gwendoline is responsible for ripping a whole bunch of people off, that means our suspect pool just exploded.
JERRY: Hey, I found something interesting on Gwendoline's phone.
Two weeks ago, she texted pictures to an auto insurance agent.
The Benz from the video.
Does that say "die" on the car? Talk about telegraphing your next move.
Good work, Jerry.
You realize what you just - found, right? Yeah.
Whoever did this is likely our killer.
As requested, one purple elephant.
om She gonna love it.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
And this is for you.
I get an elephant, too? No.
Much better.
Some new clothes.
Which you're going to put on after we go get you a shave and a haircut.
I don't understand.
Hal, I think you should deliver that gift to your granddaughter in person.
And if you're okay with it, I'd like to pay for your ticket.
I don't know what to say.
Just say yes.
I haven't seen this guy in a long time.
Okay I have to ask: why are you doing all this for me? Because everyone deserves a second chance.
Get yourself a shower, then meet me at Kamekona's shrimp truck.
We'll get a good meal in you, and then I'll drive you to the airport.
You're a good man.
Yo, look at Gwendoline's last Instagram post.
That's, uh, pretty creepy.
She'd already been poisoned by then.
She just didn't know.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, check this out.
I-I think I got something.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Well, it looks like someone ripped her pretty good in the comments section.
Okay, Joons, um, social media 101-- that's called trolling.
Trolling? Trolling.
Check out this trolling.
It-it says that, um, "Your whole life is a con.
You profit off of other people's misery.
" Wow.
Look at this.
Shopping trips to Monte Carlo, box seats at the Super Bowl, lots of trips on private jets.
Like, I'm jealous of this woman's life, and she dead.
Well, a little birdie did tell me this morning that you were pretty jealous of the mermaid camp.
(snorts) Um, did this birdie have a blonde pompadour and talk with his hands? Ah.
(laughs) Well, uh, I guess that every little girl who watched that movie wanted to be a mermaid, right? Well, that, yes, obviously.
Okay, also, when I was a little kid, I was terrified of the water.
Until my dad convinced me that mermaids were real.
What? And then, I kid you not, he could not get me out of the ocean.
Every weekend, we would go to Kuilima Cove, and we'd swim in the coral reef.
I would just dive in, and just-just hope to get a glimpse of a mermaid, just-just a glimpse.
And then, I would I would hold my breath for as long as I could, and then I would swim up to the top, and I would get some air, and then dive back down, and I would do that over and over and over until, um, I was so exhausted that my dad would He'd come and pick me up and carry me to our towels, and, um, yeah, we'd just fall asleep in the sun.
That sounds like a great dad.
Yeah, he was.
I know.
I know, I'm not who you came to see.
In fact, I wouldn't even be with you here today if a certain someone hadn't retired her husband and saved him from a boring career in corporate real estate.
So please allow me to welcome to the stage the head honcho, grand dame and She-E-O of Plum & Rose, your favorite badass, and my much better half, Jocelyn Greene! Thanks for making me a fighter Made me learn a little bit faster Ladies and gentlemen, my husband, Trent! (applause) Thank you so much, sweetheart, for that amazing introduction.
(music stops) Okay, how many of you can relate to this? (laughter) You wake up late, hit snooze, rush the kids to school, report to boring meetings, fight rush-hour traffic, put the kids to bed, and finally, fall asleep, exhausted.
Already dreading having to do it all over again the next day, Groundhog Day style.
Mombies! All of you! Admit it! The-the days turn into weeks, turn into months, and then you look old, and you have to buy our eye cream.
(laughter) I am here to tell you there's a better life waiting for you.
So, you feeling inspired? Shoot.
I wish my wife would retire her husband.
Play nothing but golf all day long? Man, I can get down with that.
It's absolutely devastating.
I mean, Gwen wasn't just my top seller.
She was a dear friend.
You-you didn't you didn't want to cancel this then, if she was a dear friend? Oh, believe me, I would have preferred to, but, I mean, this was scheduled for months, and most of these women-- they flew in from the mainland for it.
GROVER: Yeah, I get it.
No point in having people miss the opportunity of a lifetime to get royally screwed.
Excuse me? You run a pyramid scheme.
You sell these people on getting rich quick and getting fast money, and then, you just leave 'em broke with a hundred boxes of lotion and shampoo.
Look, selling is hard, but so is life.
Big opportunities call for big risks.
We offer people the tools to change their lives.
Whether or not they succeed, that's that's up to them.
You can save the sales pitch, respectfully.
Gwendoline was one of your top sellers.
You said that, didn't you? Yeah.
I mean, she she was a natural-born closer.
In fact, we were getting ready to induct her into our Golden Circle.
And what in the hell is that? It's the highest level of our company.
Gwen was the fastest person in the history of Plum & Rose to achieve it.
So what you're really saying is that she ended up recruiting a whole bunch of sellers, and that's how you get into this circle.
And these sellers, I'm sure, were not very happy people when they were stuck with all of this product that you're selling and no place to unload it.
Any of those people threaten you? Well, sure, there were some cases, but we take the safety of our people very seriously.
We have a security team that investigates all such cases.
We're gonna need all the records from these, uh, "investigations.
" Oh, also, uh, we're gonna need a-a list of all of Gwendoline's sellers, top to bottom, throughout the whole, uh, scheme, pyramid whatever you call it.
Of course.
Whatever you need.
(cell phone ringing) Yes, Steve.
What's up? Hey, Danny, listen, I'm here with Junior and Tani.
They just got a lead on our car vandal.
You know that phrase that was spray-painted on Gwendoline's car, "women who bleed"? It turns out it's actually a play on an Instagram hashtag that she would use sometimes: "women who lead.
" Oh, it's wordplay.
That's clever.
And that hashtag, #WomenWhoBleed, made it into the comments section of four of Gwendoline's posts, all by the same user.
We tracked the account back to a Makani Pule.
We're sending you over a photo now.
STEVE: We got no current address on Makani, but she does have a car registered under her name.
I asked Duke to put out a BOLO, and he got a hit.
Where's the car? (car alarm chirps) What's up? Can I help you? What the hell? Get out of my car.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take care, now.
This is Five-O business.
Let the man work.
What's this about? Gwendoline Baker.
We're investigating her murder.
I don't know anything about that.
Do you know anything about vandalizing someone's car? You know something about that? I know how dumb I must look, but six months ago, my husband left me.
I was alone and scared.
Then I stumbled across Gwendoline's Facebook page and saw the life she had-- --the friends, the clothes, the parties-- and I thought maybe I can have that, too.
So I dove in and spent my entire savings to sell for Plum & Rose.
Yeah, I'm guessing that didn't work out for you, did it? Pop the trunk.
Why do you think I come to the gym to shower? You're living out of your car.
Humbling to have all your worldly possessions fit in the trunk of a Volkswagen.
The only other thing I have to my name is 15K worth of Plum & Rose product that's gathering dust in a storage locker.
GROVER: Yeah, you're breaking my heart.
You know, if somebody took me for everything I had, I'd be pretty angry.
Maybe I'd vandalize their car.
Maybe I'd even kill 'em.
I'll admit I went on a bit of a bender a couple weeks back and vandalized Gwendoline's car, but I didn't kill her.
Do you have an alibi for the last 36 hours? As a matter of fact, I do.
(elevator bell chimes) Hey, what do you got? DANNY: So, Makani spent the last 48 hours at a detox center.
I called the place.
It checks out.
She left at 10:00 this morning.
Which puts her well outside of our 24-hour poisoning window.
Which leads us back to square one; no leads, and a gigantic suspect pool.
All right, well, look, Jerry's over at the victim's house now.
Let's hope he finds something.
(cell phone ringing) Hey, Noelani, what's up? Hey, I heard you're at our victim's house.
That's right.
Well, that's good because I just got the lab results back on the contents of her stomach.
Oh? Did you find anything interesting? Yeah, collagen.
JERRY: Okay, I got, uh, banana peels, some bags of frozen fruit, pineapple, peaches, shredded coconut, a box of flax seeds All right, all of those items were in Gwendoline's stomach when she died.
Yeah, it looks like she was a juicer.
I'm definitely getting a smoothie vibe.
Well, that makes sense because here's the thing about foxglove.
It's a bitter plant similar to kale, so whoever dosed her needed to make sure they masked the taste.
Oh, what do we have here? A single-serve packet of Plum & Rose beauty collagen powder.
Oh, it looks like someone made an incision in the seam that someone put back together with adhesive to reseal it.
There's only one reason why it would have been tampered with.
Death, thy name is smoothie.
I just found our murder weapon.
JOSH: What's wrong with you people? I keep telling you, I didn't kill my wife.
All right, well, we get your, uh, position vis-à-vis murdering your wife, but we deal with a thing called evidence.
What evidence? I wasn't even on island when she died.
That's true.
He was, uh was at a tennis tournament.
And that, that right there made, uh, made your plan look even better.
Didn't it, Josh? I don't understand.
Well, you knew your wife's routine better than anybody, right? You knew that the days that your wife went to the gym, she drank a smoothie first thing in the morning.
Yeah, so? DANNY: In theory, you could have slipped something into her, um I don't know, like, her collagen supplement.
Left town knowing she's gonna make a smoothie and drink the thing on Monday.
So then she dies, you come back, you got a perfect alibi.
Right, except you forgot about the Warfarin-- your wife's Warfarin prescription for her heart condition.
That drug, combined with the poison, causes massive hemorrhaging.
But if it wasn't for that, right, it would have just looked like a good old-fashioned heart attack.
Guys, I love my wife.
Why would I want to kill her? I don't know, but won't you do me a favor and pretend you've never seen these papers before.
We got that draft from her computer, the divorce papers.
No, look, you got to understand something.
My wife was a hothead.
She threatened divorce when we fought, but we always worked it out.
And that worked out good for you, didn't it? 'Cause when you married her, you signed a rock-solid prenup that said if you guys split, you get nothing.
DANNY: Right, u-unless she dies of a heart attack or something like that, then you get a $3 million life insurance policy.
You think I'd kill my wife for money? Yeah.
That's that's what we're that's what we're talking about here.
So, the money, the house, the cars, the whole lifestyle, that was Gwen's thing.
Guys, look, I know it's hard to believe, but come on.
I mean, when we first met, we had nothing.
And to be honest, we were happier back then, you know? I mean, Gwen loved her job.
A-And I loved that she was so good at it.
But it lost a lot of luster towards the end there.
Lot of luster? Wh-What's that mean? Gwen was thinking about leaving the company.
Leaving the company? All that success, all that money, why would she want to give that up? Because something shady was going on over there.
At least that's that's what Gwen said.
Shady? Like, more shady than the the life-ruining pyramid scheme? I-I don't know what it was, okay? She wouldn't tell me.
But if I were you two, I'd take a closer look at Plum & Rose.
So, just so I'm clear, you, uh you got you got motive, uh, your alibi has been destroyed and, um, you just because you say so, we should go off on this hunch? I don't know what to say.
It's the truth.
(light rock playing) Your buddy came by.
Said to give you this.
You okay, bruddah? KAMEKONA: I guess your friend wasn't ready to face his family.
Yeah, maybe not.
But I'm not giving up on him so easily.
When I was a keiki, we used to go around to Mr.
Moki's corner store.
One day I was in there, Mr.
Moki himself caught me swiping a candy bar.
This man used to help out my moms when she didn't have enough for groceries.
God bless that man.
He knew I was better than that.
He told me he would hook me up with a job if I showed up the next day.
You know where I was the next day? Mr.
Moki's? Moving product on Ewa Beach.
I know Mr.
Moki cared for me.
But I guess I just wasn't ready to be pushed.
That's why I believe everyone got to make their own changes in their own time.
You a good guy.
Doing a good thing.
Sometimes you have to ask yourself if you're doing this for him or for yourself.
JERRY: Hey, guys, check this out.
I went through the files - (sighs) on Gwendoline's computer and I found this.
This is Gwendoline's master sales chart.
The names are people that Gwendoline drew commission from, she recruited them, and they, in turn, recruited others.
All right, so what? She just sits back and collects checks, drinks champagne? That's a lot of people up there.
If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is.
Go on.
Well, when I compare this chart with the Gwendoline sellers chart I got from her boss Jocelyn, I found some discrepancies.
There are 79 names that are in Gwendoline's chart that do not appear on the chart that Jocelyn provided.
Wh-Why would she leave all these names out? Because they're not legit.
Yeah, Beth King died in August of 2015.
Alice Sweeney is an 87-year-old retiree in Naples, Florida.
Isaiah Norman just plain doesn't exist.
STEVE: Okay.
So this isn't just a Ponzi scheme; it's also a money laundering scheme.
Jocelyn's using dummy accounts to filter this cash through the company.
Do we know where the money's coming from? Any idea? Well, check this out.
Jocelyn and her husband own titles to several shell corporations.
All of which have received money that has been linked to the Mack Avenue Crew.
A crime syndicate out of Detroit.
Let me tell you, this crew, they ain't nothing to play with.
They're involved in everything from drugs to human trafficking.
That makes sense, I mean, that would be a reason that, uh, she would have gone sour against the company.
Gwendoline was about to blow the whistle on this money laundering, now Jocelyn's got more than enough motive to want to see her dead.
Door's been breached.
That's never a good thing.
TANI: Clear.
Looks like they were getting ready to leave town.
Looks like she left without him.
All right, so we've got forced entry.
We got half-packed bags, we got a dead husband upstairs, and Jocelyn and the two kids are missing.
Okay, well, it sounds like someone interrupted their escape.
The husband tried to put up a fight, he got a bullet for his troubles.
Maybe it's that crew from Detroit.
Well, they do have a whole bunch of security cameras in here, so the odds are they must have caught something, right? Hey.
No, she got the bad-news face on.
Yeah, so I found Jocelyn's computer.
Whoever did this managed to knock all the cameras off-line first.
I did, however, find something else interesting.
So, Jocelyn seems to have forgot to delete her browser history.
What part is poisonous?" "How to dry foxglove leaves.
" Okay.
So she's our killer.
Where is she, and where are her kids? All right, let's let's just pray they're all still alive.
Presuming that, why would somebody keep them alive and take them with, okay? It-it's because she's got to have something they want, no? She's got their money.
Their money, right? She's got to have their money.
I'm thinking that crew has eyes inside this operation here.
Okay, they learn something's going wrong.
Gwendoline's dead.
Cops are sniffing around.
They're gonna panic.
They're gonna want to pull that cash out, right? So they come here, and what do they find? Jocelyn's getting ready to bail.
JUNIOR: Well, if you're right, we need to figure out where Jocelyn stashed that cash before those Detroit goons do, because once they get what they want, her and her kids are dead.
I'm sorry, Adam, but you have to understand.
For a long time, I fooled myself that no one knew how bad my drinking was.
Things got bad, then worse.
I was numb to humiliating myself.
Hurting my friends, my family.
My marriage failed.
My daughter didn't want me to walk her down the aisle.
The shame of that.
I decided that my family would be better off if I'm not in the picture.
I understand.
No, you don't.
What if they don't want me back? What if they do and you never know because you were too afraid to find out? Hal.
All I know is that when I hit rock bottom, some friends handed me a lifeline and I took it.
And it was the best decision I ever made.
STEVE: Okay, look, if I'm gonna stash millions of dollars in dirty cash, I'm gonna be wanting a location that's secure, right? That has easy access, good storage, good security.
Somewhere your dog wouldn't dig it up.
Right, well, I went through the Greenes' financials.
Aside from their primary home, they own four properties on the island: a beachfront estate in Kailua, a luxury condo on Halekauwila Place, a yacht that's docked in Ala Wai Harbor and a ranch-style two-bedroom on Nahua Street.
Look, I'm thinking the money could be stashed at one or more of these locations, so, Danny, why don't you grab Tani, hit the last one and the beach house.
They're in close proximity.
I drive by that condo every day.
You and Lou hit the condo.
I'm gonna hit the docks, all right? I'll back the truck in.
(siren wailing) Hey! Five-O! Drop your weapon! (groans) No! (gasps) Get up.
Get up! You have to save him.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Back away.
Back a Stay on your knees.
I have 30 minutes to deliver this cash to these guys, or they they're gonna kill my kids, and the only person who knows where they are is him.
So I ran our dead shooter.
His name is Samuel Wade, and he did time at Jackson State Prison.
Look, Jerry, we got to find the rest of this guy's crew right away.
They're holding Jocelyn's kids for ransom right now, and-and we got 25 minutes to get there, you understand? On it.
Okay, here we go.
Wade flew into HNL yesterday and rented a car.
The reservation was linked to another.
They're both SUVs, a late-model GMC Yukon and a Range Rover.
The Yukon's here.
Okay, well, rental car companies usually put vehicle recovery systems in their cars, so I'll reach out and find the Range Rover's exact location.
The second you do-- the second-- text us and the rest of the team, okay? Okay, what's happening? We have, like, 20 minutes.
Relax, okay? Hey, I-I'm gonna I'm gonna arrest you for murder when this is all over, but right now we got to deal with your kids.
I got kids.
I've been right where you are, so I understand how you feel.
You got to put that aside, you need to relax, and you're gonna help us find your kids, okay? Mm-hmm.
Take a breath, relax.
(cell phone buzzing) Jerry got a location.
All right, let's find your kids.
(shuddering): Okay.
Get out.
You're late.
By two minutes.
It's kind of hard to drive with a gun in your ribs.
Where's the money? Get it.
(car alarm chirps) Wade.
Let's roll, brother.
What the Hey, everything's okay, all right, guys? I'm here.
Your mom's here.
She's safe.
Everything's gonna be okay, all right? You okay? It's all over, kids.
It's all over.
Mama, come on.
Okay, okay, okay.
Mama! This place looks so beautiful.
I'm glad you finally unpacked all the boxes I helped you move.
You mean those boxes your guys helped me move? Supervisor.
Thanks for that advice earlier.
I needed to hear it.
(clears throat) Uh (clears throat) Hey, everyone, um You guys all know, uh, what I've been through this past year.
You know, at times, I-I've never I've never felt so alone.
Been so aware of what's missing in my life.
Been so sick to my stomach with sadness.
And then, just when I thought I lost my whole family I looked up, and you were all there.
And you made me you made me feel like part of something.
Made me realize I'm-I'm not alone, that I-I do have family.
I just want to tell you thank you.
Thank you.
To you, buddy.
To Adam.
To Adam.
(Kamekona whoops) STEVE: Can I eat now? Yeah.
(laughter) (cell phone ringing) Excuse me, guys.
Hey, did-did you get there? Is everything okay? Yeah, I'm fine, but there's someone here who wants to talk to you.
Thank you for sending my pop-pop home.
You're welcome.
HAL: Adam, I don't know how I'll ever repay you.
You've already helped me more than you can ever know.
You take care, Hal.
You, too.
(phone beeps) (sighs) Joons, you know, when you said that we would be spending the morning on the beach, I thought we'd actually be, you know, like, lying on it.
O-Okay, well, will you stop now, okay? We're nearly there.
Wh-What are we doing? Why does it have to be this specific patch of sand? What are we even Joons, you did not.
- You did not.
- (chuckles): Mm-hmm.
No! (laughs) Oh, my God! Yeah! Joons, don't mess with me now! I'm-I'm not, I'm not.
I promise.
One more thing.
Hang on.
So every mermaid needs a tail.
Right? Oh, my God, you're kidding me right now.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
I'm not worthy of this! Yeah, you're right, yeah.
Give it back.
No, I'm wrong! I'm so worthy.
St-Stop it already.
You're worthy? Are you sure? Yes, I'm worthy.
Okay, you're worthy.
Thank you.
No worries.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
I'm glad you're excited.
Yeah, I am.
Uh, so-so you know Uh-huh.
Okay, I'm recording everything, okay? Because I will finally have some leverage over you, so when you do cross me, I am blasting this thing on social media.
I just have to join it first.
I don't care, do whatever you want.
I'm about to crush mermaid camp.
JUNIOR: Have fun.
Ladies, love your tails.
Room for one more? (screaming) I know Beyond a doubt My heart Will lead me there soon We'll meet, I know we'll meet Beyond the shore We'll kiss just as before Happy we'll be Beyond the sea And never again I'll go sailing No more sailing So long, sailing
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