Hawaii Five-0 s09e20 Episode Script

Ke Ala O Ka P? (Way of the Gun)

1 Always keep it G, you know I run the streets Live the fast life, you know what it's gon' be I'm a menace to society Product of my environment I'm a menace to society Always keep it G, you know I run the streets Live a fast life, you know what it's gon' be I'm a menace to society, product of my environment I'm a menace to society.
Nah, false alarm.
Yo, keep moving.
Kid, you need to leave now.
Is that any way to treat a paying customer? $150, just like we agreed.
Wait, hold on.
You're the buyer? This was a bad idea before, now it's a really bad idea.
I thought that you might say that.
Um - $350.
That makes $500 total.
- No way, dude.
Brah, she's, like, 15.
We can't do this.
Well? You do whatever you want, man.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Easy there, kid.
That ain't a toy.
State your case in black or white But when one little cross leads to shots Grit your teeth They run for cover so discreet Why don't they do what they say Say what they mean? Baby, one thing leads to another You tell me something wrong, I know I listen too long.
(line ringing) OPERATOR: 911.
What is your emergency? (siren chirps) Spend all day cleaning up after a baby, and tonight I get to clean up our fine feral friend here.
Well, if you took this job for glamour and excitement, you're gonna be disappointed.
And I suppose, since you outrank me, I'm gonna be the one mopping up pig guts.
Unfortunately, this is a two-man job.
(gunshot) Don't! Do as I say, and you'll have a chance to live.
Oh! Man.
Hilo, it's good to see you, my man.
- How you doing? - Aw Wow.
You really stepped up.
A long way from sleeping on a cot at St.
- Yeah.
Hey, uh, what about you, man? You still, uh, sleeping at the shelter? I try.
You know, just to keep me out of trouble most of the time, at least.
Hilo what's going on? I did something really stupid yesterday.
What type of gun? A revolver-- a .
38, old.
You, uh, you didn't-- you didn't get the girl's name, right? No.
JUNIOR: But he did give a description, and I've already alerted HPD.
Get that description to all the other high schools on the Island, all right, then tighten their security.
You know, school shootings are rarely female, and it's a .
A six-shot revolver is not usually the weapon of choice.
I'm sorry, man, I should've stopped it.
Hey, hey.
This guy that you know that set up the sale, how do we find him? The money that Ioane got for the gun will keep him high for two or three days.
I wouldn't count on him showing his face until the drugs run out.
DANNY: I got a question.
This guy set it up.
Right? So why was he surprised to see a teenage girl? Ioane thought he was smart and-and super anonymous.
He-he set up the buy at the website.
I don't know the name, but I do know that he used a computer at a public library in Wai'anae.
Junior, have Adam and Jerry head over there.
Pull the files of all the computers, see if they can help us I.
this girl.
Have him sit down with a sketch artist, see if he can come up with a composite.
On it.
Hilo, with me.
I'm gonna reach out to HPD, have them, uh, alert us to any and all activity that involves a .
38 slug on the Island.
Ah, you know, look, she, ah, obviously went through a lot of trouble to get that gun.
She probably has a plan.
STEVE: Yeah, and we probably should find her before she implements it.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x20 Ke Ala O Ka Pū (Way of ♫ Make the call.
I'm not going to ask you again.
(line ringing) (ringing) (on TV): Oh, look, Teddy, a real clown.
DORIS: Steven, honey, can you please turn that down? Well, Chief, I, uh Never mind.
Just a moment, please.
John, the phone's for you.
That was quite a stunt.
Say, you're the star of The Captain Outrageous Show.
This is John McGarrett.
LUKELA (over phone): He's got a gun on me.
He wants you to meet him.
Got it.
I'm on my way.
Hey I have to go to work.
Take care of your mom while I'm gone, okay? Okay? I have to go.
I love you.
DORIS: John, if something was wrong, you would tell me, right? JOHN: I'm not gonna lie to you.
I don't know.
Just lock the door behind me.
I'll try to call you as soon as I get this straightened out.
(door opens, shuts) As I live and breathe.
Let him go, Hester.
Don't worry, you're gonna be all right.
You heard me, cut him loose.
I'm here now, alone, unarmed.
Didn't call it in, just like you asked.
You're such a good boy, John.
I take it that's the murder weapon we never found.
The very one.
I stashed it well and picked it up the day I got out.
Should've had you on murder instead of man 2.
Ten years was light.
I shouldn't have served a day.
He was stealing from me.
From a company we built together.
Besides, it was-- it was self-defense.
A jury of your peers disagreed.
Ten years, John.
Long time.
More than enough to lose everything.
The company, for one.
I'm broke.
My wife left.
My son stopped talking to me.
Prefers his new dad.
Or so I'm told.
Honestly, I don't blame him.
You made sure he grew up without a father.
(thunder rumbles) Heard you have a boy of your own.
Steve, right? CSU found a slug.
It was fired at close range.
Single gunshot to the chest.
The slug's in pretty bad condition, so it's unlikely we're gonna get a ballistics hit.
(siren approaching) So, our girl buys a .
38, and less than 24 hours later, this guy's shot dead with one? Well, not too many .
38s on the street these days.
I'd say she's more than likely our shooter.
- We I.
the vic? - Yeah.
Michael Carrigan, 43.
He's got a bunch of priors, including misdemeanor assault and B and E.
He also had his license suspended for a DUI, which might explain why he's out here drinking in the early hours of the morning.
There's a liquor store within walking distance from here.
Well, this looks to me like a regular drinking spot here.
I mean, if this was a premeditated hit, then it would explain how our shooter knew where to find him, no? TANI: Yeah, I agree.
Assuming it was our teenage girl, what's the connection with this guy, then? Junior described her as suburban, clean-cut.
Yeah, clean-cut, carrying a .
STEVE: Yeah, with one less bullet in it.
JUNIOR: Okay, so sketch artist just sent this over.
HPD's distributing this image to all schools island-wide.
And they are also going to keep Hilo on ice until this thing plays out.
Well, in the meantime, I looked a little deeper into our vic Michael Carrigan.
Carrigan was single, he had no kids.
His last known address was with his grandmother.
He was stacking boxes in a warehouse, and when I talked to his boss, he told me that he was well liked, hard-working, never had any problems with anybody that he knew of.
He worked the graveyard shift last night, knocked off 7:00 a.
He gets off work, goes and buys a bottle, then finds a nice place to drink it, then gets capped by a kid in junior high.
Hey, so I just got off the phone with Noelani.
Approximate time of death was 9:00 a.
She also was able to determine his blood alcohol level: .
Wow, he was wasted.
Also, Noelani found blood and skin tissue under his fingernails.
It typed as female DNA not in the system.
GROVER: Yet another piece of evidence pointing to our Ms.
Jane Doe as the shooter.
This still doesn't explain why she wanted him killed.
We got to dig deeper.
We got to find some connective tissue between this guy and our UnSub.
Until then, we need to focus on getting that gun off the street.
Yes, yes, it was a really good flight.
You know why it was a good flight? Because they didn't lose my luggage.
All right, monkey, time for bed.
I love you very much, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow.
All right? All right, monkey, good night.
My man.
Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
You have anything, um, like, substantial to eat in this place? - Yeah, right over there.
- Right here? - Yeah.
- Interesting.
I don't know what that is.
Spam musubi.
Sorry? Can't even say that.
You have anything that comes from a cow maybe? Yeah, try the freezer.
We have some White Castle there.
Oh, good.
And the microwave's over by the ice chest.
You here on vacation? Uh, no, I, uh, start a new job here tomorrow.
Uh, this island grows on you.
That's what I hear, that's what I hear.
Try taking the tie off.
That might be a start.
Yeah, I-I hear that, too.
Give me the cash! Now! Come on! Come on! (cash register beeping) - Excuse me, sir.
- Shut up! Okay.
All right.
Just, I-I - Hey! You got a death wish? - No, no, no.
- Shut up.
Just relax, please.
Just stay calm.
You can run, nobody's gonna see you, nobody knows All right, relax, relax.
Relax, just relax.
Hands up! (microwave beeps) (gasps) (gasps) No, no, no, no! (gunshot) (woman screams) Hey, hey.
Come here, come here.
Come here.
Listen to me.
I want you to keep pressure on this, okay, until the ambulance gets here.
Do not let up on this until the ambulance gets here, you understand? You're gonna be okay, all right? Allight? (glass shatters) (car alarm blaring) HPD! Come out with your hands up! (grunts) Hey! HPD.
Stop! (panting) Son of a bitch.
(phone dialing) OPERATOR: 911.
What is your emergency? Yeah, this is Detective Danny Williams.
I don't have a badge number yet.
Failed pursuit of the gunman from the robbery on Colburn.
Suspect is armed with a .
Last seen at the corner of Mokauea and Ahuula.
I don't, I don't know where I am.
Dispatching units to the area immediately, Detective.
(phone beeps) Please tell me you got something from the library.
Yeah, a lot.
We found the computer Hilo's friend used to sell the gun.
Web history shows he listed it on a shady website, uh, it's kind of a wannabe Armslist.
The buyer's account was created four days ago.
He used a dummy e-mail account, but I think I can trace the IP address.
Here we go.
Uh, it traces back to Wilkinson High School.
Looks like the e-mail was sent from their computer lab.
Wilkinson is a public school out in Wahiawa.
There's easily over 1,000 students there.
We got to reach out to the school right away.
Get a copy of their yearbook, and get Junior's friend back up here to make an I.
OWEN: So, uh, what's this about? Before we get into it, uh, I've been trying to get in touch with Bonnie's mom.
I can't seem to get ahold of her.
- You know where she is? -Sh Like he would have any idea.
They only communicate through lawyers.
(sighs) I, uh, I-I don't know, sorry.
Can you guys just tell me why I was dragged out of class? Yeah.
This man's name is Michael Carrigan.
So? Uh, he was killed this morning.
Uh, the gun used was a-a .
STEVE: You see, the thing is, Bonnie, we have somebody who was present at the gun sale yesterday.
They say you bought that gun in Waialua off a junkie.
- Wait, wait, wait, what? I don't know what you're talking about.
Uh, hang on a second here.
You're accusing my-my daughter of murder based on what? The gun sale was arranged online, and we traced the buyer's IP address to a computer at this school.
Okay, we also have an eyewitness who was there and said Bonnie bought that gun, so I have to ask you again, Bonnie, how do you know Michael Carrigan? I don't.
DANNY: Well, we'd like to do a-a DNA test, uh, to rule you out, also a thing called a cordite test where we check your clothes for, uh, gunshot residue.
No, no.
She's not submitting to anything.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Pearsen, we're, uh, we're-we're not done here.
No, I think we are.
All you have is the word of a drug addict and-and a computer at a school with over 1,000 kids in it, right? So unless you're willing to put the cuffs on my daughter right now, conversation's over.
Now, I got to get back to work, all right? Come on, Bonnie.
I'm taking you home.
ADAM: We scoured Bonnie's e-mail, social media accounts, the works.
Nothing as far as a connection to our victim, so we started looking into her parents.
Her dad's not active on the interwebs, but her mom is, especially on Facebook.
Three weeks ago, Kiana Pearsen posted this photo.
It's of her and Bonnie at a restaurant, along with this guy.
- Michael Carrigan.
TANI: Wow, chummy.
Looks like Bonnie's mom was dating our vic.
Right, so why'd she claim she didn't know him? Hey, Jerry, where are we at with tracking the mother? I tried pinging her phone but it's off.
I'm gonna have to pull call records and see what that gets us.
I'll get her picture out to ports and airports.
Okay, good.
Let's get a search team over to the mother's house.
Tani, grab Junior, head to the father's house.
We need to bring Bonnie in.
- Hey! WOMAN: Hey! Hi! What's up, girl? Hey! Hey, how are you? (hip-hop music playing) I do it big Bigger than Biggie and Christopher, out We do it big, bigger than Sean WOMAN: Tani! For sure.
I'm finally famous, at least while I'm raking On top of my game, I don't care 'bout no ranking Smoking that Pepé Le Pew got me stankin' Thinking, thanking God to me, I'm grateful (laughter, loud chatter) All my dogs got to eat so my plate full Baby serving cake 'cause I'll be unfaithful What can I say? I work for this, work for this Hi.
- How was your shift? -Pretty good.
I'm glad you're here now.
MAN: Yeah.
(gunshot) (people screaming) (gunshots continue) WOMAN: Is that a gunshot? MALEKO: Yeah, little man nailed it again.
(laughs) MAN: Get 'em, brah.
- Yo, I want one of these.
- Koa? What are you doing here? KOA: Just - Where the hell did you get that? MALEKO: From me.
Relax, Tani, kid's just got to have a little fun.
Is someone talking to you? DAMIN: Everybody chill.
Back up right now.
- Everybody chill.
- Get out of my face.
Maleko, that ain't cool, man.
This boy don't need to be playing with a heater.
Baby bro, give it here.
- Give me the .
TANI: Koa.
Give him the gun now.
It's all good, right? Let's head back inside, have another drink.
I'm taking you home.
What? What? Come on, no.
Shut up.
Get inside now.
Come on, but it just started.
- Walk, Koa.
Shut up.
- It's not a big deal.
Call me after.
All right.
Couldn't sleep? Yeah, something like that.
(sighs) Look, I said I was sorry.
I spoke to the boys.
They know Koa's not in the game.
They better.
Look, Damien, I know what you do, but I don't want to get my brother anywhere near that.
And he won't be, on my word.
I love you.
Last night, when I was leaving, I saw you give the gun back to Maleko.
What did you say to him? - Nothing.
- Yeah? 'Cause I could've sworn that I heard you say, "Call me after.
" After what? Baby, I don't even know what you're talking about.
You must've heard me wrong.
Okay? (knocking on door) (knocking continues) (pounding on door) Good morning, Mr.
I'm Detective Belden, HPD.
My partner, Detective Iosua.
Your friend Maleko Pane, seems he was spotted in the vicinity of a gun homicide last night.
The victim was from a crew that's been beefing with yours.
(echoing): This ring any bells? DANNY: Hey, Bonnie.
All right, so you, uh, you lied to us.
I didn't kill him, I swear.
But okay, yeah, I did know him.
TANI: Now that we're all telling the truth, do you want to tell us, uh, where we can find your mother? I don't know.
I've been calling and texting her ever since you came to my school, but I can't get through.
Hold her in the bullpen.
We'll talk when her dad gets here.
No, no, no-- I, I can't talk about this in front of him.
Please, he has no idea.
Listen, I-I bought the gun, okay? Why don't you take a seat? I waited until last night to move it to my mom's house when I knew that that scumbag would be at work.
DANNY: Scumbag is, uh, Michael Carrigan? TANI: All right, so, CSU's at your mother's place right now.
Would you be able to direct them to where the gun is? Um, my bedroom closet.
There's a loose floorboard.
STEVE: So, Bonnie, why'd you buy a gun? He beats her.
The past few weeks, it's gotten a lot worse.
The other day, he knocked her unconscious.
I was worried that he would kill her.
So I figured that the next time he laid a hand on her You'd kill him first? Okay.
Does your father know that-that Carrigan beat your mother? He didn't even know that she had a boyfriend.
Yeah, I-I didn't tell him anything because I didn't want it to be used against my mom in the divorce.
I-I don't understand.
She has issues-- uh, drinking, pills, too-- just stuff that could be used against her in a custody battle.
Look, it's-it's not that my dad's a bad guy, he's really not, it's just I-I don't want to see my mom any less than I already do.
CSU checked the stash spot.
No gun.
BONNIE: No, it, it has to be there.
You have to believe me, I did not kill him.
Guys, a word? Give us a minute, Bonnie, okay? Just stay here.
So there's another angle to this.
Parents always know where their kids' stash spot is.
My dad knew where mine was.
So her mom really knows where hers is.
STEVE: All right, so we're thinking Kiana, she actually finds the gun and then, fresh off a beating from this monster, she uses it and kills the guy.
JUNIOR: So chances are, when we do get the match back from the female blood and tissue from our vic's fingernails, it's not gonna come back to Bonnie, it'll be her mom.
- We need to find this woman, now.
We searched Maleko's place.
No gun.
Look, um Detective, I-I saw him with the gun.
My boyfriend called it a .
I don't know what he did with it after We arrested him for murder.
We found other evidence in Maleko's place.
Without you coming forward, we never would have gotten a warrant.
You should feel good about doing the right thing.
Yeah, I'll let you know when that kicks in.
You're smart.
So here's some advice I hope you're smart enough to take.
Use this opportunity to get as far away from these people as you can.
It's actually not about me, it's about my brother.
Well, I'd make it about both of you.
Maybe you know this, maybe you don't, but Damien's crew is making a power grab to take down a set of local dealers.
It's only gonna get bloodier from here.
Kiana Pearsen's cell records indicate she placed one call this morning, 25 minutes before Michael Carrigan's T.
, and look who it's to.
DANNY: The ex-husband.
Okay, that's very interesting, because Bonnie said that her folks only spoke through lawyers.
TANI: Yeah, well, they hadn't spoken, at least not by cell phone, in over a year, up until this phone call that clocked in just over two and a half minutes.
Okay, so what are we thinking? This is her calling him and telling him that Carrigan's been knocking her around? JERRY: Certainly appears so.
Because mere moments after Carrigan was killed, Owen Pearsen calls her back.
Said call lasted 38 seconds.
STEVE: That's him calling her saying "I dealt with the problem.
" DANNY: Well, why don't we ask him if that's true? He's on his way here now to talk to his daughter.
(elevator chimes) Owen Pearsen.
Where's my daughter? We'll get to that later.
Right now, you're under arrest for the murder of Michael Carrigan.
Turn around.
What are you talking about? - No, I'm not doing - Put your hands behind your back.
- What are you talking about? - Give me that hand.
Come on, man, it's not what you think.
Never is.
(zip tie tightens) Let's go.
Pearsen, the .
38 was exactly where you said it would be.
Our techs confirmed that it was in fact the murder weapon, so why don't you, uh, why don't you tell us what happened? DANNY: Oh, we got, we got ideas, but we'd like to hear it from you, if that's okay.
Uh I guess it-it started with a a phone call from my ex-wife.
She was scared, you know? Um Now, I-I don't know if either of you guys are married, but even when it goes south, you can't shut off some of those feelings, you know? The-the ones that go right into the core.
And what, you go over to the ex-wife's house, you tell her you're gonna take care of the problem, right? Kiana guides you to the gun that she found in Bonnie's room, or how does that work? No, no, no, that's not what happened at all.
No, no-- Kiana had no idea about any gun.
Neither of us did.
Um, I-I guess that-that Bonnie, you know, got ahold of it and then, and then hid it in her room.
It was that scumbag Carrigan who found it when he raided her room looking for her allowance money.
Wait a minute, this guy was, this guy was stealing his girlfriend's kid's money? This is the guy we're talking about, yeah, yeah.
I mean, apparently, he comes home, uh, looking for drinking money, you know? Kiana tries to stop him from going into Bonnie's room, he wails on her and goes into the room anyway, and within a few minutes, he's gone.
And that's when she called you? Yeah.
Yeah, I told her I'd have a word with him.
Look, I was mad as hell, man, but I did not leave that house thinking I was gonna kill the guy.
Kiana told me where he liked to drink.
I-I figured I'd go over there and, you know, slap him around a little bit, you know? Like, give him a taste of his own medicine.
He was, he was pretty hammered when I got there.
And next thing I know, he pulls out the gun.
And it was, it was instinct.
I-I knew I had to get it away from him or I'd wind up dead.
We fought over it for a bit, and it accidentally went off.
(gunshot) (sighs) I just assumed the gun was his.
I had no idea Bonnie was even involved until you guys showed up at her school.
STEVE: So then, what, you call your ex-wife then and tell her what had happened.
And then she runs, is that right? She never would have run if she had known Bonnie was involved.
Despite Kiana's issues, she loves our daughter unconditionally, for sure.
DANNY: You know where she is? - Right now? Any idea? - No.
But I can give you the name of a few of her friends.
I doubt she'd go very far.
We need to speak with Kiana.
Kiana Pearsen, we're with Five-O.
TANI: We spoke with your ex-husband.
I'm sure you know why we're here.
- Mm-hmm.
- We're gonna need to get a statement.
Do you think that would be okay? (sniffles) Kiana once we get something down, if you'd like, I can introduce you to someone who can help.
(crying) Okay.
(elevator chimes) You get a statement from the mother? Signed, sealed, delivered.
Um, so long as his story checks out, I can't imagine a judge is gonna give Owen Pearsen much jail time.
STEVE: Hey, Junior, reach out to HPD, have them bring Pearsen in for booking, please.
- Yeah, I already did, but there's something else you need to see here.
The lab sent over their ballistics report on our .
TANI: Please tell me it matches the slug from the murder scene.
Oh, it's a match for our scene, along with 14 others.
Wait a minute, you're saying this one gun is linked to 14 crimes? JUNIOR: Mm-hmm.
And these are just the ones we know about.
It's called a community gun, and the reason they're so valuable is because they get passed around so much that the cops have almost no way of knowing who was in possession of the damn thing when a crime is committed.
STEVE: HPD ran the ballistics and they all lined up with the same gun.
Some of these cases are over 40 years old.
46, actually.
A lot of them are still open.
Including one of mine.
Pull up the one on the right.
STEVE: Is that the convenience store on Colburn? When I flew in here, the first night I got here, I went to get a bite to eat, and the shop owner was-was shot with this gun, apparently.
On your first night in Hawaii, you were involved in a robbery? I'm a lucky guy, what can I say? Wow.
Kind of getting the shivers.
That's eerie.
Like, quantum-level interconnected eerie.
- Did the store owner make it? DANNY: No.
He died on the way to the hospital.
Uh, I worked the case for a long time, came up with nothing.
The trace on the gun, empty, nothing.
I think I may be able to help you.
The guy who had this gun in 2015 is in Halawa.
I know that because I put him there.
I think we can trace the chain of ownership and find out who owned it in 2010.
JERRY: Okay, tell me you're not at least a little freaked out now? These aren't just 14 random crimes.
We're linked to two of them.
Jerry, do me a favor, pull this one up.
(echoes): My father worked on this case.
Heard you have a boy of your own.
Steve, right? That's right.
Well, he comes from hardy stock.
I'm sure he'll, he'll find his way.
Wait, wait.
I came out here on good faith.
We had an understanding you were to send this young man home.
Understanding? We could never have an understanding, John.
You've done too much harm.
Spread too much pain with how stubborn you are.
You never let anything go, just like, like during my trial.
When everything was about to break my way.
You! You and you alone.
You couldn't let it go.
You just, you dug and you dug and you dug until you found something that told those people what they needed to hear.
So I took a page out of your book.
I didn't give up.
And now, I'm the dog with the bone and here we are.
We are indeed.
But you leave him out of it.
You have a score you want to settle, Hester? Settle it with me.
If you insist.
(grunting) No! (grunting) (groaning) (coughing) (groaning) (panting) (groaning) (groans) (groaning continues) Go-- he's getting away.
Settle down, man.
You got shot.
I'm gonna try to stop the bleeding.
(groans) What's your name, man? Duke.
Listen, Duke, I'm not gonna lie to you, man.
You're in bad shape.
All right? But you got a fighting chance if we get out of here right now.
And I'm a fighter.
Okay? Are you? Huh? - Huh? - All right.
(groans) LUKELA: It's been 36 years since I talked about that night.
Your father and I certainly never discussed it.
He saved my life.
Despite that, it still felt like a defeat.
(exhales) I'm sorry about your partner.
Thank you, Steve.
He was a good cop.
I remember that night.
I was six years old.
There was something about that phone call.
The look on my father's face when he left the house that night, what he said to me I just knew something was wrong.
JOHN: Listen, Steve, um Last night I had to leave because someone was in trouble.
That's what I do.
And the truth is there's a lot of bad people out there.
And sometimes decent folks get hurt.
My job's to try to stop that from happening.
That night, that was the first time I, uh, I really understood what my old man did every day.
What he risked.
I understood, at that point that there was something more important than himself.
(chuckles) What's that they say about the apple? Hmm? Falling from the tree? (chuckles) Hmm? Did you guys ever get a lead? No.
Not that we stopped looking.
I still keep a copy of the file on my desk.
I look at it from time to time but it's always just dead ends.
Duke we got the gun, which means we have the serial number.
I mean, it's possible, after all these years, you could actually get your man.
We're five minutes out.
Thank you.
All right, Halawa's gonna put Maleko in the box for us.
You okay? Yeah, I'm good.
You seem good.
You seem very chipper.
I know it's crazy, but a small part of me just still feels like a snitch, you know? Like I sold out my people.
Okay, that's, that's ridiculous.
They were not your people to begin with, okay? And y-you probably saved your brother's life by pulling him out of there.
I assume this guy, he has no idea that you're the one who put him in jail? No.
No, he doesn't.
A couple days later, I broke up with Damien.
He had this wandering eye, so that gave me the cover I needed to break it off clean.
Although, it wasn't exactly clean, 'cause I trashed his place, like, really good before I left.
And then as far as Maleko's arrest I don't think anyone had any idea.
And then six months later, I joined the Academy.
And here we are.
- Here we are.
- It's very, uh, it's weird.
What do you mean? Why is it weird? The gun that had you join the HPD is the same gun that almost got me killed when I first arrived here, you know? Little weird.
Yeah, you're right.
That is weird.
Right? (phone rings) What's up, Steve? STEVE: Hey, Danny, you got me and Duke on, uh, on speaker here.
- You guys at the prison yet? -No.
We're, like, five minutes out.
What's up with the .
38? - You find the original owner yet? - Yes.
Check this out.
That gun was originally registered in 1971.
The woman is still alive and well on the North Shore.
TANI: Did she know Hester? - No, not personally.
But she did sell the gun to him in 1972.
Still had the original sales slip.
Got to love a hoarder.
LUKELA: Hester had an alias.
One that HPD didn't know about, so it's not in the file.
Turns out that that alias has popped up a few times since.
Most recently two years ago on a lease agreement in California.
So I guess that means you're going to California.
Yeah, we're on the way to the airstrip now.
Happy hunting.
Thanks, pal.
You, too.
Your hair got long.
What can I say? Time marches on.
A shame about Damien.
Yeah, we all make choices, don't we? I thought you got booted out of the Academy.
DANNY: Yeah, that's old news, too.
I'd actually like to get past all that.
Could we, could we talk about your gun? What, that? That's not my gun.
Uh, not-not now, obviously, but it was in 2015.
No, never seen it before.
All right, Maleko, here's the thing.
(sighs) So this very gun was used in a homicide this morning.
What, you think I did it? DANNY: Mm-mm.
No, knowing your alibi, it's gonna probably check out.
Anyway, she's gonna ask you a question.
If you answer it, I will make a phone call and, uh, I promise you your stay here will get better if I make that phone call.
Why don't you take us down memory lane? Where'd you get that gun? Hmm? DANNY: How you doing, man? Oh, welcome.
You're early.
The service doesn't start till 6:00.
We're actually not here for the service.
Uh, I'm Detective Danny Williams.
This is my partner, Tani Rey.
How can I help you? You don't, you don't recognize me, huh? Yeah, I-I don't really recognize you, either, 'cause last time I saw you, you were wearing a ski mask.
But I do recognize that tattoo on your wrist.
You, uh, your remember this? The guy who bought it from you sold you out.
So turn around and put your hands behind your back.
I did unforgiveable things.
But that night changed me.
You know, two months later I found, I found God.
Uh, I started sweeping the floors at this place.
Worked my way up to head usher.
Good for you.
Good for you.
You know, there's an active community of worship in Halawa, you're gonna fit right in.
Come on.
All right, this is it, Duke, you ready? Ready.
Let's go.
When I move, you take the rear.
(clattering nearby) (gunshots) (groans) (groaning) (panting) Duke! Yo, Duke.
Scott Hester.
This is John McGarrett's son.
And my name is Duke Lukela.
(echoing): Remember me? ♫ I pulled into Nazareth Was feelin' about half past dead He just grinned and shook my hand "No" was all he said Take a load off, Fanny Take a load for free Take a load off, Fanny And, and, and You put the load right on me.
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