Hawaii Five-0 s09e21 Episode Script

He Kama Na Ka Pueo (Offspring of an Owl)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O STEVE: We need this place for a few days for a stakeout.
You cannot do this, Agnes is coming back this week.
DANNY: Anybody asks, I'm Agnes's nephew and we're just house-sitting.
(cat screeching) STEVE: What is the matter with you? DANNY: Please, can we just finish this surveillance and go home? Who are you? Oh, I'm Ricky.
Agnes has me check in on Mr.
Pickles while she's out of town.
You looking for this? Oh, no.
That's the, uh, catnip, bro.
Where's the cat? You called the drug dealer to find Mr.
Pickles? Hey.
What are you guys doing here? You found Mr.
Pickles and you brought him back, so, for that, we're gonna give you a pass.
(chuckles) Thank you.
DANNY: Yeah.
I Have never done anything right Before tonight Before tonight I I used to show some semblance of control.
(glass crunching) (grunts) (thud) (groaning) (grunting) (clanging) Hey! What's going on?! Let me out of here! Please! (gas hissing) What's that? (shouting) (screaming) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x21 He Kama Na Ka Pueo (Offs DANNY: Okay, I-I understand.
I'm just saying, what-what if she did? STEVE: She didn't.
DANNY: How do you know that? How do I know that? We don't even know her, Danny.
I've never I don't even know what she looks like.
So what? We were in her apartment once five years ago for a stakeout.
Right? Why And now we're in her will? - Doesn't make any sense.
- Look, she's, uh obviously wasn't a normal person in the head.
Right? You hear about this stuff all the time.
Crazy cat lady.
Uh, uses coupons her whole life.
Come to find out she's, uh, worth millions of dollars when she dies.
She leaves it to two complete strangers? Y-Yeah.
Well, I mean, w-we're here for a reason, right? I mean, she left us something, you know? Yeah.
(ding) Look, I'm just saying, I think you're gonna be sadly disappointed.
Yeah, and I'm just saying that you should start looking for a new partner if there's anything north of $250,000 for us here, because, in that case, I am gone.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We are here to see Mr.
Inouye, uh, regarding the Agnes Miller estate.
Please, have a seat.
Inouye will be with you shortly.
STEVE: Thank you.
- No way! You dudes were invited to this thing, too? (laughs) Bring it in! Hey! So sad about Agnes.
She was like a second bubbie to me.
What's up, bro? How are you, man? - Let's I got a little cold.
- Oh.
- I don't want to give it to you.
Um, I don't I don't remember you.
Uh You kidding? It's Ricky.
Ricky Schiff.
He lived in Agnes's building.
Remember? He came upstairs, and, uh, he tried to sell us drugs and exotic animals and stuff.
Yep, yep, yep.
Exotic animals.
That was wack.
What are you doing? You're staying out of trouble, I hope.
Oh, dude, you know it.
It's actually because of you guys.
You guys scared me straight, know what I mean? Showed me the errors of my ways, yeah.
Ricky Schiff is rehabilitated, reformed, and a another word that starts with "R.
" - I got one.
- Really grateful.
- How's that? STEVE: Okay, good.
Good to see you're, uh you're staying out of trouble.
Thanks, man.
Sorry to keep you waiting, gentlemen, but this shouldn't take long.
Please, have a seat.
Um, Agnes Miller had no family, and you three are the only ones attending this reading.
All right.
"I, Agnes Eugenia Miller "of 2120 Nanamaoa Street, apartment 5B" Yada yada yada.
Uh, here we go.
"do hereby bequeath "all of my tangible personal property "and all policies and proceeds "of insurance covering such property, "including all real estate, stocks and cash holdings, "currently valued at $842,671, to the Humane Society of Oahu.
" Okay.
Um, everything went to the Humane Society.
Then, uh, what are we doing here? Well, Mrs.
Miller did see fit to carve out two exceptions in her will.
Agnes left this for you and your partner.
STEVE (chuckles): Hey.
DANNY: Box of porcelain cats.
- Wonderful.
RICKY: Score.
It seems Mrs.
Miller felt that you two would be the perfect stewards of her beloved cat figurine collection, - Mm-hmm.
uh, given the sensitivity you showed when you had one of the figurines repaired.
What are you doing? (camera clicking) I just wanted to capture the exact moment that your, uh, dreams crumbled around you.
(smacks lips) April, you can bring him in now.
I'm sorry, I thought we were the only people attending this.
Yes, you are.
(gasps) No way! Is that who I think it is? (meows) Hi! INOUYE: Mrs.
Miller was very clear in her instructions that Mr.
Schiff would become the legal guardian of her prized (meows) Turkish Angora cat, (purring) Mr.
Hey there, Mr.
(talking gibberish) (Mr.
Pickles meows) I missed you.
INOUYE: However, due to the unsuitability of your current residential status, I am duty bound to find a more satisfactory home for Mr.
So, what, what-what does that mean? My understanding is that Mr.
Schiff is currently on parole and is living in a halfway house.
I thought you said you were rehabilitated.
My bad.
Should've said "rehabilitating.
" (exhales) Well, who gets the cat? Well, that, uh that went poorly.
You really thought you were gonna inherit a million dollars? I mean, you got a bunch of cat figurines and custody of an actual cat.
Yeah, I didn't get custody of a cat.
The cat's not coming home with me.
Hey, you.
You have till the end of the day to find that cat a home, or I'm taking it to the pound.
I don't care what that lawyer says.
I'm not inheriting a cat because of your housing situation.
I don't get why you guys don't want him.
Pickles is a primo animal.
Hey, Ricky, listen to me.
I think Mr.
Pickles is great.
I like the cat a lot.
But I have a dog.
His name's Eddie.
He doesn't do well with small animals, so I can't take the cat.
And what about you, Robin? Remind me why you can't take him.
Well, because I don't want to take him, I'm not gonna take him, I refuse, and that's that.
I don't like cats.
- I'm not a cat guy.
- Harsh, dude.
It is a little harsh, but the best part about that is Detective Williams here basically is a cat.
I mean, it's like his spirit animal.
Why do you say that? Well, the reason I say that, Daniel, is because the cat is a solitary animal.
Moody, aloof, temperamental.
They don't socialize well.
And they spend an inordinate amount of time grooming themselves.
(Ricky chuckles) He's right, man.
I totally get a cat vibe off of you.
Oh, do you? Because you don't know me.
I spent two minutes with you five years ago.
Shut up.
That's exactly what a cat would say.
Pickles meows) All right.
- We gonna go halfsies, all right? - Mm.
I know, I know you said you didn't want anything, but, uh, come on, get down on this.
- No, really, - I'm-I'm good.
- You sure? I-I already ate.
- More for me.
- Besides, I'm sort of off shellfish right now.
Is that right? How come? I saw this documentary about it.
Turns out shrimp are basically the vacuum cleaners of the ocean, sucking up all that nasty stuff off the bottom.
- Mm.
- Not to mention, during cleaning, they're disemboweled - Mm.
and essentially left to soak in their own excrement.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's nasty.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Was that little speech supposed to make me stop eating my shrimp burrito? Because I have the stomach of a billy goat.
- Mm.
- And nothing in this world can keep me from these delicious vacuum cleaners of the sea.
(chuckles) (laughs) Mmm.
Mmm! So good.
Hey, Lou, I appreciate you inviting me to breakfast.
- I really do.
- Man, please.
You're a cheap date.
All you ordered is a large coffee.
Man, we can have breakfast every day if you want to.
You know you don't have to take care of me or anything, right? Adam, I have two kids and an idiot, sticky-fingered brother to worry about.
You think I'm trying to add to that list? Come on, man.
I'm just checking on you, okay? I'm just making sure you're good, all right? Because, let's face it, you've you've had a pretty eventful year.
That's all.
Yeah, I suppose I have.
But I'm I'm doing okay, though.
I I'm-I'm getting through it.
You know? I do know.
I'll tell you something else I know.
Let's-let's just, um Let's keep it 100, as the kids say.
You and me, we're a couple of tough guys.
And the thing about us tough guys is that when-when something personal happens to us, we have a tendency to push it down and bottle it up and and we take on the guilt and shame of it all and we work it around in our heads, until, somehow, the whole damn thing's our fault.
A few years back, I went through a very, very dark period, and, um brother, I was at the end of my rope.
I couldn't see a way out of it.
I thank God every day for my wife, man.
My kids, my family and friends.
Because if it wasn't for them Man, look, you got me all Look I'm just trying to let you know that you have the same support system available to you from me.
From all of us.
But in particular, from me.
I'll admit, you know, I (sighs): there were times when I I didn't even know if I would make it through the day.
You know, the idea that I could be sitting here with you with this job that I have, you know, feeling the way I do, genuinely optimistic about my future, that would have seemed impossible to me back then.
- Yeah.
- And yet, here I am.
- Here you are.
I'm excited about what's in store for me.
- As long as it's not one of these, right? - Hell no.
(laughs) - You got to see this documentary, man.
(phone vibrating) I'm telling you, it's gonna change your life.
Oh, it's Noelani.
I guess breakfast is over.
GROVER: So, what's this all about? NOELANI: Workers arrived this morning to find signs of forced entry and fresh human remains in the oven.
Fresh? How fresh? Based on the temperature of the oven, I'd estimate the cremation occurred sometime between the hours of midnight and 2:00 a.
And from what I hear, CSU hasn't been able to recover anything that might indicate who was behind the break-in-- no prints or DNA.
And no cameras, I assume, because who worries about a crematorium being robbed? Say, Doc, you think anybody'd break into a place like this with a body to burn just to save a few bucks on a cremation? Or nah? Or nah, Captain.
All signs point to this being a murder investigation.
But we can't declare it as such until we've I.
'd our vic.
And since at the moment all we have to go on is a pile of bones and ash We're gonna have a hell of a time finding out who this is.
Or was.
Not to mention who killed him.
TANI: Oh, my goodness, he's such a flirty guy.
You know, there are cats that have survived falls of over 30 stories, onto concrete.
- Hey.
What are you doing? Don't do that.
Don't give him ideas, okay? I would not throw the cat out the window.
Besides, this window does not open.
Well, Mr.
Pickles here needs a new home, so who wants him? No.
Uh, me and Eddie are in a monogamous relationship, so it's not gonna work.
JERRY: Yeah, don't get me wrong.
I mean, uh, I like cats-- it's just, if it wasn't for the risk of cat scratch fever and the whole toxoplasma gondii thing (purring) It's a fatal brain parasite, contracted from cat poop.
- You.
- Oh, no.
Thank you.
No, thank you, though.
But thank you.
Yeah, 'cause 'cause it's a slippery slope, you know? I get one cat, then I have a hundred cats, and then I'm a crazy spinster cat lady drinking box wine and watching Lifetime movies and just wondering, where, where, where did I go wrong? Well, then why don't you all go back to work, then, all of you? - Okay.
All right, Ricky, how are we doing with the adopt-a-cat profile? What do you think? Looks good.
Well, I don't think it looks good.
I mean, respectfully, I think that I would change the picture, because in this picture the cat looks satanic.
Don't list his age, because nobody wants an old cat that's gonna have to go to the vet back and forth and eventually die, right? Duty calls.
All right, look, uh, just list, uh, the cat's strong points.
We need this cat gone by the end of today, you understand? All right.
All right? - Got it? - Yep.
Oh, Danny, at some stage, we should get together and talk about how you want to divide up these figurines.
No, they're all yours.
I don't like cats or glass cats.
Whoa, whoa, what would Agnes say? I don't care.
I don't know Agnes.
I never met her.
Just heard back from Noelani.
She was able to recover a metal fragment from the ashes.
Turns out our victim had a pacemaker.
- Which exploded under the heat.
But we were able to grab a serial number from it, and from there, we got an I.
ADAM: Dale Samson.
From what we can gather, Mr.
Samson had been marketing himself as a P.
And he was not one? Not according to the Hawaii State Board of Private Detectives and Guards.
But he was selling his services (tapping keyboard) on Craigslist.
All right, people, what's the sitch? What are you doing? Go back.
Copy that.
That was an unusually handsome cat.
Yeah? He's all yours.
You want him? Man, I got enough mouths to feed in my house as it is.
- Allergies.
- Convenient.
As you were saying.
For a time, Mr.
Samson was employed by HPD.
But then he was terminated for cause.
Evidence tampering and taking bribes and things like that.
Well, that explains why he couldn't get a P.
And why he's looking for clients on Craigslist.
Probably because he was taking the jobs that no reputable investigator would even touch.
The dangerous kind-- the kind that might get a fella killed.
- All right, we just need to figure out what he was working on.
I'm gonna send Tani and Junior over to check out his house.
You guys dig into his financials, his telephone records and whatever you need to, to find out who he was working for and what he was investigating.
You got it.
TANI: Danny seems pretty desperate to get rid of Mr.
(chuckles): Yeah.
Because he knows, if he can't find any takers, he's gonna be the one taking that cat home.
- Mm-hmm.
And I know, a hundred percent, McGarrett can't.
Yeah, 'cause he's already got too many animals in the house as it is.
(chuckles) Um so, I ha um, I have a favor to ask, and just please let me know if it's too much.
Okay? Like, really no pressure at all.
If you feel like you have to say no, then by all means, I will totally - Stop.
- Continue.
- Thank you.
Um (sighs) So, a friend of mine's getting married Mm-hmm.
and while I consider myself a fully independent and socially capable and confident (chuckles) person these things are, like, so brutal if you're on your own.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, and so I was wondering if and again, just stop me right now and please just say no if Sure.
I'll be your date.
Really? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Thank you.
'Cause I was really worried I was gonna have to ask someone, and then they'd, like, get the wrong impression.
- Uh-huh.
- 'Cause, like, I just want to go with a friend and have a good time, you know? -.
Do you have a suit? 'Cause you - Suit? (takes deep breath) have to wear a suit for these things.
Now I'm gonna need to find one.
It's open bar.
- Is it? -Yes.
Okay, well, that's definitely gonna help.
- Totally.
- Yeah.
You'd think, as a former cop, Samson would lock his door.
This is Hawaii.
Surprise, surprise.
Looks like he was robbed.
JUNIOR: Clear.
Okay, so, what's missing? Got laptop wires but no laptop.
All right, so they took the flat-screen.
So, what happens? Someone comes in here, takes a couple of big-ticket items That must be our point of entry.
They probably didn't know that the door was open.
TANI: Look at this.
Discoloration on the floor.
JUNIOR: What was that, a rug? Why would they take it, though? Must have been one expensive-ass rug, except judging by the decor in here, it seems unlikely.
Unless it was used to move a body.
Look at these drag marks.
This has got to be Dale Samson's blood.
This has to be our primary crime scene.
Okay, so Samson is here when the thief breaks in.
He gets murdered.
(grunts) He gets rolled up in a rug.
Carried out the front door, which would explain why it was left unlocked.
So, there's a robbery, a murdered homeowner.
The body's removed.
- Why is he burned at a crematorium? - I don't know.
It's not exactly a page out of your standard playbook.
Well it's a shame about the rug.
I'm sure it really tied the room together.
JERRY (over radio): So, I ran Samson's insurance, looking for any big-ticket items he had listed on the policy, and then I called around to see if any of the stuff had shown up at our local pawnshops.
Good thinking.
Anyone try to move a 60-inch flat-screen today? Yep, and a DSLR camera, some lenses and one of those robot vacuums.
All owned by Dale Samson and all pawned at the same place.
Great work.
Did you get an I.
on the seller? Michael Manoa.
Priors include B and E and aggravated assault.
I'm sending you his address now.
He's right there.
- Go.
- Got him.
(grunts) Michael Manoa, you're under arrest.
Excellent form on that tackle, by the way.
Yeah, thanks.
Highly impressive.
(groans) (muffled shouting in distance) What's that sound? MAN (muffled): Help! Help! Help! Help! Who the hell is this guy? STEVE: You've had a busy 24 hours, haven't you, Michael? First, you rob and kill Dale Samson, then you kidnap some poor guy on the street and accuse him of sleeping with your wife.
He is sleeping with my Wait.
Dale Samson is dead? - And you think I did it? DANNY: Yeah, we do.
And we got footage of you trying to sell the stuff that you stole from his house to a pawnshop.
And we know that he was working for you 'cause we got checks that you wrote to him, so sort of adds up.
Here's the deal.
For a while now, I've known my wife's been stepping out on me with this dude who goes to the local coffee shop.
So I hired Samson to follow her and get proof.
But he kept stringing me along, billing me for all these hours, claiming he couldn't find anything.
When I asked for my money back, he stopped returning my calls.
So, in lieu of a refund, you-you rob him? What happen? He come home halfway through or something? Is that how you ended up killing him? Whoa, slow your roll, bro.
I'll admit I broke into the dude's house this morning and took some stuff, but he wasn't there.
This morning? What time this morning? I don't know, around 10:00, maybe.
I went by when I knew he would be at work.
I was gonna break in the door, but he left it unlocked.
Manoa, where were you last night between the hours of midnight and 2:00 a.
? In bed.
In bed? Anybody corroborate that? Yeah.
My girlfriend.
I was at her place all night.
(laughing) You're, uh you're, uh This is good.
You, uh you went through all the trouble to find out who's sleeping with your wife, uh, and you got a girlfriend? Hey.
Never said I was perfect.
No, you're not you're not perfect.
STEVE: Okay.
You know what, we're gonna run your alibi, so you're gonna sit tight here for a while.
I got one more question.
The laptop that you stole from Samson's place-- we know you didn't pawn it.
Where is it? I didn't steal no laptop.
You think I would have wasted 20 minutes getting a flat-screen TV off the wall if there was a laptop right there for the taking? GROVER: Gentlemen.
- Breaking news.
- Huh? Our suspect's alibi checks out.
I spoke with his girlfriend.
She said that he was with her all night.
And here's proof.
That's security camera footage from the girlfriend's building.
Time stamp confirms that Manoa left out of there a little after 9:00 a.
this morning.
All right, so he's an idiot, but he's not our killer.
- Right on both counts.
By the time Manoa showed up to rob the place, our vic had already been dead for hours.
And I think he's telling the truth about that laptop, too.
'Cause HPD tossed his house and his car-- no sign of it.
All right, so if Manoa didn't take the laptop, there's only one person who could have.
That'd be our killer.
We got alerts out to the pawnshops, but the good news is our vic had an online backup service for his computer.
Jerry's in the process of getting that data as we speak.
(door opens) Just got a call from the lab.
Turns out our victim's pacemaker was implanted just over a year ago, which is good, because modern pacemakers transmit data to a server.
And based on when that transmission cut out, we now have an exact time of death: 1:57 a.
GROVER: Oh, yeah.
That's way before our vic's house was robbed.
But 1:57 a.
? It kind of sounds like this guy was alive when they rolled him up in that rug and took him out of there.
Wait a minute.
Noelani said our victim was cremated between midnight and 2:00 a.
, right? Which means, if the T.
was 1:57 He was probably burned alive.
Okay, it's looking like our best lead is this laptop.
Presuming the killer did take it, he took it for a reason.
I'm gonna head down and see Jerry.
Uh, hopefully, he's been able to pull some of the data off this guy's cloud.
Hi, Ricky.
What up? Why is, uh why is the cat still here? I've been screening candidates, man.
Had a bunch call in, but none were a good match.
"Good match"? This isn't Tinder, Ricky; it's a free cat.
Anybody wants it, they can have it, okay? (phone buzzing) Oh.
One second.
" Yes, this is he.
Yes, I am, sadly, looking for a new home for Mr.
Uh, if I may, I have a couple of questions for you.
Do you own a dog? Okay.
And what is your annual household income? Give G-G-G-G-Give me the phone.
Yeah, uh, it's my cat, uh, and, uh, you can have it.
Just come to Iolani Palace in the next half an hour, and he's all yours.
Okay? Thanks.
the cat is gone by 5:30, or I'm gonna take the little guy to the pound.
Hey, you don't want to go to the pound.
Do you? (Mr.
Pickles mews) Bad things happen at the pound.
5:30, Rick.
I saw that.
Saw what? You're a closet cat lover.
Uh, no, I'm not.
Yes, yes, yes, you are.
I saw you.
The way you were (talking gibberish) Come on, dude.
You know what's up.
The way you were tickling him behind the ears.
Couldn't help but love him just a little bit, huh? No, thank you.
I know what your problem is.
Tell me.
It's not that you hate cats.
It's that you love them too much.
- Ah.
- Can you honestly tell me this is the first kitty you've ever wanted to love? Okay.
I'm gonna - I'm gonna tell you a secret, okay? - What's up? I, um I did have a cat once.
Hmm, called it.
And, uh, the only think I took away from the whole experience is that I never want one ever again.
Okay? 5:30.
Were you able to access our victim's cloud storage? Yeah.
I still have a ton of files to pore through, but there's something you need to see.
Among the various case files, I found something in the deleted e-mail folder.
A message that was sent two hours after Dale Samson's T.
Two hours after the T.
There's only person who could have accessed the laptop.
- His killer.
Who did he e-mail? This guy, Daniel Nettles, and check out what he wrote.
"I've made a breakthrough in your case.
"Get on the first plane to Hawaii and send me "the flight information.
I'll have somebody pick you up at the airport.
" Wait.
This is why he needed the laptop.
He's luring this guy out here.
Yeah, and it seems to have worked, because Nettles replied with his flight information almost immediately after receiving that e-mail.
He just touched down 30 minutes ago.
STEVE: All right, we got to track down the killer before Nettles ends up dead, too.
- Mr.
- Let me get that for you.
- Thank you.
My car's right this way.
Samson's looking forward to seeing you.
- Bad news.
STEVE: What is it? I just got off the phone with airport security.
Now, they're gonna lock the place down, but based on the time that Nettles' plane landed, they figure he's probably long gone.
TANI: I tried calling him.
His phone's off.
- Means we can't track it? - Nope.
All right, Junior, get an APB out on Nettles.
On it.
(door opens) ADAM: Hey, I know what Daniel Nettles was paying Samson to investigate.
It is now day nine of the search for Jennifer Nettles, the 18-month-old who disappeared from her San Antonio, Texas, home on July 7.
The FBI is now assisting local law enforcement with the case, and a $50,000 reward has been established for information leading to the safe return of the missing girl.
Her parents, Daniel and Karen Nettles, spoke today at a press conference announcing the reward.
If anyone out there knows anything about Jennifer's disappearance, we're begging you to please come forward.
We just want to bring our daughter home.
All right, I mean, this this report's over 20 years old.
TANI: So, what happened to the daughter? - Did they end up finding her? - No.
And due to the circumstances of her disappearance, the father, Daniel Nettles, became a suspect.
Was never charged, though.
Eventually, the media circus died down, and the case went cold.
DANNY: Right.
But Nettles wanted to keep looking for his daughter, so he hired Samson.
This guy has spent the last 24 years going state by state, hiring local P.
's to help search for his missing daughter.
Hawaii was one of the last states he had left.
- Okay, so we're thinking Samson was killed for getting too close to solving the mystery of Jennifer Nettles' disappearance.
Which means whoever killed him must have been involved in the kidnapping back in the day.
Now they've lured Nettles here to take him out, end his search for good.
Are you you sure this is where he wanted to meet? Mr.
Samson owns the place.
He's inside waiting on you.
He's gonna bring you up to speed on the investigation.
Samson? It's Daniel Nettles.
Wh-What is this? What's really going on here? Hey! (grunting and groaning) (choking) Duke says there's no further information on Nettles' whereabouts.
Every available unit that HPD has is out looking for him.
Okay, what else we got? So, we know Daniel Nettles hired Samson ten days ago.
We've been retracing Samson's movements over that time period and seeing what steps he took to look into the girl's disappearance.
We have a list of phone numbers and a couple dozen addresses we pulled from the GPS in Samson's car.
And from that, we put together a list of names of the people he contacted.
And that's where we hit a dead end, because none of these people lived in the San Antonio region around the time of Jennifer Nettles' disappearance.
Hold on.
What if we've been looking at this all wrong? GROVER: How do you mean? Look, so far, we've been assuming that Samson was killed for getting too close to the kidnapper.
Right? And maybe that's what happened.
Maybe that's why he was killed.
But what if that wasn't the focus of his search? He's right.
All of Samson's leads were centered on Jennifer.
- She's the one he was looking for.
- The girl.
What if he was getting close to finding the girl, and somehow he tipped the kidnapper off in the process? Okay, hang on.
It's-it's been over 20 years.
You-you still think that Jennifer Nettles is alive and on this island with the kidnapper? I got nothing else, but we can't rule it out.
He's right.
You know what we should do? We should run these addresses we got from Samson's GPS against DMV records, and see if we find any women that are close to Jennifer's current age.
ADAM: Okay.
So, if we look for women between, say, 19 and 24 years of age JERRY: Wait.
Lower left.
Emily Henderson.
I think I've seen her before, in Samson's computer.
Last year, the FBI released an age-progressed photo of what Jennifer Nettles might look like today, and Daniel Nettles sent a copy of that picture to Dale Samson when he hired him.
That's her.
Th-That's got to be her.
Jerry, dig into the DMV database.
See if you can find out anybody else living at this address.
Wade Henderson.
Born in California in '64.
Has kept a local address for the last 16 years.
Okay, go back further.
Go, go deep.
Well, that's weird.
No IRS records prior to 1996.
Then Wade Henderson is a fake identity.
Run facial rec, please.
All right, Wade Henderson is actually Jesse Stoltz.
Arrested in '92 for aggravated assault.
In Laredo, Texas.
Laredo's a stone's throw from San Antonio, where Jennifer was abducted.
So we were right-- she's living with the kidnapper.
Certainly seems that way.
We got to find them now.
(faucet running) (grunts, coughs) (groans) I'm gonna ask one more time: Who else knows you hired Dale Samson and you're looking for your daughter in Hawaii? And I'm gonna tell you again, you can burn in hell for what you did.
(coughing) (panting) How could you take her from me? (grunting) (vehicle approaching) (indistinct radio chatter) Stay back! Anybody tries to come in here, he's dead! (siren wailing, phone beeps) Jerry, what do you got? HPD's pulled up on Henderson's place.
- It's turned into a standoff.
- Copy that.
(police radio droning) - Hey.
So, we have shooters surrounding the perimeter, but the windows are drawn.
Ready to breach on your command.
Shouldn't we try to defuse the situation first? ADAM: It doesn't seem like that's an option.
Henderson has his phone on him, but he's not answering it.
GROVER: It looks like we're going in, then.
- I got an idea.
GROVER: Well, make it fast, 'cause we don't have much time.
STEVE: All right, Tani, she's here.
(indistinct chatter) Emily, I'm Commander Steve McGarrett with the Five-O task force.
This is my colleague, Tani Rey.
I don't understand.
What's happening? Come with us.
Come on.
No, this isn't possible.
He's my father.
Emily, I can't even imagine what you must be going through, but right now, he's in that house holding a gun to another man's head.
A man that's been searching for you for the last 24 years.
A man we believe is your real father.
I don't understand.
What is it you want from me? We need your help.
(phone ringing) Emily? EMILY: Dad.
- Yeah.
Dad, I'm here.
I'm outside the cabin.
What's going on? (grunts) Uh, Dad, whatever you did, or whatever this is, we can work it out.
I-I'm so sorry.
I am.
You-You just need to put the gun down and come outside, okay? It's gonna be all right.
I can't do that.
Yes, you can, Daddy, please.
Daddy, please.
(gunshot) OFFICER: Got shots fired! Come here, come here.
OFFICER: Move in! Stay right here.
Go, go, go! (groaning) OFFICER: Clear! OFFICER: Clear.
ADAM: Are you Nettles? - Yeah.
No, no, no, no.
Stay down.
Just relax.
We're Five-O.
We've got some help coming, okay? Just relax.
(groaning) I'm gonna take these off.
(indistinct chatter) DANIEL: If anyone out there knows anything about Jennifer's disappearance, we're begging you to please come forward.
We just want to bring our daughter home.
You know, we see a lot of weird stuff on this job, but kidnapping a girl, and then raising her as your own daughter? Uh, yeah, Lou looked into Henderson, and it turns out his wife and kid died in a car accident.
So, I guess that was his messed up way of dealing with that grief.
Okay, well, therapy could have worked, too, but sure.
- (laughs): Yeah.
- Um, hey.
You weren't you-you weren't offended when I asked you to be my date for the wedding, were you? Oh, you mean because you made it abundantly clear that it wasn't a date? Yeah.
No, no.
I'm actually looking forward to it.
You know, going as friends.
Okay, good, yeah.
'Cause I am, too.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
And don't worry, I'm not gonna make you dance.
Why do you assume that I don't want to dance? Uh, I don't know.
I just figured you wouldn't like it and that you're terrible at it.
Well, you're half right.
Where you going with that box? - The dumpster's downstairs.
- Oh, that's funny.
That's funny.
No, I actually just went to see Jerry.
Did a little research, and it turns out these figurines are actually collectible, and they're currently worth something, I don't know, north of ten grand or something like that.
That's great.
- So, we, uh we sell.
- We? We.
'Cause, I mean, half that box is mine, so we whack it up.
No, we don't.
You made it very clear to me that these kitty cats were mine to keep.
So I'm gonna keep them.
And if they're worth that now, imagine what they're gonna be worth in 15, 20 years, when I'm ready to retire.
You should, um you should be careful.
You should be careful because accidents happen.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
How we doing? Find a home for Mr.
Pickles yet or what? (meowing) Sorry, guy was a no-show.
Look, I know you said you were gonna take him to the pound, but you can't do that.
- Sure, I can.
Pickles is a special animal.
You know that.
You've felt his warm embrace.
Ricky, remind me, when do you get out of halfway? (sighs) Four months.
Four months.
Put the cat up for four months.
Come on, I'll pay for food and kitty litter.
- That's a great idea.
- No, it's not.
It's not a great idea.
It's a terrible idea.
It's a low-maintenance animal, Danny.
Let me explain to you why a cat is not low-maintenance, okay? They, um they claw on all your furniture.
- Mm.
- They bring murdered animals into your house; guts all over the place.
They leave hair all over your stuff.
They throw up fur balls.
They are a disaster altogether.
And, on top of everything else, Rachel is allergic to cats.
So Is she? Oh, yes.
Yes, she is.
I had a cat once, in college.
I actually had a cat when I was a kid, too.
But anyway, I had to get rid of the cat that I got when I was in college because Rachel was allergic.
Hmm, that's beautiful.
Who's Rachel? - Rachel's his ex-wife.
- Well, why do you care if your ex is allergic to cats if Oh you're thinking maybe she's not gonna stay your ex.
That's not what I'm thinking.
Mind your business.
Okay, well, we have to find another solution.
DANNY: Looks like it just might work out.
I was expecting fireworks, not this.
DANNY: You know, I was thinking about it.
If I'm a cat, you are a dog.
I'll take that, man.
I will take that.
Dogs are awesome.
You know, friendly, loyal.
But they're loud, kind of dirty.
I mean, you said so yourself, the cat is a superior animal.
- I did say that, but I no longer maintain that philosophy.
People change, Danny.
Dogs do, too.
Cats, on the other hand, are inflexible and set in their ways, just like you.
Yet, somehow we manage to get along.
Pickles meows) Oh, he's-he's going for Eddie's bowl.
(Eddie barks) (bowl clatters, Mr.
Pickles meows) Eddie.
Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! (Eddie barking, Mr.
Pickles shrieking) Eddie, put the cat down! (bowl clattering)
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