Hawaii Five-0 s09e22 Episode Script

O Ke Kumu, O Ka Mana, Ho'opuka 'ia (The Teacher, the Pupil – Let it Come Forth)

1   You get it? Here.
Now make the call.
Get in.
That wasn't the deal.
The deal's changed.
Get in the car, or your friend is dead.
(engine starts) Go.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x22 O Ke Kumu, O Ka Mana, Ho'opuka 'Ia font color   I'm just a man An ordinary man TANI: Damn, Joons.
Your dad had it going on.
Yeah, it's not at all weird to hear you crushing on my dad.
Crushing? No.
I'm just wondering how you could possibly share DNA with this man.
(chuckles) Okay.
All right, I'm gonna let that slide, okay, since you're doing me a favor.
Oh, good, yes, very smart of you since you're getting a free birthday gift for your dad out of this.
Hey, no, it's not entirely free.
I still have to get a frame.
Where'd you find this photo anyway? Did you recover it from the wreckage of the Titanic? (chuckles) Very funny.
All right, well, I'll just blow past the lecture about never going through a woman's closet but, for future reference don't do that.
- Copy.
- Okay.
That was their senior year.
It's hard to believe my parents were ever this happy and carefree.
You think can restore it? Their carefree happiness? No.
- Oh, the picture.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I can do the picture.
(laughs) So I guess, uh, things are still okay with you and your dad? Yeah.
They're better than okay.
You know it's like there was this distance between us when my sister died, but now it feels like it's-it's gone.
What changed? Uh, he finally let himself grieve.
Turns out you can only bottle that stuff up for so long.
You are so in touch with your emotions.
- No, I-I'm very tapped into my emotions.
- Yeah.
I mean, it's true, because I-I saw your Spotify.
Is it legal to have that much Boyz II Men on a playlist? I don't I think that's illegal.
(both laughing) (elevator bell dings) Hey, Adam, I was just gonna call you.
- You have a visitor.
- Oh, yeah? Who? Tamiko.
I kind of get the feeling she was supposed to be somewhere else right now.
Anyway, Detective Williams is out today, so I put her in his office.
All right.
Thanks, Jer.
Adam! I'm so sorry.
I didn't know who else I could talk to.
Hey, it's okay, it's okay.
I'm glad you found me.
Hey hey.
Tell me what's going on.
Well, today is my wedding day-- obviously-- only my fiancé didn't show up to the ceremony.
And now he's missing.
I'm sorry.
Do you think it's possible that he What, that he got cold feet? Trust me, at this point I'm praying that's the case.
I take it you have reason to believe otherwise? I'm so sorry, Noelani.
Oh, thank God you're okay.
I shouldn't have dragged you into this, but I had no choice.
They took me from my house, showed me pictures of my kids.
They know where they live.
Okay, slow down.
Just tell me what's going on.
What do they want from you? They want me to perform an operation.
On who? They wouldn't say.
All I know is the patient's aortic valve is failing and he needs a new one.
And whoever it is obviously can't go through legit channels.
Which is where I come in.
I'm so sorry.
You're the only person I could think of who had immediate access to a valve.
- Why did they choose you? - Who knows.
Make enough of those top ten surgeon lists, people start to know your name.
Noelani, you're not just here to deliver the valve.
A procedure like this-- I can't do it on my own.
You want me to assist you in a valve transplant? You know I only work on dead people now, right? You had the best hands of anyone I ever trained, which is good, because there is no margin for error here.
If this guy dies they're not just going to kill me.
Hey, Steve, this is Tamiko.
She and I grew up together.
Our, uh, families were friends back in Japan.
Tamiko, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Tamiko, will you tell Steve what you told me about your fiancé? It's okay, you can trust him.
Um (sniffles) I met him last year when he came to work for my family.
Our connection was instant.
With my father's blessing, we got engaged.
Recently, I could tell that something was bothering him.
And then he told me what.
His real name is Kevin Okada, and he's an agent with the FBI.
TAMIKO: He's been working undercover in my father's organization.
Forgive me, who exactly is your father? Hajime Masuda.
Uh, I presume your father doesn't know this about your fiancé? I am the only one who knows.
Well, that's what I thought.
But now that he's missing He's missing.
Tamiko tell him what happened last night.
Um my father summoned Kevin, unexpectedly, to meet, said it was urgent.
I told myself it was just a father giving pre-wedding advice to his son-in-law.
With all due respect, Tamiko, your father's the head of the yakuza, so, I mean, some people would consider an unplanned meeting something to worry about.
- Okay.
- Kevin called me after and said everything was fine.
And when he didn't show up for the ceremony this morning, I went to his hotel room looking for him.
Um (sniffles) That's when I found this.
What's it say? "Traitor.
" So still no luck tracking down our missing groom/FBI agent.
I tried to ping his phone but it's powered down, so I put out a BOLO on his car.
JUNIOR: I don't think he got cold feet.
I looked into his financials and there is no large withdrawals, no plane tickets, or any other purchases suggesting that he was planning to disappear.
TANI: What about the Feds? They couldn't have been happy their undercover was marrying into the family they were building a case against.
So, what, you think they pulled him out? I mean, that would make sense if they knew about the wedding, but I spoke with Okada's handler and he said that they were completely in the dark about the relationship between Okada and Tamiko.
Which leads us back to the most likely scenario.
His cover was blown and the yakuza killed him.
- All right, I think it's time we went and had a chat with the father of the bride.
Yeah, except Hajime Masuda's one of the most powerful men on the Island.
He's basically untouchable.
Jerry's right.
That guy's not gonna talk to us.
But he might talk to me.
MAN: Of course they send a familiar face.
Imagine I'll be more receptive.
Masuda-San, I mean no disrespect.
Yet you come to my home and ask me if I had anything to do with the disappearance of my daughter's fiancé.
- Well, did you? - (scoffs) That badge has certainly emboldened you, Mr.
That wasn't an answer.
My time is valuable, and I have my daughter to tend to, so let's stop talking in circles, shall we? We both know this man was FBI.
But to answer your question, no, I had nothing to do with his disappearance.
Really? So you were going to let your daughter marry a man whose goal was to take down your entire organization? You don't have children, do you? No, I don't.
Well, when you do, you will understand the lengths a father will go to to protect their happiness.
Even if it costs you everything.
As I'm sure you heard, Tamiko was married once before, to someone of my choosing.
It didn't end well.
But this time I saw how happy she was.
So what was the meeting about? Tamiko told me you summoned Kevin here last night.
I informed Mr.
Okada that I knew who he was working for.
I also told him that I was arranging an off-shore account for him and Tamiko with five million dollars in it.
He was to marry my daughter and take her on their honeymoon.
Then they were to disappear.
And Tamiko knew nothing of this plan? A father's sacrifice then, huh? I understand it's hard to believe that I was willing to send her away and never see her again, but it was the only way I could protect her future.
ADAM: I know he had all the motive in the world, Steve, my gut tells me Masuda had nothing to do with Okada's disappearance.
Well, I mean, his story checks out, at least about the five million dollars.
Jerry looked into the offshore account.
Masuda set it up in both Okada and Tamiko's names.
And it's all still there.
At least we know Okada didn't run off with the money.
We got any indication how Masuda made Okada as FBI? No, a-and I didn't ask.
Mainly because i-it's a question he would never answer.
There's another possibility here, you know.
Masuda wasn't the only person who had a lot to lose if the FBI made this case, right? What if somebody inside Masuda's organization realized it was a problem and decided to take care of it? I don't know, Steve.
Killing Masuda's future son-in-law without his permission? That's basically signing your own death warrant.
- (knocking) (door opens) GROVER: Hey.
I just heard from Duke.
Our missing groom's body's been found.
Adam, you get that? (car doors closing) ADAM: Hey, Duke.
What do we got? Call came in an hour ago.
But it looks like the car's been here for some time.
According to the M.
, he's been dead for at least six hours.
All right.
Guy is garroted in his own car.
Left in plain sight.
Well, whoever did this obviously wanted us to find him.
Yeah, they're sending a message.
I think you're right about that.
found this in his mouth.
GROVER: Oh, yeah, rat in the mouth.
So either Masuda's lying to us and the yakuza actually did kill him - Or someone's trying very hard to make it look that way.
(engine stops) (knocking) I need to speak to your daughter.
  After my first marriage ended I told myself I would never get involved with someone with yakuza ties again.
Then I met Kevin.
And he was kind and caring and completely different from anyone my father did business with.
Turned out there was a reason for that.
I'm a fool for thinking it would work.
That this would end any other way? No.
No, you're not.
And this isn't your fault.
You know (sniffles) if our families had had their way, you and I would be married right now.
(both chuckle) Probably with kids running around by this point.
Yeah, they never held back when it came to voicing that opinion, did they? (laughs) My mother always made a point of telling me how handsome she thought you were.
Why, thank you, Mom.
(chuckles) My father-- he was less subtle.
He just told me our marriage would be great for business.
- Oh, no, I got that speech, too.
- Good.
The truth is I've always thought highly of you.
I just didn't want other people planning my life for me.
So I followed my heart instead.
And ended up falling in love with just about the last person my father would have approved of.
I was sorry to hear it didn't work out with you and Kono.
Hey, listen.
You should know right now, we don't think your father had anything to do with Kevin's death.
Does it matter who gave the order? I've spent my whole life with this sh-shadow looming over me.
No matter how far I run, it just follows me.
I'll never get free of it.
Listen to me.
I know it feels that way.
The expectations of your family, the assumptions of others.
But you can get free of it.
Look at me.
I did.
(sighs) We've got a problem here.
What's wrong? (sighs) It's the valve.
There's significant calcification on it.
It's not something you could've determined.
- Not under the circumstances.
What's going on? The valve isn't viable for transplant.
What? It's not her fault.
I don't care who's fault it is.
How are you gonna fix this? We'll just get another valve.
That's not gonna happen.
It is if you want him to live.
She got us a bad valve.
Look, I can go back tonight.
Get another one from the morgue.
Like I said, that's not gonna happen.
CUNHA: Oh, my God! There's your fresh valve.
Get to work.
JERRY: So, now that we've moved off of Masuda as a suspect, I started looking into who else might've wanted Agent Okada dead.
I figured a good place to start would be his previous cases.
That would make sense.
Anybody he put away would certainly have motive.
JERRY: Precisely.
So, during his time at the Bureau, Okada had eight UC assignments.
All of which were on the mainland, except one.
Six years ago, he was embedded on Maui, gathering Intel on this guy: Ron Craft.
Okada worked undercover at Craft's chemical supply business.
And, lo and behold, it turned out to be a front for a massive methamphetamine operation.
Craft was convicted for trafficking, did four years of a 15-year sentence, and was released a few months ago.
Why'd he get out so early? Uh, the conviction was vacated on appeal.
Chain of evidence improprieties.
Sounds like the guy had motive and opportunity to me.
And the last couple months to track down Okada and plot his revenge.
So we start with Craft.
Jerry, we got a current address on this guy? (banging on door) Can I help you? Five-O.
We're looking for Ron Craft.
What's this about? Ma'am, you need to step aside.
He's gone.
He's been gone a few days now.
Okay, well, do you know where he is? On a fishing trip.
He borrowed my brother's boat.
We're gonna need a description of that vessel.
- Clear.
- Clear? White sport fishing boat.
About 25 feet long.
The SS Moray.
Okay, I'm gonna call this boat in and see if Coast Guard can track it down.
- Okay.
- All right.
I don't know what you think Ron has done, but this is harassment.
He's already served his time.
Four years, for something he didn't even do.
You all need to leave us alone.
Craft, do you recognize this man? Um, yeah, that's that's Aaron Shibita.
He used to work with Ron.
What does he have to do with any of this? Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but he's dead.
And your husband's a suspect in his murder.
Aaron wasn't just an employee of Ron's, he became part of this family.
Coming over for dinner, going with us to church, camping.
Then when Ron went to prison, his business shut down and Aaron took a job in another city.
And you haven't seen or heard from him since? Well, not directly.
What do you mean by that? Before he moved away, Aaron said he wanted to help.
I was pregnant at the time.
And pretty scared about getting by with Ron gone for so many years.
So Aaron gave me some money.
And ever since, he has sent me $200 every month.
It may not seem like a lot, but it has made a huge difference.
Did your husband know that Aaron was sending you money? Not while he was in prison.
Aaron told me not to tell him.
He was worried that Ron would be upset.
You know, because of his pride.
And so, when Ron got out last month? He asked a lot of questions about how I made ends meet all these years.
So I told him about Aaron helping out.
But the thing is, he wasn't mad at all.
He actually seemed pleased about it.
JUNIOR: So, Mrs.
Craft, can you tell us exactly how Aaron was sending you all this money? He'd wire a money order to the post office.
Why? (door closes) So it looks like our Vic Okada was the FBI agent with a heart of gold.
Yeah, well, he sure made a habit of getting involved with the subjects of his investigations.
Craft gets out of jail, he hears that his old buddy Aaron skipped town around the time of his arrest.
He puts together that Aaron was the undercover that built the case against him and normally, he wouldn't have a way of tracking him down But thanks to Aaron's generosity, you know, he gets this massive lead: all the payments he was making to Craft's wife.
- Right.
And then, so he traces the money orders back to Oahu, he finds out that Aaron is undercover, building a case against the yakuza.
And then Craft kills him and makes it look like a yakuza hit.
CHU: Patient fully induced.
EKG looks normal.
CBM prepped and clear.
Keep an eye on the MAP as we work.
Nothing above 70.
We ready to do this? Actually, one small problem.
What is it? She needs to use the restroom.
Not happening.
We're about to start a very long and complicated procedure.
I need her focused and distraction-free.
Trust me, you'd rather she go now than once we've started and the patient's chest is split wide open.
Go with her.
(door closes) You're really gonna follow me in there? Just make it quick.
(both grunting) Hey, where is she? (gun cocks) Do exactly what I say and don't move, or I'll shoot you.
Now hand your gun to Dr.
Chu, slowly.
Do it, now.
Now get on the ground, face down.
And don't move.
Let's go.
Go, go, go! Come on.
We got to get out of here.
(Aleki grunting) (gun cocks) What are you doing? I can't let you leave.
Tara, are you working for them? I'm sorry.
I worshiped you.
Noelani, please You knew that.
That's how you knew you could lure me here.
You knew I'd do anything to help you.
Because at the lowest time in my life, when even my own mother wouldn't believe in me, you did.
A lot's happened since then.
- I don't expect you to understand.
- Try me.
There was a malpractice claim against me.
I did everything by the book, but the hospital needed a scapegoat.
I gave my life to that place, and they hung me out to dry.
The legal fees bankrupted me.
I was the same surgeon with the same skills with nowhere to use them.
So now I use them like this.
I am still saving lives.
Yeah, of criminals.
They're going to kill me.
You know that, right? No, you're safe.
I made a deal with them.
Yeah? What about the guy whose valve we're using? You think he had a deal, too? I'm too valuable to them.
They need me.
You know, you can lie to me, but don't lie to yourself.
There's only one way this ends for me.
Here's what I know for sure: you know the guy who's calls the shots, the one who brought you here? This is his father we're operating on.
So if we screw up You saw what he did to his own man.
What do you think he'll do to us? Now, please, hand me the damn suture.
(phone ringing) Hey, Jer, what's up? Good news.
Coast Guard tracked down Ron Craft's boat.
That was fast.
Where is it? Sand Island Pier.
McGarrett and Adam are on their way now.
Wait, Craft is still on Oahu? How does that make sense? It doesn't.
He just killed a federal agent.
He should be trying to get off the island, and fast.
So why stick around? Clear.
Single tap to the back of the head.
Looks professional.
Well, I can think of one person who'd want Ron Craft dead.
Yeah, Masuda.
ADAM: Right.
But how the hell did Masuda track him down before we did? The same way he found out Okada was FBI.
He's got to have somebody inside the Bureau on his payroll.
All right, let's get CSU down here and sweep this vessel for prints and shell casings.
Hopefully, we'll get lucky, find something that actually ties us to Masuda's organization.
(phone ringing) Hey, Lou, what's going on? It's Noelani.
Duke reached out to her several times today because she never showed up for work.
But she didn't respond to any of his calls or texts, so we sent an officer by her place.
- Okay, w-what, she wasn't there? - No.
So he checked the morgue as well.
A security guard said that she showed up there early, like, 4:00 a.
this morning.
She told him that she was just picking up some paperwork for a trial today.
She make it to court? I checked every trial on the docket, and Noelani wasn't scheduled to be at any one of them.
Why would she lie to the guard? Blood pressure's 110/80.
I know this won't mean much coming from me right now, but Is this the part where you tell me what a good job I did? Noelani, If there was any other way I could've done this, I would have.
He's all closed up and stable.
- So far so good.
- Okay, good.
You, come with me.
We had a deal.
I'm taking her home.
Then we'll all go together.
Yeah, it's not gonna work out that way.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
- You want your father to live? - Whoa Then that's exactly how it's gonna go.
- Now put it down.
ALEKI: Okay, you win.
You win, okay? Just don't hurt him.
Okay? You (screams) Oh, my God! Oh - I'm so sorry - It's okay.
Just hold on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
(monitor beeping rapidly) What's happening? CUNHA: I don't know.
It looks like blood pressure is dropping fast.
You said he was okay.
What do you mean? CHU: Cardiac tamponade.
- What does that mean? - It happens sometimes after a surgery like this.
It means that the heart is bleeding into the sac surrounding it.
- Fix it.
- Go.
- I'll talk you through it.
CUNHA: No! - I'm not leaving you.
- You have to.
CHU: If he dies, you die, too.
She's right, so get up now.
Get up.
JERRY: I'm no expert, but this doesn't look like your standard autopsy.
It looks like she's pulling something out of his chest.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa-- see that? Stop.
Stop-stop, and go back.
Right there.
GROVER: She's looking right into the camera.
Like she thinks somebody's watching her.
Somebody probably is.
I mean, she had to have been coerced into doing this.
Oh, here we go.
Looks like there was an external breach of the system at 3:41 a.
So somebody sends Noelani in here fishing around for body parts, making sure that she knows that they're keeping an eye on her.
Well, it explains why she couldn't reach out to anyone for help.
STEVE: But the only reason Noelani would go through with something like this is if somebody had some leverage on her.
TANI: Hey, I just spoke to security at the county morgue.
They sent over the sign-in logs from this morning.
The on-duty guard remembers Noelani signing in, which struck him as odd because she usually swipes a badge.
And it makes sense when you see what what she wrote.
Tara Chu? JERRY: She left us a clue.
Whatever Noelani is wrapped up in, this Dr.
Chu must be involved somehow.
Yeah, well, I looked into her.
She's an accomplished cardiothoracic surgeon.
Well, that lines right up with Noelani digging around in this guy's chest.
She also taught at Oahu State's med school.
That's where Noelani did her training, right? Mm-hmm.
We got to track down this Dr.
Yeah, I tried to call her, no answer.
All right, Jerry, let's see if we can trace her phone.
All right, I've finished the subxiphoid incision.
Now use the Allis clamp to grasp the pericardium.
The pericardium window should be clear.
Do you see the excess buildup? Yeah, you were right.
It's cardiac tamponade.
- If my father dies -Yeah, yeah.
I heard you the first dozen times.
But you should have thought of that before you shot the one person that knows how to do this surgery.
I'm just following her instructions.
Now, put pressure on her wound, 'cause if she bleeds out, she's not the only one that dies here.
CHU: Time to puncture the pericardium.
Firmly grasp the aspirating needle.
Noelani you've got this.
Show me your hands.
(grunts) (grunts) Noelani, you okay? Yeah.
But she's gonna need help.
STEVE: We got a medic outside.
How about him? It's okay.
I got this.
Yo, I'm out.
Wait, wait, not so fast.
What do you got? Here you go.
Um, it's amazing.
Thank you.
You even framed it for me.
What's wrong? Hmm? That reaction was, like, a six out of ten at best.
What's going on? Um it's nothing.
James, are we really gonna do this? You're gonna tell me five times that everything's fine, and then finally come out with it? (clears throat) Okay.
I just got a call.
The drunk driver who killed my sister-- um, turns out he's up for early parole.
Hearing's in a few weeks.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Yeah, but it's it's not me I'm worried about.
He's been doing so well.
You know, it's taken him years to get to this point where we can even mention Maya's name.
And I'm just afraid this might set him back.
I believe you were there the day that was taken.
I believe you're right.
I understand you have news for me.
I do.
We found the man who murdered your daughter's fiancé.
And? Someone else got to him first.
He'd been executed.
We managed to retrieve the casing, but it traced back to an unlicensed weapon.
You know, you don't seem very surprised by any of this.
It's hardly surprising when a man's deeds catch up to him.
Do you really think he deserved something different? No, he deserved to be held accountable.
I just think you and I have a very different idea of what that means.
(scoffs) It's been a long day, Mr.
Is there anything else? Oh, yeah.
Just this.
We will track down your source inside the FBI.
And when they start naming names in an effort to save themselves, we'll be back here to arrest you.
I have no doubt you'll be back.
But not to arrest me.
You see I know you, Mr.
Where you come from.
What you've done.
You can fool others by carrying that badge, but you can only fool yourself for so long.
One day you will accept who you are, and who you'll always be.
And on that day this drink will be waiting for you.
I'm, uh, really sorry she didn't make it.
I know it's a small comfort, Noelani, but the guy that you saved was a big-time arms smuggler.
And now, thanks to you, he's gonna be around to serve a nice, long sentence.
And, with any luck, he's gonna help us take down a bunch of people just like him.
(sniffles) You think you know someone, and Sorry, I-I shouldn't be here.
(door opens, shuts) (door opens) Noelani, I can, uh, I can-I can come back later.
You know, for the longest time, all I wanted to be was a surgeon.
I just didn't know what kind.
Then I met Dr.
Chu and it all became clear.
She was everything I ever wanted to be.
Until she wasn't.
Well, what changed? Dr.
Chu was an incredible surgeon.
But she wasn't God.
You know, people put their lives in her hands, and sometimes she had to watch them die on the table.
You have to wall off a certain part of yourself to be able to survive something like that.
Stop feeling the feelings that people are supposed to feel.
It was a sacrifice I wasn't prepared to make.
Well, I can certainly understand that.
Yeah, well, my parents couldn't.
(scoffs) (sighs) They thought I was crazy to get so close to surgical residency, only to walk away and start all over again.
But it wasn't them that I was worried about disappointing.
It was Dr.
She was so understanding.
Told me to trust my instincts.
She even wrote the letter of recommendation that got me into the forensic pathology fellowship.
Regardless of whatever mistakes she made she was the one person that supported me when I needed it the most.
But when she needed me I couldn't save her.
You know something, I was, uh I was in exactly the same place you are not so long ago.
Trying to figure out how to handle losing somebody incredibly important to me.
And, Noelani, there is a lot of questions we will never get answers to.
That's just how it is, but I made peace with something.
I could never have saved Joe.
Just like you could never have saved her.
You know that, right? Yeah.
But it doesn't make it hurt any less.
No, it doesn't.
No, it doesn't.

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