Hawaii Five-0 s09e23 Episode Script

Ho‘ok?hi no l? o ka malihini (A Stranger Only for a Day)

1   (indistinct chatter) GROVER: Uh-uh.
DANNY: Why are you uh-uh-ing? See, there's no room for conversation here.
- Oh.
So it's like that, huh? You-You're just gonna just tell me how it is.
I'm not telling you.
I didn't make the rules.
There's prom rules, right? There's rules.
Your son picks my daughter up.
Okay, there's corsages.
There's photographs.
They go to the dance.
They come home.
Maybe a kiss on the cheek, and then that's it.
That's it.
I'm surprised you didn't want them to shake hands at the end.
- They can do that.
- For my own clarity Okay.
this corsage bringing and photographs and all of that, that takes place at your house? Yeah.
I mean, I don't see what the difference is, but yeah.
Oh, you don't see what the difference Good, good.
If you don't see what the difference is, how about you arrange for the limousine.
And that way I can sit at my house in my easy chair while all the corsage business and photographs takes place at my house.
How about that? TANI: Why don't, um, Grace and Will just meet at the dance? There we go.
Problem solved.
See, I'm with Danny on this one.
I-I always think that a boy should pick up a girl no matter what.
- That's my guy.
- That's right.
TANI: I hope this doesn't mean that you think that you're driving tomorrow night.
That's not gonna happen.
ADAM: Wait, hold up.
- What's tomorrow? - What? Oh, nothing.
We're just gonna go to a wedding.
Joons is doing me a favor, and he's gonna be my plus-one.
Why are you looking at me like that? That's - It's a platonic plus-one.
- Mm-hmm.
You don't need to do that, guys.
(Danny laughs) Okay.
Yeah, okay.
You guys are so weird sometimes.
Look who it is.
Little sis is back in town.
Sorry we're late.
Baggage claim was crazy.
Took forever to get her stuff.
You know.
MARY: Huh? Yeah, like it's my fault.
No, no.
I'm not blaming you.
No, hey, don't listen to him.
We don't.
How are you? Aw.
It's good to see you.
You're right on time.
Nice to see you.
Welcome back, Mary.
Hey, uh, Junior, Tani, this is my kid sis, Mary.
It's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
STEVE: Yeah.
New friends.
Yeah, they're young and hip and Mm-hmm.
Able to keep you in touch and make you look old.
- It's a bonus.
- Mm-hmm, yep.
- Yep.
- Speaking of kids, how's Joanie? - She's got to be, what, five, six now? MARY: She's six.
- It's crazy.
- She's six years old.
Thanks for asking.
But she's away at her very first Girl Scout camp retreat, so I came here - Yeah.
for a little, short trip.
And that's why I took a couple days off.
You know, fill the freezer with mint chip mochi ice creams and just, you know.
- Nice.
You remembered.
- Yeah.
Not that you're gonna be there to eat them, but yeah, I remembered.
- I knew you were still mad.
- I'm not mad.
MARY: Yes, you are.
- You're totally mad.
MARY: Right? Look at your vein.
You're mad.
That vein.
Why are you mad? Why is he mad? Why am I mad? 'Cause I got an Airbnb 'cause I'm freaking allergic to the cat that he adopted.
- Didn't adopt a cat.
I offered to board the cat 'cause he was gonna leave it on the street to fend for itself, and that won't do.
Okay? I'm just saying, if there's another reason you don't want to stay with me then just don't blame it on Mr.
That's all.
Maybe, uh, you know, she thinks it's a little crowded.
You got a Navy SEAL in the guest room.
You got a dog on the couch.
Yeah, it's like it's a full house, all right? - Okay.
- So, I'm looking forward to this Airbnb 'cause it's just nice, right? New.
So new it doesn't even have one review.
Not one.
No one's said anything about it.
(Mary laughs) It may not even exist.
It's probably a be a disaster.
DANNY: I think you're a disaster.
Maybe you should stop adopting animals.
- No-no disrespect.
- I'm just happy to be here.
Good to be home, huh, Mary? STEVE: Just say yes.
- Yes.
(all laugh) (horn honking) Hey, you can't park there, buddy.
Taxis only.
(door opens) (woman laughing) Hi.
You don't mind if we play music, right? Uh (dubstep music playing) Oh, my gosh, babe.
This is my song! Yes! (whooping) Uh, ma'am, does this look right? No.
(all laughing, chattering) Oh! See that bakery up-up there? - Is that where you're going? - No.
But they have a lovely haupia pie.
Brah, I'm gonna puke.
Uh, okay.
(laughing and chattering continue) Wait, wait.
No, I'm not.
(retching) Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Yes! - Message him.
- Yes! - Swipe left.
- Yes, girl.
DRIVER: Sir, wake up.
This is your stop.
(groans) Thank you.
Have a good night.
Thank you.
You've reached Diane.
Leave a message, and make it a good one.
- Hey, babe.
Uh, I'm just finishing up.
I'll be home soon.
Love you.
(door opens) Dude, not how this works.
Use the app.
Plus, I'm done for tonight.
(panting) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x23 Ho‘okāhi no lā o ka malihini font color="#   (elevator bell chimes) Oh, good morning, Ms.
Are you all set for your big wedding tonight? I am, yes.
And I noticed, actually, your eyebrows had a lot to say about the matter when it was brought up yesterday.
So you think you can read my eyebrows? Child, please.
Better try Sanskrit.
It'd be easier.
All right.
Okay, all right, fine.
I-I'll admit I was mildly curious when I heard that you invited Junior to be your plus-one to a wedding.
By the way, you know when you invite somebody to a wedding, that's usually considered a date.
That is true, but in this case, Junior knows that we're going as friends, and he's just fine with it.
He's cool with it.
He said so himself.
He can say so until the moon turns to green cheese.
I see how that boy looks at you.
(sighs) All right, look.
You two are grown.
I'm not trying to get in your business.
All I'm trying to say to you is it might seem like Junior's a great, big, tough Navy SEAL, and he is, but inside that man's chest beats the heart of a puppy dog.
Just be careful.
Lou, it's 2019.
I would hope that gender politics have evolved at least to the point where men and women can just be friends.
Again with the eyebrows.
You know You (phone ringing) Yeah, Duke.
Okay, we're on the way.
(siren wailing) Look at you, forced to drive your own car.
McGarrett must really have the day off.
Can't you tell I'm glowing? I feel peaceful.
GROVER: Yeah? Well, I think whatever we're about to hear'll wipe that glow right off your face.
He's right.
HPD got a call from a woman whose boyfriend didn't come home last night.
He was working the night shift driving for that Coast rideshare app.
We traced his sedan, and we found it here.
(Grover groans) Rideshare app.
Since when did it become okay for any Tom, Dick and Harry to just hop right into your car? Well, in this case, it wasn't.
The driver took two gunshot wounds.
All right.
Well, do we have a line on any Tom, Dick or Harry? 'Cause seems to me like the passenger would be a likely suspect.
- Yeah.
That would be a great theory, but there's one problem.
Passenger took two bullets himself.
TANI: Twist.
What the hell happened here? I don't know, but Duke's got something you guys need to see.
LUKELA: Driver's a local named Sam Pukahi.
The hostage taker is Carter Hill.
According to his license, he's from New Jersey.
All right, well, that explains why he doesn't have a car.
Does not explain why he stuck somebody up with a knife.
Well, judging by the way he was behaving on that video, I don't think Mr.
Hill was thinking very clearly.
Seemed really desperate.
He might have been trying to get away from a desperate situation, himself.
TANI: So our driver was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Could be.
Our victims have one thing in common.
The bullets that killed them are all .
22 caliber.
Okay, here's a theory.
Hill's on the run from someone.
That someone catches up to him and shoots both men dead.
That's the case, then Hill is the, uh, target.
The driver's the collateral.
TANI: So, here's one thing I don't understand, though.
Why would he put Hill in the trunk and then just leave the other body out? We can ask the killer that when we find him.
In the meantime, we need to find out a little bit more about Mr.
Why was he on the island? So, Adam did look into Hill.
The guy's got no record.
But Carter Hill turns out to be a mid-level marketing executive from Jersey City.
He's in town for a conference on digital analytics and consumer research statistics.
TANI: So, the guy who abducts a rideshare driver at knifepoint and gets dumped in the trunk of a car is some middle-management exec here talking about statistics? GROVER: Yeah.
And he ended up becoming one.
Look, abducting a driver at knifepoint, that's a crazy thing to do.
We need to figure out what made Hill so desperate that it compelled him to do something like that.
Why don't you take the day off like you said you were going to, okay? Go be with your sister.
Fly a kite.
- Have a life.
Something, please.
STEVE: Excuse me.
I have a life.
I'm on my way to meet Mary for breakfast right now.
Actually, are you sure she wants to hang out with you? 'Cause it seemed to me like she wanted some alone time.
Do you realize that this whole situation is your fault? Right? If you'd have just taken that cat in the first place, my sister wouldn't have to stay at a stranger's house.
I'll take credit for it, 'cause it seemed to me that she was thrilled to be staying at a stranger's house.
No, no, she's not thrilled, all right? May-Maybe she's grudgingly accepting.
I would call it grudgingly accepting of the situation.
No, no, no, I think you grudgingly accepted the situation.
She was completely fine with it.
Says you.
Good rebuttal, Steve.
(line beeping) Hey, Mary's calling on the other line.
I got to go.
I'll call you later.
Hey, Mary, how you doing? - Where are you, at the diner? MARY: No.
I'm not.
Um, we need to take a rain check, and you need to come here right away.
- What are you talking about? Why? Last night after you dropped me off, I was walking to the grocery store, and I met the guy across the street, Ben Miller.
He couldn't have been sweeter, and I told him how much I was loving the Airbnb, and he told me about a Thai restaurant, and everything was great.
Then last night I'm sitting out on the lanai, and I see Ben pissed.
He's screaming at some other guy, and they're clearly talking about me, because they're pointing and they're waving, and it's very strange.
Right? Okay.
Well, I can see how that would be unsettling for you, but it's not really any of your business, Mary.
Well, they made it my business, because it turns out Mystery Man is the Airbnb host, and he's so sorry, but I have to leave here by 6:00 p.
So that Ben Miller guy, he stabbed me in the back.
I mean, can you believe that? Yeah, kind of.
I mean, Airbnb's are technically illegal here, and the locals hate them-- it's possible that Ben didn't know that his neighbor was renting this joint out online until you told him about it.
I was so nice to him.
Look, it's fine.
I'll take Pickles to a kennel.
You can pop an allergy pill on the way to my place, Mary.
Come on.
Steve, how long have you known me? (sighs) You're not gonna leave that house, are you? No, I'm not gonna leave, because I really like this place and I paid for it, okay? I'm not gonna let some jerk intimidate me into spending my vacation fighting off anaphylactic shock at your house.
You know, in fact I need you to make a stop on your way here, please.
Thought I would surprise you with some malasadas from Leonard's.
Wow, that's Oh.
This is my brother, - Steve.
- Hello.
Check them out.
So good.
- Um uh - Look at this house! - You have a great house.
- Thanks.
You, uh Freakin' huge.
you didn't have to, with Of course I had to.
You've been so generous.
I mean, you gave me that great restaurant recommendation.
Can I? I do know you're the one trying to get me kicked out, but hey, it's okay.
I didn't come here to fight.
Um, who wants an Airbnb'er living, you know, across the street? - Right.
- (chuckles): Right? I get it.
- Technically, it is illegal.
- R-Right.
You know, if you wanted to report it my brother's the head of Five-O.
You could report it right now.
STEVE: By the way not for nothin', but these are really good-- you should try one.
I'm a single mom, and, uh, I don't really get a lot of time to myself, but this weekend I have two nights.
Okay? And that house over there, it has the most beautiful outdoor rain forest shower.
I saw it.
It's beautiful.
It's done really nicely.
- Very relaxing.
MARY: It's amazing.
I mean, as much as I love my brother, he just doesn't have a beautiful rain shower-- though he does have a lot of pets.
Looks like you know something about having pets, too, huh? Oh.
Yeah, we, um well, we have a cat.
I've got a cat.
So, what do you say? (groans softly) Could you put up with a very quiet, law-abiding neighbor for just one more day? (sighs) When in doubt, use the "single mom" card.
Works every time, I mean.
It might have taken a little bit of emotional manipulation, but I think Ben is actually a reasonable guy.
Oh, yeah? I do.
I think Ben's a liar.
- You do? - Yep.
- What? - He doesn't have a cat.
Did you have any allergic reaction over there? No.
- No.
You're fine.
- But that's so weird.
Why would Ben lie about having a cat? I don't know.
Okay, so maybe it's not just that he doesn't like having strangers around-- maybe he's hiding something.
It's possible.
It's also possible he's just a guy who lied about having a cat.
- But why? - Mary, I don't know.
It's just what happens.
I'll tell you one thing, though.
It doesn't make him interesting, and it definitely doesn't make him worth talking about when we're supposed to be spending the day together.
(scoffs) STEVE: What the hell? "We need to talk about Ben Miller-- behind the banyan tree, one hour.
" Okay.
Now, that, that's interesting.
Let's go, Murder, She Wrote.
ADAM: So, here's what we know.
Carter Hill landed on Oahu three nights ago, spent the last two days at his marketing conference, and then late last night he becomes Pukahi's passenger, hostage taker, and one of the victims in a double homicide.
He was here with three colleagues from the Jersey City-based company they work for.
No wife, no kids.
Financials indicate he hardly left the hotel.
All credit card charges are for on-site restaurant, bar and coffee shop.
I mean, not to speak ill of the dead, but, like is there anything interesting about this man? - At all? - It's not much, but he did make a relatively sizable withdraw from the ATM at the hotel yesterday afternoon.
That's interesting-- $600.
Mm, could be.
Or it could be a great big nothingburger.
What we really need to find out is what this guy was doing last night.
So, I got something.
CSU found a Wi-Fi-enabled mileage tracker in Pukahi's car.
It collects location data so that drivers can figure out their mileage for taxes.
So does that mean that we'll be able to see where our vics drove last night? - Exactly.
This is everywhere Pukahi went last night during his shift.
I looked into his Coast driver account, and if we isolate the beginning of the hostage taking as the end of his last paid ride around 2:00 a.
GROVER: If the term "as the crow flies" refers to a direct route, that crow is drunk off its ass.
TANI: Yeah, look at that.
Meandering, loopy, kind of random.
Looks like he's trying to shake a tail or figure out where to go next.
The red dot is where he stopped, I assume? - Yep.
Looks like he stopped there for around 15 minutes early on.
You know where that is specifically? Kailua.
Looks like a back alley.
(phone chimes) Okay.
It looks like Hill might not have been the boring pencil pusher we thought he was.
Noelani just said they found cocaine and ecstasy in his system.
Could explain what the $600 was for.
I've seen this movie before.
Guy blows into town looking for a good time, goes out and gets a little high, and now he starts flashing his knot around everywhere.
Next thing you know, you're getting the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people, and that's where the trouble begins.
So we just need to figure out where this guy went partying.
Hill's hotel restaurant charges were often split with Austin Matthews, one of his colleagues from Jersey City.
- I'll start with him.
DANNY: All right, why don't you guys go check out what's in that alley.
- Alley duty.
- All right.
  So, about tonight.
Chivalry aside, the Hilton is halfway between both of our houses.
Yes, I'll admit that meeting there would be the most efficient way to do it.
- Also, one thing I wanted to talk to you about.
There are gonna be quite a few eligible young females there, and I was thinking that, you know, maybe we should come up with some kind of code, a signal for you to utilize - Mm-hmm.
um, when you want me to be a wingwoman.
I appreciate it.
But all I want to do is take advantage of the open bar, free food, and dance.
We don't have to dance if you don't Oh, no, we're dancing.
You assumed to my face that I'm a terrible dancer, so now I have to put you to shame.
Honestly, if you got it, serve it.
I just don't think you got it.
I guess we'll see, then.
Serve it.
Morning to you, too.
We're working on a homicide investigation.
Do you recognize this man? According to his rideshare history, he was parked in your alley for 15 minutes.
He checked in late last night.
Paid cash.
Has housekeeping been to his room yet? Uh, no.
He hasn't checked out yet.
JUNIOR: Trust me, he's checked out.
- Oh.
- All right, we're gonna need the key, like, now.
Joons? TANI: If Carter was killed in the car, then whose blood is that? GROVER: So, let me get this straight.
Our Vic rented himself a motel room to get high in-- the whole thing ends up being a bloodbath? Ooh.
Yeah, well, it can't be Hill's blood, 'cause he bled out in the trunk of his car from the gunshot wound, and there are no other injuries.
So where does the blood come from? Who's it from? HPD's interviewing motel guests as we speak, and so far no one saw Hill coming or going with anyone last night.
Well, sorry to pile on the bad news, but I talked to Austin Matthews, Hill's friend from the conference.
He was shocked to hear of the drugs in Hill's system.
It seems none of Hill's colleagues even knew he'd left the hotel last night.
Then he was pretty good at keeping his bad behavior on the low.
Hence, the secret motel room.
ADAM: Still no idea who Hill was there with, but we do have a lead on where he may have scored his drugs.
Check it out.
Ecstasy pills are often stamped with an image or logo.
I reached out to Narcotics to see if they might know who could have sold these to Hill.
According to one of their C.
's, these particular pills are mostly being dealt out of a bar in Kailua, right in the same neighborhood as our motel.
Lab results are back from the blood in the bathroom.
They didn't get a hit, but it's female DNA.
DANNY: This guys brings a lady home.
Obviously, it did not go well.
We need to find out who she is, and I think a great place to start would be where Hill scored his drugs.
He could have met her there.
I'll reach out to the bar right now.
MARY: Well, they said they were gonna meet us in an hour-- they're, like, a couple minutes late.
I got two more minutes, then I'm going to lunch-- my stomach's done waiting.
What? (sighs) Here he is.
Is this from you? Maybe.
You guys cool? We're on time.
Got held up.
Lots of oddballs around this time of day.
I'm Blake.
Saw you talking to Miller.
You want the dirt on him? - Yes, we do.
Whatcha got? - It'll come at a price.
- I like this kid.
All right.
- Miller has something of mine-- a drone.
The way I gather the intelligence I need to keep the 'sac safe.
The 'sac? The cul-de-sac.
(scoffs) Keep up, lady.
Yeah, keep up, lady.
Okay, so Ben stole your drone? Well, sort of.
Accidentally crashed it in his backyard, and now he won't give it back.
Okay, so you were spying with your toy drone, you crashed it on his property, and now he won't return it, is that what you're saying? You get the drone back from Miller, I'll give you the dirt you're looking for.
STEVE: You know, when I was a kid, if I hit a baseball over the neighbor's fence, I'd go knock on their door and say, "Hello.
I'm Steve.
Can I please have my baseball back?" You think I haven't tried that? - Miller's being a jerk about it.
- I wouldn't want you spying on my house with your toy camera in the sky, either, okay? Would you stop? I'll bet he doesn't have anything to tell us anyway.
Wait, wait! I do! I'll show you! Okay.
Since all the drone footage goes to my phone, I have all the photos I took up until it crashed.
- Great.
STEVE: Mm-hmm.
What I'm about to show you is obviously really sensitive and could get us all murdered.
Are you prepared to take that risk? - What? - Go ahead.
See? They're up all night doing super-secret stuff.
Even when my parents are asleep.
My bet is, it's some kind of government thing.
You guys ever hear of CIA black sites? H-Have you ever thought that maybe your neighbors are night owls? No, it is weird that they stay up all night and then they go outside in the dark to smoke-- they can just crack the window.
- It's weird.
- Mary it's not weird that somebody doesn't want their house smelling like an ashtray.
Are you crazy? Look, I'm sorry, kid, your case is just not strong enough, okay? Does this mean you're not gonna give me my drone? Yeah.
I remember him.
It was Carter something.
I made him drinks last night from about 9:00 to closing.
Was he alone? - He came in alone.
- Okay.
But that guy had no trouble making friends.
Really? - With who? - Everyone.
Which is weird, because the bar is a locals-only kind of place.
And that guy is a straight-up haole.
But he started buying rounds for all the regulars, talking to people, telling jokes.
It's like he wanted to be everyone's best friend.
DANNY: That-- I hear ecstasy will do that to you.
- Mm-hmm.
Ecstasy? Mm-hmm.
I don't know anything about that.
Relax, okay? We're not here about the drugs.
What we need is to know if Carter left the bar with a woman.
Kira Pang.
She works at the bar as a server.
Carter was clearly into her.
She gets that a lot, but he was being really cute about it, you know? We have a jukebox in the back.
Somehow he found out her favorite song, made sure it played every half hour till closing.
When I left, they were still talking.
Uh, though the way they were looking at each other made it clear that talking wasn't all they'd be doing.
Kira said that she'd close up.
Why are you asking me all this? Is Kira okay? We don't know.
A woman's blood was found in a nearby motel room that Carter Hill rented last night.
And this morning he was found murdered.
What happened? We don't know.
That's-that's what we're trying to find out.
Yeah, I know you said you left before Kira, but can you think of anyone who might have taken issue with Kira leaving the bar with Carter? Maybe a regular, someone who liked her, somebody that might get jealous.
But we do get a lot of creeps.
Kira can be a bit wild, but she's smart.
And she's careful.
I mean, the girl carries a gun in her purse.
DANNY: Okay.
Do you by chance know what kind of gun she carries? So, it turns out Kira Pang was carrying a .
22, the same caliber weapon that was used to kill both Hill and Pukahi.
Well, that should point to Kira Pang as our killer, except for one thing.
CSU confirmed that was her blood in that hotel room, and a hell of a lot of it.
I can't imagine she'd be able to to chase Hill out to this remote location, let alone kill him.
According to Kira's roommate, she didn't come home last night.
All right, so where is she, and how did her gun end up being used in a double homicide? Guys, I just spoke to the lab.
In addition to Hill, there was a second blood type found in the trunk of the car, and it matches the blood that was in the motel.
So Kira was in the trunk? JUNIOR: That would make sense.
Uh, think about it, Cap.
Let's say that Hill brings Kira back to the motel, things go sideways, and then suddenly he ends up with a dead girl in his room.
No, take it further.
And then he panics, he realizes he's got to get rid of this body, he goes downstairs, finds Pukahi in a car a couple of blocks away to help him get rid of the body? I don't know.
Maybe that's why they went right to the alley behind the motel.
They're driving around looking for someplace to dump this body.
What if they never got the chance? What do you mean? The manager at the bar said Kira kept a .
22 in her purse, but we never found a purse at the motel.
GROVER: I would think that Hill moved it along with the body when he moved the body.
Except it wasn't at the crime scene, either.
Maybe because Hill tossed the purse in the trunk along with Kira.
- Uh-huh.
And Okay, this might be a crazy thought, but what if Hill didn't realize that Kira was actually still alive when he put her in the trunk? So he goes to open the trunk.
She's there.
She has the gun.
Bang-- shoots the first person she sees.
Which I'm guessing would be the driver, which would explain why he was found dead a few feet away from the car.
That would also explain why Hill was found in the trunk.
Let's say he goes for the gun.
She shoots him a couple of times.
He falls in the trunk.
Well, by that logic, that means that she could still be out there in the woods where they found the bodies.
- Yeah, but it's been over 12 hours, and she's lost a lot of blood.
We need to get out there right now.
We need to find her.
(barking)   Come on.
JUNIOR: Over here.
(dog barking) That's got to be Kira's shoe.
She made it a long way.
JUNIOR: Come on.
Eddie's got something.
(barking continues) There she is.
She's down there.
I'll call for a medevac.
Hey, Kira! I need you to hold on! - Okay? - Please help me.
(sobbing): Please help me.
Mary? Lunch is here.
Where are you? Mary? (line ringing) MARY: Steve.
Please tell me you haven't done something stupid.
Steve, I was right about Ben.
(clears throat) Where are you? I'm in his basement.
They went out and left the back door unlocked.
Mary, did you break into their house? Have you have you lost your mind? Listen, this is really serious.
(voice cutting out) What? (line beeping) Mary, Mary, what'd you find? (door creaks) (rhythmic clicking) Mary.
What are you doing here? I don't know.
I actually cared about finding that kid's toy, so Okay.
And then I found those.
These? What, you call me in a panic 'cause you found a pair of rain boots? Yeah.
Rain boots, cat litter with no cat, smoking outside Thought they were running a meth lab.
- Meth lab.
- Yeah.
Meth cooks use litter to absorb the spilled chemicals.
Everyone knows if you light a cigarette in a meth lab you're gonna blow up.
So yeah.
And working at night would prevent the neighbors from seeing what you're doing.
Suburbia is a perfect cover for a meth lab.
It's actually a good theory, Mary.
Yeah, but it's not, 'cause I've looked everywhere, and there's nothing here.
The guy's just a jerk.
Okay, you were right.
I'm just a really bad judge of character.
- I didn't say that.
- But it's true.
Why? Wrong about Ben, wrong about what I thought was going on in this house, wrong about my last three boyfriends, wrong about what I did to you.
I lied.
I lied about Airbnb, but you knew.
I lied because I had plans to hang out with my ex-boyfriend from middle school that I reconnected with on the Internet.
He asked me out for a drink.
I said yes, I was so excited, then he ghosted me.
- He ghosted you? - Yeah, he never showed up, 'cause I was a really bad judge of character.
Stop saying that.
Okay? I don't want to hear it again.
You're wrong about yourself.
Look at me.
You're in the fight, you're having a go, okay? It's more than I could say for myself.
But what happens if you find somebody who's actually good for you and it works out? Then what? It's all worth it, right? So I'm proud of you, sis.
- I'm proud of you.
- Thank you.
Okay? Should we go? We can't go.
I need to ask you a question.
The living room upstairs, it's right above this room, right? Think so.
Why? Well, because it's a larger space upstairs.
I don't understand this wall right here.
This wall doesn't make sense to me.
And it's a CMU wall, which means it should be structural.
(knocking) Why doesn't it go all the way up? (knocking) What are you doing? (knocking) Wait.
Don't go in there.
Hold on.
(quietly): Oh, wow.
Okay, uh, Mary tell me again how you're a bad judge of character.
(exhales sharply) - Steve? - Huh? - Look.
- What? BEN: Did you remove the tape? AUBREY: No.
Why? I think someone's in the house.
That's not good.
That's worse.
STEVE: Mary, are you sure this is gonna work? MARY: Just trust me, Steve.
  (gas hissing) (coughing) (grunting) STEVE: Hey, hey! Get down and your hands behind your head! Go! I'm gonna go crack a window.
Get up on your feet.
Let's move.
(Ben and Aubrey coughing) STEVE: Go, go, go.
(coughing continues) Get in the corner.
Turn-- turn around.
You all right? (coughs) Yeah.
Good to see you again, neighbor.
(coughing) Nice job, Mary.
Hey, how'd you know about that gas? The Internet.
We're very lucky that they didn't fire their guns.
It's very combustible.
Oh, okay.
All right, medevac's still ten minutes out.
I don't know, Kira may not have that long.
JUNIOR: No, she doesn't.
She's fading.
She can't hold on much longer.
No, no, no.
Joons, there's 50 feet of rock wall between us and her.
- No, I have to go down there and stabilize her, okay? I can hold her against the wall until the helo gets here.
Joons, that's crazy.
DANNY: This is every day with Steve.
Now you know how I feel.
Uh, what, am I gonna stop you? Thanks.
Hey, Kira! I'm gonna come down.
I just need you to hold on a little bit longer-- can you do that? (crying): I don't know.
JUNIOR: Yes, you can, okay? You made it this far.
I'm coming down.
I-If you fall, then you forfeit the dance-off.
I win by default.
Those are the rules.
Don't get your hopes up.
JUNIOR: All right, see you soon!   (pants) GROVER: You know what? I can't watch this.
I can't watch it.
Just let me know when it's over.
ADAM: Lou, not watching is just gonna make it worse.
I will take my chances, thank you.
(Kira gasps, Junior grunts) TANI: Joons! (gasping) (grunting) (screaming) JUNIOR: Okay, I got you.
I'm here.
I got you.
I'm here.
(Kira panting) It's gonna be okay.
(indistinct chatter) (whining) Hey, buddy.
(exhales) Hi.
Looks like you're gonna make the wedding after all.
(whining) You only, you only get a few people, right? - - What? Uh, people in life that you that you care about, you know? You're young, you meet new people all the time, you know? When you get old, you get really old like me, you can count the good ones on one hand.
Have-have a good time tonight.
  (knocking) Okay, listen, boy picks up girl for prom, even if boy and girl are just friends who are gonna spend the whole time eating cocktail weenies and maybe come home early.
You look nice.
(sighs) Okay, fine.
But you better find the inner strength to put it into third gear, 'cause we're late.
JUNIOR: You know I'm gonna go exactly the speed limit.
TANI: Well, you're far too predictable.
(laughs) Ma'am? Why, thank you, sir.
ADAM: You know, sense of accomplishment.
GROVER: That'll be good.
No, thing Wt.
Well, if it isn't Miss Nancy Drew with her bad self.
- Me? GROVER: Yeah.
Now, you stop with all that.
(laughing) ADAM: We, uh, hear congratulations are in order.
Not that any of us are surprised.
I mean, you are a McGarrett after all.
- That's right.
And you know, uh, what a vacation is, right? You're not supposed to be breaking up meth labs, stuff like that, when you're on vacation.
- Yes, I know what a vacation is, and I still need one.
GROVER: What's the plan for tonight? You're not going back to that Airbnb, are you? Hell no.
Mary doesn't know this yet, but I'm about to book her a very nice room in an excellent hotel, and yes, already checked, and they have a luxurious rain forest shower.
MARY: Well, how about if I had other plans? Do you still have that mochi ice cream in your freezer? Course I do.
Just in case.
(phone ringing) Good.
'Cause I'm coming over.
Who's that? Oh, my God, it's him.
He's calling me right now.
The guy who ghosted you? Don't No, no, no, no.
He had his chance.
He had his chance.
I know, I know, I know.
Oh, don't be like that.
Come on, man, you were young once.
Give the man a second chance.
STEVE: Young? He already blew her off once.
Steve, maybe the guy had a really good reason for not calling sooner.
- I mean, come on.
- Let me tell you a really good excuse.
That he's dead and in the ground.
And he's not dead, 'cause he's calling.
So give me the phone.
Listen, don't listen to him.
You want her to be miserable and lonely like you for the rest of her life? Take the phone call.
- No, don't listen to that.
Give me the phone.
- Hello? - Just let her take the call.
- Hey.
- Would you stop? - How are you? You know what? This is on you.
Whatever happens.
What about them? They were saying stuff.
Why is it on me? Why you pick on me? MARY: Wait.
What? No way.
No, it's no problem.
We'll talk later.
All right.
He broke his freaking leg, okay? - Aw Yeah.
Broke his leg, huh? - Broke his leg.
GROVER: Lucky day! Congratulations.
You tell him to bring that X-ray along with him tonight, okay? 'Cause I want to see it.
Come on, Steve, lighten up.
All right, well, look, if he flakes on you again, I'm gonna break his other leg, okay?   O beautiful 'Ilima Choice Of my heart   O sweet.
(song ends) Hey, thank you for inviting me.
You know, with the hearing coming up, it's kind of all I've been thinking about, so it's been a nice distraction.
Thank you.
(applause) ("Boogie Shoes" by KC and The Sunshine Band playing) Well, if it's a distraction you're looking for Girl, to be with you Is my favorite thing Prepare to be humble.
(laughs) Here we go.
I can't wait (rhythmic grunting) Till I Okay.
See you again Okay, okay.
Oh, no! Joons, people are watching.
Yeah, I was just I was just kidding.
Turn it on? Yes.
I want to put on My, my, my, my, my Okay.
Boogie shoes Just to boogie with you Okay.
No, I can roll with that.
Sun comes up Oh, yeah I want to do it Till I can't get enough Yeah, yeah, uh-huh I want to put on My, my, my, my My boogie shoes Just to boogie with you Yeah, I want to put on My, my, my, my, my boogie shoes Just to boogie with you I want to put on My, my, my, my, my boogie shoes Just to boogie with you ("We Got The Feeling" by Ronnie & Joyce playing) Yeah We've got the feeling Oh, my goodness.
Okay, well, I I can't compete with this, so he's all yours, ladies.
- I'm gonna get some water.
- Okay.
What a feeling What a feeling I have never felt this way before Hi.
JODIE: You guys make a great couple.
Oh, no, no.
- We're just friends.
- Really? Well, is he single? (laughs) Good luck.
(girl giggles) And this is gonna take A long time And I wonder what's mine Can't take no more Wonder if you'll understand It's just the touch of your hand Behind a closed door All I needed was the love You're pretty good at this.
All I needed I told you I've been practicing.
Why? All I ever 'Cause I was looking forward to it.
Only you   Only you.

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