Hawaii Five-0 s10e01 Episode Script

Ua ʻeha ka ʻili i ka maka o ka ihe (The Skin Has Been Hurt by the Point of the Spear)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O I ask God every day for his mercy.
Gun! Because I have none! STEVE: Oh, my God.
JERRY: A little help Jerry's been shot! Lou, get an ambulance, - right now! - Yeah, this is Captain Lou Grover.
We need EMT assistance right now, dammit! - Jerry? - It hurts more than I thought it would.
You're gonna be okay, all right? You keep breathing, - (wheezing) - you understand me? Hang in there.
You hear me? Hang in there, Jerry, all right? ("As Long as I Live" by Jerry Lee Lewis begins) As long as I live Yes, I'm gonna give You stars above that shine Honey, give me just a little more time And I'm gonna make this Whole world yours and mine Yes, I'm gonna Make this whole world - Yours and mine.
- A-3.
Well, there goes a part of my fleet, you just sunk my carrier, man.
You're cheating, huh? Can you see my board? When I close my eyes, yes.
See that, that's kind of creepy, Jer.
Look, all it takes is deploying your probably density function, which takes into account the different ways that the ships can be arranged on the board.
Look at you, man, you're already sounding like your old self.
Y-You'll be ready to get out of here in no time, buddy.
I mean, don't want to rush anything.
You know, wouldn't want to give Five-O less than 100%.
Everything okay? Getting shot's not like in the movies.
Your life doesn't flash before your eyes.
When I was lying there, all I could think about was how I was letting Taylor and Moku down, and they'd never get a chance to defeat the orc army - and take on the Fire Giant.
- What? Taylor and Moku are my Dungeons & Dragons buddies.
We were in the middle of a pretty intense campaign when I got shot.
- Gotcha.
- Anyway, it got me thinking.
I mean, if that's what's crossing my mind when I'm staring death in the face maybe I haven't lived enough.
- (knock on door) - TANI: Hello, boys.
Stunned silence.
I should dress like this more often.
Yeah, you should.
- You look amazing.
- Thanks.
So do you, Jer, by the way.
- Aw, this old thing? - Yeah.
Oh, Joons, Joons, Joons, rookie mistake, putting all your ships at the edges.
Everyone's an expert, huh? Well, I'm happy to give you tips, but we got to go.
- The opera starts in 30.
- I didn't know you two - were into opera.
- TANI: I'm not.
Joons is actually the opera lover.
No, blame my dad.
I actually got the tickets for him and my mom, but he didn't want to go.
Well, I, for one, am really excited to go.
- I have been all day, actually.
- Really? Yes, really.
I mean, I slept really badly last night, so I'm looking forward to a solid three hours of nap time.
I heard the seats are very plush.
(chuckles) (chuckles) All right, buddy.
Rematch tomorrow.
Aye, aye, Admiral.
My fleet and I will be waiting.
Bye, Jer.
- This all looks really good.
- Yes, it does.
It-it certainly does.
What are you thinking? I don't know.
Well, uh, actually, I'm I've been thinking about this friend of mine, this thing that happened at work to a friend of mine.
He's a colleague as well, but he's a friend, and he kind of got shot.
Um I meant, well, he didn't I say he kind of got shot, - he got shot.
- Oh, my God.
He's okay.
He's gonna be okay.
It's just crazy, you know? Things that happen at work.
Yeah I'm glad everyone's okay.
- Thank you.
- I was really asking what you were thinking about ordering for dinner.
But thank you for sharing that with me.
- No problem.
I'm, uh Uh - (phone buzzes) Aw.
You know something, Brooke? I got to deal with this.
Okay? - Yeah.
- I think it's best.
- Yeah.
It's best.
- Thank you.
Yes? DANNY: Hi.
How's it going with Brooke? Dude.
I don't know.
I mean I guess we're not off to the best start.
What do you mean? No.
I told you she just got divorced, what's the matter with you? - What'd you do? - I didn't do anything.
We're just We're talking, is all.
That's helpful.
That's good.
What did you say wrong? I don't know.
I Words are kind of, just, they're falling out of my mouth, I don't know why.
Do you have any game - at all? What's the matter with you? - Guess what? This isn't helping, all right? You calling every five minutes.
You're breaking my rhythm.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
Your-your rhythm? - Yes.
My rhythm, my flow, okay? You've called twice, we haven't even ordered.
Hey, if you'd answer my texts, I don't have to call.
See? Okay, listen, Danny? You need to ease off a little bit.
All right? Just-just let me do my thing.
I'm just a little rusty.
I can't let you do your thing.
Your thing is awkward, and it makes people uncomfortable, and you mess things up.
And do me a favor.
Please don't make this weird for me, okay? I got to see this woman every time I drop Charlie off at school.
Yeah, okay.
All right.
I actually just figured out something that's gonna help this situation.
Oh, yeah? What's that? Hello? - Hey, I'm so sorry about that.
- (laughs) - That's not gonna happen again.
- That's fine.
That was Danny.
Who I love.
Very much.
Um but sometimes he's a little intense.
Sounds like my ex.
You know, it's funny you say that.
'Cause it's kind of like a marriage, me and him.
It's kind of like a very dysfunctional marriage.
Well, you know what they say about marriage.
No, I don't.
It's just a friendship recognized by the police.
I like that.
- (chuckles) Thank you.
- That's good.
Let's drink to that.
- Can we reset - Mm-hmm.
- And order and be humans? - Yeah.
- Yes.
Let's start over.
- Okay, good.
(operetta music playing) Figured you'd be asleep by now.
(whispering): I know.
You and me both.
But, like, the music's actually beautiful, and the costumes are amazing, and you know, I love that I have no idea what they're singing about.
(singing in Hawaiian) (singing continues) Honey, are you okay? - (gasps) Oh, my God.
- Ma'am, what's going on? (singing continues) Joons, check out your two o'clock box seats.
JUNIOR: Something's wrong.
Hey, Five-O! Stop right there! Let me see your hands! Gun! - (gunshots) - (grunting) (murmuring, screaming) - Hey, you got eyes on him? - Yeah, I think he took the stairwell.
- I'm security.
What's going on? - Hey.
Lock this place down.
No one goes in or out! (Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) (sirens blaring) DANNY: Hey, uh, I'm sorry to pull you away from your date, even though you were blowing it, you know? - Blowing it? - Yeah.
If by "blowing it", you mean I got a second date, then, yeah, I guess I was blowing it.
- You got a second date? - Let's go, what do we know? Victim's name is Billy Sato.
He's the head of the Triads.
He was shot in his seat by what appears to be a long-range - rifle.
- And the shooter disappeared into that stairwell over there, and security locked the place down right away.
All right, TANI, Junior, you guys are on crowd control, all right? We're gonna break up into groups of two, comb through this theater inch by inch till we find this guy.
I got movement.
Contact! (grunts) (grunts) (gunshots) (grunts) (grunts) (grunting) (grunts) (engine revs, tires screech) That's great, he got away.
STEVE: You know what, you're being ridiculous.
I'm just saying, ten years ago - you would have made that jump.
- I made the jump.
No, your fingertips made the jump.
The rest of your body, not so much.
You're 40.
Jumping off of buildings is a young man's game.
How about next time you get in the game? A little less chatting, a little more chasing.
Now you're being ridiculous.
Hey, what do you got? Well, for starters, this composite of our shooter based on eyewitness descriptions and the limited CCTV footage we had.
It's been sent to every law enforcement agency on the island.
We also ID'd the getaway car.
It was reported stolen yesterday afternoon.
Big surprise.
Grover's following up with the owner.
Also, TANI and Junior are checking in with local clinics and ERs, seeing if anyone matching our suspect's description has been treated for a GSW.
Okay, good.
What about the crime scene? I assume we got the report back from CSU.
Yeah, they recovered the shooter's rifle.
They also found this shell casing up in the catwalk over the auditorium.
That rifle configuration with the detachable barrel, that's pretty rare.
But I've seen SOF guys use something like that in the past.
Well, it's starting to sound like our shooter - might be military-trained.
- STEVE: Right.
Okay, so we're either looking for a soldier that's got a personal beef with Sato, or, more likely, this was a paid hit.
Look, I can think of a lot of rivals who would want to take out the head of the Triads, but they're all more than capable of handling something like this - in-house.
- All right, Adam, why don't you reach out to your contacts, see if anybody's talking? In the meantime, let's get this composite out to all the military facilities and veterans organizations on the isl see if anybody recognizes our hitter.
On it.
I think about you in the morning Now, you're telling me someone used my car to commit a murder? Well, the car was just a getaway vehicle.
The actual murder was committed with a gun.
A sniper rifle, actually.
My God, the opera house shooting.
I read about that.
Do you have any cameras at the work site - where the car was stolen? - Afraid not.
I mean, we're still just laying the foundation.
I don't suppose you have a vehicle recovery system for the car.
Seeing as how you didn't list one on the police report.
I wish I could be more helpful.
Eh, don't sweat it.
This is the job.
We have to follow every lead.
To tell you the truth, most of 'em don't even pan out.
But thank you so much for your time, Mr.
Of course.
If there's anything else I can do for you, - let me know, please.
- All right.
Um, you know, actually, there might be.
It's unrelated to this stuff.
But, um you wouldn't happen to have any apartment units in your real estate portfolio, close to town, that I won't have to sell my plasma to make rent on? (chuckles) See, my wife and I are thinking of downsizing.
Both the kids are out of the house, so I'll have one of my leasing agents contact you directly, make sure you're taken care of.
My man.
Listen, I don't want to put you out.
Not at all.
I'm a strong advocate for giving back to the law enforcement community.
- It would be my pleasure.
- Thank you very much.
- I apprecia - (cell phone chimes) Wait, pardon me one second.
Well, this day is looking up.
You're gonna get me that apartment, and my team just found your car.
Boss, got something you need to see.
One of the places our composite went out to was a Veterans of Foreign Wars bar on the island.
Please tell me that somebody recognized our shooter from that.
Afraid not, but here's what did happen.
Two days ago, a woman came into the bar looking for a guy.
She left a photo with the bar owner in case they ever showed up there.
Check this out.
That's him.
That's our shooter.
But wait a minute.
Who the hell is this woman looking for our suspect - two days before he kills Billy Sato? - I can't tell you.
She didn't leave a name with the bar owner, just a number; I ran it, but it's a burner.
All right, we gotta run a trace on that phone right now and find this woman.
ADAM: Guys, I got her.
Black SUV.
She's on Kahala, heading towards Diamond Head.
(tires screeching) - Oh, hey, hey, hey! Drop the weapon.
- You drop yours.
- I'm not gonna ask you twice.
- Is that a threat? Because I don't do well with threats.
Put the weapon down.
I thought you said you weren't gonna ask me again.
I have full authority from the governor of Hawaii to pull this trigger if you don't comply.
- Who are you, James Bond? - No.
I'm Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett of the Five-O Task Force.
Sergeant Quinn Liu.
Military police.
STEVE: Military police? Why aren't you wearing a uniform? Because, actually, I'm with CID.
Okay, well, it'd be helpful to us if you'd just pick a story and stick with it.
My current rank is none of your concern.
- Ah.
- Fair enough.
Where are your credentials? That's funny, I was about to ask for yours.
Mine are right here on my belt.
Oh, I'm sorry, I can't see that.
Can you throw that a little further? Danny, I'm gonna shoot this woman.
Look, okay, here's the thing, all right? Okay, by the way, this is horrible déjà vu I am having.
If you're gonna shoot anybody, shoot him, please.
Okay? Here's what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna put my gun away, like this.
All right, on the count of three, you're both gonna put your guns away.
All right? And we'll talk like, uh, like people do.
All right? One two three.
- Thank you.
- Why are you following me? It seems we're both looking for the same person.
- Are we, now? - DANNY: Yeah.
That photo you left at the VFW bar.
You left a number with it.
We traced that.
STEVE: Yeah, speaking of which, you're military police? What are you doing using a burner phone to conduct your business? Yeah, this has been fun, gentlemen, but if we're done with the roadside interrogation, - I'm gonna go.
- STEVE: We're not done.
Who's this? You know this man? He's a veteran I booked for assault charges a few months ago.
He's supposed to be checking in with me as a condition of getting his charges dropped, but he went MIA a couple days ago.
- What's his name? - Tom Kendall.
- Former Army Ranger.
- Tom Kendall.
I'll have Grover update the APB.
Thank you.
APB? What the hell's going on? Tom Kendall is a primary suspect in a murder investigation we're on.
What? What's that look? Tom is the second veteran to go MIA recently.
I was getting concerned it was a pattern.
What are you talking about, a pattern? (cell phone rings) Hold on.
Yeah, TANI, what do you got? Hey, our sniper had an accomplice drive him to Wahiawa General.
His car is abandoned in the parking lot - outside the ER.
- Okay, so, he must have gone there to get treatment, yeah? Not quite.
There's a blood trail leading to a parking spot of a Dr.
And we checked in with the hospital.
Gao never showed up for his shift today.
Well, they grabbed him, right? They grabbed a doctor to to take away and patch up the injured sniper? JUNIOR: Yeah, but the good news is the doctor's car was fitted with a vehicle recovery system, so units are en route as we speak.
All right, keep me posted.
Keep your hand off that gun.
Let's go! What, seriously? After all that, you're just gonna leave? Yeah, I just I gotta follow him.
Where are you going? I don't know.
(engine revs) (vehicles approaching) (tires screeching) On your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Perimeter's set.
We're good to move in.
- Affirmative.
- (gunshot) On me.
Hands, hands, hands, up.
Hands up.
Right there.
- Don't move.
- GAO: I didn't do anything.
He just shot himself.
OFFICER: Clear, sir.
Both sides clear.
STEVE: Hey, Danny, check this out.
Kendall's burner.
ME found it on his body.
Look at the texts that he sent.
Need extraction.
" He sent that at 8:37 last night, right after he shot Sato.
Okay, so there's definitely an accomplice.
That explains the getaway car, but the only problem is I just spoke to that doctor.
He told me that Kendall stuck him up by himself.
He was alone.
- So where's the accomplice now? - I don't know.
I'm gonna have TANI run a trace on this number.
Or Or what? What are you doing? You're texting the guy? Yeah.
Why would you do that? That-That's a terrible idea.
What if he gets spooked and he dumps the phone? Then what do we got? - (phone chimes) - You sent it.
- What if it works? - What if it doesn't work? It might work.
It might not work.
- It's like a 50/50.
- Yeah, well, so you like - (phone chimes) - Hey, what did I tell you? Look at that.
"Schedule stays the same.
We proceed with remaining targets.
" Okay, so they got more hits planned.
All right.
Danny, check it out.
Sergeant Liu said Kendall was one of two vets who went MIA recently, which means she knows who the other one is.
Maybe she can get a locale on that guy.
- I'll call her right now.
- All right.
(cell phone ringing) Thank you for brokering this meeting.
I know without you vouching for me, none of these men would be here.
I only agreed to help you because of your relationship with my daughter.
I understand you and my Tamiko have been spending quite a lot of time together.
So I must ask, what are your intentions? Tamiko and I have become close friends.
I-I assure you that's all she is.
(low chatter) This is Adam Noshimuri with the Five-O Task Force.
You will answer his questions.
Gentlemen, thank you for meeting with me.
To be clear, I don't believe any of you were directly involved in the hit last night.
Now, that said, if anyone knows who would benefit from Billy Sato's death, it's the people in this room.
No one stood to gain from taking out Sato.
At least no one within the yakuza.
Okay, so maybe this was internal.
Part of a power play within the Triad organization.
YAKUZA LEADER 2: I know people inside the Triads.
They're certain it wasn't one of their own.
So, if it wasn't a rival, and the hit wasn't ordered from within, then who does that leave? (doorbell rings) (speaks Japanese) Who is it? Open it.
Where is he? Where's your boss? BODYGUARD: Hey.
You can't go in there.
Quinn Liu, military police.
I'm gonna need you to come with me.
Unless you have a warrant for my arrest, that's not gonna happen.
Thought so.
(speaks Japanese) ADAM: Whoa QUINN: Just so we're clear, the only way I'm leaving here is with you.
Okay, let's all just take a breath.
Hey, easy, easy.
I don't recall asking you to speak.
Okay, listen, I'm gonna reach for my credentials now, and I promise you I'm unarmed.
Adam Noshimuri, Five-O.
Lower your weapon.
Everybody lower their weapon.
You guys have been all up in my business today.
Would you mind telling me what you're doing here? I'm trying to track down two veterans who have gone missing.
One of them, a retired Army Ranger by the name of Tom Kendall appears to have been involved in the shooting last night.
And now it's looking like the second one may be wrapped up in it as well.
MASUDA: And what does any of this have to do - with me? - Not much, really.
Except that he's a trained sniper and I just stopped by his apartment and found these.
Reconnaissance photos of you.
(phone ringing) Don't let us stand in your way.
This is kind of a bad time.
JUNIOR: Yo, Adam, McGarrett and Danny just discovered text communications between Tom Kendall and someone who could be his co-conspirator, a vet named Marcus Sanders.
Also, it looks like they could be planning multiple hits.
The good news is that we got an active trace on Sanders' cell.
Units are headed over now to pick him up.
Where is he right now? Kahala beach.
Why? JUNIOR: Adam, what's going on? Everybody get away from the windows, now! (gunfire) Yeah, I do mean you Let's go.
Come on, come on, come on.
See that cat? Yeah, I do mean you She got a TV eye on me (men screaming) (panting) Listen to me, we can't wait this one out.
Sanders is Special Forces, which means one way or the other, he is getting in here.
I wouldn't be so sure.
My men have him outnumbered.
For now.
Let's move.
- ADAM: You all right? - Yeah.
Move and take MASUDA.
We got to get you out of here.
(sirens approaching) (tires screeching) (gunfire) (glass shattering) (engine starts) (tires screech) Steve, suspect's on the move.
He's in a beige GMC with raised tires.
Heading northbound on Kuhio.
STEVE: Copy that.
(sirens wailing) (tires screeching) This is good, we're chasing a monster truck.
That's totally normal, right? - (people screaming) - Let's go, let's go, let's go.
DANNY: Definitely don't see that every day.
Oh, good.
You two have met.
Yeah, Adam brought her in.
He's with Grover in rendition right now with MASUDA.
Yeah, Steve just joined them.
Hey, you should, uh, get that looked at by a doctor.
That's what I said.
I don't need a doctor.
What I need is answers.
What I need is to figure out how two vets got caught up in an organized crime gang war.
Are-are you sure you're not related to Steve in any way? - Hey, yo.
- Yo.
Whoa, uh, you should get that checked out.
QUINN: Seriously? It's just a graze.
- You guys are such wimps.
- No DANNY: Okay.
Uh, so, uh, autopsy results came back on our sniper, Tom Kendall, and his blood work contained trace levels of psilocybin.
It's-it's a psychedelic compound found - in magic mushrooms.
- Yeah, I know what it is.
Uh, just seems like a weird time to take mushrooms, no? QUINN: Hold on.
Psilocybin is being used in a clinical trial to treat post-traumatic stress.
I know that because Marcus Sanders is a participant in a study that's being conducted down at the VA hospital.
TANI: Well, if that's the case, then maybe Kendall was also a participant in that study.
And the fact that both of them had that in common, that can't be a coincidence.
JUNIOR: Yeah, I agree.
(laughs softly) Someone is recruiting snipers from within that study.
TANI: Yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it, because you have this large sample group of these highly-skilled vets, all suffering from post-traumatic stress.
They're struggling to reintegrate - into civilian life - JUNIOR: And then someone comes along and offers them an opportunity to re-purpose their skills.
That's pretty tempting.
Why-why don't you have, uh, Jerry look into that study, see who has access to those records or if there was a data breach? - Okay.
- STEVE: Hey, yo.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You shot? It's fine.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Did you get something from MASUDA? Yeah, we did.
Let me see that.
It doesn't look fine.
It's better than my last one.
STEVE: Okay, look, this whole time, we were thinking this was all about organized crime.
In fact, it turns out it was personal.
ADAM: Back in the early '90s, before they were up-and-comers in their respective crime syndicates, Sato and MASUDA worked as enforcers for a local loan shark named Isko Zhang.
A third man, Michael Lee, was part of the crew as well, serving as the point person responsible for brokering Zhang's loans.
As enforcers for this loan shark, MASUDA and Sato were in the business of collecting debts by any means necessary, whether it be bodily harm, breaking bones or worse.
Well, it makes sense to believe that there's some people - out there that want some payback.
- True.
Uh, yeah.
Well, here's what doesn't make sense, is the timing of it all.
These guys haven't worked together in decades.
Why are they choosing now to get revenge? ADAM: Check this out.
The loan shark, Isko Zhang, is still alive and living on Oahu, but the other guy who was part of that crew, Michael Lee, he was killed two weeks ago.
His body was found beaten and tortured just a few days after being released from a federal prison in Arizona.
He had just served a 15-year sentence.
QUINN: Someone who borrowed money from this crew back in the day wants revenge, but Lee is the face of the operation, so they only know about his involvement.
But he's in jail, so they wait for him to get out, grab him, torture him till he gives up his accomplices.
Sato and MASUDA, who are both targeted for assassination within 24 hours.
STEVE: Hang on a second.
That text message that Sanders sent, it said "proceed with all remaining targets," plural.
We know MASUDA was one of them.
And given that Sato and Lee were already dead, that only leaves one person.
The loan shark.
Isko Zhang.
TV ANCHOR: Details are just now emerging about the police pursuit through Waikiki this afternoon that resulted in dozens of damaged vehicles.
We have just learned that the suspect is still at large and is wanted in connection with the assassination of Billy Sato and the attempted murder of Hajime MASUDA.
(shouting, gunshots in distance) (siren wailing, tires screeching) Can't this thing go any faster? What? Nothing.
I've just never had that complaint before.
Isko Zhang, Five-O! On me.
(grunting) Drop your weapon.
(panting) Don't do it, Marcus.
STEVE: Look, I-I-I know this doesn't make it any easier, but he didn't exactly give you much choice.
You're right.
Doesn't make it any easier.
I'm supposed to be watching out for these guys, making sure they don't fall through the cracks, and now they're both dead.
Yeah, but why are they dead? I'll tell you why they're dead, all right? They're dead because they agreed to take part in a murder for hire plot, Quinn.
How is that your fault? (cell phone ringing) (beeps) Yeah, Jerry? JERRY: I took a deep dive into that post-traumatic stress study that Marcus Sanders and Tom Kendall were participants in.
Couldn't find any evidence of a data breach, but I dug deeper and I came up with a list of everyone that had access to the confidential records.
I bet that's a long list.
43 names, but one of the names turned up in your investigation already.
Who's that? So what I was trying to say when the Pardon me, Judge, I hate to interrupt this beautiful culinary experience.
Uh, Captain Grover, is there a problem? Oh, no, no, no.
We're all good.
Nothing for you to be concerned about.
I just need to have a word with my good friend, Mr.
- Hey.
- CULLEN: Hey.
I assume this is about my stolen car? GROVER: Yeah, well, that and some other things.
Cullen, this is my colleague, Steve McGarrett, and this is Sergeant Quinn Liu with CID.
Pleasure to meet you both.
What is this all about? Well, we looked into you, Mr.
Cullen, and it turns out, back in the early '90s, when you were starting up your real estate business, you were over-leveraged and in need of fast cash, so you borrowed money from Michael Lee, not knowing that he was just the front man for Isko Zhang.
GROVER: Which was a shame because Zhang was an old-school loan shark.
I mean, this is a guy who'd rather break both your legs than to see you even come up a dollar short on payment.
And, unfortunately for you, the real estate market tanked and then you went belly-up.
QUINN: And Zhang must've figured that loan was never gonna get repaid because a few months later your Mercedes exploded outside of your house.
STEVE: Yeah, uh, we-we read the police report.
You were supposed to be in that car that day, but, uh, unfortunately, for some reason, your wife decided to drive your daughter to school, right? They were both killed in the explosion.
Is there a point to all this, or you just come here to interrupt my dinner - and upset me? - The point is, sir, that not only did you make it through that period of your life, you've kind of recreated yourself, become this big success, yeah? QUINN: But you were doing something else during that time period, weren't you? You were planning, waiting for the chance to get revenge.
And that opportunity finally came up when Michael Lee was released from prison 15 years later.
STEVE: See, that makes sense to me because what you have done recently is use your connections to the post-traumatic stress study that you-you financed to recruit a couple of military-trained hitters.
You turned them loose onto Lee to torture him and get the names of the accomplices.
GROVER: And don't forget he ordered them to kill all You remember, you ordered them to kill all four guys.
I was sorry to hear that two brave servicemen lost their lives, but the other victims, Sato and Lee people of Hawaii aren't gonna be mourning them any time soon.
As far as this theory that I hired them to do what they did? That's all it is.
It's a theory.
But here's the thing, I'm gonna bet on that theory.
So my friend Lou here, he's gonna put some handcuffs on and then take you away.
GROVER: Turn your ass around.
Wes Cullen, you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.
Big fella.
- O.
- What's good, baby? All set for Jerry's welcome back party? - Yes, sir.
- All right.
And since the guest of honor is not here yet, it's a good time to broach the subject of the bill.
Okay, wh-what about the bill? Oh, it's just that nobody likes to see a good celebration marred by that awkward moment when the bill is placed on the table.
So which one of you nice fellas want to pick up the tab today? What in the hell is the matter with you? Everyone, including you, is supposed to contribute to the cost of this thing.
Jerry is your friend, too, man.
No doubt.
That's why I graciously extended a 5% discount on all menu items, beer and wine excluded, of course.
Of course.
5%, that's very gracious, nice.
Hey, Jerry's 'ohana, brah.
It's the least I can do.
Oh, you doing the least, all right.
So with a party of six or more, we usually add on an 18% gratuity to the bill.
Are you guys good with that, or you guys like add on a little bit more? Wow.
- Nice Bonnie.
- Thanks.
What year is that? '72.
Look, I just wanted to come by and say thank you.
I heard you called my former supervisor at CID and put in a good word for me.
- Ah.
- Not that I think it's gonna make a difference.
You are not that guy's favorite person, you know that, right? Yeah, the feeling is mutual.
I got to admit, I was kind of, uh, curious as to how a staff sergeant in CID can get knocked all the way down to military police.
And it's crazy, it turns out all you got to do is break into a barracks, disregard direct orders, and forge a sergeant major's signature.
That's it.
- Closed the case, didn't I? - Yeah, you did.
(chuckles) Uh, look, I'm sure you already heard, but the prosecuting attorney isn't gonna be charging Cullen.
Doesn't feel like he has enough evidence for a conviction, which means it's gonna be up to us to make that case.
Us? Yeah, us.
I got to do everything I can to bring Cullen to justice, and it's your case, too, so, I mean, I think you should be involved.
- I hope you want to be involved.
- I do.
Thank you.
That actually means a lot to me.
Of course.
Listen, you've come all this way, why don't you, uh, why don't you stick around? Come come on.
Hey! Sergeant Liu.
- So nice of you to join us.
- Please, call me Quinn.
So, uh, girl's got to eat.
What's good here? It's all, uh, you know, it's just shrimp and garlic, some variation of shrimp and garlic.
- So check it out.
You'll see.
- You guys want anything? - No.
- No, thank you very much.
Let me ask you a question, what did you do? No, not with her, with Brooke.
What are you talking about? Well, I texted her to see if she was looking forward to your second date.
No reply, so I assume you screwed things up.
Didn't screw it up.
We're going on a second date.
It's all good, except, uh, you don't know about it 'cause we're breaking up with you, Danny.
Breaking up with me? What does that mean? What it means is there's not gonna be any more phone calls, no more texts.
Nah, don't look at him.
No more texts, no more pestering us about the nature of our relationship.
You are now officially on radio silence.
Cut me out.
- You can't cut me out.
- I c-can, and I did, and I have.
It was her idea.
How about that? Her idea.
TANI: Looks like Mom and Dad are fighting again.
Hey, Jerry! GROVER: Jerry, my man.
Welcome back, baby.
Hey, everybody.
Thanks for making it out.
I'm grateful for the support.
Well, we're really grateful to have you back, man, so, you know, you just do what you need to do, rest up, take as long as you need, and-and come back to work whenever you're ready, all right? Yeah.
About that Jer, what's going on? Look, joining Five-O is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Not just because it gave me a job and a sense of purpose, but, well, 'cause it gave me an 'ohana.
But having a close brush with death really makes you think about how you're living your life.
And you realize how precious time is.
There's something I've always wanted to do, and I've always pushed it aside, figuring I'd get around to it someday.
Which is why I've decided to step away from the team, so I can focus on the next chapter.
Which is? I want to write a book.
I've been researching it for years.
It's about the connection between the Federal Reserve and the sinking of the Titanic.
Makes perfect sense.
(chuckles) Jerry, I hope it's a huge success.
Hey, why the glum faces? I'll still be around to hang.
And, I don't know, maybe consult on a case, should the need arise, or from time to time.
Okay, I got a bunch of witnesses.
I'm gonna take you up on that, Jerry, okay? Just so you know.
Look at that, you're making me cry.
DANNY: No, you made yourself cry.
You know what, buddy? I'm gonna miss having you around, I'll tell you that for sure.
All right.
Come on, everybody, group hug.
Bring it in.
You too, new girl.
There's plenty of room.
- No, I'm-I'm all right.
- Aw, come on.
ALL: Ah, come on! STEVE: Come on, come on, please.
TANI: New girl, new girl, new girl.
What the hell? - (chuckles) - Ah.
I'm gonna miss your crazy, conspiratorial ass.
DANNY: This is definitely cozy.
GROVER: Jerry's office is going to be available now.
TANI: You're a good hugger, Jer.
JERRY: I love you guys.

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