Hawaii Five-0 s10e02 Episode Script

Kuipeia e ka makani apaa (Knocked Flat by the Wind; Sudden Disaster)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-0 Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Stop.
Who are you? Sergeant Quinn Liu, military police.
Why are you following me? It seems we're both looking for the same person.
GROVER: Pardon me, Judge.
Just need to have a word with my good friend, Mr.
What is this all about? Your Mercedes exploded outside of your house.
STEVE: Your wife decided to drive your daughter to school.
They were both killed in the explosion.
- It's a theory.
- But here's the thing, I'm gonna bet on that theory.
(scoffs) Wes Cullen, you're under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.
Prosecuting attorney isn't gonna be charging Cullen.
Doesn't feel like he has enough evidence for a conviction, which means it's gonna be up to us to make that case.
- Us? - Yeah, us.
- I hope you want to be involved.
- I do.
(beeping) (Eddie barking) Eddie? Okay, what's the matter? What's the matter? You want out? (barking continues) Eddie, what's in the garage? (barking continues) This is Commander McGarrett of Five-O.
I need a bomb squad at my house right now.
You heard correctly.
The bomb squad.
Right now.
Right now.
CAROL: So you're just not gonna talk to me? Is that how we're gonna be spending our vacation now? What's the point of talking? All you do is complain.
Well (chuckles) the way you planned this vacation, there is a lot to complain about.
Here we go.
Carol's greatest hits.
These sheets are too scratchy.
The massage was too rough.
There's a smudge on my water glass.
The glass was dirty, Nate.
And the waiter was rude to me.
And what did you do? You said absolutely nothing.
(sighs) I just wish, one time, just once, that you would stand up for me, that you would actually take my side.
Goldman was right.
This trip was never gonna solve our problems.
Yeah, well, at least I'm trying.
The only reason Dr.
Goldman hasn't told us to call it quits already is so he can keep - billing us.
- (scoffs) - (loud rumbling) - What was that? (Carol gasps) (Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) ("Hava Nagila" by Dick Dale playing) - You're sulking.
- Mm-mm.
- Yeah.
- No.
I'm enjoying the music.
Oh, really? Enjoying the music? That's what you want to go with? Okay, Joons.
You enjoy the music.
Yeah, I just didn't know you were that good at surfing.
See, I-I knew you were good but not that good.
- Like, that drop you made, - Uh-huh.
How'd you even make that? Practice, Joons.
You forget that I've been surfing since I was a kid.
Me, too.
I can't do that.
Well, listen, it's not that you're bad at surfing.
It's just that I'm way, way better than you.
(chuckles): Oh.
(exhales) Okay.
- See? You're sulking.
- (horns honking) What's up with all this traffic? What the hell? - (siren whooping) - (indistinct chatter) (whimpers) (barks) Who'd you piss off now? It's a long list.
My money's on Cullen for this one though.
Well, we did kind of ruin his dinner with the judge and slap the cuffs on him.
Lab techs are still analyzing the device.
But they were able to determine that it was set to explode in the middle of the night.
- When you were sure to be home.
- Yeah.
You might want to consider giving young Eddie - a special treat today.
- (whines) - No doubt.
- (phone rings) - Yeah, Tani, what's up? - "What's up?" I guess you haven't seen the news? No.
Kind of had my hands full around here this morning.
Why? What's going on? The Kapahulu Tunnel collapsed.
Joons and I aren't far.
We're thinking that we should get in there - and see if we can help.
- Hold on.
If it's hit the news, that means HFD's already en route.
Let 'em go in, determine whether the thing's stable enough before you go racing in there.
Yeah, all the more reason we should get in there and start clearing people out.
You know that you'd do the same.
All right.
Be safe, okay? Please? And keep me posted.
(coughing) Hey, you okay? - (coughing) - (indistinct chatter) TANI: Sir.
- Sir, can you walk? - (coughing) Get out of the tunnel.
Go on.
That way.
That way.
Come on, keep moving.
Apply pressure.
TANI: Joons! Junior! Get over here! Now! (coughing) I've got two vics.
They didn't die in the collapse.
Their blood's still pooling.
This just happened.
What's that? (panting) This looks like some sort of prisoner transport.
Yeah, with no prisoner.
Whoever did this couldn't have gotten far.
All right.
We need to move.
Visibility's really bad.
Let's split up.
We'll have a better chance of finding 'em.
(men shouting) (phone ringing) - Steve.
- STEVE: Hey, Tani, where are you? - (voice cutting out) - (staticky): I can't hear you right now.
We're in the tunnel.
We found a black prison transpo van.
Both guards are dead.
The prisoner's missing.
Tani, I can barely hear you.
Can you find a better signal? One second.
You guys need help? - (gunshot) - (man cries out) Five-O! Get your hands up! (gunshots) - (groans) - (gunfire continues) MAN: Stay down! JUNIOR: Bomb! Bomb! Hey, get some cover, now! Get back right now! Get back! Get back! (frantic chatter) (beeping) You, get back! Go! (grunting) (high-pitched ringing) (coughing) (groans) TANI: Joons! (echoes): Junior! Down here.
(Tani coughing) Joons! Joons! Joons.
(coughing) Junior! Joons.
Hey, hey.
Are you okay? You okay? Joons.
- Hey.
Hey, you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
I had eyes on 'em.
(groans) There was two of them with the prisoner.
I got a shot off, and I winged one of them, but they got out through the emergency door.
And then boom.
They detonated some C-4.
- That's what that was.
- Yeah.
Yeah, they did it so no one could follow 'em.
I think that none of this was an accident.
The initial cave-in, that was that was them.
Think we're trapped in here? WOMAN: Help! Can anyone hear me? - Help! - Yeah.
(indistinct shouting) (helicopter blades whirring) ADAM: Yo.
Here's what we know.
About 15 minutes after the initial collapse, a second explosion took down another part of the tunnel, sealing it off on both ends.
Number of fatalities is unconfirmed, but thermal imaging indicates there are at least nine people trapped alive in there.
No word from Tani or Junior.
ADAM: HTA's bringing in a structural engineer to assess the situation, but it looks like the tunnel is extremely unstable.
So blasting or bulldozing the rubble is not an option? Right.
There is one bit of good news.
The ventilation system is still operational, which means they have breathable air for now.
We don't know how long that's gonna last.
We gotta get a plan in place.
First priority, get these people out.
Second priority, figure out who did this and why.
ADAM: I don't get why they went through all this trouble.
I mean, why not just hit the van when it was on the road? 'Cause that doesn't buy 'em any time to escape, right? Danny's right.
Think about it.
These guys, they've entombed the entire crime scene.
I mean, if it wasn't for Tani and Junior, it could have been hours before anybody realized this prisoner was gone.
Giving them plenty of time to get off the island.
All right, Adam, check into all correctional facilities on this island.
Find out what prisoners were being moved today.
In the meantime, let's get helos in the air, dogs on the ground, roadblocks on the perimeter.
You got it.
WOMAN: Can anybody hear me?! JUNIOR: Step back, step back! Move.
- You okay? - My legs! I can't move.
- What's your name? - Luana.
Luana, we're gonna get you out of here, all right? - Mm-hmm.
- All right.
I'm Junior Reigns, this is Tani Rey.
We're with the Five-O Task Force.
I'm gonna need everyone's help to move this rock.
All right, everyone.
You guys, we're gonna move this top rock here.
Big push.
Come on, guys, push.
Push! (grunting) (panting) Okay, Tani.
Your turn.
Let's go.
(groaning) (Tani grunts) All the way.
(grunts) Okay.
Luana, we're gonna pull you out, okay? Ready? (panting) What do we got? Stay still.
You're all right.
- (whimpering) - I got you.
Put your arms around me.
Come on.
Oh, my gosh.
- Okay.
Tani, close the door.
- (Luana crying) Okay.
Stay calm.
You're all right.
You're okay.
You're okay.
I'm right here.
TANI: Look, it's not a spinal injury, but both legs are likely broken.
All right, we're gonna need to find something to stabilize her, some sort of brace.
I saw I saw a surfboard.
Okay, go.
It's okay.
You're gonna be all right.
All right? Okay, everyone else? Okay, what we need to do right now is establish communication with rescue teams outside.
So what I want you guys to do is walk around and see if you can find me a cell signal.
Yes? - Yes.
- Move.
Luana, how you feeling? You okay? Turns out I was wrong.
You are good with a surfboard.
All right.
So, I, uh, I checked every corner of this place.
There's no cell service.
All right.
Well, maybe someone else will have better luck.
And what if they don't? What's the plan for getting out of here? All right, gather everyone and come with me.
All right, you guys can't see it, but behind all this rubble's a service exit that leads outside.
You think we can clear all that out of the way? Dude, that's gonna take hours.
Maybe, but it's our only option.
Yeah, I saw a work truck up there.
There's tons of shovels on it.
I think if we all work together, we can clear a path - to the door.
- AKONI: I saw that work truck, too.
There's a jackhammer on it.
I say we drill through that wall into the exit.
JUNIOR: Hey, no.
That's too risky.
Okay, we start drilling, and vibrations can bring this whole place down.
- You sure? It seems to have settled.
- ANO: Has it, now? - You in construction? - I'm a dentist.
Well, I'm an engineering major, and I'd like to live long enough to finish my degree.
- Junior's right.
- AKONI: Is he? Because I don't want to die in here shoveling rock when there's a faster way out.
Guys! I think we can all agree that standing here arguing about it is not gonna do anything.
AKONI: Fine.
We'll try it your way.
- Where are those shovels? - In the truck.
STEVE: This is the emergency service exit.
- That's it, right there.
- DANNY: This is the guy in the yellow vest who gave me these.
He told me that's right where the second explosion happened.
So even if we can get down there, it's-it's gonna be a-a mountain of rubble on the other side of that door.
I understand that, but that's still our best option, Danny.
We have to get as many able-bodied people as we can to help clear the rubble out and get in there.
That's what we got to do.
Do me a favor, reach out to HFD and HTA, please.
All right.
(phone rings) Yeah, Lou.
Go ahead.
So, I've been looking at CCTV footage of this tunnel.
A black van drives into it, and like roaches in a roach motel, it never comes out.
That could be our prisoner transport.
You get the license plate? Of course.
And whoever they're moving must be some big muckety-muck, because the damn van is registered to the Department of Defense.
Wait, the DoD? - Talk to them? - Oh, yeah, sure.
They were real helpful, too.
They sent over the transportation log with the prisoner's name conveniently blacked out.
What the hell's going on here, man? I don't know, but I know who to talk to.
I'll call you back.
(chuckles): Sorry, it's been a minute since I've been in a civilian vehicle.
- Just got off a rotation in Kabul.
- Mm.
Well, it'd be a shame to survive a war zone just to die in a car accident.
Speed limit on base is 30 miles an hour.
(phone rings) Excuse me.
- Steve, hey.
- Quinn, I need a favor.
Give me a sec.
All right.
No ticket for you today.
But I stop you again, you'll be cruising around base on a banana seat Schwinn with your gun in the basket.
Yes, ma'am.
QUINN: Okay, what do you need? I assume you heard about the Kapahulu Tunnel collapse? Of course.
Tani and Junior are trapped in there and one of the vehicles in there is a black prisoner transpo van.
Except the two guards assigned to it are dead - and the prisoner's gone.
- Wait.
So the tunnel collapse was engineered as part of an escape? Yeah, we think so.
And that prisoner transpo van The license plate registers back to you guys.
The DoD.
Quinn, I'm not trying to get you in any deeper, but - What's the plate? - Bravo-Echo-73-Jericho.
Damn, this file is redacted from me, too.
Don't have the clearance.
Damn it.
Thank you for trying.
I appreciate it.
Hold on.
I may not be able to tell you who the prisoner in the van was, but I can tell you where they were going.
Go ahead.
All our vehicles are equipped with tracking.
This one started off this afternoon at a residence in Kaneohe.
Sending you the address now.
You're the best.
Thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.
I-I owe you one.
Yes, you do, Steve.
Good luck.
This is where our mystery van started out this afternoon.
- Danny - DANNY: I see it.
These guys are Feds.
I got a soundproof room.
A cot.
Some sort of toilet.
No windows.
This is either the worst Airbnb in Hawaii or the Feds were holding somebody here.
All three are dead.
Bodies are still warm.
We got steel-reinforced windows and doors.
- (door creaking) - Hey, hey, hey.
(exhales sharply) We've got to stop meeting like this.
Y-Y-You're personally taking years off of my life, you know that? What the hell are you doing here? What are you talking about? Your boss called me for help.
Plus, this is far too interesting to sit this one out.
I'm starting to see why she gets into so much trouble at work.
Looks like our prisoner was being debriefed here.
Did you check out the camera? We just got here.
DANNY: Be my guest.
MAN: You want to talk distribution? How much time do you got? Mention Jackson Wilcox to anyone in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, California The all know my name.
WOMAN: What about Santiago Vega? Do you have dealings with him or his cartel? If by "dealings" you mean did I wipe him off the map, then yeah.
WOMAN: And what about Cristobal Moreno? WILCOX: Moreno? That jumpy little roach is next.
Okay, who the hell is this guy? Jackson Wilcox.
He was the biggest distributor of methamphetamines west of the Mississippi.
That was fast.
Yeah, well, apparently, this thing in my hand has something called the Internet, and I can pretty much access the entirety of all human knowledge.
So it looks like the Feds were using this Wilcox fella here to build some sort of case.
Well, now we know who we're looking for.
- That's good, right? - Well, here's the thing.
Two years ago, the Feds raided Wilcox's compound in McGill, Nevada.
Yeah, well, according to this, he was shot dead.
So that guy in the DoD van is a ghost.
(indistinct conversations) Okay, she's telling me that the Feds wanted everybody to believe that Jackson Wilcox is dead.
ADAM: Exactly.
He was injured in a raid and the feds saw an opportunity.
Yeah, stick him in a dark hole, use him to build a massive federal case.
And that way, no one suspects it's him dropping dimes, because he's supposed to be dead.
Makes perfect sense why they dragged him all the way to Oahu.
They wanted to get him as far away from Nevada as possible.
While still keeping him on U.
And to keep the case under wraps, the Feds borrowed a transpo van from the DoD so it wouldn't trace back to them.
Yeah, okay, that obviously did not work out.
And Wilcox's crew finds out that their boss is alive and well here in Hawaii, and this is the end result.
Steve, these agents were killed very recently.
The tunnel's about a mile away from the black site.
I mean, it's possible Wilcox made it all the way back there before anybody knew he was missing.
Well, that certainly explains how he was able to catch those guys off guard.
What, did he leave his wallet behind? Why-why would he come back? Danny's right.
The guy had escaped.
It doesn't make sense that he'd risk his life just to settle scores with his interrogators.
So what was important enough to come back here for? I don't know.
Let's reach out to the Kapolei field office, make sure the Feds are up to speed.
It's possible they know something we don't.
All right, you got it.
Hey, Duke.
Heard you got something.
We found a small blood trail outside the service exit.
We think that this is where the prisoner and his men escaped.
We called in a K-9 unit, but the dogs lost the scent about a quarter mile into the jungle.
It's possible these suspects had a vehicle waiting for them.
Let's get CSU up here, have 'em run a trace on that blood.
Hopefully they can turn up something.
You got it.
Keawe, how we doing clearing out this access point? We're going as quickly as we can, but using power tools could cause a cave-in, so we're forced to do everything by hand.
We got to move faster.
Come on, come on, come on.
(indistinct chatter) Let's go, let's move.
Come on! Get some more guys in here, let's go.
Lady please step aside if you can't work any faster.
At the rate you're going, you're just getting in the way.
NATE: Hey, lay off.
She's exhausted and doing the best she can, same as the rest of us.
So keep your head down and your mouth shut.
Oh, my God.
There's someone under here.
Okay, everyone step back, step back.
Come on, come on.
(grunting) Okay.
Junior and I are gonna move the body.
- Will you two help us? - Okay.
Thank you.
(grunting) Let's see if we can move the rest of these rocks.
(all grunting) Just let it slide.
Let it fall.
TANI: Let's take him to the transport van.
(grunting) CAROL: My God, look at the size of that thing.
Are you kidding me?! Told you this was a waste of time.
We're never gonna be able to move that.
Excuse me.
Hold on.
It's dead.
(jackhammer drilling) Hey.
Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! The walls aren't stable! Stop! (grunts) What the hell happened? COLLEGE STUDENT: He must have hit a power-line on the other side.
Shorted the power.
He's got a pulse.
Barely, but it's there.
He's probably got heart damage.
Joons, if he doesn't get to the hospital right now, he's gonna die.
Commander, we have a problem.
Somehow the electricity in the main tunnel got shorted.
We have backup power, but there's no telling how long the generator will last.
Which means we could lose that ventilation fan.
Right? If that happens, how much breathable oxygen will those people have? Hard to say without knowing the condition of the survivors.
But that fan was constantly filtering out carbon monoxide.
Without it, I'd guess no more than 20, 30 minutes, max.
I mean, we have to establish communication with these people.
You said we don't have a passageway big enough to get one of our rescuers in, right? What about a dog? Come with me.
You know there's no guarantee he finds a path.
Even if he does, he could get trapped in there himself.
I understand the risks.
Hey, buddy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You smell this.
You smell it.
Smell this.
That's Junior, okay? Good boy.
Smell this.
That's Tani.
That's Tani.
Good boy.
That's right.
That's Junior and Tani.
Okay, you're gonna go in there and you're gonna take this walkie to them.
You got this.
You got this.
You got this.
Let's go.
Let's go, Eddie.
Ready? All right, guys, coming in.
Coming in.
Coming in.
Go, Eddie, go.
Go, Eddie, go.
- (Eddie barking) - Go.
Good boy.
That's it, boy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Go get 'em.
WOMAN: It doesn't make sense.
I checked in with the on-site leader a little over half an hour ago.
He said everything was fine.
Shinoya, I hate to break it to you, but when your agent said that, he probably had a gun to his head.
L-Let's just start at the beginning.
Why was he being moved in the first place? - Why was he in that van? - We didn't have a choice.
He needs routine radiation treatments for throat cancer.
We can't get testimony from a dead man.
QUINN: Fair enough.
So whoever sprung him must've figured out his treatment schedule somehow.
Here's what I don't understand.
Why did Wilcox come back here? I mean, it wasn't just to murder these three men.
- What did he want? - (door opens) We've got three bodies, not four.
Agent Opunui isn't here.
Okay, so that's it.
He's got a hostage.
We have to warn them.
Make the call now.
- Warn who? - You want to tell us what the hell is going on? SHINOYA: Wilcox's wife is in protective custody.
He's taking out anyone standing in his way of finding her.
We're all good here.
Shayla? There she is.
ADAM: Steve, we're at the FBI location where Wilcox's wife Shayla was brought over from the mainland three days ago.
It was a new condition of his cooperation.
And the feds needed him to keep talking, so So it's highly possible that Wilcox downloaded his wife on the schedule of his cancer treatments, and that's how his team knew when and where to hit? Well, I get that Wilcox and his wife had private visits, but the rest of the time, the feds had Shayla under strict supervision.
So, when was she in communication with the strike team? Yeah, I mean, you make a good point.
It seems like a very slim window to create such an elaborate plan.
- Hey hey.
Hey, hey.
- (man groans) This one's alive.
- ADAM: You hear that, Steve? - STEVE: Yes, I did.
That guy is our best chance at finding out where Wilcox was headed.
Let me know the minute - the paramedics have him stabilized.
- Will do.
Two, three.
(grunts) (Eddie barks) - TANI: Eddie? Hey! - JUNIOR: Eddie! Hey, it's Eddie! Eddie! Eddie, hey, Eddie! Joons, we're in luck Brought a walkie.
Oh, Eddie, good boy! You're such a good boy! You're such a good boy! Hello? This is Officer Tani Rey, Five-O.
Does anyone copy? Tani! Tani, it's Steve.
I got you.
Oh, my God, I'm so glad to hear your voice.
- Steve! - STEVE: Are you guys okay? What's going on? Tell me the situation down there, please.
Joons and I are good.
We have two injured, one woman, both her legs are broken.
She's stable, but we have a guy who's been electrocuted.
What's his condition? He's not good.
His-his pulse is thready, he's starting to turn yellow.
He needs immediate medical attention.
Hold on, Tani.
Keawe, shut down the fans! What? Why? I'm gonna call you I just Hold on.
Keep your radio on.
- Shut 'em down.
- That's insane.
I can't do that.
Listen to me.
We need to get all these people out.
We need to do it right now, okay? The best way is to bring 'em up through the ventilation system.
You shut down those fans, they're gonna run out of oxygen in 20 minutes.
You said it yourself.
This entire system could fail any minute.
Shut 'em down, let's go.
Let's get to work right now.
- Hey, Tani, you still there? - Copy.
Okay, listen to me.
I got an idea, I need you and Junior to listen very carefully, all right? Hey, Cindy, give us give us one minute, would you? Okay, uh, buddy, here's the thing: y-you're gonna bleed out very soon, but we'll get you out of here, we just need you to tell us where, uh, Wilcox and his old lady went, and we'll get you right out of here.
QUINN: I think you need to be a little more persuasive.
- Okay, uh, I don't - ADAM: Danny.
Hey, nobody move him, okay? Toilet running? We got ourselves a burner phone.
DANNY: It's got to be Shayla Wilcox, right? Let's see.
No, uh, no outgoing calls, texts onl Wow.
That's not exactly your friendly, "Hey, how are you doing?" kind of text.
Look at that angle that's, uh it's every She sent at least a dozen of these racy selfies to the same number.
DANNY: Well, it couldn't have been to Wilcox.
I mean, the guy's under constant surveillance, right? I mean, he probably doesn't have a phone, and even if he does, they're not letting him - text like this.
- Mmmmm.
Looks like Mrs.
Wilcox has some 'splainin' to do.
(phone rings) Lou, what do we got? So I just heard back from CSU.
That blood found at the tunnel exit is a familial match to Jackson Wilcox's only living relative His loving brother, Mike.
Poor little Mikey.
Took a bullet trying to rescue his big brother.
Brother, huh? Yeah, well, before you start handing out sibling of the year awards, listen to this.
Seems little Mikey flew into HNL several days ago, traveling under an alias.
He also purchased a couple of commercial airline tickets leaving Oahu tonight.
One for himself, and the other one for a woman.
Also traveling under an alias.
That would be Wilcox's wife Shayla.
That would be correct.
So, how is her husband getting off the island? Maybe that was never part of the plan.
Lou, we're gonna need you to run a phone number.
You got it.
Okay, uh, buddy, look, uh, you're all about loyalty.
I understand that, okay? But if that's the case, I got to let you know something: your boss he's about to die.
All right? And you are the only one that can help him.
QUINN: See, Mike had a little somethin' somethin' going on with Mrs.
ADAM: Ah, you're a "see it to believe it" kind of guy.
In that case How about that? She wasn't sending these to her husband.
All these X-rated photos were being sent to none other than your boss's brother, Mike.
QUINN: Here's the $25,000 question: If he's having an affair with his brother's wife, why spring him from custody? I imagine they don't have anything good planned for the guy, right? The only way you can help your boss now is by telling us where he was headed from here.
WILCOX: Hard part's over now, babe.
I got a plane fueled up.
You and me, going to paradise.
The Maldives.
They got these resorts.
The hotels are up on stilts in the ocean.
The floors are made out of glass.
(rustling nearby) (grunts) What's going on, little brother? I get it, Mikey.
Been living in my shadow a long time.
Always were too dim to build something of your own.
It don't surprise me one bit you'd come after what's mine.
But you? I've loved you since we were 16.
- I thought you were dead.
- Yeah.
Well, I see you've moved on.
So what happens now? MIKEY: I give you to Moreno.
He paid some serious coin to have the pleasure of killing you himself.
Later, bro.
(indistinct chatter) Coming down, guys.
Coming down.
Ready? Is she okay? She's afraid of heights.
I'll talk to her.
I know you're scared.
But honey, I'm here.
I'm here.
We can do this.
Let's not fire the therapist, okay? I-I want to talk to him about how we got through this.
- TANI: Ready.
- Let's bring him up.
Let's bring him up.
Let's go.
We got you, sir, We got you, we got you.
All right, all right.
It's okay.
You're gonna be fine.
STEVE: Bring 'em up.
Let's bring 'em up.
(coughs) (coughs) Easy, we got you.
You're okay.
Boards aren't gonna fit through the blades.
I'll make some room.
- Pull me up to the fan.
- Bring her up, guys.
Bring her up, bring her up.
(indistinct chatter) Watch out.
It's okay, we got you, we got you.
We got you.
Go ahead, go ahead.
All right? You're gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
We got you.
(whimpers) Got you, buddy.
I got you.
I got you, I got you.
Get his legs.
Who's my big boy? Who's my good boy? I knew you could do it, buddy.
TANI: All right.
Pull me up.
All right, bring her up, guys.
Bring her up, bring her up.
I got you.
We got you.
All right, Joons.
Junior! (grunting) Junior! Junior! Junior! (yells) TANI: Junior! - Junior, can you hear me? - Joons! - Junior! Junior! - Joons, are you okay? Junior! I got to get down there.
Getting you down is no problem, but that line can't hold you and Officer Reigns.
I'll do it.
What do you mean, you'll do it? Well, do you have a better idea? Jackson, my man.
I got to admit, when I heard the feds killed you in that raid, I was pretty bummed.
Much as we've beefed over the years, you always did keep me on my toes.
And plus, I really wanted to be the guy that put you in the ground.
And thanks to your brother, that's gonna happen.
(chuckles softly) Still haven't gotten a handle on those nerves, Moreno.
He always was one jumpy S.
MORENO: Okay, no, no, no, no, no.
This is too easy.
I got plans for this one.
Get him in the jeep.
- (sirens wailing) - (man shouts) - Take cover! Move, move! - Five-O, drop your weapons! (gunfire continuing) Thanks.
STEVE: We're coming, Joons.
Easy FIREMAN: Hold it steady.
Okay, we're good.
We're good.
TANI: Joon, come on.
Come on.
(grunts) Let's go, Joons.
Come on.
I'm getting you out of here.
(coughs) TANI: I'm taking you home.
All right, hold on, Joons.
Okay! Pull us up! Go, go, go! All right, bring her up, guys.
Bring her up, bring her up.
ADAM: Okay, this is weird.
Wilcox couldn't have gotten that much of a head start.
Well, not unless he's got incredible foot speed, - especially for a guy with cancer.
- Got something.
Here we go.
It's Mikey and Shayla.
That was a short-lived romance.
Bodies are cold to the touch, which means it's been at least 20 minutes since they were killed.
So Wilcox could long gone.
Hey, guys, listen.
While we're all here, I just want to take this opportunity to say, uh, great job.
We locked up a bunch of bad guys.
Hopefully some of them are gonna roll on other bad guys and so on and so forth, so thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
JUNIOR: Now, uh, just rolling off of that, um, I'm-a blame this concussion for not having the right words, but, uh, thank you, guys.
I really owe you guys a lot.
No, you don't owe us anything.
- (phone chimes) - We're just happy you're okay.
ADAM: Yo, just got a text from Duke.
"Coast Guard recovered a capsized boat near Kaneohe Bay.
Owner reported the vessel stolen.
" DANNY: Well, that's very close to where Wilcox was last seen.
Well, assuming he took it, do you think he drowned? That'd be nice.
You can't bet on that, thought.
JUNIOR: Yeah, me, neither.
I still can't believe that little brother tried to steal big bro's business and his lady and then sell him to his enemies.
That-that's harsh.
It appears Wilcox is a lot smarter than people gave him credit for.
GROVER: You know, as much as I love shop talk and I do Can we stop with it already, please? It's smelling good out here.
Chief, what you got over there for us? I got some dogs, some, uh, world-famous McGarrett burgers and a little sirloin I picked up from the butcher.
DANNY: Don't overcook the steak.
You overcook it, it defeats its own purpose.
I'll have mine medium-rare, please.
No, there's no there's no steak for you.
There's one steak.
It's for - Edward, right here.
- (barks) Eddie doesn't eat kibble? STEVE: He's got plenty of kibble, but he's a hero today.
I mean, this-this kid put goggles on and went into the trenches and saved a bunch of people.
He gets a steak.
He's my man.
- DANNY: Gets a steak.
- Yeah? QUINN: Well, I don't have any arguments with that.
I mean, that little hero helped rescue nine people from a collapsed tunnel.
And helped save your ass from a bomb.
- He deserves a steak.
- (barks) But what I-I mean, I didn't just, like, take a nap.
I mean, we did a lot of stuff, too.
We, you know, took down a lot of bad guys.
Uh, but no, it's fine.
I'll have a, uh, an under-seasoned burger.
STEVE: Under-seasoned? Okay, how about you, uh, go and help yourself to some heavily-seasoned bread and peanut butter, make yourself a sandwich? - How about that? - Nice.
He didn't even offer you jelly, man.
That's cold.
Um, do you want a refill? No, I'm good.
Thank you.
- Hmm.
- What? What? What is that? Don't do that look.
I'm being nice.
The guy has a head injury.
- I-I didn't say a thing.
- JUNIOR: Hey.
You know what? I get foot rub.
- Look at these - GROVER: No.
(laughs): Okay.
You're gross.
You live here, you know where the fridge is.
- Oh, uh, you live here with Steve? - Yeah.
Well, that's impressive.
I've never liked any of my coworkers enough to even grab a beer with them after work, let alone share a house with them.
DANNY: Mm, that might be saying Yep.
Something more about your coworkers - than you.
- Mm.
STEVE: Uh, copy that.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
That was the bomb squad.
They just finished analyzing the device that was left in my house.
No fingerprints, no DNA, nothing.
GROVER: The bomb squad can say whatever they want.
We know it's Cullen, man.
QUINN: Well, if you're right, you know he's gonna try it again.
We can't sit around here waiting for that to happen.
Trust me, I'm not gonna do that.

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