Hawaii Five-0 s10e03 Episode Script

E uhi ana ka wa i hala i na mea i hala (Passing Time Obscures the Past)

1 ("Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran playing) Dark in the city, night is a wire Steam in the subway, earth is afire Do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do In touch with the ground (over earphones): I'm on the hunt Sir? (flicks lighter lid) Allow me.
I'm lost in a crowd Thank you, miss.
You're welcome, sir.
(loud thumping) (panicked shouts) WOMAN: This is the Neptune Four research team, conducting dive four of our salvage mission.
Approaching the west side of crash site.
I'm gonna get in close, see if I can identify some spots for the lift bags.
What is that? Zoom in.
MAN: It looks like a diver.
(gasps) Oh, my God.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) Uh I'm sorry, Ms .
? Liu.
Sergeant Liu, actually.
Military Police Corps.
I was there when you were arrested on conspiracy to commit murder.
(gasps) See? - You remember.
- I didn't realize we had a breakfast on the books.
Otherwise, I would have asked for a rain check.
I'm sorry, this is so spontaneous, but I wanted to share some news with you.
Someone planted a bomb at Commander McGarrett's house.
- Well, that's terrible.
- Mmm.
Is he okay? McGarrett? Oh, he's fine.
I mean, it helps that whoever did it was, uh What is that word? Incompetent.
See, McGarrett has this dog.
I mean, he's no ordinary mutt.
He used to hunt IEDs for the Marines.
So he just sniffed that bomb out with no problems.
Well, that's a relief.
Do you have any suspects? Ah.
That's funny.
Because, once again, I have a feeling that y-you don't have any evidence to back up that slanderous allegation.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be sitting here, enjoying this delicious breakfast with you.
You know what? You're right.
This is delicious.
Well (chuckles) Sergeant Liu, thank you for coming all this way to update me in person.
Nice as this chat has been, I can't help but think you'd be better off spending your time looking for the person who's actually responsible for planting that bomb.
Can I share something with you? I'm one of those, uh, clingy types.
- Hmm.
- And once I'm interested in somebody, I can't let go.
So, basically, what I'm telling you is, you will be seeing a lot more of me.
And Commander McGarrett.
And the rest of the Five-O team, for that matter.
So we are gonna be all up in your business 24/7.
- Lucky me.
- Yeah.
Well, when that luck runs out, we're gonna be there to take you down.
One for the road? We'll catch you later.
- Breakfast is served.
- Hey.
Good job in there.
Sounds like you really got under his skin.
- Yeah.
It's a talent I have.
- Well This is an excellent croissant.
Oh, you should have seen his face when I dug into his bread basket.
Totally triggered him.
Yeah, it did.
He's making a call.
I got a job for you.
Yeah, usual spot.
An hour.
All right, let's see who Cullen's setting up a meet with.
Look at that.
It's a burner.
Well, that's a surprise.
So, what's next? STEVE: It's a good thing you got the day off work.
This stakeout just officially turned into a tail.
TANI: Do you think this plan of McGarrett's is gonna work? Hell, I don't know.
I know one thing: you ever try to talk Steve McGarrett out of a plan any plan, no matter how damn crazy it is Is a losing proposition.
Yes, true, but, you know, it's like that saying about pulling a lion by the tail.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that sound like something you just made up.
All right.
Well, you understand what I'm saying.
Annoying the enemy in the hopes that he might do something irrational, that's-that's a bold move, especially when that irrational thing might be eating you.
Or, just setting aside the lion analogy for one moment, blowing up your house again.
(groans) Are-are you are you okay? 'Cause you seem a little And please don't take this the wrong way, but cranky.
Oh, no, that's the right way.
So, is the apartment search not going well? Hell no.
Matter of fact, I'm starting to get the idea that I got a better chance of getting a selfie with Bigfoot than getting an apartment in our price range.
NOELANI: Victim's name is Jay Kahale, 38.
According to records, he was a demo diver in the Navy until five years ago when he switched to private sector work.
He was found down 180 feet underwater inside the wrecked fuselage of a plane.
Oh, you mean that wreck that they, uh, found near, uh, Pupukea? I saw that on the news.
That? Yeah, well, that's probably where Kahale heard about the wreck, too.
Because, according to the diving company, he wasn't a member of their salvage team.
They're thinking he just decided to take a sneak peak before - it was brought up to the surface.
- TANI: Well, based on the hole in his head, I'm guessing he didn't just run out of oxygen.
NOELANI: Correct.
was a single .
357 Magnum round through the back of the head.
Hang on a second.
I realize the .
357 is a powerful iron, but last I checked, you can't fire one underwater.
The official murder weapon was a power-head.
- A what? - Oh, a bang stick.
TANI: It's a specialized firearm used by divers to fend off sharks.
And because the density of water is approximately 800 times that of air at sea level, the device needs to be fired while in contact with the target.
Which means our killer had to be close enough to press it into the back of our vic's head.
TANI: So, looks like our killer was very, very sneaky and was able to come up behind him undetected.
Try this: the two of them were diving this wreck together.
The killer decides to stick it to Kahale when he's not looking, left him there for fish food.
Mm-hmm, well, that explains the how.
- Doesn't explain the why.
- Yeah.
What the hell could've been on this plane worth killing for? NEWSWOMAN: A decades-long mystery may soon be solved.
Today, a research team has announced the discovery of Flight 912, the commercial plane that crashed over the Pacific in 1983.
It'll be several days before the plane is dredged up and returned to Hawaii.
In the meantime, federal investigators are awaiting the recovery of the plane's black box, hoping it will finally explain what caused Flight 912 to crash more than 36 years ago.
This report aired the day of the discovery, so the research team had already ordered the deep-dive recovery equipment from the mainland, and it's due to arrive later today.
Which means three days passed from the announcement of the plane being discovered to our vic's body being found early this morning.
So, Kahale had a 72-hour window to dive down to that plane before it was going to be dredged up.
What the hell was he doing down there? I don't know, but wreck diving is pretty risky, especially in confined spaces like that.
Which is why it's almost always done in teams.
Well, that supports our theory that Kahale's killer was his dive partner.
Check this out.
Our vic's phone was turned on a couple hours after T.
It pinged off a tower in Haleiwa.
HPD canvassed the area and found a burnt-out boat registered to our Vic.
CSU is processing it now.
TANI: So the killer uses the victim's boat to get back to shore and then torches it to destroy any incriminating evidence? Certainly confirms that they were working together.
But why power on Kahale's phone after killing him? GROVER: Okay.
So, we know this was at least a two-man job.
We also know that our killer's an experienced diver, so let's look into the Vic.
His phone records, employment records, the whole shebang.
Let's see if we can figure out who he was diving with.
- All right, you got it.
- In the meantime, you, with me.
We need to learn more about this plane crash.
(tires screeching) (horn honking) QUINN: I guess it is true what they say.
You can tell a lot about a person by how they drive.
All right, first of all, this is a pursuit, all right? So normal rules of the road, they don't apply.
Second of all, last time we were in this position, you were criticizing me for not driving recklessly enough.
Actually, I was referring to our friend, Mr.
But now that I know what triggers you All right.
(chuckles) (phone ringing) Hello? (speaking Kurdish) - (sighs) - Everything all right? Yeah, it's nothing.
You speak Kurdish.
Not according to my translator, but yeah.
- You? - No.
Looks like this is the stop.
(camera shutter clicking) Well, if you want plenty of photos of Cullen sitting in his car, I got you covered.
Hey, yo, here's his boy.
Are they just enjoying each other's company? Why aren't they talking? They're smart.
This is the airport.
Even if we had a directional mic, we wouldn't pick any of this up from this range.
(jet roars overhead) Well, you don't go through that much trouble to hide what you're talking about - unless it's about something illegal.
- I agree.
I'll get these over to Adam, see if he can identify Cullen's friend.
(tires screech) While you're at it, have Adam put an HPD detail on Cullen.
We'll follow his boy, see what he's been tasked to do.
JOE ENNIS: At first, we all thought the flight was delayed.
But then someone from the airline gathered us all into a room.
That's when I learned that the plane had crashed and that my, uh my brother and 156 other people were dead.
TANI: We're sorry for your loss.
Ennis, we understand that you're something of an authority when it comes to Flight 912.
You've been keeping the victims' families up to date with various search and recovery missions.
A lot of people chose to move on.
I don't blame them for that, but, uh I never gave up hope.
And now I will finally be able to lay Ron's body to rest.
Well, Mr.
Ennis, it seems that the crash has, uh, taken one more victim.
We're actually investigating the murder of a diver whose body was found in that wreckage this morning.
Apparently, he and his dive partner had gone down there poking around, looking for something.
Any idea what that might have been? (chuckling): Uh, yeah, I mean, what everyone's looking for.
The NTSB called off their search in 1986, but privately funded groups have continued looking for it, because still, after all these years, no one knows why 912 crashed.
If it was mechanical error, why did it crash five hours into a six-hour flight? If there was engine failure, why didn't the pilot report it? So, if this was about answers, then why do you think someone would dive down there? Why wouldn't they wait till the plane was dredged up and inspected? Because a lot of folks believe that the truth will never come out.
That it will be covered up.
- Covered up by who? - (laughs) Take your pick.
There have always been people with crazy ideas about why 912 went down.
You know what, spend five minutes on the Internet.
You'll see.
The conspiracy theories are out of control.
ADAM: So, I did a deep dive into the Flight 912 message boards, and let's just say the Internet can be - a very dark place.
- What?! You mean it's not all cat videos and Keanu Reeves memes? Plenty of that, but there's also no shortage of conspiracy theories surrounding the crash.
- Mm-hmm.
- For instance, a lot of people think the manufacturer has been covering up a mechanical defect that took the plane down.
Well, that doesn't seem so out there.
Well, then there are those who believe the plane went through a wormhole and passed into another dimension.
Yep, there's a crazy.
But the most widely circulated theory by far involves the Star Wars defense project.
Oh, yeah, back in the '80s.
The government was talking about us being able to take out Russian nukes with lasers - fired from outer space.
- Exactly.
But I bet you didn't know the Star Wars program has close ties to Hawaii.
I did not know that.
The Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai was at the center of the Strategic Defense Initiative.
It's where most of the Star Wars testing took place.
So the theory goes that, back in 1983, an early test to take down a missile resulted in the accidental downing of Flight 912.
Now, some conspiracy theorists think the reason the wreckage was never found is because the military got to it first and buried the discovery.
Well, we know that's not true, because the plane was discovered three days ago by a private research group.
The plane was.
Hear me out.
Is it possible the military sent someone down to retrieve incriminating evidence before the wreckage was brought to the surface? I don't know.
You look different, Jerry.
Ah! You shaved your beard.
Look, hey, no.
Come on.
Listen, Jay Kahale was former Navy.
Maybe the military went off-books for this.
All right, outsourced the job to someone who would - provide plausible deniability.
- No! I cannot wrap my head around the United Stated Navy engaging in a coverup just to bury the cause of some airplane that went down, what, like, 30 years ago? Uh-uh.
(cell phone rings) Hey, Joons, you're on speakerphone with everybody.
What's up? So I dumped Kahale's phone and was able to track down several divers he had been in contact with over the last few days.
Uh, one of them told me that Kahale had contacted him about a job.
Apparently, he has a client who was willing to pay a lot of money for them to recover something off of a wreck, no questions asked.
ADAM: Did Kahale say what it was they were supposed to recover? My guy asked, and when Kahale wouldn't tell him, he passed on the job.
But he was offered 30 grand for one day's work, so it's got to be something pretty valuable.
GROVER: That's a lot of money, but he was smart to turn that job down.
It sounds sketchy as hell.
But someone did take Kahale's offer.
Someone who did the math and figured out they'd be better off cutting him out of the deal entirely.
So they murder Kahale, and then reach out to his contact to renegotiate the deal.
That could explain why Kahale's phone was turned on a couple hours after his confirmed T.
The killer would have needed that number.
JUNIOR: Guys, there's something else.
Apparently, Kahale was very clear that he needed a diver who specialized in underwater welding.
There's one obvious reason Kahale would need a diver with welding skills.
To find the black box.
It's definitely one way to ensure that the cause of the crash was never discovered.
Still think that theory is so, uh, crazy? (tires screech) (quiet chatter) (camera shutter clicking) What are the odds these guys are just off for a weekend getaway? They don't look like weekend bags to me.
(cell phone rings) Adam, what you got? Oh, straight to the point.
I like that.
I ran the photos you sent over.
Facial rec got a hit on the guy Cullen was meeting with.
I just e-mailed you his jacket.
Why am I not surprised he has one? Sam Bishop.
Boy, he's really racked 'em up, hasn't he? "Criminal trespassing, aggravated assault, attempted murder.
" Well, based on his résumé, I'm guessing Cullen didn't hire him because of his proficiency in Excel.
Appreciate your help with this one, Adam.
How's your case going? It's a weird one, for sure.
Started with a dead diver, now it seems his murder might be tied to the coverup of a plane crash from the '80s.
Looks like you picked a good day to be out of the office.
Good luck with that, buddy.
Hey, listen, thanks again.
Keep us posted, - all right? - Anytime.
So Cullen, who's already tried to murder you once, responds to being provoked by reaching out to this peach with attempted murder in his jacket.
Who then proceeds to pick up four scary-looking dudes with gear bags.
Just a wild stab here, but if I had to guess, I'd say that their next stop is gonna be your place, because they're going to go there to kill you.
(truck engine starts) Let's see if you're right about that.
(buzzer blares, door unlocks) Wow, Mr.
Pollock, you look surprisingly normal.
Where's your little tinfoil hat? Come on, I feel like when you decide to be Internet famous in online conspiracy theory forums, you're kind of setting yourself up for that joke.
Just level with us Do you really think that some kind of mischief went on, on Flight 912? Or did you just get so bored and rich after you sold your cyber security company that you ran out of stuff to spend money on? How much did it cost to bankroll five failed attempts to uncover the wreckage? In terms of your self-respect, I mean.
Okay, I'm guilty.
Of being a rich guy, a free thinker, and having an interest in finding a plane wreck that I couldn't.
Last I checked, there was no mandatory minimum for any of that.
This being stuck in a windowless cell without being Mirandized or told what I'm being charged with, that just sounds like more evidence of deep state, if you ask me.
Is that right? Well, we got evidence, too.
Show him the thing.
(beeps) They can deny it all day, but, friends, I have sources who know for a fact that the military is still actively searching for Flight 912.
And we better find it before they do.
Because if they get to it first, you can guarantee that we will never learn why that plane crashed.
(beeps) You didn't just have an interest in 912.
You believed that the military was behind it and that they were gonna step in and destroy any incriminating evidence once the plane was dredged up.
So, what do you do? You hire a local diver to go down and get the black box from the plane, while it's still at the bottom of the ocean.
Problem is, your diver never came back up.
Because the welder he hired to go with him decided to put a bullet in the back of his head, courtesy of some kind of shark gun or some such thing.
And then just left him to rot at the bottom of the ocean.
All right.
Gonna guess by your creepy blank expression that none of this is news to you.
Maybe you already have the black box from the killer.
Who knows? But accessory to commit murder? That definitely has a mandatory minimum.
You want some help with that? Give us a name.
(chuckles) Wow.
And I've been told I have an active imagination.
I'll admit that I chartered a plane to Oahu the minute I heard that that wreck had been found.
I didn't have anything to do with killing any diver or stealing any black box.
I'm not surprised by any of it.
The truth is, there are way bigger wackos out there when it comes to this stuff.
So, to be clear, you're not you're not disputing that you're crazy.
You're telling us that there are much crazier people out there that we should be pursuing rather than you.
- Yes.
- Well, anybody come to mind? Delphi Son.
That ain't a name.
I don't know his real name, but this guy is basically the godfather of Flight 912 conspiracy theories.
He posts under dozens of different user-names across all the sites, promoting often contradictory conspiracy theories.
This guy is even more responsible for 912 hype than I am.
(lock buzzes, clicks) Hey.
What are you gonna do? Deep-state stuff, man.
Just sit tight.
Check for any communication he may have had with Kahale.
And while you're at it, check into this Delphi Son, - whoever that is.
- Copy that.
Come on.
Maybe they're digging your grave in advance.
That'd be considerate of them.
STEVE: No, my guess is they're moving something.
Probably a body.
(grunting) (camera shutter clicking) (exhales) That is a lot of money.
STEVE: That's the kind of money Cullen isn't gonna be leaving behind if he's thinking about disappearing.
They're on the move.
Hey, what's the good word, kiddo? Well, you know Kahale's burned-out boat? CSU found a few pieces of gear that survived the blaze.
Specifically, some fire-retardant gloves and a Kevlar apron.
Oh, that has to belong to a welder.
Lab are running DNAs tests as we speak, so hopefully we can get a hit.
All right, how about you? You find anything to link that kook Pollock to our Vic? Unfortunately, no.
I dumped his phone and his laptop, and there's really nothing here that would indicate that he and Kahale were in communication.
- So he was telling the truth? - Yeah, it looks like it.
But he was right about that Delphi Son person.
Whoever they are, they generate about 80% of the posts on these conspiracy forums about Flight 912.
JUNIOR: So, who stands to benefit from him keeping that plane crash on people's minds? TANI: I don't know.
But I think we might be getting an I.
HPD's Cyber unit is tracking the IP address that Delphi Son was using.
With a VPN, it makes the user hard to find, but it's not impossible.
GROVER: I think a guy walking that fast must have something important to say.
Actually, yeah.
The plane wreckage was finally recovered a few hours ago, and get this: turns out the black box was still on board.
GROVER: Get out.
Are you sure? NTSB just received it from the salvage company.
They're analyzing it as we speak.
TANI: If our Vic was not going down there to get the black box, then Then what was he doing down there? I don't know, but they started processing the wreck, and it appears a welding gun was used to remove several seats from the first-class cabin.
Well, that's it.
One of the first-class passengers must have hidden something beneath their seat.
Something worth killing for.
(truck engine starts) (exhales) That's not good.
Bishop must have made us back there.
Yeah, and made sure we couldn't follow him to wherever he's taking the cash.
ADAM: So, there were 24 passengers seated in the first-class cabin.
One of them was carrying the item or items - Kahale was hired to retrieve.
- GROVER: All right, folks, these people died over 30 years ago.
We've got names, we've got old addresses, employee records and not much else.
- Gonna have to dig deep.
- TANI: Deep like oh, I don't know, bottom of the ocean? See what I did there? TANI: Nailed it.
Okay, great.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Tow truck's on the way.
You sure you don't want to just drive back on the rims? My blood sugar's low.
Oh, I got some beef jerky in the truck.
You want it? I'd rather eat my own fingers.
What do you got against beef jerky? Nothing.
Except that it's meat trying to do a plywood impression.
(phone chiming) Oh, good news.
HPD still has eyes on Cullen, but Bishop has not shown up with the money yet.
Any chance these guys are gonna double-cross their boss? I don't know.
I mean, it's possible.
Good news is, at some point, that money and Cullen are gonna be in the same place, and we're gonna be right there.
(sighs) So any ideas on how we can kill some time while we're waiting for the tow truck? Wow.
That sounded so different in my head.
It did? - Yeah.
- What was in your head? - Play tic-tac-toe.
- Tic-tac - Yeah.
- You're thinking about playing tic-tac-toe? - I was.
- Yeah.
I don't want to play tic-tac-toe.
Well, uh 20 questions? - Sure.
You go first.
- Okay.
Oh, yeah.
I'm thinking about a thing.
- A croissant.
- Oh, damn you, Commander.
So I dug through all my passengers, and I got nothing.
Yeah, me, too.
I thought I had a guy, 3C, but turns out he just shared a name with a murder suspect from a homicide in Boston back in '81.
Guys, we struck out.
Please tell us you got something.
So, I heard back from HPD Cyber.
Our conspiracy peddler, - Delphi Son - GROVER: Yeah? It's none other than Joe Ennis.
- Our Joe? - TANI: Mm-hmm.
The very same.
Yeah, he's been hyping up these conspiracies, and we think we know why.
Turns out the passenger in 4C was Joe's brother, Ron Ennis.
TANI: Was it odd that he was sitting in first class? No, but what was odd was his travel itinerary.
According to flight records, Ron Ennis was in New York for less than 24 hours.
Barely enough time for dinner and a Broadway show.
But it was enough time for him to pull off this.
JUNIOR: "Dizzy New Heist: Socialite Murdered in Jewel Robbery on 49th Floor.
" The victim was Hannah Carlisle, heir to a cosmetics fortune.
She was killed when she came home to find the robber breaking into her safe.
Thief took her life and $4.
1 million - in jewelry.
- (whistles) And by the NYPD starts investigating, Ron Ennis is already on a flight back to Honolulu.
Right, but here's the real kicker.
The big international insurance company that held Hannah Carlisle's policy Joe Ennis worked in their Honolulu office.
- Mmm.
- JUNIOR: Well, there you go.
See, with that kind of inside information, of course he would know what was inside that safe.
1 million in jewelry.
Back in the '80s? That's got to be $10 million now.
- TANI: Mm-hmm.
- No wonder the guy never stopped looking for that damn plane.
Yeah, so when the plane turns up, Joe wastes no time.
He sends a couple divers down there for 30 grand a pop to bring up his brother's suitcase.
Except one of them kills the other and is now shaking down Joe.
Well, it seems like now everything this guy touches turns to crap.
And the bodies keep piling up.
We got to find Joe.
Tac One, you are cleared to breach.
Go! Clear! Clear! Clear! All clear.
No sign of the suspect.
(phone ringing) GROVER: If you're looking for a 20 on Joe Ennis, I got some bad news for you.
He ain't here.
When Tani and Junior went by his office, he wasn't there, either, but check this out.
Over the last two days, Joe wired money into his checking account from a bunch of different sources.
Half a million dollars total.
Well, that sounds like a nice round figure to pay off an underwater bandit.
And he just withdrew it all in cash.
Well, that must mean that Joe's already on his way to meet with the killer, and we have have no idea where that is.
APB went out wide still no Joe.
All right, we need to seal up the ports and the airports.
I'm sure that Joe's gonna try to leave town the minute he gets his hands on that money.
I got news.
DNA results are back on the glove found - on our vic's boat.
- TANI: Any hits? No, but they were able to determine that it's female DNA.
(scoffs) Underwater welding is already so niche, I feel like the number of women in that field is a niche within a niche.
You're right.
I already checked.
There are four female underwater welders on all of Oahu, - and only one of them has worked with our victim before.
- Mm-hmm.
Name's Sara Brown.
Works underwater demo for a local outfit near Honolulu Harbor.
Well, given their history, I'm sure Kahale reached out to Ms.
Brown to partner with him on this gig.
- Well, that was a mistake.
- Hey, guys, I just got off with Sara Brown's supervisor.
She took off with one of their work boats today, told him it was for a job.
Well, they'll certainly be disappointed to find out she's been using company resources for her little murderous side hustle.
Good news for us is those boats have GPS trackers, so right now we have Brown's current location.
I suppose I made out better than Jay Kahale did in all this.
- No! - (gunshot) (groans) (sirens wailing) Clear.
I'll check the perimeter.
GROVER: This is Officer Lou Grover requesting immediate assistance.
We're at Pier 14, right off Nimitz.
Joe, which way did she go? TANI: Hey! Hey! Five-O! Stop! - Stop! - (gunshots) I got her.
She's heading east on the docks.
(gunshots) (gasping) I'm okay.
I'm okay.
She's the one who needs help.
(grunts) Breathing's shallow.
(coughs) You are very much under arrest.
(panting) JUNIOR: I didn't know they taught underwater fighting in mermaid school.
- You should see what I can do when I have my tail.
- Mm? Well, I just got off the phone from the hospital.
Our pal Joe is headed into surgery and looks like he's gonna survive that gut shot.
Hey, just got a call from the NTSB.
They finished their analysis of the black box from Flight 912.
All right, here we go.
Let's have it.
Was it a bird strike? Pilot error? What? That's the thing.
According to the NTSB tech, there's no data in the black box.
You mean it's damaged from being underwater for so long? ADAM: No.
I mean, someone wiped it.
(sighs) What's up? That call you got earlier, it was from a woman in Iraq.
Her husband was a police officer who was killed in Mosul last year.
You traced my phone call? Which is interesting to me because I know for a fact you were stationed there for a time, training local police forces.
You know, if you're really that interested, you could've just asked.
I am asking.
This is me asking.
What happened? Two weeks after we finished training him, he was gunned down by some local insurgents.
We spent months training them, teaching them everything that we could.
I mean, we are talking about one of the most dangerous parts of the planet right now.
I-I get the feeling that no amount of training would've saved that guy's life, I'm sorry to say.
I keep in touch with his widow.
It's nearly impossible for her to make a living over there, let alone support two kids.
I help out when I can.
So, is it just me, or are you always this up in everyone's business? No, it's just you.
Look, if I'm gonna be working with somebody, I like to know as much as I can about them.
When I first met you, I had this feeling that you'd be a great fit for the task force.
You mean when we were - pointing guns in each other's faces? - Mm, yes.
I kind of have a gut instinct on these things.
And, I mean, of course, you're gonna need an official discharge, but I figured, given your recent disciplinary actions, your C.
wouldn't have a problem with that.
So, what do you say, Quinn? It would be an honor.
Right answer.
Welcome aboard.
(sirens wailing) Hands.
Let me see your hands right now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
I'm Commander Steve McGarrett of the Five-O Task Force.
What's going on? KANE: Sergeant Liu, under orders of the provost marshal general, you are under arrest.
- Wait, what the hell? - Wh-What is this? We have our orders, Commander.
Please, stand down.
Stand down? Hey, Quinn, I got Get out of the way.
Just don't worry, sit tight, okay? I'm gonna to the bottom of this.
You better have a damn good reason for doing what you just did.
CID got an anonymous tip a few hours ago.
We searched Sergeant Liu's apartment, found a substantial amount of currency associated with a money laundering operation.
Hey! Let me ask you a question.
You thought that stunt was gonna work? Huh? I made one phone call, one phone call to the governor.
Quinn's being processed out as we speak.
Let me get something clear with you right now.
So, listen, you want to do this with me? You want to dance with me? I'll do this every single day of your life.
I'll make your life so miserable, you'll wish for an eight-by-ten cell just to get some peace.
All right? You know, Commander, you think you got the whole picture.
You have no idea what's going on here.
Is that right? But you're smart.
I'm sure, at some point, you'll figure it out.
Yeah, I'm sure I will.
- (explosion) - (grunting)
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