Hawaii Five-0 s10e04 Episode Script

Ukuli‘i ka pua, onaona i ka mau‘u (Tiny is the flower, yet it scents the grasses around it)

1 - Previously on Hawaii Five-O - How you doin', fellas? There's no more work release for you.
- You're going right to super-max.
- Yeah, until you guys or some other government pencil pushers need my skill set again.
- (barking) - This is Commander McGarrett of Five-O.
I need a bomb squad at my house right now.
- Who'd you piss off now? - It's a long list.
STEVE: My money's on Cullen for this one.
We looked into you, Mr.
It turns out, back in the early '90s, when you were starting your real estate business, you were over-leveraged and needed fast cash.
So you borrowed money from Michael Lee, not knowing that he was just the front man for the yakuza.
STEVE: What you have done recently is use your connections to recruit a couple of military-trained hitters.
You turned them loose onto Lee.
It's a theory.
I'm gonna bet on that theory.
You think you got the whole picture.
You have no idea what's going on here.
But you're smart.
I'm sure at some point you'll figure it out.
(explosion) (car alarms wailing) I heard you got something.
Report's back from the bomb unit.
They were able to recover several components from the device that killed Cullen.
Looks like it shares a signature with the bomb that was planted in your garage.
HPD's forensic accountants have been poring through Cullen's books.
Turns out his real estate businesses were being used to launder huge sums of cash coming in from Asia.
Whoever's money this is that Cullen was cleaning, I'm sure they weren't too happy to find out that he had drawn the interest of local law enforcement.
Yeah, I'm thinking when we started sniffing around, his bosses got spooked and took him out, using the same bomb maker Cullen did to target you.
I mean, Cullen wasn't lying.
This thing is-is much bigger than we thought.
And it's moving fast.
(humming along) (phone chimes) White shirt now red, my bloody nose Sleeping, you're on your tippy toes Creeping around like no one knows - Think you're so criminal - (vehicle approaching) Bruises, on both my knees for you Don't say thank you or please I do what I want when I'm wanting to My soul? So cynical.
- (gasps) - (tires screeching) - White van, double cargo doors.
- Just like the witness described.
2 Bravo 311 to Central.
On the report of the kidnapping last night, we have eyes on the suspect vehicle.
Stand by.
Come out with your hands up! FEMALE OFFICER: That looks like blood.
Come out with your hands up! Cover me.
- Oh, my God.
- Where's the girl? (Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) - Rise and shine - (dogs barking) This is This is a stupid idea, I'm sorry.
It's a good idea.
What are you talking about? It's not It's fantastic.
Women, they love dogs.
Right? They come over, they pet Eddie, 'cause he's a handsome guy, and they have no choice but to talk to you 'cause you're standing right there with the dog.
And then you just try real hard not to be yourself, and maybe get a date.
Well, what are you doing here? I mean, shouldn't you be focusing on your own dating life? Like your ex-wife? O-Okay.
I'm-I'm here for two reasons.
One, because you are easily distracted, and two, because I want to take credit when this thing goes down right, and you get a date.
- Want to take credit.
- Okay.
Just pick up the ball, throw the ball.
- Where? - There.
Look at that.
She's gorgeous.
The-the yoga girl doing, uh, whatever she's doing.
She's-she's very pretty.
She clearly shares your pathological obsession with exercise.
Maybe she's, uh, getting ready to go to brunch or something.
I mean, you can't tell these days, Danny.
I'm telling you, everything's changed.
Look at that one right there.
Coffee cup, talking to her friend.
She has friends.
She's socializing.
People like her.
- They do? - I think so.
I mean, you're here with a friend - Uh-huh.
- And I don't like you.
Ooh, look, look, look.
Look at that, she's she's beautiful.
- That girl looks amazing.
- STEVE: Ooh.
- Look at that.
- Ay-yi-yi.
She's classy, she's not talking on her cell phone like a jerk.
She's, uh She's, uh That's the one.
What do you think? I think she has a beautiful English Mastiff.
All right, we'll get Eddie a date next.
Let's get you a date first, okay? Yeah.
Let's just throw the ball over by her.
Eddie goes and does his little dance, does what he does, comes back, brings the ball back.
Maybe-maybe he brings back something extra, right? Like a little-little bit of my pride, you think? All right, come on, Eddie.
Let's go, let's go get the ball! (barking) STEVE: Wait, are you sure that dog's friendly? (both growling, barking) Oh, hey, hey, hey! STEVE: Eddie, no! No, no, no, Eddie, no! - That's not my fault.
- (dogs snarling, growling) It's a dog park.
Eddie, no! You're not supposed to have aggressive dogs here.
(Eddie yelps, whining) Well, the good news is the bite isn't too deep.
I'll get him all stitched up and apply an antibiotic.
Okay, that is good news.
Thank you so much.
Judging by these surgical scars, Eddie's been through worse.
Yeah, yeah, he's my little survivor, this guy, that's for sure.
You, uh, you got, uh you got dogs at home? - Yeah, I do.
Two rescues.
- Nice.
I'd like to have a dog.
I can't, 'cause I work all the time.
I imagine you, uh, you got somebody at home - that looks after 'em.
- No, I don't.
- No? - Thank God for dog walkers.
Except dog walkers are, uh, suspect in general.
- (chuckles) - I-I heard some really bad stories.
But this guy, you should use him, call him.
Get his number, call him.
If you have an emergency, he'll walk your dogs.
You call her.
If you have an emergency, you walk Eddie, and maybe one time you walk the dogs together.
- (cell phone ringing) - I'm a pro I solve problems.
- This is good.
- Yeah? No.
No, I can't, actually, 'cause I'm tied up right now.
But Detective Williams can be No, he can be right there.
If you just text him the address.
Yep, same number.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Duty calls, pal.
- Send someone else.
- I'm sending you.
I'll be helpful.
You're it.
- It was nice to meet you.
- Mm-hmm.
(mouths) Hey.
McGarrett messaged he's still at the vet with Eddie.
What happened? Well, let's just say that, uh, Steve and Eddie are no longer allowed at the dog park.
- Morning, boys.
- Hey.
Wow, look at you, early to the scene on your first day, you got a shiny new badge there, general vibe of hopeful ambition.
This used to be you.
What happened? Well, he graduated from rookie, so he no longer has to be early or hopeful.
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
You are very welcome.
Okay, so 911 got a call last night about a potential kidnapping.
Witness saw a teenager get grabbed by two masked men in a van.
I'm guessing the van looked something like this.
BOLO went out.
Jogger called it in this morning after seeing the blood, but when the officers showed up, they found this.
Well, that's, uh, that's a twist, isn't it? Okay, so if these are the kidnappers, where's the girl? - No sign of her.
- All right, do we know who she is? Unfortunately, no.
Witness didn't get a good view of her.
He just described her as a teenager with dark hair, and there haven't been any missing persons reports filed for a female of any description.
Okay, what about these guys? We get an ID on them? Two of them have records.
One's currently on parole for an assault charge.
The other did time for armed robbery.
The third guy's clean.
It's his name that's on the van's rental papers.
He works as a doorman at a condo building.
Okay, so it's a ransom play.
These guys pick up a girl hoping for a quick payday.
JUNIOR: That would explain why the family wouldn't report her missing.
Kidnappers probably told them they'd kill her, you know, if they got the cops involved.
DANNY: All right, so we can assume maybe, uh, drop goes sideways, these guys end up dead, girl gets away, hopefully, What about the parents? Yeah.
Why didn't they report it after the fact? Probably 'cause they got something to hide.
You know, this looks like a professional hit.
Clean head shots, no signs of struggle.
Single shooter? Preliminary ballistics indicate that all kill shots came from a single weapon.
So this is probably not a good Samaritan we're looking for.
No, we're looking for a trained killer.
(elevator bell dings) - (phone rings) - How'd it go? How'd it go? Eddie needs stitches.
I got to pick him up tonight.
All right, I was talking about the pretty doctor.
I know what you meant.
She liked you.
She was at work.
She was being professional.
- What do you want? - What is with you? Why you got all these rules when it comes to women? You're like the most reckless human being on the planet Earth when it comes to everything else, but when it comes to women, you got rules.
Why? What is the problem with a measured, unhurried response to dating? Are you worried you're gonna strike out? 'Cause you strike out, you strike out again, you strike out a third time, you might keep striking out, but you keep moving forward, that's it.
You speaking from personal experience? I'm gonna tell you a little story.
It's a quick story.
11th grade.
Senior prom was coming up and I was obsessed with this girl named Maria Giordano.
It was the end of the year, so I had to hustle, so I-I made a quick move, I went ahead and broke into the P.
booth and I made an announcement to the entire school.
I said, "This is an emergency.
And i-it's an emergency for the nurse's office.
" The nurse's office? Yeah.
The nurse's office.
Okay? I said I-I need CPR immediately 'cause Maria Giordano took my breath away and if she didn't go to senior prom with me, I was gonna die.
You s you did that? - Yeah, I did that.
- Did it work? No, it did not work.
I, um I was never spoken to ever again by Maria Giordano, but her good friend Jenny Goldstein, she thought it was hysterical, so I went with her.
We had a great time.
Yeah, I get it, Dan But for me, personally, I-I like to meet someone and-and organically come to those feelings between me and another person.
You understand that? Without forcing it.
What's so bad about that? Nothing is-is bad about that.
You and Eddie have a-a beautiful relationship.
Uh, you guys, u-uh, your anniversary's coming up soon.
(phone beeps off) Chief? Hung up on you, didn't he? He doesn't like goodbyes.
- What's going on? - ADAM: Okay, so, I dumped the kidnappers' phones.
One of them called the same number several times over the past 48 hours.
Turns out it belongs to a client services rep at a bank downtown who handles the bulk of their wire transfers and foreign transactions.
- GROVER: Uh-huh.
- HPD is bringing the guy in now.
A banker who specializes in moving money gets involved with the kidnappers.
- What do you think? - GROVER: A story as old as time, my friend.
Guy gets sick and tired of opening checking accounts all day, develops himself a side hustle coordinating ransom money.
QUINN: Okay, so if this is a straight-up kidnap and ransom, the family is likely wealthy.
Maybe they had their own personal security handle the exchange or they hired someone to get the girl back, like a K&R consultant.
GROVER: Well, a good way to find out would be for us to figure out who this girl is.
Sure hope that banker's got an ID for us.
I might have a lead on that.
CSU scrubbed the van.
It was no help in terms of finding out who the kidnapping victim was or who rescued her.
It was a rental, so it was covered head to toe in prints and DNA, none of which were in the system.
So, no lead at all.
I'm sorry, 'cause Patience, darling.
Allow me to get there.
- 'Kay.
- The lab found fibers under the fingernails of the kidnappers; also, some of them were snagged on the bottom of the van.
All red wool.
None of the kidnappers were wearing this fabric, so it likely came from the girl.
Back up.
Who in the hell wears wool in Hawaii? Nobody.
Unless you're being forced to.
QUINN: Private school.
Goes with the rich girl theory.
Yeah, so I looked into the school.
It turns out it's within two miles from the site of the kidnapping.
Every girl that goes to this school has to wear a knee-length skirt made of You guessed it red wool.
After what happened to this girl, there's no way she's turning up to class today.
That's what I thought, so I called the school.
Turns out only five girls did not show up to class this morning.
So it's a good lead.
- Yeah.
- GROVER: Well, one of those five girls must be our kidnapping victim, so we need to talk to them.
I got the home addresses of all the girls.
We can work our way through the list.
And by "we," he means "you.
" Why don't you take Quinn, you guys go do check it out.
It would be my pleasure.
Sergeant Liu, I drive.
Lead the way, Ms.
TANI: I can't understand, if your daughter's kidnapped, why you wouldn't immediately go to the police.
Especially after you get her back.
Well, maybe it wasn't the parents' choice.
So you're saying that maybe the girl wanted to keep the kidnapping a secret? Well maybe it wasn't just a kidnapping.
You know, she was in that van for over an hour with three grown men, Tani.
Yeah, I know.
It's terrible.
That's why I just, I can't imagine why you, why you wouldn't want to come forward and No, we can't imagine because it didn't happen to us, so let's just stop trying to guess what we would have done, or how we would have felt, so (phone ringing) Hey, Lou, what's up? Well, I think we can make your list a little bit shorter.
We just talked to the banker.
That was fast.
Tough nut to crack? More like a soft-boiled egg.
Guy's a nine-to-fiver who's never had so much as a speeding ticket.
He got wrangled into the kidnapping plot by his cousin, the doorman, who grabbed the girl with two of his lowlife friends.
Now, the banker only had one job, and that was to make the ransom money transfer untraceable, but they couldn't even do that.
Before the three amigos could execute that part of the plan, they themselves were executed.
What? So the family didn't even get the ransom call? How would they send someone to rescue her? How did they know where she was? ADAM: The banker couldn't answer that.
Swears he doesn't know who the kidnap victim was.
But check this out: apparently, they chose the girl because she lives in the same high-end building the doorman worked at.
The address of that building is 147 Lewers Street.
Anybody on your list live there? Yes.
A tenth grader by the name of Yumi Chun.
She's new to the school.
She's only been there a little over a month.
Hell of a way to start the school year.
TANI: Yumi Chun? I'm Tani Rey, this is Quinn Liu.
We're with Five-O.
Do you mind if we come in? Okay.
Are your parents home? Um, they're out of town.
Do you mind if we sit? TANI: Yumi, um, I'm-I'm sorry that we even have to ask this, but we need you to talk to us about last night.
We know what happened.
We know that you were forced into a van by three men.
That must have been terrifying.
And then coming back here all alone and being new to the school, you must have felt like you couldn't talk to anyone about it.
But I-I promise you, Yumi, keeping it a secret is worse.
Nothing happened.
I know it's hard to say it out loud.
I get that, because it makes it real.
What you survived last night, I'm sure you want to just forget about it.
I know this is hard, um, but the men that took you were murdered.
And we want to find out who killed them.
Look at me.
I'm sorry this happened to you.
It is not your fault.
And we are here to listen, and to help you in any way that we can.
So, no pressure, okay? (elevator bell dings) Hey, Danny, Danny.
CSU just finished their ballistics analysis.
Bullet trajectories and spatter patterns indicate that the shots were all fired from the same angle: three feet off the ground, inside the van.
Same place where the red fibers were found snagged on the floor.
- Same place Yumi was sitting.
- Yeah.
I don't think anyone rescued her.
(phone ringing) Sorry.
Adam, hey.
Listen to me, it's possible that girl killed those men herself.
(shouts, grunts) (grunts) Okay, thanks.
HPD's searching the neighborhood, but it looks like she got away.
Updated Danny.
Sent out a new BOLO.
Turns out, Yumi was not the innocent schoolgirl she was pretending to be.
All right, let's take a lap, let's figure out who she really is.
Well, this seems out of place.
(grunts) Tani.
Nice find.
All right.
A subcompact pistol one, two, three different types kinds of currency four passports.
Looks like Yumi Chun wasn't this woman's only alias.
QUINN: Meet the artist formerly known as Yumi Chun.
TANI: Seems before she was in high school, she was an IT specialist wanted for questioning in China.
And before that, a software engineer who fled arrest in Germany.
Yeah, I'll tell you something.
She's not a teenager.
I mean, according to this résumé, she's at least mid-20s, maybe even older.
And not to mention her biggest accomplishment: an Interpol Red Notice she earned by being linked to a Malaysian data management company called MalayStream.
Why does that company sounds familiar? Maybe because it was accused of leading an unsuccessful North Korean-sanctioned cyber attack on U.
power grids a few years ago.
GROVER: So this woman used to work for the North Korean government.
Now she lives in the U.
Only one answer comes to mind.
Yumi Chun is a North Korean spy.
The whole schoolgirl alias was a cover.
She fooled everyone.
Yeah, including her kidnappers.
Talk about bad luck choosing a kidnap and ransom target.
Okay, why be a schoolgirl, though, right? There's a million things she could have chose.
Why that? That depends on the mission that she's here for.
We have to assume that every single detail of her alias is all put in place so that she can accomplish that mission.
I'm talking about the age she chose, the school she enrolled in And the friends she made.
I mean, that private school, it is fancy.
And a lot of powerful people send their kids there including people high up in the military.
So you're saying she chose it to try and get close to the son or daughter of a high-ranking military official? The easiest way to get into the house of someone like that is to be invited.
STEVE: All right, let's call the school, see which students Yumi got close to, find out if any of them have parents who serve.
That's how we'll find her.
Excuse me? Hi.
I'm so sorry to do this.
My phone just died, and I really need to check my e-mails.
Do you think I could use your laptop? Uh yeah, sure.
Of course.
Here, go for it.
I'm Gary, by the way.
I was about to get another coffee.
Do you want anything? Really? I'd kill for a latte.
You got it.
Um, do your worst.
(beeping) I never met the girl.
My daughter Julie had her over a couple of nights ago, but I was out of town.
I just got back this morning.
STEVE: Yeah, well, that wasn't a coincidence.
Look, we think that Yumi enrolled in school to get close to your daughter and get access to this house.
And of course that's gonna be easier when you're not in it.
Good news.
Sweep hasn't turned up - any surveillance equipment yet.
- Even if it did, I never discuss sensitive information here.
All she would've recorded are arguments with my wife about the expensive dog food she insists on buying.
Major General, we Not for a minute do we question your discretion.
This woman has gone through a lot to get here, right? And it's because of your position in the DOD.
We just need to figure out why.
TECH: We got something.
This lamp is bugged.
And I don't think it's a listening device.
It's a camera.
It's been transmitting video since it was installed.
Major General, where do you use your laptop? MAJOR GENERAL AVEA: Right below that lamp.
Do you look at classified information on that laptop? It's more than that.
All the classified documents my security clearance grants me access to are available through my encrypted DOD account.
Okay, I don't think that camera was meant for your screen.
I think it was meant for your keyboard, and if she has your password She has everything.
Did you log into that account this morning? I did.
About two hours ago.
STEVE: All right.
You calling CCIU? Yeah.
Get the password revoked.
Yeah, let's hope she hasn't used it yet.
(typing) Hey, careful.
It's hot.
Did I not say iced? Oh.
My bad.
Um, I'll get you another one.
Oh, you're sweet, Gary, thanks.
Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on, you're going the wrong way.
Come with me.
Here's the bad news.
CID cyber crime unit just called me to tell me that Yumi accessed Avea's encrypted account before we disabled the password.
So the spy got her hand into the classified cookie jar.
- What's the good news? - Good news? There ain't no good news.
Because they don't know what she took.
The girl is a pro, man.
She covered her tracks.
- It's gonna take time.
- Yeah, time we don't have.
She's moving fast.
We need to know what her next move is gonna be if we want to catch up.
You think we need to rustle up Jerry? Aw, I don't know, man.
If CID hit a wall, then Jerry's gonna hit a wall for sure.
But I talked to McGarrett I take it he had an idea? Yeah, and you're not gonna like it.
Oh (lock buzzes) Man, you're looking kind of rough up in here, Daddy.
(chuckles) You should really get out more.
You know, vitamin D could do you some good.
Skin cancer is a silent killer.
Boy, who you think you're fooling? We know good and well that living in the hole has got you going out of your rabbit-ass mind.
It's good for the soul to get away, you know? Get some quality, uh, me time in.
Well, I bet you I know what me ain't getting up in Casa Del Solitude caramel double shot cappuccinos.
It's all yours if you do us a little favor.
Yeah? Let me guess.
That tiny little baby favor has something to do with national security and comes along with a nice ticking clock? Oh, come on, now.
Go big or go home, baby.
Did I say "home"? Mm.
I meant to say "hole.
" Go big or go hole.
- Go hole.
- What's Jerry up to? Hot date? Oh so you're desperate.
Love it.
Well, if that's the case, you know the drill, fellas.
I'm not helping you out unless I'm guaranteed a transfer to a minimum-security facility with furlough privileges.
Deal? Nah, we good.
Bye forever.
(knocks) Wait! I'm about to lose a lot of respect for myself here.
(chuckles) We're okay with that.
Lou, talk to us.
Uh, hang on.
All right, according to Mr.
Wright, the major general's account was accessed just a few minutes before we revoked the password.
She used an IP address that traces back to a coffee shop in Waikiki called "Coffee Talk.
" Well, seeing as she didn't grab a laptop before throwing herself off the balcony, I'm guessing she went there looking for one.
You're welcome, by the way.
Oh, and I'm fine.
How are you guys? All right, Junior, call HPD, have them send a unit over to this coffee shop, see if you can figure out which computer - Yumi was using.
- On it.
Can you tell what documents she accessed? Well, hello.
Is that a fresh voice I'm hearing? A new recruit, perhaps? TANI: Oh, our apologies.
Quinn Liu, meet homicidal oil slick - Aaron Wright.
- A nickname.
That's how you know you're in.
Can you tell them jokes with a broken jaw? I'm sending you my screen right now.
All right.
What is this? All the classified documents that she downloaded.
That's a lot of American secrets.
About ten terabytes' worth.
Spy girl was not messing around.
Strange, none of these documents seem particularly relevant to North Korea's national interest.
Yeah, like she raided his account without anything specific in mind.
Well, come on.
She was in a hurry.
Don't you think she'd just smash and grab and get the hell out of there? QUINN: Sure, but that's actually what's bothering me.
I mean, this woman's been an agent for years, so if all she needed were credentials to raid the DOD, she could have done it already.
Yeah, she could have done it from anywhere.
Right? But she chose here.
She went to a lot of trouble to embed herself here on Oahu.
- I think this is a haystack.
- DANNY: I'm sorry.
Did you mean to say "haystack," or is something wrong with you? No.
See, she downloads a haystack to hide a needle.
That's the one piece of intelligence she's looking for.
- Ah.
- So, if the intelligence was not about our military's plans for North Korea Then maybe it was about something North Korea was looking for on Oahu.
Wright? Oh, are we talking now? Shut up.
Do a keyword search "North Korea" and "Oahu.
" Look at most recent documents first.
As part of her sweep, she downloaded personnel files of intelligence assets.
Now one of them was updated two months ago under a new name.
Whose name? "Jae-Sung Dai.
" North Korean defector who is now living here on the island using his new alias, "Sam Hong.
" Looks like he was recently debriefed.
It says here he is responsible for one of the most successful mass escapes from North Korea in modern history.
He got out with at least five families.
They fled to Northeast China, and Dai defected to the U.
Five families.
I mean, he's a hero.
I mean, yes, he is, but not to them.
To them, he's a traitor.
And they sent her here to look for him.
This is it.
He's the needle.
I'll call CID Send all units to his address.
All right, Tani, call HPD.
Dispatch them out, and you and Junior go with them.
Make sure we get that guy out of this building before she gets there.
(tires squeal) (engine revving) (tires squealing) Let's go.
Go, go, go.
Sir, go back inside and lock your door now.
(officers speaking indistinctly) (latch clicks, hinges squeak) (light clatter) (grunting) (grunts) My phone.
Jae-Sung, annyeong.
(siren approaching) (tires screech) Looks like CID beat us here.
So did she.
(elevator chimes) (chimes) (chimes, dings) Drop your weapon now or I'll shoot! That wouldn't be in your best interest, Officer Rey.
You might be aware I've come into some sensitive information.
Special forces movement, location of hidden bases, internal memos on detainees held by U.
-operated black sites.
All of it is currently on a timed release online.
In less than 30 minutes, it will be uploaded to the dark web for any American enemy who wants it.
And as we all know, there are many.
And you're the only one that can stop it.
And for that, you want something.
That sound about right? Get the two of us on a plane back to our country.
Simple as that.
So he can be tortured and executed? A small price to pay to keep your country safe.
Wouldn't you say? I'll admit, I didn't think you'd make the right decision, Commander.
STEVE: The right decision? Because before you told me I only had one choice.
Yes, but frankly, I'm not convinced you believe that.
So let me be clear.
The only way I stop those classified documents from going live is while on a plane bound for North Korea.
Any deviation from this plan, and I will kill the defector without hesitation.
(phone beeps off) How far are away from the airfield are they? Uh, I don't know.
About six minutes.
Did you tell her that the plane's not going in the air? - I may have left that part out.
- Uh-huh.
Let's hope our gamble pays off before they get there.
Tani, Junior, talk to me.
TANI: We're in position.
STEVE: Lou, where are we at with the computer Yumi used? HPD just dropped it off.
Wright's working on it right now.
I found the dark web portal where Yumi set the timed release.
She must've been working fast, because she left breadcrumbs right to a backdoor.
I can probably disable it, but I'm gonna need some time.
Time? We don't have time.
They're almost at the airfield.
Yeah, okay, I get it.
I got five minutes to hack this, or Jae-something dies a horrible death and our national security is compromised on a global scale.
"You hear me, Wright?" - Mm-hmm.
- I get it.
And since the fate of the world isn't enough to motivate you, why don't we give you a little something that might? If you can't stop this document dump, that means you're not as good a hacker as we thought you were, which makes you pretty much useless to us.
And then we're leaving here and we're never coming back.
You understand? That means we'll be the last human contact you ever have in your entire wasted life, and that coffee that the floor's drinking right now, well, that'll be the last thing you ever taste that ain't lukewarm and suspiciously lumpy.
You paint a vivid picture.
I'm not getting on that plane.
- - - - Boss, they're talking.
I'm gonna patch the comms through to you.
- All right.
- (Jae-Sung speaking Korean) Patch through a translator, also? They know each other.
- What, you speak Mandarin and Korean? - (shushes) They were friends.
They worked together.
This isn't just about her coming to get a defector? No.
It's personal.
- Jae-Sung's stopping the car.
- Boss? Steve, she's giving him an ultimatum.
- She's threatening to kill him.
- Boss? Hold your fire.
Until Wright can stop the document release, she's the only other person who can.
Wright, talk to me.
I'm not there yet.
He's running! TANI: Drop your weapon! Drop it! Yumi's down.
It's over.
(grunts) Wright, tell me you disabled the document dump.
You have less than ten seconds.
Steve, I don't think he's gonna make it.
- He's not gonna be able - Wait, wait, wait.
That's it.
I'm in.
- Timed release has been stopped.
- (exhales) Stopped? You're sure? Well, it says, you know, "upload canceled.
" That's usually a good sign, so, uh yeah.
You play too much.
Look at me.
Now I'm the one stopping a bad guy from getting away on a plane.
I think this deserves a change of scenery, fellas.
Well, Aaron, I'm gonna give you a life lesson.
It ain't about where you end up.
Life is about the friends you make along the way.
Or didn't make, in your case.
(chuckles) Oh, uh, by the way? The coffee was decaf.
Ha! (door closes) Try to keep him from running, and make sure those stitches stay dry.
All righty.
No playing and no swimming.
- I'll break it to him gently.
- (chuckles) Hope he behaved himself, unlike my partner this morning.
Oh, Eddie was a perfect gentleman.
Well, that's great.
That's great.
You hear that, Eddie? Good boy, Eddie.
Oh, um Uh (stammering): Uh, it's nothing.
Uh, good.
(Eddie whining) - It's all good? - Yeah.
- So, uh, if there's nothing, I'll just - Okay, thank you.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
(Eddie whines) (sighs) All right, buddy.
What do you say? You want to go get something to eat? - (groans) - Why you looking in there? Huh? Don't-don't look at me like that.
I like her, too.
All right, buddy? But I don't think Th I don't think the feeling's mutual.
- (moans) - What? I know what you're doing.
You're conspiring with Danny.
- (whines) - I see what you're doing.
Well, what do you want me to do? Just you want me to just go in there and-and get shot down in front of all those people? Nope, it's not gonna work.
I'm telling you, I don't need that in my life.
I got a very full social life.
I-I it's very rich.
Danny's projecting, okay? (low growl) He's also right, 'cause I'm sitting here talking to a dog.
Okay, fine.
He's right.
Danny's right.
(barks) Just wait here, all right? Wait just wait here.
(grumbles) Hey.
Did you have another question? Oh, no.
It can wait.
That's fine.
It's fine.
What is it? You really you Hi.
You're really gonna make me say this say this in front of e-everybody? Huh? I really am.
Uh, Dr.
Okino, uh, would you like to go to dinner with me sometime? And? And I got a date.
What is that? (laughing): It's-it's, um, I'm I'm really happy for you.
- That's all.
- What, you-you wanted her to say no? - Is that ? - No.
No, no.
I-I just I Personally, though, I don't want you to miss out on the vital human experience of being rejected by a stranger.
- You know? - Dude, you're unbelievable.
You wanted me to get a date, I got a date.
I'm-I'm very happy that you got a date, okay? - Uh-huh.
- Very, very happy.
And, more importantly, my plan worked, so I'm very happy about that, too.
Okay, you want the credit? You can have it.
You can have the vet bill, too.
How about that? So? So what? You know, how'd it go? (clears throat) You had to tell everybody? I didn't I didn't have to tell anybody anything.
I chose to.
Uh, and it-it worked out.
He-he got a date.
All right.
- ADAM (chuckles): Hey.
- GROVER: Hey! Congrats, man.
Way to get back out there.
Hey, this man ought to know.
How-How's Tamiko, by the way? Oh, hey, you know, I don't I don't want to steal the spotlight from Steve here.
Please have the spotlight.
Well, lookee here.
If it ain't Miss Rosetta Stone.
(chuckles) How's that for a first day? Well, let's see.
I got my ass kicked by a North Korean secret agent and then translated the hostage taking of some of America's most dangerous secrets.
- DANNY: Good.
- And usually on the first day, I'm just, uh, figuring out the coffee machine.
Today was actually pretty laid-back, all things considered.
And we don't have a coffee machine.
You're kidding.
But you're still in? I am so in.
- Yes! - STEVE: Cheers to that! - Yes! - That's what I'm talking about.
(all cheering)
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