Hawaii Five-0 s10e05 Episode Script

He ‘oi‘o Kuhihewa; He Kaka Ola I ‘ike ‘ia E Ka Makaula (Don’t blame ghosts and spirits for one’s troubles; a human is responsible)

1 Mr.
Werewolf, Mr.
Werewolf Please don't kill me, Mr.
Werewolf (howling) Mr.
Werewolf, Mr.
Werewolf - CHILD: Thank you! - Please, Mr.
Werewolf Let me get by (laughing) Mr.
Werewolf Yeah Mr.
Werewolf Because you know It's getting cold, cold outside Mr.
Werewolf, Mr.
Werewolf Yeah Because I got a date and I can't be late - Trick or treat.
- Trick or treat.
Look at you both.
Such wonderful costumes.
Werewolf, Mr.
Werewolf Yeah - Thank you, bye.
- Bye.
Who wants to be my wife Mr.
Werewolf, Mr.
Werewolf Yeah So I can't afford Trick or treat! To give my life Mr.
Werewolf, Mr.
Werewolf Yeah So please, Mr.
Werewolf - Don't eat me now - Trick! - I don't have no blood anyhow - Or treat! Ohh Ah-ah-ah Wait a minute, here come my boys.
(screams, grunts) CHILD (distant): Hey, can you get some from there? (drilling) I thought you said this was a safe.
(growls) No, please! (men yelling) (Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) (growls) (roaring) Nothing? All right, I'm gonna work on that, okay? JUNIOR: While he works on that, you guys ready for a real scare? Real scare.
Get ready to run.
You ready for this? We got the bloodthirsty king of the jungle! (yelling) Eddie.
What are you doing? That's not what we rehearsed.
(barks) Aw, man.
Eddie? - I'm sorry.
- STEVE: What are you doing? That's Ed No.
Where's your dignity? - You guys want some candy? - CHILDREN: Yes, please! (phone ringing) CHILD: Sure! I want some.
I want some.
Noelani, what's up? (with British accent): Sorry, Noelani's not here.
This is Sir Elton John.
You two blokes coming to Flippa's party? Yeah.
We're just doing a little candy duty and then we'll be right there.
Oh, splendid.
We'll be on the way soon.
Okay? Oh, brilliant.
Actually, I've a very special guest that wants to say hello.
- Hello, Commander McGarrett.
- Who's that? Not so fast.
I will give you three clues to help you deduce - my true identity.
- Max.
I guess I didn't do a good job disguising my voice.
What's up, buddy? Hey, how's Africa treating you? Very well.
But I have to confess, I do miss it here.
Especially the camaraderie of the Five-O team.
We miss you, too, buddy.
Look, we're gonna be over there soon, all right? I'll see you when we get there.
I eagerly await your arrival.
There he is.
Max Bergman.
Howzit, bruddah? Long time, no see.
I'm surprised you can even walk in that thing.
Well, I've had a lot of practice.
Um, last year Junior sent me - to mermaid camp.
- Mermaid camp? - Mm-hmm.
- That's pretty cool.
Where is Junior, anyway? How would I know that? Oh.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I just I assumed I mean, I assumed that you What are you guys? Ah, at this point, I want to say I I don't know.
- Mmm.
- NOELANI: Hey! Quinn.
Come meet Max.
Max is my predecessor.
I became medical examiner when Max's work with Doctors Without Borders took him to Madagascar.
Hello, Ms.
It is finally an honor to meet you.
Um, let me guess.
- John Wick? - That's correct.
Uh, perhaps you're aware of my longstanding Halloween tradition.
Every year, he's a character from a different Keanu Reeves movie.
But I think you're slipping, brah.
You did John Wick already.
Au contraire, Kamekona, I believe it is you who is slipping.
There are three movies in the John Wick franchise.
I am John Wick 2, and here is John Wick 3.
This is my son, Tunde.
FLIPPA: You got a kid, congrats, big poppa.
Hi, Tunde.
I love your costume.
Thank you.
You are perfectly credible as a mermaid.
Well, he's definitely your son, Max.
Oh, and you are Maverick, from the motion picture Top Gun.
Right on.
(chuckles) You know that's McGarrett's favorite movie, right? That makes sense, seeing as you two were basically separated at birth.
And I thought we were becoming friends.
- (chuckles) - Call it how I see it.
(phone ringing) Okay, excuse me.
PRINCESS: Ono grindz coming through, people.
These plates are hot.
You better move it, or you're gonna lose it.
Let me help you with that.
Oh, bless you, darlings.
And bless your mamas, 'cause they raised you right.
Gonna introduce me to your friends or what? Sorry, Ma.
Tani, Max, this is Princess, she lives on the ninth island.
Oh, Vegas.
Very cool.
Very cool.
Here she comes.
What is that? What are we doing? - I'm a hugger, baby.
- Oh.
That's Thank you.
Nice to meet you.
- Uh, sorry, not sorry.
- Okay.
You, four eyes, bring it in.
Come on.
Get over here, boy.
This one's trying to get away.
Get over here.
Come on.
That's right.
- (murmuring) - Oh.
Ma is here to help me and cuz out with the shrimp truck.
On account of me spreading myself too thin because of all my ventures, you know? Well, Mr.
Big Shot businessman over there.
Don't think you can't learn a thing or two from Auntie Princess, huh? So, uh, tell me, darling, when you eat at that truck, does he treat you right? 'Cause it's all about customer relations, huh? Yes, he does.
He does.
He sometimes even offers all of us regulars a ten percent discount.
Ten percent?! Nephew, are you trying - to run us out of business? - What do you mean, "us"? The 'ohana discount is now five percent.
You got me? Such a pleasure to meet you, darling.
That's Ma.
She's a lot.
Eat something.
Sorry to be a buzzkill, guys, but we just caught a case.
So does that mean that Captain Grover is not going to make it? Uh.
I was so looking forward to seeing him.
May I make an unorthodox request? Guys.
We brought you a party favor from Flippa's place.
Hey, look who it is.
The prodigal M.
- What do you say, Max? - Capt.
I hear you got yourself a Mini-Me now.
Hey, Max, congrats, buddy.
- Hey, do we get to meet him? - Oh, absolutely.
He's with Noelani right now.
She's introducing him to the rituals of trick or treat.
They don't celebrate Halloween where he's from? Mm, no, I guess, uh, the closest thing to it in Madagascar would be the holiday of Famadihana.
Every seven years, the family would open up their crypts and burial grounds to re-wrap the remains - of their dead in new cloth.
- GROVER: I guess now all he gets to do is put on a fun costume and eat a bunch of candy.
Poor little fella.
While I would've loved to join him, I couldn't pass up an opportunity.
I've been feeling nostalgic for the thrill of a homicide investigation.
I hear you, Max, but I hate to break it to you, we already have an M.
on scene tonight.
Oh Well, of course.
I'm just here in a purely observational capacity.
Oh, well, if you're just here to observe, you picked a good one.
Right this way, folks.
Our Vic is Edith Lahela.
Edith took a gunshot wound to the chest about an hour ago.
She was discovered by some trick-or-treaters.
Just like this, door was wide open.
His parents called it in.
Not the kind of fright they were expecting, I'm sure.
Oh, this little Halloween story's just getting started.
Follow me.
Meet Ralph Fosse.
Or what's left of him, anyway.
Cordite residue on his hand confirms he shot Edith Lahela.
His prints were in the system.
Did some time for B&E.
The guy just got out of prison a month ago.
Here he was, at it again.
He must have seen this door, figured there was a vault down here.
There isn't? Not exactly.
QUINN: Well, isn't this charming? Someone was living in here.
Someone with a pretty bad temper.
Hold on.
So (chuckling): Little old Edith from upstairs, she was keeping someone locked in this room? And then our perp comes in thinking that he landed some big score, and gets killed by whoever is being trapped in here? GROVER: What can I say? I told you it was a good one.
MAX: Fascinating.
A comminuted fracture to both the left and right jaw is rarely seen in homicides.
That, coupled with the crushed torso and extensive soft tissue damage.
The strength required to kill a man in this way is, uh, quite remarkable.
QUINN: Guys, I'm not sure our perp was here alone tonight.
Those are black scuff marks, and they're fresh.
Ah, you're right.
This guy's shoes have beige soles.
And Edith was barefoot.
Well, that must mean that they were left here either by whoever was living in there or our thief had an accomplice.
If we find him, we can ask him, uh, who did this to his partner.
MAX: Who or what? I'm not entirely sure that he was killed by a human.
Well, whatever it was, it took six inches of reinforced steel to keep it inside.
And now it's out.
(grunting) (panting) (growling) (growls) (growling) (horn blares) (grunts) All right, let's go, keiki.
Everybody needs to eat.
You, too.
My goodness.
Skin and bones over there.
Also, always remember to bring a backup bag.
Leave your stash in it and hidden.
When you knock on the door and they see that empty bag, they're gonna feel bad for you and give you more candy.
Thank you, Mr.
Any time, little man.
Don't forget my cut.
Ten percent.
(phone ringing) (English accent): Hello.
Sir Elton John here.
(regular accent): Yeah, this is she.
Uh, hold on one second.
Hey, Flippa, can you turn on the news, please? REPORTER: confirming that a body found earlier today in the trunk of a submerged car is in fact missing Kuwili High senior Lana Nakua.
The 18-year-old's disappearance made front-page news after she vanished two months ago while reportedly at a frat party with friends.
Yeah, I'm watching it now.
I'll be right in.
Guys, I'm sorry, I have got to go.
Uh, I promised Max that I would take Tunde trick-or-treating, though.
I just We got him handled.
Go do what you got to do.
Thank you.
(electricity powers down) (sighs) Great.
(footsteps approaching) Hello? Is someone there? Oh, God! Oh, God! Dr.
Cunha, you okay? (panting): Uh, yeah, as soon as I locate where my heart went.
Uh The fuse box is over here somewhere.
Looks like the circuit breaker was tripped.
(sighs) Actually, uh, do you mind walking me back? Yeah, of course.
Sorry, I thought I heard something earlier.
I'm sure it's nothing, but I'd be spooked, too, being around all those bodies, - especially on Halloween.
- Yeah.
- There you are.
All clear.
- Oh, my God.
The body's gone! (camera shutter clicking) (indistinct radio chatter) - Hey.
- Ah.
Thanks for coming in, Commander.
Busy night.
We were on our way to another crime scene when you called.
Where are we at? Building's still on lockdown, but we completed our search.
There's no sign of whoever took that girl's body.
The bad news is that they didn't just trip the power.
They also knocked out the cameras.
JUNIOR: Well, that's messed up.
I've been following this girl ever since she disappeared.
- So has the whole island.
- Yeah, including whoever killed her.
And now they've seen on the news that Lana's body has been recovered.
They figured they'd better move quick before an autopsy brings up any incriminating evidence.
How's she holding up? She's taking it hard.
STEVE: How you doing? Lana's parents were here less than two hours ago to identify their daughter's body.
They left here thinking they were gonna find answers.
Instead, I just had to call them and tell them that she was gone.
It was awful, Steve, the not knowing, the waiting for news every day.
They told me that Lana's sister won't even get out of bed.
- This is my fault.
- Hey.
What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with you.
I was here.
I should have stayed with her.
This responsibility belongs to the person who stole Lana's body.
That's it.
Noelani? We're gonna go out there, we're gonna find that girl.
And we're gonna bring her back.
Okay? (elevator bell dings) All right, great.
Uh, keep me posted.
Appreciate it.
Will do.
So, HPD set up a perimeter All right, so I think I got a - You first.
- Please, I insist.
- I insist.
- You know what? Let's not do that.
That awkward new coworker thing where we're just so polite to each other and trying to laugh - at each other's terrible jokes.
- (chuckles) Okay.
Should we just go straight to rude and a little tired of each other? That would be so much easier.
All right, I'll go first.
I've got HPD on alert in Edith's neighborhood for whatever escaped from that vault.
Course, it's hard to issue a BOLO when we have no description.
Well, I might have a lead on someone who can help us out with that.
So, I talked to our dead thief's parole officer.
Apparently, he was working for a window installer.
So I called the boss.
He and his coworker replaced a window at Edith's house last week.
So you're thinking the coworker could be the accomplice.
They saw the vault together, decided it was worth a return visit.
I got his name.
HPD's tracking him down now.
(phone ringing) Hey, Lou.
What've you got? Well, this might sound a little weird, but, uh, the lady who had a guy locked away in her basement might have been a tad eccentric.
I canvassed her neighbors.
Some of them been on this block for more than 25 years.
They say Edith hardly ever left the house.
You can hide from your neighbors, but you cannot hide from bureaucracy.
Let's see what we find in public records.
I spoke to McGarrett, by the way.
Told me about that, uh, body-snatching at the morgue.
Yeah, tonight's a weird one, that's for sure.
Just be glad Halloween's only once a year, I guess.
Yeah, well, from now on, every Halloween, I'm staying at home.
I'm gonna toss a bowl of candy on the front porch, lock the front door, turn out the lights and be sitting in the living room with a shotgun in my lap.
I'm going full old man Grover.
ADAM: (chuckles) Well, remind me to stay away - from your house.
- Well, this is bizarre.
QUINN: After she graduated high school in 1965, it looks like Edith went off the grid.
Then 20 years later, her name turns up on the utility bills in that house that she was living in.
Uh, so what was she doing for those 20 years? GROVER: Hmm, hard to say.
Tani and Max are still poking around in here.
You know what they say about big houses: lot of secrets.
(wood creaking) (door creaking) - MAX: I wouldn't touch that.
- (screams) Oh, my God.
Do not do that to me.
Uh, a-apologies.
I-I was just trying to alert you to the possible moth infestation.
They lay their eggs sometimes in garment, and they are really easily transferable by touch.
GROVER: Well, good.
I guess this clears up her 20-year gap in public records.
Seems little old Edith was a nun.
Only question is, what made her, uh, kick the habit? - (chuckles) - Maybe it had something to do with this.
Exorcisms and deliverance prayers.
She also has some sacraments traditionally utilized for performing the rite of exorcism: blessed salt and a holy card with this 1890 prayer to Saint Michael printed on it.
TANI: You guys, we are looking at an ex-nun who mysteriously left the convent, she's keeping something locked in the basement, she's performing exorcisms.
Do you not you see? GROVER: Oh, I see exactly where you're going.
Please don't.
Rosemary's Baby.
Oh, brother.
Except in this case, Rosemary is a nun who got pregnant and was exiled from the convent, and who is birthing the son of Satan.
All right, I'm-a give you a pass on this one.
Here's exactly what happened: this crazy old bird abducted some guy, and then, (high-pitched): she locked him away in her fruit cellar.
(regular voice): The end.
That's the whole story.
TANI: Really? Well, then, how do you explain the fact that he completely eviscerated the thief? Because he's been locked in a vault for who knows how long.
That's enough to make anybody really mad.
The only question left now is why she kept him locked up down there.
Well, perhaps we could search this location for Edith's motives.
It appears that she lived in a convent, Our Blessed Mother by the Sea.
A home invasion? Heavens.
How well did you know Sister Edith? I didn't know her at all, actually.
She left the convent a few years before I joined.
Do you know why she left? I don't.
But did you hear any speculation? I think some sisters face a daily struggle with their faith and their vows.
And some make mistakes.
DECOSTA: Sister Laureta, it's time for Compline.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
That was a complete bust.
Come on.
Sister Chatty Cathy could not have been more obvious.
Edith left because she was pregnant.
All right, fine.
You might have a point - about the pregnancy.
- Uh-huh.
But come on.
There's no Rosemary's Baby situation going on here.
Here's what is probably the closest thing to the truth.
Edith was exiled because she conceived a child.
And then she punished the child for its entire life because of it.
Well, that's grim.
- Hey - (cell phone ringing) no horror movie in the world any match for life.
Hey, Q, what's up? Q? Yeah, sorry.
I regretted that as it was coming out of my mouth.
- Do you have something for us? - QUINN: Yeah.
HPD located our dead thief's accomplice.
He turned up in the ER after being hit by a car.
Well, did he leave a description of the killer? Nope, and I don't think that's coming anytime soon either, because the doctors put him on a psych hold.
Apparently, he wouldn't stop screaming about being chased through the woods by a demon.
DUKE: Lana Nakua attended a fraternity party the night that she disappeared.
Several people saw her leave on her own around 11:00 p.
She never made it home.
- How many people were at this party? - About 35.
We interviewed all of them, got written statements from everyone You like anybody for it? DUKE: Not that we could charge without a body or any physical evidence.
I'll take that as a yes, then, Duke.
The point is, I spent a lot of late nights going through all these statements, and I always came back to the same three kids.
Todd Hughes.
Remy Mitchell.
Zach Wyatt.
They were all members of the fraternity throwing the party.
All from the mainland.
Rich kids who reeked of entitlement.
Several students saw them talking to Lana that night.
Reports were interest wasn't mutual.
STEVE: And you say Lana left the party at, uh, 11:00? - Yeah.
- What about these three guys? Were they still there when she left? Yeah, but they left about 30 minutes after she did.
The trouble is, they have alibis.
Two people came forward and gave written statements vouching for their whereabouts for the rest of the night.
Any of these kids on the sailing team? I think so.
Why? Look at this rope around Lana's hands.
That, my friend, is called a double constrictor.
It's a nautical knot.
You said these guys went to Oahu State, right? Yeah.
All right, here's a photo of the Oahu State 2019 sailing team.
Look who's in the front row.
Todd Hughes.
Todd Hughes, Five-O, open up.
We need to talk to you.
- Bedroom's clear.
- Yo.
This just happened.
That blood's still pooling.
Looks like he was trying to spell something with his fingers.
" It's gotta be our missing cold case Vic.
Lana Nakua.
(camera shutter clicking) JUNIOR: Why would this guy's dying act be to write Lana's initials? I have no idea.
Hey, guys, I just found this on Todd's body.
Long and brunette, just like Lana's.
If that hair does belong to Lana Nakua, then it's highly possible that Todd was at the morgue.
He took her body tonight.
Maybe with help from his friends.
JUNIOR: Well, it makes sense, but it still doesn't explain why he wrote Lana's initials.
Actually, he didn't.
He couldn't have.
COD was blunt force trauma, and the location of the blow to the skull means that he would have died instantly.
Look, whoever did this is making a statement, saying this was killed for the role that he played in Lana's murder.
I guess Duke's not the only one who thought this guy was involved.
TUNDE: What if they say "trick"? They won't.
What if they do? Well, Tunde, what kind of tricks can you do? Uh, I can solve most acrostic puzzles - in under three minutes.
- Okay.
So if they say trick, we'll move on and go to the next house.
- (cell phone ringing) - Oh.
Give me a sec, Lil' T.
What's up, cuz? Hey, your guests will eat all the haupia and the rice pudding.
I need you to go to the market.
I'm gonna text you a list.
Ma, get Kamekona to help out.
Eh, he has a bad back.
My sciatica acting up.
Hey, John Wick.
Nice costume.
- You, too.
- BOY: Wanna hang? Ma, I gotta go.
I'll be back soon.
Don't you dare come back without the food and a better attitude.
- (phone beeps off) - (sighs) Tunde? Tun Tunde! (groaning softly) Tunde! Got an open door.
(phone rings) Junior, you find Remy Mitchell? Yep.
But someone got to him first.
And by the looks of it, I'm thinking we're dealing with the same killer who took out Todd.
You find Lana's initials in blood? Yeah, except this time he didn't just stop with the floor.
It's all over the place.
What about the Vic? Our victim's hands and feet are bound up just like Lana's.
So Todd Hughes was beaten, Remy Mitchell was tied up.
Clearly, the killer is mirroring the murder of Lana.
Were you able to track down our third suspect, Zach Wyatt? No, he wasn't at his place.
But we better find him soon, before this killer finishes his performance art piece and drowns the guy.
TANI: Homeowners that were at a Halloween party called the cops after they saw something strange on their security cam.
QUINN: Doesn't look like your run-of-the-mill trick-or-treater.
Almost looks like he was casing that house.
Yeah, maybe it's our guy.
Maybe he's trying to find a place to lay low.
Maybe he's found one.
All right, Tani, you and Quinn - go check that out.
- (phone ringing) What up, Max? Captain, I have an update on Edith Lahela's autopsy.
I checked in with the medical examiner, and while I would normally advise waiting for the procedure to be complete before divulging any information but in short, I felt this was sufficiently urgent that I decided to break my own rules.
All right, give us the breaking news.
It appears that Edith underwent an hysterectomy at some time.
Do we know when? Can't say for sure, but based on an examination of the pelvic bone, Edith was never pregnant.
Okay, so i-if the guy in her vault wasn't her son, who was he? That I can't help you with.
The DNA from the vault returned no matches.
However, I can say for sure that we're dealing with a human, which is why I'm testing the DNA for genetic mutations which could account for atypical appearances.
Okay, but that still doesn't explain why Edith kept the poor guy locked in a vault.
I mean, just because the guy looked different - doesn't mean he was dangerous.
- Yeah, maybe not.
But after 30 years in solitary, oh, he is now.
TANI: Guess he was looking for food.
Well, I doubt he found much.
Owners must be out of town.
Cool, so the guy who makes mincemeat - out of humans is hangry.
- (glass shatters) - (growls) - (grunts) Quinn! (wails) HPD's got all available units out right now looking for the guy.
And thanks to Tani, we now have a blood trail we can follow.
Did you get a good look at him? Yeah.
Caucasian, well over six feet tall.
I mean, he was big, but he was also asymmetrical.
It was like things had grown at different rates.
And his eyes.
I remember his eyes were two different colors.
MAX: Heterochromia.
The description of the man's physique fits with random-occurring genetic mutations.
However, the traits of having two different-colored eyes is commonly a trait that's inherited from one's parents.
Inherited? Where have we seen someone with two different-colored eyes before? GROVER: Mother Superior Decosta.
Here's what we know: after Sister Edith left the convent, she raised a child in her home.
And after locking him away in an eight-by-ten foot cell for 30 years, that child escaped and now, he's a danger to the public.
I'm not sure why you think I have anything to do with this.
Because the kid had mismatched eyes, something he would have inherited from a parent.
Sister Edith didn't get pregnant.
She couldn't.
She'd had a hysterectomy.
But you did.
Sister Edith left that convent to raise your boy.
And why did Edith take that baby? Because she knew she'd never be able to have a child of her own? No.
She took that child because she couldn't stomach abandoning an innocent baby.
I made a terrible mistake.
That child was conceived in sin and we have both paid for my transgression.
Edith was the only one who knew.
I told her to take the baby to a hospital but she decided to keep it.
To love it.
And I hated her for that, because I wanted to feel that love in me.
And you never saw your son again? I visited Edith a few times when the child was eight.
She'd named him Kimo.
When I met him, he pointed at my eyes.
Covered his brown eye with one hand and mine with the other.
"Two blue eyes," he said.
He seemed happy.
MAX: Because he was happy.
His-his appearance is a byproduct of a genetic condition that causes overgrowth in bones and tissue.
He wasn't cursed.
He just looked different.
GROVER: In other words, he was a kid who had enough problems without being locked away for his entire life.
DECOSTA: Edith told me she'd tried taking him to get help one day, but-but the outside can be cruel to someone who looks like that.
It broke her heart.
It broke mine to hear it.
MAX: Edith didn't keep Kimo inside because he was dangerous.
She was trying to protecting him from the outside world that would've hurt him.
She did her best.
And you did nothing.
GROVER: Well, you got a chance now to make up for it.
We need your help, Mother Superior.
Your child, your son, needs your help.
Look, he's just lost the only person in his entire life who ever cared about him.
I can't.
I can't bear to face him.
You abandoned him once.
Don't do it again.
- STEVE: Hey.
- JUNIOR: Hey.
APB is out on Zach Wyatt.
I spoke to some of his frat buddies.
No one seems to know where he is.
Well, his phone's turned off, too.
HPD's monitoring his credit card activities, but so far, nothing new.
Maybe we're too late.
Maybe Zach's already dead.
I don't know, man.
I mean, the killer wanted us to find those other two bodies, clearly, right? So if Zach was killed, chances are we'd know about it by now? Maybe he found out his other buddies are dead, and now he's on the run.
Or maybe he's not on the run from this killer because he is the killer.
What if Zach convinces his friends to help him steal Lana's body from the morgue, right, to cover up a murder that they were all a part of.
Then he kills them, eliminating any possibility of them ever rolling on him if caught.
And he writes her initials at the crime scene, makes it look like a revenge killing, takes the heat off of himself.
JUNIOR: Then all he needs to do is dispose of her body once and for all.
(metal rattling, squeaking) Lana, no.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Prelim DNA results just came back on the hair that Noelani found on Todd Hughes's body.
Was it a match to Lana Nakua? See, that's the thing, it wasn't.
But it was a familial match.
DNA was female.
Jump into the DMV database, pull up her mother first.
This is Lana's mom.
Well, it can't be her.
Look, her hair's a different color.
Noelani said she had a sister.
Check her.
All right.
Emily Nakua.
Hair's a match.
All right, pinging her phone right now.
(gasps) No! Help! Help! Somebody help! Help! (grunting) Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! - (indistinct chatter) - BOY: I got so many! Look at this, look at that! (low groaning) I love this candy.
Look! (screaming, shouting) It's just candy.
You'll like it.
(crunches) My name is Tunde.
What is yours? (siren wails) (Kimo grunting) Down on the ground, now! Just don't hurt him! Don't hurt him! Don't hurt him! - Put your hands up! - Hands up! - Let me see your hands! - Hands up! Hands up! ZACH: Help! Help! (gasps) (panting) It was Lana.
I don't know how.
She's trying to kill me.
Yeah, don't worry.
We have a nice, safe cell for you.
STEVE: Emily? Emily Nakua? Stand up.
Stand up, please.
Put your hands on your head.
Turn around now, please.
- We would've caught them, Emily.
- (handcuffs clicking) I know.
Come on.
(helicopter whirring) (men shouting) What's going on, Duke? We've cleared the area.
But he won't stand down.
(grunting) If he tries to run or endangers any of my officers we're gonna have to use lethal force.
All we want you to do is put your hands up, and sit down.
- Sit down! - (siren wails) It's too loud.
He's been inside for 30 years.
Everything's too loud for him.
- (siren wails) - (indistinct radio chatter) (shouts) Hey, hold your fire! Hold your fire! If he doesn't back off, we're going to have to take the shot.
OFFICER: I got a clean shot.
MAX: Kimo! DUKE: Max, wait! Kimo.
Hi, I, um, I'm Max.
And, uh, and-and that's my son over there.
Y-You two have a-a lot in common.
He was adopted, too.
And he's different from the other kids.
Just like you were.
Like I was.
Kimo I lost my mother, too.
And I felt angry and scared, and alone, just like how you're feeling right now.
But you're not alone.
You're not alone anymore.
Two blue eyes.
Two blue eyes.
Dad! I I will be king And you, you will be queen And nothing Could drive us away We could be heroes Just for one day And we can be us Oh, just for one day And I I can remember - Standing - By the wall And we We can be heroes just for one day
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