Hawaii Five-0 s10e06 Episode Script

A‘ohe pau ka ‘ike i ka halau ho‘okahi (All knowledge is not learned in just one school)

1 PILOT: This is Eagle 3, HPD Air Support.
We have eyes on a 10-80 that committed a vehicular homicide, heading Makai on Palolo Avenue.
OFFICER: This is 2-Bravo 727 in pursuit.
Suspect's driving erratically and at speeds in excess of (car horn honks) He just blew another stop sign.
(tires squealing, sirens wailing) PILOT 2: 727, copy.
Please update position.
OFFICER: Suspect now turning eastbound on Kaau Street.
He's now turning Makai again on Pukelele.
PILOT 1: Air support requesting backup.
We're at bingo fuel.
DISPATCHER: This is 153 Central.
PIT 'em.
OFFICER: 10-4 on the PIT maneuver, 153.
(tires squealing) All right, move in.
Driver, open the door slowly.
Exit with your hands above your head.
Get out of the car now.
Hands where we can see them.
Cover him.
Driver, open the door.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) Gentlemen.
Check it, my dudes, Five-O HQ.
It's like the Batcave up in here.
Yeah, the Christian Bale Batcave.
- Not that goofy old-school one.
- Oh, so true.
- STEVE: How you doing, guys? - Wow.
I'm Commander Steve McGarrett.
Oh, very cool, sir.
Anything you want to say to the fans of Scooter and the Skeez? Yeah, you can't film in here.
- Totes get it.
- Our bad.
- Commander.
- Yes.
Your reputation precedes you.
You are, like, a legit legend around here.
The knowledge we soak up from shadowing you today will for sure level up our recruitment video.
Well, I really appreciate that, guys.
Thank you very much.
Unfortunately, uh, I can't shadow with you guys today.
You will be with my colleagues, - Officer Tani Rey - Hello.
And Quinn Liu.
I think you'll find they're both very knowledgeable, very professional, and very patient, right, guys? - Mm-hmm.
- SCOOTER: Oh, legit.
So, I'm gonna leave you guys.
Have a great day.
I'll see you later.
All right? (quietly): Okay, well, you're the millennial whisperer.
Lead the way.
Scooter and Skeez, the governor hired you to make a recruitment video for the HPD, and apparently we're at your disposal today.
So, do you have any questions before we start? - I got one.
- Okay.
We kind of overslept, haven't gotten our nosh on yet.
Do you guys know any good brunch spots around here? Millennial whisperer? TANI: All right, then, let's go munch on some grindage.
(indistinct radio transmission) So, go ahead, make my morning.
I'll do my best.
Officers surveilling a high-traffic narcotics area in Kalihi spotted a suspicious vehicle.
When they tried to pull it over, it took off, blowing through an intersection and killing a pedestrian.
Patricia Martin, local teacher.
Duke's handling the notification.
Is the driver in custody? Yeah, about that.
So no one's driving.
What is this, the robot apocalypse? Well, actually, autonomous vehicles have a fail-safe in place so they can be controlled remotely.
It's called teleoperations.
We think that's how this car was being steered.
Yeah, I know about it, but that technology is not street legal.
So what's the car doing on the road in the first place? Nah, the plates are fake and the VIN's been filed off.
And whoever sent it out into the wild was smart enough not to leave any prints on it.
Yeah, then I found this in a box on the front seat with 400 bucks inside.
So you got a remote-controlled car that goes through a high-traffic drug area.
Comes out with $400.
Can you connect the dots? Yeah, I mean, it looks to me like some tech-savvy drug dealers have found a way to mitigate the risk of their own guys ratting on them.
I get it.
Except now someone's dead, and now they're on the hook for a lot more than drug trafficking.
The question is, who's behind the controls? (singers vocalizing) Whoa.
Sorry about before, filming inside your office.
It's just that we constantly got to feed the beast.
The beast? I think they mean YouTube.
Our fans' demand for content is insane.
You slow down for a second, you get trampled by whoever's coming up behind you.
- Sounds stressful.
- SKEEZ: Mad stressful.
I barely got eight last night.
Insomnia is a silent killer.
Look, it may not seem like it, but we take our work seriously.
62% retention among teens with four-second attention spans is straight fire.
We may look like a couple of dumb kids Never crossed my mind.
But it takes effort to look this effortless.
Take this recruitment video for example.
Say it sucks.
Then we lose eyeballs, which means we lose dollars and then let down your governor.
And you maybe you lose the next great young recruit.
And maybe the police force suffers.
And maybe people get hurt.
I mean, I don't want to say we're saving lives out here, but SCOOTER: Yeah.
Bet you hadn't thought about it that way before.
- Nope.
- You are right.
We have never thought about it that way.
We have guests dining with us today.
Of course.
We heard you guys were on your way over.
Cuz already has you all set up.
Oh, wow, look at this.
Fresh grindz for our VIPs.
Thank you.
- Not for you.
Scooter and Skeet.
- (slurping) - "Skeez.
" - Yeah, right.
Big fan.
Longtime follower, brah.
Really, Kamekona? How long? Long enough to know they got the beaucoup followers on Instagram.
By the way, that reminds me, lunch is on the house today.
As long as I get a selfie with both of you - to post on my Insta.
- Oh, see that? Big man knows what's up.
Eyeballs are currency.
Which is why we're gonna hit you back with a tagged post of our own.
All right.
Hit it, Skeez.
- SCOOTER: Crustacean nation! - Looks good.
(phone beeps) What is it? HPD caught a homicide in Waialua.
Steve wants us to assist.
Good luck, crime fighters.
So, CSU is up to their elbows in this Hot Wheel we sent to 'em.
They've been going all through the car, trying to figure out who might have been using it to sell dope, but all they've found so far is cameras, and a bunch of 'em.
Most interestingly a dash cam recording the interior.
DANNY: All right, well, that makes sense.
Dealer gets to see what's going on without actually having to be there.
GROVER: Right, and speaking of that, the CSU also found a pretty serious radio-controlled transmitter.
Oh, that's good news.
If we can figure out the control radius, that might help us narrow down where this thing's being operated from.
Yeah, well, slow your roll there, Chief, it ain't gonna be that simple.
This particular transmitter operates on an ultra- high-frequency radio link.
And this thing can be controlled from as far away as 150 miles.
So the dealer could be anywhere on the island.
Or Molokai or Kauai.
Yeah, basically, this transmitter's a dead end.
Well, we'll keep working the car, maybe something will come through.
- Hey, you find something? - Yeah.
We got a hit on the prints from the bag of cash found in the car.
GROVER: So, who's this handsome fella? ADAM: Kanoa Anakoni.
Arrested last year for drug possession and aggravated assault.
You know, I'm thinking this guy may need a refresher course on the rules of his probation.
(panting) (tires screech) (car horn honks) Five-O.
Step back.
Hey, thanks for helping us out, Auntie.
By the way, whatever you're cooking smells great.
- (grunts) - Hey.
Where am I? I didn't do nothing.
Your ribs are broken 'cause you got hit by a car when you ran away from our guys.
You remember that? You might not remember that 'cause you hit the back of your head, too.
That probably doesn't feel too good right now either.
DANNY: The IV is to help you sober up so you can tell us about the drugs you bought today.
No, no, no, I didn't buy no drugs.
At 10:16 you sent a text message saying, "One 8 of C.
920 Piikoi Avenue.
" That's got to be an eight-ball of something delivered to your home address.
Right? I'm thinking coke or crystal.
- I would think crystal, probably.
- Yeah? I mean you know.
Anyway, two minutes later, you got a return text that just said "400.
" Which is the exact amount of money we found in a bag covered with your prints.
Now, we traced that number, but it went to a burner.
So the good news is you're here with us, and you can tell us, uh, who's behind this operation.
I-I don't know.
- Oh, yeah? - Honestly, that number's been floating around for a while, and I just started using it.
- How does it work? - I don't know.
You text it what you want, where you're at.
A car pulls up, the window goes down, you show your money to the camera.
You put it down, a box opens up, you grab your stash, and that's it.
So it's like an app for junkies? It's a good time to be alive.
All right, Kanoa, the next call we make's gonna be your parole officer unless you do something for us.
What do you need? We need you to order some drugs.
Officer Rey, Officer Liu, mahalo for the assist.
Yeah, of course.
Duke, this is Scooter and Skeez.
(chuckles) We've already met.
They were shadowing HPD earlier this week, no? Ah, what up, D-Dizzle? Top-shelf collie weed just arrive Victim's name is Marion Polani.
81 years old.
Her cleaning lady found her this morning, called 911.
Building like this, they must have security cameras.
Not inside but a bunch outside, along the perimeter.
We're in the process of tracking down someone who can give us access.
Make all the farmers sow marijuana No sign of forced entry.
Looks like she let the perp in.
Means she probably knew the person who killed her.
Well, what I can tell you is that our Vic was comfortable enough with her killer to turn her back on them.
is blunt force trauma to the crown of the skull, struck from behind.
Oh, bro.
All of a sudden, K-Dog's shrimp isn't sitting too well.
Oh, my God.
Scooter and Skeez? - Sup? - Sup? I am a huge fan.
Your video on fibromyalgia, like, so informative.
Just doing our part to raise awareness for our fi-bros.
Oh, what are you guys doing here? Just being schooled on Five-O by Five-O.
(exhales) They're here in a strictly observational capacity.
Have you determined - a T.
yet? - Yes.
Uh, around 12:30 a.
, give or take.
That's a little late to be entertaining guests.
Normally Skeez and I live by the aphorism "It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
" But your rules were crystal, so asking permish.
Would it be Gucci to take a selfie with the Vic in the BG? For research purposes, of course.
He's joking.
Please tell me he's joking.
You absolutely cannot take pictures or videos at a crime scene.
Is that clear? - Totally get it.
- 100%.
SKEEZ: Nothing inappropriate.
- Okay.
- Just one follow-up question: I'm on a strict "schedge" with my meds, and I just noticed the time.
Y-You don't have to ask us permission to take your medication.
- Really? - Just take it.
- Right here? - Right here.
(whirring) Whoa.
Your medicine is smoking pakalolo? Really? We're not animals.
We strictly vape.
And, yes, it's for glaucoma.
- You don't have glaucoma.
- Exactly TANI: Put it away.
LUKELA: Building manager just arrived.
- (balloon deflating) - He can show us the security footage (sniffs) from last night.
Don't ask.
(balloon deflating) BRENT: All right.
I've logged on to the security system.
Everything's backed up on the - central server for the last week.
- I can access all the cameras.
- What did you want to see? - T.
was approximately 12:30, so let's start at 11:00 and go from there.
It's a shame about Marion.
Garis, we think Marion was killed by somebody she knew, which obviously includes all of her neighbors.
Do you know if she had issues with any other tenants? (chuckles): Uh, yeah.
She most certainly did.
- Who? - All of 'em.
Look, I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but Marion was an awful person who made everyone's life a living hell.
Bury the lede much, bro? Hey.
You are free to observe and take notes, but keep the DVD commentary to a minimum.
Nobody watches DVDs.
Garis, you were saying? Look, I can send you all the complaints that I've gotten about her over the years, but you would be swimming in paper.
Suffice it to say, there's not a single person in this building that Marion hasn't managed to piss off.
(playing Ping-Pong) TANI: Hey, guys! It's not the time for that.
SKEEZ: Our bad.
Get over here.
Just ignore them.
Easier said than done, we realize.
So, this is what the security cameras picked up as of 11:00 last night.
Let's roll forward from here and see what we've got.
BRENT: So, it looks like nobody came in or out of the building between 11:30 last night and 6:30 this morning.
You know what that means, right? The people who live here don't know how to party? TANI: Yes, and the killer lives in the building.
Well, 2F doesn't seem thrilled to have to stay in all day.
Well, until we figure out which resident is the killer, this whole place is on lockdown.
We're all about the lockdown.
Got to keep the crime scene tight.
It's just like when we're shooting a vid.
Got to control the location, keep the randos from wandering into your shot.
TANI: All right.
We got 31 suspects to interview.
It's gonna be a long lockdown.
What if I told you I could streamline this whole process? - Uh-huh? - I used to live in a complex like this, and there's always that one neighbor, the one up in everyone's business.
Looks like you just found her.
ROSE: Of course, I tend to keep to myself if I can help it, but Marion was a hard one to ignore.
She she made an impression.
Um, fr from what we've heard, Marion - wasn't the most endearing person.
- She was the devil incarnate, dear.
And, worse, a gin rummy cheat.
- Savage.
- Savage.
Was there anyone with an especially bad relationship with Marion? Maybe somebody who wanted her dead? Oh, let's see.
There's Liliana and Todd and Kawika.
Oh, and that whole debacle with the water feature.
You know what? I'll put on some coffee.
This may take a while.
There's a lot of names.
Lou, you good? GROVER: Yes, sir.
As long as that tracker in Kanoa's bag ends up in that drug car, we can follow it to wherever it calls home.
DANNY: Well, it's come to this.
Drugs on demand.
Y-You know, a lot of street hustlers are gonna be out of a job pretty soon.
I mean, there's an app for everything these days.
Isn't there? Used to be, if you wanted something, you had to actually get dressed and leave the house, right? Get in a car, drive to a store, talk to a human.
Well, I mean, you know, less humans, better for me.
I mean, that's the only reason I use those apps, so I don't have to deal with people.
Human-to-human interaction is the whole, that's the point of life, Danny.
Why be alive if you're not gonna do that? Since when do you like people? Are you social now? - (engine approaches) - Hey, yo.
We got movement.
Same make and model as the hit-and-run car.
All right, this is it.
Our delivery has arrived.
(engine starts) QUINN: So, based on our visit with Rose, the human rumor mill, we now have 12 suspects to prioritize.
Divide and conquer? Okay, yes.
I guess that means we should each take one bro? Backup? Cool.
Skeez-Dog and I can totally be your backup.
Let's call it that.
Skeez, you're with me.
Excellent choice.
But you should know that I already have a lady.
So we should probably keep this relash strictly profesh.
And I instantly regret choosing you.
Hello, my name is Dr.
Greenthumb You've probably heard, Marion Polani was murdered last night.
And you've probably heard that she was a horrible old crone.
EMILY: The woman was a total nightmare.
Never a nice word for anyone.
She did so many horrible things.
- Such as? - I have a 1966 Eldorado convertible.
Marion sideswiped it in the parking lot.
And after I contacted my insurance company to file a claim, she filled my back seat with kitty litter.
Used kitty litter.
Hello, my name is Dr.
Greenthumb - - MANDY: I'm a massage therapist.
And Marion, she hated the foot traffic of my clients coming and going.
So because we share this wall, she used to crank the volume of her TV so loud, my clients, they couldn't relax.
I've lost most of my business.
She called Child Protective Services on me.
Said she hadn't seen my third-grader in months, - that I was locking him up.
- - Constantly grown - He was at summer camp.
- EMILY: Todd works late most nights.
- I'm a bartender.
Doing the Lord's work, my man.
But every night when Todd would come home, she would call me up, screaming about how he'd woken her up when he came in through the gate.
No one else complained.
I swear she'd sit up just waiting for me to get back so she had something to raise a stink over.
Well, last night, when he came in at What time was it, honey? Around 12:45? EMILY: Right.
Anyway, it was the first time Marion didn't complain, and, I mean, now I get why, of course.
12:45, you say? TODD: Yeah.
Why? Todd, I'm gonna need to speak to you outside, please.
What-What's going on? Hold up, homes.
So you want to good cop/bad cop this or what? Officer Liu.
This is Todd.
Todd just told us that he didn't get home from work last night until 12:45 a.
Well, that's interesting.
Wait, why is that interesting? Because we know for a fact that no one entered the building after 11:30 p.
, - which means you're busted.
- So busted! TODD: Okay, look, I should've just come out and said it.
Every Tuesday I tell Emily I'm working late, but I'm not.
Instead of going home, I go to another apartment.
- A neighbor's apartment.
- Sounds scandalous, dude.
QUINN: What is it that you're doing at your neighbor's apartment, Todd? Please, you can't tell Emily.
TANI: This is where you were last night? Yeah.
Playing Dungeons & Dragons.
It was a pretty epic campaign.
My mage cast an Arcane Hand spell.
My friend Reko, who lives here, can back me up.
I headed home as soon as we wrapped things up, which was about a quarter to 1:00.
Well, that was right around the time that Marion was murdered.
Did you happen to notice if anyone was coming or going from any of the apartments? Uh, no.
Um, I did hear something.
- TANI: Please don't kill each other.
- Noises.
Like a weird clanking sound.
I didn't really think about it, though.
I just wanted to get home.
If Emily found out I was here She and Reko sort of had a falling out last month.
It got pretty ugly.
- I'd rather not go into it.
- We'd rather you not go into it either.
So Reko confirms Todd's alibi, but that means Emily doesn't have one.
It's like whack-a-mole.
(chuckles) Classic ref, Officer Liu.
Also, I got to say, I thought turning bros and broettes onto a career in law enforcement would be a hard sell.
I mean, you guys are the ones who bust up our house parties and arrest us for indecent exposure.
Hoping that last one is hypothetical.
His point is, this job is actually kinda rad.
- And, plus, unlike our boy Duke - (phone chimes) you guys get to wear your own threads.
Everything okay? Um, no.
Noelani just sent me this.
Guys, seriously? (chuckles) "We got our hands on the murder weapon.
" What were the rules? SCOOTER: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You guys said no photos or videos of the crime scene.
That dude's apartment is crime-scene-adjacent at best.
So, we good? Oh, it's no imposition at all, dear.
You two go deal with your police work.
I'll take care of the boys.
SKEEZ: Harsh punishment, dude.
Who's up for a game of gin rummy? TANI: Behave yourselves, bros.
Still a fan of Scooter and Skeez? Why don't you just ease back a little bit, so KITT here doesn't make us.
KITT? It's KITT from Knight Rider.
You don't know what Knight Rider is? Of course I know what Knight Rider is.
I used to watch it I love Knight Rider.
Here we go.
Here we go.
(tires screeching) DANNY: Well, I'd say they made us.
(siren wailing) - Lou, you seeing this? - GROVER: Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that sure escalated quickly.
STEVE: Yeah, it did.
Lou, notify HPD.
We're gonna need a roadblock.
GROVER: All right, will do.
DANNY: This car's gonna get someone else killed.
(car horn honking) Why? Why? I don't want to lose KITT.
DANNY: But KITT is a worse driver than you.
Plus, there's a tracker in the car.
STEVE: I know there's a tracker in the car, Danny, but what if we lose the car and the car stops to make another sale and the next customer swipes the bag? Then what? You're a catastrophist.
- A catastrophist? - Mm-hmm.
Wow, you're really making the most out of that "word of the day" calendar, huh? It means that you expect the worst at all times.
I know what it means, but you're wrong.
I plan for the worst, and there's a difference.
Right, and excuse me if I trust my eyes more than a computer chip.
- Whoa.
- (tires screeching) And they say self-driving cars are safer.
That's great that's great.
How are we supposed to get anything off of that car now? Says the catastrophist.
Catastrophist How is this a good thing, Danny? I don't know, if we keep this up, they're gonna run out of cars, right? - Yo, HPD recover that car? - Yup.
We ain't been able to get anything off it, though.
It's weird, but when you take a plunge off a 100-foot cliff, all you end up with is pretty much a self-driving pancake.
However, the first car, the one involved in the hit-and-run, well, they got a good look under that hood, and it seems that its operating system is some proprietary software that's owned by a company called Tropovision Technologies.
I heard of them.
They make drones, right? GROVER: Yeah, they do, but now they've taken that tech and adapted it to cars you can control remotely.
Well, I've heard of corporate diversification, but seems highly unlikely that a fancy tech company like that - would get into delivering drugs.
- Right.
So what do we think? Somebody stole the software? Yeah, and we have a pretty good idea who.
Julia Wahea.
Runs R&D at Tropovision.
She's some kind of whiz kid, basically invented this software herself.
- And what's the company say? - They were unaware of any breach when I called them, but they've since confirmed that an unauthorized download of the code did occur.
All right, so-so why do we think it's Julia? Because they used her credentials to log in and download it.
That's a good reason.
Let's bring her in.
QUINN: Thank you.
Anything? Stop me if this sounds familiar.
Marion had Mr.
and Mrs.
Puleha's water turned off because she could hear Mr.
Puleha singing in the shower.
You? About the same.
Marion would steal Mr.
Jonathon in 4C's pizza deliveries.
I'm starting to think this killer's gonna get off - on just cause.
- SCOOTER: Officer Rey! Officer Liu! Up here! What the hell are you doing up there? - You're supposed to be with Rose.
- Totes true, but there's something you got to see up here.
L-Like, now.
QUINN: This better be good.
Oh, it is, Wonder Women.
Okay, let me set the scene.
So there we were, shredding some gin rummy with our dawg Rose, sipping on prune juice, when we got to thinking, "How did our perp slip into our vic's apartment on the DL?" And then it hit us, the cams spec the ground, but there's no eyes on the roof, so we came up here to investigate, and check it.
Exhibit A.
Fresh scrapes on the edge, along with some flakes of orange paint.
And where, pray tell, did the paint à l'orange come from? Behold, Exhibit B.
QUINN: A ladder.
An orange ladder and fully extendable, long enough to make a bridge.
TANI: Wow, slamming that thing down from one roof to another would explain the noise that Todd heard when he got back.
- Makes sense.
- Do you know what this means? Unfortunately.
I think this means that our boys just figured out how our killer dodged the cameras.
- TANI: Them.
- (both grunt) Look, I know what you guys are thinking, but before you start thanking us for cracking this case wide open, let us first thank you.
Because it turns out being a cop isn't just about beating up bad guys and driving real fast, it's also about personal growth.
You can really learn a lot about yourself.
Just like we learned to believe in ourselves and trust our "insties," which, as I mentioned earlier, is totally how we just cracked open this case.
Instincts, huh? Is that what it was? Or was it that your stoke levels were getting low, so you came up here to get blazed? But you didn't realize that the door was gonna lock behind you, so as you were trying to figure out how to get down, you noticed the scrape marks, saw the ladder on the other roof, and then you somehow managed to put it together.
Is that what you meant by, by "insties"? Wow, you're good.
(chuckles) You just solved the mystery of us solving the mystery.
SCOOTER: Yeah, that's meta crime fighting right there.
Just when she was starting to like you.
Total bums.
QUINN: All right, despite the circumstances, it still counts.
I am actually impressed.
What's happening to your face? Are you about to cry? Is he crying? - I'm sorry.
- Are you crying? I'm just feeling super emotional right now.
Me, too.
Come on, my dude.
Give it up.
Does he expect me to hug him? - Just go for it.
- SCOOTER: That's right.
- Bring it in.
- QUINN: Oh.
No drug like a hug.
TANI: Wow, yeah, that really warms my heart.
Why would I steal code from Tropovision? I work for them.
That makes no sense.
Sensible or not, your login and password were used to steal that software, Julia.
JUNIOR: You know what I think? I think you're a legit tech genius who came up with this amazing program, except this company's gonna take all your profits.
ADAM: Yeah, meanwhile, your student loans are still sitting there unpaid.
So, being the innovator you are, you figured you'd innovate your way into a little side hustle.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know, we get it.
Come on, if I'm such a genius, then why would I be stupid enough - to use my own login? - (lock buzzes) (clears throat) Cyber decrypted the I.
address used to download that stolen code.
She's telling the truth, man.
It wasn't her.
Take a look.
Any idea who this is? JUNIOR: All right, come on, Julia, seems like you've been telling the truth so far.
Why start lying now? That's my father.
His name's Micah Wahea.
12 years ago, I tried to help him get clean but he was too far gone.
He disappeared and I moved on.
A few months back, he turns up, clean and sober.
Wanting to make up for all the lost years.
I said okay.
Guess I'm not so smart after all.
GROVER: Hey, Julia that's your father.
You love your father.
Of course you want to believe him.
It's just that, um, sometimes what we want to believe doesn't quite line up with what's true.
ADAM: Julia, if your dad has relapsed, then helping us find him would be the best thing you could do for him.
Micah Wahea.
No sign of Micah.
And by the looks of things, he didn't leave willingly.
Yeah, we got a busted-in doorjamb, overturned furniture.
And fresh blood.
Seems we're not the only ones looking for Julia's father.
So a BOLO's out on Micah.
I just spoke to the neighbors, and they said they heard shouting coming from here less than an hour ago, so this just happened.
Check this out.
At least a dozen photos of his daughter.
And I found a schedule for a drug recovery group on his fridge.
I mean, he seems like a proud, sober dad to me, not a user taking advantage of his kid.
Maybe Julia had it wrong.
Well, except he did steal the code for the self-driving cars.
Yeah, well, I'm thinking whoever these dealers are, they strong-armed him into it.
(phone ringing) - Lou, what's up? - GROVER: Well, Julia has hacked directly into the CPU of one of the drug cars, thanks to some short cuts.
Guess it helps when you write the code.
Listen, man, these drug dealers got a warehouse full of these puppies.
GPS gave us the location, and Steve's on his way.
Okay, send us the address, we'll meet them there.
Will do, hang on.
(doors bang open) (grunting) I'm in.
Oh, my God.
They have my dad.
AKAMU: Cops are on to us now, so I'm only going to ask you once.
Who did you talk to? (grunting) - We have to do something.
- Be right back.
(Micah grunts) Steve, they got her old man in there, man, and they've been working him over pretty good.
You got to hurry.
(grunting) AKAMU: Don't want to talk, huh? No, no.
- (cocks gun) - Okay.
You know what that means.
- MICAH: Please, no.
- (engine starts) No.
- AKAMU: What the hell? - (tires screeching) MAN: Who's controlling it? MAN 2: Disable the damn thing! (bullets hitting car) MAN 2: We got to shoot out the motor! (screams) (grunting) MAN 1: I think we got it.
JULIA: The car's dead.
MAN 1: Careful, it could start up again.
(shouts) (groaning) Hey, buddy, you okay? Mm-hmm.
JUNIOR: Clear.
Well done.
Well done, kiddo.
Well done.
This is ridiculous.
I wasn't even on the roof last night.
You were careful, I'll give you that.
CSU did not find any prints on the ladder.
That's because I didn't use any ladder.
So what am I doing here? Are you familiar with how Wi-Fi works, Mr.
Garis? - Of course.
- Good.
So you know that every network has a very specific digital signature.
Which means that it's possible for us to figure out who logs on at any given time.
Do you see where I'm going with this? At 12:03 a.
last night, your cell phone connected to the Wi-Fi of the building next door, which your company also manages.
Then, around 15 minutes later, it connected to the Wi-Fi of Marion's building.
At 12:48 a.
, that same sequence of connect and disconnect happens again, only this time in reverse.
See, that seems like enough time for you to shuttle back and forth across your ladder bridge, with a quick pit stop to kill Marion.
I want a lawyer.
That's smart.
And they're probably gonna tell you that our Wi-Fi evidence is circumstantial, and they'll be right.
But here's your problem: we have you on motive, too.
We went through Marion's e-mail.
We know that she accused you of embezzling money from the building.
You know, when you billed the owner for repair work that you never performed.
Yeah, she's a crazy old lady who accused a lot of people - of things they didn't do.
- Except in this case, she was right.
We went through your financials, Brent.
There seem to be several large deposits that coincide with work that you billed your boss for but never completed.
You know, it's really a shame you can't keep that money.
Could've used it for the lawyer.
SCOOTER: Ladies and gentlemen, two legends of law enforcement, T-Bone and Q-Money! (air horn sound effect) SKEEZ: We watched you at work.
You guys are like artists.
You totes nailed that douche-nozzle.
Yeah, we, like, totes harshed his mellow - until he was, uh, mellow-less.
- Stop talking.
And, lest you forget, none of this would've been possible - without us.
- Really? Because the way that I recall it, the only contributions you guys made was disobeying orders, getting high, and (sighs) We could not have done this without you.
You know, I wasn't kidding about what I said earlier.
This whole experience has been mad inspiring.
In fact, if my career as a social media influencer extraordinaire craps out, yeah, I may just give law enforcement a try.
As much as we would love to have you, um, you-you have a gift.
And you guys contribute a, a tiny amount - of joy to people - So small.
Every day.
And-and who are we to deny the world that? Mm-mm.
So true.
I guess we all serve in our own way.
Plus, there's the drug testing.
- Right.
- SKEEZ: Hey.
Before we go, would you guys do us the honor of a selfie? - Oh.
- Of course.
We really appreciate that.
"Solved" on three.
One, two, three.
ALL: Solved.
(indistinct chatter) Dad.
So, uh, how's dear old Dad? He's gonna be fine.
GROVER: Did he say how he happened to get - mixed up in all of this? - Yeah, he did.
Uh, Micah came out here about six months ago.
Wanted to reconnect with Julia, and he made the mistake of bragging to some of his old buddies about what a success his daughter had become.
And being the unscrupulous drug dealers that they are, they saw an opportunity.
Yeah, they told Micah he had to get in there and steal that tech, or they were gonna force his daughter to give it to 'em.
ADAM: He decided to keep her out of it, and here we are.
(both crying) - (elevator bell dings) - Wow, that is awful and also kind of hilarious but mostly awful.
Yeah, I'll we'll see what we can do about it.
- Okay.
- Awful and hilarious is my jam.
That was Kamekona.
Apparently, Scooter and Skeez tagged the wrong shrimp truck on their Instagram post.
- (chuckling) - So their main competitor is getting all the hype.
Oh, what else did you expect from the brain trust? Yeah, they want one of us to call them and make it right.
- Oh, no, that's all you.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Are you kidding? I saw the way you hugged Skeez.
I mean, you guys are practically dating.
But (stammering) (others chatting indistinctly) - Oh, hey, guys.
- Oh, hey.
What's up? STEVE: What's up? This isn't strange.
Why, why are they staring at us? Reigns, what are you looking at on your phone? What are you all laughing at? Guys, she said Reigns.
She only says Reigns when she's really angry.
Should I be? You might be when you see what we're looking at.
The recruitment video.
GROVER: Oh, you damn right it's the recruitment video, and it is a masterpiece.
- All right, let's see it.
- JUNIOR: Let's go.
GROVER: Hell yeah.
- TANI: It's that good? - Okay.
As officers of the Honolulu Police Department, we get to help people every day and effect positive change in our community.
Plus the pay and benefits is pretty rad.
So if that sounds baller to you, head over to JoinHonoluluPD.
org to see how you can become one of Honolulu's finest.
Actually, this is not as terrible as I thought it was gonna be.
It's fine.
Now let's get this scumbag off the street before he exposes himself to any more nuns.
Wait, here comes the best part.
Here you go, Officers.
Five-O can take it from here.
QUINN: Wait a minute, is that supposed to be us? Thanks, Scooter and Skeez.
We couldn't have solved this case without you.
What the hell? I-I did, I did not flirt like that.
STEVE: Hold on, hold on, this could be a good thing.
What if we get an influx of millennials who want to join the force? ADAM: Oh, yeah, an army of Scooters and Skeezes patrolling the streets, keeping the Island safe.
God help us all.

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