Hawaii Five-0 s10e07 Episode Script

Ka 'i'o (DNA)

1 (screams) (upbeat music playing) (keys jingle) (unlocks door) (keys clatter) (grunting) (Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) Commander McGarrett.
I'm Agent Coen.
STEVE: These are my partners, Detective Danny Williams, Captain Lou Grover.
What can I do for you? There's a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel run by a woman named Carmen Lucia Perez.
I'm sure you've heard of her? Yeah, of course.
What about her? For the past three years, Central Intelligence and the DEA have been trying to take her down.
Now, we were able to penetrate her operation in Mexico and get very close to her.
And? And unfortunately, Edson Cavallo, one of our officers we had in-country, was killed.
(Danny stammers) I'm very sorry about that, uh, but what does it have to do with him? My director wanted you to know that it was our other officer who pulled the trigger.
Officer name: Shelburne.
Your mother.
No, your intel's bad.
We had a man on the ground in Mexico retrieve the slug from Cavallo's body at the morgue.
The bullet came from Shelburne's government-issue firearm.
There is no way my mother killed a fellow CIA officer.
We want to bring Shelburne back home safely, hear the story from her directly.
So I go downrange to get my mother, and while I'm there, you ask me to take out Lucia? Because you can't do the job yourself.
Is that it? We're offering you the chance to save your mother here, Commander.
Is that right? Let me ask you a question: why didn't Langley contact me directly? Let me help you.
You went through the State Department in Colombia because this operation is now disavowed.
Because if Shelburne's gone rogue, then there could be blood on the government's hands.
STEVE: Right, but you'd rather bloody these hands - instead.
- COEN: If you decline this proposition, we can't promise this will end well for her.
This woman gave up her life for this country.
Uh, she gave up her family for your agency.
You know that? It's a brand-new world, Commander.
The people I work for don't know your mother.
To them, she's just a compromised asset.
- And I don't know you.
- Listen, I understand you're upset.
I'm just the messenger here.
- Commander.
- What? Read the brief.
You now have all the details you need for infil, including your point man in Colombia.
What are you talking about, Colombia? Why wouldn't I fly into Mexico? Lucia's got a lot of Mexican officials in her pocket, gets advanced warnings of any flagged operators or law enforcement specialists entering the country.
- That's great.
- And I need to be clear here.
If you participate, you do it alone.
Aside from your point man in Bogotá, you fly alone, you operate alone.
Director's orders.
(car door opens) And also, Commander, if you fail to follow those orders, or you and Shelburne attempt reentry into the U.
without killing or capturing Carmen Lucia, your next conversation will be with someone much higher up than me.
(car door closes, engine starts) (tires screeching) I got to go find Doris.
STEVE: They estimate upward of 20 tons of product coming into the U.
every month.
This is her, Carmen Lucia Perez.
Lucia's always preferred the company of women, biblically speaking.
STEVE: Doris was smart.
She saw this as her way in.
This file was labeled La Tela de Araña, which means The Spider's Web.
Check this out.
All right.
Nobody outside of the cartel has spent this much time, gotten as close to Lucia and lived.
All right, so we don't know exactly what the plan is, but Doris has always done things her own way.
GROVER: Yeah, but when you start breaking that many trade-craft rules downrange, it completely freaks out Central Intelligence.
So that leaves us only two scenarios.
Either Steve is gonna have to go in there and get her, or the implication is that they have so much dirt on Doris that they're gonna be able to put her away for a long time.
They're not gonna put her away.
If this doesn't go the way they want it, they're gonna kill her.
Coen suggested they have a termination order planned for Doris.
No this is a highly explosive situation to be walking into, Steve.
Wh-What exactly is your plan? STEVE: This is my point man in Bogotá, DEA Captain Mateo Dias.
I get myself into Colombia, this guy gets me over the border into Panama with no footprint.
From there, he boards a cargo plane into Mexico.
- And then what? - There's a CIA safe house and weapons cache in Sinaloa that should facilitate all my needs.
So they say.
And that we cannot be involved.
GROVER: The Secretary of Defense weighed in.
He was very clear: McGarrett only.
Wait, why is the Pentagon involved in an unsanctioned operation? These are murky waters.
I just need to get downrange, kill Lucia, and get Doris the hell out.
TANI: Steve, look at this.
D-Does this kind of thing look like a one-man operation? Because to me, it looks like - a suicide mission.
- I said the same thing.
There's a possibility that if I can't hold the line, Junior comes downrange - to watch my six.
- Sir? I'm just talking about absolute, worst-case scenario.
You do not make that decision unilaterally, no matter how much time goes by.
If this turns into a-a deep cover, long-term operation, so be it.
You only move after I reach out.
- Is that clear? - Copy.
DANNY: Okay, uh, just so we're all clear, uh, you're go into the cartel's backyard and you're gonna take out the most heavily-guarded human being on the planet, you're gonna walk out with your mother, who's there voluntarily, - by the way.
- I mean, it's-it's, uh, it's beyond crazy.
Is that your official position on this? DANNY: I don't have, uh, an official position.
It's-it's your mother.
You're gonna do what you're gonna do, so Lou? GROVER: Like it or not, man, that's your mother, and if you don't go down there and see for yourself, you're gonna regret it for the rest of your life.
You've been driving for ten hours straight.
- You want to switch out? - (sighs) I'm fine, thank you.
We got to be getting close, you know? We are.
Run me through the plan one last time, huh? Dias, again with this? Humor me, Commander.
You're gonna drop me at a small fishing port at the southern edge of Turbo, where a boat, the Juarez, is gonna take me through Panama City.
I'm gonna ask the captain one question: "¿Qué pescan?" He's gonna respond with "Marlin negro.
" If he says anything else, I'll walk away.
And? Once in Panama, I board a small cargo plane, which is gonna take me through to Mexico City.
From there, I'm on my own.
At least one of us will sleep well tonight.
Here, give this to the pilot at the airstrip in Panama.
You trust these coyotes? With my blood.
(indistinct chatter) We good here? We're good.
(speaking Spanish) Alto.
(beeps) (glove box opens) I thought you just said we're good.
I'm sure we are.
This is Colombia, my friend.
Buenas tardes, caballeros.
Identificación, por favor.
(speaks Spanish) (speaking Spanish) (speaking indistinctly) Drive, Dias, drive, drive, - drive, drive, drive, drive.
- (men shouting) Dias.
Dias? (screams) - (gunfire) - (indistinct shouting) (shouting approaches) (grunting) (indistinct chatter) (men conversing in Spanish) Hey, gringo (speaking Spanish) Okay.
De nada.
(grunts) (men speaking Spanish outside) Did he say he wanted us to come back in so late? No, just that he wanted us all here now.
(sighs) You think it's news about the boss? Come on, just go.
Yo, thanks for coming.
Yeah, sure, sure.
Now you want to tell us what's going on.
I found him.
I found Steve.
GROVER: You did what? Yeah.
I figured if Steve was still alive, he would be in Sinaloa by now, so, for the past three weeks I've been filtering through satellite footage at Culiacán.
So that's what all the all-nighters have been about? - Yeah.
- Despite the fact that he specifically told you not to look for him.
Yeah, well, I can't just sit around not knowing whether he's dead or alive.
What'd you find, Junior? The average male height in Mexico is five foot to five-foot-seven.
There's an algorithm that uses time stamp to determine sun angle and then people's height by their shadows.
So I started following up on leads on anyone who was six-foot-plus.
I cross-referenced those with local traffic and CCTV footage and hit a bunch of dead ends until I found this.
A target in Old Town.
He repeats the same loop twice a week through the open-air market.
What do you want to do? We're not gonna do anything.
Uh, obviously, I'm very happy that he's alive, but, uh, he specifically told us he wanted to do this alone.
Yeah, but he said that I could watch his six.
You heard him say that, yes? I heard him say that he'd call you if he needed you, which he has not done.
Danny, the reason why he hasn't moved in yet is because he can't figure out how to go live without getting himself killed.
We all saw what he was up against.
And the reason why he hasn't called is because he doesn't want to jeopardize anyone's safety, especially his and Doris's.
And he isn't about to walk away from his mother out there either.
There's no way, which means we can continue holding our breath and living in hope, or you can nod your head and bless me and the SEALs to go in there and help him out.
Danny, this is the move, even if Steve can't say it.
(indistinct chatter) What's in the bag? Carmen Lucia got you running around, paying her people off now? What the hell are you doing here? How long have you been tracking me? Long enough to watch you murder someone.
The guy at the port, who was he? You have no idea what you're talking about.
I didn't murder anyone.
You were there.
It was your gun.
Where's your partner? What happened to him? Look, you don't understand what's happening here, and I don't have time to explain, but please trust me.
Get the hell out of this country, and I'll contact you ASAP.
No, no, you won't.
And I ain't leaving without you.
You're right, I don't know what's going on here, but I have my theories, and I know you.
Which means there is no way in good conscience that I can walk away from this one.
(door opens nearby) (woman speaking indistinctly) Whatever you think, stop thinking it.
Yes, my mission went sideways, but I swear to you, I'm staying dark for the right reasons.
Your life will be compromised in a way that I can't help you, Steve, if you don't leave this country immediately.
My life was compromised the day you walked out of it.
So, now, you and I, we're gonna walk out of here together.
You understand me? There's a rear entrance through this restroom.
Come on.
(grunting) (exhales) God help me, if you blow this for me and we survive, I may just kill you myself.
(grunts softly) Buenos días.
Buenos días (speaks Spanish) ¿Cómo está? Estoy bien, estoy bien.
(man speaking Spanish) (laughing) (shouts) (indistinct chatter) (grunting) (howling) (grunting) Steve! Steve! (panting) What the hell are you doing here? (grunting) (panting) What did I tell you? It's been so long, I couldn't remember.
(chuckles softly) STEVE: So I had to make sure the cartel believed that both me and Dias were dead.
Hence me living in a hole for the last couple of months.
How'd you find me? Same way you'd find me.
(sighs) Look, I know you wanted to do this alone, but I had to come ask you myself.
Why haven't you moved in yet and why are you still in-country, Steve? (exhales) I listen to the chatter.
I take notes and follow along the best I can, but Doris is rarely alone.
Well, you intercepted any comms that involved your mom? No, but I had a conversation with her today.
What? You spoke to Doris in person? Where? How? Right here.
We had less than two minutes together.
I threw her a lifeline.
She cut the rope.
You want to pull her out? That's exactly what I want to do.
Something's very wrong here.
What do you mean? Let's just say I've seen things that tells me she's unstable and she needs to be removed.
Well, she didn't leave with you, so I'm guessing she thinks she has this whole situation under control? Yeah, but she doesn't, all right? Trust me.
We're gonna go in, we're gonna pull her out.
We'll comb through the details afterwards.
- (lock clicking) - JUNIOR: Hey, boss.
Just out of interest, what would you have done if we didn't turn up? (jangling) (chuckles) All right, psycho.
ANFO works.
We'll use it.
What about guns? You hit that cache yet? Yeah.
It's good.
Figured I'd grab something bigger on the day.
When do you want to move? We got wheels? Yeah.
All right, let's hit the cache.
Then we'll gear up an early-morning wake-up call for Lucia.
(line ringing) - (beep) - Hey, Joons, - can you hear us? - Yeah, I got you.
Got the animal with you? - Yeah, he's right here.
- STEVE: Hey.
It's good to hear your voice, buddy.
You, too, Danny.
TANI: Guys, listen up.
After some gentle persuasion from Lou, Coen released the CIA's full, unredacted file on Carmen Lucia.
And after some digging, we found travel documents related to Doris.
Seems Doris left Mexico and went to Switzerland, traveling under the name Shelly Mettler.
- When was this? - Ten weeks ago.
The Swiss Department of Defense and Civil Protection lost track of her after she left Zurich's Kloten Airport.
That was the Agency's last update before the redaction.
All right, are we thinking cartel banking transactions? DANNY: Steve, we think Doris might be in this thing deeper than we thought.
Roger that.
We're on the move.
(beep) You're about to discover the truth.
You ready for this? I've been having this dream.
Every night.
I wake up and, uh she's sitting on the edge of the bed.
She's reading to me, like when I was a kid, you know? I'm looking up at her.
I can see the book, it's Moby Dick, and I can see her lips moving.
But I can't hear so I say her name.
And, um, she just keeps reading.
And I panic, right? I start yelling.
And then I realize she can't hear me either.
She shuts the book and she smiles at me and then she kisses my head and she leaves.
Every night I wake up drenched in sweat.
I'm not ready to lose her, Junior.
I just pray to God my decision to go in there is the right one.
All right, this morning's deal goes down right here.
All right, you sure? Because we only got one shot at this.
Ah, Lucia has 100% exclusivity in this entire port.
Today, she's meeting somebody called Rosita.
That name's been coming up in the comms I've been monitoring.
Rosita? Who is that? Another cartel boss? I don't know, but the meet's going down today.
- All right? - All right.
STEVE: Just hold up a second.
I don't even know how to start to say thank you to you guys for having my back, so I'm not gonna try, but I will say this: What we're about to do is completely insane on every level.
All right? Our chances of success are extremely low.
We're going up against a much larger army of complete animals, who, and I promise you, if they get their hands on us and this thing goes south, will make us wish that they'd put a bullet in our heads.
Well, at least we get tortured together? Hmm? (laughter) - Nice speech, though, Steve.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we good? - Yeah.
Now let's get it.
MIKE: I got movement, south road.
Fellas, I got Rosita.
- Where is she? - MIKE: On the water.
Rosita isn't a person.
She's a 900-foot Panamax container vessel.
Copy that.
JUNIOR: Everybody see that mini sub on the trailer? That sub is a drug shuttle.
There's a lot of product here today, boys.
Everybody stay sharp.
We're looking at about 50 targets.
ETHAN: Sounds fun.
I got your mom, Steve.
Yeah, I got her, too.
Everybody good? - Junior? - Ready.
- Ethan? - Good.
- Mike, how copy? - Set.
All right, Junior, it's all you.
Hey, para, para, para, para.
(men shouting in Spanish) (men speaking Spanish) - Action.
- (beep) (indistinct shouting) - Ethan? - Moving.
Ready on one, Mike.
Copy one.
(beep) Ready on two.
(gunfire continues) Ready.
(man shouts) - Copy two.
- (beep) MIKE: Where's three? Ethan, you all right? ETHAN: Little busy right now.
- (gasps) - (gunfire continues) - Mike! - (grunts) ETHAN: Whenever you're ready, Mike.
(screams) - Ethan, you good? - ETHAN: I'm solid.
- Mike, go on three.
- MIKE: Copy.
Moving! - (grunts) - (gunfire continues) (beep) (gunfire continues in distance) (grunting) (gunfire continues) (grunting) Hey.
You all right? Where is she? Huh? I just asked you a question.
(man speaking Spanish) (grunts) (grunts) (grunts) (panting) What are you doing? Oh, that's how this ends? Huh? You're gonna kill me now? Why don't you go ahead.
Go ahead and pull that trigger.
Confirm my instincts.
Your instincts? (laughs) What are your instincts, Steve? Come on, tell me.
Let me guess.
Let me guess.
The world I live in is no longer black and white? - That I've changed? - (door squeaks open) Huh? Is that it? I know you, Doris.
I'm probably the only person that ever has.
Oh, so it's Doris now? I know things about Carmen Lucia that you don't know, all right? I've seen her victims, I've read the files.
Why are you so arrogant to think that I didn't do my research? That I don't know as much as you do? How do you think I've gotten this far? If you'd been doing your research, then you would have seen that my relationship with her is completely different than any of those other women.
I've actually got something going on here.
And now you've destroyed it.
MIKE: North clear.
Can't see her.
JUNIOR: Steve, how copy? Good copy.
Good copy.
Shelburne secure.
Search the perimeter for Lucia.
Did you kill your partner, Ma? Huh? You're looking for a payday, and you killed your partner to get it, didn't you? I have to get out of this life, Steve! I have to! Oh, my God.
(panting) You don't get it, Steve.
I got nothing to show for all my years in the Agency.
A whole life of-of fear and, and guilt for what? For what? What was the point of it all? I lost my husband, my children, I lost my identity.
So you went for a payday? It's always been so-so clear for you, hasn't it, Steve? So clear, so - Everything so simple and easy.
- Oh, yeah.
My life's a real cakewalk, Ma.
You have no idea what this life has done to me.
No idea of my loss.
Stop thinking about yourself for one second, and think about my loss.
A government that I gave everything to that has raked every shred of good out of me for its own benefit.
A family that never understood me for the sacrifices I made for them! You never made those sacrifices for us, Ma.
I'm-I'm sorry, and I love you, I do, but I I can't cosign this pathology.
(stammers) I don't care what you do anymore, Steve, I don't, because you've just ruined my one chance that I've worked for to finally break away from all of it and do something good.
Where is she, Ma? (crying) All I needed was this one payment.
Ma, where is she?! - (gunshots) - (grunts) (high-pitched ringing) (grunts) I wouldn't do that.
Lay down your weapons.
(whimpers) (panting) And the other.
Who is this man that's caused so much trouble? DORIS: There was too much talk on the radio about this morning.
I I warned the men that we might be compromised.
- You did not answer my question.
- No (grunts) This man and his friends come and kill all my men, yet he will not kill you.
- (gasps) - Why? So strange, no? After I killed your other CIA friend, I, I thought our troubles were behind us.
- (grunts) - (shushes) - Stop.
- It's okay.
He can watch you die.
I'm her son.
Her son? You are the one we missed in Paramillo.
I admire your patience.
And I thank you for your honesty.
On second thought Mom! You can watch each other die.
Mom! (gun clicks, fires) Mom! Ma.
Field dressing! Right now! Hey.
It's okay, Mom.
It's okay.
- Don't talk, okay? - (whimpering) Don't try to talk.
It's okay.
I got you.
I got you.
I got you.
Okay? Okay.
(panting) (voice breaking): I love you so much.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm so sorry.
I love you, Ma.
("Monasterum" by Giulio Franceschelli playing) (man singing in foreign language) (grunting) Easy.
Easy, easy, easy.
Let it go.
Come back.
Come on.
Come on, right here.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Come on.
Come on.
Come back.
All right, sit down.
You need to sign this.
Just so you know, Shelburne outfitted that sub and Lucia's Bentley with audio and tracking devices.
She stayed on target till the end.
She did her job.
I'm sorry about your mother, Commander.
(car door opens) (engines start) (knock on door) Hiya.
What are you doing - in Washington? - I just want to make sure you make it back to Hawaii, that's all.
That makes sense.
Come in.
"Thank you for your past "and present service to our country "and your unyielding commitment to national security.
" Wow.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Well, big score for the DEA.
Two tons of cocaine will not be hitting the streets now 'cause of you.
Yeah, I heard.
I'm sorry about your mom, Steve.
Thank you.
The Bureau, they, uh, they retrieved her laptop and her cell phone.
Turns out she had opened three accounts in Zurich.
Um one of 'em, under the name Joanie McGarrett, had half a million dollars in it, U.
And the other two were for you and your sister.
Didn't have any money in 'em yet.
Uh guess that's what this whole thing was about, making sure you guys were set up financially.
You okay? Define "okay" for me.
You know, at the end of the day, she was trying to do something good.
I just wish she realized all she had to do was get on an airplane and come home.
- You know? - Hmm.
From the minute that woman walked out of my life, the only thing I've ever wanted is to have her back in it.
So, am I okay? I don't know if I'm okay, but I do know that none of this is on our terms.
None of what? Life.
We never really get to choose how it's gonna look.
Only what we do with the information when we get it.
This whole Five-O thing started with me burying my father.
Then Joe White last year.
Now my mother.
(sniffles) So I don't know how I feel, but I do know that we don't get life on our terms, Danny.
It's life on life's terms or not at all.
Hey, Steve.
- What? - The bed.
That's-that's, uh that's big enough for two people, right? - No.
- I just I just did, uh, ten hours on a coach flight next to a mouth breather.
- You're on the couch.
- Steve? Hmm.
I'll sleep on the couch.

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