Hawaii Five-0 s10e08 Episode Script

Ne'e aku, ne'e mai ke one o Punahoa (That way and this way shifts the sand of Punahoa)

1 DORIS: How long have you been tracking me? What the hell are you doing here? Please trust me.
Get the hell out of this country.
I have to get out of this life, Steve! I lost my husband, my children.
I lost my identity.
You have no idea what this life has done to me.
(cell phone chiming) I love you so much.
STEVE: I love you, Mom.
PARAMEDIC HUI: Calling King's Medical.
Be advised, we are inbound with a Priority One trauma.
ETA 15.
PARAMEDIC DUNLOP: He's in asystole.
We're losing him.
He's going into cardiac arrest.
Administering an epi shot.
(gasps) Easy.
Just relax.
You're okay.
Whoa! Hey, hey, hey! (both grunting) PILOT: Hey, what's going on back there? Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is Rescue November-niner- 3-niner-128-Romeo.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) (sighs) Sup, Uncle Lou.
Hey, Siobhan, how you doing? - Oh, I'm all right.
- Good, good.
You don't have any more bags? That's all you brought? Yeah, I'm good.
Okay, good.
Right this way, then.
Come on.
Thanks again for setting this all up.
You can thank me when you make the team.
Hey, sorry that, um, this is all so rushed, Siobhan.
I kind of have to pull a few strings to make this happen.
Oh, it's cool.
Oh, by the way, your father's been calling me nonstop ever since you got on the plane, so please do me a favor, hit him up as soon as we're done today, okay? Yeah.
So how was that long plane ride from Chicago? I pretty much slept the whole way.
Well, listen, you know, after you're done today, you're gonna be here for a couple of days, you know, we should, we should do something.
There's lots of stuff to do.
Hey, you ever been horseback riding before? We could probably do that.
You think maybe we can go by your job? My job For what? I don't know.
Be kind of cool to see it, maybe.
- Really? - Yeah.
- It's okay.
We don't have to - No, no.
Listen, we can do that, we can totally do that, okay? I'm j I just didn't think it'd be all that exciting, that's all, you know.
But, look, Bonnie, we can absolutely do that, if that's what you want to do, okay? I've never seen the ocean before.
You know, except for on the plane just now.
So what you think? It's dope.
(indistinct radio chatter) I'd say, "Good morning," but I can see from your face that it's not.
No, it's not.
Victims were first responders.
Are we, uh, we waiting on anyone else? No one's seen Steve.
I've-I've left messages.
Okay, well, maybe he took all the good advice and gave himself some time off to process what happened with his mom.
QUINN: Or, on the other hand, he could just show up to work like nothing happened.
- TANI: Boss.
- Hey.
- You're here.
- Yeah.
Didn't think you'd be back at it so soon.
Yeah, we totally got this.
You don't need to be here.
I appreciate the concern.
I, uh, I need to get back to work.
- What do we got? - Uh, medevac was deployed in response to a 911 call from two hikers.
They were walking a remote jungle trail when they came across an unconscious man suffering from extreme exposure.
Crew was inbound to Kings Medical when the patient turned violent.
Killed two paramedics, commandeered the chopper, forcing the pilot to land here before killing him as well.
Oh, we put out a BOLO? HPD has, based on the description given by the hikers who found him in the woods.
Our perp's five-eight, slight build, Asian, early 40s.
All right.
I'm really not a fan of helicopter rides, but killing three people like this, that's a bit of an extreme reaction.
Yeah, it's extreme, but I guarantee there's a reason.
- To avoid being taken to the ER.
- Right.
I mean, if he's admitted, - chances are he could be identified.
- So he's a fugitive.
QUINN: Well, whoever he is, we need to find him before he drops any more bodies.
- Metta World.
- Sup, Fat Man.
(laughs) - What's good, baby? - Everything good.
My man.
Hey, so is, uh Dana Paul, head U.
Women's basketball coach.
Told you she'd be here.
The rest is on Siobhan.
- Yeah.
- Where's she at, anyway? Oh, she's changing.
She'll be out in a minute.
Let's get something straight.
This makes us even.
Mm, mm, mm.
- How soon - How soon we forget, my ass.
You been holding that thing over my head since '99.
I'm retired.
Hosting workouts is not what I do.
The only thing I do these days is take your money on the golf course - and polish my ring.
- Oh, see there? Wh-Wh-Why's everything have to come down to you and your one Lil' championship ring? You know, Frank Ramsey had seven of them damn things.
You never heard him bragging and just going on and on about it.
- Who Frank Ramsey? - Frank Ramsey? The first NBA sixth man, used to play for the Celtics back in the day? You mean back when they had peach baskets? Man, you old.
- Metta World Peace.
- Eh.
Really? He's got a dope name, plus he's an All-Star, a Defensive Player of the Year, and he got a ring.
Eh, big whoop.
Frank Ramsey had seven rings.
- Who? - Exactly.
Siobhan, why don't you go get some stretching in, we gonna run some drills, that's cool? Cool.
And why don't you go sit your fat ass down somewhere and keep quiet? (blows whistle) ("Guess Things Happen That Way" by Johnny Cash playing) Well, you asked me if I'll forget my baby I guess I will Someday I don't like it, but I guess Things happen that way You asked me if I'll get along I guess I will Some way, I don't like it But I guess things happen that way God gave me that girl to lean on Then He put me on my own Heaven, help me be a man JUNIOR: This is the composite based on the description that the two hikers gave.
It's gone out wide, and so far nothing.
CSU didn't get any hits on any of the prints or DNA from the chopper.
I also checked Interpol and inter-agency alert notices.
Nothing matching our suspect's description.
JUNIOR: So right now we don't know who this guy is or where he came from.
Here's what I don't understand: this guy is in one of the most remote and challenging areas of the jungle and he's dressed like he's going to a pool party.
Right, because if he is a fugitive, he picked a great spot - to hide from the authorities.
- ADAM: But the truth is we don't have a lot to go on.
We're gonna work with what we do have, right, which right now is the location of that airlift.
You and Junior, you guys head out there.
Take Eddie with you, all right? See if you can pick up a trail and find out what the hell these guys are doing in the middle of the jungle.
- (cell phone rings) - Tani Rey.
We'll be right there.
Hey, Duke.
What happened? Shopper came in the store and found the clerk in a pool of blood.
Vic's been dead about two hours.
COD was blunt force trauma.
With a snow globe, how festive.
Please tell me those store cameras are working.
QUINN: We gotta get this image out there quickly.
Okay, let's run it through the databases.
Hopefully we'll get a hit on facial rec.
Oh, look at that.
Our perp took a burner.
- Okay.
- Every item in stores like these is logged into their inventory, so if we can figure out which cell phone is missing, we can get up on that number and track who our perp - is trying to contact.
- That's an excellent call.
- (whistle blows) - Okay, Siobhan, last one.
Come at me, create some space, drop a three.
Let's go.
Nope! (sighs) You gonna quit now? Give me the rock.
You think you're quick? I ain't even breathing hard.
Give me that You got to follow your shot.
Ha! Yeah! Yeah I can't believe you did that.
That was incredible.
DANA: Hi, Siobhan.
I'm Coach Dana Paul from U.
Nice work out there.
Thanks, Coach.
GROVER: Okay, uh, Bonnie, why don't you go get showered and everything - and I'll speak to the coach, okay? - Yeah.
- Just remember.
This makes us - Yeah, I know.
We're even.
We That was dope.
Now, tell me that wasn't worth it.
(chuckles) Hey, by the way, did you really have to go full Metta World Peace on my girl out there? Come on, man.
Ball is life, baby.
And besides, she's tough enough.
She can handle it.
I appreciate you, World Peace.
See you on the golf course, Fat Man.
Bring plenty of money.
(laughs) Wise-ass.
I've got to be honest with you, Captain Grover.
Siobhan's a special player.
A very special player.
And we'd love to have her here at U.
But ? There is a concern.
And it's not insignificant.
(sighs) Okay, let's, uh, let's hear it.
(door opens) So, they don't want me? Bonnie, now, why in the world would you think that? Looked like you had bad news.
(chuckles) No, sweetheart.
You were incredible.
The coach says she's never seen a player like you ever.
Okay? And as a matter of fact, she's talking about giving you a full ride at U.
- Like, a-a scholarship? - Yeah.
But there is the matter of the thing back home, and Coach Paul, well, she's wondering whether or not you really want it bad enough.
And quite frankly, Bonnie, I mean that is the question - that's on everybody's mind.
- It's not like how you think.
You know that people that come from where we come from barely get one, let alone two chances at doing anything more than just surviving.
- You think I don't know that? - Well, then, why the hell would you do what you did? You are the number one high school player in the nation.
And you end up getting in a-a fight with some girl and getting expelled and not graduating? Why? I told you, it's not like how you think.
Your father's told me about what's been going on - with you lately.
- My father don't know nothing about what's going on with me.
(door closes) TANI: Here we go.
So our perp left the store and he called a number in Hong Kong.
- Well, that's all you.
- It's an address.
2345 Malaki Avenue.
That's not far from here.
Let's go.
All right.
We're gonna set a perimeter before we breach.
Tani, take the left side of the house, Quinn, you take the right.
All right? I want you guys to hold security on that back door, make sure nobody gets out.
Once you're in position, I'll take the front door.
Copy that.
I got movement inside the house.
Stay sharp.
Hands! Right now! Keep them right there.
Richie Gormican, DEA.
You all need to relax.
Yeah? I'll relax when you show me your ID.
- I'm reaching for my badge.
- Slowly.
Yeah, we're good.
Yeah, we're good.
Can we all chill out now? I got to say, I've had friendlier interactions with Hawaii law enforcement.
Have you? What are you doing here? Well, my guess is looking for the same piece of garbage as you.
- You mean this psycho? - Oh, there's my boy.
Does your boy have a name? Ben Tam.
TANI: We think he's trying to get off the island.
Came here looking for help.
Oh, he's not leaving the island.
Not yet, anyway.
- Why are you so sure? - Well, because if he did, he'd be leaving a $100 million dollars' worth of heroin somewhere out there in the jungle.
Based on flight data, we're nearly at the point where the medevac chopper picked up our perp.
That ridge up ahead.
You know, I got to admit.
I was surprised to see Steve back at work so soon.
- Yeah, well, you know how he is.
- Yeah, well, I also know what it's like to try and deal with this kind of trauma on your own.
I mean, you think you got a handle on things, and out of nowhere, you realize you're not coping at all.
Yeah, well, all we can do is keep an eye on the guy and make sure we're there for him.
- Right.
- (beeping) - Looks like this is it.
- JUNIOR: All right.
Well, there's a clear trail up ahead just past that tree line over there.
Take a good sniff of that.
- All right.
Go find.
- (barking) GORMICAN: I've been running an undercover op against heroin traffickers moving product out of Hong Kong.
Six months working this crew, we were about to rewrite DEA history.
- QUINN: Is that a fact? - Look, I'm not one to undersell myself, but this would've been the biggest drug haul Hawaii's ever seen.
I even told my director, whatever size table you got in mind for the press conference, you're gonna need a bigger one.
- You know, for all the drugs.
- Thank you for the clarification.
Wow, I'm really digging your vibe.
STEVE: So what happened? Well, five days ago, a Cessna loaded with 170 pounds of heroin was en route to a private airstrip here on Oahu, with one of my guys at the controls.
I assume it crashed somewhere in the Mokuleia Forest Reserve.
Aerial searches of the area turned up jack.
The tree canopy's so thick, you could lose a 747 in there.
So how'd you end up here? Well, that's the real two mice, one piece of cheese story.
Got here the same way you did.
The past few days, I've just been sitting, monitoring the cartel comms, waiting for chatter about the shipment.
I was up on the same Hong Kong phone that Tam called from his burner.
We are the mice in my analogy.
The cheese was the lead, the burner message.
We got the analogy.
Just took way too long to get to the explanation.
She this salty all the time? Okay, so the Chinese cartel sends Tam to this house because whoever lives here is somehow connected to the business.
Well, that was my theory.
I just spoke to the owner of the property.
You're not gonna believe this.
He was renting it to a Sam Bishop.
Why does everyone here look like they just heard Elvis is still alive? Cullen's fixer lives here? Who the hell's Cullen? Currently, he's dead.
Before that, he was in the real estate/money laundering business.
- He also dabbled in murder-for-hire.
- And this Bishop guy was his main Hench.
Okay, I'm all caught up.
Didn't Cullen suggest there was a bigger conspiracy going on? Yeah, he did, and this This proves it.
I mean, this proves there's a wider criminal network that connects Cullen's right-hand man to the Asian heroin trade.
GORMICAN: And so this Bishop guy, I assume he has access to resources? - Men, guns.
- That would be a yes.
So, it's safe to assume that Bishop is accompanying Tam back into the jungle to find that heroin.
TANI: Adam and Junior.
If they track back to the site of the crash They could be walking into some serious danger.
(line ringing) This is Junior Reigns.
Please leave a message.
All right, Junior's not answering, which means they must be out of cell range.
We got to find them right now.
Are we really letting this guy tag along? I don't trust him.
I don't trust him, either, all right? But right now, he's our best chance to get to Tam.
(sighs) Still no response from Adam or Junior.
- Try again, please.
- You got it.
You know, McGarrett, I was really hoping to not like you.
Still got time, pal.
You know, what you did down in Mexico It's not a good look when outsiders come in and take down a big bad like Carmen Lucia.
Makes it tough for pros like me.
Yeah, well, everything has a price, Isn't that right, Agent Gormican? Yeah, it does.
Hey, I heard about what happened with your mom.
And I'm sorry.
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
(door opens) RENEE: Hey, honey.
So how were the tryouts? (whispers): Where's Siobhan? (whispers): Babe, we need to talk.
Come with me, okay? Come on.
(sighs) Okay, the coach has concerns about the incidents surrounding Bonnie getting expelled.
- You mean the fight.
- Yeah, but there's Hey, listen, you need to know this.
Mike tells me that Siobhan's fallen in with a gang.
- What?! - You know the female faction of the Apostles gang back in Chicago, the Lady Apostles? Them.
And I believe him.
Because he said the day after that fight, - he found a .
38 in her room.
- Our Siobhan? - I'm telling you.
- No, no.
Baby, that doesn't sound like her at all.
Look, I can I can see a fight, maybe, but Babe.
The girl's own father said this to me, Reneé.
Look, I hear what you're saying.
I know that these kids out here are into who knows what these days.
But a gang, and hiding a gun in her room? Why? Why would she - get involved in that? - How would I know? I mean, she's got all of that basketball ahead of her.
Have you even spoken to her about this? Well, I tried.
But that's not, that's not the point.
Listen, listen, calm down.
The point is this: despite all that, they really want her at U.
I'm talking about a full scholarship, the whole nine.
She's that good.
Baby, that's great.
So so what's the problem? All right, here it is, okay? There's a stipulation on that scholarship.
In order for Siobhan to get this scholarship, she wouldn't be able to stay on campus.
She would have to stay with us.
The coach thinks me being with Five-O would provide her - the necessary positive influence.
- Well, that makes sense.
Well, sure, it makes sense, Reneé.
But it would be a huge commitment.
And from the both of us.
The two of us would be the ones keeping Bonnie on the straight and narrow.
And now that we've downsized here, we've barely got enough room in this place for the two of us.
I mean, can you imagine what it'd be like? We'd have Siobhan here, and then Will and Samantha are gonna be flipping coins over who gets the pull-out sofa when they visit.
Between that and whatever it is that Bonnie's got going on back home, I just I don't think it's gonna work out.
I mean, how could it? This is my fault, because I-I didn't, I didn't even think this through, man.
That's on me.
I just Babe, you should've seen her.
She goes up against a former NBA player, and I'm telling you, she gave homeboy the business.
(laughs) Now I got to go back there and put a sledgehammer to this kid's dreams.
You're wasting time.
What are you talking about? All those words.
You're doing this.
You know it and I know it.
N Uh, how, I-I don't actually know, but I'll tell you something I do know.
You and Mike have been tight since the fifth grade.
Now, if Siobhan needs our help after everything that she's been through, we will figure it out.
The two of us.
Besides, with the money we saved from selling the house, we can afford to slip off from time to time to a nice hotel.
You know, if we need some privacy.
(laughs) - Come here, babe.
- (whispers): That's my baby.
You're a hell of woman.
You know that? Yeah, I do.
Now let's just go call her in - and tell her about this, all right? - Yeah.
Bonnie, want to come out here for a second? We need to talk to you.
Siobhan? She's gone.
- What? - She's gone, Renee.
- I got to go find her.
- Well, uh (Eddie barking) (whining, barking) Hey.
What you got, Eddie? Well, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this is how our perp found himself stranded in the middle of the jungle.
Yeah, he did a pretty good job camouflaging it.
Question is, why? Do you smell that? Okay, we got a dead pilot.
Looks like he died on impact.
Check this out.
Okay, well, that explains why our perp spent so long trying to cover this thing up.
He didn't want anyone getting to the cargo.
(phone ringing) - Hey, Quinn - QUINN: Junior, be advised, we have reason to believe that our killer is leading a heavily-armed group to your location.
We're inbound, but we're at least ten minutes out.
- All right, copy that.
- (engine approaches) Junior.
We got company.
Quinn, we have hostiles inbound.
Find cover and hold your position until we get there.
- Roger that.
We got to move.
- Yeah.
I thought you said you covered it up.
I did.
It's all still here.
Wait a second.
Somebody's been here.
BISHOP: I got fresh tracks.
Move out.
Search the area.
HENCHMAN: Come on, let's go.
You heard him.
Go, go, go! (twig snaps) They're over there! Fire! (screams) Flank them, flank them! (gun clicking) I'm out.
You stay behind cover.
- How many you got? - I'm almost out.
(shouting) (growling) TANI: I got Ben Tam! - He's dead! - I got eyes on Bishop.
(strained exhale) No, no, no.
No, you don't get to die.
Medevac out here right now.
Let's go.
This is Quinn Liu, Five-O Task Force, requesting immediate medevac.
STEVE: Thank you.
QUINN: Bishop is on his way to Kings.
He's unconscious but stable.
They're gonna call us as soon - as he wakes up.
- Ah, that's great news.
Not a bad day at the office, McGarrett.
- Not bad.
- Thank you for the assist on this one.
Sergeant Liu.
It's been a pleasure.
That's a word for it.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna go check on our exfil.
So, what's the status on Bishop? Once he's stable, they're gonna let me know.
I'm gonna head out to Kings Medical, have a little chat with him.
Now, that's the kind of ending I like.
Everybody gets to go home with a win.
Marshal Service was kind enough to loan some guys out.
Looks like they're just about done loading up the truck.
I'm gonna get this haul back to HQ.
I've got that big table and all those photographers waiting for me.
- Yeah, you do.
- Yeah, but don't you worry, McGarrett, I'll be sure to give a shout out to Five-O.
Oh, you don't have to do that, man.
It's, uh, just our job.
(door opens) Boss, this a good time? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on.
Of course.
I just got the preliminary report back from the M.
's office.
The dead DEA agent found on board the plane was identified as Carl Brauer.
Thing is, according to the DEA, Brauer had been on suspension for the last six months pending an Internal Affairs investigation.
Which means there's no way he should've been on that plane.
There's something else.
Turns out Brauer's former partner is none other than Richie Gormican.
Get the Marshal's office on the phone.
Have them track that car right now.
(siren wailing) (tires screeching) We have eyes on the vehicle.
I got two dead marshals and the drugs are gone.
HPD has an APB out on Gormican.
All ports and airports are on alert.
Pull every single resource that we have.
This man does not leave the island.
Adam, what do you got? ADAM: I called Brauer's supervisor at the DEA.
Turns out he was put on ice because he was suspected of side-dealing with Serbian mafia working out of New York.
I put up a flag up for all known associates of this organization and got a hit.
This crew just touched down in a chartered plane at a private airfield in Makiki, all using fake IDs.
Well, if these guys are the original buyers, then Gormican is still looking to make Tam's sale.
We need to get to that plane before the deal goes down.
Because once it does, he's gone.
(indistinct chatter) Five-O! Hands! Right now! Move! Move! STEVE: Behind your head, interlock your fingers.
Turn around.
Turn around, get on your knees.
Get on your knees.
Cross your ankles.
(tires screeching) Don't move.
Don't move.
Well, I'm not gonna lie: things are about to get much worse for you.
I know it's probably hard to believe, but, uh they are.
Trust me.
(siren whoops) (exhales) Just keep going.
(turn signal clicking) Keep going, we're almost there.
Sorry, Miss.
I can't do that.
Tell me, j-just how ungrateful can you be, Siobhan? You just up and take off, nobody knows where the hell you are, whether you're alive or laying in a ditch someplace? You know, I go and I set up this tryout for you, and with Metta World Peace.
Do you have any idea, I mean do you even realize what a huge ask that was? Do you even care? You know, not to mention I get the coach from U.
to take a chance on you and give you another shot after everything you done back home.
- I told you, it ain't like you think.
- Oh, Bonnie, please.
How many times you gonna play that song? You sitting here acting like you want to help me, like you got my back, when you really think I'm some wannabe gang-banging thug.
You don't even want me here.
You don't know what you're talking about.
What? Like how I think? I heard you! All this time I'm thinking I can trust you, but I can't trust you.
Not you, not my father.
I can't trust nobody.
And you just as bad as he is.
Wait a minute, now.
Your father is the only reason your ungrateful ass is even here.
He's the one back there trying to keep you from flushing your life down the toilet.
By telling you I'm in a gang and I got a gun? What the hell is the matter with you? He's your father, Siobhan.
And I'm the one that's responsible for you while you're out here.
Of course he told me everything.
Then why didn't he tell you that I took that gun to the police station on Kedzie? He knows I did it.
He's the one that took me down there.
This girl at my school, Romella Bradley, is in the Lady Apostles.
She's been pressing my friend Tianna to crew up with them.
When she wouldn't do it, I found out Romella was gonna shoot Tianna after school one day.
I swiped that gun from her backpack.
She came at me, pretty much knowing I did it, but ain't none of them gang-bangers tough without a gun, and I beat her ass.
That's how I got expelled.
Because protecting my friend meant more to me than playing ball, still does.
Well well, Bonnie, if that's the real story of what happened, why-why didn't you just, you know What? Tell the school what happened? Because they don't care.
They don't see us.
We pass, we fail, they don't give a damn about us.
And my father don't see me either.
All he sees is a chance to live out his dreams through me because he never made it to the pros.
And you, him, everybody got my life planned out for me.
Nobody cares about what I want.
Bonnie, what do you want? I want to be a cop, Uncle Lou.
Because of you.
I wanted to be a cop s-since I was five years old.
Hey, girl.
We have to be really quiet 'cause Momma's asleep, okay? Wait a second.
Did you fix your own hair and get dressed by yourself - when Momma was asleep? - Yes.
When did you get to be such a big girl? I'll tell you what, you want to go to Uncle Lou's house - and get something to eat? - Yeah.
You know Uncle Lou got everything at his house, and Samantha's there.
We'll have a good time.
Where are your shoes? You have your shoes? Let me have your shoes.
I got to pick you up.
How much you weigh, about 500 pounds? Come on.
Listen, you got to be really quiet.
Let me have your shoes.
We gonna go over Uncle Lou's house, and Uncle Lou is gonna make that baby something to eat.
I'll never forget how safe I felt with you that night.
Yeah, I'll never forget how happy Samantha was that you were coming to stay with us.
Well, Bonnie if you really want to find your way into law enforcement, then I want to help you get there.
- What? - What about my father? You're old enough to make your own plans for your life now.
You know, when the time is right, I'll help you square things with your father.
You're not gonna start crying again, are you? - You was crying, too.
- No, no.
- Mm.
- You know, I-I Hmm.
All right, wise-ass, let's go.
Come on, get in the car.
You was the only one crying.
I had something in my eye.
Come on, baby.
Introduce you to some of these folks, these clowns I work with.
Did I tell you how proud I am of you today? - Thanks.
- What's up, party people? - JUNIOR: Yo, what's up? - OTHERS: Hey.
Okay, listen, everybody, this here is Siobhan.
I go by Bonnie, Uncle Lou.
- Oh, jazz hands! - GROVER: Oh, my gosh.
Everybody, this is Bonnie.
Bonnie, everybody.
Bonnie's my niece.
She's visiting from Chicago, and I found out that Bonnie wants to be a copper.
(Junior cheers) Oh, hey.
- How cool is that Hi I'm Tani.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Quinn.
Nice to meet you, Bonnie.
- Nice to meet you.
- Okay, have a seat, Bon.
- Uh, Cap, just before you sit down, uh, just want to get this off my chest.
You guys were hanging out with Metta World Peace? How the hell did you guys find out about that? JUNIOR: Uh, because I love the guy, and he's an amazing advocate for mental health, and he's one of the best basketball players ever.
By the way, where are our autographed balls? Back the truck up.
- (laughter) - Let's get back to how are y'all all up in my business on my day off? ADAM: All right, come on, Lou, first of all, nothing's a secret on this rock.
- You know that.
- I guess not.
And second of all, you're at a table full of cops, so there's definitely no secrets here.
Yeah, so cut to the chase, man, how do you know Metta World Peace? And how the hell does he end up owing you? Well, that is a very long story, which I will tell the condensed version of, but first, I need to get my niece some food.
Hey, Big Fella, can we get, uh, some grinds for my little niece here? One Ono grind coming up for Baby Chicago.
My man.
- I'll be right back.
- All right.
Back when, uh, Metta World Peace was known as Ron Artest, he played for Chicago (car door opens) - I trusted him too quickly.
- Mmm Things were moving fast.
That guy fooled all of us.
No, I should've seen the angles.
Am I missing something? I mean, 'cause last time I checked, we got Gormican.
Took out multiple Serbian gang members, stopped 100 mil of heroin from hitting the streets.
I mean, that happens to anybody else, and that is a great day for their career.
I mean, that's not even the end of it.
I heard that Bishop is getting released from ICU.
So, as soon as he's conscious, he'll talk, and we can get some answers on who's behind all this.
Maybe even shed some light on that conspiracy that Cullen was talking about.
You're right.
You're right.
So, why don't you come on over there.
Grab some food before those jackals eat it all.
(chuckles) Yeah, I will.
Give me a minute.
(door opens) (door closes) (sighs) (phone beeps) Hey, it's me.
I'm-I'm sorry.
No, I did, I did.
I, uh, I got all your messages.
I just miss her, Danny.
(monitor beeping steadily) (muffled gunshot) (monitor flatlines)
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