Hawaii Five-0 s10e09 Episode Script

Ka la‘au kumu ‘ole o Kahilikolo (The trunkless tree of Kahilikolo)

1 ("Slow Down" by Larry Williams playing) Come on, pretty baby, won't you walk with me Come on, pretty baby, won't you talk with me Come on, pretty baby, I'll give you one more chance Try to save our romance, slow down Baby, now you're moving way too fast (grunts softly) All right, 16 chairs.
That all good? I actually told Kamekona to cook for at least 20 people.
All right, uh, I'll grab a few more then.
All right, thank you.
- Hey, boss? - Yeah.
(clears throat) Um, I remember when my sister passed away.
You know, holidays are a little bit You know, 'cause -'cause sometimes you feel like you got a handle on things, and you-you don't really have a handle No.
Okay, what I'm trying to say is, just that, this morning, you know, when you mentioned that you weren't up for the annual football game - that we usually do - Yeah.
Just got me thinking that, um, you know, if you feel like tomorrow might be a little bit too much, you let me know, and I'll pull the plug.
I appreciate you, man.
I'm good.
(knocking) (clears throat) - Hey.
- Hi.
Why are you looking at me like that? Huh.
You, uh - (Eddie whines) - Mold.
(sighs) - What? Mold.
I got mold.
Looked under the sink.
I got mold.
Called an expert, comes over.
Long story short, I need a place to stay.
Six, seven days a week, tops.
Have we done this before? You had mold, and you came, and you stayed? I don't know.
I mean, we live in a-a tropical climate.
You ever consider maybe you're the issue? No.
No, I didn't consider that.
I was gonna stay in a hotel Okay, good.
You can do that.
But then I thought, why would I do that? Why would I waste all that cash when my best friend's got an extra room? JUNIOR: No, your-your best friend doesn't have an extra room.
I'm in the extra room.
Yeah, well, you could sleep on the couch a couple days.
- Eddie's couch.
- Eddie's a dog.
Dog goes where you put him.
- He's just a dog.
- (Eddie whines) Hey.
Eddie, don't He doesn't - It's your couch.
- (whines) Look, of course you're welcome in my house, all right.
It's fine.
I'm just saying, if I'm gonna run a hostel for team members, - I'm making a chore wheel.
- (phone ringing) 'Cause I'm not picking up after the two of you.
- McGarrett.
(sighs) Yeah.
No, we're on the way.
On the way.
Thank you.
- Hey, what do we got? - Let's take a little walk.
Victim's name is George Parks.
According to his son, Preston, George came home a day early from a business trip.
Gets on the phone with his son when he gets in because he thinks there's intruders on the property.
JUNIOR: Why didn't he call HPD? Well, apparently, that was the advice that his son gave him, but, uh, George had other ideas about how to deal with the intruders.
He went and got a 12 gauge from his gun cabinet.
DANNY: I take it that didn't - work out so well? - It did not.
At 11:30 p.
, George Parks was killed.
- (grunts) - COD was blunt force trauma to the back of the head.
Having not heard from his father, Preston gets worried, he drives to the house That's where he sees the body - Calls 911.
- STEVE: Okay.
So what happened? He interrupt a robbery? Yes, uh, but not the kind you would expect.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) Well, this is a first.
They took the tree.
They took the tree and nothing else.
The thieves didn't even go inside the house.
The boot prints indicate a crew of four.
And they were smart about it.
They spray-painted those security cameras, ergo no footage from last night.
DANNY: But why would you steal a tree? I mean, you got all this nice stuff inside the house, I assume.
- W-Who would take a tree? - Don't look at me.
It's not just a tree.
It's a koa.
It's highly valuable, and judging by the size of its trunk here, I'd say it's worth upwards of a million.
- Dollars? - They're very scarce.
The state restricts logging, which just pushes the price up even more.
Yeah, that's why koa wood picked up - the nickname "Hawaiian gold.
" - DANNY: All right, let's put the ridiculous price of this tree on the side for a second.
Obviously, you couldn't see this thing from the street.
So I imagine whoever did this has been on the property before.
Have you, uh, started looking into staff or, uh, extended family? Yeah, I wish it was that simple, because according to the kids, George had hundreds of parties and fundraisers here over the 50-plus years he lived at the house.
Okay, so half the island knows about this tree.
TANI: Yeah, and it's a really good thing Thanksgiving happens every year, because I don't think we're gonna make it home in time for this one.
All right, so CSU's still processing, But so far, no forensics to help us I.
our killers.
All right, look, in the meantime, you don't steal something like that without a plan in place to move it.
So let's see - if we can find potential buyers.
- (phone ringing) - On it.
- Yo.
Uh, it's my mom.
Go ahead.
Hello? What? When? All right, ca calm down, Mom.
All right.
Let me call you right back.
She all right? - My parents' house just got robbed.
- Go.
Take Tani with you.
- You sure? - We have a case.
- It's fine.
Lou and Quinn can jump on.
Just go look after your parents and call us if you need anything.
Make sure he calls, all right? - Yeah.
Come on.
- Let me know.
STEVE: Look, guys, we know the last thing you probably want to do right now is answer questions, but the bottom line is, whoever did this knew that your father was gonna be out of town.
Okay? So, besides the three of you, who else knew his travel schedule? DARREN: Better question is who didn't know? Dad always attended a trade conference in Singapore over Thanksgiving.
He would give the ground crew and house staff five days off to, to be with their families.
- I'm sorry, I just - No, it's fine.
Was that something he did regularly? Let the staff go away, uh Uh, yeah.
He's been doing it since we were kids.
So, um, over the years, you're talking, like, 50 to 100 people who knew he'd be gone.
Okay, well, we're gonna need those names.
- Yes.
All right.
- And also, anybody else you can think of.
Extended family or friends who had access to this place.
Your father and I were only gone for maybe 30 minutes.
We went by the market to pick up a few things, and when we got back - Look at this mess.
- JUNIOR: It's okay, Ma.
All right? Where's Dad? He's at the hardware store to get some supplies and n-new doors.
Dad doesn't know I'm here.
(sighs) He told me not to bother you.
- To let the police handle it.
- Okay.
Reigns, why don't you walk us through what was taken? Uh, not much in here.
Just an old laptop.
Natano's radio.
Wait, but they didn't take the TV or the DVD player.
Did they get your jewelry? It's worse than that.
LANA: They also took your dad's cigar box, with all his valuables.
YOUNG JUNIOR: Just promise you won't tell my dad.
Uh, Mrs.
Reigns, I promise you we're gonna do everything we can to get your property back.
Thank you.
Right, Joons? GROVER: I've been sniffing around the black market for koa wood.
- Mm.
- Come to find out there's some guy who sells trinkets made of the stuff.
He's operating out of some tourist trap in Waikele.
- Okay.
- He goes by the name of Lolo Joe.
- Ah.
Sounds reputable.
- Oh, yeah.
Thing is this: when everybody else is out of koa wood, this cat always has cords of the stuff lying around.
- Is that right? - Mm-hmm.
Why don't you and Quinn go pay him a visit? Yes, sir.
TANI: Okay.
Thanks, Duke.
Yeah, keep us posted.
Okay, bye.
All right.
HPD's canvassing pawn shops for your parents' stuff.
Joons, you know, that that look you had on your face at the house, um Do you think you know who did this? Yeah.
No one outside my family knows my parents' stash spot except for my hanai brother Owen.
I didn't know your parents took someone in.
He was my best friend growing up.
We were eight years old and he'd turn up to class wearing the same thing three days in a row.
Come to find out that, uh, his mom had been arrested and he was living by himself.
An eight-year-old.
I told my parents.
They took him in.
He lived with us for about a year.
Then his mom got sober and demanded that he move back in with her.
Maybe it wasn't him.
Burglars, they They typically look for hiding spots just like that.
No, no.
This was a targeted smash-and-grab.
Whoever did this knew exactly what they were going for and where to find it.
You want to know the worst bit? I'm the one who showed it to him.
(laughs softly) We were about, like, uh, 11 years old, and I was bragging about my dad's Purple Heart.
You know, I grabbed it, pulled it out, waving the thing around like-like it was some sort of trophy or something.
I was such an idiot.
My dad had put it in a box because it was so painful for him to look at.
Owen must have seen the other things in the box.
Like my dad's gold watch that he got when he was pensioned from his construction job.
He must have gone for the watch and just grabbed everything else because it was there.
Well, the thing is, addiction is genetic.
I dodged that bullet, but I'm-I'm guessing Owen wasn't so lucky? (quietly): No.
All right.
Take it you don't know where he lives or hangs out these days.
But I know where to start.
GROVER: Well, look-y here, Officer Liu.
This is a damn smorgasbord of koa wood, isn't it? Thought this stuff was supposed to be hard to come by? - Like finding water in a desert.
- Yeah.
Or a mailman at a dog park.
LOLO JOE: Can I help you with something? Or are you just practicing for open mic night at the Laugh Emporium? - Everybody's a critic.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, we're with Five-O.
We're looking into the illicit koa wood trade here on the island.
When it comes to that sort of thing, everybody tells us that, uh, you the man.
What's this really about? GROVER: You know, somebody stole a whole koa wood tree from a private residence last night.
And then they killed the owner.
So we figure you may know something about it.
LOLO JOE: All right, look.
I didn't know anybody was gonna die.
But yes.
Some guys approached me and said they were coming into a big supply of koa.
I didn't get their names, but I am supposed to meet with them in about an hour.
Where? (siren wailing) (quiet chatter) Stay on that door.
- Five-O! - OFFICER: Breach.
OFFICER 2: Go around back! QUINN: Four dead.
This is definitely the crew that stole the koa.
Yeah, but the wood's still here.
What were they killed for? - Hey.
- Hmm.
Heard we got something.
Sure did.
For starters, we identified the men in the warehouse.
Three of them have records, including for B and Es.
The fourth guy, a Daniel Malapit, is clean.
However, up until six months ago, he was working as a gardener for, - you guessed it, George Parks.
- Malapit knew the tree was there and how much it was worth, so he puts together a crew to go get it - when he thinks Parks is out of town.
- QUINN: And there's more.
CSU found George Parks's blood on one of our dead perps.
Okay, so the gardener and his crew killed Parks.
Who killed them? GROVER: Well, unfortunately, ballistics came back inconclusive, because the gun used in those murders wasn't in the system.
Okay, so fresh off of this robbery, all these guys are taken out, but whoever killed them, for whatever reason, decided to leave all the valuable wood behind? Well, actually, not all the wood.
When CSU was processing, they discovered that one section of the koa tree was missing, so I compared these images from CSU with this old photo of the tree, and check this out.
The section that was taken has this large cavity in it.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and say that, uh, that ain't no coincidence.
Which got us thinking what if this hole was being used as a stash spot? So maybe it wasn't actually about the tree itself, but what was being hidden inside of it.
And maybe that's why someone was desperate enough to - track these guys down and kill them.
- It's a theory.
All right, let's CSU back to look at that tree again.
Make sure we're not missing anything.
DANNY: And if you're right about the stash spot of it all, the only way I'm hiding something valuable in a tree is if it's on - my property.
- ADAM: Which leaves our victim, George Parks.
- And his three kids.
- (knocking on door) Junior.
Long time.
Ocampo, is Owen home? Oh, now you're police, so it's Mrs.
Ocampo, is it? Owen's not here.
Go ahead.
See for yourself.
When was the last time you saw Owen? He came over about three or four days ago.
I gave him a hundred dollars to score.
He brought back 50 bucks of crap.
Go ahead, Junior, say it.
You and that family of yours always thought you were better than us.
Did he tell you how they took my son away from me? JUNIOR: That would be how you remember it.
Doesn't make it true.
TANI: Look, you don't want us here, and frankly, the feeling's mutual.
So why don't you just tell us where did Owen score? Who is his dealer? If I knew that, I would've gone myself, instead of giving my son the chance to rip me off.
So, uh, that's everything.
I got better things to do than talk to cops all day.
Do you even care that Owen might be in trouble? Owen's always in trouble.
When you see my kolohe son, tell him he owes me 50 bucks.
Well, I'm ready to crown her mother of the year.
Joons, I'm s I'm sorry, I was just trying to lighten the mood.
Don't apologize.
I appreciate it.
You know, it's just seeing his mom again is Takes me back.
You know, when Owen used to live with us, he was doing great.
We were in Little League together.
You know, he was doing great in school.
But with a mom like that he never stood a chance.
Well, your family was there for him.
You did what you could.
Tani, I can't tell you how many times I tried to get Owen into rehab.
He turned me down every time.
To the point where I just, you know, I stopped offering.
Maybe that was my mistake.
I mean, you never gave up on your brother.
Here's what I know about addicts you can keep trying all you want.
But until they're ready to take responsibility for themselves, no amount of help is gonna get them clean.
(phone chimes) Speaking of Koa I texted him a picture of the bag of happies I saw on the table.
I thought he could show it around the clinic, see if anyone knew where it came from.
Boy, did he come through.
"Check Ala Moana Beach Park.
The guy under the park shelter sells the stuff.
" Hi.
What's that? What does it look like? This is highly suspicious behavior.
- What's going on? - It's a coffee.
I'm bringing my landlord a nice cup of coffee.
You're not getting the guest room.
And you don't have to have the coffee.
I just came here to tell you that we are looking into the Parks kids Alibis, phone records from last night.
- That's all.
- All right.
Do me a favor, just take it easy on the caffeine, all right? You know you get all jittery and stupid when you drink - too much coffee.
- Hey, guys, we just caught a break.
CSU was processing the koa tree and found an earring lodged in the lower section of the trunk.
DNA on it popped for a Jane Doe cold case from 15 years ago.
Is this gonna be disgusting? - Yes.
- "Jane Doe, age 15 "to 20, murdered and dismembered.
"Some, but not all "of the body parts were found in burial sites in Pupukea-Paumalu Forest Reserve.
" So, they chopped her up.
ADAM: Uh, it turns out the head was the only part that was never recovered.
So it's possible we just found what was inside that tree.
(indistinct chatter) Okay, wait.
Hold on, hold on.
Are you good? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Beat it.
How is it, brother-man? You know, it's been, been a while since we hung out and stuff, bro.
No, no, don't do that, okay? You know why I'm here.
J man, I'm, uh I'm sorry.
Okay? I I was hurting, - and I didn't - Where's the stuff you stole? Where'd you pawn it? Oh it's the spot on Mokauea.
You were my brother, man.
My parents took you in.
How? How could you do that? My dad's Purple Heart? No-no-no-no, I-I wouldn't, I wouldn't sell that.
It's still in the, in the cigar box.
I got it.
Yeah? Where? Um, it's at the motel I'm crashing at.
I can take you there.
Empty your pockets.
Do it.
What's this? What's this? - Hmm? Yeah.
- No! Stop! Get up.
Get up.
See, we spent this whole day trying to find your ass before HPD did.
Forget about the robbery.
Having that stuff right there can send you - away for a long time in Halawa.
- I know.
- Yeah, you know? - I know.
Well, you don't act like someone who knows.
You act like someone who doesn't care if they live or they die, man.
You have two options.
You come with me and I turn you in for the robbery or you go to rehab.
My brother works for a rehab clinic.
There's a spot there for you.
But you have to agree to go today.
Just say yes.
All you got to do is say yes.
ADAM: Hey, credit where it's due.
Whichever sibling killed our Jane Doe was smart to hide the head in a state-protected tree on private property.
Well, why hold on to the head at all? Was the killer keeping it for some kind of sick trophy? Well, think about it practically, right? A teenage girl is probably not gonna have prints in the system, but she's gonna have dental records.
QUINN: Well, that would explain why you'd want - to keep the skull close.
- Right.
And it would've worked if the chainsaw people didn't come around.
- All right, so, 15 years ago, - (door opens) Darren, Preston and Olivia were living at the house at the time of the murder.
Tell you who I like for this thing.
I did a little deeper dive into Larry, Moe and Girly's phone records.
Boy, I got a story to tell you.
(lock buzzes, door opens) All right, Preston, we're gonna get right to it, because we already know you lied to us.
Lied to you? About what? Well, for starters, your timeline.
You said that when your father didn't answer the phone, you went right to his place.
And when you got there, you called 911.
Problem is, there's 45 minutes between the last time you tried him and that 911 call.
Yeah, that kind of strikes me as odd.
- Yeah.
- I mean, that time of night, no traffic on the road - Mm.
- And you live maybe 15 minutes away from your father's house, tops.
Now, I ain't no math major, but, uh, that sounds like 30 minutes missing to me.
So what happened in that half an hour, Preston? GROVER: See, I think that left you just enough time to get over to that warehouse and kill those guys - who stole your father's - Whoa, whoa.
W-Wait, I didn't What? Who do you think you're talking to?! You needed to get at that tree so you could grab that skull you stashed there - 15 years back.
- Skull? - What-what skull? - This one.
It's amazing what sniffer dogs can find.
Found this, too.
See that? One of her earrings.
Tell us who she was.
(sniffles) (shudders) Her name was was Lena.
Lena Schmidt.
She was a backpacker.
From Germany.
Okay? I met her at-at a beach party, and I brought her home.
GROVER: This poor young woman, who'd been sleeping in tents and youth hostels.
Until along comes little Richie Rich with just the thing to impress her, his daddy's huge estate.
Anyone else at the house? No.
My dad was out of town, and so none of the staff were around.
Liv and Darren were (exhales) at the movies.
So, with just you and Lena then, guess you decided to have a little party.
Huh? A little drinking.
Drugs, too, I imagine.
We were just messing around.
And then and then I I just I-I jokingly I pushed her into the pool, and then, uh, she hit her head.
And I I didn't mean for it to happen.
But you did mean to cut her body into little pieces and scatter her around the forest.
Just so we're clear.
(exhales) I panicked.
And (sighs) That kind of scandal, I didn't want my mistake to ruin my father.
And so I I took care of the problem.
GROVER: "Problem.
" I guess that's one way to put it.
We're not done, Preston.
We're gonna need you to walk us through the last 15 hours.
And don't leave out any details.
(lock buzzes) Well, did he buy it? Oh, he bought it all right.
Surprised it worked.
This one here's a regular Meryl Streep.
Oh, yeah? Where'd you get this idea anyway? Hamlet, tenth grade English.
And shout-out to Noelani for supplying the prop.
So did Preston give up the location - of the real skull? - Oh, yeah, yeah.
Since he thought we already found it, he didn't think twice about telling us where he tossed it.
In the Ala Wai Canal, off McCully.
I'm gonna get CSU on it.
Have them take the skull out of the water.
All right.
Uh-oh, I know that look.
What's up, Lou? I don't know about you, but I don't think I'm buying this kid's confession.
He went right to the waterworks as soon as he saw this thing.
That kind of reaction? I mean, look at him.
Do you really think this kid is the kind to go around chopping up backpackers, and then spreading their parts all over the island like Johnny Bodyseed? One, thank you for the vivid imagery, and two, I'm inclined to agree.
But the question is, if Preston didn't do it, then who is he protecting, and why? OWEN: I couldn't sell a Purple Heart.
Your pop, man, h-he he was so good to me back in the day.
I'm sorry for everything.
It's all about what you do next.
All right? (van door closes) (engine starts) I'm proud of you, Joons.
These letters they have military stamps.
They're from Afghanistan.
Did you write those to your dad while you were stationed there? No, I've never seen them before.
These are the remains of Lena Schmidt, including the skull that CSU just pulled out of the canal.
Problem is, your guy that confessed, he and Lena's cranium are telling two very different stories.
Is that so? Well, by all means, elaborate.
Well, Lena was definitely wounded and quite possibly unconscious after the fall your suspect described, but that's not what killed her.
Here's where her head struck the lip of the pool.
GROVER: Mm-hmm.
But these three depressed fractures Here, here and here On the other side of the skull, that's what killed her.
So this was no accident.
This was cold-blooded murder.
I didn't make Preston Parks for a murderer before, and I still don't.
And besides, if Preston was guilty, he would have known the cause of death.
So the fake skull wouldn't have fooled him.
Then why confess to a murder you didn't commit? Unless you're covering for someone else in your family.
I know you wanted to talk to the family, but I'm afraid Preston isn't here.
Frankly, I'm worried.
He hasn't been answering my calls.
Oh, that's 'cause, uh, he's with us.
- Why? - Lena Schmidt.
Who? The woman who was murdered here 15 years ago, that's who.
I'm sorry, what? Oh, stop it.
Preston already confessed to the murder.
But we don't believe his confession 'cause he didn't even know how the girl died.
But we think you do.
- Olivia? - Not now, Diane.
You want to do this in front of Diane and the whole family? Or you want to get 'em out of here? Your call.
Diane, take everyone outside, please.
Come on, guys.
- Let's give them some privacy.
- How dare you.
Coming in here with these preposterous lies.
It's bad enough that our family Thanksgiving was turned into a wake.
- And now this? - Oh, this is just the start.
DARREN: That's enough.
Get out.
If you want to say another word, you can say it to our lawyers.
PRESTON: Damn it, just tell the truth.
For 15 years, you let me think that I was a murderer.
That I was responsible, that I killed her.
When I pulled her out of the pool, I thought she was dead.
Help! (echoing): Lena I was a mess.
You said that you would take care of it.
It's gonna be okay.
So you just gave me some pills and you sent me to bed.
But she wasn't dead was she? Instead of calling an ambulance, you just you just finished her off.
You sound insane.
Why why would we do that? GROVER: How 'bout we begin with the fact that all of you here were drinking and using illegal drugs.
QUINN: Plus, there was the potential manslaughter charge on deck for Preston - if she didn't survive.
- GROVER: And if she did, well, that leaves this family wide open for a multimillion dollar civil suit from Lena's family back in Germany.
ADAM: All of which would damage your father's good name and fortune.
Not to mention your inheritance.
PRESTON: I thought you did this amazing thing for me.
That you put yourself on the line to cover up for my stupid, horrible mistake.
So when they picked me up today, I confessed to protect you.
Now that I know the truth, I'm done.
I'm done.
She could have lived, but you killed her.
You killed her.
GROVER: All right, turn around and face the fruit salad.
You're under arrest for the murder of Lena Schmidt.
Let's go.
(zip tie tightens) GROVER: What do you say, Duke? How'd it go with that warrant at Darren Parks's house? Found a dismantled AR-15 stashed in the garden shed.
Ballistics already linked the bullets to the warehouse.
Did you get the real timeline for last night? Yeah, Preston did come straight here, saw his dad's body in the grass, like he said, but he also saw the tree theft in progress.
That's when he texted the sister.
QUINN: She told him to follow the truck at a distance, see where they were taking the wood.
When Preston got there, he gave Olivia the address, then came back here to call 911.
GROVER: Meanwhile, Darren heads over to the warehouse and shoots those guys up.
Then he hooks back up with Olivia, and they both go to dump the skull in the Ala Wai.
Well (sighs) doesn't seem like the Parks family has a lot to be thankful for this year.
- (drill whirring) - For you.
Your mom's things? Yeah, my partner's getting them now.
Who did this? Couple of nobodies, Tweakers.
Thank you.
Of course.
New doors look good.
Yeah, glass is double-paned.
Nice, nice.
(clears throat) I saw the letters.
You told me not to write you from deployment.
Said you didn't want to know what was going on with me.
But now I find out that, uh, this whole time, you got my C.
to write you.
You were keeping tabs on me.
Look, I know you're not big on telling people how you feel, but these letters, they, uh, they tell me plenty.
And I can see you've read them a bunch of times.
You know what this says to me? Says to me that me and you still have a shot.
So I'm never gonna stop trying to make things right with you, Dad.
And I know you're mad at me for what I did at the parole hearing, but I just want just, like, let me explain to you I wasn't angry at you.
I was angry at myself.
I realize that now.
You were able to forgive.
I was not.
I won't make that mistake again.
(crying) I'm sorry.
(exhales) I'd invite you over to stay for the meal, but your mother and I never got around to cooking.
Ah, nah, it's okay Uh, it's okay.
I think I, uh, I know a place where we can all eat.
- Oh.
- For free.
(chuckles) Even better.
- Yeah.
("Made It Home" by AHI playing) Maybe we were only wasting time Somewhere on our way to lost Princess, wow, everything looks fantastic.
It's amazing.
You doing all right? It looks like you got a lot of cooks in the kitchen here.
What, are you crazy? There's only one cook here: - me.
- All right.
- I'm assisting.
- And I'm supervising.
And I am tasting.
STEVE: Okay, well, as long as you're cool, I'll let you guys stay at it then, okay? You're gonna love what we're cooking here.
And because it's Thanksgiving, hon, and because you're 'ohana, I'm not gonna send you a bill, okay? - Oh.
Until next month.
(laughing) - Ha! That's, uh, it's very touching, thank you.
What? Aw.
How lucky are you? You get to hang out with this very good boy for a week.
Yeah, well, he's the only one who doesn't drive me completely crazy.
Hey, did you, um, did you end up connecting with Lena Schmidt's family in Germany? Yeah, I ended up talking to the father.
He kept saying how relieved he was to finally be able to get some closure to this thing.
So am I gonna get to meet your family today? Uh, no, no.
My, uh, my ex has the kids this year.
Is she your ex? Because I keep getting conflicting reports.
Worse than high school, these people.
- (laughs) - Yeah, she's my ex, but we're, I don't know, I guess trying to maybe work it out, - just give it another shot.
- How's that going? Uh, well, she's not here.
Well, maybe I'll meet her next Thanksgiving.
- Yeah, maybe.
- JUNIOR: Hey, everyone, these are my folks.
(overlapping greetings) Mr.
and Mrs.
Reigns, what a pleasure - it is to finally meet you both.
- Pleasure is ours.
Oh, nice to meet you.
Thank you, Commander.
Oh, please call me Steve, and thank you, guys, for coming by.
I know it's been a rough day.
We were, we were sorry to hear about the robbery.
Appreciate that.
I mean, we're just lucky Junior was able to sort this all out.
Yeah, well, Junior has a habit of doing that, sir.
Junior, you want to, uh, you want - to get your folks something to drink? - Yeah.
Listen, while I got you guys here, you should know that your son is one of the finest men I've ever had the honor of working with.
- Somebody raised him right.
- Thank you.
- TANI: Hi.
- Hey.
Special delivery.
Reigns, here is all your stuff.
Ni'ihau shell necklace included.
Honey, you have no idea what this means to me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, hey, guys, why don't you, uh, come on over and meet Junior's parents.
- Aloha.
- Aloha.
Nice to meet you.
It's so good to see them here with you.
I take it your talk went well? - Yeah.
Yeah, it went great.
- Good.
How are you? Nice to meet you.
Thank you.
Yeah, you covered that today.
No, no, um, not just for today, for everything.
I don't know if you remember, but exactly a year ago today, you gave me a pep talk before I went to my folks' place for Thanksgiving.
Since then, things between me and my dad have, you know, been up and down, mainly down.
- Mm-hmm.
- But you have been the constant in my life.
Thank you.
Where else would I be, Joon? Yeah.
Well, I, um, I know I've been so distracted with-with my dad and everything.
Y-You know, other things in my life have kind of taken a back seat.
I just wanted you to know that I'm looking forward to changing that now.
- That sounds good.
- Yeah? Uh-huh.
(both chuckle) Let me ask you a question: Is there actually gonna be any food left when it's time to sit down to eat with these nice people? - Not if I can help it.
- (chuckles) Unbelievable.
Hey, Renee and the kids will be here in about ten minutes, and, uh, big brother, Chef Percy, is gonna make an appearance.
- Oh, good.
He bringing dessert? - Damn right.
- Kouign-amann all around.
- That's right.
GROVER: I think it's really nice that you're offering to let Danny stay here while they're working on his place.
Lou, come on.
You know as well as I do, there's no mold in that man's house.
- Why, Steve McGarrett.
- Huh? Whatever do you mean? First of all, he's got the worst poker face on the planet.
- Yeah.
- And, second of all, I get it.
It's been a, uh, it's been an interesting year for me, between Joe and Mom.
He's worried about me.
He wants to keep an eye on me, I get it.
Nice when you got a lot of friends that actually give a damn about you, - ain't it? - Yes, it is.
Speaking of poker faces, you better work on yours.
The man is a detective.
He's eventually gonna know that you know that he's lying.
He doesn't have to figure it out tonight.
- (chuckles) - ADAM: Hey, Steve.
- What are you looking at? - Hey, catch.
What do you say, play a few downs before we eat? - Let's go.
- (Eddie barks)
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