Hawaii Five-0 s10e11 Episode Script

Ka i ka 'ino, no ka 'ino (To return evil for evil)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O WO FAT: How much does Steve McGarrett know about what his father was investigating before you killed him? How close is he to the truth? Too close.
- You, what's your name? - Wo Fat.
You're not going to kill me.
Are you? - Brother? - You're not my brother.
(gunshot booms) (screaming) BODHI: These aren't the guys you want to tangle with.
MASUDA: Your actions have placed my daughter in great danger, when I have already arranged for her return.
ADAM: These are not honorable men.
- How can you take them at their word? - Because I'm giving them exactly what they want.
ADAM: You're transferring power? It's a father's sacrifice.
(sobbing) Daddy, no.
Daddy, please, please, no! KENJI: You abducted this man, brought him here.
I will make sure the authorities find out about your role in everything that took place tonight.
And your career with Five-O will be over.
Kenji, don't, don't, don't, don't! No! - (phone rings) - Hey.
- Steve.
- Hey, Adam.
If you're up for it, I'd actually like to see you at HQ now.
I'm on my way.
(elevator bell dings) STEVE: Hey, Adam.
Uh, thanks for coming in.
Yeah, of course.
Uh, sorry I couldn't make it in earlier.
What's going on? This your watch? There's an inscription on the back from Kono, so Thank you.
Must be a relief to get it back, huh? Yeah.
It is.
So, look, I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation, uh, but HPD, they-they found that watch at a crime scene earlier today.
It was an armed robbery.
Of an illegal card game in Kalihi.
So I just got to ask you do you know anything about that? (exhales) STEVE: Hey, Adam, look, the card game was being operated by a Filipino gang who are beefing with the Yakuza, and the robbery happened just a couple hours after you called in sick, so I just I need you to tell me that you weren't involved in any way.
(whispers): Right.
STEVE: What is this? STEVE: What is this? Sorry, Steve.
Adam You're sorry? What, you're just gonna walk out of my office? Wait.
Hey, Adam.
Hey! I'm talking to you! I've had your back from day one.
When the FBI was all over you, they wanted you for murder.
When everything was going on with Noriko.
Huh? And now, now you won't even show me the courtesy of explaining to me what the hell is going on.
You're right, Steve.
After everything you've done for me, you deserve the truth.
(choked up): I can't give you that.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) DANNY: Maybe you misunderstood his meaning.
STEVE: He took his badge and his gun off and put 'em on my table and walked out the door, Danny.
The meaning's pretty clear, is it not? Huh, he lost faith in your leadership skills? - Stupid.
- I don't know, there's got to be a reasonable explanation.
That's what I said, and that's what I asked him for.
And here's the thing.
Historically, any time Adam's been in trouble, he's come to me and been transparent about it, regardless of the nature of the trouble.
But this time, nothing.
I-I understand.
So, give me a chance to talk to him.
- That's all.
- Have at it.
I'm telling you, he looks good for this robbery.
Duke is gonna go after him.
And, frankly, I can't blame him.
I understand.
Let me talk to him.
I mean, I'm-I'm the guy who gave him his badge.
Let me see why he wants to throw it away, that's all.
All right.
Do me a favor, would you? Until we, uh, get to the bottom of this, maybe just keep it between you and me.
Can you manage that? Can I man ? I'm the, I'm the picture of discretion.
Sure I can manage it.
You're the picture of homelessness.
What's going on? You didn't go home last night? - Go ahead.
- Hang on.
So, I went home, and, uh, there was a smell.
A smell? There was a sewage backup at my place.
Um and, uh, it was pretty gross.
I-I ended up spending most of the night - trying to clean it up.
- Let me get this straight.
You invented a fake mold story at your house so you could stay at my house, and in the meantime - the sewage explodes at your house? - Yeah.
Yeah, the irony is not lost on me.
But I want you to know that the reason, in the first place, that I went to your place and created that mold story is to be there for you - in your time of need.
- Yes.
And I was very touched.
Thank you.
So you got your, uh got your stuff back out of the house to save it from the aggressive smell.
You even brought a little bons I didn't know you kept bonsai.
This is a Uh, yeah, I got it a couple of months ago.
It's actually, um, for therapeutic purposes.
You trim it a couple times a week, and it's and it's supposed to promote new growth.
I hadn't planned on sharing it with you, or anybody else for that matter.
But if you want to make fun of me I'm not making fun of you, Mr.
I think it's nice.
It's a very Zen thing.
A lot of people do it, and frankly I'm glad you have a hobby that doesn't involve annoying me.
- You know? - Right.
Here's the thing.
The sewage thing is not gonna be, like, an easy cleanup.
Um, it's actually a big deal.
They-they got to pull up the floorboards, and there's water damage and all that kind of stuff.
So I now, uh, in the meantime, need a a place to crash.
For real now.
Yes, you can stay at my house for another week or two, it's fine.
Six to eight weeks, says the contractor.
- Whatever.
- Wow, you folded very - quickly there.
- (phone ringing) Yeah, well I mean, you using all my clean towels is kind of the least of my worries with everything else going on.
Oh, copy that.
We'll get right on it.
GROVER: So, what happened here? Earlier this morning, a helicopter registered to a company called Oahu Sunrise Tours was in the middle of one of its scenic flyovers when, according to eyewitnesses, it exploded.
We have seven confirmed fatalities.
- Six passengers and the pilot.
- Okay.
So, uh, we're standing in NTSB's way for what? You gonna tell me it wasn't an accident? Apparently, a spark in the fuel line could have caused an explosion like this.
But according to FAA's paperwork, they said that the chopper was inspected a week ago and was in shipshape.
And then there's this.
So, this is audio that was provided to us by the tour company.
Lucky for us, - all in-flight comms are recorded.
- Yeah.
PILOT: And if you guys look out the right-side window, you'll see Koko Head.
It's an easy 1,048 steps to the top of that crater.
Don't worry if you missed your photo op, I'm - (explosion) - Wow.
See, there's no alarm that goes off in the cockpit.
There's no indication that the pilot even knew there was something wrong.
So what are you thinking? There was a bomb on board or what? It's the most plausible explanation, but the question is: why target that specific chopper? Yeah.
Well, a bomb aboard any aircraft Usually terrorism, but I don't know if I buy that with, uh, this being such a small target.
No, there was no bomb on the helo.
You can check this out.
See this hole right here? It's from the blast.
Except the puncture is from the outside in.
Like it was hit by a projectile.
My best guess a rocket launcher.
So someone shot the helicopter out of the sky.
I'm so sorry, Auntie.
I love you.
I'll see you later.
Hey, how'd that go? (scoffs) Awful.
I mean, it's all awful, right? I shouldn't be the one telling her her brother (sobs) Hey.
(sobs) I'm so sorry.
No, come on.
Don't be sorry, Tamiko.
It's just, it's so much at once.
Dad's gone.
There are all these people to tell, decisions to make.
Hey, hey.
Hey let's not forget you were also kidnapped yesterday.
(laughing) I'm glad you're here.
Where else would I be? It's odd, though.
You're here.
You see my pain, my family's pain.
The people you work with (sighs) Won't be long before they find out what happened.
When they do, they won't exactly be grieving the news that my father's gone.
Or did you tell them already? I did speak to Steve, but Tamiko, there's something you should know.
Not exactly your standard fare, the old rocket launcher.
It must be pretty hard to get ahold of.
Well, MANPADS are pretty easy to get on the black market nowadays.
Yeah, they cost you around 500 bucks.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
"Man pads"? Yeah, man-portable air defense system.
I thought you was talking about something else.
You and your fancy acronyms.
- (chuckles) - What's up? So, um, this cove is a pretty popular surf spot in the summer, - so I searched it on SurfScanner.
- What's that? It's a service.
They put cameras on the beach to live-stream the swells.
Anyway, I found an archived stream of this cove.
Check it out.
This is 8:42 a.
This is right before the 911 call about the explosion.
Here's the instant replay.
There's our rocket launcher.
It was fired from that ridge right there.
Boomski Welcome, people Hawaii, place we call home Ohana over everything, we're never alone Mauka to Makai, '88, homegrown You'll never kill our vibe, never kill our vibe, no Hawaii, place we call home Ohana over everything, we're never alone Mauka to Makai, '88, homegrown You'll never kill our vibe, never kill our vibe, no Straight from Hawaii, west of Oahu Where you can find fiends tweakin' Fiendin' for that bottle Home of the bangers, home of the brave Puttin' on for my Polys till the day I see my grave It's west side, baby, till my heart stop beatin' I'm on Farrington in a hardtop speedin' I be ridin' dirty so I'm watching for the Po-pos Relievin' my stress thanks to that pakalolo.
GROVER: So, we got seven innocent people dead, all with nothing in common aside from being passengers in that helicopter this morning.
All right.
Do we know which one was the intended target? I'm betting on this guy.
Ellison Jones.
Ellison was a Wall Street hedge fund manager, and he was apparently pretty successful.
That is, according to the bio on his company's website.
Nothing really about anybody who might have wanted him dead.
Nothing on that yet, except when Ellison landed here on Oahu, the first thing he did to start his tropical vacation was go to a local bank, withdraw 50 Gs.
DANNY: That's a lot of piña coladas.
And despite the fact that Ellison is unmarried and booked the helicopter tour for himself only, he was holding down two rooms at the Grand Honolulu Hotel.
All right.
Well, that's a good place to start.
- (phone ringing) - Oh.
Hey, look, it's Joons.
I'm gonna patch him in.
STEVE: Junior, you find anything on that hillside? Yeah.
I found this.
- Oh.
- Nice.
All right, Junior, those things usually have a serial number.
Have you had a look yet? Yeah, I did, and it does.
- I'm sending a photo your way now.
- (computer chiming) Just got it.
Thank you.
I'm gonna reach out to our folks at the DoD, see if they can trace it.
In the meantime, let's get it back to CSU and have them run it for prints, please.
- Will do, boss.
- Yeah.
Nice find, Junior.
Talk to you soon, all right? Mahalo.
Hey, Danny, Tani, you guys maybe head over to the Grand Honolulu, see if we can find out why this Ellison Jones guy needs two rooms and a big pile of cash.
Lou, why don't you dig into the rest of these people that were on board, see if we're missing anything.
Thank you.
Hey, you want to take a break? We can step outside.
- I'm fine.
- You know, people wouldn't mind - if you need some time - Tamiko.
(sighs deeply) I'm so sorry for your loss.
TAMIKO: Thank you.
You should know, we made sure that the man who did this did not make it out of the jungle last night.
It won't bring Masuda-San back, but perhaps it will bring some small comfort.
WOMAN: Tamiko.
I'm so sorry, sweetie.
(whispers): Hey, - I'll be right back, okay? - Okay.
(speaking indistinctly) I've got to say, that was quite the performance, Kenji.
Not a performance.
I loved Masuda-San.
I'm sure you did.
Right up until the moment when you killed him.
You should know, whatever leverage you thought you had on me, it's gone.
I quit Five-O.
If anything quitting Five-O only leaves you more exposed.
Your friends are going to be looking into Masuda's final hours.
What if they learn that you brought a bound and gagged man to his house? What if they learn that man never left? I have men who will say that you pulled the trigger yourself.
(laughs softly) Someone in your position should have few vulnerabilities, Noshimuri.
(speaking indistinctly) You have many.
- DANNY: Well, this is very confusing.
- I mean, I-I would think that a guy that could pull out $50,000 cash like it's nothing would be staying at a nice place.
This is a dump.
I mean, this guy's basically staying in-in-in the boiler room.
TANI (over phone): Boiler room? What, is that some baby boomer lingo? Did you say "baby boomer"? That's I'm-I'm offended.
My feelings are hurt.
And I-I should fire you just for saying that.
And for your edification, the boiler room is the place in which the they boil, uh, energy to power things.
Thanks, Bill Nye.
Well, the penthouse suite is great.
It's wonderful.
It's full of women's clothing, so I don't think Ellison was staying here.
So the-the multimillionaire stays in the basement and his lady friend, uh, gets the fancy suite.
Wonder who his lucky companion is.
(door opens) I don't know, but I think I'm about to find out.
- (door closes) - (screams) Who the hell are you? That's funny.
I was gonna ask you the same question.
Just so we're clear here, I didn't break any laws.
My relationship with Ellison is completely legal.
DANNY: Okay.
What-what is your relationship with him? - I'm his findomme.
- Oh.
ROX: Cash master.
Money mistress? Mm Okay, here, I'll show you.
You got a 20? Uh, yeah, sure.
See, some men Rich men Men who never hear "no," sometimes they enjoy being controlled where it hurts the most.
(flicks lighter) Their wallets.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
TANI: Wow.
She actually did that.
Did you enjoy that? - No, I didn't enjoy that at all.
- Well, then, you probably don't need my services.
- (chuckles) Uh, yeah, I don't think, uh, Ellison Jones needs your services anymore, either.
What do you mean? He was on a helicopter this morning and there was an explosion.
I'm-I'm sorry, but he didn't make it.
(exhales) Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
This is all my fault.
He wasn't even supposed to be on that helicopter.
What do you mean? The scenic tour was booked for me three days ago.
But then, I don't know, the pilot canceled a few hours before takeoff, and (chuckles) Well, I didn't get around to rescheduling, and when I finally did, he only had this morning available and I had a personal shopper booked.
So I sent Ellison instead.
So the pilot canceled your tour three days ago? Yeah, like, a few hours before takeoff.
DANNY: Okay, uh, did he tell you why he needed to cancel? Mechanical issues.
He said that he had to take the helicopter to the shop.
Okay, uh just excuse us for a sec.
Two things.
The first thing, I'm actually disappointed that my school didn't cover findommes on career day.
Um, the second that, that excuse about the mechanical error, that doesn't track 'cause the chopper was inspected and cleared a week ago.
Okay, so-so-so the pilot lied.
Let me call Lou.
You want to ? - Yeah.
I do.
- Yeah.
(phone beeps) (line ringing) - GROVER: This is Grover.
- Hey, um I think maybe our pilot might be worth looking into for this, not the, uh, millionaire.
- I would be inclined to agree.
- Yeah? Why's that? Because HPD's at the guy's house right now, and just getting into that place was a challenge.
He's got some high-tech security system, a less-than-friendly German shepherd, padlocks, the whole nine, and all recently acquired.
Plus, the guy had two unregistered firearms and a stockpile of ammo.
So, yeah, probably the millionaire wasn't, uh, the target.
The guy flying him was.
He knew that hit was coming.
He just didn't know how.
GROVER: Bad news.
No fingerprints on the MANPAD.
- How'd you do with the DoD? - STEVE: Well, we managed to trace the rocket.
Well, that's a start, right? Yeah.
What-What-What's the matter? STEVE: The rocket that brought our helo down was part of a much larger shipment of munitions that was stolen from a Soviet manufacturer in Kolomna, Russia years ago.
Investigators on the case never made any arrests, but they were all convinced that these weapons ended up in the hands of a well-known arms trader by the name of Wo Fat.
Way to bury the lede.
STEVE: Look, I mean, the guy's been dead for years.
This doesn't change anything.
It certainly doesn't help us narrow down the suspect pool.
Wo Fat sold weapons to dozens of syndicates all around the world, right? And this weapon in particular could've changed hands multiple times since he died.
What about the pilot? We get anything on him? Yeah, um .
Jordan Natua is the owner, founder and operator of Oahu Sunrise Tours.
- Okay.
- Now, the guy's been a pilot for 35 years on this island.
He's got no criminal record.
So it strikes me as very odd that just three days ago, this guy gets a sudden onset case of paranoia and starts spending a bunch of cash, beefing up his security.
Three days ago, that's also when he canceled Rox Gilmore's scenic tour.
GROVER: Well, that wasn't the only one he canceled.
As a matter of fact, he canceled the entire day's worth of tours.
At a cost of $6,500 in fees, just poof Did he tell all the other ticket holders - that his helicopter was in the shop? - Correct.
STEVE: We need to figure out why Natua changed his plans that day.
Well, hell, maybe somebody else hired him.
Man, ain't nobody walking away from $6,500 for one day's work unless you got a better offer.
TANI: Okay, I'm gonna reach out to NTSB and see if there's any evidence of a transponder in the wreckage.
If there was one on the chopper, that means we can pull the flight records from the FAA, find out if and where that chopper was flying on the day he canceled the tours.
You know, pull up the cell phone records as well.
Let's see if we can clock some of Natua's movements, because whatever he was up to three days ago is likely the reason that helo came out of the sky.
And whoever he pissed off was willing to kill six innocent people to get to him.
WOMAN: That an '85 or an '86? '85.
Good eye.
I used to drive an '84.
I miss that car.
Yeah, well, your new one's not half bad.
- A Maserati.
- No.
But the El Camino it has soul.
Take care of it.
You're gonna miss it one day.
Thank you.
Hey, you guys have a good day.
(engine starts) TANI: Despite the fact that he canceled all his tours three days ago for "mechanical issues," Jordan Natua's transponder said he did in fact take the chopper out.
This was his route.
What happened? At 11:16 a.
, he turned his transponder off.
That's not sketchy.
TANI: It gets sketchier.
Nine minutes later, he turns it back on and returns - to the heliport.
- STEVE: Okay, we need to figure out what happened in that nine minutes; that's the key - to this whole thing.
- Well, we know where he went dark.
All right, well, how fast does this helicopter go? I mean, single engine, 160 miles per hour, tops.
All right, so he couldn't have gone that far - in nine minutes, right? - No.
Well, whatever happened, it happened within this radius.
STEVE: There's a no-fly zone in that radius.
I mean, maybe Natua turned his transponder off so he could enter that no-fly zone without alerting the FAA.
Why, why is it a no-fly zone? There's no, uh, airport, there's no military base, I don't get it.
It's a protected habitat for the nene geese.
The nene geese have their own no-fly zone.
- It's the Hawaiian state bird, - I get it.
It makes no sense because they don't really fly that much.
Okay, I'm gonna reach out to HPD, see if they can lend us a helo.
We need to get up here and see what our pilot was into.
Tani, would you reach out to the FAA and tell them we're gonna enter the no-fly zone for this investigation, please.
- Danny, let's go.
- Hey, if you need me, I will be on a wild goose chase.
No paperwork.
Understood? Got it.
(phone rings) ADAM: Yeah, you've reached Adam Noshimuri.
No answer.
No answer.
Just 'cause you can get cell reception at 1,500 feet does not mean you should use it.
It's against FCC regulations.
- Oh, is it? - Yes, it is.
We're in a no-fly zone.
I think me using my cell phone is the least of our worries.
Well, Adam's not gonna pick up anyway.
Look, I'm gonna push us a quarter-mile north.
Make yourself useful, will you? Grab those.
Let me ask you a question.
I'm just curious.
What do you think happened? You think Adam just completely lost his mind and decided to start killing gangsters? Out of nowhere? Is that what is that, is that the thing? I don't know, Danny.
I got to stick to the facts.
Adam has Yakuza ties.
It's possible something happened that could've pulled him back in.
There's got to be a better explanation.
Well, what ? I asked him to explain.
What did he do? What did he do? He quit the team.
- Yeah.
I know.
- Yeah.
- It doesn't make any sense.
- I know.
I agree.
Well, maybe he's just bad with people.
Doesn't make any sense.
Hey, hey.
Hey! - What do you got? - Go back, go back, go back.
Brown roof.
Brown roof.
Right here.
Look it, look, look.
Right there.
I s - I see I see - What can you see? It's a body.
Looks like security.
Well, Steve, we got another one.
STEVE: Both these bodies are in rigor.
I'm thinking they got killed last night.
Didn't have a chance to pull his weapon.
You ready? STEVE: Clear.
(exhales) Clear.
Think I figured out why there's a small army guarding this place.
Now, these gun racks have all been cleared out.
All these crates were used to store MANPADS and other ordnance.
Yeah, this doesn't seem like a, um, a nutjob with a gun fetish.
There was enough firepower in here to start a war.
And now it's all out there.
After losing my fiancé on my wedding day, I thought I'd felt all the pain I could feel.
It's different with a parent.
They're the first ones to know us and love us.
No matter the differences we may have with them losing them is like losing a safety net you knew was always there.
I didn't have differences with my dad.
I just hated his way of life.
And yet today, when Kenji mentioned the comfort he got from vengeance I wanted nothing more than to be Yakuza myself.
Wouldn't that be easier? If all it took to feel better was to know the man who killed my father is dead? Tamiko, how well do you know your father's men? (sirens blaring) Okay, ATF's been notified.
They have a crew on the way.
Also, HPD found a chain link fence on the west side of the property.
It's been cut, top to bottom.
I mean, from infil to exfil, this was an extremely well-orchestrated operation.
- Mm-hmm.
- Not one shot was fired in defense, and no alarms were raised.
Yeah, they were not only good.
They were prepared.
They also used our helicopter pilot, Natua, to recon the grounds, right? Get a layout of all the terrain, look at how many security personnel there were, - their locations.
- Right.
Then Natua catches on, he realizes what he's involved in.
That's probably why he beefed up his home security.
Yeah, figured that crew was gonna come after him.
And that they did, with a rocket launcher, no less.
- Yeah.
- Problem solved.
- JUNIOR: Hey, y'all.
- STEVE: Hey.
So, we just ID'd our dead homeowner.
His name is Jon Tang.
He's a known associate of Wo Fat.
ATF could never get a bead on his location, but they suspected - that he inherited Wo Fat's arsenal.
- Arsenal.
"Arsenal" is putting it lightly, man.
What we saw in that basement This guy had fully-automatic rifles and short-range missiles in those crates, along with the MANPADS.
TANI: Right, so the crew came in using deadly force, and they left with even more.
- Yeah.
- Steve? - Huh? - Check this out.
Excuse me.
All right, so CSU accessed the feed from last night.
Go ahead.
Pull it up.
STEVE: I mean look at that.
That's surgical precision.
These guys didn't come here to make mistakes.
Check this out.
Go ahead.
See? Bad habits.
They get you every time.
JUNIOR: Freeze that frame.
I've seen that guy before.
What are you talking about? I was at the station today pumping gas, and I struck a conversation with this woman, - and he was driving her SUV.
- That guy? - There's no way.
- Yeah.
A hundred percent sure.
This just happened a couple hours ago.
Oh, it can't be a coincidence.
We got to find out who this guy is.
(bell chimes) Hi.
I called ahead about the Japanese blended whiskey.
The 18-year.
JUNIOR: That's him right there.
Me and that lady talked about cars, that's it.
They seemed harmless.
I grabbed a couple of frames of this footage and ran 'em both through facial rec.
Now, there was nothing on the guy with the braids, but that lady right there, she returned an Interpol Red Notice.
Her name is Daiyu Mei.
She escaped a Chinese prison.
Anybody want to take a stab at what she was doing time for? Trafficking illegal weapons.
I submitted a request for her file.
- Classified.
- Well, at least we know who's behind the heist at Tang Mansion.
But why was she so interested in talking to Junior? That was our friend at Interpol.
There's been a request for your records.
It came from Five-O.
Then there's no room for error from here on.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you very much.
- What's happening? - Governor's up to speed.
She's not exactly thrilled this amount of firepower is about to hit the streets.
All right, well, we're still waiting on Interpol to send over Daiyu Mei's file.
In the meantime, we got a BOLO out.
All right.
Are you expecting him? No.
Hey, Duke, what's going on? Just got word.
Hajime Masuda is dead.
What? How'd that happen? O.
got reports that he had a stroke last night.
Yeah, 'cause most Yakuza bosses die from natural causes, like a stroke.
- I don't think so.
- LUKELA: There's more, though.
Adam Noshimuri has been seen coming and going - from the Masuda residence.
- DANNY: Right.
That-that makes sense because Adam's girlfriend is Masuda's daughter.
Duke, y-you're aware of that.
You know that.
Yeah? Maybe this is why Adam quit.
Right? Tamiko just lost her father.
She-She-She's nervous.
We do a dangerous job.
She doesn't want Adam to get hurt.
She asks him to quit.
Okay, even if that's the case, why wouldn't he just tell us the old man's dead? You know, your father predicted this moment.
What do you mean? (sighs) I told him I'd arrest him one day.
He had a good laugh at that.
He said, uh, I wasn't fooling him, wearing that badge.
That I couldn't escape where I come from or who I am.
I guess he was right.
Are you sure you want to do this? Noshimuri, they're ready for you.
So, there's no real news as far as how she got onto the Island, but we got some info from Interpol on our suspect Daiyu Mei.
Including four different aliases that she's been known to use.
One of which has her home address in Central Florida.
Now, that Florida address also appears in these articles of incorporation for a shell company.
One that leases a storage building right here on the Island.
Sounds like the kind of place you could store some stolen weapons, doesn't it? Let's go.
(tires screeching) STEVE: I need SWAT and air support to 1408 Whitman Street.
Gentlemen, right on time.
(sirens wailing) PILOT: This is Air Three.
We're en route.
DAIYU MEI: Excellent.
HOWELL: If you don't mind, I'd like to see what I'm buying.
Of course.
The BGM-71 TOW.
Impressively destructive for its small size.
The Stinger, which my colleague here can attest to its effectiveness.
All right, let's move out.
Move, move.
Come on.
And the M4.
Fires up to 950 rounds per minute.
Improved ergonomic efficiency over the M16.
And remarkably easy to load.
How about a demonstration? - Run! Run! - (grunts) (indistinct shouting) Clear.
- TANI: I'm not seeing any weapons.
- Yeah, it's clear.
STEVE: That's a lot of surveillance for an empty warehouse, wouldn't you say? Well, I guess now she knows we're onto her.
Gee, I bet that's what she wanted.
That's why she kept her name on this building.
That's why she wanted Junior to see her face.
She's been one step ahead of us the whole time.
Hmm, you've sustained a bullet to the lung.
Maybe more than one.
If you don't get medical attention in the next 15 minutes, you'll die.
I'd be happy to call an ambulance for you, if you can agree to do me one favor.
When they arrive, tell the policemen you have a message for Steve McGarrett.
Can you remember that? It's very important you remember.
(weak gasp) Tell him my name is Daiyu Mei.
He might not know me, but he'll be familiar with my late husband, Wo Fat.
(groaning) Tell him I look forward to meeting him soon.

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