Hawaii Five-0 s10e12 Episode Script

Ihea 'oe i ka wa a ka ua e loku ana? (Where were you when the rain was pouring?)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O - I love Masuda-san.
- I'm sure you did.
Any suggestion I was somehow involved in - Masuda-san's death? - Not a suggestion.
Pretty convenient for you that the only people who could confirm this are now dead.
I will make sure the authorities find out about your role in everything that took place tonight.
STEVE: Robbery happened just a couple hours after you called in sick, so I just need you to tell me that you weren't involved.
Sorry, Steve.
GROVER: That lady right there, she returned an Interpol Red Notice.
Her name is Daiyu Mei.
Tell the policemen you have a message for Steve McGarrett.
GROVER: She escaped a Chinese prison.
He'll be familiar with my late husband, Wo Fat.
("Takin' Care of Business" playing) (tires screeching) Set a perimeter.
Lock this lobby down.
Nobody in, nobody out.
Warning, take the 8:15 into the city There's a whistle up above And people pushin', people shovin' And the girls who try to look pretty And if your train's on time, you can get to work by 9:00 And start your slaving job - To get your pay - (beeping) - If you ever get annoyed - Five-O! Hands! Look at me, I'm self-employed I love to work at nothing all day - And I'll be taking care of business - JUNIOR: All clear! Same.
How 'bout that for a disappearing act.
Not ten minutes ago, Intel had our guy right in this room.
Maybe our Intel was bad? (phone ringing) (ringing continues) MAN: The men you're looking for just slipped into the adjoining room.
Who is this? Trust me.
They're in there.
You should also know they have a hostage.
(line clicks) - (gunshots) - (shouting) - (screaming) - Oh, my God! (screaming) (gunshots) (crying) Five-O! Drop your weapons! - (grunts) - (screams) Junior, on me.
The rest of you, take the back stairs! (thumping) (gunshots) Move! Move! Move! (gunshots) (clamoring) (grunts) OFFICER: Freeze! - (gunshots) - (shouting) (grunting) Down! Everybody down! Now! Stay down! - (grunting) - Over there! (gunshots) Be advised, suspect last seen headed east on Koa.
I lost him.
You let him get away? Who are you? I'm the guy on the phone.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) You're a private eye? Thomas Magnum.
And this is my partner, Juliet Higgins.
And I prefer - "private investigator.
" - Oh, so you're a creep-and-peep.
Excuse me? - Same thing.
- STEVE: So, what exactly are you investigating? I'm so sorry, but I'm not sure that we're going to be inclined to indulge this rather brusque line of questioning.
- Oh, you're very English.
- STEVE: See this little badge here? This badge says you don't have a choice in the matter.
I know that name.
You're a team guy, right? I was a team guy, too.
- Is that right? - GROVER: Well, are you aware that we can hold this team, too, for interfering with an investigation? Maybe.
But unless you're gonna charge us with something, you're gonna have to let us go.
Well, let's test that theory then.
Go on.
Turn around.
Oh, let me guess you have a rendition room in the basement where you'll leverage us until we cooperate.
- So? - STEVE: Hold up a second.
I like this one.
HIGGINS: All I'm saying is, for the record, a simple "please" would have sufficed.
STEVE: What exactly are you investigating? Please.
We, um We're hired on a job.
This woman thought her husband was cheating on her.
He was staying out late, taking a lot of business trips, so we follow the guy.
This is him.
Daniel Hong.
Pharmaceutical rep.
Wait a minute, so the dead guy who just shot at us, that's your client's husband? Yeah.
Believe me, we were as astonished as you are.
MAGNUM: Anyway, he gets a room at this hotel, and we assume he was gonna meet a woman there.
So we set up shop next door with a camera.
HIGGINS: But instead of being visited by a woman, Hong greeted a gentleman.
So there we are, thinking, "Okay, this woman doesn't know her husband as well as she thinks she does.
" But, alas, nothing more occurred.
Then Hong handed off a small envelope to the man.
And then they just sat there and had a rather polite conversation.
Well, that is, until you guys showed up - (tires screech) - when, uh, Hong's associate - gets a call on his phone - (phone rings) and they draw their weapons and then break into the room next door.
(screaming) GROVER: Well, I guess philandering would've been a step up from whatever this guy's into.
STEVE: So Hong's visitor must've had somebody posted outside there somewhere to let 'em know when people were coming up.
HIGGINS: All right.
Your turn to divulge.
MAGNUM: Yeah, I mean, we cooperated.
Told you everything we know.
A little reciprocity's in order, I think.
The man that was with Hong is an associate of a woman by the name of Daiyu Mei.
Who's that? She's a Chinese national that recently arrived in Hawaii after escaping from Qincheng Prison.
TANI: We think that she's here to reestablish the operation of her deceased husband, - arms trafficker Wo Fat.
- Wo Fat.
GROVER: Why doesn't somebody else say his name.
Maybe he'll pop up like Beetlejuice.
You know who this guy is? Yeah, he was on an MI6 watch list.
How would you know that? She's an ex-spy.
Very cool.
I like that.
So, as far as we were aware, Wo Fat mainly operates in the Southeast theater, with a couple of financial investments in Europe.
Yeah, well, a bullet to the head stopped him from making any profits on those transactions.
QUINN: We got a tip that Daiyu Mei was sending somebody here for a meeting.
We were hoping to be able to flip him for information on where her location is.
TANI: And that's clearly not gonna work, because we don't even know what he looks like, let alone have an I.
Hold on.
You don't know what he looks like? How is that even possible? Uh, the specifics were a little hazy 'cause of all the bullets flying around our heads.
Fair enough.
You might not know what he looks like, - but we do.
- Oh, yeah.
You had a camera set up.
We're gonna need to see those pictures.
(chuckles) Uh, that's gonna be a bit of a problem.
Unfortunately, Thomas here made a bit of a pig's ear - of that one.
- I did? Me? It was your camera.
How was I supposed to know the SD card was corrupted? Gee, good question.
I don't know.
Perhaps by checking it.
Sorry, when it comes to technology, he's a total numpty.
- Okay.
- Back the truck up.
Are you two saying you don't have the pictures? - Correct.
- That's right.
TANI: Well, a description is better than nothing.
GROVER: Well, I guess they can help us get some kind of a composite drawing going then.
Do me a favor.
Reach out to your boy at CSU.
Have him send a sketch artist to sit with these guys.
- Let's go.
You're coming with us.
- Hold on, hold on.
Uh, we're working a case here, too.
Where? - Your subject's dead.
- Dead.
STEVE: Look, you guys are our only witnesses, okay? We need your help.
And I'm pretty sure you want to get your hands on the man responsible for getting your client's husband killed.
- We do.
- Okay, great, then it's settled.
We're working together.
I guess we're working together.
Now, this is a proper setup.
Come on, it's just a bigger laptop.
How'd it go? Good, good.
Thomas and Juliet spoke to the composite artist, and their description of the suspect was mostly consistent.
Running facial rec now.
I still think his chin was a little longer.
Okay, well, I'm about to prove you wrong.
QUINN: And no hits.
He's not - in the system.
- HIGGINS: Okay.
That's disappointing.
But not entirely unsurprising.
Look, if you want to find this guy, you're gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way.
These fancy computers can't compete with strong intuition.
He's just trying to impress you.
Every opportunity he gets, he asks me to reach for my laptop - in search of a break.
- STEVE: Okay, well, I think we should probably go with our strongest lead, and right now that is your client's husband, Daniel Hong.
- You've been to his house, I presume? - Sure.
STEVE: All right, Mr.
Private Investigator.
You're with me.
In the meantime, your client is up at the M.
's office I.
'ing the body.
So, Tani, why don't you go check in with her.
I will have Lou look into Hong's employer, all right? Great.
And, uh, Higgins, you should probably go with Tani and-and do some stuff, too.
Thanks, Magnum.
I can set my own tasks.
- Cool.
- So, I have a rather good rapport with Mrs.
I could come with you, if you'd like? Yeah, actually.
That would be really helpful.
- Thank you.
- Great.
Is there a problem? Uh, you mean, other than the fact that I'm a passenger in my own car? No.
Oh, no, I just I-I like to drive.
- It's kind of my thing.
- Well, this car is kind of my thing being that it belongs to me.
But it doesn't matter whose car it is.
I drive.
Kind of like a Rain Man situation? It's fine.
Don't worry about it.
You're you're a wonderful driver.
- Making fun of me now? - For control issues? No, I would never do that.
It'd be rude.
Look, I like to drive, that's all.
- I'm sure your partner loves that.
- He's fine with it.
I have a sneaking suspicion he's not.
Let me ask you a question.
How does a P.
afford a Ferrari? Okay.
All right, you got me.
It's not technically my car.
I do consulting work for Robin Masters, and he lets me drive his car.
Robin Masters, the author Robin Masters? Yeah.
You a fan? I mean, I've read a couple of the White Knight books.
They're entertaining.
Not exactly realistic, though.
There's no way a character that cocky would ever, ever make it through BUD/S.
Really? See, that's funny, because, uh, Robin was embedded with my team when he was researching his first book.
You're saying you're the White Knight? Well, that is classified.
But I will say that the lead character is based on a heroic, charismatic individual who will do anything to get the job done.
Ah, got it.
So it's not based on you.
Well, hold on.
I'm not saying it's not based on me.
What you are saying is that it's possible I'm in the presence of greatness right now.
(laughs) Okay.
Nice save.
ERIN: I woke up this morning thinking I might have to start looking for a divorce lawyer.
Wondering what my life would be like without Daniel in it, and now this happens.
Erin, when you hired us, you said that Daniel was acting suspiciously? Yeah.
He always traveled for work, but lately, the trips had become more frequent.
I can see why you would think that.
But based on everything we know, it's clear that your husband was not having an affair.
We do think he was involved with some very dangerous people.
- (phone beeps) - Do you recognize this man? No.
HIGGINS: And in terms of travel, could you tell us the last few cities that Daniel visited? Last week, he was in Portland and L.
Before that, it was Denver.
What? We looked into your husband's travel records.
In the last two months, he made nine trips.
All to China.
(tires screeching) (phone rings) Hey, Tani.
What's up? TANI: Hey.
We just finished talking to the wife.
All right, good.
We just got to the house.
Okay, nice.
Hong is still here.
Noelani's got her doing paperwork.
We'll hold her here as long as we can.
All right, copy that.
Talk to you in a little bit.
What do you think? Gonna get lucky? (grunts) No key.
- All right.
I'll take the back door.
- Don't worry about it.
I got it.
- You, uh, you got it, you said? - Yeah, I got it.
Is this is this a thing? - You do this often? - No, only when I have to.
Come on, you telling me you never break the rules? I didn't say I don't break the rules, but I got a badge that says - I can.
- Perfect.
- (lock clicks) - That means if, uh, we get caught, you can do the explaining.
After you.
Okay, so, just so I'm clear, breaking into people's homes is or is not a regular part of your job? Only when it's required.
You know, honestly, I should charge extra for it.
Call it hazard pay.
Guy with your skill set, you should consider law enforcement.
Eh, the hours don't suit me.
I'm more of a "improvise as you go," not necessarily a by-the-book rule follower.
That's never stopped me.
(refrigerator humming) What, are you looking for a snack? No, the fridge is running loud, like the condenser's working too hard.
Sounds like something's blocking the airflow.
- Nice find.
- Oh, look at that! Old school works every time.
Except it's in Chinese.
Which, apparently, you know how to read.
Our vic's wife should be getting back any minute.
Let's take that to go.
Come on.
(gun cocks) Uh Home security? - Look, we were just leaving.
- MAN: Take his gun.
Remove the mag.
Clear the chamber.
Then toss it.
Now give me the folder.
(sighs) Oh, come on, man.
You took his gun already.
Let us keep something.
Now or I shoot your chatty friend.
Him? He's not my friend.
I barely know this guy.
- I met this guy today.
- (chuckles): That's not true.
Honestly we're pals, - known each other for years - Met him today.
I could just err on the safe side and shoot you both.
Relax, all right? (air hissing) Come on, man! Those tires are $800! Each! (engine starts) - (tires screeching) - Who the hell was that? I don't know.
But on the plus side, technically, that's not your car.
That's not a plus.
Okay, this is, like, the most boring reality show I've ever seen.
There's 32 cameras in this hotel, and I haven't seen a single cat-fight.
And, more pertinently, there's just no sign of Hong or the fellow he met with.
Well, Junior and Quinn look bored to tears, so I'm guessing they're having about the same amount of luck that we are.
Well, at least with the four of us, we'll make light work of it.
You all seem pretty well-drilled.
There's none of that counterproductive dysfunction you usually encounter in office environments like this.
We're very functional.
No, I mean, you're all playing your own roles.
You have a healthy respect for your colleagues.
There's none of those tedious office romances.
Or did I speak too soon? (laughs) I didn't say anything.
So there's something to say? Nothing's happened.
So, he likes you, too, but neither of you have done anything about it.
You're one to talk, all right? Look at you and Magnum.
All your all your playful banter and adorable bickering.
I- I see what's up.
Oh, please.
Thomas and I have a strictly professional relationship.
But a while ago I did get heavily involved with someone I worked with at MI6.
Really? What happened? (sighs) It was great.
For a while.
Until it wasn't.
(knocking on glass) - Please tell me you found Waldo.
- Yeah.
See for yourself.
Unauthorized vehicle at the service entrance at the time of the meet.
The driver stays with the ride.
Passenger heads inside.
QUINN: We had to blow it up, so the security footage - is very degraded.
- HIGGINS: But that could be the chap that our client's husband was meeting with.
Yeah, I'm thinking the driver was the one who alerted them when we showed up.
Oh, nicely done, Eagle Eye.
QUINN: The faces are too pixilated to make out much detail.
I'll see what I can do to enhance them.
STEVE: Hey, yo, fellas, thanks for the ride.
I would've called my people, but Magnum insisted on calling you guys.
Sounds about right.
We're used to it.
MAGNUM: Hey, just so I know, what kind of SEAL are you, exactly? - Is that a question? - Well, you were happy to let that guy shoot me.
So much for "no man left behind.
" I wasn't gonna let him shoot you.
I was just making sure he understood that you weren't worth anything to me, so he couldn't use you as leverage.
- Nice save.
- Thanks.
TC: I'm sorry, I got to ask.
There's this SEAL named McGarrett that we always used to hear about.
Fought in Operation Avalanche and the Battle of Garmsir.
He also led the team that rescued those hostages in Karachi.
Yeah, that was me.
(chuckles) Man, you realize this is the same cat that took out Anton - and Victor Hess? - Yeah.
So? TC: So? This dude is a legit legend.
RICK: You know, and I'm glad you brought it up, because I was gonna do it if you didn't do it.
I-I just want to say, sir, it's an honor.
Thank you, bud.
MAGNUM: I don't know why you guys are making such a big deal I mean, - we all served here, right? - RICK: Well, look, we've all swung a bat, too, but we're not all Ty Cobb.
- Or Jackie Robinson.
- Jackie Robinson! This guy's Jackie Robinson! Okay, I know, I know what you're doing.
- I know what you're doing.
- Hanging out with Jackie Robinson.
TC: Fellas, fellas, we are in the presence of greatness.
MAGNUM: TC, you have literally never driven so slow.
My bad, brother.
My bad.
(chuckles) Hey.
GROVER: So, you got to drive a Ferrari? - How was it? - Dude, we just got held up at gunpoint, and that's your first question to me? Like you ain't never had a gun in your face before? - (whispers): It was amazing.
- Tell me about it later.
- I will.
- All right.
Hold on.
That's him That's the guy who just cost Robin Masters - $1,600 in new tires.
- Okay, you realize you are still responsible for that expense, Magnum? I-I didn't shoot the tires out.
- That is hardly the point.
- Come on.
- I'm the victim here.
- Tell it to the tire shop.
These two remind you of anyone you know? - Oh, yeah.
- STEVE: Danny and I are not like that.
You sure? - Yeah.
- TANI: I beg to differ.
So what are we gonna do about this guy? TANI: Seems this clown really gets around.
He was also at the hotel this morning.
He's the one that dropped off the guy that Hong was meeting.
QUINN: We ran facial rec, - but no hits.
- Okay, so, this morning, these two gentlemen, both associates of the arms dealer, Daiyu Mei, go to meet Hong at the hotel.
Before he gets killed, Hong hands over an envelope to the guy on the right, and then later on, the guy on the left goes to Hong's house, where he bumps into you guys.
- Right.
- And steals the cache of secret documents we had just discovered.
Now, I say "we," but it was actually me who found them.
Credit were credit's due.
He found it.
He did find it.
The other thing is that all those documents were in Chinese.
Now, I only had time to, uh, scan a couple of them, - but they certainly painted a picture.
- Really? What of? Diplomatic communiqués, uh, classified memos, military documents.
- Covert intelligence.
- QUINN: Throw in his secret trips to China, and that only leads to one logical conclusion.
Daniel Hong was a spy.
Most likely, uh, - Chinese MSS, I think it is.
- Great, another Chinese spy case.
Hey, do us a favor.
Try not to volunteer to get yourself captured again.
- What is that about? - We got mixed up in some spy thing last year, and some nut-bag tried to erase his memory by throwing him into a sensory deprivation tank.
TANI: For the record, he looked fierce in a Britney Spears jumpsuit.
- You did.
- Hmm.
- HIGGINS: They are kidding, right? - No.
I am so sorry I missed that one.
STEVE: Okay, anyway, back to the case at hand.
Uh, it's gonna be very difficult to confirm any of this, because the CIA and MSS, they don't openly exchange information with one another.
So getting a straight answer, or any answer, is gonna be next to impossible.
Well, I mean, maybe not.
- One sec.
- Okay, here we go.
(speaking Mandarin) (whispers): Chinese.
QUINN: Sounds like she has a contact in counterintelligence.
(continues in Mandarin) She's asking for Hong's file.
Am I the only one here that doesn't speak Chinese? Shh HIGGINS: Great.
Well, um, had I known we'd be doing such sneaky spy stuff today, I would have brought my trench coat.
I think you've taken cloak-and-dagger - a bit literally.
- Oh, come on.
I'm digging this.
You had the most bad-ass job in the world.
What was that like? Spill the tea.
"Spill the tea"? Is that 'cause I'm British? Uh, no, it means "give me the good stuff.
" You know, give me the gossip, the Intel.
- Oh.
- The juicy details.
- Give me the tea.
- (laughs): Oh.
I actually quite like that.
Um I mean honestly, spy-craft isn't all that glamorous.
It's just a lot of waiting around, having to be endlessly patient.
Most of the time you're alone.
Well, I guess that makes it hard to date, too.
You know, hard to find someone who gets the life.
That's probably why you fell for someone so close to home.
Perhaps so.
I'll do the talking.
I had to call in a number of favors for this.
So, now we're even? Yes? Well I'm not sure that this entirely wipes your slate clean.
I mean, it was a terribly embarrassing predicament I extricated you from in Kuala Lumpur.
So I'd say you still have a ways to go, wouldn't you? - That's a story I'd like to hear.
- Oh.
So would Zhou's wife.
But his secret is safe with me.
For now.
(sighs) So you know, Beijing is none too pleased that their agent has been taken out of play.
Seems that Daniel Hong was about as high-level an asset as you can get.
(phone ringing) - Tani, what do you got? - Great news.
Juliet's contact came through.
We got Daniel Hong's MSS file.
It appears his focus was on penetrating U.
intelligence and defense sectors.
In the past several years, he's infiltrated a number of private military contractors, funneling information and trade secrets back to Beijing.
Basically, he's an alpha dog Chinese spy - with a focus on the defense industry.
- So we have to assume that there was related Intel in that envelope he handed off at the hotel.
So, the guy who held up McGarrett and Magnum, the car he was driving was found parked outside a house in Manoa.
Okay, did you guys get that? Yeah, great.
Go get him.
Uh, before you arrest him, or worse, would you please remember that he owes Magnum $1,600? GROVER: Yes, ma'am.
Five-O! Don't do it! (gunshot) (groaning) Mind if we have a word? Yikes.
Gut shot.
Good news is, assuming the bullet missed vitals, you got a solid 30 minutes to an hour before you bleed out.
GROVER: So you need medical attention.
We need information.
What's it gonna be? (phone ringing) (ringing continues) (sighs) (beeps) Tani, hey.
TANI: Adam.
Where have you been? Listen, uh I'm sorry I haven't returned any of your calls, but there's no need to worry, all right? Everything's okay.
Is it? Because I'm I'm really struggling to make sense of this here.
You quit the team out of nowhere.
You stopped talking to everyone.
I I'm sorry, I need, I need to know what's going on.
Tani, I just have some personal stuff I'm working through, and I need some time away to sort it all out.
Look, I know you're concerned, okay? And I appreciate that, but all I can say is, don't be.
You have a family here, Adam.
You-you have a family that you can count on.
After everything that we've been through together, after everything you and I have been through together, I just I-I hope you know that.
I do, Tani.
Really, I do.
(door closes in distance) (sighs) Listen, I'm sorry, we're just we're in the middle of something right now.
Um but can can you and I meet up for coffee and maybe talk about this? Uh, yeah, sure.
Let's do that.
All right, I'll be in touch.
Thanks, Tani.
- (phone beeps) - (sighs) QUINN: So here's what our gut-shot thug just told us.
For starters, his name is Justin Lee.
He also gave up his accomplice, a Brandon Powell.
But unfortunately, the name "Brandon Powell" appears to be an alias, so we still don't have - a jacket on him.
- I'll run the alias.
Let's see if anything pops.
GROVER: All right, so here's the story.
Apparently, Hong reached out with a business proposition, but he wasn't trying to move weapons.
QUINN: It was information.
Somehow, Hong got his hands on a NOC list.
It's a list of intelligence assets that Beijing thinks are on their side, but who are actually working on behalf of the CIA.
If those names are made public, it would be a huge blow for American counterintelligence, and a huge win for Beijing.
JUNIOR: That would also make Hong a hero back home.
But that's not what he was after, was it? - Nah, I think he was after a payday.
- QUINN: Right.
Only he couldn't cash in without being branded a traitor.
JUNIOR: So he makes a deal with these guys instead.
QUINN: Exactly, and according to Lee, once Mei got the list, she was planning on selling it to the Chinese herself.
Once she got the list? Wasn't that what was in the envelope that Hong handed to Powell at the hotel? That's exactly what was in the envelope.
But the NOC list is on an SD card that's heavily encrypted.
QUINN: The deal was, Mei would get the password once the $50 million she agreed to pay was wired into Hong's account.
Only, that all went out the window once Hong was killed at the hotel.
(grunts) That must have been why Mei sent her man to Hong's house.
She was hoping there was another copy of that list.
Yeah, and thankfully, they came up empty, because there wasn't another copy.
So now Mei has instructed Powell to do whatever it takes to crack the encryption on the SD card.
HIGGINS: If he's successful, a significant number of agents working for the U.
government will be in immediate danger.
(computer chirps) Okay, we got a hit.
Brandon Powell.
Name comes up on a rental agreement on a property in Waimanalo.
GROVER: Fall into position.
On my mark.
Who invited the Feds? Captain Grover.
- Officer Hollis, Central Intelligence.
- What's going on here? What's going on is we've been tracking Powell for weeks now.
- He's ours.
- And you just so happened to get a location on him the minute we arrived? Or have you been monitoring HPD's comms and just piggybacking on our Intel? Look, Officer Hollis, we both want the same thing.
Take the lead, we'll back you up.
Well, I appreciate that, but we can manage just fine on our own.
All right, let's move.
Okay, SWAT team, fall back.
We're standing down.
What is that about? CIA just pulled jurisdiction.
In my experience, Feds like to swoop in just as you're about to make a collar.
(sirens wailing, helicopter blades whirring) (indistinct chatter) Hey, Lou, we just heard what happened.
Is everybody okay? You guys okay? Yeah, we're good, but I got to tell you.
If the CIA didn't step in and make us stand down, we'd be the ones getting barbecued in that house.
TANI: Yeah, Daiyu Mei must have directed Lee to send us here if he was captured.
She was expecting us to die in that blast.
How many they lose? GROVER: They lost six.
Bomb must have been on a time delay.
Moment those agents breached, it started counting down.
Maximizes casualties.
Guys, got an update.
CSU is still processing, but apparently, there were seven bodies in the house.
Hang on.
Didn't you just say that six agents went into the house.
Who else was there? QUINN: CSU managed to pull a print off the seventh body.
Came back to a guy named "Bruce Iona.
" - Run him.
- QUINN: They also determined that Iona's hands were bound, and he had a GSW to the head.
MAGNUM: So Powell goes out this afternoon, leaving behind a dead guy with a bullet in his head.
Not at all troubling.
All right, check this out.
Bruce Iona he works as a guard at Halawa prison.
- Okay, now I'm really confused.
- TANI: You and me both.
Why are these guys suddenly interested in a prison guard? STEVE: What do we know? We know that Daiyu Mei wants that NOC list, right? But to get that, she's got to break the encryption on the SD card.
So she has her man grab a prison guard.
- Why? - STEVE: I'll tell you why.
Who do we know at Halawa who can hack next-gen encryption? That'd be Aaron Wright.
Okay, I'm judging by your faces that this chap is rather good with computers? TANI: Oh.
He's only the best hacker on the island.
(beeping) STEVE: He's also a pain in the ass.
I will meet you guys there.
- - (lock buzzes, latch clicks) I want all prisoners in their cells and this entire place on lock-down.
All staff and personnel Nobody gets in or out.
- You got it.
- Also, I need you to find inmate Aaron Wright and make sure he's in the most secure location you have.
Excuse me.
That's him! That's the guy we saw meeting Hong at the hotel! Open that door! Open it! - (grunts) - (woman yelps) - (alarm sounding) - (grunting) Hey! Hey! - (grunting) - Everybody stay down! Stay down! I got the NOC list.
(sighs) - Hey, buddy.
- Hey.
Well, think we've gotten in your way enough for one day.
I was just about to, uh, return this list of names to the CIA, and make sure they don't fall in the wrong hands again.
Well, thanks to you, a whole bunch of double agents can continue doing whatever double agents do.
Let me tell you something, Thomas.
If this, uh, this list of names had gotten out, it would have been a huge blow to American counterintelligence efforts.
And we were able to prevent that because of your help.
So thank you.
- I'm glad we can help.
- Thanks, man.
Joe White? Joe White.
I never had the privilege of having him as an instructor, but I heard all the stories, man.
The guy is, like, a legend.
He was.
Were you guys close? Yeah, we were.
We were close.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Appreciate it, man.
And, you know, um (clears throat) If you ever want to grab a beer or something, give me a call.
- Us team guys got to stick together.
- Thanks, man.
I will.
Maybe you can bring those boys along.
They're good for the ego.
(laughs) Yeah, as long as you bring your partner.
Oh, and you can be the designated driver.
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
Oh, hey, uh, White Knight? Your secret's safe with me.
(chuckles softly) Well, Ms.
Rey, it's been an absolute treat, as they say.
Well, likewise as they say.
I have to be honest.
Uh, we're usually a much more dysfunctional bunch.
I think you caught us on a good day.
Somehow, I highly doubt that.
I-I was thinking about what you said earlier, and you're right.
The jobs we've chosen aren't ordinary, and, as such, maybe the ordinary rules don't apply.
If you find someone at work who brings a little light into your life, someone who makes you happy, you should pursue it.
Truth is, even knowing how badly it ended for me, I would still do it all over again.
- (elevator doors open) - Bye.
(phone ringing) Hey, T, what's up? TANI: Hi.
I'm good.
I mean, not much.
You? Um I just was calling to see what you were up to.
Not much.
Everything good? Yes.
No, everything's good.
Everything's good.
Um it's just, uh So, there's this new place.
Um, it's on the water on Sand Island.
And it's a bar.
Uh, La Mariana.
Yeah, I know it.
Um, well, I hear it's under new management, and, um (clears throat) I-I was wondering if you wanted to get a drink there with me.
Say 9:00? - Yeah, I would love that.
- Okay.
Okay, see you there.
- Bye-bye.
- All right, bye.
(phone beeps) (grunts)
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