Hawaii Five-0 s10e13 Episode Script

Lo'a pono ka 'iole i ka punana (The rat was caught right in the nest)

1 Whoo-wee.
You sure got all of that one.
You have a great day today, Captain Grover.
You know I will.
Good to meet you.
Grover, sir.
If I could make a suggestion I haven't even swung a club yet.
You're already making suggestions? It's just, you may not want to tell everyone you're law enforcement.
This club, - it can be a little - Eh, say no more, Pakele.
I get it.
Blue-collar guy on a cop's salary like myself doesn't exactly fit in with the ritzy, glitzy profile of most of your membership here.
Yeah, I already got that memo in the form of my application being stuck on the bottom of a pile for years.
Driver, please.
Shine your light, we can be lost in the summertime - Captain Grover.
- Oh, what the hell? (sighs) Sorry to interrupt, sir.
My name is Zev Shaham.
I am the head of security here at the club.
Wait just a minute.
Before you start asking for membership cards and such, you ought to know that my wife won this round for me fair and square by bidding on it at an auction.
Of course.
And we're very pleased to have you here, sir.
In fact, there is a matter I need your assistance with.
Well, can it wait, say, 18 holes? I'm sorry, Captain, it cannot.
GROVER: Yeah, he's dead, all right.
Have you called HPD? I was about to do so, sir, when we were made aware that you were on the premises.
Management thought it would be more prudent to seek your assistance.
Oh, did they, now? Since we don't yet know if it's an accident or some kind of equipment malfunction, management is hoping this can be handled with the appropriate level of discretion and sensitivity.
As I'm sure you can appreciate, the club has a reputation to protect.
Oh, I'm as discrete and sensitive as the next guy, but not for nothing, you do have a dead body in your cryo-chamber.
(exhales) Okay.
Tell me something, do you know if anybody entered this room while this gentleman was receiving his treatment? Not that I am aware of.
And for obvious reasons, we can't have cameras here, so there's no way to check.
- Why do you ask? - Come here.
You see these dents on the inside of the door? This guy was trying to bang his way out of this thing.
And these bruises all over his hands tell the same story.
Maybe the locking mechanism malfunctioned, trapping him inside.
Look at these handles on the outside of the door.
They both have indentations.
Someone barred the door shut.
I got some bad news for you, buddy.
This gentleman here was murdered.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) (sighs) If you, if you keep doing this, you're gonna get, uh, you're gonna get more wrinkles.
You're a dermatologist now? - Well, I'm just saying - Well, zip it.
You Just saying, maybe lighten up a little bit.
Don't tell me to lighten up.
- Okay.
- All right? Where is this lady? Is she coming, uh, this week or wh How long are we gonna sit here? Have you heard anything about, uh, Mrs.
Wo Fat? I, uh, reached out to Interpol.
There were no hits on any of Daiyu Mei's aliases, but I can't say I'm surprised she's laying low after what went down.
- You know? - Okay, well, hmm.
Haven't heard back from Adam? - Nope.
- No.
- Left him messages.
- Yeah, I left him messages, too.
I'm gonna keep leaving him messages until he calls me back.
Yeah, well, assuming that happens, he's got a lot of explaining to do.
(door opens) - Hi.
- Good morning, Mr.
I am sorry to keep you waiting.
- It's okay.
- Uh, are we expecting Charlie's mother? Uh, no, no.
She's not coming today, unfortunately.
STEVE: I am here, though.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
I'm his, uh, his partner.
We work together.
I see.
Uh, typically, these meetings are only open to family.
He's family.
He's, uh, basically Charlie's uncle.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
STEVE: I'm also, uh, his emotional support friend.
- Okay, then.
- Okay.
So, I called this meeting - because - DANNY: Yeah, no, I know, I know.
Um Another kid punched, uh, Charlie, so, uh, I guess the-the question is, what-what are you guys, uh, - what are you gonna do? - Yes.
That is the question.
And if this were an isolated incident, I'd be giving you a very different answer.
So it's not What do you mean, an isolated incident? - This has happened before? What? - When the teacher spoke with Charlie after today's altercation, he admitted that he and Blake have had friction - for quite some time.
- What kind of friction? - DANNY: Steve.
- Sorry.
What kind of friction? Blake's been engaging in all the typical bullying behaviors.
Uh, intimidation, name-calling.
And recently, he started taking Charlie's things.
His calculator, his Nintendo Switch.
His Nintendo Switch.
Yeah, he told me that he lost that.
I don't know why he'd lie to me.
Don't feel bad.
Kids are often afraid to come forward about being bullied.
But the school takes this issue very seriously.
Okay, great.
So what again, what's the school gonna do? Well, we've found the only cure is conversation.
Between both kids and both sets of parents.
So are the Blake's parents, they coming in, or ? I got a call just before I came in.
And, unfortunately, Mr.
and Mrs.
Tatum will not be able to make it in today.
So, then what are we doing here? I mean, if they're not gonna show up, how are we gonna have a-a conversation? Okay.
Uh, look - Wait, hold on.
- No, no, no.
It's fine.
Um, I appreciate, um, you calling me in, but I-I will, um, I'll handle it from here.
- Okay? Come on.
Let's go.
- Yep.
(clears throat) - Okay.
And thank you.
Uh - Oh.
This was, uh, very productive.
- Was it? - Not really.
- Thank you.
- (door closes) AUTOMATED VOICE: You have one new voice-mail message.
JUNIOR (over phone): Hey, uh, sorry I'm calling so early.
I'm sure you're still asleep, but, uh I just got called up for reserve duty.
I'm on my way to Dillingham, so by the time you get this, I'll be wheels up.
I don't know how long I'll be gone, and I'm not allowed to get in contact while I'm away, but I'll call you as soon as I can.
And, um, Tani, I'm looking forward to picking up from where we left off.
(phone beeps) Hello? (cell phone ringing) GROVER: Officer Tani Rey, good morning.
Is it? Because I'm at work and nobody's here.
Well, that's because Steve had to help Danny with something and Quinn has got a deposition in court, and I'm sure you heard about Junior getting called up, right? Uh, yeah, I did.
- And where are you? - Well, I'm at the Ali'i Aina golf club.
How lovely.
Well, it ain't that lovely.
I managed to catch myself a homicide while I've been here.
Really? Okay, well, in that case, give me the address.
Well, um, we kind of got this.
I'm getting helped out by the head of security here, and we're, uh, trying to keep a light footprint.
A light footprint? Yeah, I get it.
You're trying not to upset the guests? Something like that, yeah.
Wait a sec.
Is this the same fancy-pants golf club that you've been trying to get into for, like, ever? What the hell's that got to do with anything? I'm just saying.
Well, instead of just saying, why don't you get to just doing and make yourself useful? Can you run financials and, uh, phone records on our Vic? All righty, then.
Okay, who is this guy? His name is Chuck Tsao.
He's 44 years old.
Been a member here at this club since 2009.
- On it.
- Great.
Keep me posted.
What you got for me? Well, it appears Mr.
Tsao arrived at 8:15 a.
for his regular cryotherapy session.
His killer barred the door shut and then maxed out the timer.
As a result, Mr.
Tsao was subjected to a negative-200-degree chilling blast of evaporating liquid nitrogen for over ten minutes.
Minus 200? Damn, that's cold.
And excruciating.
At extreme temperatures like that, things go from bad to worse with remarkable speed.
Well, I have to get Mr.
Tsao back to the lab, but it's going to be hours before he thaws out enough for an autopsy.
All right.
Well, thanks for your help.
And, uh, do me a favor, just take the service entrance.
We don't want to scare the members.
Got it.
Let's go.
Captain Grover.
As requested, here is the sign-in sheet from the front desk.
According to our system, 167 members were on the premises at the time of the murder.
167 well, we got a suspect pool.
It's an Olympic-sized suspect pool, but And a lot of VIPs on that list.
We need to tread carefully, not to step on anyone's toes.
167 people? That's a hell of a lot of toes to avoid.
Let's get to work.
(dance music playing inside) Ariko.
It's good to see you.
Thank you for meeting me.
I expected to see your recent problems weighing heavily on you, but you look as handsome as always.
So, you heard what happened? That Kenji now has what was once Masuda-san's? Yes.
Look, I need a favor.
You still have the ear of important men? Ears and other things.
I need a sit-down with the kumicho of the Tokyo syndicate.
I cannot help you with that.
You can't or you won't? What you ask is not within my power to promise.
(scoffs) I've come a long way, okay? And I am sorry for your wasted journey, but the boss will never agree to sit down with someone who carries a law enforcement badge.
I don't have that badge anymore.
I gave it up.
Because you quit? Or because you want people to think you did? I'm through with that life.
And that's the truth.
But if you need another reason tell the kumicho to see me out of respect for my father.
I can ask.
But that is all.
That is all I need.
Thank you, Ariko.
Oh, and, Adam Be careful where you walk while you are in Tokyo.
Kenji has many loyal men here.
Okay, what do we got here? A wallet.
A phone.
No surprise there.
(exhales) What is this? Oh.
- Well - Ooh.
That's quite a wad of spending cash.
Think it's safe to assume that Mr.
Tsao liked to lay the occasional bet on his golf games.
Apparently, for some of the members, the joy of the game isn't enough.
Sad, ain't it? Ah.
Look at this.
This is what you call the classic, uh, golfer's dirty trick.
See, you cut a hole in your pocket, and you carry a ball in there.
That way, when you lose your ball in the rough, you can just drop a new one through your pant leg and get yourself a better spot.
A gambler who was also a cheat.
What's this? Chuck seems to have printed out some old golf scores here.
Why is that odd? I mean, from what I've seen, most golfers are obsessed with their scores.
Yeah, they are.
But it seems like Mr.
Tsao may have cheated the wrong person.
First of all, these are scores from a club in Phoenix, Arizona.
And secondly, I looked through all these pages, didn't see Chuck's name once.
But I did see another name on every single page.
Right here.
Raul Diaz.
Ever heard of him? No, he's not a member of this club.
Then why, I wonder, was our Vic so obsessed with Mr.
Diaz's scores? You all right? No, I'm-I'm not all right.
I just found out my kid has been being tormented for weeks and I didn't know about it.
So, no, I'm not all right.
Look, Charlie's probably, uh, a little embarrassed, Danny.
Wh-What's embarrassing? I mean, (stammers) you think he did something wrong? No, what are you talking about? - Of course not.
- (mutters) Getting bullied like that, it carries - a lot of shame for a kid.
- It does? - Yes, it does.
- How would you know? The first few months when I was in military school, I was bullied, all right? Pretty relentlessly.
It sucked.
The kids were brutal.
I got to tell you, in all honesty, it actually toughened me up.
The whole experience made me stronger.
I'm gonna put Charlie in karate.
That's not what I'm say You know what I'm talking about.
It made me tougher mentally.
DANNY: Fine.
That, too.
Can you make a right, please? All I'm saying, Danny, is that, always, there's a story to a kid who bullies.
There's a reason why they do it.
Then I would be happy to hear that reason if those people would've shown up to the meeting today.
I would've been compassionate, I-I don't know.
I would've done whatever you want me to do, but they didn't show up.
What do you want me to do? All I want you to do is know, uh, the whole situation before you go off half-cocked, doing something crazy like this, like we're about to do.
Silver Camry.
That's him, okay? You absolutely sure you want to do this? That's it, it's the right I What did I Don't yell at me.
I'm just asking.
- What did I just say 19 times? - I'm asking you.
- Fine.
- Can you just do what I ask you to do one time in the world? - I'll put these lights on.
- (siren blares) - DANNY: Hey.
- Hey.
Is there a problem? Was I driving too fast? No.
You, uh, you Blake Tatum's father? - I am.
- Okay.
Uh, follow me.
Come on.
Come on.
(cell phone ringing) All right, Tani, I've been waiting for some good news.
I did a full sweep on your victim Chuck, and nothing jumped out as far as his phone records or financials.
- How about his score cards? - Ah, yes.
The mysterious Raul Diaz.
So, he was the golf pro at this club in Arizona.
He doesn't work there anymore.
I couldn't find a current address, but I'm texting you this photo.
- GROVER: Okay, thanks.
- (phone dings) This is, uh, Raul Diaz.
He was a golf pro at a club in Phoenix.
- You ever seen him? - He's a member at the club.
But his name is not Raul Diaz.
It's Ed Ramirez.
Are you serious? I'll need a wedge for this.
You really shouldn't be talking to your caddy that way, man.
Especially when he's right.
I'm sorry.
Did I break your concentration? GROVER: So, here's what we know, Ed.
ZEV: Or should we call you Raul? Oh, yeah, that's right.
All these names, so confusing.
Tell you what, why don't we just call you Prime Suspect in the Murder of Chuck Tsao.
Good for you? Whoa, whoa, what? Chuck is dead? - Well, that's news to me.
- Is it? Because here's how it sounds to me.
Chuck was losing piles of money to you out here on this golf course.
Despite the fact that he was cheating.
But because a cheat knows a cheat, he did some digging into you and he found out that you're actually a pro from Arizona.
You've been hustling from club to club, playing under different names and sandbagging your handicap to take money off unsuspecting golfers.
Tsao could have exposed you to those players, to the country clubs, to the police, so you you killed him.
Okay, hold on.
Yes, I hustle a game now and then, I'll admit that.
- But I swear I didn't kill Chuck.
- Where were you between the hours of 8:00 a.
and 9:00 a.
this morning? I was having breakfast with the rest of my foursome.
Th-they can confirm it.
I never left the table.
We need their names.
You need to understand something.
Chuck was a degenerate gambler.
Maybe the worst I've seen, and I've seen my share.
If I was to guess, I'd say that's what got him killed.
So, are you telling us that you weren't the only person that Chuck was gambling with? You kidding? The guy had a serious problem.
He'd lose 25K on the course, then go straight to the poker table and lose 25 more.
And he never had a problem paying? Actually, never.
He was always on time.
In fact, he usually settled in cash over a whiskey at the end of the night.
Don't move.
So, Chuck's losing upwards of 50K every night, and he's paying at the club's bar like he's got a personal ATM machine on the premises or something.
Yeah, but your friend on the phone, she said his financials looked normal.
She would've noticed he was moving that kind of money in and out of his personal banking account.
Then where the hell was Chuck getting all that cash from? LUKE: So pulling me over and-and bringing me out here, I mean Don't you think this is a little extreme? No.
No, I-I don't think it's extreme at all.
What do you think? I mean, I He doesn't think it's extreme, either.
What-what I do think is extreme is-is your son's behavior, and your behavior, as well.
I mean, you didn't think it was important to show up to the school this afternoon? Are-are you one of those people who don't think that the rules apply to you? I mean, that would that would explain why your son acts the way he does.
STEVE: Whoa, hold on, hold on.
We're not here to put you - or your son on trial.
- You want to tell him that? Um, look, we're just here because we want to figure out what's going on between Blake and Charlie.
I want to know why you didn't think it was important to show up at that meeting.
I am under a lot of stress.
I didn't realize how bad things had gotten with Blake.
Now you know.
Your son is a bully.
- What are you gonna do about it? - He's What are we gonna do about it, no? I mean, isn't that why we are here? To find a solution? I-I'm sorry I didn't make that meeting, man.
I-I-I had an appointment with my attorneys.
I mean, they charge $250 an hour whether you're there or not, you know, so, uh I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
Uh, Blake's mom and I, we're getting a divorce.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
It has been Ah, man, it has been so toxic, and it has been so bad, and we've really we've really been trying to keep Blake out of it.
I get it.
That's, uh that's tough.
And, uh, look, man, I-I I'm not I'm not making excuses for-for what my kid has done and how he's acted.
DANNY: I get it.
I-I went through something similar, see, but I had a thing with my oldest.
- She started acting crazy - Yeah.
Doing things out of character, so I understand, it sucks.
It sucks.
It does.
DANNY: It's not easy.
I wish you luck.
Look, you'll, uh, you'll figure it out.
Thank you.
I appreciate that, and I'm sorry about what's happened with Charlie.
And I'll-I'll talk to Blake.
I'm sorry.
STEVE: Hold-hold on.
One second.
I-I literally just watched you guys walk through that and figure it out.
There's no reason your kids can't do the same thing.
Am I wrong? ZEV: What makes you think Chuck kept his cash in his whiskey locker? Remember the immortal words of Raul Diaz.
He said, "Our Vic always settled by the end of the day," in cash, over what? A whiskey.
Now, he only had 10K in his spa locker.
So it stands to reason he stashed it someplace else.
- Ergo - Uh, I apologize.
There's a dress code - to the whiskey lounge.
- Oh.
Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket.
Since management has emphasized discretion - Is that a member's jacket? - Yes, it is.
I thought you were gonna find some ratty jacket at a lost-and-found.
Zev do you have any idea how long I've waited to put one of these things on? How do I look? - Like you were born to wear it.
Wait, whoa-whoa-whoa, hold on a second.
I-I want to take a selfie.
My wife will get a kick out of this.
(chuckles) Come here.
Well, hot dog.
They sure did this place up right, didn't they? Here's Chuck's locker.
Darby 25 single malt.
Tsao had good taste.
I heard of light beer, but light scotch? Either Chuck drank up all this fine whiskey, or Show me the money.
What did I tell you? - GROVER: Tani, it's Lou.
- Lou, how's it coming? Well, so far, everything's coming up dollars.
Didn't you just tell me that when you ran Chuck's financials, they all came back clean? His personal accounts were, yeah, but since we last spoke, I dug into his businesses.
Now, I'm just starting to make some headway, but tell me, what do these places have in common? A used car lot, a seedy bar, multiple pawn shops, and a check cashing place.
Well, they're all high-volume cash businesses.
Ideal for money laundering.
TANI: You're exactly right.
You should look for multiple titles of ownership, few creditors, and little to no available public information.
Uh, yeah.
Okay, will do, mystery man on the phone.
All right, I'm gonna get Duke on this.
We need to get HPD over to all of Chuck's businesses right now.
I want them to dig up everything they can find from accounting ledgers, hard drives, dummy receipts, cooked books Now, they're not gonna be all out in the open, so the guys are gonna have to get creative.
(dialing phone) - (phone rings) - What do you say, Duke? We just finished hitting the last of Mr.
Tsao's businesses.
As of now, the count is over 120 million.
- Dollars? - DUKE: That's right.
And we still have more vans filled with cash coming in.
Well, just what in the hell was this guy all mixed up in? About that I had CSU examine the bills, and they found duplicate patterns in the numerical sequences.
So you're saying the money was counterfeit? Yes, sir.
We got confirmation of that just a few minutes ago.
Thanks, Duke.
Let me know - if you find anything else.
- You got it.
You've got a theory.
You're damn right I got a theory.
And I'll bet you all that funny money we just found that our Vic was laundering money - for a counterfeiting ring.
- Makes sense.
Now, let's see.
What else do we know about this guy? He's a degenerate gambler.
So he finds himself falling into a hole What does he do? Maybe he starts skimming.
You know, to cover the debt.
After all, with all that cash, nobody's gonna be too upset about a little cash missing here or there, but once that hole starts getting bigger and bigger, well, he needs to play more and more often and for larger and larger amounts, until finally, old bad luck Chuck found himself in a hole there was no crawling out of.
The counterfeiter he was working for must have realized what he was doing.
I bet they were not too happy about that.
Oh, you got that right, and I bet that was the moment they decided that his services were no longer needed, and that's when old Chuck's luck ran out permanently.
Lou, I got something.
All right, come on, tell me something good.
I spoke to Secret Service.
They could tell from the ink on Chuck's counterfeit cash that it was generated in North Korea.
And it's not just showing up in Oahu.
Bills like these are popping up globally.
You're talking about a worldwide criminal operation.
And how did all this funny money get here? Well, let me tell you another fun factoid that I learned Apparently, North Korea's trade embargoes are so severe that most of their exports, especially illegal ones, are being routed through China.
GROVER: Okay, so we need to find a connection with the People's Republic.
Nice work, kiddo.
That's a hell of a lead.
- Well, I aim to please.
- All right, we'll be in touch.
- Here you go.
- All right.
CADDY: Hold the door, please.
GROVER: Hang hang on, kiddo.
Here you go.
Let me help you out.
Come on.
- I got you.
- Oh, thanks.
Thank you.
(typing) So, uh, the Secret Service says that that counterfeit money was printed in North Korea.
And, you know, by the way, some of the members you have in this place are some absolute Oh.
This is new.
What is it? I have some experience in forensic accounting, and I created this visual to help us better understand Chuck's business ventures and how the counterfeit money came into play.
Maybe we can start with this.
The bills were shipped out of ports in China.
Do any of Chuck's businesses track to that? No, but let me I've been looking through well-known businesses of our club members, trying to find any signs of financial indiscretion, and with this new information about China, this could narrow down my search quite a bit.
- Just bear with me.
- All right, though, take your time.
I'm gonna go get me a sangwich from over - Got something.
- Or not.
ZEV: Michael Mayfield.
Member in the club since 2017.
His import-export company - operates out of Shanghai.
- Well, that's good.
But you know, Zev, lot of people do business out of China these days.
Does he have any other connection to our Vic? Yes.
Apparently, around nine months ago, Mr.
Mayfield and Chuck suddenly started signing up for joint tee times.
These guys are playing three, four times a month since then.
So, Chuck's businesses, what were they doing, what was it, nine months ago? - What were they doing then? - Here.
Just about the same time, Chuck saw a distinct uptick in income all over his businesses.
So, Chuck found himself a lot more than a golfing partner.
- Yeah.
- Hey, that list from this morning, is Mayfield on it? He came in just after 8:00 for an 8:45 tee time.
He should still be on the course, but not for long.
This is Zev.
I need to get ahold of a member who's currently on the course.
A Michael Mayfield.
Tell him there's an urgent call back at the clubhouse.
Ah, yeah.
Have him come to us so we don't make a scene.
(indistinct chatter) (grunts) (bystanders screaming) (grunts) ZEV: Captain, there's one thing I don't understand.
Why would Mayfield stay on the premises after killing Chuck? The guy's a member here at the club.
He knows the club's fully aware of everybody's comings and goings around here.
Of course.
It would have looked very, very suspicious if he would swipe out right after committing murder.
ZEV: Here he comes.
You have a great day today, Captain Grover.
That's Mayfield? - Yeah.
- I met that guy on the first tee.
He gave me a different name.
Zev, what's going on? Fernando said there was a call Don't-don't you run.
Don't you Whoa, whoa! (grunting) So much for not making a scene.
("Money Is" by Quincy Jones playing) I got a PhD in how to make ends meet I graduated - Get out of the way! - Hey! Hey, what are you doing? Inflation in the nation don't bother me 'Cause I'm a scholar when it comes To the almighty dollar Money, money, money, money is Money's on my mind GROVER: Coming through.
WOMAN: Come on! Money, money, money moves me I even like the money sign I'm so mean with the green (gasping, muttering) MAN: You can't take that.
(indistinct chatter) Make a pound want to frown Money, money, money, money is I even like the money sign I'm so mean with the green This is Zev.
Turn on Toro system on hole 17 right now.
Make a pound want to frown, money, money, money, money is The only thing that's on my mind (both grunt) My eyes start to blinking When I flash on some Lincolns My mind GROVER: Mr.
I don't know why you're running.
We just wanted to chase you down and return your three iron.
(chuckles) Yeah.
Hang on a second while I, uh, get these handcuffs on you.
(grunting) This is actually a really nice three iron.
Wait a second, what is this? How'd this happen? Don't worry, I'll tell you.
You see, because I'll wager a large sum of money that, uh, the indentations on your thee iron are the same distance apart as the handles on the cryo-freezer back at the club.
The one you barred in order to flash-freeze Chuck.
I'm no detective, Mr.
Mayfield, but this doesn't look good for you.
Stand up.
(grunting) GROVER: I don't think we can say this investigation's flying under the radar anymore.
I would say not.
- (dog barks) - (kids laughing) LUKE: Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, no running in the house.
Dogs dogs really are the great equalizer.
Thank you.
You don't know the half of it.
- Cheers.
- Salud.
Yeah, Blake's wanted a puppy forever, so, uh, I'm never getting him out of here.
Thanks for that.
Ah, kind of like Danny.
I'm staying here temporarily.
You, uh, you've been moving your stuff into Junior's room, though.
I Yeah.
That's because I don't want to sleep every night with Eddie's fur engulfed in my face every night.
That's why.
Don't worry about the angry outbursts.
They're kind of his love language for me.
Hey, look, man.
It's no worries.
I'm going through a divorce.
I feel right at home.
DANNY: That is tough stuff, man.
It's a stupid question, but how you doing? I'm not doing good, but, I mean, it's got to get better eventually, right? Maybe.
Yeah, I mean, you know, definitely gonna get worse than it is right now.
- Oh, great.
- Well, look, you're alone now, right? You-you slowly start to realize, like, you know, the one thing that meant the most to me My family that thing's broken up now, and you're partially responsible for that.
So you're gonna get depressed.
You're not gonna be able to sleep.
The point is, you're gonna be a wreck, but that's, you know, that's a good thing.
Why is that a good thing? It's a good thing because, uh, divorce is a, is a, is a trauma, it's a real trauma, and, you know, you got to heal from that trauma, and as long as you're not numb, as long as you're going through the stages of grief that you need to go through, you'll come out of that and you-you will heal.
That way, you get to be a good dad.
Yeah, that's the most important thing.
And this is the only advice I'm gonna give you Don't ever, ever disrespect your ex in front of your kid.
Don't do it, because they they watch and they see everything and-and-and they follow our lead.
You know what I mean? And, you know, look, I guess you don't have to, uh, go through this alone.
You ever want to get together, have a beer, you know, give us a call.
Well, fellas, thank you.
I really appreciate this.
I mean, this really helps.
And-and thank you for-for giving Blake an opportunity to apologize to Charlie.
Thank you.
Oh, it's good, man.
Kids fight, they make up.
It's good.
Eight-year-olds, they make it look so easy, don't they? - Yeah, they do.
- (doorbell rings) - There you are.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, people.
I heard you, uh, you had some real "you" time today, huh? Yeah, yeah, if that's what people call "self-care," then I, uh, I don't want anything to do with it, 'cause I need human interaction.
- BLAKE: Tag.
You're it.
- I'm a human.
TANI: Look at this miniature human.
- Who's that with Charlie? - That's, um - Who are you? - This is Luke.
- Hi.
I'm Luke.
- Luke, this is Tani.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- He's a colleague of ours.
It's a pleasure.
- That's, uh, Danno.
- TANI: Yeah.
Uh, let me get you a drink.
- Yes.
- Okay.
Did you, uh, did you hear from Junior today? Yeah, yeah.
He left a voice mail.
That's a tough message to get.
It's tough to leave, too.
Hey, listen, you know, uh, he's gonna be okay.
He's in great company, okay? But, uh, if you want to talk about it, just I'm available.
You should call me.
Yeah, thanks.
Appreciate that.
- All right.
- Means a lot, actually.
Uh, where's Grover and Quinn? Oh, Quinn, I don't know, she may or may not be coming, and Grover had to do some post-case wrap-up, something or other.
I don't even know.
Do you know? No.
I don't even know.
What do you want to drink? Hey.
Wait, wait, wait.
Let me get this straight.
- Mm-hmm? - You've been trying - for eight years to get into the club? - Yep.
And now, when they finally offer you a membership, - you say no? - Yeah, well, you know, us Americans, Zev, we're kind of funny.
That's one way to put it.
I actually like the club a lot, Zev.
The people, though, not so much.
Did you know that, um, while I've been at the bottom of this wait list for all these years, the club has been fast-tracking more high-income clients for membership.
Wish I could say that surprises me.
That was a little something I learned when going over the club's books.
Today was extremely clarifying.
You're a very honorable man.
So are you, baby.
Now, you see this? This is what it's about, not that pretentious, hoity-toity nonsense.
Okay, just two guys out here playing a round of golf, having a good time, enjoying the weather.
- I agree.
- Good.
Now let's play.
- Okay.
- How about we, um, - make it interesting? - What? - Winner buys drinks.
- You're on.
All right, then.
- Let's see you now.
- All right, here we go.
All right, give me room now.
Step back.
Watch the master at work.
The only reason you are here and not in the bottom of the Sumida River is because of the respect I have for your father.
I am very grateful for this meeting, Ryo-sama.
I suggest you make the most of this opportunity.
You will not get another like it.
There are things you must know about Kenji Higashi.
He killed Masuda-San.
He brings dishonor to his clan, to the entire organization.
He is not to be trusted.
You are taking quite a risk, coming here with these kinds of accusations.
And all because you want to do the right thing, yes? With respect.
Kenji is not fit to be oyabun.
You feel you are better suited to lead? I already have the support of a number of the brothers but I will only proceed with your blessing.
You are sure this is what you want? The reason I am here in this room, on this earth, is because of Hiro Noshimuri.
His blood is in my veins.
I have tried to run from my destiny Child of a frog is a frog.
Oyabun is my birthright, kumicho.
I will allow this, but on one condition.
You must first prove your loyalty.
Of course.
Whatever you ask of me, I will do it.
You will return to your task force on Hawaii, to be my eyes and ears inside Five-O.
If I return to Five-O, I-I become a target to Kenji.
So does Tamiko.
I-I I cannot have that.
As long as you do what I ask of you, you have my word Kenji will pose no threat.
So, Mr.
Noshimuri, the question remains How badly do you want to fulfill your destiny? To whom are you loyal?
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