Hawaii Five-0 s10e17 Episode Script

He Kohu Puahiohio I Ka Ho'olele I Ka Lepo I Luna (Like a whirlwind, whirling the dust upward)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O RYO: You will return to your task force on Hawaii, to be my eyes and ears inside Five-O.
- Adam.
- ADAM: I'm sorry I was gone so long.
I just had to get away.
Welcome home, bro.
DANNY: If you're so suspicious of the guy, why'd you welcome him back to the team? STEVE: I want him where I can keep an eye on him.
ADAM: HPD's actually looking to shift more resources to Filipino territory.
It's all in there.
Watch your back.
ENDO: You sure this is safe? ADAM: It's a hell of a lot safer than the last spot.
HPD's gonna be all over that location tomorrow morning.
Yeah, interesting how that happened.
I suggest you keep your theories to yourself, Endo, or I'll be burying four bodies tonight, not three.
MAUREEN: Come back to bed.
I wish I could, Ms.
Townsend, but I really must get back to work.
(moans softly) Well, my dinner's gone cold, so I may have to order more room service later.
(puts out cigarette) About that I, um, I have a confession to make.
When I found out you were staying with us, I asked if I could bring your dinner to the room.
You see, I am a big fan of your Deirdre Naismith novels and I was hoping you might autograph my copy of Murder at the Crossing.
What's the matter? Didn't I give you enough to remember me by? N-No.
No uh, yes.
Y-Yes, you did.
Of course.
- I-I It's just - (laughs) Oh, dear boy, I'm only joking.
It would be a pleasure to sign your book.
"To my number one fan, "Leo.
"You've got a devoted fan in me.
With love, Maureen Townsend.
" Thank you.
May I ask, when can we expect a new Deirdre book? Not anytime soon.
That was supposed to be the next novel, but Well, you can see what I think of it.
(exhales) Y-You mean to tell me that's an entire Deirdre Naismith novel the whole world will never see? Sometimes you have to know when to let things die.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) (indistinct chatter) Hey.
I'm Reigns.
Welcome home, Mr.
- Can I take your bag? - No, but I'll take a hug.
(both chuckle) I'm happy you're home safe.
It's good to see you.
So, how was everything over there? I mean, I-I know you're not allowed to talk about the details, but, like, how did it go? Yeah, it was good.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Hey, uh, take a right up here.
Uh, okay.
Uh, where are we going? Just take the right.
There were times when I needed love I couldn't look inside, I couldn't get enough (sighs) Okay.
Seeker What exactly ? I met you in the eternal night You were looking through me Been thinking about this ever since I left.
I saw you appear in the mystery light You were a seeker, oh, Lord You're a seeker, you're a seeker Lord knows you're a seeker You're a seeker, hey.
- That was nice.
- (both laugh) Yeah.
Yeah, it was.
I can't say I, uh, thought it was gonna be in a car.
Well you're the one who told me to pull over.
(chuckles) Come here.
MAN: Thank you so much.
STEVE: Living here all these years, - it's my first time at this festival.
- Well, it's a literary festival.
It's for people who like to read.
- I like to read.
- Really? Yeah, really.
What is that? I got a Tom Clancy on my nightstand right now.
I believe that you have it.
I just don't think you have the patience to sit down and actually read the book.
What are you, a bookworm? - I like to read.
- Uh-huh.
There he is.
Harry Langford.
LANGFORD: Hello, chaps.
Lovely to see you.
STEVE: Good to see you.
How you doing, buddy? Good.
So, why are we here? Yes, well, it, uh, it seems I've written a best-selling book.
STEVE: I'm sorry, did you just say - you wrote a book? - You wrote a best-selling book? Honestly, it's all very surreal.
One day I just, um, well, I sat down and I just started writing this thing.
More out of boredom, really, than anything.
And, um, yeah.
Based on my experiences with a, with a generous dollop of artistic license thrown in.
Couple of weeks later, I have a manuscript, I send it to a friend in publishing, and the next thing you know, I've got a seven-figure book deal.
- What? - Just so, um, I don't think I'm losing my mind here, y-you wrote a book in two weeks, and then somebody gave you a million dollars? $2 million, actually.
- Sorry.
So vulgar to talk numbers.
- No, I mean, I'm disgusted.
He's disgusted, but I'm okay with you paying for dinner tonight.
It'll be my absolute pleasure.
Pleased to meet you, Mrs.
I'm delighted you liked it.
What? - Yes.
- Harry.
The dead drop - in Kalemegdan Park - What's the matter with you? Is based on real events.
Belgrade is a beautiful city.
I think you broke him.
I didn't do anything.
What'd I do? MAN: Belgrade can indeed be a beautiful city, but it can also be quite a dangerous one.
- As I'm sure you remember.
- STEVE: Ah.
Okay, who-who's that? That is me.
Or rather, my, um, literary alter ego Michael Blanton.
- I-I'm confused.
- Me, too.
(laughs) Excellent.
That was the idea.
MI6 regulations state that I can't appear at any of these book events, in case my face ends up in the papers.
- Ah.
- There are a number of people who would put two and two together, and, uh, I don't particularly want a target on my back.
STEVE: Right.
Isn't he a target now? Not while I've got my eye on him.
And that guy is an unemployed actor I hired.
Lovely chap.
But, uh, whilst he looks the part, he doesn't have the chat to go with that suit.
Hence the, uh, earpiece.
It's very, uh, it's very Cyrano of you.
(whispers): De Bergerac.
(Langford chuckles) Yes.
My cunning plan seems to be working out rather well.
Blanton is making quite the impression.
(phone ringing) Oh, that's me.
Excuse me for a second, please.
Hey, Lou.
- What do you got? - Hey.
Sorry to interrupt, but we got a hot one that's moving pretty quick.
HPD was called to two murder scenes this morning, and they seem to be linked.
How so? Okay, victim number one is Makeo Palila.
He was a music teacher at Kuwili High.
He was found this morning.
He'd been garroted with an antique ukulele string.
Now, the killer takes a handwritten note, pins it to the victim's chest.
And the note has some kind of quotations on it, and a name: Deirdre Naismith.
Victim number two is Ilihia Makamae.
She was a bookstore owner.
Stabbed in the chest with a vintage letter opener.
Same thing.
Note from the killer, handwritten, quotation, so on and so forth, and again the name Deirdre Naismith.
I'm gonna send you pictures right now.
Who, uh, who is Deirdre Naismith? Well, Deirdre Naismith was a fictional crime writer.
And this character appeared in a series of novels by an author named Maureen Townsend between the years 1917 and 1939.
And before you even ask, yes.
Whole lot of bodies dropping in those books.
So we're thinking these murders are just the beginning? STEVE: I just got off the phone with Duke.
Apparently HPD struck out in their search for Endo Tanaka.
All right, they're saying the trail's gone cold.
Despite the fact that we have every port and every airport on high alert, the fear is that Endo may find a way off this island if he hasn't already.
Well, that would certainly fit the yakuza standard operating procedure.
The last thing they want is for Endo to fall into our hands.
And the information he has, it could pose an existential threat to their entire business here.
Yeah, I understand all that, but I haven't given up yet.
Okay? I know that, uh, over the past few weeks, there's been some tension between us, Adam.
I also know that you did what you did for good reasons.
That's why I want you to get back out there.
I want you to get out there, lean on your connections, find out what you can because if Endo is still on this island, we need to bring him in.
- Yes.
- Can you do that? - I can do that.
- Okay.
I trust you.
Okay? Thanks, Steve.
- (knock on door) - Can I show you something? So, both of our victims had traces of ether in their, uh, throat and mouth.
All right, so they were, they were I mean, they were drugged before they were killed, but ether? That's a strange choice for sedation, no? I was thinking that, too, but it sort of goes with the whole, uh, M.
, you know, getting choked out with a ukulele string and stabbed with a letter opener.
It's like a vintage murder art project - or something, you know? - (doors open) Hey! My man.
What's up, buddy? What's up? Welcome back.
I have a confession it's very good to see you, by the way.
Um, I've been sleeping in your bed.
(laughs) It's all good, man.
It's just, you know, it's good to be back.
- Joon! - Hey.
What's up, Cap? Good to see you, man.
What the hell you doing here, anyway? Shouldn't you be at home with your feet all propped up, watching The Young and the Restless? - Mm, see, it's good to see you, Cap.
- STEVE: Tell you what, man, you picked a head-scratcher of a case to come back to.
- Check it out.
- Speaking of which, I just got off the phone with the lab.
They finished analyzing the content and the handwriting of those notes.
And the ink from those notes, by the way, from the 1920s.
Preliminary handwriting analysis confirms that both of those notes were written in the handwriting - of Maureen Townsend.
- Wait a minute.
We know from her bio that Maureen died in 1974.
Well, here's where it gets a little weird.
There was an Internet search.
It turns out that none of the sentences of those notes were found in any of the published novels about this character Deirdre Naismith.
But all is not lost, because I think I might have identified somebody who can help us out.
It turns out that there is a woman who is a world-renowned expert on all things Maureen Townsend.
Her name is Suzanne Ridge.
She's on the island.
She plans to do a keynote speech today at the literary fair.
- Just came from there.
- Well, you love books, so go back.
Deirdre was Maureen's greatest creation.
A crime writer who always got invited into the most coveted dinner parties and events, where inevitably a murder would take place and she would help solve it.
This is an example of Maureen's handwriting, taken from her journal.
You see how it matches those two notes that you showed me? Yeah, I can't tell the difference.
Yes, but that is not what made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.
These quotations They are word-for-word copies of passages taken from an unpublished manuscript: Murder at the Colony.
I'm sorry, Ms.
Ridge, but if it's an unpublished manuscript, how do you know about it? Well, rumors of this manuscript have been swirling about for a hundred years.
It's the great white whale in the crime publishing industry.
Thanks to my connections to the Townsend estate, I was able to secure exclusive access to Maureen's letters and diaries.
Now, at the time, she abandoned work on Murder at the Colony in February 1920.
There's mention in her journal of a tryst with a dashing bellman.
Imagine, what if he had taken her discarded papers that night? So I went out on a flier.
I reached out to the bellman's descendants.
And I struck gold.
The handwritten manuscript had been in the family the whole time, stuffed away in a box in the attic.
It was in remarkable condition.
A complete first draft of the book.
With a little bit of persuasion I managed to secure exclusive rights.
And, at my festival talk today, I'm finally going to unveil Maureen's plans for the last installment in the Deirdre Naismith series.
Do you realize, what you just said makes you a person of interest? (chuckles) Absolutely.
Your prime suspect, I expect.
That doesn't worry you at all? A little bit, perhaps.
But, honestly, to be incriminated in a real-life murder investigation, it's a little bit of a thrill.
(laughs) Uh, well, in that case, uh, where were you this morning between 6:00 and 8:00? Well, I ordered room service at that time, uh, and Kevin, my assistant, took his breakfast with me, and we went through my schedule for the day.
Okay, well, we're gonna have to verify that alibi, of course, and, um, check with the bellman's family - to make sure your story's accurate.
- Of course.
- I'll text Lou.
- While we wait on that, what can you tell me about the victims in the novel? I mean, if this killer really is using this story as a blueprint, what can we expect? There were four deaths in all.
The first victim was garroted in the salon.
The second, stabbed in the library.
Okay, so our guy's not done yet.
The third murder was the butler at the colonial mansion, where the book was set.
His nightcap poisoned with arsenic.
Okay, wha-what about the fourth? It appears, from Maureen's diaries, that Maureen felt imprisoned by the success of the Deirdre Naismith character.
She wanted to flex her muscles and write something else.
So, her plan for Murder at the Colony was to end the book by killing off her most successful creation, Deirdre Naismith herself.
She planned to send her off in gloriously tragic fashion Tossing her over the side of a red and blue sailboat into the crystal waters off Oahu, an anchor tied to her foot, weighing her down.
But, as history shows, Townsend couldn't bring herself to do it and she threw the manuscript away.
STEVE: Suzanne, you are about to publish the complete text of the final case of Deirdre Naismith.
It's highly likely you - could be the fourth victim.
- Oh DANNY: Yeah, so I-I think you should probably cancel that talk today, just until we figure out what's going on.
No No.
I can't cancel this event.
It's been planned to coincide with the 100th anniversary to the day of when Maureen threw her masterpiece into the trash.
Fans and literary press have traveled from all around the world.
I am not going to let some psychopath steal this moment from me.
From Maureen! Besides, if I just avoid the ocean and sailboats, I'll be fine.
(lock beeps, door opens) Mm, Kevin, this is Commander McGarrett and Detective Williams.
Pleasure to meet you both.
These books need dedications for some of our VIP guests.
Oh! This is one of my most treasured possessions.
It actually belonged to Maureen herself.
- STEVE: Huh.
- Fancy pen.
How did you, how'd you end up owning it? A fan gave it to me at a book signing in Minneapolis about a year ago.
No chance you got that fan's name? (scoffs) No.
It was wrapped when he gave it to me, so I had no idea what a special gift it was until I opened it at the hotel later that night.
May I see it? Well, yes, certainly.
Thank you.
(rattling) - Oh, that's a nice pen.
- Mm-hmm.
What on earth is that? It looks to me like a transmitter.
So, if this pen was in close proximity to your laptop, that would enable somebody to get access to the hard drive.
Yeah, and you'd have no idea.
Well, it seems like we just figured out how somebody else got their hands on that manuscript.
So, no surprises, but alibis for both Suzanne Ridge and her assistant Kevin Tapley both checked out.
According to hotel records, Suzanne ordered breakfast for her and Kevin.
The room service runner delivered it, and he remembers this vividly, because Suzanne tipped him a hundred bucks.
And cell records also place them at the hotel at the time of the murders.
All right, we-we have this new evidence that says somebody could have absolutely gotten that-that manuscript from Suzanne's laptop.
GROVER: And, about that, lab confirmed exactly what you thought.
That device you found in Suzanne's pen, that would have enabled anybody on the receiving end to grab files from any computer within range, including this theoretically protected manuscript.
So, not only did the killer get a sneak preview of how the book ended, by obtaining the handwritten manuscript, he was able to trace the relevant passages, and then produce those notes that he left on the victims.
It was very smart, giving Suzanne that pen.
All right, let's look at auction catalogs, see if we can find evidence of the sale.
Okay, if we can ID the guy who gave it to her, then we're one step closer to finding our killer.
(car door closes) The name is Blanton.
Michael Blanton.
Pleasure to meet you.
(laughs) Double-oh-seven? Try triple oh-seven.
(lock beeps, door opens) Harry? (grunts) Thank you very much, appreciate it.
Junior, Tani, thanks for coming.
Of course.
Any more developments? Actually, yes, but, uh, let's go over here.
Um, as McGarrett no doubt told you, I've been using an earpiece to feed my actor chap his lines.
When the, uh, device wasn't transmitting earlier, I feared the worst, but in the last couple of minutes, he switched it back on again.
Now, he's rolling around in the trunk of a car.
Here, this is live.
GABE: Please, I'm not who you think I am! I'm an actor! My name's Gabe Darsyk! Please Come on.
All right, well, the good news is, he's still alive.
Yes, but he could be in an awful lot of trouble.
Right, because the kidnappers think it's you in the trunk of the car.
The super spy with a head full of state secrets.
They're probably taking him somewhere to rendition him.
Or it could be one of many injured parties I've pissed off over the years.
And I take it that's quite a long list.
Well, I can't lie, but this could turn very nasty, very quickly.
GABE: Harry, you got to help me, please.
LANGFORD: We will.
Don't worry.
I'm assuming you can't tell us where they're taking you.
They haven't said, and I can't see anything from in here.
Please, Harry, please help me.
I don't want to die, man.
All right, Harry, we might be able to use your comms link to try and trace a signal.
Yeah, one step ahead of you.
Hey, you got something? Yes, sir.
Per your request, we have procured a list of attendees for last year's event in Minneapolis.
That's where Suzanne got the pen.
Then we cross-referenced these names against TSA records, travel records to Oahu.
Okay, we're just playing the odds here, but I-I'm pretty sure our killer isn't the only Maureen Townsend fan - that would've made the trip.
- Right again.
There were four attendees from last year's event that came here to hear Suzanne talk, so we texted their photo to Suzanne's phone to see if she knew any of 'em.
Had our answer in about 15 seconds.
DANNY: Collin Hansen is who she ID'd.
Um, he's a mechanic, no kids, never been married.
He's been on Oahu for three days.
Well, I'm pretty sure we can guess how this guy's been whiling away his hours while he's been on the island.
All right, we got to, we got to grab this guy, and quick, before he drops another body.
(Kenji speaking indistinctly) ADAM: Oh, business must be good.
I heard you've been making the rounds today, asking questions.
Just one.
Where's Haru? You seem concerned.
I didn't know you cared about Haru.
He was my contact for information.
I'll have a new contact for you soon.
Where is he? I put him on a plane.
He's taking care of something for me in Japan.
In Japan, huh? That's right.
And what about Endo? He in Japan, too? If you're feeling the pressure of living this double life of yours, let me know.
I'd be more than happy to put you on a plane, too.
(tires screeching) I hope you got good insurance on this rental, Harry.
Right now that's the least of my worries.
Drive it - like you stole it, my friend.
- If you insist.
According to the trace on Gabe's earpiece, they're still on the move.
Kidnappers are heading north through Nanakuli.
Oh, wait.
It looks like their little drive's come to an end.
The signal stopped moving outside a warehouse at what looks to be the intersection of Ma'aloa and Mahihi.
Okay, I'll call HPD.
I'll have them set up a perimeter and wait for us there.
Listen, please.
I-I-I know you guys think I'm, like, this treasure trove, like, of, like, sensitive intelligence or whatever, but I'm telling you, I'm just an actor.
All right, y-y-you could look me up.
Look me up.
I-I went to University of Cincinnati, - School of Drama, class of 2011.
- Shut up! (crying): Okay! Just, please, look, I'm from Mason City, Iowa.
I am, like, the least British person you have ever met.
Now transfer the money.
- Money? What money? - Oh, that's not good.
MARCUS: Your money, slick.
We read your book.
We know about the gold in Switzerland, bank accounts all over the world.
- We're taking every single penny.
- GABE: That's what I'm trying to tell you.
I didn't write the damn book, okay? I have, like, 60 bucks You think that we're stupid? No! Hey, we know you got a million dollar advance.
But I don't have the money.
Okay, okay, wh-wh-whoa-whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Pay attention, pay attention.
See that right there? That is our account number to First Island Bank of West Bay down in the Caymans.
GABE: Okay.
- PELIO: Hey.
- GABE: Yeah, yeah.
PELIO: Start the transfers.
- GABE: Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- PELIO: Do it now.
- Or eat a bullet.
- GABE: Okay.
- - Collin Hansen.
Open up.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Take a look at this.
These are photocopies of the manuscript.
These are the same sentences that appear on the murder notes.
Look at this tracing paper.
He's been tracing Maureen Townsend's handwriting - until he got it down.
- (phone ringing) Yeah, Noelani, go ahead.
Another body and another handwritten note.
The circumstances of this murder match the M.
of your killer.
I'm in the backyard of a private residence here in Makiki.
The license in the vic's pocket lists him as Joel Butler.
There's your Butler.
All right, you got a cause of death? Officially, no, but I can make an educated guess.
I found this vintage bottle of arsenic placed deliberately next to our vic's body.
Well, that certainly tracks right along with the vintage methods of murder that we've been looking at.
I also found a human hair by the bottle.
It didn't match our vic's, so I ran it, but - the DNA wasn't in our system.
- STEVE: All right, keep us posted, Noelani.
We'll be in touch, all right? This is troubling.
What do you got? She's next.
If she doesn't cancel that talk right now, she's a sitting duck.
LANGFORD: Gabe, it's going to be okay.
We're a couple of minutes out.
I want you to do what the kidnappers are asking.
Go to my bank's website, Taft London.
Transfer them all of my money.
The entire balance of ten million.
Dollars? Gabe, if you're ready for the password, clear your throat.
(clears throat) Very good.
Okay, the login name is HarryL1.
The password is all caps LAN6F0RD with a six for the "G" and a zero for the "O.
" You know, for a spy, you really should have a stronger password.
I'm just saying.
(typing) - (laptop beeps) - Damn it.
PELIO: Stop screwing with us.
Gabe, cough again if you need me to repeat the password.
And enter the password now.
Gabe, did you hear me? I said clear your throat if you need the password.
Say it louder this time.
MARCUS: The hell are you talking about? Uh Nothing.
Uh nothing.
I was just talking to myself.
PELIO: I think the question is - who's he talking to? - GABE: Okay, okay.
Wait, wait, just I don't know who the hell is listening, but I'm gonna spare you having to hear your friend die.
GABE: Harry! (panting) You sure you don't want us to come with you? Trust me.
I got Gabe into a total dog's dinner.
I'm the one to get him out.
All right, well, at least take a gun with you.
Afraid not.
Going in unarmed is the, Besides, uh, surest path to success.
if I need a gun, I'll, um, I'll just borrow one from the kidnappers.
(indistinct conversation) Hello, chaps.
Now, now, let's not act rashly, not when I'm here to make sure you get your money.
That's right.
I'm the gentleman you're after, spy turned memoirist.
This poor lad is just an actor I hired to, uh, to be my public face.
I'm unarmed, and I will happily wire you the money if you stay calm and ensure nobody gets hurt.
And considering you've read my book Thanks for the support, truly, you've no idea what a brutal business publishing is, and every little bit helps You'll know that, um, it's no idle threat when I tell you that, if you become unreasonable, I'm going to have to put you both down.
So shall we do this the nice way? Get up, get up, get up.
Make it fast.
No funny stuff.
Wouldn't dream of it.
(typing) Done.
The money's all yours.
$10 million, not bad for a morning's work.
If it's all the same to you, my friend and I will take our leave.
We have a signing event to get to, and I need to sell a book or two.
Not so fast.
You leave when we get confirmation the money's there.
STEVE: The three homicides today match perfectly with the murders in the book, okay? Come on, y-you really want your boss to be a match for the fourth? If it were up to me, Suzanne would cancel the event, but she's headstrong.
That said, you're more than welcome to try to convince her yourself.
Okay, we can be pretty convincing.
Officer, all quiet? Quiet as a mouse, Commander.
Nobody been in or out.
(knocking) Ms.
Ridge? Hello? Open it.
Suzanne! I need a paramedic in here now! - Got it.
- No, no, no, no! Suzanne! Okay, stay with me.
Come on, breathe, breathe.
Oh, thank God.
Suzanne, can you hear me? Suzanne, hey, hey.
She's pretty out of it, man.
I think Hansen must've ethered her like he did the others.
DANNY: He left a note.
What, does this look familiar to you? Looks like the last page of the novel.
Hey, Danny, look at that.
- Hey, John McClane.
- All right.
We need to lock down this hotel, update the APB.
I want every cop on the island looking for Collin Hansen.
He couldn't have gotten very far.
PELIO: Now, that's what I like to hear.
Just spoke to our man in the Caymans.
The money came through.
And he's cashing it as we speak.
And with that we'll be on our way.
It's a pleasure doing business with you.
(laughing) What kind of a plan was that?! Are you serious?! I thought you were supposed to be some kind of a super spy.
I mean, that was the least James Bond thing I have ever seen Just-just watching you roll over and give those guys $10 million.
Calm down, dear boy.
It's all being handled.
Excuse me.
I'll take that, thanks.
All right, come on, let's go.
Harry, dear.
I got your money back.
Maria, darling, I knew I could count on you Thank you so much.
Now, we didn't get to discuss terms.
I assume you'll be taking a cut? Oh, Harry.
That won't be necessary.
'Cause I'll be taking it all.
You should have called me back when we were stationed in Athens.
Live and learn, right, darling? Oh, dear.
(indistinct chatter) - How's it going? - SUZANNE: Have you made any progress in determining who that maniac was who tried to kill me? Yes and no.
Uh, have you got a second? I know you're about to get onstage here.
Of course.
- Okay, good thing.
May I? - Sure.
Um okay, so, apparently, the killer came into your room through the air vent, right? So, what we did, we-we traced that air duct back to an access point, hoping that maybe we could catch this person on-on a security camera along the way, but unfortunately that was a, uh, well, it was a dead end.
DANNY: The-the duct, it's been closed for-for a while, like, that passage, they're working on the air conditioning for the floor above, so it's blocked.
STEVE: In layman's terms, there is absolutely no way that anybody, let alone the, the killer, could have gotten into your room through the ceiling.
GROVER: Plus, with an officer guarding the door and balcony windows ten stories up, we started figuring that maybe, just maybe, that, uh, whoever's behind this they were inside the room the whole time.
STEVE: Look, you staged this whole thing almost perfectly.
I mean, you knew we'd rush in to save you.
And I'll be the first to admit, your performance in the bathroom was very convincing, but there is one thing that you could never have known about, and that was the sealed-off air duct.
- That's crazy.
- That's crazy? I don't know.
I don't know if it is crazy when you think about what a steroid boost these murders have been to your new book.
Yeah, I mean, it's, it's pretty wild out there.
Standing room only.
GROVER: That's the kind of publicity some writers would kill for.
And, by the way, we have a pretty good idea who, uh, leaked the news of a murder investigation out to those media vultures perched outside Kevin.
You can't prove any of that.
Maybe not, but here's something we can prove.
Suzanne, while you were in your room preparing for the finale of the greatest publicity stunt I've ever heard of, Kevin here was out doing your dirty work.
GROVER: You see, folks, as law enforcement officers, we're obligated to look further into your flimsy alibis.
And when we did so, we found that Kevin here, well, his didn't quite hold up.
See, all you had going for you in that case was your word and the presence of Kevin's cell phone to say that he was in the hotel with you, but, come to find out, Kevin was someplace else altogether.
Ain't that right, Kev? DANNY: Kevin, we found blood, uh, in the trunk of your, uh, rental car.
I had CSU cross-reference the DNA from the blood to the, uh, the hair on the arsenic bottle left at the third crime scene.
GROVER: Guess what, Kevin.
Perfect DNA match.
How'd that end up in your trunk, Kevin? DANNY: You killed Collin Hansen and you put him in the trunk of your car.
STEVE: That's right, 'cause Collin Hansen didn't kill anybody.
You just planted one of his hairs on that arsenic bottle to set him up.
GROVER: Poor guy was just a fan of old crime stories Little did he know he'd end up being the victim of a new one.
All right, so here's what's gonna happen.
You two are gonna come with us, and we're gonna have you sit in some very, very uncomfortable chairs for as long as it takes for you to tell us what you did with the body of poor Mr.
Collin Hansen.
Look, bracelets to go with your outfit.
Come on.
All right.
- - Thanks for letting me - use the shower, man.
- Oh, least I could do.
Yeah, yeah, that is true.
Can I ask you a question? Uh, why would you check in to this baller suite right after you just lost all your money? Oh, I may have lost some money, but I certainly have not lost my taste for the finer things in life.
I have very fond memories of this Leilani Suite.
In fact, uh, you could say it's my happy place.
It's your (laughs) Okay.
Stay for a drink? No, I got to catch a flight.
I have an audition first thing in the morning.
Oh, I hope it's for something exciting.
- It's for a, uh, deodorant commercial.
- Ah.
But, got to say, after working with you, I am very excited by the idea of boring.
- (quiet laugh) - No offense.
None taken.
Thanks for everything.
- Thanks, Harry.
- (knocking) Coming.
Aha! Hey, good evening.
- Here you go, buddy.
- Oh, you shouldn't have.
I could call downstairs, get them to send something up.
You're on a budget.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey, young lady.
- Hey.
- Hello.
Hey, you're not staying? No, I think I've, uh, had enough excitement for one lifetime.
- So enjoy.
- Goodbye.
So, you, um, you lost $10 million, that's, uh, that's a bummer.
Well, to be honest, Daniel, retirement was beginning to bore me anyway.
(bottle cap pops) I don't know.
- Maybe I'll go back to work.
- STEVE: Yeah? 'Cause if you want to work, there's a space on this task force for you.
Well, thank you, Steve.
- But I don't want to do that much work.
- Ah.
I was thinking of something much more low-key.
Yeah, well, I don't blame you.
Guys, I think the show's about to start.
(fireworks popping) (whistling) (laughs) I gave it all away And now I've faded fast Gave credit in his name Whoa! Kept nothing for myself All for the sake of what is good and true and right You give it all you got When you think you are fine And the good fight Wearing so thin.
(fast-forwarding) (fast-forwarding) Got you.
(tires screech) (guns cocking)
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