Hawaii Five-0 s10e18 Episode Script

Nalowale I Ke 'Ehu O He Kai (Lost in the sea sprays)

1 - Previously on Hawaii Five-O - There are things you must know about Kenji Higashi.
He killed Masuda-San.
- He is not to be trusted.
- Daddy? ADAM: Where's Haru? KENJI: I put him on a plane.
He's taking care of something for me in Japan.
And what about Endo? He in Japan, too? If you're feeling the pressure of living this double life of yours, let me know.
I'd be more than happy to put you on a plane, too.
(guns cocking) Don't.
(laughs softly) Don't.
Just don't.
- Don't what? - Last time I was ironing a shirt, you came in here, you said a bunch of dumb stuff, and it turned into a big thing I just, I-I like ironing.
I just want to iron in peace.
- I'm not gonna say anything.
- Good.
I will say that, in my opinion, you should invest in a nice cotton blend, wrinkle-free, so - Let me ask you a question.
- Okay.
Is it boring being as predictable as you are? You know, last time we got into a thing because you were going on a date and you didn't tell me about it.
So may so maybe this time you'll be forthcoming and tell me what's going on.
I'm going on a date with Emma.
- Emma? - Emma.
The cute, uh - The gorgeous - The gorgeous - veterinarian.
- That's right.
Last week you had a date with Brooke, - this week you have a date with Emma? - You don't approve? I don't believe you.
I think you're just, you're, uh, you're messing with me a little bit.
Alexa, what's my schedule tonight? ALEXA: At 8:00 p.
, there's dinner at Maile's Thai Bistro - with Emma Okino.
- Huh.
Thank you.
Oh, Alexa? Is Danny Williams an idiot? I'm not going to answer that.
See? She's loyal to me 'cause I bought her for you.
No, she just doesn't know you yet.
- No? - Give her time.
Hey, bud.
Can you leave the iron on when you're done? - Yeah, you got it.
- What, you got a date, too? - Huh? - Aha.
Let me guess, uh, salty brunette, cute smile, got a thing for mermaids, loudmouth? Hey.
She likes to say she's always using her outside voice.
STEVE: Well, you know what? I think it's great that you and Tani are giving it a go, bud.
- (phone ringing) - Yeah, me, too.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait.
What? Shots fired, Adam's building.
Grover's en route.
(sirens wailing) Adam.
You all right? (panting): Yeah.
Kenji sent them.
Okay, all right.
Let's get you cleaned up.
Come on, we got to get you out of here, get you someplace safe.
Come on.
No Lou, Lou.
What we need to do right now is take down Kenji and his crew.
- Right now.
- What are you talking about? I've been trying to dismantle Kenji's operation for months now, and I finally have the evidence to do it.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) (siren wailing) (tires screeching) Five-O! Drop your weapons! (shouts) (gun clicks empty) (grunting) (shouts) (both panting) Go ahead.
Finish it.
I want to hear you say it.
(laughs) Yes.
I killed Masuda.
And you and your girlfriend would have been next had Tokyo not intervened.
I need EMTs behind the house right now.
You know, you were right not to trust me.
I was working for Five-O the whole time, playing you.
And now I have video footage of you and your crew executing Endo and Haru.
You're going away, Kenji, and never getting out.
Well done, Noshimuri.
Except I don't see how you can let me live.
Why, because you'll talk? Yes.
And I have a lot to say about you.
I'll take my chances.
- I'm so sorry for your loss.
- IOLANA: Thank you.
Are you okay? - Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
- Well, you're here now.
Councilman Mikala, this is our daughter Noelani.
Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Noelani.
I'm so sorry it's under these circumstances.
Your uncle was a great man.
The number of kids that Pastor Akumu pulled out of gangs, helped get clean His passing is a huge loss for the community.
But I'm gonna make sure his church has the funding it needs to continue his good work.
We appreciate your generosity.
I understand you're a physician.
Your parents must be proud.
CUNHA: I am actually the chief medical examiner of Honolulu County.
Very impressive.
Forgive my parents, Councilman.
They think it's a little weird that I work with dead bodies.
Well, if you'll excuse me.
Of course.
Nice meeting you.
I'm gonna go pay my respects.
STEVE: Let me get this straight.
Your plan to take down the Yakuza was to fly to Japan and have them make you an oyabun? - Yes.
- Uh-huh.
And as oyabun, I would have been able to dismantle the entire operation from within.
And to prove your loyalty, you decided to become an inside man for them and start feeding them HPD I was giving them morsels, Steve.
Just enough to keep them on the hook while I gathered the evidence I needed, and it worked.
Look, the fact that you thought this plan of yours was the best way to do it, that's not the problem here.
You weren't straight with me.
All right? You lied to me.
You lied to me multiple times.
I gave you so many chances to come clean.
You know as well as I do you would have said it was too dangerous, shut everything down.
But after what Kenji did, what he put Tamiko through, I did what I had to do, okay? I had to see this through.
Did you? 'Cause that wasn't your call to make.
You didn't just put yourself at risk.
You risked the reputation of this entire unit.
Don't you see that? And that right there, that's hey that's something I have to answer for.
Look, if you want my badge, I'll understand.
If I want your badge, I'll take your badge.
All right? Right now what I want is for you to go down to HPD and debrief the organized crime division.
You're gonna tell 'em everything you know.
- (phone ringing) - Of course.
Wait, what? Yeah.
Oh, I got it.
We're on the way.
Everything okay? (sighs) A freighter two miles off the coast of Oahu was attacked.
Crew were taken hostage, captain shot dead.
Shouldn't the Coast Guard be on that? According to the crew, it was the Coast Guard who attacked.
We just thought it was just a routine check.
They had Coast Guard uniforms, badges.
And their skiff was, it was skinned.
You know, to make it look like the real deal.
We let them on board, and before you know it, they had guns out and they were - ordering us on the ground.
- DANNY: They're pirates.
It's just a unique way to hijack a ship.
I've been working these shipping lanes for years, and I-I'd never even heard of an attack like this.
Well, there must have been something about this boat that was too good to pass up.
Eh, uh, what kind of cargo do you have on board? You know, I can give you the manifest, but it didn't even seem like they made it down to the cargo hold.
I mean, as soon as they were on board, they locked the entire crew in the cabin and uh, they ordered the captain to take 'em down to the safe.
That's where it happened.
You want to take us down there? Please.
(sighs) Well, looks like our captain got off a couple shots before he was killed, huh? He kept a gun in the safe.
When they forced him to open it, he must have grabbed it and fired at 'em.
Uh, what else was in the safe? Just money.
Payroll, petty cash.
Do you know how much cash? Uh, 20 to 50 grand, depending on how deep we were into the route.
Look, man, we're all, uh, we're all sorry for your loss, and we appreciate you going through this with us.
Thank you.
All right.
So, why would anybody go to that much trouble for less than 50 grand? Doesn't make sense to me.
Yeah, especially when these shipping freighters carry millions in cargo.
Maybe they were just getting started with the safe.
Yeah, you're right.
It could be that they were moving on to the cargo when the captain started firing and they bailed.
STEVE: I-I just feel like there's something we're not seeing here.
(phone ringing) Excuse me.
We're really sorry to hear about your uncle.
Oh, thank you.
Um, that's actually why I'm calling.
Look, there's something going on here, - and I could use your help.
- Okay.
My family was told that my uncle died of a heart attack.
But at his wake today, I noticed an acute rash on his arm that isn't consistent with a cardiac event.
Well, how did the coroner's report explain that? See, that's the thing.
The rash isn't even mentioned.
I reached out to the coroner, but he refused to discuss it.
I was hoping for some sort of professional courtesy, but he pretty much just blew me off.
You think he's hiding something? I'm not sure.
But, Steve before my uncle became a pastor, he was involved with gangs and suffered from a substance abuse problem.
I hate to think that he got into some sort of trouble or had a relapse, but even if that's the case, I just want to know the truth.
Noelani, here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna send Quinn down there to help you out with this.
Whatever's going on, we're gonna get to the bottom of it.
- Thank you so much.
- Yeah, of course.
- JUNIOR: Hey, boss.
- Yo.
Something you got to see here.
Fresh blood.
We know the captain fired his weapon.
But what if he hit one of these pirates, and that guy's crew left him for dead? If it was me, I'd probably hide.
He might still be on the ship.
STEVE: Yeah, we got to split up into search parties.
If this guy's still on the ship, we got to find him.
JUNIOR: Copy that.
- Clear.
- Moving.
- JUNIOR: Clear.
- Move.
Hey sorry we had to cancel our date.
Now? Really, Joons, you have to work on your timing.
JUNIOR: Fair enough.
To be fair, I was kind of looking forward to it.
Me, too.
(grunting) JUNIOR: Tani! Tani! (Junior grunts) Boss! Boss! - McGarrett! - (grunting) (sizzling) Tani, she's stuck inside! - Okay.
On three, on three, here we go.
- Yeah.
One! Two! Three! - (gunshots) - JUNIOR: Tani! - Found him.
- DANNY: Yeah, you don't say.
HIDOKO: Subject is an 87-year-old male, no visible signs of trauma, - no drugs present in the tox screen.
- - (door opens) - You again? How the hell did you get in here? - It's amazing the doors this opens.
- This is outrageous.
- I'm in the middle of a report.
- Yeah, I can see that.
Are you gonna base this one off of evidence, or are you just gonna make it up, like you did my uncle's? You have a sterling reputation, lots of commendations from the Medical Examiners Board, and yet somehow you failed to notice an obvious rash on Mr.
Cunha's body.
Or at least neglected to put it on the report.
Hidoko, I don't believe a medical examiner with your experience would miss something like that.
I just want to know what happened to my uncle.
You know what else this allows me to do? Arrest you.
I did see the rash.
Then why leave it off the report? The morning I conducted my exam on Mr.
Cunha's body, someone approached me in the parking lot.
He said my report should conclude Mr.
Cunha died of a heart attack or something very bad would happen to me.
I considered going to the police, but I was too scared.
The only reason why someone would want to change the COD on a coroner's report is to cover up a crime.
The rash on his arm; am I correct in thinking it indicates carbon monoxide poisoning? In my professional opinion, yes.
Okay, well, the presence of carbon monoxide doesn't necessarily indicate foul play.
But then why cover it up? We're gonna need a description of the man who threatened you, as well as any security footage you have of the parking lot.
Yeah, of course.
Well, ahoy there, sea dogs.
Anybody left pining for a life on the high seas? No, no, it was salty, I was nauseous.
I'm good on land for the rest of my life.
- (chuckles) - He really puts the "drama" in Dramamine.
Yeah, Lou, uh, you got something, huh? I do.
Because, even in the middle of nowhere, somebody's always watching.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, I learned today that shipping companies use satellite technology in order to combat piracy.
And lucky for us caught a look at our freighter during the attack.
JUNIOR: And did that satellite capture where the pirates went after the raid? Unfortunately not, because it only captures images in the shipping lane.
But here's something you can see.
There's Calico Jack and two mateys loading a crate of what looks like the ship's cargo onto their skiff.
"What looks like"? What else would it be? I don't know.
But I'll tell you what I do know: HPD just finished going through the ship's inventory.
Everything's accounted for.
Okay, so something else was smuggled onto that freighter with the ship's legitimate cargo.
All right, so taking the cash from the safe, that was just a cover.
It was to distract from what they were really there for.
Right, but to know something was being smuggled onto that ship, they would've had to have an inside man.
Right? Either somebody inside the smuggling operation - Somebody on the crew.
- Right.
JUNIOR: Well, the freighter's being escorted into port as we speak, and the entire crew are being brought in by HPD to take their statements.
All right, what about the dead pirate? We ID that guy yet? Yes, sir.
Ran him through facial rec.
Here he is.
Kyle Munoz.
Okay, let's dig into Mr.
See if you can find a connection to anybody on the crew.
We should also look into the, uh, the boat that the pirates used.
We got anything there? Yeah.
The crew describes it as a 25-foot Defender-class speedboat, skinned to look like law enforcement.
STEVE: All right, Tani, why don't you and Junior look into any boats on the island that fit that description.
I'm talking registrations, reports of theft, the works.
We find that boat, we find our pirates.
(typing) QUINN: The man who threatened Dr.
Hidoko is Eke Mahoe.
Looks like he just got out of prison three months ago and is living at a halfway house five miles from here.
What was he serving time for? QUINN: Well, you're not gonna believe this: Mahoe was serving a ten-year sentence for attempted murder.
He tried to kill your uncle.
So, wait sorry.
Eke shoots my uncle a decade ago.
Now he's out of prison.
My Uncle Akumu suddenly dies, and Eke is threatening a medical examiner to falsify an autopsy report? We just found ourselves a suspect.
Back in the day, both Akumu and I ran with bad crews.
When someone from a rival gang stepped to you, you retaliated.
It was that simple.
- You thought of them as the enemy.
- Which is why I was solely shocked when the first letter I got in the joint was from your uncle saying he forgave me.
That he turned his life around and that I could do the same.
That sounds like my Uncle Akumu.
We wrote a lot after that.
He gave me hope that I could be a better man.
And you know what? By the time I got out I was.
Mahoe, why would you threaten the coroner unless he ruled Akumu's death a heart attack? The day Akumu died, he'd invited me over for a visit.
When he didn't answer the front door, I went around back.
I could hear a car running in the garage.
Carbon monoxide.
I found him in the driver's seat.
He'd run a hose from the tailpipe to the window.
So you cleaned up the evidence and insisted the M.
declare the COD a heart attack.
That man gave all those kids hope.
Hope that things could get better.
How would they feel if they found out he took his own life? I wasn't gonna let suicide be your uncle's legacy.
I understand.
Um, would you excuse us for a second? Of course.
This doesn't add up, okay? No matter how hard it got, my uncle would never abandon those kids.
They were his life.
Why don't we go to Akumu's house and check it out ourselves? Sound good? Yeah.
Hey, big man, how we doing finding that boat? Uh, not yet, but I did find us a link.
- Uh-huh.
- Between our dead pirate Kyle Munoz and a member of the freighter crew.
Hang on.
You remember this guy - Carl Lawson? - STEVE: Yeah.
Well, I found out he grew up right here on the island.
As a matter of fact, he went to high school with our Long John Pilfer.
Phone records confirm, guys were in touch as recently as last week.
All right, so this has got to be our inside guy.
And you can take that to the bank.
He certainly did Check this out.
This guy has been receiving wire transfers from overseas accounts at regular intervals for the last three years.
Let me guess, each one of those transfers matches up with a freighter trip from China.
That's correct.
So, what's he do? He calls his boy from high school, right? They put a crew together to pull off the heist.
Right, then he goes and tells his smuggler friends that the boat was hit by a random pirate attack.
We need to talk to Lawson.
Have HPD bring him straight here.
Will do.
(siren wailing) LAWSON: Hey, um You have, uh, you have any idea how long this is gonna take, yeah? Man, I've been stuck on that ship for, like, the last three weeks (tires screeching) (car horn honking) (grunting) TANI: Well, judging by the way that Lawson is literally kicking and screaming, I'm guessing this wasn't a rescue attempt.
Those guys in the masks? Those aren't his friends Those are the smugglers he was working for, and now they got questions.
So, they need Lawson back to figure out where their stuff is.
Whatever they were smuggling, it had to be pretty valuable for them to risk a brazen daylight assault like this.
Not to pile on, but we haven't had much luck finding the boat that the pirates used.
We have HPD pulling the registrations for every vessel in that class on the island, but there's a lot and it's gonna take some time.
Because now that they have Lawson, it won't be long before these smugglers and their cargo are happily reunited.
All right, forget the boat, then why don't we go after the people that gave it a makeover? I like that, that's good.
It takes a special skill set to skin a boat and make it look like a Coast Guard skiff.
TANI: I'll make some inquiries.
I'll see who provides that kind of service on the island.
Sounds good.
Let's start in the garage.
You guys know what we're looking for.
OFFICER: All right.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Um, it's just been a while since I was here last.
Hmm, take your time.
We've got this covered.
(door closes) QUINN: Noelani? (exhales) Hey.
- You okay? - Uh, yeah.
Did you guys find anything? Yeah, the garden hose Eke said was leading from the tailpipe to the window.
CSU is running it for prints now.
- (sighs) - Do you want to talk about it? I don't know.
You know, my parents already disapprove of my career.
How are they gonna react if my looking into this reveals that my uncle committed suicide? When I was in high school, my brother Brian took his own life.
(exhales) Um, Quinn, I'm I'm so sorry.
I, I had no idea.
After he died, my family, we never talked about it.
Like at all.
- And it just made things worse.
- I can't imagine.
My brother's life was so much more than the way he died.
And the same thing goes for your uncle.
So, no matter what we find you remember that, okay? Okay.
- - From rockin' the waves Hi.
I truly didn't expect to see you again so soon.
Hey, so, uh it's just you, or are we waiting on anybody else? Really sorry to disappoint you, lover boy, but Quinn will not be joining us.
I'm not disappointed.
It's very lovely to see you.
I it's just last time we hung out we were playing darts, and the loser was supposed to buy dinner.
Yeah, I heard you, uh, couldn't hit the side of the barn.
For the record, I threw that game.
And I'm still waiting to hear - back from her about our date.
- Hang in there.
So you think I have a chance? - I do.
- Okay.
All right, so I'm doing you a little favor here, and in exchange you can, uh, put in a good word for me? I'll put in a good word for you.
Anything specific? Uh, well, um I'm loyal.
Hmm, she can get a dog for that.
All right, you're enjoying this, aren't you? - Very much.
- Uh-huh.
Oh, hey, this is Oz, listen, remember, we don't know each other.
Okay? - Oz! - (Oz whooping) - Good to see you, brother.
- Hey! Hey, this is the young lady I was telling you about.
She's having herself a bit of a, um - nautical dilemma.
- OZ: Well you are in luck, lady.
Because if it floats (laughs) I'm the guy.
Relax, Bubba Gump, we get it.
So, here's the situation I'm in.
Um, I've been dating this guy.
He's a bit of a boat nut.
And, uh, sadly, things aren't exactly working out for us.
(laughing): In that case, maybe I can be of service in more ways than one.
Focus, Oz.
Before I break it off with him, I would like to secure myself a little severance package.
He's got a 40-foot catamaran.
He always said we'd sail off into the sunset together.
And, he's not wrong, he just, uh he won't be joining us? Hey, Oz, listen.
This-this catamaran thing, you think you can maybe skin it, maybe change the hull number? I can do all that.
And for the low, low price of ten grand.
Anything else I can help you with? Actually, yeah.
Why don't you go ahead and slap those on for me? You're under arrest.
- She's-she's a cop?! - Uh, you are a cop? - That's right.
- This is And unless you want to go to jail, too, with this guy, I'd run along.
I don't want to go to jail.
Sorry, brother.
- Wait.
- Sorry.
Here's the good news, Oz.
I need some information about a client of yours.
Someone who may have asked you to skin a boat and make it look like the Coast Guard search-and-rescue vessel.
Yeah sorry, I just, I-I can't recall a job of that description.
That's really too bad Maybe a trip to a holding cell will jog your memory.
Okay, now that I think about it, yeah, you know, um, there was a job like that last week.
Well, what do you know? I'm gonna need the name of the client.
You're looking for a guy named Michael Garcia.
Wait a minute, so there's only one set of prints on that hose, - and they belong to Eke Mahoe? - That's correct.
I'm gonna need you to process the house next, top to bottom.
You got it.
So, it makes sense that Eke's prints would be on the hose; he admitted to moving it when he covered up the crime.
Yeah, but how could my uncle use that hose to commit suicide without getting his prints on it? Not to mention all the other times he must have used it.
Someone wiped down that hose before Eke found your uncle's body.
The only reason to do that is to get rid of incriminating evidence Proof that someone killed him and then staged his suicide.
Someone murdered my uncle.
It's looking that way, yeah.
Noelani, can you think of anyone who would want to do that to him? No, but between his past and all the work that he's been doing, Uncle Akumu has crossed paths with a lot of dangerous people.
And I doubt the gangs were happy about him taking their members off the streets.
Yeah, I'm sure they weren't, but he's been doing this for years.
Why go after him now? We need to take a deep dive into your uncle's life.
- TECH: Sergeant Liu.
- Run his phone.
Get a list of the kids he was counseling.
If something happened recently that made him a target, chances are, one of those kids would know about it.
I got nothing to say to you guys.
You're not in trouble, Lewis.
We're here because phone records show that you were in regular contact with Pastor Akumu for the past six weeks.
CUNHA: We heard you two were pretty close.
He helped you get through a pretty dark place, huh? You loved him.
Just like I did, just like I still do, okay? I just want to find out what happened to my uncle.
If you know anything, anything at all Pastor Akumu was the first person I could open up to.
I could just talk.
No lectures.
No judgments.
Just a regular G.
But then I went and told him too much.
Lewis, look at me.
If you told him something damaging about someone in the gang life, we can protect you.
Nah, I didn't piss off some gangbanger.
It's bigger than that, okay? A lot bigger.
Then help us put them behind bars where they belong.
There's this guy on the county council.
He's big in the drug game on the island.
And Pastor Akumu knew him.
CUNHA: Councilman Mikala? He tells the gangs where to sell, where the cops won't bother 'em, and in return they cut him in.
Look, I wanted out of this life, okay? I was tired of hurting people, and Pastor Akumu made me feel like I could change.
What I told you about Mikala, that's why Akumu is dead now, and that councilman, he's not gonna stop there.
I'm next.
Hey, Lewis, look, you did the right thing by telling us.
And now we're gonna go do our jobs and make sure that Councilman Mikala never hurts anyone ever again.
(phone dialing) Michael Garcia.
Open up.
- Clear.
- Clear.
All right, so I'm guessing these are our pirates.
There's no gunshot wounds.
- (phone dialing) - So what happened? They were, uh, just cutting the heroin and they just dropped dead? I'm not convinced this is heroin.
Commander McGarrett.
I need backup, and, uh, send us a Hazmat unit to 32 Kaholo Street.
(tires screeching) - (rapid gunfire) - Get down! Down, down, down! Down! - Steve! - What? I don't want to be in the room with the powder that killed the people, okay? We don't have a choice.
Backup's ten minutes out.
(grunts) They're all over the place.
(grunts) (grunts) We need to get out of here before this stuff kills us.
(coughs) I'm moving.
(grunting) (grunts) (coughs) Clear! (Danny coughing) Hey.
You all right? (strained): Do I look like I'm okay? - (gunshots) - (grunts) I'm better now! - What? - What? Lawson thought he was just ripping off a little heroin.
That stuff was carfentanil.
It's a synthetic opioid.
It's 10,000 times stronger than morphine.
This stuff's banned from the chemical weapons convention.
It's that dangerous.
Okay, well, that explains my pounding headache, doesn't it? It's funny how these pirates went through all that trouble to steal their booty, only to end up having it kill 'em.
Yeah, well, no one said they were good pirates.
- Hmm.
- Oh, speaking of which, um, why are pirates called pirates? 'Cause they "arr"! Come on! - That was solid.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- That was a solid one.
What is that? This, Councilman Mikala, is the oh so generous donation that you made to my uncle's church, that we will not be accepting.
- It's also evidence.
- Wh-What are you talking about? We matched the DNA from that envelope to a DNA on a teacup that we found next to Akumu's kitchen sink.
You must've been in a hurry because you missed a spot - when you rinsed it.
- CUNHA: You were in his house when he died.
You killed him.
Cunha, I know you're upset, but There was a second teacup next to the sink, and it had traces of flunitrazepam on it.
That's the one my uncle drank from, isn't it? We're thinking that, when Akumu found out that you were dirty, he confronted you, told you you needed to come clean and turn yourself in.
Maybe he even offered to help counsel you through your difficult time.
You accepted his offer, but you didn't go to Akumu's house to take his advice.
You went there to take his life.
You roofied my uncle's tea.
He would have started to feel the effects in minutes.
My guess is that you saw he started to get woozy and oh so graciously offered to take him to the doctor.
You helped him to the car, and once he passed out, you ran a hose from the exhaust pipe into the window and let the carbon monoxide do the rest.
You were counting on the cops taking one look at that scene and ruling it a suicide.
What you didn't count on is that my uncle helped so many people in his life that some of them were willing to help him in return.
(handcuffs click) OFFICER: Sir, come with us.
You have the right to remain silent I'm proud of you, my ipo.
And your Uncle Akumu would be so proud of you, too.
Yes, he would.
(guitar playing) In the morning, when the sun's still shy The last star lingers in the pale blue sky That's when I know you're around I said that's when I know I don't think I'm up for this.
Oh, come on, just one drink.
Plus, the last thing you want to do right now is go home to an empty apartment.
And the birds sing a song Doesn't look like we're gonna get a table.
I think we actually already got one.
I said that's when I know you're around Did you organize this? I may have mentioned that we were coming here, and they may have decided to come here on their own.
(chuckles) The last star lingers in the pale blue sky That's when I know you're around Hey, Noelani, how you doing? Much better after seeing all of you, so DANNY: It's gonna get even better because he is gonna buy the next round.
I'll totally buy the next round.
I just need to I just got to go home and get my wallet.
It's at the house.
You've been saying the same thing for about ten years.
Evening, when the light comes through the trees And the birds sing a song, as if they're singing to me That's when I know you're around Swing on down to me.
We're gonna take a quick break.
We'll be back real soon.
(applause) Yeah, Donavon! (cheering) Now throw your hands up in the air Oh, my God.
This song was my jam in the fifth grade.
Okay, now dance with me.
Uh, no, I think I'm gonna need a few drinks before doing that.
Oh, oh, but that guy looks like he's ready to bust a move.
Hey, what's happening? What's up, Rick? Good to see you, man.
How are you, buddy? Good to see you guys.
- You know all these guys.
- Yeah.
Hey, guys, how are you? STEVE: And this is Lou Grover right here.
- How you doing? - Nice to meet you.
Rick Wright.
And Danny Williams.
Hey, how are you? Well, uh, welcome.
Magnum's gonna be bummed that he, uh, didn't get to see you guys.
Whatever you guys are drinking, next round's on the house.
GROVER: Whoa, hey, wait a minute now.
I like you.
QUINN: So, speaking of free things, I seem to recall a dinner that I'm owed by a very mediocre darts player.
Yeah, I vaguely remember some mention of a meal - Mm-hmm.
- Um, you know, Quinn was just talking about dancing since this is her jam and all, but I'm not really into it, so maybe you can take my place.
- Seriously? - You know what? Want to make me happy? - This makes me happy.
- I will warn you, though, I'm a better dancer than I am a dart player.
I have heard that you're a man of many talents.
- Have you? - Yeah.
- From who? - Little birdie.
- Little birdie? - Yeah.
- Shall we? All right.
- Yeah, show me what you got.
Let's go.
I'd love to meet that little birdie.
Rock your body - You see this? - Yeah, I see it.
TANI: Are we just supposed to let them have the entire dance floor to themselves? - No, we can take 'em.
- And we should.
But, you know what, let's not blow them away off the top.
- We must let it build.
- Copy you.
Don't give away our best moves too early.
Got you.
(cheering) Everybody Yeah Rock your body Yeah Everybody Rock your body right Rock your body right Backstreet's back, everybody Everybody Rock your body Rock your body Everybody Everybody rock your body Everybody Rock your body right Everybody Backstreet's back, all right.

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