Hawaii Five-O (1968) s02e06 Episode Script

A Bullet for McGarrett

- Hey, Cooper.
- Danny.
What's the action? Quiet, even for a Sunday.
Don't knock it.
This is our first Sunday off in a few weeks.
Hey, Danny, one of those for Kono? What do you expect? A raft? He's a little sensitive.
If you fall off, you better not float, brother.
A plane might land on you.
If I fall off, you'll get a tidal wave warning.
We'll see you.
Lose the canvas.
These are the guns we need for the revolution.
Load them.
Now come on, move.
Stay inside.
Close it.
Open up.
- Another blast, sir? - No.
Colonel Sasaki? There are 2,000 gas masks in there.
He's bound to find one.
- What did you find out? - No way in through the armory.
Got a couple of steel fireproof doors that completely wall off the other section.
He's got them locked and bolted from his side.
For protection.
It's our arsenal.
He's sure not gonna run out of ammo.
- Any other way in? - None.
What about the roof? Nothing but skylights up there.
They don't open.
You'll have to smash them to get in.
Minute he hears the crash of glass he'll start firing at that skylight.
Yeah, but he won't if he doesn't hear it.
Kono, get me a coil of rope, a carbine and a gas mask.
- Steve, I'll go with you.
- No.
No, Danno, I want you down here.
Colonel, how do we get up on the roof? Through the armory, there's a door that opens on to the roof.
Danno, as soon as you see me up there, I want every man with a weapon firing.
Keep it up for at least 30 seconds.
Elpidio will come back to us, Marla.
I have a bad feeling, Ramon.
Tell me, how many times has he been trapped in the jungles of our country? The army, the police, they hunt him as one hunts an animal.
Always he has escaped, always.
This is a different jungle, Ramon.
A strange one.
Not of swamp and forest, but of stone and steel.
And my husband does not know his way in this country.
He will find his way.
And he will lead us home with the arms we have taken.
They will be given to our people.
We will no longer fight our enemies with machetes.
Marla, you must be as strong as Elpidio.
I heard shots when we left the armory.
Tell me.
- Tell me the truth.
- It was nothing.
Elpidio stopped a police car from following us.
I will stay in the truck for a moment, Ramon.
I will pray for the safe return of my husband.
Fire at will.
There's a watchman inside.
He's wounded.
Get him.
See if the watchman is in any shape to be questioned.
Just one question.
You could have killed me before.
Why didn't you? If I could have, I would have killed you.
Why? You always kill the enemy.
Just like that? Is there another way? Maybe not for Elpidio Acuna.
I didn't give anyone my name.
Oh, you're famous.
Vallios, the consul of your country, told me.
Vallios, that pig.
Servant to the dictator, who bleeds the people of my country to death.
How did you get into Hawaii? There are ways.
For a man who's been fighting in the jungles of his country for five years? I entered your state illegally.
And that's all I'm gonna tell you.
You've already told me a lot more than that.
You came here to steal arms and ammunition.
In my country, there are men who hide in caves, and fight machine guns with knives.
Now, that's hardly an even fight.
Who was in on that raid with you? Where did you take the arms? Feel pretty good for a man under arrest and wounded, don't you? If you had faced death every day, every month, every year as I have, every day you're alive is a day to feel good.
Where did you get the trucks? I have nothing to tell you.
Oh, I think you have.
I've been told that before.
Take a good look.
And shot.
Would you like to see my back? I have nothing to tell you, except this: I am prepared to die to get the guns and munitions to my countrymen.
And are you prepared to die to stop me? You committed a crime, Acuna.
But I promise, you'll never leave Hawaii with the arms you stole.
I'm gonna close this island tight as a rock, and I'm gonna hunt the people who came with you.
You can bet on it.
I hate myself for having missed you when you were helpless on the rope.
Next time I won't miss.
You blew it, brother.
No next time.
Steve, watchman just came to.
- Anything? - Yeah, spades.
Said there were four other men in the gang besides Acuna.
Three of them young, one of them older, white-haired.
- What else? - Said there was a girl along too.
Said she was even pretty with a carbine in her hands.
I wonder, did they come with him or were they here? Lots of Acuna's countrymen live here in Hawaii.
Immigrants, refugees, men who might consider it an honor to work with Acuna, huh? I'll check alien registration files on naturalized citizens.
Yeah, then cross-check with H.
Question anybody from his country with a record of criminal activities.
Elpidio's has been wounded before.
Manuel, I am scared.
Don't worry, child.
I want to be with him.
And soon you will be.
All right, there is a risk involved.
But can I be more frightened than I am? Manuel.
I am going to have Elpidio's baby.
I want so much for us to live now.
So much.
What do you think? Needs another coat.
He's right.
You better do it.
Have we got time? Ship doesn't sail until 11 tonight.
Now, let's get busy with the weapons.
These are the crates.
Farm machinery and machine tool parts.
They've already been inspected, approved, and sealed by the customs inspector.
We just take out the machinery and tools, put in the guns and they're on their way.
But then you must break the seals.
The end is false.
Look, I show you.
Now, together, let's pull out.
When we load the guns into the crates, we push it in, nail it down, and everything is in order.
Bill of lading, export licenses and Custom seals.
Okay? Let's get going.
The officers in that patrol car that was shot up figure the truck was a 4-ton job.
Open or closed? Closed.
Olive drab.
Looked like a GI truck.
Well, was it a GI? No way.
Army and National Guard vehicles all accounted for.
No reports of stolen trucks.
Check all truck-rental outfits.
How'd the lab boys do at the armory? Smudged fingerprints, shell casings.
You mean nothing? Well, there's one thing might pay off: Pictures of tire tracks the truck left as it peeled away from the armory.
We're getting copies out to tire wholesalers for tread matches.
Small island, 26 miles wide, They could have hidden that truck under vines anywhere.
The way things grow here, it'll take us weeks to find it.
Yeah, but maybe, just maybe they didn't get out of the city.
How soon after the first report from the armory was the APB out? Six, maybe eight minutes, outside.
Here's the armory.
Say the truck was going 40, maybe 50 miles an hour.
That would have gotten them Five to seven miles away before the APB was out, right? But I haven't got my abacus with me.
That puts the Army in the center of a circle about 14, 15 miles in diameter.
We gonna search it? With every available man H.
Can spare.
Now check on warehouses, garages, anyplace they use trucks.
Big job, boss.
Well, those rifles, launchers, grenades, ammo, small arms, that's big too, so run, brother.
We're just gonna pick up the dirty linens, leave the clean ones.
Sorry, no one can go in there without an okay.
Now, what took you so long? A policeman.
He give us the wrong directions.
Quickly, Elpidio.
Now, look, there isn't very much that I can do quickly.
We will help you.
- Slow now.
- Easy.
We had him.
We had him.
- How's the officer? - He's gonna be all right.
Slight concussion, but he's still unconscious.
Well, he'd only tell us what we already know.
Acuna's raiders took him out of here.
Same m.
, same hit-and-run tactic they used when they cracked the armory.
See this, Mr.
McGarrett? Blood? Acuna's? Bet on it.
The minute he left this bed, he laid his life on the line.
- You saying he's not gonna make it? - Look, a bullet entered his body, tore muscles, ruptured his veins, and in Acuna's case, a small artery.
But you sutured it.
Even so.
He was brought into the hospital about 10 this morning.
We finished suturing the veins and arteries about noon.
He moves that leg, he tears the suture.
You mean, internal bleeding? Gangrene, and the possibility of general blood poisoning.
- He could die.
- How long has he got? Assuming it happens the way I've laid it out, 24 hours.
And if he bleeds heavily, less than that.
Doc, will you tell the press what you just told me? That Acuna's dead in the ground in a matter of hours unless he gets help.
You set it up.
I'll do it.
Elpidio Acuna has lived in the shadow of the noose for five years.
He's been hunted by troops and everybody else who wanted to collect that price on his head.
Do you think something like this is gonna panic him? Not him, Danno.
No chance.
But it might force him to make a move, change his plans, make that one step he doesn't wanna take.
What time is it? Five o'clock.
We're gonna leave here in an hour.
Tell them to prepare the big truck.
You have lost so much blood.
And I'll lose a little bit more before we return home.
Are you trying to be a nurse? Some things are plain to see.
You are too weak to travel.
But I'll be resting.
Besides, it's too risky to stay in one place too long.
Now do what I tell you.
I love you.
I only say it because it's your love that keeps me going.
How is he? - Elpidio is no stranger to pain.
- Oh, his leg is so swollen.
Even so, we cannot delay.
The first part of the plan has worked well.
We have the guns.
Now we must get them off the island.
We must also think of Elpidio.
Old man, we are the only hope for our brothers who wait in the caves and jungles of our land, defenseless.
We must not betray them.
Ramon, you would kill your own father for the success of the raid.
Manuel, I would kill my own mother too.
You know, I think you would.
- Now, why isn't that truck ready? - You should not be on your feet.
And I'm not supposed to be alive, but I am.
Now, we go to the docks.
Carry him.
He's bleeding.
Have you told him you are carrying his child? No.
If he knew, he would only make me stay behind in safety, but it would not stop him from leaving with the arms.
I want to be with him, Manuel.
You're both mad.
Okay, what have we got? Aliens registration files have turned up a handful of suspects that could have collaborated with Acuna.
- They're being questioned now.
- So far? Nothing.
Kono? Been keeping both ears to the ground, boss.
Anytime you can put both ears to the ground, pal, it's something.
Okay, let's not get personal.
I covered this island like a blanket.
Well, that should be easy for you, Kono.
Okay, Chin.
What have you got? We got a lab report on the tire tracks we pick up at the armory.
The tread on right rear show it's almost new.
Grade A, iron tread, expensive.
Who handles them on the islands? Seven retailers.
Take Kono and check them.
Get a list of buyers.
I want any names of Acuna's countrymen.
If any.
It's Sunday.
Slow going.
Not for Acuna it's not.
He's got enough rifles and ammo to keep his revolution going for years.
Now hit the street.
It's almost 6:00.
Wanna hear the doctor's news conference? He really tolls the bells for Acuna.
I want Acuna to hear it.
I want him to know what shape he's in and what he's up against.
Steve, we'll run him down anyway.
Where can he go? We've got the island bottled up end to end, side to side.
He'll never get off.
I didn't think he could get on, but he did.
He crossed 3,500 miles of ocean, he cracked this rock, and he raided an armory.
He's not an ordinary man, Danno.
I wouldn't give him half an inch.
Hi, Manny.
What's going on, Harry? We went out on strike a couple of hours ago.
Look like a long strike? Nothing too serious.
I think tomorrow will be the latest.
What are you shipping, Manny? Oh, it can wait until tomorrow.
Nothing perishable.
They're trying to settle it right now.
You want me to give you a call? - You do that, Harry.
- For sure.
Anything for my friend Morales.
Oh, new helpers.
Just picked them up for the day.
- I'll see you, Harry, okay? - Okay.
- We must unload.
- How? You know him.
Fix it.
He knows I would not go through a picket line.
It would be foolish to make him wonder.
Manuel, I tell you to unload.
And I tell you no.
Elpidio will have your head.
Elpidio will rest tonight.
Gain strength for the trip home.
Manuel is right.
Let's get out of here, quickly.
Yeah, that's right.
Double every stakeout.
Any place Acuna might try to reach under cover of night.
Airfields, marinas, docks, anything.
Steve, Mr.
The consul from Acuna's country.
Hold it, Danno.
The governor said he was on the way.
Okay, send him in.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Mr.
- Sit down, please, sir.
Do I pronounce your name correctly? Quite correctly.
My government would like to know how your investigation is progressing.
Well, we haven't found Acuna or the arms yet.
I'm not surprised.
Elpidio Acuna is very clever.
You should know.
I beg your pardon? You've been hunting him for five years, haven't you? That's what you told me.
And now, I think we have him, Mr.
We? I heard the news broadcast that said Acuna might be dead by tomorrow.
That's a possibility.
Well, then, we simply leave him to die.
Do I understand you correctly, sir? I'll see that you do.
Five-O has this island bottled up at every point of exit.
- All we have to do to get Acuna is - Is not press the search? Precisely.
We just leave him to die.
You understand now? You want me to drag my feet to help your government get rid of Acuna? Unofficially.
But he's a mad dog, McGarrett, if you find him, you have to try him.
It's expensive and a bother.
Let me tell you something, Mr.
I want Acuna as badly as you do, more.
I want him for entering Hawaii illegally.
I want him for a raid on the armory and for theft.
I want him for armed assault against the watchman and an H.
But I want him alive.
But why? Why? Because we have laws here, sir, not dictators.
That word, the difference between your police and ours, the difference between your government and mine.
It boils down to this, Mr.
In this country, Acuna is entitled to a trial.
And he's gonna get it unless he dies before I get to him.
And if he does die, it won't be because I stopped looking for him.
Good day, sir.
Just look at yourselves.
You've all got the faces of mourners.
Elpidio lives and he will live.
- But this doctor says - What McGarrett wants him to say.
He's a clever man.
I knew it when I met him and I'm sure of it now.
What you're reading are his words.
And we're not gonna be frightened into doing something stupid.
I have only to look at you to know that what the newspaper says is the truth.
I think you know it too, Elpidio.
You just say that to give us courage.
Let me get a doctor.
You old fool.
He would recognize me.
No one must come here.
I will bring you one.
It's not so simple.
- With this? - No.
We will not change our plans.
We will not make the moves that he wants us to make.
We're gonna stay here, hidden, until we can return home.
I've risked my life for your protection, Elpidio.
And it's not just because I love this country less.
- That's enough.
- Now you listen to me, Elpidio.
Your father died in my arms in the last revolution.
And he died saving my life.
And I'm not going to let his son die also.
- What are you going to do? - I'm going to save your life.
There will be other opportunities to arm the revolution.
Get away from that phone.
You have to kill me first.
Shoot him.
Manuel, pick it up.
But be careful what you say.
Morales speaking.
Thank you for calling, Harry.
The dock strike is over.
- Now we move, fast.
- Help him.
How many bought that brand of tire? Twenty-six in the last month.
Four could have come from Acuna's country.
Who are they? "Managos Produce Company.
Heurta Meat and Poultry.
Morales Delivery Service.
Siempras Express Delivery.
" And are you sure the tire tread matches the one found at the armory? Positive.
And all of those outfit operates a truck the same size spotted by H.
At the armory.
It's worth a shot.
Give the names to H.
Any one of those four outfits roll a truck, stop and search.
It's Sunday night.
If Acuna rolls a truck, it'll be like walking an elephant down the main drag.
A dying man, Danno.
He's gotta take chances.
Beside, the night works for him.
Chin, you and Kono take the first two names.
You find the arms and ammo, let me know.
You find the truck missing, let me know.
Danno, we'll take the others.
Let's go.
About another quarter mile to Morales.
Central dispatch.
Come in, Five-O.
Go ahead central.
Unit 16, 1-6, reports 4-ton van, repeat, 4-ton, owned by Morales' Moving and Storage sighted at Alumonia and Board - moving west on Alumonia.
- Stay with it.
We're on the way.
You better get an ambulance and some fire equipment.
He's walked right into our bag.
We got road blocks all near those docks.
We gotta head him off, Danno.
Acuna's committed now.
He can't turn back.
He reaches the docks, he'll either kill or be killed.
Elpidio, you can walk out of a prison, you can't walk from the grave.
I think that Yeah, that looks like him.
All right, let's go.
Book them.
Acuna, this is McGarrett.
You're surrounded.
Drop that tailgate, Danno.
I order you to come out with your hands up.
He sure don't wanna make it easy, boss.
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
Acuna, I order you to surrender.
Get down.
The first time I heard that, I was 17.
My answer then is my answer now.
We don't wanna hurt your wife.
Think of her.
We'll die together.
I want to live, Elpidio.
You were never frightened before.
I'm going to have a baby, your baby.
If he cannot have a father, in the name of God let him have a mother.
Acuna? A son? Let him know life, Elpidio.
Let him know life in his innocence.
Cover me.
Open it.
Long live the revolution, and long live my son.
Thank you for not killing him.
The decision was easy.
We don't like to kill.
Would you like to ride in the ambulance? - Guns and ammo, it's all here, boss.
- Good.
Steve, they think he's got a chance.