Hawaii Five-O (1968) s02e07 Episode Script

Sweet Terror

So you can see that the studies on individual fluctuations in this area together with ego change could also be pertinent.
We can further point out that the capacity in the service of the ego will vary with the amount of stress under which an ego is laboring.
For example, under relaxed circumstances a person may be able to use humor, which may be quite impossible when he is feeling tense and anxious, obviously.
However, that situation is more complex because there are also people who can only joke under a certain degree of anxiety or threatened depression.
Anyway, I see our time is up.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Class is dismissed.
Thank you.
What about tonight? I told you, Richard.
I'm busy.
I think you're prejudiced.
Only against boorish, arrogant people.
Stubborn, these Chinese, but hardly boorish and arrogant.
Come on, how about a swim in the pool? Nobody there about now.
Please take no for an answer.
I'm sorry, but I couldn't help overhearing.
You put him down rather hard, didn't you? I can't stand him.
I don't know why I ever went out with him.
Are you? Are you sure you're not under any kind of strain from too much schoolwork or something? I'm in love with you.
What caliber, doc? Appears to be a small bore.
Can't be any more specific than that right now, Steve.
He was the only link.
They must have found out we had evidence to tie him in with them.
Decided they couldn't trust his loyalty.
Looks that way, but something just doesn't gel.
Check the high board, Danno.
See if it's wet.
What about the distance, doc? I can't tell, but it wasn't short.
No burns.
From the angle of entry, it would appear it came from above.
Unless, he was diving and had his head down.
- You found the body? - Yes, sir.
I came in to go swimming.
Around this time of day, you're pretty much by yourself.
And you heard nothing, you saw no one? No, sir.
Just him.
Steve, it's wet.
- They come up with anything? - Not yet.
- What is it, Steve? - Some kind of powder.
Could be face powder.
It smells like a cosmetic.
Would a woman have brought her purse if she planned to go swimming? There's something in the water down there.
Can you get it for me, please? Take a look.
"Karen Adamson, psychology major with excellent grades, cheerleader, sorority queen.
Came to the islands three years ago with her parents, Mr.
And Mrs.
Harold Adamson of Detroit, Michigan.
Parents died.
Boating accident three years ago.
Lives alone in an apartment on Keoi in Waikiki.
" Perfect professional assassin for a spy ring.
Who could be the best kind.
We have a saying, "They that shows no evil will be suspected of none.
" Not so far as Five-0 is concerned.
You know, I find it hard to believe that a pro, even a lady pro, would drop her bag at the scene and leave us such convenient clues.
But why else, would she kill Han? Maybe she found out what he was and didn't like it.
Or maybe she was in love with him and he didn't like her.
Typical American girl.
She falls in love with a brilliant, young Chinese Maoist radical who's involved in a commie spy ring, then she shoots him out of unrequited love.
- That's reaching pretty far.
- I agree.
You gotta give me something better.
Without Han, we got no connection to the organization.
That's over a month's work, down the drain.
I don't wanna blow that.
- You want me to pick Karen up? - No.
No, not yet.
Find out what classes they had together.
Talk to her teachers, fellow students, friends.
Put together a complete dossier.
Give me something more concrete to hold her on.
If she's a pro, we don't wanna blow it.
And if she's not, it won't hurt to hold off.
I've never had a more brilliant student than Richard Han.
It was a tragic waste.
Do you think his political activities might have had something to do with his death? You know, I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to kill him for selling Chairman Mao's little red books or carrying signs protesting the war.
People have been killed for a lot less.
I suppose so, there are other students far more radical than Richard.
He was a Maoist, but he was a dove among hawks.
If anyone wanted to kill him because he was resentful of his politics, it must have been a very arbitrary choice.
Can you think of any other reason he might have been killed? I've tried.
I haven't been very successful.
You know, Dick was liked by almost everyone.
- What about women? - What about them? Did he date much? How would I know about that? You know, I teach psychology, not sex education.
Do you happen to know, if he ever took out a girl named Karen Adamson? I've seen them together.
You don't think Karen Adamson would be involved in this, do you? We don't know.
I can't really believe she could be a suspect.
Why? What conceivable motive could she have? Doctor, we have good reason to believe that Karen entered the pool area shortly before he was shot.
Maybe she went swimming.
Wearing shoes and carrying a purse? Two kids saw her near the pool that morning.
One saw her come out it a big hurry just about the estimated time of death.
Here's the lab report on the powder Danny got.
It's the same stuff we found near the pool.
Let's go, Danno.
How bad, doc? We have to wait until we get to the hospital before we can tell.
Oh, no.
Oh, why'd you have to die.
No, please don't.
Don't let him hit me, Paul.
I hate him.
I hate him.
Karen, can you hear me? Oh, no.
Please, stop him, Paul.
Don't hit me, Paul.
He's not my daddy.
He's not He's not Paul Dr.
Oh, God, where are you? Mama.
Ma Mama.
She just died, didn't she, doc? Yes.
Once more, from the top.
With feeling.
- Birth date? - January 7, 1944.
And your father was a foreman with what company? Whiteman Paper Company of Illinois, except he wasn't a foreman.
He was a salesman.
Isn't 26, a little old for an undergraduate? I'm 25.
Why did you leave the University of Chicago? Hawaii sounded like fun.
And I decided I might as well enjoy myself while completing my requirements for a BA.
- Why psychology? - I hate business.
Why didn't you marry your fiancé? His major was business administration.
What is it, Steve? Are you worried about me? Look, I'm a policewoman.
I know.
I know.
But I just saw a girl die.
Yeah, I'm worried.
I admit it.
You won't find anyone better equipped for the job.
I majored in psych.
I know.
I'm not worried about you, honey.
I'm worried about what I'm sending you into.
It seems relatively simple.
Farrar was implicated by Karen just before she died.
And all I've gotta find out is if he was involved, and if so, how? What's so complicated about that? What do you think, Danno? As far as I can see, Karen shot Han out of jealousy or rejection.
His involvement with the spy ring was probably just coincidence.
- She didn't know anything about it.
- Danny could be right.
That depends on how complicated Farrar is.
He was a professor of Oriental Psychology in Europe before he joined the UN forces in the Korean action.
Captured by North Korea, spent three years, three years as a POW.
What does that mean? Well You don't like it, Steve, but I do.
I'm fascinated by the idea of going back to school.
Okay, on one condition, that you take absolutely no chances.
Only one thing bothers me.
What's that? I don't have a thing to wear.
So you see, mood is probably one of the vaguest terms used in psychology.
Now, can anyone give us an adequate description? - Yes.
- It's a temporary state of mind.
That's just as vague.
- Yeah.
- Mood is a complex state of feeling.
Anyone else? Mood is an enduring but not permanent emotional attitude.
That is very good.
Excuse me, what is your name? Bennett.
Joyce Bennett.
You know, I must apologize.
That's about the second time I've forgotten that.
Well, we'll be working your memory next week.
Anyway, I see the time is about up.
Class is dismissed.
Thank you.
They say, Dr.
Farrar, the sea is mother to us all.
If this is true, then today she deserves a special commendation.
What are you saying? - Congratulations.
- It wasn't easy.
Nothing worthwhile ever is.
Still, I have the uncomfortable feeling this thing isn't over yet.
You're quite right.
There's no way for the police to connect us to what happened.
As a psychologist, I'm surprised that you don't look beyond the circumstantial.
We are facing an enemy whose relentlessness is a constant threat.
- The case is closed.
- Oh, is it? I don't share your optimism, doctor.
I think that's exactly what Steve McGarrett wants us to think.
What are you saying? Many things.
One of which is that my informants have learned that a young policewoman is now a member of one of your classes.
A Miss Joan Joyce Bennett.
Joyce Bennett, a policewoman? McGarrett's instrument with which to probe.
And in this case, perhaps, a double-edged sword.
Eliminating Miss Bennett will not solve our problem, only postpone it.
You see, given enough time, McGarrett will destroy us unless we destroy him first.
Kill McGarrett? We can let the young lady do it for us.
But as you said, Joyce Bennett is not just a girl like Karen, she's a policewoman.
The very fact that she is there indicates they are suspecting me.
I have total confidence in your ability.
You can charm this Joyce Bennett, can't you? Win her trust? I think I can, but that's not the problem.
The problem Mr.
Wo Fat, is that hypnosis is not an exact science.
When you were a prisoner of war, you were trained by me.
I taught that hypnosis is an instrument.
An instrument is only as exact as the application of the applier.
You are my most brilliant student.
A disciple.
If anyone can do it, you can do it.
Consider it a challenge for which our superiors will owe you their undying respect, understand? You're going to be in Peking while I am While you, Dr.
Farrar, transform Miss Bennett into a bullet for McGarrett.
- Hi, professor.
- Hi.
How are you? - Just fine, thanks.
How are you? - Couldn't be better.
- Say hello to your mother.
- Sure will.
May I join you? Please do.
- Thank you.
- I've been feeling very lonely.
- I was hesitant coming over before.
- Why? I think in any kind of relationship, respect for one another's privacy is a prime consideration.
- Do you feel we have a relationship? - Yes, I somehow do.
The minute you came into class, I felt that there was something.
You couldn't remember my name.
Names aren't very important, my dear.
Eyes are.
Hands are important.
- You're left-handed.
- How very observant of you.
You know, that one can actually tell quite a bit from hands.
One can read the psychological implications quite easily.
They speak the eloquent language in the Morse code of the subconscious.
Can you tell my fortune too? The future ought to remain a surprise.
It is from our past that we learn about ourselves.
I'm afraid you'd find mine very dull.
Don't be too sure about that.
You would be surprised how many people have simply forgotten it.
Try these.
Think it through.
Take your time, kiddo.
We've gotta be sure.
This sort of looks like him.
I'm not sure.
It's him.
Are you sure this is the man who got you to buy that gun? That's him.
Contact Joyce.
I want her off the case right now.
Jenny, get me Dr.
Staff psychiatrist.
Island Hospital.
Right away.
Do you like the music? I'm not sure.
You will once you get used to it.
It makes me think of men on the moon.
It's a whole new world of sound.
I've often used it in class to create a particular mood.
What kind of mood are you trying to put me in? Relaxed and comfortable.
Well, you've accomplished your objective, doctor.
I feel divine.
That tastes good.
Tell me something.
Did you ever take Karen Adamson out? Karen Adamson? She was a child.
A lovely witch-child, but a child nevertheless.
I imagine, she must have been very much in love with that Chinese boy.
I'd rather talk about you.
About when you were a little girl.
I was very sensitive and shy.
I'm mostly interested in that man, that man you said your mother almost married after the death of your father.
Oh, what makes you so interested in him? I just detected a certain tone in your voice when you mentioned him in earlier discussions.
He must have had quite an effect on you to still be disturbed by him.
Yes, I suppose that's true.
He was very crude.
He drank a lot.
And I couldn't stand him.
But mother was lonely, I guess.
Any company was better than no company at all, she used to say.
I suddenly feel so sleepy, excuse me.
It's the wine and the music, my dear.
Yes, I guess so.
So you didn't like him? The man? Was he kind to your mother? Kind? He beat her up once.
I'd almost forgotten how Let's talk about something else.
I can hardly keep my eyes open.
You can relax with me, Joyce.
Feel comfortable.
You know, I think we are more than just student and teacher.
I think we're friends.
Anyway, just close your eyes and listen to the music.
Listen and relax.
The darkness is warm and peaceful, and you want to go to sleep, to sleep.
But you can still hear my voice, can't you, Joyce? - Yes.
- Yes.
You want to tell me about the man you hate, the one that your mother liked.
Then let's really remember him.
Let's go back through the years, through time.
- Let's go back.
- Back.
You will open your eyes when I count to three.
But you will still be asleep and hearing my voice.
Look into the mirror, Joyce.
Look deep into the mirror, Joyce.
You see yourself as we go backward through time.
And now, we are going back.
You're 20 years old.
Can you see yourself at 20, Joyce? And now, you're 13 years old.
You're living with your mother.
You can see your mother, can't you, Joyce? - Yes, I see her.
- Yes.
There's a man coming to the house, isn't he, Joyce? - Yes, he's coming.
- Yes.
Soon you will be seeing the man whom you hate, Joyce.
There he is.
Look at him.
The man who hurt your mother.
The man you hate, Joyce.
Look at him.
Look at his face.
Look at his eyes.
Look at his nose.
Look at his mouth.
Look at him.
We were worried about you, Joyce.
Worried? Why? We kept calling.
You weren't here.
I just got home.
Where were you? With Dr.
This late? We spent the day on the beach.
Aren't you working overtime on this case, Joyce? It wasn't work.
It was fun.
Joyce, there are some things about Dr.
Farrar that you don't know.
I know we were wrong in suspecting him of being implicated in any crime.
What makes you so sure? Steve, I'm tired.
Can't we discuss this tomorrow? Sure.
- But I'm taking you off the case.
- Taking me off? Why? We think that Farrar may have hypnotized Karen Adamson into killing Han.
- You can't be serious.
- I'm dead serious.
He bought the gun that killed Han.
That's pretty incriminating.
He bought the gun that killed Han.
Did you hear me? He's taught Oriental Psychology.
He spent three years with the communists as a POW.
He's written books on hypnotism and mesmerism.
Is that pretty good? It doesn't make any sense.
Doesn't it? Karen Adamson is dead.
Now, she had no apparent reason for killing Han.
She was hysterical when she talked about Farrar.
You can't hypnotize someone to commit murder.
It doesn't work that way.
We don't know how it works.
So far, it's the only explanation.
Now, until I find out for sure, I want you to keep away from Farrar.
You can't order me to stay away from him on my own time.
Joyce, I hope it's not necessary to order you to do anything.
Now, he's a dangerous man.
You're the one who's dangerous.
- What's the matter with you? - Let go of me.
Let go.
I'm so sorry, Steve.
I must be tired.
I don't know what's gotten into me.
You're off the case.
Do you understand that? You're not to see Farrar under any circumstances.
Now, that's an order.
A- okay, boss.
Don't worry.
I'll lock my door so Svengali won't get me.
There's got to be an answer.
All right, doctor.
Let's go over it once more, huh? Could Karen have been hypnotized to murder? I told you, Steve.
That's impossible to answer.
I didn't have a chance to examine the girl.
All right.
Is it possible for anybody to be hypnotized to kill? - That's all I wanna know.
- It's unlikely.
What about regression? Could one person be made to kill another that way? Regression is an approach to the past through the unconscious.
By regressing a patient through hypnotism, a doctor can get to the source of the problem that still hangs on from childhood.
But how could a hypnotist use that to compel someone to kill? Well, a child's sense of right and wrong is quite different from an adult's.
A hypnotist might drag up some childhood traumatic situation, re-create it for the adult, causing him to transfer his hostility.
Transfer to whom? To someone the hypnotist tells him is the same one who was the cause of his pain originally.
But the hypnotist would have to tell him, right? Right.
All right, doctor, just one more question.
Is it possible for someone to be hypnotized without their knowing it? Not knowing it? No.
Without remembering it, yes.
Thank you, doctor.
Hello? Joyce? Joyce, this is Dr.
Can you hear me? - Yes.
- Good.
Now, listen very carefully to me.
You will do exactly as I instruct you to.
- Do you understand that? - Yes, I understand.
- Good.
Are you dressed, Joyce? - No.
Then you will get dressed now.
And you will come over to my classroom.
- Do you understand that? - I understand.
You may go now, Joyce.
Where are you? Where? Where? Now, look, honey.
I told you to stay away from What happened? - She hung up.
- Where is she? She's up at the university.
- She asked me to come there alone.
- Alone? What for? She didn't say, she just asked me to come alone.
- Are you sure it was her? - Oh, yeah.
It was her.
Steve, I don't like it.
Remember, Karen Adamson.
I've got to go, Danno.
She sounded like she needed help.
It could be a setup.
Why risk it? - We could all go in there and - And what? If it is a setup, that would only blow it.
You heard what Dr.
Abrahams said.
If we shake her up too much, she could suffer posthypnotic trauma, shock, a complete breakdown.
It's complicated stuff we're dealing with, Danno.
Farrar might be walking around in her mind.
- Steve.
- Easy.
Are you all right? Steve, what happened? - What am I doing here? - Please, easy.
Take it easy.
I'll explain later.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Joyce, what is it? Get back in the car.
Joyce, put that down.
Put it down, Joyce.
Joyce, listen to me.
This is your chance.
This is your chance to kill the man who is trying to kill your mother.
Don't let him do it, Joyce.
Don't let him kill her.
Kill the man, Joyce.
Kill him.
Kill the man, Joyce.
Kill him.
This is your chance.
Joyce, it's empty.
No one's gonna hurt you, Joyce.
You stay away.
Joyce, put it away.
It's Steve, Joyce.
Listen to me.
Listen to me, honey.
It's Steve.
You're not a child anymore.
You're not a child.
Can you hear me? You're not a child anymore.
You're a woman, Joyce.
Do you understand? You're not a child, you're a woman.
You're a woman.
Your mother is not here.
No one is here except you and me.
Look at me.
Look at me, it's Steve.
I'm right here with you.
Everything is gonna be all right.
No one is gonna hurt you.
No one's gonna hurt you.
No one.
You'll be all right.
Come on now.
That's it.
Okay? Right.