Hawaii Five-O (1968) s02e09 Episode Script

The Singapore File

Hello, Singapore, this is Honolulu.
Is your party ready to talk? Mr.
McGarrett? Is this McGarrett? This is the operator.
We'll connect you now.
Please, hurry, please.
- Yeah, love.
What do you got? - Long-distance from Singapore.
Okay, put it through.
Hello? Hello? - Mr.
McGarrett? - Yes.
Is this McGarrett? Yes, this is McGarrett.
Who's this, please? Six months ago, you tried to question me about a man that was killed in some motel near Kailua Beach.
- Is this Nicole Wylie? - Yes.
Just a minute, please.
Danno, bring me the Ravasco file, please.
- Go ahead.
- Can you hear me? Hey, can you hear me? Yes, yes.
Yeah, well, you thought that I saw Lee Ravasco kill Joe Harvey.
I was sure of it six months ago, I'm sure of it now.
You were with Ravasco at the time.
Why did you run? I was scared.
Ravasco would kill me if I talked.
Miss Wylie, we still want Ravasco.
We want him badly.
Now, if you testify, we can nail him.
If I'm alive to testify.
Look, Ravasco has been looking for me.
Tonight, one of his hoods, some guy named Victor, found me.
Now, please, I am scared to death.
Please come and get me.
I will testify.
I promise.
That's what you said last time.
No, I swear.
I will testify this time.
They are gonna kill me.
Where do you live in Singapore? All right, contact the local police.
They'll protect you till I get there.
McGarrett, I can't call the police.
- Why not? - Look, I've been running and hiding.
Now, I'll explain that later, okay? Just please hurry.
All right, stay where you are.
Don't go outside for anything.
You lock your doors.
Now, I should be there in, oh, about eight to 10 hours.
Please hurry.
Just hurry.
Jenny, get me out on the first flight to Singapore.
Chin, I want extradition papers on one Nicole Wylie.
Kono, send a cable to Singapore police, ask them to meet me at the airport.
Steve, Lee Ravasco wants you as badly as you want him.
He's already said publicly that he'll kill you someday.
- Yes, he did.
So? - Maybe it's a setup.
Maybe he's using Nicole Wylie as bait to get you out of the country and set you up for the kill.
First thing that crossed my mind, Danno.
But I got a chance to nail the biggest hood on the island for murder one.
I'm not gonna blow it.
We got everything? Let's go.
Supposing when you get to Singapore, she won't talk or runs away again.
I have a hunch to play, Danno.
She'll talk if she's alive.
If all goes well, I should be back in about 36 hours.
While I'm away, squeeze Ravasco.
Sit on him.
I want him kept so busy, I'll have Nicole Wylie back here before he knows I'm gone.
- Good luck, Steve.
- Danno.
Watch the store.
Your reputation has spread throughout the Orient, Mr.
Your presence here honors us.
Thank you, inspector.
Thank you.
- What about the extradition papers? - All in order.
This Fuchao Street, number 12, is it far from here? At the other side of the city.
I'd like a car and a driver assigned to me.
One of our best men.
And I'd like to go directly to the airport as soon as I pick up Miss Wylie.
Exotic Singapore is often called the jewel of the Orient by you Americans, but it is also many other things.
It is a city of sinister entanglements.
The night shadows hide great dangers.
Thank you, inspector.
I'll be careful.
If you ever get to the islands, call us.
Don't point.
Don't point.
- McGarrett? - Yes.
Wait a minute.
Wait Hold it.
Emil's Bar, do you know where it is? Let's go.
Hi, honey.
What are you drinking, friend? I'm not drinking, I'm looking.
- Anyone in particular? - Yeah, in particular.
You McGarrett? - Where is she? - Ever hear of Emil's Law? No, tell me.
First door on your left.
Hello, McGarrett.
Have I changed that much? Well, it's a long way from Honolulu to Singapore.
And every mile shows, right? Well, at least you tell the truth.
I told you to stay in your apartment.
What happened? Well, Ravasco's hood found me.
As he was pounding at my front door, I was running down the back stairs.
Why did you run away from Honolulu six months ago? I told you, I was scared.
You don't play games with a guy like Ravasco.
And as for you, I was never very close to cops.
I didn't have much choice.
You're unfinished business, Miss Wylie, and Ravasco intends to finish it.
Now, help me get him before he gets you.
What about this Victor? A white suit and a black stiletto.
And what else? Got white hair, steely blue eyes, and he tried to kill me.
You said you couldn't go to the Singapore police for help.
Why? Let's cut the questions.
Let's just get out of here, McGarrett, okay? Why? Why, Miss Wylie? Why couldn't you go to the police? I have had to make a living here in Singapore, some way.
Now I try to forget how I make that living.
Forget it, man, because you wouldn't under Oh, not that, McGarrett.
Not yet, anyway.
Little booze, maybe, but not that.
What about behind the knees? Check them out, cop.
Go ahead.
Both of them.
I'm clean, right? Sorry, honey, I had to be sure who I was traveling with.
Now, you lay off me, okay? Just lay off me.
McGarrett, I have been running and hiding and I'm so tired of being scared.
Will you please just help me and get me out of here.
Okay, honey.
Come on, I'll take care of you.
Let's go.
This is a tough neighborhood, even for a cop.
Your driver's nervous.
Better go out the back way.
- He drove around to the alley.
- Okay, beat it.
Let's get out of here.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Let's go.
It is I, Mr.
McGarrett, Inspector Fong.
Please put your gun away.
What are you doing here, inspector? Merely a precaution.
When you did not reappear, my officer called me.
After all, you are our responsibility.
- McGarrett.
- Easy.
- Why the gun? - I warned you, Mr.
McGarrett, that our streets are paved with treachery.
I'm beginning to see what you mean.
Please take your hand away from your revolver.
It will all be over in a moment.
- You're Ravasco's man? - I'm anybody's man.
That is, anyone who pays me $50,000.
- And a dead witness is no witness.
- Exactly.
And I intend collecting that handsome sum here and now.
Believe me, Mr.
McGarrett, I would prefer to just kill the woman, but as a reasonable man, you understand that I could not possibly let you live.
Wallet's gone.
Come on.
What's funny? Life's little ironies.
That siren's for you, McGarrett.
You just killed someone.
You're a fugitive.
You can't go to the police now.
By the time they have an investigation, you answer all their stupid questions What's gonna happen to me with Victor running around loose? Don't worry.
I'll teach you how to run and hide.
Okay, I need you alive and I need you in a courtroom, so we're in it together, huh? Any idea how we're gonna get out of Singapore? Ravasco's hoods will be watching the airport.
- You got any money on you? - A few hundred dollars.
In case I couldn't make it to the bank before it opens.
It'll help.
We need wheels too.
- Sorry, I can't help you there.
- I'll take care of that.
I think they've gone.
Come on.
Keep your eyes straight ahead.
If you see anything move, get behind me, understand? Let's go.
I think we're being followed.
Hold on while I lose them.
- You see the captain? - Next stop, Philippines.
Well, cats have nine lives, McGarrett, why not us? Why not.
Except I wish I could really believe we're gonna make it back to Honolulu.
Think positively.
You'll make it.
I'll try.
I will try.
Oh, by the way, you're listed on the passenger manifest as Mrs.
Henry Collins.
And I take it you're Mr.
Henry Collins? That's right, Mrs.
Dandy, just dandy.
You know, it's funny, McGarrett, but when I'm close to you, I'm okay.
I mean, I'm not scared.
While you were inside with the captain and I was out here all alone, I I don't know why I care about living so much, but all of a sudden I do.
You'll live.
You'll go back, you'll testify against Ravasco, and after it's all over, you'll live.
Promises, promises.
- I never made one I can't keep, honey.
- Really? - Really.
- I believe you.
Come on, let's get some sleep.
Would you like me to carry you across the threshold, Miss Wylie? This is the living end.
Traveling fourth class on a third-class freighter.
Well, we could have done a lot better with more money, but your papers are phony and I don't have any at all, so that upped the ante.
Excuse me.
I see that you're taking the lower bunk.
The lower.
You'd like me to take the upper? That's right, the upper, unless you wanna sit up all night or sleep on the deck.
McGarrett, whatever else you may be, you are not a gentleman.
You've got a date in a Honolulu courtroom.
I want you to be alive to keep that date.
Okay, what has that got to do with an upper-lower bunk? If anybody comes through this door over here with a gun, the first thing they fire at is the body in the lower bunk.
Now, I don't want that to be your body.
You okay up there? Yeah.
McGarrett? - Yeah.
- Would you do me a favor? I just came 5,800 miles to save your life.
What do you call that? What's on your mind, Miss Wylie? Would you mind not going to sleep until I do? Okay.
- Yeah? - One more thing.
Would you call me Nicole? I mean, if you called me by my first name, it might help or something.
Okay, Nicole.
Good night, Nicole.
Know this.
McGarrett and that girl get back here, it's me that's dead.
Me, Ravasco.
So is the organization, and so are you, you, you and you.
We finally get McGarrett out of the state, get him on strange turf, put a $50,000 price on his head, and we still can't kill that cop.
Why? Tell me why.
- Mr.
- You're interrupting.
What? - Another message from Victor.
- Another message from Victor.
He wants me to fix a traffic ticket.
He's managed to trace the girl and McGarrett.
They left Singapore aboard a freighter bound for the Philippines.
At least we got him in our sights again.
We got better than that.
The freighter stopped in Singora, and Victor's got a man on.
This man, he good? Victor says he's one of the best guns in the Orient.
What's Victor waiting for? Same price? And a $10,000 bonus for the gun if he gets the girl and McGarrett.
- Be with you in a minute.
- Good.
Sorry, I made a mistake.
Could you send this for me? - Sure thing.
- Thank you.
Hawaii Five-0.
- Danny? Cablegram.
- Yeah.
Hello? Yeah.
Go ahead.
Arriving Manila.
Freighter Jeremy Bay, Need assistance.
Wife sends best.
Signed, Henry Collins.
- Steve's in trouble.
- Yeah, worse than you know.
Tell him.
Just talked to my cousin.
Word's out on the streets Ravasco upped the price for the lives of Steve and Miss Wylie.
Fifty thousand and a 10 G bonus.
Every hophead, hood and two-bit crook in the Orient will be gunning for them.
- You're on the next flight to Manila.
- On my way.
Wait a minute.
That man needs help, I'm on that flight too.
Steve said to lay on Ravasco.
Squeeze him.
And that's what we're gonna do, Kono.
We're gonna squeeze him hard.
Get going, brother.
And bring me back a souvenir, huh? What would you like? Ravasco's head on a plate? That's what I want.
- Who is it? - Me, Collins.
Open up.
I bought these from the ship's supplies.
His-and-her toothbrushes, his-and-her combs.
His-and-her soaps.
Give me your jacket, I'll sew it for you.
Found a sewing kit.
Didn't close your eyes all night last night, did you? How would you know? - Steve.
- Yeah? I've got such terrible knots in my stomach.
It's gonna be like this all the way to Hawaii? Trying to figure out if there's someone onboard trying to kill us? Well, it could be worse.
- How? - We could be dead already.
Something troubling you? Well, what is it? - You really wanna know? - Yes, I really wanna know.
It's my life too.
I have a right to know.
There's a killer aboard.
- How do you know? - When I was in the radio shack sending a message to Five-0, Sparks was sending another one.
I took it down.
- Well, what did it say? - It's right there.
Coat pocket.
"Confirm buy order on Collins and company stock for 50 plus 10 commission.
" - What does that mean? - It means the price went up to 50,000 on Mr.
And Mrs.
Collins, plus 10,000 bonus for both of us dead.
Anything else? Yeah.
Ravasco's probably made the offer to every hood from Singapore to Hawaii.
Steve, if there is a killer on this ship, how do we find him? Don't worry, he'll find us.
You missed a spot.
Permit me to introduce your fellow passengers.
Sudraka, Mrs.
Gladden, Mr.
Collins, Mrs.
Collins, Mr.
Higbee, Major Gladden.
Here's our other passenger at last.
We were beginning to worry about you, Mr.
Then it's good that I have put in an appearance.
I shouldn't want anyone to worry about me.
This is the first opportunity I've had to welcome all of you aboard the Jeremy Bay.
She may not look it, but she's as fine a freighter as sails these waters.
Our cargo this time is mostly canned foodstuffs.
As a matter of fact, you're about to taste some of it.
The chef was somewhat indisposed after managing to smuggle a bottle of Singapore gin aboard.
I've gotta go outside for a while.
Now, stay here.
Where are you going? Why? Cool it, cool it, cool it.
Here comes the major.
May I cut in, please? Thank you.
- Mrs.
Gladden? - Oh, Mr.
Thank you for coming.
You must be utterly mystified.
What is it, Mrs.
Gladden? Oh, dear, this is harder than I thought it would be.
I don't know how to tell you.
Well, straight out is usually the best way.
Yes, I know, but I'm a terrible coward.
I've always avoided facing the truth, but I can't any longer.
I have to warn you about my husband.
What about him? It would be fatal to underestimate him.
Remember, I'm his wife.
I've seen the other side of him.
I know what he is.
What is he? It's a disease, Mr.
He's a shameless woman chaser.
I've learned to recognize the symptoms, and I know he has designs on your wife.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mrs.
- Easy, Nicole.
- I can't Oh, I thought that was you.
I thought that was you that went over.
No, it was Reverend Halloway.
Oh, I can't.
He couldn't swim.
He just disappeared.
How many more people are gonna try and kill us? How many? I can't, I can't.
I can't go back there.
I just can't take it.
- Now, stop it.
Stop it.
- I can't.
- I can't do this anymore.
- You did this to yourself.
You could have testified, but you ran.
You would have been safe in Honolulu.
Now, listen to me.
Listen to me.
We'll make it.
We'll outrun anyone Ravasco sends against us.
Trust me.
I do trust you.
Believe me, I do want to.
I've never said that to any other man.
No more crying.
No more crying.
No more.
Another time, another place, Nicole.
Yeah, I forgot you're on duty.
Well, what next? Ravasco's men will be waiting for us in Manila, you can bet on that.
They'll kill us on sight.
If we go to Manila.
Where can I find Mr.
And Mrs.
Collins? The Collinses? Are they friends of yours? Yes, sir.
Then I'm sorry to tell you, but they're not aboard.
- They disappeared last night.
- Disappeared? Up in Lingayen.
We thought they were in their stateroom, but apparently they decided to go ashore when we anchored for an hour.
They never showed up again.
Neither did Reverend Halloway.
Left his clothes and baggage.
Most unusual.
- Did you know him? - No.
We had a schedule to keep.
We sailed on time.
I'm sorry.
You seen anything of a Chin Ho, whatever that is? It's a cop.
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm the harbormaster.
A man named Collins called.
Asked me to tell you that he would meet you at the Kyobo shrine just outside of Santa Cristina.
Please hurry.
Thanks, brother.
Well, thank you very much.
- Steve? - Yeah? Never mind.
Go ahead and talk.
It'll help pass the time.
What did you wanna say? Nothing, really.
Just thank you.
Don't thank me.
Not yet.
What does that mean? Let's talk about the future when we get there.
You really think I've got a future? So far, you've got one.
That's more than you could say last week.
I wonder.
You know, I've been running so long.
Long before this murder, even.
I don't know if I can stop.
That's up to you, Nicole.
Try looking for yourself, the real you.
Maybe that's what I've been running from.
Then stop the running and face it.
It's what we've got to do, all of us, eventually.
Stop and pay the dues, honey.
- It's beautiful.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
Let's go.
"An offering and ringing of the sacred bell brings happiness, the blessings of Buddha, and a long life to the ringer of the bell.
It is customarily rung before one enters the temple to spread the eternal teachings of Buddha.
" An offering.
Why not? That finishes us.
Watch it! Stay down! That's Victor.
Spread out.
Chin! Freeze.
Hands up.
Well, I told you we'd make it, Mrs.
You told me a lot more than that, Mr.
What can I get you for our fourth-day anniversary? Well, how about a hot shower and a cool drink? You got it.
You got it.
Well, you did it, Nicole.
You put him away for good.
The first time I didn't run.
I like it, Steve.
A good feeling.
- This is the final call for flight 190 - Come on.
To Los Angeles and Chicago.
Now ready for departure, Gate 9.
Aloha, pretty girl.
Will I ever see you again? Well, next time you have a vacation, try Hawaii.
This is my beat.
I'll be here.