Hawaii Five-O (1968) s02e19 Episode Script

Cry, Lie

Infinity to Trawler.
Twelve F-3's.
Twelve F-3, gentlemen.
- All set, Danny.
- Let's go.
- 484, Code 6.
- 11 A, stand by.
Hold it.
Get back in there.
Up against the wall.
What's going on? What's this all about? You know what it's all about, Amuru.
Now, you get tough, we'll get tough.
- You got a warrant? - Yeah, yeah.
Now, strip, and don't be bashful.
He's got all the stuff to cut it and package it.
Now let's see if we can find where he hides it.
- Williams.
- Yeah? Amuru's come up with a funny story.
I think you'd better hear it.
- Is he with Five-0? - Yeah.
You stinking crook.
I've been paying you guys money.
Is this the kind of protection you give? - Protection? - Protection.
Five-0 was to lay off my back, and if another department moved in, you were to tip me off before a raid.
That's an interesting lie.
Twelve hundred bucks I paid for protection.
- Didn't I, Kelly? - Beg your pardon? No pardons, Kelly.
You stuck a knife in my back, and now I'm gonna stick it to you.
You and all of Five-0.
- Keoki.
- Steve.
- Where is he? - In there.
Claims he's gonna blow the whistle on us, - all the way to the court.
- Let him.
Ain't no big thing.
We're clean.
- Is he? - No.
Found about 2 ounces of heroin.
- Craig.
- Steve.
My name is McGarrett.
I'm with Five-0.
Now, suppose you tell me your story.
I've been over it a dozen times.
Well, let's try it again.
Now, how did you set this deal you claim to have made? I met a guy two months ago.
Said he had contact with Five-0, and was I interested? We talked about it, then he got down to numbers.
I said, "I wanna see the man.
" That's when I had a meeting with Kelly.
Who was the guy you met? Who was the guy you met? I don't remember his name.
And where did you say you met Kelly? - Ala Moana Park.
- When? A month ago.
Tuesday, 11 p.
You got a good memory.
- Go on.
- So he spelled it out.
Two hundred a week and you guys will lay off.
Anybody else moved in, you'd tip me.
- And you've been paying ever since? - Six times.
Who did you give the money to? Nobody.
It was a drop.
I'd get a call here every Monday night about 9.
From this man who said he was Chin Ho Kelly? It was him.
I got in a car right alongside him.
A '65 two-door blue sedan, if you're interested.
Oh, I'm interested.
You're not gonna sweep this one under the rug.
No, I'm gonna pull the rug back on this one all the way.
But you better be very positive about your information, Mr.
Because a man's good name and reputation is at stake.
Your bloody mary, Mr.
We had no idea there'd be anything like this involved.
- We try to avoid publicity.
- It's nothing to be afraid of.
You gotta learn to use the media.
And particularly, we don't like violence.
Unfortunately, some violence has always been connected with progress.
Unfortunately, I say.
- How about that? A hole in one.
- Let's stick to the subject.
We've had a lot of experience over the years.
Yeah, yeah.
I know.
The bad days, the old days, hard times, nothing but trouble.
- That's right.
- That's yesterday, not today.
Today, things are different.
All right, look.
I'll lay it out for you once more.
A, the recent scandal with the Public Utilities Commission has got the governor terrified on the whole subject of corruption.
B, we learn in law school that the police can only react in a limited number of ways to any given situation.
They're predictable.
That makes them vulnerable.
Ipso facto, Q.
A and B puts them out of the picture and gives us a lot more room to operate.
I don't think McGarrett's that easy to push.
I pushed you, didn't I? And you didn't think I would.
I got you to invest in this project.
And believe me, it's the best money you'll ever spend.
When will this project of yours end? What's funny? You.
Your anxiety.
You're like an old businessman, afraid to try something new.
I am a businessman, and I've got a lot to lose.
Well, that's a chance you take when you wanna become part of the establishment.
Even if it's the crooked part.
You haven't answered my question.
This project will end when they indict McGarrett.
Come in.
Sit down, Chin.
- Want some coffee? - No, thank you.
This is very hard for me to say, Chin.
But I I love you like a brother, and that goes for every other man on this staff.
We've been through some rough times together, but this is one of the roughest.
I've gotta find out who's lying and why.
Sure, Steve.
I understand.
Now, most of Amuru's story can't be checked.
He said that he met you last month on Tuesday the 4th at 11 p.
In Ala Moana Park and made the deal.
That man sure has got a good memory.
Yeah, that impressed me too.
Thanks, Danno.
Logbook says that you signed out at 8:15 on the 4th.
Where did you go? Seven weeks ago Usually, I guess I was home.
No fights on Tuesday night.
No bowling.
No church.
I guess I was home.
Chin, I'm not going to dignify the charges against you, but I'd like to ask a favor.
Not for me, but for the doubters.
I wanna clear the air.
I wanna clear your good name.
I wanna be able to report to the governor with absolute scientific certainty.
I wanna put you on the polygraph.
Sure, Steve.
The sooner, the better.
First, I'll ask a series of non-related questions in order to get a norm on you.
- Your full name is Chin Ho Kelly? - Yes.
- You're a citizen of the United States? - Yes.
- You're a citizen of the United States? - Yes.
That's all there is to it.
That's the whole story.
I agree it wouldn't be right to print it.
It's front-page stuff, but I'm not going to keep this fire going.
Thanks, Dave.
It could only hurt Chin.
Wouldn't do you any good either.
That's not what I'm concerned with.
Well, if anything unusual shows up on the lie-detector test It won't.
But you're welcome to see it.
Jenny, get me the governor.
Next question.
Prior to last night, to the best of your knowledge, - had you ever met Jerry Amuru? - No.
Did you at any time, directly or indirectly, ever accept a bribe from him? No.
I gave him the whole story.
He's not gonna do anything with it.
Dave Garland's a responsible reporter, but he'll do some digging on his own.
You know my position, Steve.
After that last mess, any sign of corruption and I'll jump on it with both feet.
And keep me current.
I don't like surprises.
Yes, sir.
I don't like them either.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Not so much on the first two runs.
But after he settled down some, completely consistent.
You see, here and here.
Let me have a copy of the report as soon as you can.
McGarrett? I won't put this in the report, it's only an impression.
- I don't know if you're interested.
- I am.
Well, he's more upset over this than he shows.
Much more.
Thanks, Ken.
What are you gonna do, take the rest of the afternoon off? I thought I'd wait, get the word before I hit the road.
Like a rose, Chin.
Like a rose.
Now, how about a little work, huh? - Hi.
- Hi, Dad.
- Is everybody all right? - Yeah.
- It's kind of late, isn't it? - Mom said we could.
- Daddy! - Tilda.
- Tilda, come back here.
- Be quiet.
Hey, hold it down, will you? Tim, how'd you make out on that test? I'm on the telephone.
Dad just got home.
Boy, it's murder trying to carry on some type of relevant conversation.
I'll do that.
Everything all right? What's the trouble? A man, a narcotics dealer, said I took a bribe from him.
- How much? - Twelve hundred dollars.
That's not enough.
When I think of all the things we can do with it, that's not enough.
Talk to him.
See if he can't make it more.
The first Tuesday of last month, the 4th, was I home around 11? I don't know.
See if you can remember.
Ask the kids, especially Tim.
You're their father.
You ask them.
They're with you more.
They talk to you.
This has you worried.
It's happened before.
It's one of those things.
All right.
I'll ask them.
- Mr.
- Yeah, Ray? We're all set.
Any time.
Well, make it loud.
It'll be so loud the governor's windows will rattle.
All right, I'll be listening.
No tricks.
I talked to his wife.
She said Chin's gone fishing.
- Get him back here fast.
- Right.
Okay, those are the distribution points and these are dates.
Six times.
Once a week.
How much did you deliver? Oh, like today, 5 grand.
Only, this time, I wasn't expecting a hijack.
A bit too much, man.
Who are you working for? I don't know.
- Whose money is that? - I don't know.
I mean, I feel that there's something big going on here.
And the less I know about the situation, the better off I'm gonna be.
You're a smalltime hustler and purse-snatcher.
You've been busted for every petty crime, including rolling a drunk.
Nobody in his right mind would trust you alone with $5,000.
It's the truth.
And you get very protective about your employer's money, huh? Since when did you get so loyal? Look, these guys are playing for keeps.
They'll blow up a cabbie for 10 bucks change.
What do you think they'd do to me? - I was scared.
- Of whom? Carl Brohme and his pals? - I don't know.
- Yes, you do know.
And you know something else? You've been left holding the bag.
- I'm trying to cooperate with you guys.
- Let's go back to the beginning.
This guy you claim you've been delivering the money to.
What did he look like? Oriental, probably Chinese, Weight, maybe 230.
- Word is he's a cop.
- Yeah, whose word? It's out.
You hear it.
Would you know him if you saw him again? Sure.
You're gonna get your chance.
Do you see him? Fourth from the right.
How long were you on the dock, Chin? An hour and a half.
Did you see anybody? No, just Kono when he came to get me.
But what you mean is, did anybody see me? What happened? Do I need an alibi? Well, it would help, my friend.
Would help.
The lie detector's not infallible.
I didn't say it was, sir.
But with a good operator, it's close, and Ken Stone is one of the best.
But that's not what I'm going on.
Chin has been a cop for 22 years.
First with H.
And then with Five-0.
He's a highly skilled police officer.
He's got four commendations, two citations for bravery.
He's an honest man.
He would no more take a bribe than you would or I would.
There are one or two gentlemen on the other isle that might not consider that much of a character reference.
You have no proof that he was where he said he was.
No physical proof.
But I have his word.
Steve, I wonder if it wouldn't be wise for you to relinquish the investigation to another agency.
I doubt that, sir.
I respect the way you feel, but If Well, if something should go sour, you could be hurt.
You're far enough out on the limb already.
And I'll go all the way if I have to, because I know my men.
All right, Steve.
All right.
But if there's much more of this, - I may have to do the sawing myself.
- Yes, sir.
- McGarrett, I have to talk to you.
- Come on in.
Okay, Dave, what is it? I took this over the phone about a half an hour ago.
- Who gave it to you? - A man's voice.
Anonymous, huh? Very reliable.
Any comment? No, no comment, thank you.
- Look, I've cooperated, but - Dave, thank you.
No comment.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Yeah, Steve.
I think you might need a court order, but I wanna see a bank account.
It's in the name of John Lee Sung, S- U-N-G.
Fifth Charter Bank, Kahala branch.
Will do.
Suzie, it's Dan Williams.
I'm gonna need a court order to look at a bank account.
Where can I find a Mr.
Summers? - All the way around to the right.
- Thank you.
- Mr.
Summers? - Yes.
My name is Williams.
I'm with Hawaii Five-0.
How can I help you? I like to see one of your accounts, that of a John Lee Sung.
Yes, I suppose so.
Yeah, let me have Sung, please.
John Lee.
Thank you.
Does anyone in the bank know this Mr.
Sung by sight? I do.
As a matter of fact, I opened the account for him about six weeks ago.
Twelve hundred dollars.
Six deposits, $200 each.
About one a week.
What did he look like? Oh, he's heavyset, 5'10", 5'11".
Well over 200, I'd say.
And Chinese, of course.
Of course.
First time you saw him, when he opened the account, did you ask for any identification? No.
On a cash deposit, that's not required.
He just said, "I'm John Lee Sung," and that was it.
I had no idea he was a police officer.
When he sat opposite you, you exchanged things, the money, papers and so forth.
Do you recall which hand he used? His right, I believe.
Yes, yes.
He gave me the money with his right hand.
Did he sign the signature card with his right? No.
- No, his left.
- You're sure of that? Yes.
I recall that he had to turn at the desk.
The man you identified as John Lee Sung is right-handed.
Well, that's odd.
I remember very clearly.
Well, people do that sometimes just to disguise their handwriting.
- Oh, really? - You're very observant, Mr.
Well, I want to help.
What was he wearing? - A business suit.
- What color? Blue, I think.
Yes, it was blue.
And he came into the bank on two subsequent occasions? Well, he went to one of the tellers, of course.
That blue suit of yours, what's it made out of? Wool.
When was the last time you wore it? Well, it's in a clothes bag.
It's too heavy for this time of the year.
This is Williams.
I'd like to know the temperature at noon of the 11th of last month in Kahala.
Yeah, and the humidity too.
When I questioned the tellers, none of them seemed to remember him.
Well, they'd only seen him for a minute or so.
And then, two of the girls have left.
He might have gone to them.
Where can I get in touch with the girls who have left? Well, the best I can do is give you the last address we have on file.
Well, our man has a blue suit.
What color suit were you wearing that day, Mr.
Summers? My gray one, I think.
- Lightweight? - Yes.
The temperature in Kahala that day was over 90 degrees and the humidity was more than 90 percent.
Now, does it seem reasonable that a man would be wearing a heavy woolen suit on a day like that? I can't help that.
I know what I saw.
Your records say that 74 people have opened new accounts in the last six weeks.
We do a lot of business.
- Do you remember all of them? - No.
Do you remember any of them? Well, let's see How about? Let's see, how about John R.
Mclntosh, for instance? Forty-two hundred dollars initial deposit, 10 days ago.
What did he look like? How old was he? What was he wearing, Mr.
Summers? Was he right-handed or left-handed? Well, I can't remember everybody.
But you can remember a man you saw once six weeks ago? Now I want a straight answer, Mr.
I want the truth.
I've been telling you the truth.
You better be, because I'm gonna give you a chance to prove it.
I'm gonna get these people in here and I'm gonna ask you to pick them out of a lineup.
Very well.
Thank you, that's all.
And I'd give some thought to the penalty for perjury in this state if I were you.
Tail him, Danno.
See where he goes.
But this man McGarrett is more than I bargained for, Mr.
Calhao, a lot more.
You're getting paid plenty of bread for this deal, Mr.
Just stay cool.
There's nothing he can do to you.
That's easy for you to say.
Look, I've made up my mind, and I want out.
Oh, no.
It's too late for that.
Besides, McGarrett won't let you out.
Suppose we add a bonus.
Look, I could just tell him I made a mistake No, then you would be in trouble.
And not only with McGarrett.
Take the money, Summers.
Ten thousand dollars should help chase the butterflies away.
What say you? Well, that That would help considerably.
Good boy.
Now, you go home and wait for me to call.
I'll call you tonight about when and where.
All right.
Goodbye, Mr.
Better get Doug.
Shall we bury him? Better him than us.
Testing, one, two.
Testing, one, two.
This is reel two, Chin.
Did you always have to wait at the school for these rehearsals? Yeah.
Well, they would never seem to come off on time.
Why did you have to wait? Well, if they did, I didn't want the kid hanging around the street at that hour.
Are you gonna talk to Tim? Why? Would he tell me something different? No, no.
Then why shouldn't I talk with him? Well, he's at that age, and he and I, we I wish you wouldn't, Steve.
It's personal.
Chin, we've been over it twice.
What I've got is your word against the sworn statement of three other men.
Amuru and Vern, I can understand.
You can buy them.
But Summers, no.
That's right, Summers is the one who's gonna hurt.
I was never even in his bank.
Prove it.
Prove it.
That's what the DA's gonna ask you to do.
I can't.
I can't.
Why is he doing this to me? What is it for? Take it easy, Chin.
Take it easy.
Can you account for any of the dates? The payoffs, the deposits, anything.
Steve Steve, I I can't.
The newspapers are bearing down on the governor.
They're screaming whitewash inside Five-0.
I've gotta put you on suspension, Chin.
Get some rest, brother.
If it's any comfort to you, I believe you.
How could you do something like that? Kono, if I didn't love you, I'd punch you right in the mouth.
He's got responsibilities, Steve.
A wife, eight children.
Yeah, and two of them need braces on their teeth and he's saving up to put Tim through college.
And he eats lunch out of a paper sack and he drives a beat-up old car.
And crying about it doesn't help anything.
Give me something, give me something.
What do you got? Beside talk.
There's a rumor about a payoff in this office.
Supposed to have gone sour two days ago.
- How good are your sources? - Lousy.
And talk about Carl Brohme, he just got outvoted by the organization.
He's not too happy.
Danno, what do you hear from Summers? - He went straight to a lawyer.
- Anybody we know? Edward H.
Eddie Calhao.
He's the one who's supposed to be giving Brohme a fit.
Get me a rundown on him right away.
Well, suppose I lose my job.
You won't.
You're not guilty.
No, but I can't seem to prove it.
We've been through times like this before.
Bad times, when we thought we'd never come through it alive.
But we can be tough when we have to be.
What? Who is this? Yes.
I'll be there.
- Chin.
- Hi, Steve.
- Talk to you for a minute? - Yeah.
- Where have you been, Chin? - Driving.
Waiting for a man who said he had some information.
- He didn't come.
- Who was the man? I don't know.
Austin Summers was shot to death at his house a half-hour ago.
Am I under arrest? Not yet, but I've gotta question you for the record.
Come on, let's go, Chin.
Good night, Mrs.
Well, good morning, Steve.
That's usually an opener for bad news.
I hear you had a rough time last night.
Well, Summers, the bank manager, was shot.
And now Chin Ho is under suspicion of murder.
Yes, sir.
They're really driving the nails in.
We've been friends for a long while, Steve, and I'm going to turn the investigation over to the attorney general's office.
Governor, we're just beginning to make progress.
I could have cracked Summers.
I can prove that the bank card was forged.
There are too many rumors, too many questions.
Would you like to start digging up my backyard? I'll send it over in writing, Steve.
You'll cooperate, of course.
It's for your own good, Steve.
Yes, sir.
Calhao graduated law school three years ago, summa cum laude.
No criminal record.
Set up practice here last year.
No trial record, but he's supposed to be a hotshot behind the scenes.
- What clients? - Mostly Brocar Realty.
Carl Brohme.
None of this fits Brohme's pattern.
And he's too old to change.
We've been going by the book and we've been getting mousetrapped every time.
Let see if the best defense isn't a good offense, huh? Good afternoon, Mr.
No, it's not.
Not for you, Brohme.
Any second, that phone's gonna start banging away.
Because we're picking up every peddler, every pusher, every user, every dealer we can lay our hands on.
It's costing you money, and it's gonna cost you more.
More money and trouble.
Because you've got a boy named Calhao who's been leaning on us.
So we're gonna lean on you.
Now, maybe everyone will get hurt, but when the blood starts to flow, the man in the middle usually gets the worst of it.
And that's you.
Calhao's using you.
Using you for his own personal gains.
And when you fall, he'll be right there to fill in that chair.
You'll be the one who helped him do it.
Good afternoon.
My office number's right on the card, but I'll give you my home number too.
- Well, who are you? - Name is right there.
In case you wanna come in and talk.
About what, the weather? Yeah, the weather.
Frame on an innocent cop.
- Protection? What are you, crazy? - Maybe.
But I just had a talk with Carl Brohme, and I don't think he thinks I'm crazy.
But then, you never know about Carl.
I've seen him switch right in the heat of battle.
Aloha, Eddie.
Information, yes.
Give me the number of the airport, will you, please? Passenger, please.
Hey! What is this? Hey! Hey! Police, up here! Hey! McGarrett.
Up here! Wait.
Hey! Hey.
Hey! McGarrett.
Help me, they're trying to kill me.
Who'd wanna kill you, Eddie, huh? What have you done? You're safe enough for now, aren't you? But you're a cop.
You gotta protect me.
From what, Eddie? From Carl Brohme.
You've gotta come up with more than a name.
I want dates, places, the whole setup.
Take him downtown.
Take his statement.
Book him.
You aimed a little close.
He was really shook.
No more than he deserved.
Can I give you a lift? I got a date.
Central Dispatch, this is McGarrett.
Patch me through to the switchboard, please.
I wanna talk to Chin Ho Kelly.
- Go ahead, McGarrett.
- Chin? - Welcome home.
- I'm on my way.
Be down in ten minutes.
No, never mind tonight, just be on time in the morning, you big pake.
Thanks, Steve.
- I'm back on the payroll.
- I told you.
Remember how you felt about your father? How you felt he could handle anything? Don't you tell anybody your pop can't do anything.
I'm trying to use the phone, Dad.
Okay, son.
Tilda, let's get you to bed.
And tomorrow we'll go down to the zoo