Hawaii Five-O (1968) s02e20 Episode Script

Most Likely to Murder

You got enough? Okay, she's all yours.
Hold it.
What do you got? Well, so far, just one unidentified body.
She's female, Caucasian.
Her name's Marjorie Morgan.
I grew up with her.
Her husband, we went high school together.
You know where we can find him? Just call the station.
You mean Lew Morgan? Yeah.
Cause of death? Well, looks like strangulation.
My God.
Why? Subtítulos subXpacio What do you got, Jay? We couldn't get anything off the grass, but we did get a good, solid print on the soil here.
Get a cast as soon as possible.
You bet.
- How is he? - Bad.
Were you in school? Were you close? Yeah.
Didn't make a move without each other.
Marjorie too.
Been in love with Lew since 10th grade.
Got something.
Headquarters just confirmed it.
Morgan worked the midnight-to-8 shift last night.
There's been a murder, remember? Everyone, including cops, get checked out.
- I remember.
- I checked with the coroner's office.
They're placing the time of death between 2 and 3 a.
- Anything from the lab? - Not yet.
They want to check out everything.
They said it may be some time.
All right, stay close.
If you hear anything at all, - let me know, right away.
- Okay.
Take it easy, Danno.
- How's Lew, Mr.
McGarrett? - He's resting.
We finish our shift in a half-hour.
We'd like to help on our free time.
Well, nothing to go on yet, but if we get a break, I'll take you up on that offer.
We'll be ready, sir.
A guy who kills a cop's wife is no different than a cop killer.
No different than any killer.
What about the report? Not much.
The shoes are standard item, standard size.
Thousands of pairs are sold every month.
What about the cat who was wearing them? Nothing to distinguish him, probably checks in between 165 and 180.
That's it.
That's more than we had, Chin.
Steve, we came up with five different sets of prints.
Lew's, Marj's, cleaning woman and two John Does.
Check the John Does with our files? Yeah, I came up empty.
Send them out on the mainland wire, will you, Chin? Maybe they'll come back with names and faces.
- I'm sorry, boss.
- Yeah, come in, Jenny.
- Hello, Lew.
- Thank you.
Lew, I thought you were gonna try to get some rest.
Yeah, I tried, but it wasn't any good.
Not now, anyway.
- Got anything yet? - No, not yet, Lew.
It's much too early.
Look, I'd like to help.
Since Five-0 is going to be pushing the investigation, I'd like to be here.
- Work with you.
- You shouldn't be working right now.
McGarrett, I've got to work, or I'm gonna go crazy.
Now, I know how close you guys are, and I don't blame you if you don't want any outsiders, but I've gotta have a temporary assignment, at least until you get something.
Danny, tell him I'll do any job.
- That's not the point.
- Danny! It's not the point.
You're not an outsider.
You're a cop, and a good cop.
But But what? I deserve to know that.
There's no place in a homicide for emotion, Lew, you know that.
I don't have to tell it to you.
I know my wife was just murdered.
Nobody knows that better than we do.
Five-0 and H.
Have made this number one priority.
Everything that can be done has been done.
Now, please, Lew, I know how you must feel.
Come on.
Would you leave it to us? Please.
Go home, get some rest.
I can't go home.
I can't go back there.
Lew, wait up, huh? Steve, I'll take him to my place.
When was the last time you had something to eat, Lew? No, thanks, Danny.
Come on, I'll make you one of those wild Spanish omelets you like, huh? No, thanks, anyway, but - How about another drink? - Yeah.
Let's see, I've got some old something or other.
Something or other will do.
A little water? No, straight.
I think I'll have a beer.
I keep thinking about those days when we were just kids.
Good times, huh? That last year we played ball together.
Made the city playoffs, behind the hitting of Lew Morgan.
I remember, when everything was going just great, I went into a batting slump.
I was swinging just as hard and hitting that ball just as hard, but I couldn't buy a hit.
I've been in a slump ever since I got out of school, and I I still can't figure out why.
Don't be so hard on yourself, Lew.
Why not? I don't have anyone else to blame but me.
You remember how things were for me then.
Everything was breaking just right.
Lots of fun, lots of good laughs.
All wins.
I was on top.
I was alive.
Then I married Marj.
And I thought you could go out and win the world like you win a ball game.
Oh, boy.
Only, it didn't turn out that way.
I blamed everyone but myself.
And then I ran out of people.
You've got a good career going for you now, Lew.
Well, I thought that when I first joined the department, Danny.
But I haven't moved up in grade.
I bust drunk drivers and occasionally grab kids in a hot car.
The only thing I had going for me was a woman who loved me.
And now And now Lew.
Hey, come on.
You're still the same guy that used to win the ball games.
You had something special.
It wasn't just luck, wasn't an illusion.
It was there.
And it still is there.
One day you'll make it, Lew.
In the meantime, if there's anything I can do, just ask.
Danny, the one thing I want right now, need now, is to feel as though I'm helping find whoever killed my wife.
Now, McGarrett refused me, maybe he wouldn't refuse you if you ask.
You would ask that, wouldn't you? Okay.
I'll talk to Steve in the morning.
But for now, try to get some sleep.
I'll get you some bedding.
Yeah, I would ask that.
- Hey, what is this, man? - You tell us.
Listen, are you guys arresting me, what's going on? He's clean.
- You have no idea why? - No, no idea.
- What's your name? - Lonnie Kahekili.
- And I've never been busted once.
- What are you doing here? - I'm visiting a friend.
- In the middle of the night? That's when I do my visiting.
- Yeah, we'll find out.
- Who gave you the key? It was given to me.
Who gave it to you? The people that own this house.
- Who are they? - Lew Morgan and his wife, Marj.
Get hold of Lew.
See if he knows our friend here.
Hey, wait a minute, maybe that's not a good idea.
I like it.
You better explain why you don't like it.
This guy don't know me and I don't know him.
The friend I'm talking about is Marj.
What's your name? Lonnie Kahekili.
You're making this statement of your own free will? My own free will.
And you've been apprised of your constitutional rights? What do you do for a living, Lonnie? Whatever I can, mostly hustling the tourists on the beach.
How well did you know Marjorie Morgan? Very well.
Were you having an affair? Yes, what you haoles call an affair.
- Did you kill her? - No, I didn't.
Why should I believe you, Lonnie? I don't know, except I didn't kill her.
How long has it been since you've seen her? About two weeks ago.
Why did you go by the house tonight? Well, she cut things off and I thought I'd get back together with her again.
Just to patch things up.
How am I doing, so far? So far you're doing fine, for a number one murder suspect.
- Me? - You.
What about this guy, her number one boyfriend? Yeah? What about him? What's his name? - I don't know.
- What do you know about him? Marj used to talk about him.
She used to tease me about this guy.
You know, it used to tear my insides up.
She was that kind of a chick.
What kind of a man are you, Lonnie? The kind that would kill her for it? I told you, McGarrett, I didn't do this.
I didn't kill this girl.
Hold him.
Suspicion of murder.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.
Oh, God, by whose mercy rest is given to the souls of the faithful, in your kindness, bless this grave and trust it to the care of your holy angel and set free from all the chains of sin the soul of her whose body will lie here buried, so that with all your saints, she may rejoice in you forever, through Christ our Lord.
Dearest friends, let us faithfully and lovingly remember our sister, whom God has taken to himself from the trials of this world.
Let us pray.
Almighty and most merciful Father - How is Lew holding up? - Okay.
- Bow down your ear and pity to your servants upon whom you have laid the heavy burden of sorrow.
Take away out of their hearts the spirit of rebellion, - and teach them - Something's happened.
What is it? Somebody walked into the stakeout at Lew's house last night.
A beach boy named Lonnie Kahekili.
He was Marjorie Morgan's boyfriend.
Steve, I knew Marj almost as long as Lew.
She worshipped him.
When he was a hero.
But Lew changed, and so did she.
I just can't believe it.
Their tears look meekly up to you, the God of all consolation, through Christ our Lord, amen.
Think the beach boy's our killer? Right now he's just a suspect.
- You don't think he's guilty? - No.
I think Kahekili was last month's boyfriend.
He was pushed aside by this month's, as yet unidentified.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Do you know what this is gonna do to Lew when he finds out? Something new in the case? No, Lew.
Nothing new.
Did you ask McGarrett if I could help? I didn't get a chance.
Come on, let's go.
- Steve.
- What do you got? Fingerprint matches.
We know now who our two John Does are.
The first one's Lonnie Kahekili.
His prints match one of the sets we couldn't identify.
The second came over the mainland wire, complete with name and record.
Gary Oliver.
Male, Caucasian, light hair, blue eyes, age 24.
Six arrests, three convictions.
Extortion, assault, assault with a deadly weapon.
One suspended sentence, 18 months in Illinois State Reformatory, two years in Joliet.
One very bad customer.
Prime suspect? You bet he is, in spades.
You got a local address there? Yeah.
2915 Waino.
All right.
Get ahold of Danno, tell him to meet me there right away.
What do you got, Steve? Guy who owns that second set of John Doe prints lives in that little gray house just behind us.
He's dangerous, Danno, be careful.
You take the back, I'll take the front, let's go.
Gary, aren't you gonna eat any breakfast? Gary, look, now, you've got to tell me what's bothering you.
- Who is it? - McGarrett, Five-0.
Open up.
Danno! He went up the alley.
Get out an APB.
You got his description? I want an APB on Gary Oliver, male, Caucasian, mid 20s, weight around 170, height around 6 feet.
He's wanted in connection with the slaying of Marjorie Morgan.
Last seen in an alley behind Wynam and Kalama.
Central Dispatch to all units.
Central Dispatch to all units.
Wanted for questioning in connection with a homicide, Gary Oliver, also known as Gerald Lobell, male, Caucasian, 6'1", 180 pounds.
Light brown hair, blue eyes.
Suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous.
Repeat, suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous.
Last seen in the vicinity of Kubio and Makala.
Central Dispatch to all units.
Central Dispatch to all units.
Wanted for questioning in connection with a homicide.
Listen, I'm telling you, I don't know anything about Gary.
Now, I will swear to that.
You just came over to cook breakfast, huh? Talking together and being together are two different things, believe me, I know.
Now, he's never told me anything about himself.
He didn't mention a friend, a place where he might go? I never asked.
All of his friends are women.
You'd better not hurt him, because he didn't do it.
Didn't do what? Anything.
Whatever it is you came here about.
Innocent people don't jump out of windows, honey.
Man, when you have a record, you learn to jump.
Where were you Tuesday night? - With Gary.
- Where, honey, where? - Right here.
- And you were alone? Yes, we were alone.
Okay, come on.
Where? Five-0 headquarters, so you can sign a sworn statement to that effect.
What does that mean? That means that if you're lying, you're wide open for a perjury charge.
And in a murder case, that can cost you ten years.
- Murder? - Murder.
Ready? Look, maybe I was wrong.
Maybe it wasn't Tuesday.
Don't change your address unless you let me know.
This is gonna tear Lew in half.
He either hears it from us or a TV broadcast.
Yeah, come in.
You have something? We think so, Lew.
Do you know a man by the name of Gary Oliver? No, who is he? We thought he might be a friend of yours.
Then he must have been a friend of your wife's.
She never mentioned him.
Where'd she know him from? We just thought you might know where we could find him.
- How does he figure into this? - We're not positive yet.
I didn't ask if you were positive or not.
I wanna know what this guy Oliver has to do with my wife.
He might have murdered her.
- He didn't even know her.
- Oh, he knew her.
What are you saying, McGarrett? His fingerprints were all over this house.
You mean Oliver and my wife? Lew, that's the way it was.
I'm sorry.
Wait a minute, Steve.
Wait a minute, huh? You weren't just telling him about Marj in there.
You were questioning him.
That's right, Danno.
That's my job.
You still think of him as a suspect, don't you? We're after a murderer, Danno.
If you were a suspect, I'd treat you the same way, and if I were a suspect, I'd expect you to do the same thing.
He's got an alibi, he was on patrol.
Yeah, except there's a hole in it.
The coroner set the time of death at 2:45 a.
Now, I checked the logs.
Lew was cruising Coco Head.
He logged a report at 2:31, the next report wasn't until 3:07.
That leaves 36 minutes.
Even so, that doesn't prove opportunity.
No, but it doesn't establish a solid alibi either.
If Lew knew about his wife's lover Lovers.
What do you think he'd do? We've also checked out all the beach hangouts, but so far nothing.
Oliver must have gone pretty far underground.
Come in.
Boss, there's a girl outside who says she knows Gary Oliver.
How does she look, Jenny? What do you think? Well, I think she's for real.
Okay, let's find out.
This is Gloria Warren.
Steve McGarrett.
Miss Warren.
Sit down, please.
Thank you, Jenny.
You've got some information on Gary Oliver? I read the newspapers, I know you're looking for him.
I figured maybe there's some way I can help.
Why? Maybe if you catch him, you'll put him away for a long time.
You know, justice triumphs and all that.
He put me in the hospital, and I figure one good turn deserves another.
We used to go together, if you'd call one fast month going together.
I had a bank account.
When that was gone, so was he.
I found him, though.
But by that time, he was grooving with the late Mrs.
I tried to get him to come back with me, he figured I'd make a good punching bag.
Next stop, emergency ward.
Where is he now? I don't know, but you could ask a certain Mrs.
Cara Hadwell, in Kahala? That's a pretty big league for Gary to be playing in, isn't it? When you get to be her age, it doesn't matter where your family tree is rooted.
Thank you, Miss? - Warren.
- Warren, thank you.
- You've been a big help.
- I was hoping I would be.
Leave your phone number with the secretary on the way out, will you? Sure.
McGarrett has asked me to leave my phone number.
Your phone number? - Gloria.
- I know the name.
Phone? Thank you.
Make sure he gets it, huh? I certainly will.
What's going on? Just watching for the mailman, Steve.
- Anything new from H.
D? - Nothing yet, but they asked if you wanna keep the surveillance on Kaneohe Bay area.
How about manpower? Plenty volunteers.
Jenny, I'll be back, anything urgent, get me on the car radio.
Yes, may I help you? Steve McGarrett.
Hadwell's expecting me.
Oh, yeah, Mr.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Hadwell is not at home.
Well, I spoke to her on the phone less than an hour ago.
She was called away.
I'm sorry.
She asked me to extend to you her deepest apologies.
Did she say when she'd return? I'm sorry, she didn't say.
Have her call me when she returns, if it's not too inconvenient.
Oh, yes, sir, I'll certainly do that.
Who is it? Miss Barnes? - Yes, who is it? - Police.
Show me something.
What do you want? I was just looking at this paper.
You take a good picture.
I already know about that.
What I don't know is what do you want? Relax, I just wanna ask a few questions.
Oh, man, I've answered all the questions I intend on answering, so if you don't have - Where do I find Oliver? - Honestly, I don't know where he is.
I told the other cop that.
They don't ask questions like I do.
Where is he? Man, please, I swear, I don't know where he is.
Believe me, he's not worth this.
I'd tell you if I knew.
Who would know? Who would know? I don't know.
Except it's probably a woman.
You listen, and you listen carefully.
If you see Oliver before I do, you tell him Lew Morgan is gonna kill him just like he killed my wife.
You understand? I understand.
- Can I help you? - I sure hope so, honey.
Perhaps you could tell me what it was.
Oh, sure, honey.
Well, I'm Mrs.
Shivley, and I've got some information about that fella Oliver you're looking for.
- Now, who can I talk to? - Mrs.
I'm Dan Williams, this is Chin Ho Kelly.
- Hi.
- Wanna come this way, please? - Here, have a seat.
- Thank you.
What'd you say his name was? - Chin Ho Kelly.
- Oh, funny, you don't look Irish.
Of course, Ronald didn't look Greek either.
Ronald was my first husband.
- Pardon? - Well, have you found him? - Who? - That rat, Oliver.
He should be behind bars, that's where.
You are talking about Gary Oliver, aren't you? Of course I am.
He's been in all the papers, hasn't he? Yes, he has.
What exactly was your relationship with him? Now, what kind of a question is that? I understand cops have to know personal things, but there's a limit, after all.
Well, what I meant was, how well did you know him? Real well, I tell you.
Oh, until I found out about him, of course.
Of course.
Have you seen him recently? Not since I broke our engagement.
I told him, I said, "Oliver, I don't ever wanna see your ugly face around me again.
" Did you always call him by his last name? No, not always.
Sometimes I called him worse than that.
- Thank you very much, Mrs.
- I wanted to pick him out of a lineup.
I wish you had him in a lineup.
Yeah, we do too.
Thank you very much, you've been a great help.
He was a wild one, I tell you.
And crazy about me.
Just wouldn't leave me alone.
Of course, Ronald was the same way.
Excuse me.
Yes, Elise? Who? Oh, put her on.
Williams speaking.
Yes, I remember you.
When? Okay, we'll take care of it.
Annette Barnes, all upset.
Lew just paid her a visit.
- Goodbye, Mrs.
- My pleasure, officer.
You know, I've decided to tell you everything after all.
All right, I'm coming.
Oh, Danny.
Come on in.
- You want an ice cube in there? - No.
What'd you buy that shortwave radio for? Company.
Something's wrong.
What is it? We just got a call from Oliver's girlfriend, said she was roughed up by a cop.
A cop named Lew Morgan.
- She's lying.
- You didn't question her? I questioned her, but I didn't rough her up.
If Steve had taken that call, you'd be on suspension.
Yeah, but he didn't, did he? Right? You did.
Oh, Lew, don't you try to use our friendship.
You understand? Not like this.
When McGarrett gets back, I'm gonna give him a full report.
- Oh, just like that, huh? - Just like that.
Lew, I wanna help.
And why can't I be on this case, then? Oh, come on, will you? You know better than that.
This whole Oliver incident just goes to show that Steve was right.
Right, right, right.
Everybody in the world is right but Lew Morgan.
Oliver was messing around with my wife and he killed her, Danny.
And you're asking me to walk around this empty apartment and do what? Wash dirty socks or watch some quiz show on television.
- Thanks for the help, Danny.
- Lew, I just wish you I'm not gonna listen to you anymore.
From now on, I gotta help myself, you understand? What does that mean? I asked you a question.
You've got a right to your question, I got a right to my answers.
What's that radio really for, huh? Besides company.
You trying to get to Oliver before? Even if I wanted to, even if I wanted to, what chance has some small off-duty cop got with your big Five-0 unit? Oh, Lew, don't let this happen to you.
You tell your buddy McGarrett, you give him my best, will you, when you turn that report in on me.
And you get out of here! Okay, Lew.
- If you're smart, you'll get out of here.
- Gloria, I need your help.
The last time you said that, I ended up in a hospital.
Oh, look, baby, I'm sorry about that.
I was so strung out of my head.
I had things on my mind.
Yeah, named Marjorie Morgan.
Oh, you must think I'm an idiot.
Oh, look, baby, if I'd thought that, I wouldn't have come here.
You came here because you haven't got anywhere else to go.
Maybe you're right.
Oh, baby, there's nobody else I can trust.
- Nobody I meant enough to.
- Oh, you're disgusting.
Look, you lie so much you don't even realize when you're lying.
But I do.
Oh, listen, why don't you just tell me what you want? I need some bread.
I've gotta get off this rock.
- How much? - Three bills would do it.
Why don't you ask the rich Mrs.
Hadwell? Already did, she turned me down.
Baby, if you don't help me, I'm dead.
I'll have to cash a check.
Gloria? - Who are you? - My name is Morgan.
Lew Morgan.
Look, man, I didn't kill her.
She's dead because of you.
No, man, I swear, I didn't kill her.
I didn't say you did.
I said she's dead because of you.
May I speak to Mr.
McGarrett, please? Every cop on this island has been working overtime to help you, and you just kicked every one of them in the teeth.
Now they'll have to work double time to try to prove to the public that they're not all a bunch of killers hiding behind a badge.
- Hey, look, I'm sorry - Book him.
I know it doesn't make any difference now, Danny, but I am sorry.
I guess I went a little crazy.
She called me, all I could think about was making the arrest.
I went over there, he was standing there looking at me, laughing at me, taunting me.
And next thing I knew, the gun was in my hand and I was pulling the trigger.
I'm not asking for sympathy, Danny.
I did what I did, and if I have to spend the rest of my life in prison - Shut up, Lew, just shut up.
- I meant every word of it, Danny.
I deserve the maximum sentence.
I don't know, Lew, maybe you do.
But the charge will probably be second-degree murder, not first.
And probably, some very smart lawyer will be able to plead temporary insanity, under the conditions.
But even if you only get a couple of years, Lew, such a waste.
Such a terrible, useless waste.
Yes, Jenny? Mrs.
Hadwell to see you.
Yeah, send her in.
Send her in.
Hadwell, I'm Steve McGarrett.
Danny Williams.
- Why don't you sit down, please? - Thank you.
What can we do for you? I've postponed coming to see you ever since Gary Oliver was killed.
I'm here now, Mr.
McGarrett, not because I'm a courageous woman.
If I were, I would have spoken to you the day you came to my house.
I could have prevented Gary Oliver from being killed.
Yeah, how's that? Gary came to me asking for help, just before you arrived.
He said if Lew Morgan didn't kill him, the police would.
- The police? - Yes.
I knew if I helped him, I'd be implicated, so I refused him.
I don't understand, Mrs.
The responsibility for Oliver's death was Lew Morgan's, not yours.
No, I'm afraid it is mine.
You see, Gary didn't kill Mrs.
But I was the only person who could prove it.
What do you mean? Gary was with me the night Mrs.
Morgan was killed.
Until what time? Until the next morning.
And so I knew Gary was innocent, because he was with me all that night.
Are you willing to testify to that in court? Yes, I am.
You wanna add anything, Lew? They had it coming.
Both of them.
Do you admit you killed them? I want you to understand something, Lew.
You'll no longer be a grief-stricken husband throwing himself on the mercy of a sympathetic jury.
You knew about Oliver and your wife, and you planned to kill them.
That makes it premeditated.
With Oliver's record, he was the perfect patsy.
No one would believe he was innocent, and with your badge, you were the perfect killer.
No one would ever believe you were guilty, not until now.
When you leave this office, I'm gonna call the district attorney and the charge is gonna be changed from one count of second-degree murder to two counts of first-degree murder, do you understand that? They deserved it.
Take him, Kemo.
I'm sorry, Danny.
I've been a loser all the way.
Even with my friends.