Hawaii Five-O (1968) s09e06 Episode Script

Tour de Force, Killer Aboard

McGARRETT: The dead CIA agent was looking for an international assassin known only as Raymond.
DANNY: There are 19 male Caucasians on the tour.
What we need is a plant.
What is Officer Welles doing these days? [DIALS PHONE] [DOOR OPENS] You're on United States soil now, Excellency, and you're in my jurisdiction.
KHALDOUN: I arrange for my own security.
McGARRETT: I'll decide what safeguards are appropriate for you and your company.
Ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stop.
On behalf of Captain J.
William Heyes and all the crew, thank you for flying with us, and welcome to Hawaii.
GUIDE: Okay, can I have your attention, please? - My group, please.
ALL: Aloha.
GUIDE: All right, you practically sound like natives already.
Okay, a couple of quick announcements.
There will be a special bus waiting for us right outside the terminal.
We'll go directly to the hotel for a couple of complimentary mai tais.
Then you're on your own until 2:00.
You can swim, rest, whatever.
But please, I must remind you now, we must all be in the hotel lobby at 8:00 tomorrow morning so we can transfer back to the airport and begin our outer-island tour.
Okay? Any questions? - Mr.
Tour-Guide? - Mr.
Could you tell me where I could buy a grass skirt? With a lady in it? Ha-ha-ha.
[CROWD CHUCKLING] HAZEL: He's terrible, isn't he? - He's just having a good time.
I know.
Is this your first trip to the islands, Mr.
Huston? - Uh-huh, yes, it is.
- Oh? Mine too, ha, ha.
My name's Hazel.
All my girlfriends call me Hazel-Nut - because I do such crazy things.
HUSTON: Uh-huh.
Like deciding to come on this tour all by myself.
- I'm a widow.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- And which one's your wife? - I'm not married.
[SCREAMS] [CAR HORN HONKS] Steve, problems.
There was a dead man aboard the morning flight from Seattle.
He was stabbed with some kind of surgical instrument.
That's a routine job for H.
Homicide, Danno.
DANNY: They thought it was until they checked the victim's ID.
He was an agent, CIA, and on active assignment.
Doing what? DANNY: Another problem.
They can't find out.
Their Washington sources either don't or won't say.
Here we go again.
Oh, for heaven's sakes.
I'm sorry.
- I thought this was vacant.
- You were here first.
- I'll take the next cab.
- No, no, you were first.
- By a fraction, but you were first.
- I wasn't.
- I'll just take the next one.
- Oh, come on, I won't hear of it.
No, really, it's no trouble at all.
Uh, how about letting me decide, okay? - Okay? - Okay.
- Uh, where do you wanna go, lady? - Ala Moana.
[CHUCKLES] You're never gonna believe this.
- Ala Moana? - Must be fate.
Well, can't fight fate.
Ha, ha.
Ala Moana, James.
Oh, uh, Robert Huston.
- Julia Lewis.
- Hi.
Oh, this weather is beautiful, isn't it? Mm-hm, isn't it? This is my first trip to the islands.
I'm from Oregon.
- Portland, Oregon.
- Uh-huh.
Hardware dealer.
Came out with a tour.
We're staying over at the Sea Breeze.
Oh, I understand that's a very nice hotel.
Well, can't compare to the llikai, but it's all right.
That's where you're staying isn't it, the llikai? I work there.
- Manager.
- Mm-mm.
Not quite.
Um, I handle public relations.
Suppose I'd like it at your hotel? I'm sure you would.
Everyone does.
Maybe I should change my reservation.
Well, for one thing, we're booked solid.
Of course, you'd have a whole floor to choose from in two weeks.
Two weeks? Well, what happens in two weeks? Hey, come on.
What's the big mystery? There's no mystery.
Or maybe there is.
Some very important people are due in on the 11th.
The 11th? Well, that's a week away.
Couldn't I have one of those rooms till then? They want them held.
They're very security-conscious.
Bet they booked the best rooms in the house We're not supposed to talk about it.
So you're from Portland.
DAVE: I asked the stewardess to wait.
I knew you'd wanna ask her some questions.
Jean, this is Mr.
McGarrett and Mr.
Williams from Five-0.
Miss Corey was the one who discovered the body.
Could you tell us where the man was seated? Yes.
The last seat by the window on the right-hand side.
Was he seated alone? Most of the time, yes.
What do you mean, "most of the time"? Well, on a long flight, people are always moving around, uh, trying to get a better view, walking up and down the aisles, you know.
What you're saying is that anybody could have killed him at any time.
I guess so.
How many people would that amount to? There were nearly 300 onboard.
I see.
All right, thank you.
I appreciate it.
Danno, I know it's a big order, but I want them all checked out.
I'll get the names and addresses from the passenger list.
- And get the Lab boys out here.
- Right.
Thank you.
- Did you look? - No.
I said I wouldn't.
All right, what's your favorite flower? - Tsk.
This is ridiculous.
- Come on.
What if I said the African flycatcher? - No, you have to be serious.
- Ha-ha-ha.
We agreed on everything else so far.
I'll bet we agree on this.
- Um - Come on.
I guess I would have to say plumeria.
I don't believe it.
I really don't believe it.
Thank you.
Come on.
Let's see, what else? HUSTON: Well, for one thing, I'm crazy about opera.
- How about you? JULIA: Crazy about it.
HUSTON: I cannot stand carrots.
JULIA: Ah! Oh, God.
Oh, it's almost 3:00.
My boss will think I quit.
- Uh, I gotta find a taxi.
- Julia, please.
I'll be gone in the morning.
Can't you stay a little while longer? Please, Julia? Please? I must be going out of my mind.
Absolutely crackers.
HUSTON: Well, after that, I bought my partners out and went into business for myself.
[BIRDS SQUAWKING] Too noisy for you? Well, I always thought that birds sang.
[BOTH LAUGH] That looks quieter.
- Better? - Mm-hm.
Oh, look.
They're wilting.
- So we'll buy more.
- Mm.
It won't be the same.
You know, I was never so surprised in my whole life.
You know, Julia, I tell you, there's absolutely nothing you and I disagree on.
- Except mystery.
- Except? Oh, Lord.
We're back to the hotel VIPs again, right? Well, it's just that I just can't understand.
Well, I don't see why you have to understand.
Julia, I think at this point, it's a matter of trust.
- If you can't trust me - Trust? All right, I can't trust you, and I don't want to hear another word about it.
After all, we've been told over and over again not to discuss it with people.
We were warned against talking to strangers.
And that's really what you are, isn't it? A stranger.
I'm sorry, I have to go now.
- Julia.
- Let go of me.
Let go of me.
Let go.
[JULIA SCREAMS AND BIRD SQUAWKS] Out of the 284 passengers, H.
's got nothing on any of them more serious than traffic citations.
There was a tour group aboard.
Sunrise Tours.
Forty men and women from Oregon and Washington.
They're staying at the Sea Breeze.
McGARRETT: Is Danno there? CHIN HO: Yeah, since morning.
- Any luck, Duke? - Some.
Answers to Mainland Police inquiries are starting to come in.
- How many? - Roughly about 40.
Anyone with a handle? Just one passenger with a major felony record.
"Vaughn, William.
" Did three years for armed robbery.
Indicted for two counts of extortion.
Released because of lack of evidence.
- Somebody dummied up, huh? - Right.
[INTERCOM BUZZES] Well, he's in the right league, Duke.
I'd like to know more about this character.
Get a warrant.
Pick him up on suspicion.
- McGarrett.
SECRETARY: Jonathan Kaye, sir.
Put him on, please.
KAYE: Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner, Steve.
There's been a lot of static here over the murder.
KAYE [OVER PHONE]: News blackout at CIA.
Why? Evidently, our agent was on a very delicate assignment.
He was after a man named Raymond.
Raymond? Is that a first name or last? KAYE: They have no idea.
Just Raymond, international assassin.
He's a freelancer, available to the highest bidder.
And I use the word "highest" advisedly.
I'm told that he'll kill a head of state for a million dollars.
And he's on his way to Honolulu? Well, the word I got is that he was hired to do a job over there within the next month.
Jonathan, my hands are tied unless I know who the potential victim is.
Well, I understand that, and I'm trying to find out.
And I'll need every bit of information you have on this Raymond character.
You've already got it, Steve.
You mean he has no m.
, you haven't any description? Nothing.
No photos, no fingerprints.
He's supposed to be Caucasian, if that helps.
Well, that's a big help.
Only 60 to 70 percent of the islands are Caucasian.
I wish I could have been more definite.
You've got a tough job cut out for you.
Oh, I don't know.
All we have to do is protect an unknown VIP from murder while we're looking for a hired assassin nobody can describe.
That's about it.
Good luck.
Well, thank you, Jonathan.
Thank you.
YOUNG: Is that all? DANNY: That's all, Mr.
Thank you very much.
You can call me Chuck.
You can call me anything you want, but don't call me late for supper.
Thank you.
How do you do? - This is Mrs.
Hazel Parr.
DANNY: Uh-huh.
Sit down, Ms.
Now, I realize you probably have no personal knowledge of the murder.
- Oh, but I do.
- You do? I saw it happen.
Of course, I didn't understand what I'd seen until I thought it over.
What did you see? Well, it was just before lunch.
I turned around to ask the stewardess a question, and I noticed a man bending over the, uh, victim.
Can you describe him? I certainly can.
It was either the pilot or the copilot.
He was in uniform.
You say this was right before lunch? Yeah, it was about Ms.
Parr, how do you suppose the stewardess could serve the man lunch without noticing he was dead? Well, maybe she thought he was asleep.
- Or - Don't you remember, Hazel? We both talked to the man after lunch.
We were trying to get up a bridge game.
It was after lunch? Are you sure? Oh, dear.
Yeah, I believe it was af Excuse me.
Officer Williams, we're all a little tired.
I wonder if we may be allowed to go.
Our group has tickets for a Polynesian festival tonight.
[SIGHS] - Okay, I'll come back in the morning.
- I'm afraid we won't be here.
- We're leaving at 8.
- You're leaving? I'm sorry, but all the arrangements have been made.
Unless you wanna hold I want you to notify me if any of them try to leave the tour.
DOC: Subject was a well nourished Caucasian male, The wound was made with a long, thin instrument.
It entered the body just below the breastbone and traveled directly into the heart.
No ribs to deflect it.
How long would it have taken for him to die? The killer apparently has the touch and skill of a surgeon.
Death was probably instantaneous.
Which could explain why no one heard an outcry.
Another customer for you, Dr.
Female, about 30.
Some kids found her over at Paradise Park.
She was stabbed in the upper abdomen.
Puncture wound.
Looks like it might have been made by an ice pick.
DOC: Let's take a look.
- Any identification? - Yes, sir.
A driver's license in the name of Julia Louise Lewis, llikai Hotel.
We contacted the manager there, and he said she was his public-relations director.
What about it, Doc? No question about it, Steve.
It looks like the same type of weapon caused both deaths.
McGARRETT: Back already, Danno? That's pretty fast work for 40 interviews.
DANNY: Would you settle for 20? McGARRETT: What happened? The group has tickets for a Polynesian festival, and they're leaving at 8 in the morning for the outer islands.
- Till when? - The 11th.
McGARRETT: I talked to Washington.
The dead CIA agent was looking for an international assassin known only as Raymond.
He was probably after someone here in Oahu.
Looks like he killed again this afternoon.
A local woman named Julia Lewis.
All we know is that Raymond is a Caucasian.
There are 19 male Caucasians on the tour.
There's no way we can lose track of Want me to go along? No, I don't think so.
Interviews alone aren't apt to turn up Raymond if he's on that tour.
Now, what we need is a plant.
Someone Someone like, uh What is Officer Welles doing these days? Uh, H.
Juvenile Bureau.
Think she can handle it? She sure loves to talk.
Undercover? Yes, sir, I would be interested.
I'd consider it a challenge.
You know, I really love police work, and I could pass myself off as a tour guide.
I do know the outer islands, and I can talk a blue streak.
I see what you mean.
The odds are against Raymond being on the tour, but I wanna cover every possible angle.
We've already contacted the Sunrise Tour people.
They've agreed to put you on as a guide.
- So keep your eyes open.
SANDl: Yes, sir.
What did you say this man Raymond looked like? I didn't say.
- Nobody knows.
- Nobody alive.
BELLHOP: On the right.
- Excuse me? - Private.
No one allowed.
- Uh, isn't this 23? - Twenty-four.
Twenty-four? Oh, I must have pushed the wrong button.
Excuse me.
Who do you guys think you are, picking me up on the golf course, embarrassing me in front of my friends? Sit down, Mr.
You are aware that a man was killed on the flight that you arrived on from Seattle? I arrived on? There were 300 people on that plane.
And what's a guy getting snuffed have to do with me? Perhaps nothing.
But on the other hand, it seems you do have a history of violence.
So I cracked a few heads.
That's ancient history, pal.
I'm in legitimate business now.
Don't call me "pal.
" What kind of legitimate business are you in, Mr.
Vaughn? Industrial laundries.
I see.
Did you know the victim? I know my rights.
I don't have to answer that question.
Which would only lead me to believe that you had something to hide.
I didn't know him, I didn't talk to him.
Hell, I wouldn't know him if you wheeled him in here.
Would you show me exactly where you were seated on the aircraft, please? Twenty-two B.
Did you leave your seat at any time, say, an hour before the plane landed? Only if I walked in my sleep.
I always sleep on planes.
It's better than watching them crummy movies.
Is there anyone who could confirm that you did not leave your seat? Yeah.
- That fat dame sitting next to me.
- Does the fat dame have a name? Oh, yeah, she introduced herself to me about ten times.
It was, uh, Ethel something.
Uh, Ethel Carter, that was it.
- Why don't you ask her? - Oh, we intend to.
All right, you may go.
Maybe you can pick your friends up on the back nine.
Back nine? I was on the 14th hole when Charlie Chan there picked me up.
McGARRETT: Oh, one more thing.
Let Charlie Chan there know where you can be reached in case we wanna talk to you again.
I'll do that.
- What now? - Heh, heh.
It looks like we're back to go, Charlie.
We don't know anything more than when we started.
[CONCH SHELL HUMMING] [PHONE RINGING] Hello? Yes, this is Robert Huston.
Ha, ha.
Oh, Ms.
Listen, I sure am sorry I couldn't meet you earlier today.
Yeah, well, I'd love to have drinks with you and the others, but I still have some packing to do for our trip to the outer islands tomorrow.
I could come on down when I'm through, uh-huh, yeah.
I'll try, anyway.
No, Ms.
Parr, I won't forget.
Hazel, I won't forget.
SANDl: Good morning.
Good morning.
Welcome aboard.
Good morning.
Hope you have a nice time.
Good morning.
Welcome aboard.
Hello, how are you doing this morning? Hi.
Hey, it's good to see you.
Good morning.
All right, are we all here? Where's Ms.
Parr? She's on her way.
I just saw her in the lobby.
SANDl: Aloha to you.
- Well, good morning.
- Good morning, Mr.
Huston? - Huston.
Robert Huston.
- It'll take a while to remember names.
- I'm Sandi.
- Well, hi.
GUIDE: Sandi's going to be with us for the next week.
- Oh, terrific.
- Oh, sure, wonderful for the men.
Why couldn't you have assigned us some nice young surfer? - I surf.
HUSTON: Ha, ha.
- It's not the same.
SANDl: Oh.
Oh, well.
Maybe you'll stick around now and stop wandering off and forgetting engagements.
You stood me up, you know.
- Hazel, I really am sorry about that.
HAZEL: Ha, ha.
Did you know Mr.
Huston was the only one who didn't go with us on the Pearl Harbor tour yesterday? - Oh? - Yeah, where'd you go, anyway? Beach.
Alone? Julia Lewis was single, age 28.
Born in Madison, Wisconsin.
She'd been director of public relations at the llikai for the last three and a half years.
And as far as I can gather, she didn't have an enemy in the world.
Any government connections? FBI? CIA? As far as we know, she was clean, Steve.
- What about gentlemen friends? - Nothing serious.
Most important thing in her life seems to have been her job.
It was tough, and she was good at it.
Almost too good.
What do you mean by "too good"? Well, public relations at a big hotel means anti-publicity a lot of the time.
You know, protecting the guests' privacy.
We found a note in her files canceling all media interviews between the 11th and the 18th of this month.
- Did you check with the manager? - Yeah.
We ran into a stone wall there too.
All he'd tell us was that a travel agency in London had booked the entire 24th floor for two weeks beginning yesterday.
The main party's due in on the 11th.
I called London and found out the names of the three agents who handled the booking.
One was sick, sent to convalesce, the other two on vacation.
They should all be away at least a month.
And I assume there were no forwarding addresses on any of them.
DUKE: Right.
McGARRETT: Okay, gentlemen.
We pick up the pieces and go on.
If you don't see anything you like, I'm available.
Excuse me for living.
Stop the world.
I'll get off.
- What'd they call this stuff again? - That's poi.
- It sure looks like wallpaper paste.
- Don't knock it until you've tried it.
Listen, have you seen Mr.
Huston around anywhere? Oh, yeah, you know our blond tour guide? Well, about a half-hour ago I saw them both walking down the beach together.
Boy, I just can't tell you how much I hate men.
HUSTON: Ha, ha.
- Oh, sorry.
- The water's really nice.
- Isn't it? Mm.
It's beautiful here, isn't it? Breathtaking.
SANDl: It's just like Robinson Crusoe's island.
That used to be my favorite book.
I always thought how wonderful it would be to be alone in your own private world.
HUSTON: Well, it has its drawbacks.
SANDl: You speak like one who knows.
Do you lead a lonely life? It's my own choice.
But you're a businessman.
How can you be lonely in business? Depends on the business, I guess.
Doesn't it? Or the man.
Or the man? - You're from Portland, yes? - Uh-huh.
I love that city.
- Yeah, so do I.
- I was there in 1975.
I remember driving north on Broadway, all the way down past the shops and the theaters, from my hotel room on Salmon Street all the way to Stark.
Is there something wrong? That must have been quite a ride.
- North on Broadway.
- Why? Because Broadway's a one-way street, south.
- Broadway is? - Broadway is.
Are you testing me, Sandi? Don't you believe I'm from Portland? Oh, sure.
I I, uh, must have gotten my streets mixed up.
Uh, Sixth.
Sixth is the one that's one-way north, isn't it? Uh-huh.
So lovely.
Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt.
Why don't you two guys keep on doing whatever you were doing? [SANDI CHUCKLES] - No problem.
- We were just looking for some shells.
There are no shells left in Hawaii, honey.
Why don't you try the bushes? Ha, ha.
Isn't it beautiful here? Beautiful.
Every member of the tour checks out, including the tour guide.
Mm, of course.
Raymond's a pro.
He'd make sure his cover story was foolproof, wouldn't he? Still nothing heavy on any of the passengers, Steve.
- But we're halfway down the list.
- What about Officer Welles? - Have we heard anything from her? - Not yet.
She said she'd hold off until she got something solid.
[PHONE RINGS] - McGarrett.
SECRETARY: Jonathan Kaye, sir.
Yes, put him on, please.
Jonathan? I moved a couple of mountains and found out who your mysterious VIPs are.
Well, who are they? I hope you're ready for this.
They're OPEC leaders, six of them.
[OVER PHONE] They're due in Honolulu to hammer out oil prices.
- They'll be staying at the llikai.
- Who's heading the group? Sheik lbrahim ibn Khaldoun.
McGARRETT [OVER PHONE]: From Kuwait? Yes.
But the assassination of any one of these men, Steve, could have a devastating effect on world money markets.
You've got to take every possible precaution.
Jonathan, I'd like to ask you a question.
KAYE: Yes? - I'm in charge of security here.
Now, why wasn't I informed of this meeting earlier? Well, I understand how you feel, Steve.
But apparently the oil ministers always provide their own security.
When are they arriving? Tomorrow, noon your time.
On a chartered flight.
Very well, Jonathan.
Thank you.
Well, Raymond is after the heads of OPEC.
Six of them will arrive here tomorrow.
Now, contact the FBI, H.
, tell them we need every man they can spare.
Airport Security should have at least two men on every gate.
Now, if that's not possible, tell them to call me and I'll ask the governor to have the National Guard standing by.
How are you at drawing maps? I got a merit badge for it as an Eagle Scout.
I want detailed information on every entrance and exit to the llikai.
I wanna know the exact position of the rooms the OPEC ministers will be occupying, and I want clearances on every maid, bellhop and busboy serving them.
[HAZEL CHUCKLING] Everybody packed? We start for the airport in an hour.
Oh, I can't believe it's all over so soon.
What a wonderful vacation it finally turned out to be.
GUIDE: Better start packing.
You've got less than an hour.
[SANDI LAUGHS] GUIDE: All packed? - Yes.
Packed? Holy Moses.
Uh, Robert, listen, wait, I'll only be a minute.
Order me some coffee, would you? HUSTON: Cream or sugar? - Black.
Oh! Oh, excuse me.
I seem to have forgotten my key.
Would you mind? Thank you very much.
Not a sound.
Yes, this is Robert Huston.
Can I have the latest quote on Hawaiian Mutual Electric, please? Thank you.
Robert [PHONE RINGS] Hello? Yes, Robert? I've picked up a parasite.
X [OVER PHONE]: Sorry to hear that.
It will be difficult getting rid of it.
Everybody will wonder where it's gone.
I thought I'd check with you first.
Well, I'm glad you did.
Is everything all right? X: I'm a little concerned about Oahu, Robert.
Oh? Why? X: I've been thinking of canceling the contract.
For what reason? There's been a leak of some kind.
There will be guards at the airport.
I'm not using the airport.
Guards all along the route, all around the hotel.
I think we'd better call it off, don't you? - No, it can be done.
- How would you get in? Getting in is easy.
The problem's getting out again.
All right.
How would you get out again? HUSTON [OVER PHONE]: With a friend.
Your parasite? That's correct.
Of course, you'd have to kill it afterwards.
That's affirmative.
WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: You'll be searching on an aerial.
[WOMAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] MAN 1 [OVER RADIO]: Addition on your call, code 287.
T- 67, clear, 2T-11, 2T-11.
CPD traffic accident.
Power line down.
It's the Kauai flight.
You'll have to leave this way as soon as possible.
WOMAN: Why? DAVE: This way, please.
- Smile.
DAVE: Move along.
- Who's in charge here? - I am.
McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0, State Police.
What can I do for you, Excellency? - You are responsible for this circus? McGARRETT: Circus? I'm responsible for your security, if that's what you mean.
I arrange for my own security.
You're on United States soil now, Excellency, and you're in my jurisdiction.
I'll decide what safeguards are appropriate for you and your company.
- Oh, you will? - Yes, sir, I will.
And supposing I do not approve? Then you're free to leave as soon as your plane has refueled.
- Good.
Welcome to Hawaii.
Now, may I suggest that you change your plans and go to a different hotel? - We can arrange for that immediately.
- Out of the question.
Hi, Duke.
It's okay, my assignment tour is over.
This is Mr.
- How do you do? - Did Mr.
McGarrett call? - Here? SANDl: Mm-hm.
- No.
- Oh, well, we saw him at the airport, and he told us to come over and help out.
It seems that Mr.
Huston had a run-in with Raymond once.
- He might be able to identify him.
- Good.
Well, it's, uh, quite a few years, but it made quite an impression on me.
There's a face I won't forget.
May we go in? Yeah, okay.
Go ahead.
- Operator, Officer Kelly, Five-0.
Patch me through to McGarrett.
[RADIO BEEPING] - McGarrett.
- Did you talk to Sandi at the airport? McGARRETT [OVER RADIO]: No, why? You didn't send her over here with a man named Huston? McGARRETT: No.
Well, that's the story she just gave me.
Try and locate her.
I'm only ten minutes away.
[PANTING] You see, the truth is, hon, I'd much rather have your company, but I just don't know how I'd keep track of you and all those Arab ministers at the same time.
[SANDI GRUNTING] So you just wait here nice and quiet.
I'll be back as soon as I can, and we'll go out the way we came in.
Arm in arm.
Okay? Huh? [LOCK CLICKING] Help! Help! Somebody let me out! POLICEMAN [OVER RADIO]: We're in position.
All right.
They're arrived.
POLICEMAN: Do we go? - Yes, now.
- Chin, anything? - Not so far.
I'll check inside.
[MAN SPEAKING IN ARABIC] [GRUNTING] Help! Somebody help! I'm in here! [SANDI SCREAMS] Oh.
Here, give me your Thank you.
This is Officer Welles.
I am on the 23rd floor.
- Duke, Chin, can you hear me? - Go ahead, Sandi.
Raymond is here somewhere on the 23rd or 24th floor.
- [OVER RADIO] He's armed.
- Got it.
- Sandi's in trouble.
- I heard.
Danno, Duke, come with me.
Steve, there's a guy on the ledge on the 24th floor.
Could be the hit man.
Danno, take over.
Hit the 24th floor.
Kimo, bring your piece.
Come with me.
My God, there he is.
He's got a gun.
Take him.
[GUNSHOT] How's Sandi? She all right? He didn't hurt her.
She's coming down.
No, no.
I don't want her to see this.
He never got a shot off, did he? No, he didn't, Steve.
They're all safe.
Except the sheik.
- The sheik? - His own guards had to tackle him.
He sprained his ankle.
That's tough.
Better than a bullet in the head.
Let's go.
Take over.